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QUERP Cheat Sheet

Core Mechanic: 2d6 + stat >= target number is a success (< target number is failure)
Boxcars is automatic success, snake eyes is automatic failure (regardless of target number)
Base target number is 1, +1 for eac! detail t!at !inders t!e "#, $1 for eac! detail t!at benefits t!e "#%
"robability of rolling a certain number or !ig!er& 2=1', (=)*%2(', +=)1%66', ,=-(%((',
6=*2%22', *=,-%((', -=+1%66', )=2*%**', 1=16%66', 11=-%((', 12=2%**'
Primary Stats: (./. analogues) Note: 0!ere are no se1arate 2attributes2 and 2skills2%
Fighting (attack rolls)& "ro3ess in battle% 4sed for bot! melee and ranged combat% .amage is 1d6 +5$
mod, so you can use 2 like$colored d6s for t!e 2to !it2 roll and 1 odd$colored d6 for damage%
Strength (6t!letics)& 7a3, 1!ysical mig!t% 4se for& s3imming, running, climbing, lifting t!ings,
knocking t!ings o8er, breaking t!ings, etc% (Does not influence hit or damage in combat.)
Stealth (0!ei8ery, "erce1tion, 9tealt!, .exterity)& "enc!ant for skullduggery 5 crime, including&
sneaking, !iding, breaking / entering, finding 5 disabling 5 setting tra1s, searc!ing a room, noticing
t!ings, using ro1es, and for 2reflex2 rolls (.ex c!ecks 5 .ex sa8es)%
Magic (s1ellcasting rolls)& casting s1ells, using scrolls, identifying magic ob:ects, resisting magic effects
Charisma (Bluff, .i1lomacy, 9treet3ise, ;ntimidate)& 4sed for all forms of 1ersuasion 3!en talking
3it! <"#s& negotiation, bribery, gat!ering information, lying, flirting, gambling, animal !andling, etc%
Knowledge (=istory, 6rcana, 7eligion, <ature)& 0!ings you !a8e learned about lands, 1eo1les,
languages, nobility, religions, 1lants, animals (!andling, riding), monsters (strengt!s, 3eaknesses), etc%
Derived Stats:
Defense = 1 + armor bonus, one of& lig!t +2, medium +(, !ea8y ++> and 1ossibly s!ield +1
Health = 1( + 9trengt! (boo sa!s "# $ "d% $ Strength& but random'roll character gen. has issues)
Ma( )oad = 1 + 9trengt! (+ , if you !a8e a back1ack, 3!ic! does not take u1 a slot)
Mana = ?agic x 2% @8ery s1ell you cast costs 1 mana, 3!et!er t!e s1ell 3as successful or not% .itto for
acti8ating some magic items like scrolls and 3ands%
*nitiati+e& 7oll 2d6 to determine order, or :ust go around t!e table to sa8e time, or cro3dsource it%
Duration& @ac! combat round lasts , seconds of game time%
Aou get 1 action 1er turn& (Note& ;f you are in melee combat, you can only make a melee attack or flee%)
1% .ra3 a 3ea1on, or c!ange t!e 3ea1on you are currently 3ielding
2% ?o8e into combat and 2tie u12 an o11onent (Distance !ou can mo+e is deliberatel! abstract)
(% 6ttack& (melee or ranged) 2d6 + Big!ting >= o11onentCs .efense
+% #!arge& ?o8e + ?elee 6ttack, but $1 to .efense until your next turn
,% Blee& @sca1e melee combat, but o11onent(s) get a free attack as you lea8e
6% #ast a s1ell& 2d6 + ?agic >= s1ell difficulty (o11onentCs .efense is not a factor)
*% 4se eDui1ment& 1otion, scroll, ro1e, t!ie8eCs tools, etc%
Healing& <atural !ealing restores 1d( =" 1er nig!t of slee1, many s1ells 3ill !eal you faster%
Death& ;f you reac! ="s, you are dead (but c!aracters can be broug!t back to life)%
,eco+ering Mana& +1 1oint e8ery !our of game time (u1 to max)% ?ana means no s1ells%
@ac! t!ing you carry counts as 1 item% (=ea8y items count as 2%) 0otal items must be <= ?ax Eoad%
9ometimes a bundle of t!ings counts as :ust 1 item (e%g% a Dui8er of 2 arro3s)
Character Advancement: <ote t!at F4@7" is a 21oint buy2 system, not le8el$based%
@ac! session, you earn 152 to 1 ex1erience 1oint (G")& 152 for t!e session, 152 for role$1laying
Boost your =ealt! or ?ana by 1 for 1 G" eac! (no limit) (Huaranteed)
Boost your 1re$armor .efense by 1 for 2 G" (max 1() (Huaranteed)
91end an G" to get a chance at boosting a 1rimary stat& if 2d6 > stat, you get +1 to t!at stat (max 1)
91end an G" to get a ne3 s1ecial skill or (if youCre a s1ellcaster) a ne3 s1ell (H?Cs a11ro8al)