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Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology

Civil Engineering Department

Course Handout
Course Title: MECHANIC !" MATE#IA$ %CE &&'(
Class, Year and Semester: )E %Mech( A ection II year I semester
Contact Hours per week: *
Course Coordinator: yed ira+ul Ha,
Course Coordinator Phone: -...*'.-'/
Course Coordinator Email0 ssha,1m+college2ac2in
Course Coordinator Location: /3'45)
Course Coordinator Availabilit:
6ednesdays0 '7277 to ''277 am
Thursdays0 '247 pm to 42'7 pm
Pre!re"uisite Courses and Assumed #nowled$e and Capabilities:
To take this course the student should have the 8asic kno9ledge of engineering
mechanics: alge8ra and calculus2
Course %escription:
This course introduces stress: strain and displacement analysis of simple a;ially loaded 8ars:
8eams: 8ars under torsion: columns 9ith direct and 8ending stresses: thin and thick cylinders
and closed coiled < laminated springs2 It also introduces sta8ility analysis of simple a;ially
and eccentrically load columns2
Course &utcomes:
!n successful completion of course students 9ill 8e a8le to0
Compute stresses: strains and deformations in 8ars and simple assem8ly of 8ars
made of different materials su8+ected to various forces including temperature
Illustrate distri8ution of shear force and 8ending moment along simply supported:
cantilever and overhanging 8eams su8+ected to various types of loads and also
compute 8ending stresses on the cross sections of 8eams including the flitched
Employ dou8le integration method to find slopes and deflections across simply
supported: cantilever and overhang 8eams su8+ected to point loads and uniformly
distri8uted loads2 E;plain torsion formula for circular sections and compute
stresses: angle of t9ist: po9er transmission and also compute stresses due to
com8ined 8ending and torsion2 olve close coiled and laminated springs
ketch distri8ution of shear stresses across rectangular: I: T: standard steel and
hollo9 sections2 Compute compound stresses: principal stresses and strains and
demonstrate the use of Mohr=s circle2
Compute hoop and longitudinal stresses in thin and thick cylinders that are under
internal and e;ternal pressures and in compound cylinders2 Compute direct and
8ending stresses on cicular: I and T sections2 Apply Euler=s theory and #ankine=s
formula to a;ially loaded columns and ecant and >erry formulae to eccentrically
loaded columns to o8tain critical loads and stresses2
&verview o' Learnin$ Activities
'2 $ectures and class room discussions
&2 Tutorials
&verview o' Learnin$ (esources
'2 >rescri8ed Te;t )ook
D22 >rakash #ao: trength of Materials: A >ractical Approach: ?niversity
>ress: Hydera8ad: '---2
2#amamrutham: trength of Materials: Dhanpat #ai < ons: '--42
&2 #eference )ooks
@ H #yder: trength of Materials: third edition in I units: Macmillan India
$imited: Delhi: &77&2
)havikatti: trength of Materials: Aikas >u8lications: &7742
) C >unmia: trength of Materials and Theory of tructures: $a;mi >u8lications:
42 "reely accessi8le internet sites
*2 Handouts
&verview o' Assessment
'2 Class tests
&2 Assignments
42 Tutorials
*2 ?niversity E;ams