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Studio 21. The most famous music school known.

The students just came back from the

holidays and everyone enjoyed it, since they didnt have to see Gregorio again. What
about Vilu? She and her family went to Madrid for the holidays. Violetta was at the
airport, with her father.
Im gonna get some hot chocolate. Wait here.
Sure thing, Dad.
She wrote in her diary everything that happened in Madrid. All she wanted was to see
Francesca again. Francesca is her best friend. Vilu, Vilu?, called Francesca, while
walking through the whole airport. Violetta got up in joy. Fran! Oh, how I missed you!,
she shouted. The girls hugged each other in glee. Suddenly, a boy came next to them,
while talking on the phone. Look, Dad. Ill meet you at the studio, tonight. Im at the
airport with my luggage. Everythings gonna be fine. See you there!, he mumbled on
the phone. After that chat, he put his luggage bag next to Francescas. Unexpectedly, he
had the same luggage bag as Francesca, so he was a bit confused which one belonged to
him. So he just picked any. Violetta and Francesca didnt notice he was behind them the
whole time, since they were hugging and focusing on each other.
Shall we?
We shall!
All of a sudden, German came back. Hey, honey. Here the h---oh, hey Francesca!
Didnt expect seeing you here. Where did you go in the holidays?, he asked, in a
friendly way. Francesca smiled back. I just came back from Italy with my parents. They
said I can already be on my way, she replied. I should be on my way. But you can
walk with us, if thats what you want, Vilu suggested. Sure, replied Fran, smiling.
At Violettas house, 13:20pm
Olga just finished baking a Welcome Back cake for Vilu. Angie sat down, reading her
magazines. Ramallo had already prepared how hes gonna greet them. Everything was
running smoothly for everyone. Except one person. That person was Jade. She couldnt
stand Vilu, and most of allAngie. Jade would always blame Angie for all the bad things
that happened to her. Although, lets be honest. German broke up with Jade, because he
fell in love with Angie. Sh completed his life. Of course Jade wanted revenge. She tried
and tried, but nothing worked. But, she decided after these holidays, she will get what
she wants. Although first she needed a plan, but she didnt have one. I still have to do
something about this girl, she thought. What she didnt notice was that she was saying
everything she was thinking about. And rather loud. What girl?, Angie asked, in a
curious way. You know I dont share anything with you people, except German. So you
would be dreaming, to think Id tell you, she replied, slyly, and went upstairs. Ive
known monsters nicer than her, Olga whispered to herself.
At Studio 21, 15:13pm
The students stood together, waiting for Pablo to come. Hello, students. Ive all called
you here to tell you about the new changes and upcoming things in the studio. First
thing. We changed the name of the studio from Studio 21 to Studio On Beat!, Pablo
The students smiled and cheered On Beat, On Beat in happiness and glory. Okay.
Heres something else; you have got a new dance teacher. We welcomeJackie!, he
shouted. Thank you, Jackie said, while smiling. Andres was curious. What about
Gregorio?, he asked. Suddenly, Pablos smile disappeared. Yes, about
thatumGregorio kept on complaining, and he would be blaming me for everything.
SoI fired him, he replied. The students stayed silent. Violetta looked at the ground.
She couldnt focus on what Pablo was saying. All she thought about wasLeon. Just
where could he be? I need to see him, she questioned in her mind.
She wanted to tell him how much she missed him.
How much she enjoyed her holidays.
How muchshe loved him.

At the Motorbike court, 15:30pm
Leon was here. He missed riding his motorbike, and didnt feel like going to the Studio
On Beat meeting. He was thinking about Vilu. Of course he loved her more than
anything. Eventually, he got up and rushed to his motorbike. Since he was concentrating
on Violetta, he bumped into somebody.
Ow! Watch where y----
It was a girl. About Vilus height and Vilus age. But it was not her. S-Sorry, she said in
a really shy and low voice, and was about to leave. No.., Leon replied, speechless. It
was my fault, dont worry. By the way, Im Leon whats your name?
Pretty name.
Thank you, she replied, blushing. She walked closer to him. All of a sudden, his phone
rang. It was Violetta. Lara looked disappointed. Is that yourgirlfriend?, she asked.
Yeah, he replied, while sighing. Lara sighed too.
Well, it was nice meeting you.
You too.
The phone continued ringing. Leon answered.
Hi its me, Violetta. You sound sad.
Im fine.
Are you sure? You know you can tell me anything.
I know, but dont worry. Im fine.
Okay. Im at the studio. So, see you later?
I love you.
I love you too.
Violetta hung up. All that now flew in Leons mind was his time meeting with Lara. He
knew he was together with Vilu, but now he cant get her out of her mind.
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