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Compare and contrast the piano solo in Black and Tan Fantasy with the Alto

Sax solo
The first difference between these two solos in Black and Tan Fantasy is that the solo of
one is played by the Alto sax and the Second is played with the solo instrument being the
piano. However this is not the only difference in the instrumentation of these two solos.
Although the alto sax solo is a solo because it is the only instrument playing the melody
line it is not the only instrument playing it is accompanied though out the ! bars by the
reeds playing chords and the rhythm section playing the tonic dominant of the chords in
each bar" The piano in contrast is a solo instrument in the full sense of the word because
no other instrument with it as accompaniment" this is because the piano is capable of
accompanying itself" with the melody in either the left or right hand" but in this case the
right hand with the other hand playing the accompaniment.
The harmonic progressions of these two solos differ as well from each other" although
originally based on the # bar blues" these solos change and follow what is called
$changes$ These are chord progressions that are based on the # bar blues but have
different chords or substituted chords within them. The also sax solo mainly follows the #
bar blues this is because of the other instruments also playing" the alto sax can$t improvise
loads and change chords because the other instrumentalists won$t know how to follow. %n
contrast because the pianist is playing alone they can improvise more and change more
chords this can be seen in bars &' and !( where there is the use of ) diminished chord
and Bb diminished chords. The piano solo also includes other changes to the chord
se*uence with the use of the circle of fifths e.g. at bars &+,&& the chords change from -.
to F. to Bb. all a &
away from each other" this then happens again at bars &/,!( where
the chords move from Bb. to 0. then to 1. then -. the F. and then Bb which completes
the circle.
The ranges used by both instruments is different here as well with the alto sax keeping to
a relatively small range compared to the piano. The lowest melodic note covered by the
alto sax is an ) natural 2bar '3 and the highest is an F natural # octaves above middle -
2bar bar &3" this compared with the pianos melodic range which covers from an F natural
2bar &+3 to a - natural ( octaves above middle - 2bar &!3.
The textures of both sections are relatively similar" both are melody dominated
homophony" with both having a distinguishably melody line with harmonies underneath.
Being that by other instruments in the case of the alto sax solo or by the same instrument
in the piano solo.