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AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST, Vol. 112, Issue 3, pp. 477496, ISSN 0002-7294 online ISSN 1548-1433. c 2010 by the American Anthropological
Association. All rights reserved. DOI: 10.1111/j.1548-1433.2010.01265.x
Legacies of Race: Identities, Attitudes, and Politics in Brazil
Stanley Bailey. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2009. 304 pp.
Jan Hoffman French
University of Richmond
A:t|:oologists u, :c t|is |oo| |, sociologist t:lc,
lilc, i:ust:ti:g |ccusc it co:ti:s :o ct|:og:|ic cc
sc:itio:s o: :l,scs lowcvc:, t.o... c ro.. :oviccs
|oc, oi :cw cvicc:cc t|t |utt:csscs : cuc:gi:g co:
sc:sus uo:g :t|:oologists :c sociologists, l:zili: :c
:o:l:zili:, |out t|c couuo: sc:sc oi :cil icc:tit,
i: l:zil :c |ow it cou:cs to t|c D:itcc ttcs As
lilc, cxli:s, t|c:c |s |cc: : |solutc lcu: oi u|
lic oi:io: :csc:c| o: :cil ttituccs i: l:zil ; , Io
:cucc, t|is, |c uscs t|:cc l:gcsclc u|licoi:io: su:vc,s
o: :cil ttituccs co:cuctcc |ctwcc: 1--. :c !00! ;two
:tio:l su:vc,s :c o:c i: t|c sttc oi kio cc :ci:o,, cvi
cc:cc ::cl, uscc |, :t|:oologists lis gol is to cv:cc
: u:cc:st:ci:g oi t|c ttituccs tow:c :cc oi cvc:,c,
l:zili:s to u|c t|c oi:t t|t :cit|c: w|itc :o: :o:w|itc
l:zili:s cc:, t|c cxistc:cc oi :cil cisc:iui:tio: i: ll
wl|s oi liic lo: t|is :cso:, t.o... c ro.. is wclcouc
ccitio: to t|c g:owi:g litc:tu:c o: t|c su||cct
I|c :st |li oi t|c |oo| :cvicws t|c sociologicl uoc
cls io: ucsu:i:g :cil ttituccs, i:cluci:g g:ou:css :c
:cil |ou:c:ics l: c|tc: !, lilc, lics iou: tcsts to |is
ct :c :cs t|t :cil |ou:c:ics :c :cit|c: s |:ig|t
:o: s |:c s t|c, :c i: t|c D:itcc ttcs l:zil, |c
co:cluccs, lc|s :o|ust :cil su||cctivit, ; +0,, w|ic|
lccs |iu to suggcst t|t t|c D:itcc ttcs is :ot : :o
:itc :otot,c io: :l,zi:g l:zili: :cil ttituccs l:
c|tc: +, lilc, ciscusscs w|ct|c: t|c cc:sus s|oulc :clcc
t|c colo: ctcgo:ics oi :co ;|:ow:, :c :cto ;|lc|,
wit| ..c, tc:ut|t toc, c::ics ositivc ct|:ic :coliti
cl co::ottio:s lc co:cluccs t|t |ccusc Ai:ic:cc:ivcc
cultu:l u:iicsttio:s |vc |cc: iull, i:co:o:tcc i:to t|c
:tio:l sclico:cctio: oi l:zil ;ic, .o1c/!., .oc...o,
o/o,, t|c:c is :o |sis io: ..c couuu:it, oi cultu:c
; .,, suo:ti:g :t|:oologist lvio :so:cs ;!00!,
co:clusio:, |scc o: cxtc:sivc ct|:og:|ic :csc:c|, t|t
i: l:zil t|c:c is |lc|:css wit|out ct|:icit,
|tc: . cc:csscs t|c u,t| oi :cil ccuoc:c, s t|c
co:c oi l:zili: :cil couuo: sc:sc ; , Alt|oug|
lilc,s co:clusio: t|t :cil ccuoc:c, is : iccl :t|c:
t|: lcgitiuizi:g iccolog, t|t cc:ics :cil cisc:iui:tio:
is :ot su::isi:g to uost sc|ol:s oi l:zil ;ccsitc |is gc:c:
liztio: to t|c co:t::,,, t|c ct :csc:tcc i: t|is c|tc:
:c t|c uost isci:ti:g oi t|c c:ti:c |oo| lilc, :cs :o cc
:il oi :cil cisc:iui:tio: |, w|itc o: :o:w|itc l:zili:s,
i:cccc, ll g:cc st:o:gl, t|t ..c :cccivc ciiic:c:til,
cisc:iui:to:, t:ctuc:t i:ou l:zili: lw c:io:ccuc:t
; 100, Io tcst couuo: ssuutio: t|t clss is uo:c
slic:t t|: :cc i: l:zil, sct oi qucstio:s wc:c oscc to
cults i: t|c sttc oi kio i: !000, to w|ic| -0 c:cc:t :c
so:ccc t|t oo: colc :c uist:ctcc |, olicc ;t|c suc
gu:c s t|t io: ..c, vc: |li oi t|c colc g:ccc t|t
..c :c cisc:iui:tcc gi:st :ot |ccusc oi t|ci: colo:
|ut, :t|c:, |ccusc t|c, :c oo:lt|oug|, su::isi:gl,,
:o:w|itcs ;o! c:cc:t, wc:c uo:c li|cl, to g:cc wit| t|c
sttcuc:t t|: w|itcs ;.! c:cc:t, Yct, lilc, cocs :ot
|uu o: clssovc::cc |:cwgo:, i:stcc :cc|i:g
uo:c :u:ccc co:clusio: lvc: ii t|c ct suo:t t|c vicw
t|t clss wcig|s |cvil, i: u|lic oi:io:, t|is cocs :ot uc:
t|t l:zili:s woulc :c|cct t|c :otio: oi : i:ccc:cc:t
ciicct oi s|i: colo: ; 10.,
l: t|c scco:c |li oi t|c |oo|, lilc, cc:csscs t|c
owc: oi t|c l:zili: sttc i: iiccti:g uss u|lic oi:io:
i: c|tc:s ccli:g wit| t|c |lc| uovcuc:t, i:utivc
ctio:, :c utc:il s wcll s s,u|olic ciiccts oi :cw sttc
ctcgo:ics :c lws D:io:tu:tcl,, |c cocs :ot t|c i:to
co:sicc:tio: :t|:oologicl wo:|, w|ic| ccsc:i|cs :c
t|co:izcs |ow sttc i:tc:vc:tio: i:tc:cts wit| :occsscs
oi icc:tit, io:utio: lilc, oscs t|c qucstio: w|ct|c:
cic|otouizcc co:tcxts oi ctcgo:iztio: ;w|itc :c ..c,
will :cc| i:to t|c livcs oi cvc:,c, l:zili:s so s to
uocii, t|ci: :cil wo:lcvicws lis :swc: is siul, o:l,
tiuc will tcll ; !11, l: ict, s u, wo:| s|ows ;l:c:c|
!00-,, wc c: l:cc, scc t|c ciiccts oi lws o: t|c :cil
wo:lcvicws oi :u:l colc :ccog:izcc s ccscc:ccc i:ou
iugitivc slvcs (o.!c/c) :ucil to u:cc:st:ci:g |ow t|c
478 American Anthropologist Vol. 112, No. 3 September 2010
sttcs ctio:s iuct scli :c ot|c: icc:tictio: is t|c
:ccog:itio: t|t icc:tit, i: l:zil is ccitivc t|t is, :cw
o:c cocs :ot :clcc : olc o:c I|is is w|,, s lilc,
:cccts, l:zili:s co:ti:uc toscliclssii, :cot|c:clssii,
i: w,s t|t cci, logic ; !11,
t.o... c ro.., vlu|lc coulcuc:t to stucics oi
:cc i: l:zil :c t|c D:itcc ttcs, s|ows t|t u|lic
oi:io: su:vc,s, uct|ocolog, :ot couuo:l, culo,cc
|, :t|:oologists, u, llow |:occ:i:g oi t|c lictio:
oi ct|:og:|ic o|sc:vtio:s :c :ovicc : oo:tu:it, to
co:sicc: |ust |ow :c:csc:ttivc ct|:og:|ic :ci:gs :c
\o:covc:, t.o... c ro.. is csccill, usciul io: tcc|i:g
t|c :t|:oolog, oi :cc, s it :oviccs clc:l, :csc:tcc
cou:iso: wit| t|c u:usul vicws oi :cc t|t D stucc:ts
|:i:g to t|c clss:oou
l:c:c|, : loiiu:
!00- lcglizi:g lcc:titics lccoui:g llc| o: l:ci: i: l:zils
:o:t|cst |cl lill D:ivc:sit, oi :o:t| :oli: l:css
:so:c, livio
!00! llc|:css wit|out lt|:icit, o:st:ucti:g kcc i: l:zil
:cw Yo:| llg:vc \cuill:
The Extended Case Method: Four Countries, Four Decades,
Four Great Transformations, and One Theoretical Tradition
Michael Burawoy. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2009. 360 pp.
George Marcus
University of California, Irvine
l: t|is c:cc::cvicw collcctio: oi css,s, i: w|ic| \ic|cl
lu:wo, cvo|cs uo:c cl|o:tcl, :c soucw|t i:o:icll,
t|c su|titlc oi liiio:c Gcc:tzs 1--. ucuoi:, +.. |. to.
1c cco..., tco. ..o1., o. +|.cc!c., :t|:oolo
gists will :c uuc| oi i:tc:cst :c vluc Wit|i: lo:g,
cicctic ccou:t oi t|c cxtc:ccc csc uct|oc, t|c:c is
vlu|lc c:so:l |isto:, oi its lictio: cu:i:g t|c ,c:s
oi t|c \:c|cstc: c|ool i: sout|c:: Ai:ic ;lu:wo, ws
stucc:t oi v: Vclsc: :c :ocuccc |is :st wo:| o:
:cc :c clss i: t|c Zu|i: coc: i:cust:,, I|c uost
o:igi:l uouc:t i: t|c voluuc is scctio: c:titlcc kcvisit
s : lt|:og:|ic I:oc ; 1!11+!, i: w|ic| lu:wo,,
u:sui:g ct|:og:|, s cxtc:ccc cscs, cxlo:cs t|:oug|
t,cs o: ctcgo:ics t|c w, t|t clcwo:| c|icvcs cct| i:
tiuc |, ciiic:c:t |i:cs oi susti:cc i:volvcuc:ts wit| i:itil
sitcs :c su||ccts oi :csc:c|
I|c:c is lo:g c|tc: oi c:itiquc oi I|cc |ocols
wcll|:ow: 1-- wo:| oi cou:tivc |isto:icl sociolog,
o: :cvolutio:, w|ic| c:|s woulc :ot |c wo:t| :c|c:si:g
:ow, t lcst io: :t|:oologists, ii it wc:c :ot io: lu:wo,s
livcl,, lil :ccuc:tio: oi I:ots|, s suc:io: |i:c oi
cou:tivc |isto:icl sociologist ;wit| : ct|:og:|c:s
sc:sc, i: cou:tc:oi:t to |ocol
lit|iul to \:xist uct:::tivc, o: scic:cc oi t|c
o:, |uilci:g, lu:wo, s|iits to uulticsc ct|:og:|, s
|c cocs clc :csc:c|, ticc s cvc: to t|c sociolog, oi l
|o:, i: ostsocilist lu:g:, I|c:, i: c|tc: o: I|c
lt|:og:|, oi G:ct I::sio:utio:s, t|c:c is io: t|c olc
\:xist |:vc |olci:g o: to t|c olc iccls, scc|i:g :cw
w,s io: t|ci: :cliztio: ; !+., :c i::| cuissio: oi
st c::o:s s |c co:tcultcs glo|liztio:
l: cc| oi u, cscs oi g:ct t::sio:utio: l woulc |vc co:c
wcll to |vc cotcc :c ctcc G:uscis co:cct oi ssivc
:cvolutio: uolccul: t::sio:utio: o:c|cst:tcc i:ou|ovc
to |so:| c|llc:gcs i:ou |clow . . . Wc woulc co wcll to cis
c:sc wit| lws oi |isto:,, w|ct|c: \:xi: o: li|c:l, :c lcvc
|c|i:c t|c ssocitcc :utu:l o: ctst:o|ic t|co:ics oi socil
t::sio:utio: j !o+
lu:wo, c:cs wit| s|iit to :c lc io: u|lic
sociolog, t|t :llcls t|c t|cutic cll io: u|lic :
t|:oolog,, w|ic| |s |cc: t t|c co:c oi t|c ciiiusc
:c cxlo:to:, :csc:c| :og:us oi D socil :c cul
tu:l :t|:oolog, ovc: t lcst t|c st ccccc lu:
wo,s sttcuc:t |out t|is ciscili::, iutu:c s u|lic,
cxcctccl,, is uo:c :ccisc i: its sociologicl visio: t|:
:, oi t|c :uuc:ous siuil: lcs o: clls io: cssc:till,
t|c suc t:c:c i: :t|:oolog, o, t|csc icw co:cluci:g
gcs oi |is collcctio: :c c:|s t|c uost vlu|lc io:
l: :, csc, l woulc st:o:gl, suggcst t|t :t|:oolo
gists |cgi: t t|c c:c i: :oc|i:g t|is |oo|, :cci:g :st
t|c lst gcs oi t|c c:ultiutc c|tc: ; !o!oo, :c
t|c ciloguc o: u|lic sociolog, I|is will i:ocultc t|cu
i:ou t|c occsio:l cisuissivc, couctitivc, :c u:gc:c:
ous :cic:c:ccs to ccvclouc:ts i: ct|:og:|ic :csc:c| i:
D :t|:oolog, ovc: t|c st two cccccs t|t c:
i: lu:wo,s tcxt lc :ctt, uuc| c:cs u lig:cc wit|
w|c:c uuc| :t|:oologicl ct|:og:|, |s |cc: uovi:g
st:o:gl, si:cc t lcst t|c uic1--0s ;l:stcc oi loo|i:g
t t|c clc sitc s w, to u:cc:st:c t|c lws oi |isto:,,
wc loo| uo: it s t|c iou:ctio: oi : ltc::tivc o:
cc: j !o., I|c :t|:oolog, oi t|c co:tcuo::,, t|c
cuc:gc:t, oi co:c:ctc cxc:iuc:ts is w|t l:gc sccto:s oi
:ccc:t ct|:og:|, |vc |cc: |out, :c t|c cll io: u|lic
:t|:oolog, ;o: u|lic sociolog,, is scc|i:g t|c uoclitics,
Single Book Reviews 479
co:citio:s, :c :o:us io: u:sui:g t|is |i:c oi :csc:c| out
oi its v:i:t !0t|cc:tu:, t:citio:s i: :t|:oolog, :c
li:ll,, t|c:, lt|oug| |is is vc:, c:so:l tcxt, :c
:o:itcl, so i: its ucuoi: uocc, lu:wo,s :csc:itio:s
:c :ccctio:s uig|t |c uost usciul io: :t|:oologists s
: cxtc:ccc csc stuc, oi |ow t|c ccvclouc:t oi ct|:og
:|, i: sociolog,, :c its :o|cct, |s i:cc cou:cc to its
ccvclouc:t i: ;D cultu:l, :t|:oolog,
I|c cu|ccci:g oi ct|:og:|, wit|i: t|c :o|cct oi
sociolog, vc:sus t|t oi :t|:oolog, is oi cou:sc ciiic:c:t,
csccill, i: t|c cxtc:t to w|ic| cc| ciscili:c clcvcc to
o: i:ou t|c :o|cct oi ositivist socil scic:cc lu:wo, |s
:ot uuc| cou:c|c:sio: oi o: i:tc:cst i: t|c co:c co:cc::s
oi :t|:oologicl ct|:og:|, wit| :o|lcus oi l:gugc
:c t::sltio: i: its :::ow :c |:oc sc:scs I|c ciiic:
c:cc ovc: |c, tc:us is :ot |ctwcc: cultu:l vc:sus socil
s uig|t |c :csuucc, |ut ovc: w|t is uc:t |, t|co:,
:c |ow it is u:succ :c c:io:ucc i: v:i:t co:cctio:s
oi :ctici:g ct|:og:|, lt sccus to |c vc:, ictis|izcc
tc:u i: lu:wo,s c:cc: sto:, lt |s vc:, ciiic:c:t vluc,
lt|oug| c:|s :o lcss ictis|izcc, i: co:tcuo::, socil
cultu:l :t|:oolog, :ow |c:c is o:c |sis io: co:vc:s
tio: s |ot| ciscili:cs u:suc, i: t|c co:tcuo::,, u|lic
:o:us :c io:us
Gcc:tz, liiio:c
1--. Aitc: t|c lct Iwo ou:t:ics, lou: Dccccs, :c A:t|:o
ologist u|:icgc, \A l:v:c D:ivc:sit, l:css
|ocol, I|cc
1-- ttcs :c ocil kcvolutio:s A ou:tivc A:l,sis oi
l::cc, kussi, :c |i: u|:icgc D:ivc:sit, oi u
|:icgc l:css
The Mind Possessed: The Cognition of Spirit Possession
in an Afro-Brazilian Religious Tradition
Emma Cohen. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007. 241 pp.
Lindsay Hale
The University of Texas at Austin
1|. M.1 tc..1 is |oo| t|t sc:vcs t|:cc ustc:s li:st,
it :csc:ts : ct|:og:|ic ccou:t oi : Ai:ol:zili: :cli
gious t:citio: cco:c, it :csc:ts t|co:, oi si:it osscs
sio: iocuscc o: t|c cog:itivc :oc:tics oi t|c ui:c I|i:c,
it cvoctcs io: scic:tic :og:u oi :csc:c| i:to w|t
|s l:gcl, |cc: t|c :ovi:cc oi qulittivc ct|:og:|,
I|c :st ustc: it sc:vcs vc:, wcll, lt|oug| too s:i:gl,,
t|c scco:c, wit| cl:it, :c co:vi:ci:g :guuc:ts, t|c lst,
wit| g:ct ssio: |ut i:suicic:t oc:tio:l ccvclouc:t
luu o|c: sc:t 1 uo:t|s coi:g :tici:t
o|sc:vtio: i: o:c ......c, o: :itul cc:tc:, i: t|c Auzo:i:
o:t oi lcl cu co l: I|is lo:c u|cs t|c |oo| : iuo:
t:t co:t:i|utio: Alt|oug| :ic| litc:tu:c cxists covc:i:g
Ai:ol:zili: :cligio: i: ot|c: :ts oi t|c cou:t:,, t|is :c
gio: |s go:c l:gcl, u:cxui:cc o|c: :csc:ts co:cisc
:c usciul |isto:icl |c|g:ou:c t|c: gocs o: to ccsc:i|c
t|c tc::ci:o, its lccc:, :c iuo:t:t c,:uics wit|i: t|c
couuu:it, wit| cl:it, :c i:sig|t o|c:s i:clusio: oi
cxtc:ccc quottio:s i:ou :tici:ts u|cs |c: ccou:t
csccill, vivic \, c|ici c:iticisu oi t|c ct|:og:|ic u
tc:il is t|t t|c:c is :ot c:oug| oi it, csccill, givc: t|c
ucit, oi wo:| i:ou t|is :cgio: I|c |isto:icl |c|g:ou:c
:c uost oi t|c ct|:og:|, is co:ti:cc wit|i: two c|
tc:s, lt|oug| o|c: culo,s ct|:og:|ic ccsc:itio: :c
:l,sis clscw|c:c i: :csc:ti:g |c: :og:u
I|c :cltivcl, ||:cvitcc ct|:og:|ic ccsc:itio:
sccus to |c :csult oi sc:vi:g t|c ot|c: two ustc:s
I|c:c is, :st, t|co:, to |c sc:vcc o|c:s t|co:cticl
gzc loo|s i: |c,o:c tc::ci:o i: lcl cu, t|c :cl iocus is
o: si:it osscssio: s |c:ouc:o: iou:c i: u:, :c
c:|s uost cultu:cslt|oug| wit| cccicccl, u:cvc:
glo|l :c gc:cc: cist:i|utio: o|c: scc|s : cxl:tio:
i: cog:itivc scic:cc, i: o|c:s wo:cs t|c cc:t:l cliu is
t|t . . . iccs |out si:its :c osscssio: :c |ot| :ouotcc
:c co:st:i:cc |, o:ci::, cog:itivc ucc|:isus :c :o
ccsscs ; 1., o|c: i:vo|cs suc| co:ccts s I|co:,
oi \i:c, l,c:sc:sitivc Agc:c, Dctcctio: Dcvicc, :c
lut|izi:g,stcutizi:g I|co:, to co:st:uct |,ot|c
scs |out qucstio:s suc| s w|, si:its gc:c:ll, t|c t|c
io:u oi |uu: |ci:gs, w|, si:it osscssio: sccus to |c
uo:c couuo: i: souc :cgio:s :c sociocco:ouic g:ous
t|: ot|c:s, :c w|, wouc: :c cis:oo:tio:tcl, :c:c
sc:tcc i: si:itosscssio: :cligio:s Alt|oug| t|c:c is |:cl,
scc |c:c to c:iticll, ciscuss o|c:s |,ot|cscssouc
oi w|ic| sccu quitc owc:iul, ot|c:s :ot so uuc|t|c,
:c :csc:tcc wit| cui:|lc cl:it,
I|c uost u|itious oi t|c t|:cc ustc:s is couuit
uc:t to i::cc|i:g :csc:c| gc:c Agi:, i: o|c:s
wo:cs, t|is |oo| i:ititcs :csc:c| :og:u t|t will ulti
utcl, ccu:c t|c usc oi v:ious uct|ocologicl tools io:
t|c cuuultivc |uilci:g oi scic:tic ccou:t oi t|c cuc:
gc:cc :c s:cc oi ;:c :csist:cc to, osscssio: ; 1.,
I|is ustc:, l ic:, cocs :ot lw,s sc:vc o|c: wcll
480 American Anthropologist Vol. 112, No. 3 September 2010
l: cvocti:g scic:tic :oc|, o|c: is |ig|l, c:iti
cl oi ot|c: io:us oi i:qui:, Alt|oug| :ccog:izi:g t|c co:
t:sti:g c|llc:gcs oi ccsc:i|i:g :c i:tc::cti:g t|c icts oi
cultu:l |c:ouc: :c oi cxli:i:g t|cu, ; .-, o|c:
sccus to :c t|c io:uc: oi littlc vluc, i: u, :cci:g l:tc:
:ctivc :oc|cs couc u:cc: sct|i:g, ii :ot co:vi:ci:g,
ttc| Wc :c tolc, io: cxulc, t|t t|c:c :c icwc|cc|s,
ii :,, o: t|c lcgitiuc, oi t|c :t|:oologists :cci:g oi
t|c situtio: gi:st locl i:ucs oi u:cc:st:ci:g ; o0,
|ut l woulc t|i:| t|t sc:ci:g ,c: o: t|:cc iuuc:scc
i: t|c clc uig|t :ovicc souct|i:g oi c|cc|, givc:
gooc iit| :c couctc:cc o: t|c :t|:oologists :t lut
u,|c :ot, w|c: wc :cc t|t t|c coui::t gc:c oi :
t|:oologicl sc|ol:s|i . . . :ocuccs situtio: i: w|ic|
:,t|i:g gocs, :oviccc t|t it is suit|l, :csc:tcc ; !,
I|is ccictio: |o:cc:s o: c:ictu:c :c u:io:tu:tcl, will
tu:: souc :ccc:s oii :c :cvc:t t|cu i:ou co:sicc:
i:g uuc| ot|c:wisc i:sig|tiul couuc:t:,:c iuo:
t:t, c:iticl qucstio:sco:ti:cc i: o|c:s :cvicw oi t|c
o|c: cocs :c |o| oi :csc:ti:g t|is cog:itivc
:oc| l:ticul:l, i: c|tc:s o :c -, l coulc scc |ow
suc| : :oc| coulc :ovicc uo:c :ccisc l:gugc to
tl| |out t|c cuc:gc:cc :c s:cc oi osscssio: ;o:c :ot
t occs, |, t|c w,, wit| t|c i:tc::ctivc :oc|cs o|c:
:ou:cl, c:iticizcs, lut s l :cc|cc t|c c:c oi t|c |oo|, l
|occ io: clc:c: ictu:c oi |ow |c: cog:itivc |,ot|cscs
uig|t ctull, |c tcstcc i: t|c clc o: t|:oug| t|c cxisti:g
ct|:og:|ic litc:tu:c o: osscssio: low, to :csc:t |ust
o:c cxulc, uig|t o:c vc:ii, t|c cxistc:cc oi :c uc
su:c l,c:sc:sitivc Agc:c, Dctcctio: Dcvicc I|is woulc
sccu c:ucil to cst|lis|i:g :og:u oi scic:tic :csc:c|
:o:ct|clcss, :c t|c co:tc:tious to:c oi t|c litc:tu:c :c
vicw :otwit|st:ci:g, o|c:s cog:itivc :oc| sccus
i::ovtivc :c :ouisi:g w|ilc |c: ct|:og:|ic w:iti:g is
vivic :c i:sig|tiul
Ethnicity, Inc.
John Comaroff and Jean Comaroff. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2009. 236 pp.
Keith Hart
University of Pretoria
o|: ou:oii :c c: ou:oii |vc w:ittc: t|is |oo| to
|ig|lig|t ccvclouc:t t|t sccus :oulous i: t|c lig|t oi
uocc:: socil t|co:, :ucl, t|c g:owi:g co:vc:gc:cc oi
ct|:icit, :c couuc:cc I|c, co:ccivc oi t|is |c:ouc:o:
s cilccticl :ocuct oi two :occsscs t|c i:co:o:tio: oi
icc:tit, :c t|c couuocictio: oi cultu:c I|ci: :guuc:t
is cctilcc :c coulcx, :citc:ti:g t|ci: ui: t|csis s so
u:, v:itio:s o: t|cuc I|ci: co:c csc stucics :c
t|c: i:ou t|c D:itcc ttcs :c out| Ai:ic, w|c:c t|c,
livc :c wo:|, wit| l:iti: s scco:c:, oi:t oi :cic:c:cc
:c u:, uo:c cxulcs c:w: i:ou:ou:c t|c wo:lc I|c
co:cct oi lt|:icit,, l:c is i: ciicct : iccl t,c t|c io:u
oi w|ic| is gc:c:l ;|ccusc iccl, :c its su|st:cc |ig|l,
v:i|lc ;|ccusc cui:icl, I|c li:| to :coli|c:lisu is
ucc cxlicit, so t|t t|c |oo| oiic:s sclcctivc couuc:t:,
o: t|c su|vc:sio: oi uocc::it, c:tilcc i: t|t uovcuc:t
ou:oii :c ou:oii, t|us, |:i:g cultu:l t|co:, uto
ctc |, cxosi:g t:c:c t|t |s lo:g |isto:icl :oots |ut is
:ow ou:i:csc:t i: w,s t|t socil scic:cc |s |cc: slow
to :ccog:izc |ccusc oi its ow: uocc::ist ssuutio:s
itlisus uo:l cco:ou, ooscs t|c wo:lc oi u:
|cts :c uo:c,, w|c:c : iuc:so:l :tio:lit, :ulcs, to
o:c oi iuil,, i:cc ssocitio:, :c c:so:l liic, w|c:c cul
tu:l icc:tit, is cx:csscc i: ll its v:ict, I|c :ccc to |cc
t|csc two s|c:cs sc:tc :cqui:cs lot oi i:stitutio:l ci
io:t, :c t|is i::ccuci|lc co:t:st |ctwcc: couuc:cc :c
cultu:c, |ctwcc: :cltio:s u:|cc |, uo:c, ,uc:t :c
t|osc w|c:c it is |sc:t, |s |ccouc couuo:lcc, :ot lcst
i: t|c wo:lcvicw oi u:, cccuic :t|:oologists w|o
|vc lo:g |clc t|t citlist u:|cts u:cc:ui:c i:cigc:ous
cultu:cs ou:oii :c ou:oii ccuo:st:tc t|t t|csc
ious :ti:ouics :c co:iou:ccc i: t|c ct|:ocouuocit,
I|is cou|i:cs :tu:c :c c|oicc w|ilc cx:cssi:g icc:titics
t|t :c |ot| givc: :c ucc i: :occss oi sclico:st:uctio:
t|t lics t t|c |c:t oi t|c :coli|c:l :o|cct
Iwo cc:t:l c|tc:s :ovicc cxtc:ccc csc utc:il
io: t|ci: t|csis ouuocii,i:g Dcscc:t, Auc:ic:t,lc
:c A Ilc oi Iwo ;out| Ai:ic:, lt|:icitics I|c :st
cxui:cs t|c :ccc:t |isto:, oi i:cigc:ous c:tc::isc i: t|c
D:itcc ttcs, iocusi:g o: t|c co:c:ctc vc:sio: oi csi:o
citlisu to |c iou:c t|c:c I|c scco:c cxlo:cs t|c i
uous csc oi lio|c:g, sull |i:gcou t|t |it it :ic|
wit| lti:uu :c : i:tcllcctul:oc:t, cisutc t|t :c
vivcc :cu::t oi t|c : colc ;lus|uc:, A io:ul
:guuc:t st:uctu:cs cc| :::tivc l:ic,, ;1, t|c co:
cct oi lt|:icit,, l:c is usull, |scc o: logic oi i:
clusio: :c cxclusio:, ;!, couuc:cc :ocuccs t|c ct|:ic
g:ou, :ot t|c ot|c: w, :ou:c, ;!, c:tc::isc is iu:ccc
|, outsicc citl, ;+, t|c cultu:l ciiic:c:ccs cclc|:tcc
:c :ot o:igi:l, ;., sovc:cig:t, is cliucc gi:st t|c sttc,
:c ;o, t|c ct|:ic co:o:tio: |s tc::ito:il |sc I|c
olc oi t|c cilcctic iocusi:g o: t|c i:co:o:tio: oi icc:
tit, is t|us cui:icll, coui::t, |ut i: souc cscs t|c
:occss is c:ivc: |, t|c couuocictio: oi : cxisti:g
Single Book Reviews 481
I|is |oo| ci:ccts ou: ttc:tio: |c| to t|c cul iou:c
tio: oi t|c :tio:sttc :c s|s |ow t|is |u:gco:i:g ct|:o
gc:csis :cltcs to t|c :tio:list :o|cct ;:c to :llcl
couuc:ciliztio: oi :cligio: Divi:it,, l:c, I|c ut|o:s
:guc t|t :ccc:t cccccs |vc cxoscc to vicw :c cvc:
cclc|:tcc t|c li|c:l sttcs t:uc :tu:c s |ci:g :ot|i:g
uo:c t|: couuittcc io: t|c |ou:gcoisic I|c :coli|c:l
c: |s lcc souc govc::uc:ts ;:ot lcst t|c t|:cc cxulcs
o: w|ic| t|c, :cl, uost, to |ost |out t|ci: :ouotio:
oi t|c :tio:l |::c i: vc:sio: oi oliticl cco:ou,
t|t |s su|o:ci:tcc olitics to t|c i:tc:cst oi citl I|is
is :cltcc lso to |ow co:o:tisu |s s|iitcc t|c iocus oi
oliticl co:ict i:to t|c cou:ts ;lwi:c, i t|c two t|c
o:cticl c|tc:s, t|c scco:c is uo:c c:lig|tc:i:g t|: t|c
:st, c:|s |ccusc it suus u :t|c: t|: :ticitcs t|c
|oo|s co:c co:tc:t, |ut lso |ccusc it is uo:c co:cc::cc
wit| cxli:i:g co:tcuo::, socil |isto:, :c lcss wit|
c:itiqui:g cccuic :c oul: iccs
I|c w:iti:g is oitc: s|:, souctiucs too c|cc, l
w,s li|cl, to g:| t|c :ccc:s ttc:tio: wit| souct|i:g
:cw A scctio: |ccc: i:ou c|tc: !, Qucstio:s oi I|c
o:,, givcs vo: oi t|c st,lc lctc:ocox,, u||cctivit,,
lDolog, l:out|c I:ci:g lits oi kcltivisuto lolicultu:
lisu I|c ou:oiis co :ot cliu to |vc ccuo:st:tcc
lt|:icit,, l:cs u:ivc:slit, :o: to |vc ccqutcl, :c
sc:c|cc t|ci: illust:tivc utc:il W:ittc: i: t|c twilig|t
oi :coli|c:lisu, |ust |cio:c t|c ccuisc oi lc|u: l:ot|c:s,
t|ci: |oo| :ccs li|c vlccictio: to st c: lt is i: t|c
:tu:c oi iccl t,cs to |c o:csiccc :c t|c |c:ouc:o: oi
ct|:o:c:cu:s|i |s cc:ti:l, :ot go:c w, I|c stuc, oi
ct|:icit, :c i:cccc oi :coli|c:lisu will :cvc: |c t|c suc
itc: u|lictio: oi t|is :cu:||lc |oo|
Acting in Anaesthesia: Ethnographic Encounters with
Patients, Practitioners, and Medical Technologies
Dawn Goodwin. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2009. 187 pp.
Kelly Joyce
The College of William and Mary
i.1.../o.1 .1.... |s |ccouc ctc||:sc i: t|c
D:itcc ttcs :c D:itcc li:gcou lclt|c:c :oicssio:
ls :c olic, u|c:s oitc: o:t:, it s ccsi:|lc w, to
:cticc uccici:c :c suggcst t|t it s|oulc |c t|c |sis io:
uccicl olicics :c cli:icl :cticc +.. . +o.|..o
c:ggcs ciscussio:s oi cvicc:cc|scc uccici:c :c uccicl
olic, |, cxui:i:g |ow t|csc :cltc to :cst|ctic cli:icl
wo:| Dltiutcl,, ut|o: Dw: Goocwi: :gucs t|t suc|
olicics :cl, o: : u:cc:st:ci:g oi uccici:c s :ccict|lc
:c co:t:oll|lc, t|c, co :ot t|c i:to ccou:t uccicl
wo:|s co:ti:gc:t o: c:icious ciuc:sio:s
Goocwi: t|cs :ccc:s i:to :cst|csi :cticc t |os
itl i: t|c D:itcc li:gcou ou|i:i:g |c: ,c:s oi :o
icssio:l cxc:ic:cc s :u:sc wit| |c: t:i:i:g s socil
scic:tist, Goocwi: c:iticll, :l,zcs cu|ocicc :cst|ctic
wo:| I|c |oo| :iu:il, c:ws o: clcwo:| :c i:cct|
i:tc:vicws co:cuctcc ovc: 1!uo:t| c:ioc I|c clc sitcs
i:clucc |ositl c:vi:o:uc:ts i: w|ic| :cst|csi is :c
ticcc, cc:tuc:tl uccti:gs, |ou::l clu|s ;ic, i:io:ul
gt|c:i:gs w|c:c uccicl :oicssio:ls ciscuss :ccc:t ucci
cl |ou::l :ticlcs,, :c i:io:ul ciscussio:s ovc: lu:c| :c
i: |llw,s
Goocwi:s :csc:c| co:t:i|utcs to ciscussio:s oi
gc:c,, su||cctivit,, :c scic:cc luilci:g o: sc|ol:s|i
t|t suggcsts co:scious |uu: |ci:gs :c :ot t|c o:l, gc:ts
i: socil wo:lcs, t|is |oo| s|ows t|t t|c u:co:scious tic:t
is : cto: i: :cst|csi wo:| As Goocwi: :gucs, :cc
:cst|ctiscc, |owcvc:, tic:ts co :ot |ccouc ssivc :c
|ouogc:ous, t|c, co:ti:uc to cxc:t t|ci: :ticul:it, i:
t|ci: |ocil, co:citio: :c t|c i:tc:vc:tio:s |c o: s|c :c
qui:cs ; +, ltic:ts v:, i: t|ci: :cso:sc to |ci:g :cs
t|ctizcc souc u, |vc vc:, slow |c:t :tcs t|t :cqui:c
ttc:tio: w|ilc ot|c:s u, |vc t:ou|lc |:ct|i:g s t|c,
couc |c| to co:scious:css \o:covc:, Goocwi: u|cs t|c
csc t|t gc:c, is :cltio:l I|c tic:t sc|s t|:oug|
t|c |oc, :c uc|i:cs, |ut |clt|c:c :oicssio:l is
:ccccc to t::sltc :c :cso:c to suc| uttc::ccs tuc,
i:g t|c :cltio:s uo:g t|c u:co:scious tic:t, uc|i:cs,
:c |clt|c:c :oicssio:ls |cls |olstc: t|c :guuc:t t|t
i:civiculit, :c v:i|ilit, :c c,:uic co:t:i|utio: to
t|c s|i:g oi cvc:ts, w|ic| lt|oug| :ot cquivlc:t to, c:
|c cou:tcc gi:st t|c |ilit, oi cocto:s to cc:c, cctc:ui:c
:c co:t:ol cvc:ts ; !-, l: its cu::c:t guisc, Goocwi:
:gucs, olicics :c guiccli:cs t|t t:, to st:c:cizc uccicl
wo:| co :ot lcvc c:oug| :oouio: its co:ti:gc:t, :cltio:l
luilci:g o: t|is lst oi:t, Goocwi: tu::s to t|c issuc oi
:oicssio:l ccou:t|ilit, i:cli:icl :cticc Wo:|i:g wit|
: ct|:ouct|ocologicl u:cc:st:ci:g oi ccou:t|ilit, t|t
cu|sizcs :ot o:l, t|c coi:g oi : ctio: |ut lso t|c cto:s
iugi:tio: oi |ow t|t ctio: will |c i:tc::ctcc |, ot|c:s
i: |ot| t|c :csc:t :c t|c iutu:c, Goocwi: oiic:s t|:cc
cscs to illust:tc |ow :cst|ctists co:cuct cccisio: u|
i:g i: :cticc I|c cscs ::gc i:ou situtio:s c:ccivcc
s uu:c:c to o:cs i: w|ic| t|c tic:ts :cso:scs lcc to
482 American Anthropologist Vol. 112, No. 3 September 2010
uultilc, i:couti|lc cig:ostic cxl:tio:s Goocwi:s
ciscussio:oi t|c v:ious scc::ios s|ows t|t, cvc:i::outi:c
situtio:s, tic:ts |ocics co :ot :cccss:il, :ovicc clc:,
co|c:c:t, u:icc scts oi sig:s :c s,utous l:stcc, |,si
ci:s :c :u:scs uust i:tc::ct tic:ts |,sicl :cso:scs
:c t|c outut oi t|c uc|i:cs ttc|cc to t|cu:c t|c c
tio: ;o: :ot, l:oicssio:lccou:t|ilit, :cticcs t|t :i
u:il, iocus o: t|c :cst|ctists ctio:s lcvc ot|c: cto:s
;cg, t|c tic:ts v:icc, uultilc :cso:scs, :c co:tcxts
out lo: Goocwi:, t|is t,c oi :oicssio:l ccou:t|il
it, lcvcs i:civicul :ctitio:c:s vul:c:|lc \o:covc:, it
cocs :ot ccqutcl, :ccct t|c cist:i|utcc :tu:c oi cccisio:
u|i:g o: t|c uultilicitics :c i:co|c:c:cics c:cou:tc:cc
Alt|oug| Goocwi: c:ciull, ccsc:i|cs t|c o:goi:g,
co:ti:gc:t ciuc:sio:s oi cccisio: u|i:g i: :cst|csi,
littlc is w:ittc: |out t|c clc sitc itscli ;cg, |ow it
uig|t |c siuil: to o: ciiic:c:t i:ou ot|c: :cst|csi
u:its, :o: :c t|c oliticl, cco:ouic, o: socil co:
tcxts oi t|c D:itcc li:gcou cc:csscc l:stcc, Goocwi:
uscs ct to |uilc gc:c:l t|co:, oi cu|ocicc |:owl
ccgc :c ctio: I|is uovc ciiic:s i:ou co:tcuo::,
uccicl :t|:oologicl :c sociologicl qulittivc stuc
ics t|t tc:c to loctc stucics i: cco:ouic, cultu:l, :c
oliticl co:tcxts Givc: t|t t|c D:itcc li:gcou |s
its ow: u:iquc |isto:, oi |clt|i:su::cc covc:gc, :c
iu|u:scuc:t s,stcus, ul:cticc olicics, :c cvicc:cc
|scc uccici:c, uo:c i:io:utio: |out t|c stuc,s co:tcxt
woulc |vc cccc :ot|c: l,c: oi coulcxit, to t|c :l,sis
vc:ll, +.. . +o.|..o is clc:l, w:ittc: ct|:og
:|, lt co:t:i|utcs to stucics oi uccicl wo:|, gc:c, i:
uccicl :cticc, :c cvicc:cc|scc uccici:c lo: t|osc
co:cc::cc wit| t|c :cltio:s |ctwcc: olic, :c :cticc,
t|is |oo| will |c oi :ticul: i:tc:cst
Out in the Country: Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility
in Rural America
Mary Gray. New York: New York University Press, 2009. 277 pp.
C. Todd White
University at Buffalo, SUNY
\:, G:,s u|itious :cw ct|:og:|,, oo . |. cco.,
1co|, M.1.o, o1 o... ../.!., . ro.o! +....o, cxlo:cs
|ow ,out| i: t|c :u:l D:itcc ttcs l, cliu to lGlI
icc:titics :c co:i:o:t t|c olitics oi g, visi|ilit,, cxcc
ttio:s, :c co:st:i:ts ; !, i: t|csc couuu:itics, uost
:ot|l, i: |c: clc sitcs i: :u:l lc:tuc|, I:uc to cuc:g
i:g qucc: ct|:og:|,, G:, scc|s to us| |c| gi:st
t:citio:l oul: lGlI t:ocs :c :::tivcs oi cscc
to u:|: oscs :c o:t:, t|osc w|o st:c t|ci: g:ou:c
to :uc t|ci: ccsi:cs :c cs| out t|ci: locl uc:i:g
w|ilc cxlo:i:g t|c st:tcgics t|c, usc to c:ctc |clo:gi:g
:c visi|ilit, i: t|ci: :u:l couuu:it, :c cou:t:, |oucs
; !+,
oo . |. cco., co:sists oi : i:t:ocuctio:, vc c|
tc:s civiccc i:to two scctio:s, co:clusio:, : ciloguc,
:c : c:cix I|c cxtc:ccc i:t:ocuctio: ;c|tc: o:c,
situtcs G:,s wo:| wit|i: t|c ct|:og:|ic t:citio: :c
:ooscs t|t it s|oulc sc:vc to |:icgc ct|:og:|ic
:oc|cs to ucci wit| :ccctio: o: ucic:cc stucics i: t|c
clc oi couuu:ictio:s ; 1!, l: :ticul:, G:, scc|s
to :cvcl |owlGlIicc:tii,i:g ,out| i: :u:l lc:tuc|, usc
:cw ucci to cxlo:c |ot| t|ci: locl :c |:occ: iug
i:cc qucc: couuu:itics :c |ow t|c, sutu:c t|c qucc:
socil wo:lcs t|c, :c i: t|ci: |ouctow:s, o: tclcvisio:,
:c o:li:c ; 1.,
I|:cc c|tc:s cou:isc t|c :st scctio: oi t|c |oo|
c:titlcc Qucc:s lc:c kccog:izi:g t|c luili: t::gc:,
:ovici:g scvc:l :ic| ct|:og:|ic ccsc:itio:s oi couuu
:it, ctivist :c ctivisu |tc: ! iocuscs o: t|c co:cct
oi iuil, s co:c to :u:l qucc: olitics luil, tics situtc
lGlIicc:ticc ,out| i: t|ci: couuu:itics i: cc:sc :c
u:cc:i|lc |o:cs t|t :c co:c to t|c st:tcgics :c oli
tics oi lGlI visi|ilit, i: :u:l couuu:itics ; !, 1!,
|tc: ! :cltcs t|c :cuous ttcut to io:u G,t:ig|t
Alli:cc ;GA, i: lo,c ou:t, lig| c|ool l:ug|t wit|
ciicultics :c uct wit| cui:ist:tivc, couuu:it,, :c
stucc:t oositio:, t|c GA ws cc:icc oicil sttus u:til
t|c AlD stccc i: !00!
l: c|tc: +, G:, cl|o:tcs o: co:cct s|c clls
|ou:c:, u|lics, w|ic| |uilcs o: t|c u|lic s|c:c
co:cct oi u:gc: l|c:us, su|ltc:: cou:tc:u|lics s
ccsc:i|cc |, ::c, l:sc: :c \ic|cl W::c:, :c |ou:c
:, o||ccts s ositcc |, us: lcig| t: lou:c:, u|lics
:c uouc:ts oi u|lic c:ggcuc:ts w|c:ci: qucc: icc:
tit, wo:| is c:ggcc :c c:ctcc lo: G:,, scxul :c
gc:cc: icc:titics :c cultu:l cx:cssio:s oi collcctivc i:
tc:ctio: :cgotitcc uo:g ,out| t|:oug| u|lic sccs,
cc: :ctwo:|s, ucci c:ggcuc:ts, :c sc:vicc:ovicc:
c:vi:o:uc:ts ; -1, lou:c:, u|lics, t|c:, :c :ot :c
st:ictcc to gcog:|ic loclcs, :t|c:, t|c, :c sccs w|c:c
o: cxc:ic:ccs w|c: suc| icc:tit, io:utio: is :cgotitcc
o: t|cs lcc ;scc, cs, -!-o, Alt|oug| |ou:c
:, u|lics u, u:iicst i: u|lic lccs, t|c, c: lso |c
Single Book Reviews 483
cxc:ic:ccc t|:oug| :cw ucci I|c co:cct oi |ou:c:,
u|lics io:us t|c |c:t oi G:,s t|co:cticl c:ccvo: I|c,
:c liui:l i: co:cctio: wit| c:uc|lc :c ullc|lc
co:sistc:c, . . . t|t u|cs t|cu siuult:cousl, :ccog:iz
|lc :c clusivc to o:loo|c:s :c co:stituc:ts, qulit, oi
iogg, iuili:it, ti:gcc wit| u|iguit, t|t G:, ssc:ts
is c:iticl to qucc:icc:tit, wo:| i: :u:l couuu:itics
; -., G:, i:cluccs u:, oig::t :c ucuo:|lc vi
g:cttcs i: t|is c|tc: w|c:c|, s|c ccuo:st:tcs t|c utilit,
oi t|c co:cct, suc| s w|c: ucu|c:s oi t|c lig|l:c l:icc
Alli:cc jllA c:io:u c:g i: Wl\:t i: :i:g|vc:
:c :c uct |, :tgo:istic clssutcs
l:t ! oi oo . |. cco.,, Qucc:i:g kcl:css, co:
sists oi t|:cc c|tc:s i:cluci:g t|c |oo|s co:clusio: l:
t|is scctio:, G:, illust:tcs |ow icc:tit, is io:ucc i: ci
loguc wit| oul: cultu:c :c ucci :c ostultcs t|t
qucc: :cl:css is t|us c:io:u:cc oi t|t icclizcc :c
:csc:ttio: uo:c t|: : i:t:i:sic icc:tit, to |c ciscovc:cc
:c :cvclcc ; 1!!, I|c co:cluci:g c|tc: oi oo . |.
cco., suggcsts t|t |ou:c:, u|lics cvi:cc t|t wc :ccc
to :ci:uc ou: u:cc:st:ci:g oi t|c civisio:s :c |ou:c
:ics |ctwcc: :clus oi t|c u|lic :c t|c :ivtc G:,
c:susivcl, :gucs t|t to ssist :u:l qucc: ,out| to co t|c
wo:| oi icc:tit, io:utio:, wc :ccc to :ot o:l, |cl t|cu
sccu:c t|c :ig|ts to visi|ilit, :c u|lic :ccog:itio: |ut lso
c:su:c t|t t|c, |vc cccss to |clt| c:c, i:io:utio:,
:c sic sccs i: w|ic| t|c, c: gt|c: to iostc: sc:sc
oi couuu:it, A: ciloguc cc:csscs t|c o:goi:g |ttlc io:
sucscx u::igc i: lc:tuc|,, :c co:cluci:g c:cix
cl|o:tcs o: t|c ct|:og:|ic uct|ocs, ct|ics, :c olitics
oi clcwo:|
oo . |. cco., ccsc:vccl, :cccivcc t|c !00- kut|
lc:ccict Aw:c io: si:glcut|o:cc uo:og:| |, t|c oci
ct, oi lcs|i: :c G, A:t|:oologists ;lGA, Alt|oug|
t|c |oo| is clc:l, g:ou:ccc i: clcwo:| :c :tici:t
o|sc:vtio:, t|c ct|:og:|ic vig:cttcs :c |:ici :c co
:ot lw,s :ovicc t|c cvicc:cc :cqui:cc to suo:t ll oi
G:,s t|co:cticl co:clusio:s till, t|c |oo| succcccs o:
u:, lcvcls :c coulc |c iccl :cci:g io: : cv:ccc u:
cc:g:cutc cou:sc i: :t|:oolog,, sociolog,, o: Auc:ic:
stucics c:ti:i:g to t|c cxc:ic:cc oi lGlI ,out| :c c
tivists i: :u:l sctti:g
China and Postsocialist Anthropology: Theorizing Power
and Society after Communism
Andrew Kipnis. Norwalk, CT: EastBridge, 2008. 256 pp.
Vanessa L. Fong
Harvard University
c|.o o1 tcc..o!. +|.cc!c, sc:vcs s |ot| : cxl
:tio: io: t|c oliticl icto:s t|t |vc |clcc liuit ci
loguc |ctwcc: |i: stucics :c coui::t :t|:oolog
icl t|co:ics :c : o:igi:l t|co:cticl co:t:i|utio: t|t
will |ociull, |cl to |:c| t|:oug| t|csc liuittio:s |,
s|owi:g |ow :c w|, |i: stucics c: u|c t|co:cticl
co:t:i|utio:s t|t :c :clcv:t to :t|:oologists wo:|i:g
i: civc:sc :cs oi t|c wo:lc A:c:cw li:is :gucs t|t
:t|:oologists |vc |cc: :cluct:t to c:w t|co:cticl i:
si:tio: i:ou |i: stucics |ccusc s ciscili:c t|t
|s :iu:il, co:cc::cc itscli wit| t|c stuc, oi t|osc o
:csscc |, colo:ilisu, citlisu, :cisu, :c t:i:c|,,
A:t|:oolog, :cs it ciicult to cigcst c:itiqucs g:ou:ccc
i: t|c stuc, oi t|osc w|o |vc |cc: o:csscc |, c
tull, cxisti:g socilisu ;li:is !00ii, l: t|is |oo|,
li:is :csc:ts wicc ::, oi w,s i: w|ic| :t|:oo
logicl u:cc:st:ci:gs oi t|c wo:lc woulc iu:ovc ii, i:
stcc oi ig:o:i:g suc| c:itiqucs, :t|:oologists woulc usc
t|cu to :ct|i:| t|c t|co:cticl i:ucwo:|s t|t coui:tc
I|c :st |li oi t|c |oo| :csc:ts :u:ccc :l,sis oi
t|c uc:i:gs :c |isto:icl co:tcxts oi t|c :t|:oolog, oi
|i:csc socilisu li:is cxui:cs clssic stucics oi |i:csc
socilisu:c ostsocilisu;A:g:ost 1--, l:qu|: 1--+,
iu 1--, Wcllc: 1--+, Y:g 1--+,, ccuo:st:ti:g |ow
suc| stucics c: co:t:i|utc to :t|:oologicl t|co:izi:g
cccc: u:cc:st:ci:g oi t|c i:o:ics oi socilist owc:
li:is t|c: :l,zcs cc|tcs |ctwcc: :coli|c:l :c :co
lcitist sc|ools oi t|oug|t uo:g i:tcllcctuls i: |i:, s
wcll s t|c :guuc:ts oi i:uc:til A:glo|o:c ost\:xist
t|co:ists ;||:|:t, !000, Gi|so:G:|u 1--o, lclu
:c \ouiic 1-.,, |ig|lig|ti:g t|ci: co:t:i|utio:s to t|c
:ct|i:|i:g oi socilisu :c citlisu w|ilc lso cutio:i:g
gi:st t|ci: ovc:l, cic|otouizcc vicws oi socilisu :c
l: t|c scco:c |li oi t|c |oo|, li:is :ooscs ost
socilist t|co:, oi t|c oliticl t|t :ivilcgcs goociit|
couuu:ictivc :cso: t|t scc|s :cl, t|t uig|t uovc
t|c c:ti:c ciloguc i: : u:cxcctcc ci:cctio: ovc: oliti
cizcc couuu:ictivc :cso: t|t :ci:io:ccs c:u:c:t
sttc oi oliticiztio: :c c:uit, ; 1!, li:is clls |is
t|co:cticl :oc| :coDu:||ciui:, c:wi:g i:si:
tio: i:ou t|c Du:||ciui: i:tc:cst i: t|c i:tc:scctio: oi
484 American Anthropologist Vol. 112, No. 3 September 2010
solic:it, :c co:ict to cou:tc:ct t|c ovc:cu|sis o:
co:ict i: t|c \:xist t:citio: ; 1.,, :c illust:tcs
|ow suc| t|co:, uig|t s|cc lig|t o: socil :occsscs i:
|i: :c clscw|c:c lc :csc:ts : :l,sis oi t|c iculc
coui:tcc |:isti: c|u:c| i: t|c :u:l |i:csc villgc i:
w|ic| |c |s co:cuctcc :csc:c| :c cxlo:cs t|c ossi|ili
tics io: c:itiquc oi t:i:c|, :c citlisu i: t|c |i:csc
|:isti: c|u:c|s :ouotio: oi sistc:|ooc :c u:|ou:ccc
coussio:, |ut |c lso cu|sizcs t|t t|c:c is uo:c u
|iguit, :c uultivoclit, i: |i:csc |:isti: :cticcs t|:
: :l,sis iocuscc o: t|csc c:itiqucs uig|t suggcst lc
t|c: c:ws o: cxulcs i:ou t|c D:itcc ttcs, |i:,
:c Aust:li to s|cc lig|t o: |ow lcgl citizc:s|i c: oi
tc: |c cvc: uo:c iuo:t:t t|: t|c i:cqulitics oi :cc,
clss, :c gc:cc: couuo:l, ccc:icc |, socilist :c ost
socilist t|co:ics I|:oug| |is :l,sis oi t|c iulictio:s oi
t|csc cxulcs, li:is s|ows |ow g:ctc: iocus o: t|c
ssuutio:s u:cc:l,i:g :tio:l :c i:tc::tio:l s,stcus
t|t :cvc:t colc i:ou uig:ti:g i:ou lcss ccvclocc to
uo:c ccvclocc :cs :c cou:t:ics c: |c :ocuctivc i:
ostsocilist :ct|i:|i:g oi co:cctuliztio:s oi i:cqulit,
:c i:|usticc
c|.o o1 tcc..o!. +|.cc!c, is : i::ovtivc, wicc
::gi:g stuc, t|t ccuo:st:tcs |ow t|c stuc, oi |i:csc
socil liic, olitics, :c i:tcllcctul ciscou:scs c: s|cc lig|t
o: |:occ: issucs oi citlisu, socilisu, :c ostsocilisu
Wit| its clc: w:iti:g, |olc :guuc:ts, :c :igo:ous :l,
sis oi : iu:cssivcl, civc:sc ::, oi cvicc:cc, t|is |oo|
succcccs i: its gol oi oc:i:g u :cw t|w,s tow:c :
u:cc:st:ci:g oi citlisu, socilisu, :c ostsocilisu i:
|i: :c clscw|c:c
A:g:ost, A::
1-- :tio:l lstIiucs :::tivc, kc:csc:ttio:, :c
lowc: i: \occ:: |i: Du:|u, : Du|c D:ivc:sit,
||:|:t,, Dics|
!000 l:ovi:cilizi:g lu:oc lostcolo:il I|oug|t :c
listo:icl Diiic:c:cc l:i:ccto: l:i:ccto: D:ivc:sit,
l:qu|:, ucit|
1--+ l:owi:g l:cticc I|c li:icl l:cou:tc: oi |i:csc
\ccici:c loulcc:, Wcstvicw
Gi|so:G:|u, l
1--o I|c l:c oi itlisu;s Wc l:cwlt, Alcui:ist :itiquc
oi loliticl lco:ou, u|:icgc, \A llc|wcll
li:is, A:c:cw
!00 |i: :c lostsocilist A:t|:oolog, I|co:izi:g lowc:
:c ocict, itc: ouuu:isu :o:wl|, I lst|:icgc
lclu, l::csto, :c |:tl \ouiic
1-. lcgcuo:, :c ocilist t:tcg, Iow:cs kcicl Dcuo
c:tic lolitics !:c ccitio: lo:co: Vc:so
iu, lclc: l
1-- Agc:ts :c Victius i: out| |i: Accouliccs i: ku:l
kcvolutio: :cw lvc:, I Ylc D:ivc:sit, l:css
Wcllc:, ko|c:t l
1--+ kcsist:cc, |os, :c o:t:ol i: |i: Iii:g kc|cls,
Iiw:csc G|osts, :c Ii::uc: cttlc D:ivc:sit, oi
Ws|i:gto: l:css
Y:g, \,ii: \cilui
1--+ Giits, lvo:s, :c l:qucts I|c A:t oi ocil kcltio:s|is
i: |i: lt|c, :Y o::cll D:ivc:sit, l:css
Symbols in Clay: Seeking Artists Identities in Hopi Yellow
Ware Bowls
Steven LeBlanc and Lucia Henderson. Cambridge, MA: Peabody Museum Press, 2009. 184 pp.
E. Charles Adams
Arizona State Museum
I|is uo:og:| iocuscs o: t|c cxtc:io: ccco:tio:s, tc:ucc
!,| |, t|c ut|o:s, o: loi ,cllow:i:g ottc:,, o:
,cllow w:c, u:uictu:cc i: tc: o: so villgcs o: t|c loi
ucss i: :o:t|cstc:: A:izo: |ctwcc: 1!!0 :c 1o!0
ouc :c|cologists |vc :gucc t|t t|c gl,|s :c ctull,
u|c:s u:|s, :c t|is uo:og:| scc|s to cvlutc t|is
cliu I|c |sis io: t|is :l,sis is co:us oi |otos oi
t|c i:tc:io: :c cxtc:io: ccsig:s o: 1,.10 |owls l:itill,,
ut|o:s tcvc: lcll:c :c luci lc:cc:so: iocuscc o: two
qucstio:s li:st, coulc t|c, :ccog:izc t|c wo:| oi i:civicul
:tists i: t|c cxtc:io: ccsig:s o: loi ,cllow w:c A:c
scco:c, ws it ossi|lc to sc:itc t|c i:tc:io: ccsig:s i:to
scquc:cc t|t :ccctcc t|c w, t|c ccsig:s cvolvcc ovc:
tiuc I|c ut|o:s wc:c u:|lc to sc:itc t|c |owls i: :,
w, t|t iu:ovcc o: cxisti:g t,ologics, so t|c, cic :ot
u:suc t|c scco:c qucstio: i: t|c uo:og:| I|c :st gol
ws suo:tcc :c is t|c iocus oi t|c uo:og:|
|tc: ! co:tcxtulizcs loi ,cllow w:c |, suu
u:izi:g t|c cc:uic |isto:, oi t|c loi :cgio: s wcll s
cxui:i:g ot|c: i:st:ccs oi gl,|li|c ccsig:s o: :cgio:l
cc:uics |tc: ! :csc:ts t|c ut|o:s uct|ocologics i:
cxui:i:g gl,|s :c co:sicc:s |ow t|c, ::ivcc t gl,|
scts A totl oi 1. gl,| scts, w|ic| i:cluccc o-. |owls,
:c +. ossi|lc scts wc:c icc:ticc lxulcs oi t|csc scts
:c illust:tcc i: c|tc: + D:li|c t|c siuil: :o|cct |,
Single Book Reviews 485
lcll:c i: w|ic| |c ws |lc to icc:tii, i:civicul :tists
o: \iu|:cs |lc|o:w|itc |owls, wit| t|c loi ,cllow
w:c, t|c ut|o:s :guc t|t t|c gl,| scts :o||l, :c:c
sc:t wo:|i:g o: :ocuctio: g:ous
|tc: + :csc:ts +! gu:cs s|owi:g scts oi gl,|s :c
t|c cvolutio: oi ccco:tio: ovc: t|c !00,c: s: oi t|c
|owls A :uu|c: oi iuo:t:t co:clusio:s :c s|:cc i: t|is
c|tc:, :c t|c gu:cs :c uscc ciicctivcl, to co:vc, t|c
i:io:utio: lo: cxulc, souc vcsscls |vc i:tc:io: :c
cxtc:io: ccsig:s t|t wc:c i:tcc |, ciiic:c:t i:civiculs
|scc o: t|c st:uctu:c oi t|c ccco:tio: lccusc oi t|is
s|:i:g oi :cso:si|ilitics |ctwcc: i:civiculs, :o o:cto
o:c co::cltio: c: |c ucc |ctwcc: i:civicul :tists :c
gl,| scts, w|ic| i:cictc gl,| scts li|cl, :c:csc:t socil
o: :ocuctio: u:its
|tc: . ciscusscs t|c vlicit, oi gl,| scts :c oi t|c
|cst vc:ucs io: tcsti:g gl,| scts is t|:oug| couositio:l
:l,sis loi ,cllow w:cs c: |c sou:ccc to i:civicul
villgcs usi:g :cut:o: ctivtio: :l,sis, :c t|c :csults
i:cictc t|t uost wc:c ucc t t|c villgc oi :ccovc:,
lowcvc:, !0 c:cc:t oi |owls i: gl,| scts wc:c :ccovc:cc
i:ou villgcs i: w|ic| loi ,cllow w:c ws :ot ucc I|c
ut|o:s suggcst t|t t|csc oiiucs villgcs u, |c t:ci:g
:t:c:s io: sccic :ocuctio: g:ous
|tc: o ciscusscs t|c cvicc:cc io: scciliztio:
uo:g u|c:s oi loi ,cllow w:c ottc:,, w|ic| suggcsts
:ttiuc |ousc|olc sccilists \, uost sc:ious cisg:cc
uc:ts wit| t|c ut|o:s co:cc:: t|ci: ssuutio:s |out
t|c :uu|c: oi i:civiculs i: t|c :cco:tct loi oul
tio: w|o :ocuccc ,cllow w:c |owls I|c ssuutio:s
:c too :uuc:ous to ciscuss i: cctil, |ut |, l,i:g t|cu
t|c ut|o:s cstiutc t|t vc to scvc::c|li c:cc:t oi
ll cult wouc: ucc :c|is:ic loi ,cllow w:c ot
tc:, l: ssuui:g t|is, t|c ut|o:s ig:o:c t|c cvicc:cc t|t
uuc| loi ,cllow w:c ws ucc io: cxc|:gc cu:i:g t|c
1!00s, |ut w|c: t:ci:g :t:c:s cisc:cc, :ocuctio:
s|iitcc to i:tc::l couuu:it, usc, t|c:cio:c :cqui:i:g u:,
icwc: vcsscls l suggcst t|t t|c ut|o:s |vc co:tcc two
ciiic:c:t cc:uic |isto:ics i:to o:c :::tivc :c t|t : iu
o:t:t :csc:c| ci:cctio: will |c to cxui:c t|csc c:iocs
|tc: suuu:izcs cvicc:cc io: t|c co:clusio:s t|t
loi ,cllow w:c gl,|s civc:gc i:ou t:citio:l io:us oi
:ocuctio: :c :ocuctio: oi icc:tit, i: t|c D out|wcst
:c t|t t|c qulit, :c qu:tit, oi |owls :ocuccc suggcsts
scciliztio: I|c ut|o:s outli:c :cso:s t|t gl,|s coulc
|vc sc:vcc iu:ctio:s |c,o:c icc:tii,i:g :ocuctio: g:ous
lo: uc, t|c u::swc:cc qucstio:s :c s iollows W|, :c
gl,|s o:igi:ll, :ocuccc A:c w|t cuscc t|c :cticc to
I|is uo:og:| is u|o: co:t:i|utio: to sout|wcst
c:: :c|colog, :c to :csc:c| o: loi |isto:, :c cc
:uic :ocuctio: I|c ut|o:s :csc:t st:o:g csc io: t|c
u:iquc:css oi t|c gl,|s o: t|c cxtc:io: oi ,cllow w:c
|owls :c t|ci: luostcc:ti: ssocitio: wit| souc v:ict,
oi u|c:s u:| I|ci: co:clusio: t|t t|c u:|s sig:ii,
socil o: :ocuctio: u:it :t|c: t|: : i:civicul is lso
co:vi:ci:gl, ucc l:o:uousl, |cliul to t|c :ccc: is t|c
i:clusio: oi illust:tio:s oi t|c gl,| scts :c souc |owl i:
tc:io:s, scvc: colo: ltcs, :c c:ciccs illust:ti:g ll t|c
gl,| scts :c listi:g ll |owls i:cluccc i: gl,| scts |, sct
:uu|c:, icc:tictio: :uu|c:, :c sitc
The Circulation of Children: Kinship, Adoption, and Morality
in Andean Peru
Jessaca Leinaweaver. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2008. 225 pp.
Krista E. Van Vleet
Bowdoin College
i:cultio: is t|cuc t|t |s c:ggcc t|c :t|:oologi
cl iugi:tio: io: t|c st scvc:l cccccs s sc|ol:s |vc
co:sicc:cc t|c v:i|lc uovcuc:ts oi iccs, couuocitics,
:c colc o: glo|l :c locl sclcs Attc:tio: to co
tio:, s ci:cultio: oi c|ilc:c: occu::i:g :tio:ll, :c
t::s:tio:ll,, |s c:|:ccc : u:cc:st:ci:g oi |i:s|i s
:tu:lizcc :c cu|ccccc i: :ticul: oliticlcco:ouic
i:ucwo:|s ;cg, l:iggs !00!, lo:scc 1-o, Y:gvcsso:
!00!, l: 1|. c...o!o.c c c|.!1.., cssc lci:wcvc:
cxui:cs t|c uovcuc:t oi c|ilc:c: i:ou o:c iuil, to :
ot|c:, :iu:il, wit|i: lc:u, :c :l,zcs t|c u:cc:l,i:g
co:tcxts :c t|c iccologics suo:ti:g t|osc uovcuc:ts
:ot itscli locl co:cct, lci:wcvc: uscs t|c tc:u .|.!1
....o!o.c to ull lcgl ;:tio:l o: i:tc::tio:l, cotio:,
i:io:ul c|ilc iostc:gc, c|ilc l|o:, :csicc:cc i: o:|:
gcs, :c c|ilc t:ic|i:g i:to o:c ovc::c|i:g :l,ticl
i:ucwo:| lc: u:iquc co:t:i|utio:s :c to co:sicc: t|csc
ci:cultio:s i: t|c |isto:icl co:tcxt oi osti:su::cctio::,
lc:u :c to t|c sc:iousl, t|c c:scctivc oi t|c c|ilc:c: :c
,out| w|o :c uovi:g |ctwcc: |ousc|olcs :c iuilics
I|c ct|:og:|, :st l,s out t|c |isto:icl, glo|l, :c
i:stitutio:l co:tcxt oi c|ilc ci:cultio: i: lc:u :c su|sc
quc:tl, cxlo:cs t|c co:cctul u:cc:i::i:gs oi t|c :c
ticc lscc o: clcwo:| i: A,cuc|o, cc:tc: oi c:cc:o
luui:so i:su::cctio::, ctivit, :c oi sttc :c:cssio: i:
t|c 1-0s :c 1--0s, c|tc: 1 i:cluccs lci:wcvc:s cc
sc:itio: oi t|c violc:cc t|t :oc|cc t|c :cgio: :c |c:
486 American Anthropologist Vol. 112, No. 3 September 2010
cxc:ic:ccs coi:g clcwo:| i: t|c itc:ut| lci:wcvc:
suggcsts t|t t|c violc:cc co:t:i|utcc to cis:utio: i: so
cil tics s c|ilc:c: lost o:c o: |ot| :c:ts, iuilics cc to
citics, :c cliutc oi ic: ccvclocc wit|i: cvc: sull cou
uu:itics l: c|tc: !, s|c ciscusscs lc:us lcgl i:ucwo:|
io: t|i:g ccou:t oi t|c |cst i:tc:csts oi t|c c|ilc ; .!
.., kccc:s ctc| gliusc oi |ow lc:uvi: cou:ts cccl:c
c|ilc |:co:cc s wcll s |ow socil wo:|c:s :ocucc
cot|lc c|ilc:c: :c i:uc s ccsti:, ; .1, t|c ucct
i:g |ctwcc: c|ilc :c |is ;otc:til, io:cig: :c:ts Yct
:io: to |ci:g cccl:cc |:co:cc, c|ilc oitc: :csiccs i: :
o:|:gc |tc: !t|cs :ccc:s o: wl| t|:oug| A,cu
c|os olccst o:|:gc ; o., :c co:sicc:s w|, c|ilc:c:,
w|o u, :ot tcc|:icll, |c o:|:s, livc wit|i: t|osc wlls
Aitc: t|csc co:tcxtul c|tc:s, t|c |oo| :l,zcs lo
cl ciscou:scs |out c|ilc:c:s uovcuc:ts :c t|c w,s
t|csc u:cc:st:ci:gs :c :cltcc to |:occ: ciscou:scs I|c
ct|:og:|, is |scc o: lci:wcvc:s i:tc:ctio:s wit|
wouc:, t|c vst u|o:it, oi w|ouwc:c lso ,ou:g wit|
souc cxcctio:s, t|c, wc:c luost ll i: t|ci: c:l, tcc:s
to t|ci: uictwc:tics ; 1o, l: c|tc: +, lci:wcvc:
c:ws o: t|csc ,ou:g wouc:s ucuo:ics oi livi:g wit|
colc ot|c: t|: t|ci: :tl |i: W|c:cs :t|:oologists
|vc :cviousl, :l,zcc iostc:gc ;i:out|c c:scctivc oi
t|c cult w|o c:cs io: c|ilc,, lci:wcvc: cxui:cs c
cou:,i:g ( o..) i:ou t|c c:scctivc oi t|c c|ilc
w|o l|o:s cuotio:ll,, socill,, :c cco:ouicll, wit|i:
: i:itill, u:iuili: |ousc|olc Accou:,i:g is li:|cc
to t|c :otio: oi ovc:coui:g o: |cttc:i:g o:cscli (o..o..),
ciscusscc i: c|tc: . A c|ilc uig|t uovc to :cltivcs
|ousc i: t|c cit, to ttc:c sc|ool, gi: cccss to socil :c
sou:ccs u:vil|lc i: t|c cou:t:,sicc, :c st:c:gt|c: tics
to :cltivcs o: si:itul |i: ; 11., I|:oug|out t|c |oo|,
lci:wcvc: ccuo:st:tcs t|c w,s t|t c|ilc ci:cultio: is
i:tc:twi:cc wit| u:cc:st:ci:gs oi ccuctio:, ttc::s oi
c|ilc uig:tio: :c l|o:, :c :cil :c clss ciscou:scs
uo:c gc:c:ll,
lci:wcvc:s cu|sis o: t|c cxc:ic:ccs oi ,ou:g
wouc: w|o ci:cultcc |c,o:c t|ci: :tl |ousc|olcs s
c|ilc:c: cocs, |owcvc:, lcvc souc gs I|c cuotio:l :c
socil wo:| :cqui:cc oi cults w|o u, tcuo::il, o: c:
u:c:tl, :cli:quis| c|ilc o:, ltc::tivcl,, |cl c|ilc |c
couc ccustoucc :c |:cl, cxlo:cc l: ot|c: A:cc: lo
clcs, :cltcc:css is :ocuccc t|:oug| cvc:,c, i:tc:ctio:s,
:c u:, io:us oi c|ilc ci:cultio: co :ot c:c :cltio:s|is
wit| :tl iuilics o: couuu:itics ;cg, V: Vlcct !00,
Wluslc, !00, Wcisu:tcl 1--., lci:wcvc: cocs c
|:owlccgc t|t u:, uig::ts uovc |c| :c io:t| |ctwcc:
u:|: :c :u:l couuu:itics, |ut s|c cocs :ot i:tc::ogtc
t|c ciiic:c:t co:cctio:s oi cotio: :c |:co:uc:t,
:c :cltcc:css o: ;:c,i:tcg:tio:, t|t ciiic:c:t couuu:i
tics :c iuilics u, culo, I|csc issucs sccu :ticul:l,
:clcv:t to t|c :l locl uo:l co:cct t|t lci:wcvc:
ccsc:i|cs i: c|tc: o t|t oi |clo:gi:g (.......), w|ic|
s|c :l,zcs |scc o: t|c locl sig:ic:cc oi cocuuc:ts :c
|i: :ucs
Wit|out cou|t, 1|. c...o!o.c c c|.!1.. cv:ccs
:t|:oologicl u:cc:st:ci:g oi t|c socil, |isto:icl, :c
co:cctul u:cc:i::i:gs oi c|ic:c:s uovcuc:ts |ctwcc:
|ousc|olcs wit|i: lc:u ccilists i: t|c A:ccs :c lti:
Auc:ic, |i:s|i, ,out|, :c uig:tio: will :c t|c |oo|
cisti:ctivc i: its iocus l:ggi:gl, w:ittc:, t|c |oo| will
cxtc:c ciscussio: i: g:cutc :c uc:lcvcl u:cc:g:cutc
clss:oous csccill, w|c: t|is sccic csc is loctcc i:
|:occ: t|co:cticl o: cou:tivc co:tcxt
l:iggs, lu:
!00! \ot|c:, |ilc, kcc, :tio: I|c Visul lco:og:|, oi
kcscuc :c t|c lolitics oi I::s:tio:l :c I::s:cil Aco
tio: Gc:cc: :c listo:, 1.1-!00
lo:scc, luci
1-o :|:gcs, lou:cli:gs, :c lostc: \ot|c:s I|c ,stcu
oi |ilc i:cultio: i: l:zili: quttc: cttlcuc:t A:
t|:oologicl Qu:tc:l, .-;1,1.!
V: Vlcct, l:ist
!00 lc:io:ui:g li:s|i :::tivc, Gc:cc:, :c t|c l:tiucics
oi lowc: i: t|c A:ccs Austi: D:ivc:sit, oi Icxs l:css
Wluslc,, luil,
!00 kiscc |, A:ot|c: \ot|c: l:io:ul lostc:i:g :c li:s|i
Au|iguitics i: :o:t|wcst lcuco: ou::l oi lti: Auc:ic:
:c :i||c: A:t|:oolog, 1!;1,1o1-.
Wcisu:tcl, \:,
1--. \|i:g li: li:s|i I|co:, :c Zuu|gu Acotio:s
Auc:ic: lt|:ologist !!;+,o.0-
Y:gvcsso:, l:|:
!00! Goi:g louc Acotio:, loss oi lc:i:gs, :c t|c \,t|o
log, oi koots ocil Icxt !1;1,!
Plunder: When the Rule of Law Is Illegal
Ugo Mattei and Laura Nader. Oxford: Blackwell, 2008. 283 pp.
John M. Conley
University of North Carolina
t!o1.. is t o:cc :ovoctivc, t|co:cticll, couclli:g, :c
littlc cisoi:ti:g Dgo \ttci is lcci:g sc|ol: oi i:tc:
:tio:l :c cou:tivc lw, wit| uultilc oi:tuc:ts
o: |ot| siccs oi t|c Atl:tic, w|ilc lu: :cc: is c:|s
t|c :ccui:c:t lcgl :t|:oologist, so o:c cxccts lot
I|c |oo| cclivc:s g:ct ccl, |ut it coulc |vc cclivc:cc
Single Book Reviews 487
t!o1..s t|csis is t|t w|t wc cll t|c :ulc oi lw |s
iu:ctio:cc s |ustictio: io: lu:cc:, w|ic| t|c ut|o:s
cc:c s :cticcs oi violc:t cxt:ctio: . . . |, st:o:gc: i:
tc::tio:l oliticl cto:s victiuizi:g wc|c: o:cs ; ix,
llu:cc:i:g c: |c co:c |, io:cc:ggcc co:sc:its st:ug
gli:g wit| c|csts oi golc ; 11,o: i:uc, s w|c: i:
tc::tio:l ::cic:s i: t|c 1--0s uscc co:volutcc cc:iv
tivc i:st:uuc:ts to loot A:gc:ti: oi uuc| oi its :tio:l
wclt| Du:i:g t|c colo:il c:, t|c uissio: oi |:isti:iz
i:g t|c :tivcs ws t|c :i:cil |ustictio: io: lu:cc:
ltc:, Wooc:ow Wilso: :ouotcc uocc:: t:i:it, oi
ccuoc:c,, |:isti:it,, :c t|c :ulc oi lw :ow, wit|
t|c |:isti:izi:g uissio: o|solctc, t|c :ulc oi lw sccus
to |vc t|c: o: its :olc i: c:suci:g u|lic oi:io: i:
t|c Wcst ;:ticul:l, t|c D:itcc ttcs, oi t|c uo:l c
cct|ilit, oi uilit:, gg:cssio: :c occutio: oi io:cig:
cou:t:ics ; viiiix,
W|t is t|c :ulc oi lw listo:icll,, it :cic:s to i:
stitutio:s t|t sccu:c :oc:t, :ig|ts gi:st govc::uc:tl
t|i:g :c t|t gu::tcc co:t:ctul o|ligtio:s s wcll s
to t|c :tu:llw iccl t|t socict, s|oulc |c govc::cc |,
t|c lw :c :ot |, |uu: |ci:g cti:g s :ulc: ; 1+,
I|c co:cct c:|o,s u:c|llc:gcc |cgcuo:, uo:g Wcst
c:: clitcs, ll oi w|ou :c:tl, |:ow it w|c: t|c, scc
it :c vicw it s : u:uitigtcc gooc ;l:cccc, t|c ut|o:s
|i:t c:|l, t|t its owc: wit|i: t|c D i:tcllcctul i:
cust:, j ix iucccc t|c u|lictio: oi t|c |oo|, D:cc:
t|c ut|o:s wit|c:i:g ccco:st:uctio:, t|oug|, t|c :ulc oi
lw is :ccuccc i:ou :cvc:cc iccl to colc tcc|:olog,
; .,, tcc|:ologicl couuocit,, ucc|:isu t|t coulc
|c sulicc |, i:tc::tio:l ccvclouc:t gc:cics o: :ivtc
:us ; !1, Alt|oug| ultiutcl, |c|cc |, D uilit:,
owc:, t|c :og:css oi t|c :ulc oi lw |s |cc: l:gcl,
ciscu:sivc t|c :isc oi t|c Auc:ic: gc i: t|c twc:tict|
cc:tu:, |s :csultcc i:ou t|c ccvclouc:t oi t|c :ulc oi
lw i:to uig|t, :c o:igi:l i:stitutio:, uoccl c
|lc oi c:suci:g t|c wo:lc oi its cou:tivc cv:tgcs
; 1-,
\ttci :c :cc: cocuuc:t t|ci: ccco:st:uctio: :o
iuscl, :c c:susivcl,, co::ccti:g wit| cu::c:t t:c:cs i:
t|c :t|:oolog, oi lw :c ::cc |ut lso co:t:i|uti:g
uuc| t|t is :cw I|ci: i:st:ccs oi t|c :ulc oi lw |usti
i,i:g lu:cc: i:clucc t|c A:gc:ti:c cc|t c:isis, t|c :AI
uilit:, ctio: gi:st los:i, |ust |out cvc:, ctivit, oi
t|c Wo:lc l:| G:ou :c t|c Wo:lc I:cc :g:iztio:,
:c t|c D i:vsio: oi l:q :c t|c :oco:suls|i oi lul
l:cuc: Alt|oug| uuc| oi t|c cvicc:cc u, st:i|c :t|:o
ologists s o|vious, u:, oi t|c i:tc::ctivc twists :c
o:igi:l, s w|c: t|c ut|o:s |:i:g togct|c: l:c :o:i
tio: |, t|c |i:csc govc::uc:t, t|c D:itcc ttcs u:cuc
ou:ts x.!c c., c :. tc1c cccisio: ;w|ic| llowcc
t|c t|i:g oi :oc:t, |, t|c govc::uc:t io: t::sic: to
:ivtc ccvcloc:,, :c :cc:s lo:gst:ci:g c:itiquc oi
|:uo:, iccolog,
\, cisoi:tuc:ts wit| t!o1.. stcu i:ou coulc
oi sou:ccs lt is g:ct vi:tuc t|t t|c |oo|, w|ilc t|co:ct
icll, u|itious, is w:ittc: i: clc: olcuicl st,lc lut
souctiucs t|t st,lc ccgc:c:tcs i:to io:uulic cit:i|c
s i: t|c l:q c|tc::c c:cci|ilit, is lost u|st:tivcl,,
souc iuo:t:t qucstio:s :c voiccc \ost :o|lcuti
cll,, l :cvc: gu:cc out |ust w|t t|c ut|o:s uc: |,
illcgl, co:cct iuo:t:t c:oug| to gu:c i: t|c su|
titlc li lw itscli is uc:c tcc|:olog,, t|c cvc:c|:gi:g
:ocuct oi ciscu:sivc :cticcs, t|c: w|t cocs it uc: to
|c co:t::, to lw I|c :o|lcu sccus csccill, cutc i:
t|c :otc: wo:lc oi i:tc::tio:l lw Also, l coulc :ot
icc:tii, t|c ut|o:s t|co:, oi |ow t|c :ulc oi lw :c its
|cgcuo:, couc |out A:c t|c, u|i:g : ct|:ouct|cco
logicl :guuc:tt|t t|c :ulc oi lw is uc:cl, cuc:gc:t
i:ou ciscu:sivc :cticcs : is it t|c :ocuct oi : cco
:ouicll, c:ivc: co:si:c, I|c ciicult, wit| t|c lttc:
i:tc::cttio: is illust:tcc |, t|c l:q csc ooc:tio:
wit| ccu lussci: sccucc to |c i: t|c i:tc:cst oi souc
coui::t co:o:tc l,c:s ; !.,, s cvicc:ccc |, t|c
l:c:c| :oc|, w|c:cs t|c D i:vsio: :c occutio:
cv:ccc t|c i:tc:csts oi ot|c:s li|c lli|u:to: :c lcc|tcl
Dcsitc t|csc :o|lcus, t|c |oo| s|oulc :c will |c
:cc :c cc|tcc wit|i: :c |c,o:c :t|:oolog,, :c its
i:uc:ccs t|c ut|o:s clc:l, i:tc:cwill |c |ot| t|c
o:cticl :c oliticl
Crooked Stalks: Cultivating Virtue in South India
Anand Pandian. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2009. 325 pp.
John Harriss
Simon Fraser University
l: t|is clcg:tl, w:ittc: :c |cutiiull, c:itcc |oo|, A::c
l:ci: cxlo:cs t|c co::cctio:s |ctwcc: w,s oi u|i:g
livi:g :c t|c w,s i: w|ic| colc u|c t|cusclvcs s
uo:l |ci:gs:c |ctwcc: :tu:l :c uo:l cultivtio:
i: t|c io:utio: oi su||cctivit,i: t|c uu|uu Vllc,
oi t|c sout| l:ci: sttc oi Iuil :cu As |c cocs so,
|c wcvcs togct|c: vivic ccou:ts oi i:cicc:ts :c oi co:
vc:stio:s i:ou |is cxtc:ccc clcwo:|, :l,sis oi cgcs,
:ovc:|s, c:cus, :c clcgics io: t|c ccc, ciscussio: oi
clssicl Iuil tcxts :c oi t|c t|cucs oi Iuil lus, :c
su|st:til |isto:icl :l,sis
l:ci: w:itcs i: :ticul: |out t|c li:uli lll:s,
w|o wc:c t|c su||ccts oi t|c clssic uo:og:| i: t|c
488 American Anthropologist Vol. 112, No. 3 September 2010
:t|:oolog, oi l:ci |, louis Duuo:t, u. :coco. 1.
!i1. 1o :o1 ;1-.,, :c w|o wc:c clssicc |, t|c colo:il
sttc s :iui:l I:i|c i:ou1-1 u:til s|o:tl, |cio:c l:
cis i:ccc:cc:cc i: 1-+ lvc: :ow, w|c: u:, lll:s
:c su|st:til cultivto:s, t|c, :c still cisti:guis|cc, |,
t|cusclvcs s wcll s |, ot|c:s, i:ou t|osc w|o u, |c
ccsc:i|cc s g::i: citizc:s I|c:c is, l:ci: :gucs,
st:o:g co:cctio: oi g::i: civilit, t|t is |isto:icll,
cccl, :ootcc i: sout| l:ci: cc, cultivtio: :c i:ou
w|ic| t|c lll:s |vc lw,s stooc :t listo:icll, t|c,
sc:vcc s villgc wtc|uc: o: gu:ci:s, :c iccll, t|ci:
svgc :tu:c sc:vcc t|c civil ccclt|oug| :otcc
tio: sccus oitc: to |vc uou:tcc i: :cticc to |lc|uil
I|c, :c ssocitcc wit| |ostilc, |::c: tc::i:, w|ic| st:cs
s ci|c: io: u:cultivtcc scli|ooc ; !!, lll:s :c
|clc to |c u:civil |, :tu:c, |ut t|c, |vc |cc: su||cct
to :o|ccts oi :cio:u, |ot| |, t|c colo:il sttc ;s t|:oug|
t|ci: l|cli:g s :iui:l, :c, ovc: uuc| lo:gc: c:ioc,
|, t|ci: :cig||o:s, w|osc co:cctio: oi civilizcc liic cst
s|cow o: lll: cisositio: :c co:cuct lo:g |cio:c t|c
colo:il c: ; o!,
I|c:c |s |cc: sc:ics oi st:ugglcs wit| lll: |uu:
:tu:c ;t|c wo:cs oi : D uissio::,, l:ci: t:ccs t|c
|isto:, oi t|csc :o|ccts oi ccvclouc:tt|c co:cct oi
w|ic| is i:|c:c:tl, |ot| utc:il :c uo:lt|:oug| vc
c|tc:s, cc| oi w|ic| t|cs locl :ovc:| s its titlc :c
cxui:cs :ticul: vi:tuc l: scquc:cc, t|csc vi:tucs :c
s iollows civilit,, :o:ict,, :cst:i:t, toil, :c s,ut|,
I|c :st c|tc: cxui:cs t|c w,s i: w|ic| t|c lll:s :c
t|ci: :cig||o:s |vc co:ccivcc oi t|cusclvcs ovc: t|c lo:g
:u: oi t|c |isto:, oi t|c Iuil cou:t:,sicc, :c t|c scco:c
cxlo:cs t|c sig:ic:cc oi t|c :tilll: uovcuc:t oi
1-o, w|c: t|c lll:s g::i: :cig||o:s too| u :us
gi:st t|cu I|c t|i:c t|c: cxui:cs t|c sig:ic:cc oi t|c
lll:s su|scquc:t l|cli:g u:cc: t|c :iui:l I:i|cs Act,
:ct|c iou:t| t|t oi uissio::o|cct oi |out t|c suc tiuc
t|t ws i:tc:ccc to |:i:g |out t|ci: :cio:u t|:oug| t|c
|o:cst toil oi cultivtio: li:ll,, t|c lst c|tc: co:sicc:s
t|c iulictio:s oi uocc:: i::igtio: :o|ccts
I|c cc:t:l t:oc oi t|c |oo| s w|olc, oi cou:sc, is
t|t oi cultivtio:, :c t|c iou:t| c|tc: :iccl, c|llc:gcs
t|c couuo: :csuutio: oi uo:l t::sio:utio: t|:oug|
t|c wo:| oi g:icultu:c ultivtio: is lw,s gu|lc
csccill, i: : c:vi:o:uc:t li|c t|t oi uu|uu:c
|o:cst toil is :ot :cccss:il, :cw:ccc ls, wclt| u, |c
gi:cc t|:oug| clcvc::css :c cu::i:g, cvc: |, uc:s oi
c:oo|cc t|, :c so t|c uo:l vluc oi |:c wo:| |c:c
is cccl, u|iguous ; 1-, lt tu::s out t|c:cio:c t|t
t|c uo:l :og:css oi t|c lll:st|c c:oo|cc stl|s
oi l:ci:s titlcis |ust s u:cc:ti:, co:t:cicto:,, :c
su||cct to cisoi:tuc:t s is sociocco:ouic ccvclouc:t
:c t|t t|ci: uocc::it, is still i:cctcc |, t|c colo:il st
At t|c lst, i: : ciloguc t|tto t|is :ccc:, t lcstis
|ii:gl, clliticl, l:ci: :cccts o: |is :ci:gs i: :cg:c
to t|c ossi|ilit, oi |usticc|.1 :o!| co!.o. ..o. . :co| i1.o |uilcs o:
:c cxtc:cs :ic| vci: oi :csc:c| o: Iuil cultu:c :c o:
t|c colo:il |isto:, oi l:ci lt is :ticul:l, illuui:ti:g
i: :cg:c to t|c stuc, oi colo:il govc::uc:tlit, :c i:
gc:c:l is :stclss stuc, i: t|c :t|:oolog, oi uo:lit,,
ccsc:vi:g oi wicc :ccc:s|i l c::ot |cl |ut :cu:|,
|owcvc:, t|t i: u, vicw t|c |oo| woulc |c st:o:gc: ii it
:oviccc uo:c st:ig|tio:w:c sociolog,uo:c i:io:u
tio: :c :l,sis |out t|c lll:s :c t|ci: :cltio:s|is
wit| ot|c:s i: uu|uu:c ii it c:ggcc uo:c t|: it
cocs wit| t|c litc:tu:c oi t|c :t|:oolog, oi l:ci
Duuo:t, louis
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:cligio: ccs l:uli lll: jA su|cstc i: sout| l:ci ocil
o:g:iztio: :c :cligio: i: l:uli lll: l:is \outo:
Gender Pluralism: Southeast Asia since Early Modern Times
Michael G. Peletz. New York: Routledge, 2009. 339 pp.
Robert W. Hefner
Boston University
out|cst Asi |s lo:g |cc: |:ow: io: its lu:listic t:ci
tio:s oi gc:cc: :c scxulit, s wcll s io: t|c |ig| socil
st:ci:g oi wouc: l: colo:il tiucs, lu:oc:s ccc:icc
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:l |oo|, \ic|cl lclctz sscsscs t|c cultu:l gc:clog, :c
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|ow t|osc :c:csc:ttio:s |vc |cc: c:ctcc :c c|:gcc
ovc: tiuc D:wi:g o: co:tcuo::, oliticl |iloso|c:s
li|c Williu o::oll,, lclctzs u:cc:st:ci:g oi gc:cc:
lu:lisu |s :o:utivc couo:c:t s wcll t!o.o!.
:cic:s :ot |ust to t|c civc:sit, oi gc:cc: co:st:ucts |ut lso
Single Book Reviews 489
to t|c ict t|t t|is civc:sit, ws cco:ccc lcgitiuc, i:
Wc|c:i: sc:sc ; , As lclctz ccuo:st:tcs, w|t ucc
out|cst Asi cisti:ctivc ws :ot uc:cl, t|t its gc:cc:
t:citio:s wc:c lu:listic :t|c: t|: culistic |ut lso t|t
t::sgc:cc:cc cto:s wc:c owc:iul :c socill, cstccucc
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100, uxtosi:g t:vclc:s :co:ts :c |isto:icl utc:i
ls to uocc:: ct|:og:|ic stucics, lclctz s|ows t|t u:,
out|cst Asi: couuu:itics cco:ccc c:o:uous :cstigc
to ulc|ocicc i:civiculs w|o c:csscc i: iculc tti:c
:c c:io:ucc cc:ti: :ituls ; !!, Alt|oug| :ot quitc
s couuo:lcc o: owc:iul, t|c:c wc:c iculc|ocicc
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:ulc, o: t|c co:t::,, t|c suc cultu:l i:ucs u:cc:l,
locl cosuologics, cou:t :ituls, :c :cligious uo:uuc:ts
lclctzs c:ciull, :c:cc:cc o:t:its oi gc:cc: :c scxul
it, uo:g t|c l|:, :g|u D,|, lugis, \l,s, lu:ucsc,
:c I|is s|ow t|t i: t|c c:l, uocc:: c:ioc gc:cc: lu
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lucc|isu, :c |:isti:it, wc:c i:t:ocuci:g :cw gc:cc:
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t|:oug| t|c colo:il c:ioc lclctz s|ows t|t t|c i:tc:si
ctio: oi couuc:cc, t|c g:owi:g i:uc:cc oi wo:lc :cli
gio:s, :c t|c :isc oi cc:t:lizcc sttcs wc:c cct:iuc:tl
to wouc: :c gc:cc: lu:lisu li|c ; ., |ccusc t|c
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t::sgc:cc:cc :itulists I|c c|tc: lso oiic:s :ovoc
tivc :c:l,sis oi Wcstc:: colo:ilisu :c scxulit, lclctz
t|cs cxcctio: to stucc:ts oi lu:oc: colo:ilisu i: Asi
w|o cxui:c |ctc:o:o:utivc scxulitics to t|c cxclusio:
oi sucscx c:otics :c t::sgc:cc:isu I|:oug| csc stuc
ics :c c:ciul :cci:g oi colo:ilc: utc:ils, lclctz
s|ows t|t :xictics |out scxul ccgc:c:c, :c sucscx
c:otics c:vccc lu:oc: couuc:t:ics o: out|cst Asi
:c lso colo:cc lu:oc: txo:ouics oi :cc :c cultu:l
t|c::css ; 11,
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ltio:s, :c gc:cc: lu:lisu si:cc t|c 1-o0s I|is c|tc:
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Asi: gc:cc: ws t t|c tiuc :c |ow:c w|, it |s c|:gcc
si:cc lclctz s|ows t|t gooc ccl oi gc:cc: lu:lisu
cxistcc . . . wcll i:to t|c twc:tict| cc:tu:, ; 1o, low
cvc:, si:cc t|c 1-o0s, t|c cou|i:tio: oi oliticl cc:t:l
iztio:, |ig|uocc::ist ciscou:scs, u:|:iztio:, :c u:
|ctiztio: |s u:cc:ui:cc lu:lisui:ic:cl, cosuologics
s wcll s t|c couuu:itics i: w|ic| t|c, wc:c susti:cc
Alt|oug| icw st:i|i:g cxcctio:s c: still |c iou:c, t::s
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stigutiztio: ouuc:cil scx wo:| |s givc: :isc to c:
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uocc::it, kccc:t ,c:s |vc scc: t|c c:iui:liztio: oi
t::sgc:cc:cc |c|vio:s i: scvc:l cou:t:ics, :ot lcst oi ll
\l,sitow|ic|, c:wi:g o:|is ow:ct|:og:|ic utc
:ils, lclctz ccvotcs sccil ttc:tio: lowcvc:, t|c |cig|t
c:cc :o:utivit, i: uost coui:s oi socil liic ; !o-, |s
lso givc: :isc to lu:lisui:ic:cl, cou:tc:cu::c:ts, souc
oi w|ic| scc| to sclc u uocc:: gc:cc: i:cccous |, :c
vivi:g :c ulii,i:g locl lu:list t:citio:s
l:ct|t|i:g i: its |:cct| :c i:tcllcctul vc:stilit,,
c.1.. t!o.o!. is o:c oi t|c :cst wo:|s o: out|cst Asi
i: gc:c:tio: lts i:sig|ts i:to t|c sou:ccs oi lu:lisu
:c tolc::cc :c its c:ciul li:|gc oi |isto:icl :l,sis to
olitics :c ct|:og:|, lso u|c t|c |oo| :ot|i:g lcss
t|: l:cu:| c|icvcuc:t i: co:tcuo::, stucics oi
gc:cc:, scxulit,, :c uocc::it,
Ancient Human Migrations: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Peter N. Peregrine, Ilia Peiros, and Marcus Feldman, eds. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 2009.
208 pp.
David J. Meltzer
Southern Methodist University
I|c ccito:s oi t|is voluuccc:ivcc i:ou scvc:l wo:|
s|os t t|c :t lc l:stitutc:guc t|t t|c stuc, oi
:cic:t |uu: uig:tio:s is t tu::i:g oi:t As t|c, scc
it, wc osscss t|c :l,ticl tools to go |c,o:c t|c |ig
qucstio:s |out t|osc uig:tio:s, uost oi w|ic| t|c, sug
gcst :c l:cc, :swc:cc ;ot|c:s uig|t cisg:cc, low
cvc:, t|c, :guc t|t t|c |ig|l, sccilizcc, ciscili:c
sccic :tu:c oi t|osc tools u|cs it :c:l, iuossi|lc
io: si:glc sc|ol: to |::css t|c owc: oi :c|colog,,
gc:ctics, li:guistics, :c |ot| |,sicl :c socil :t|:ool
og, to :ocucc : i:tc:ciscili::, |isto:, oi uig:tio:s
Acco:ci:gl,, sc|ol:s s|oulc u:suc uulticiscili::, :c
sc:c| s g:ou, wo:|i:g togct|c: o: couuo: :o|lcu,
wit| cc| i:civicul co:t:i|uti:g |is o: |c: ow: cxc:tisc
; 1!,
490 American Anthropologist Vol. 112, No. 3 September 2010
Gooccvicc, |ut lcts gct t|c :cgtivc :t oi t|is :cvicw
out oi t|c w, u i:o:t t|c:c is :ot c|tc: i: t|is |oo|
t|t ctull, iollows t|t cvicc A:c t|c :csults i:u t|c
ccito:s cssiuisu t|csc uostl, si:glcut|o:cc c|tc:s
:c st:o:gcst w|c: o: t|c w:itc:s ciscili::, |ouc tu:i
:c i: lcss so w|c: t:,i:g to i:co:o:tc cvicc:cc i:ou
ot|c: ciscili:cs ouc, i: ict, co :ot cvc: t:, t|c:s
t:, |ut :c s|cticl |out |ci:g |lc to i:tcg:tc, s,,
li:guistic, :c|cologicl, :c gc:ctic cvicc:cc, lt|oug|
couio:t lcvcls sccu to v:, ccc:ci:g o: t|c :tiquit, :c
sclc ;stil :c tcuo:l, oi t|c uig:tio: |ci:g cxlo:cc
till ot|c:s :c co:cc:t t|c, c: scc llcistocc:c oultio:
uovcuc:ts i: ct|:o|isto:ic u,t|s :c s,u|ols li wc :c
i:cccc t tu::i:g oi:t, it is :ot clc: w|ic| w, wc s|oulc
l:o:icll,, ll oi t|is c:|:ccs t|is voluucs usciul:css
|ccusc it wcll illust:tcs t|c c|llc:gcs wc icc i: t:,i:g to
|:i:g uultilc ciscili:cs ;:c t|ci: uultilc :ctitio:c:s,
to wo:| o: couuo: qucstio:s :c :o|lcus, :c it icc:tics
ossi|lc |z:cs t|t u, |c uct lo:g t|c w,
I|c |oo| |s two ui: scctio:s, s:cwic|cc |ctwcc:
t|c ccito:s i:t:ocuctio: :c co:clusio: t|c :st iou: c|
tc:s co:sicc: t|co:cticl :c co:cctul issucs oi uig:tio:
:c cxlo:c |ow t|csc :c :oc|cc |, :c c:oss v:ious
ciscili:cs I|csc :c iollowcc |, cig|t csc stucics souc
loo| t uig:tio: to :cw l:cs, ot|c:s t uig:tio: i:to
l:cc, occuicc tc::ito:, lt is usciul cisti:ctio:, s Dc:
:ow ciscusscs i: : ovc:vicw oi t|c :occsscs :c stuc, oi
uig:tio: t|c clculus oi t|c :occss, :c t|c ucsu:cs |,
w|ic| it is cctcctcc |u:c:ccs o: t|ous:cs oi ,c:s itc: t|c
ict, :c su:cl, ciiic:c:t ii it occu::cc w|c: :o o:c clsc ws
lut t g:ct :tiquit,, |ow uig|t t|c :occss |c cc
tcctcc I|c c|tc:s |, o|i:i kuc|:c:: :c \:cus
lclcu:, lctc: lc:cg:i:c :c collcgucs, :c lli lci:os
:o|c t|t issuc i:ou t|c c:scctivcs oi cvolutio: :c o
ultio: gc:ctics, cultu:l :t|:oolog,, :c li:guistics, :c
scctivcl, kuc|:c:: :c lclcu:s is t|c uost u
|itious :c i: u:, w,s t|c uost i:tc:csti:g lic|i:g
u loosc t|:cc :st tuggcc |, |:lcs D:wi:t|t
l:gugc c|:gc is uo:c t|: |ust |:c, uct|o: io:
cvolutio:t|c, cxlo:c |ow :c w|ct|c: li:guistic cvo
lutio: is uc:|lc to i:vcstigtio: usi:g oultio: gc
:ctics i:ucwo:| |,loli:guistics, t|c, cll it I|c, co
:ot t|i:| wc :c t|c:c ,ct too u:, oi t|c ucc|:isus
oi l:gugc c|:gc :c u:cc:cctc:ui:cc, :ot lcst |ccusc
oi t|c co:iou:ci:g iiccts oi uig:tio: ;s lci:os lso cis
cusscs, till, t|c, :ovicc |:c, sig:osts s|owi:g w|t wc
:ccc to |:ow lo: t|ci: :t, lc:cg:i:c, :ol lu|c:, :c
\clvi: lu|c: :guc t|t l:gugc c: |c li:|cc to gc:cs :c
utc:il cultu:cvi :cco:st:uctcc wo:cs i:ou :otol:
gugcs :c t|c u:cc:l,i:g li:|gc t|t c:osscultu:l :c
sc:c| :oviccsto :cvcl uig:to:, |oucl:cs :c :outcs
t|t too| t|cu i:ou t|c:c lc:|s, |ut givc: lci:oss cu
tio:s i: t|c :cxt c|tc: |out t|c uisutc| |ctwcc: li:
guistic :c :o:li:guistic ictu:cs ;cc|occ ltc: |, W:ig|t, o:
t|c ccuo:st:tcc cisc:c:c, |ctwcc: gc:cs :c l:gugc
;cg, lu:lc, :c lo:g !00.,, t|is :oc| u, :ot |c
t|c kosctt to:c t|t lc:cg:i:c :c collcgucs c:visio:
lvc: so, t|c, c:c o: : iuo:t:t :otc :ucl,, t|c o
tc:til oi :cic:t D:A to :ovicc i: lcss u|iguous li:|
|ctwcc: utc:il cultu:c :c t|c gc:ctics oi t|c oultio:
t|t :ocuccc it
I|c uostl, ciscili:csccic csc stucics :u: t|c s
til guut i:ou glo|l uig:tio:s to colo:izi:g co:ti:c:ts
;Auc:ics, :c isl:cs ; :, \cgsc:, :c sull co:
:c: oi cstc:: lu:oc Icuo:ll, t|c, ::gc i:out|c llcis
tocc:c to t|c :i:t| cc:tu:, l I|c coli:g oi Aust:li
:c :cuotc cc:itoics t|t |vc scc: co:sicc:|lc
i:tc:ciscili::,, cvc: uulticiscili::,, i:vcstigtio:s i:
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I|c c|tc:s v:, i: t|ci: otiuisu Yu:i lc:cz|i: |c
licvcs wo:lcwicc ttc::s i: iol|lo:c :c u,t|ologicl uo
tiis ;w|ic| |c li|c:s to gc:ctic :cut:l t:its, cc:tc:i:g o:
w|, |uu:s :c uo:tl t wcll wit| t|c ut oi Ai:ic
uoccl oi gc:cticists :ot cc:csscc, |owcvc:, is t|c qucs
tio: oi w|ct|c: t|c s|:cc uotiis coulc |c :ocuct oi
ot|c: :occsscs, c:|s i:cluci:g uocc:: |uu:s s|:cc
cog:itivc |:cw:c lo: t|t uttc:, ko, li:g, loo|i:g t
:colit|ic uig:tio:s i:to t|c Acgc:, is lcss otiuistic |out
t|c |ilit, to us| li:guistic ct t|t i: |c|, w|ilc Alcx:
cc: Accl: is s|cticl |out scci:g ct|:ologicl io:us t|t
su:vivc i:ou li:guisticll, cocuuc:tcc \lgs, uig:tio:
to cst Ai:ic |ust !,!00 ,c:s go
lcvi:g sicc t|c v:,i:g uou:ts oi co:cc:cc lccc
i: ciiic:c:t |i:cs oi cvicc:cc, cvc: w|c:c c|tc:s iocus
o: t|c suc uig:tio:|ot| \c::it ku|lc: :c tc|c:
Zcgu: :c collcgucs w:iti:g o: t|c coli:g oi t|c
Auc:icst|c scc::ios :c quitc ciiic:c:t I|is is :tl,
|ccusc oi ciscili::, ciiic:c:ccs |ctwcc: li:guistics :c
gc:ctics |ut lso |ccusc oi li:guist ku|lc: ccic:ci:g w|t
|c :ccil, cuits is |cvil, co:tcstcc ciscili::, |ouc tu:i
;scc G:cc:|c:gs j1- co:t:ovc:sil vicw oi Auc:ics
:tivc l:gugc iuilics,
All oi t|is illust:tcs ,ct:ot|c: c|llc:gc oi uulticis
cili::, :csc:c| to cc to t|c ccito:s voluucc:ci:g list
wc s|oulc t:, to gct ou: ow: ciscili::, |ouscs |cio:c |oi:
i:g tcus oi sc|ol:s :c scic:tists i:ou ciiic:c:t ciscili:cs
to wo:| o: couuo: :o|lcus i cou:sc, w|ct|c: t|c
io:uc: is ossi|lc, :c w|ct|c: co:vc:gc:cc o: cvc: co:
sistc:c, will lttc:l, cuc:gc |ctwcc: ciiic:c:t ciscili:cs
i: t|c u:cc:st:ci:g oi :cic:t |uu: uig:tio:s, :cui:
oc: qucstio:s As t|c ccito:s s,, uig:tio:s :c ucss,,
:c so too :c t|c v:ious lc:scs wc usc to vicw t|cu till,
o:c c: o:l, g:cc wit| t|c voluucs coc u:cc:st:ci:g
t|c c|| :c ow oi |uu:it, c:oss t|c l:ct ovc: tiuc is
su:cl, wo:t| ou: |cst uulticiscili::, s|ot
G:cc:|c:g, osc| l
1- l:gugc i: t|c Auc:ics t:io:c t:io:c D:ivc:sit,
Single Book Reviews 491
lu:lc,, lcit|, :c cii:c, lo:g
!00. Gc:c llow c:oss li:guistic lou:c:ics i: :tivc :o:t|
Auc:ic: loultio:s l:occcci:gs oi t|c :tio:l Acccu,
oi cic:ccs 10!1!1!1!1
Bengal in Global Concept History: Culturalism in the Age
of Capital
Andrew Sartori. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008. 288 pp.
Rachel Sturman
Bowdoin College
I|c u:ssuui:g, cvc: o|scu:c, titlc oi t|is |oo| |clics its
u|itious ius A:c:cw :to:i ius t :ot|i:g lcss t|:
t::sio:ui:g ou: u:cc:st:ci:g oi t|c :tu:c :c |isto:i
cl wo:| oi t|c co:cct oi cultu:c t|:oug| :cvisio:ist
\:xi: :l,sis t|t t o:cc ttc:cs to t|c i:sig|ts oi ost
st:uctu:list :c ostcolo:il c:itiquc :c scc|s to suc:sccc
t|cu Agi:st t|c cu::c:t sc|ol:l, :cic:c:cc io: ccli:ct
i:g |isto:icl lu:litics, |c :occccs i:ou t|c :guuc:t
t|t t|c co:cct oi cultu:cw|ic| cuc:gcc |isto:icll,
i: Gc:u:, i: t|c ltc 1t| cc:tu:, :c ssuucc glo|l
io:u i: t|c 1-t| :c !0t||s :cui:cc :cu:||l, st
|lc :c co:sistc:t, iu:cuc:tll, cx:cssi:g co:cct oi
t|c u:cc:cctc:ui:cc:css oi |uu: su||cctivit, ; !1,
I|c glo|l :cso::cc oi t|is icc, :to:i co:tc:cs, :cccts
t|c glo|l :cc| oi citlist uocc::it,:c, sccicll,,
w, oi :c|c:ci:g t|c :cltio:s|i |ctwcc: i:civicul
ctio: :c t|c socil totlit, oi |st:ct l|o:
l: w|t is c:|s t|c uost i::cc|i:g i:sig|t i: t|is
|:illi:t |oo|, :to:i s|ows |owt|c oositio:l ciscou:scs
oi li|c:lisu:c cultu:lisu:c two siccs oi t|c suc coi:,
:cccti:g : :ti:ou, i:tc::l to t|c logic oi citlist so
cil io:us ; .1, I|us, i: co:t:st to t|c lo:gst:ci:g
oositio: |ctwcc: citlisu :c cultu:c, :to:i loctcs
t|c cultu:c co:cct wit|i: t|c logic oi citl uc| : :
guuc:t cocs :ot lcc to t|c t:ctuc:t oi cultu:c s uc:c
ci|c:ouc:o: |ut, :t|c:, to : cxlo:tio: oi its sc
cic |isto:icl cuc:gc:cc, iccologicl wo:|, :c |isto:icl
t::sio:utio: l: t|is csc, t|c iocus is o: t|c :cgio: oi
lc:gl i: cstc:: l:ci, w|c:c t|c co:cct |s oc:tcc i:
c:iticl w,s si:cc t|c ltc 1-t| cc:tu:, I|is :o|cct c:
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:it, |s :ot o:l, sc:vcc to lu:oc:izc t|c co:cctul
u:ivc:sc wit|i: w|ic| t|c :cst oi t|c wo:lc oc:tcs, |ut,
:c c:|s uo:c iu:cuc:tll,, it |s lso sc:vcc to cc
lu:oc:izc t|c co:ccts t|t co:stitutc t|c :ow glo|l
t|oug|t io:us oi uocc::it, ; +,
I|is |oo| is :iu:il, wo:| oi i:tcllcctul |isto:,,
stuc, oi lc:gli oliticl t|oug|t i: t|c ltc 1-t| :c c:l,
!0t| cc:tu:ics Yct i: its :l,sis oi t|c cultu:c co:cct, it
is wo:| oi |:oc iuo:t:cc to :t|:oologists :to:i
s|ows |ow t|c st:c:c cisti:ctio: |ctwcc: cultu:c s cs
t|ctic cultivtio: :c cultu:c s :t|:oologicl o||cct i:
ict o|scu:cs : u:cc:l,i:g |isto:icl co::cctio: |ctwcc:
t|c two usgcsi: t|t |ot| |vc io:cg:ou:ccc t|c cc:
t:lit, oi |uu: l|o: o: :cticl ctivit,, :c |ot| |vc
cu|sizcc t|c :cltivc uto:ou, oi |uu: su||cctivit,
i:ou :tu:l o: o||cctivc cctc:ui:tio:s ; !-, lc t|us
li:|s t|c iou:ctio:l co:ccts oi :t|:oolog, :ot |ust i:
iuili: w,s to t|c |isto:, oi iuc:ilisu |ut lso uo:c
|:ocl, to t|c |isto:, oi glo|l citlist uocc::it,
:to:is wo:| is :oiou:c, ustc:iul, :c uttc:l, c:
susivc, :c ,ct t|c c:iticl cliu t|t cultu:lisu cuc:gcc
s w, oi t|i:|i:g |out t|c :cltio:s|i |ctwcc: t|c i:ci
vicul :c t|c socil totlit, oi |st:ct l|o: :cui:s uo:c
ositcc t|: cxli:cc Wc scc t|t it cuc:gcc s suc| :c
wc g:s its co:c:ctc oliticl ciiccts uo:c t|: wc scc w|,
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tu::itc: t|c i:itil two c|tc:s t|t l, out t|c co:cc
tul :o|lcutic :c t|c ositio:i:g oi lc:gl wit|i: itto
t|c sccic ci:cuust:ccs oi t|c lc:gli csc Alt|oug| suc|
tu:: c: |:cl, |c iultcc, w|t :csults is :clc:tlcssl,
cilccticl :::tivc oi t|c io:utio: :c vicissituccs oi
lc:gli li:cu cultu:l :tio:lisu
I|is |ig|l, :u:ccc :c o:igi:l :l,sis t|cs t|c :ccc:
t|:oug| : cxositio: oi t|c cuc:gc:cc oi li:cu cultu:
lisu i: :cso:sc to t|c co:t:cictio:s oi colo:il li|c:l
isu l: :to:is ccou:t, suc| : i:tcllcctul c:ccvo: ws
c|icvcc t|:oug| t|c is|io:i:g oi uocc:: li:cuisu
li:cuisu t|t :ccctcc t|c i:tc::l logics oi citlisu
:to:is :::tivc cliuxcs i: t|c c:l,!0t|cc:tu:, :
tio:lisu oi t|c wccs|i uovcuc:t, w|ic| wccccc t|is
li:cu cultu:lisu wit| cll to |::css :ocuctivc ctivit,
o: |c|li oi t|c :tio: I|c ccou:t c:cs i: c c:oucuc:t
i: w|ic| t|c cultu:c co:cct |ccuc i:ctu:cc uo:g
:o|ccts oi cst|cticiztio:, li:cucouuu:lisu, :c\:x
isu itc: t|c iilu:c oi t|c wccs|i uovcuc:t to uo|i
lizc t|c \usliu :c lowc:cstc li:cu :ocuctivc clsscs
Yct t|c cxclusio: oi \uslius i:ou t|c iugi:i:gs oi so
cil totlit, clls io: iu:t|c: :l,sis t|: :to:is ccou:t
492 American Anthropologist Vol. 112, No. 3 September 2010
\o:covc:, to souc cxtc:t, t|is :::tivc itscli sccus to
o|scu:c :to:is i:itil qucstio:s, lcvi:g t|c :ccc: wo:
cc:i:g w|ct|c: t|c cilcctic |c scc|s to cxui:c uig|t :ot
|vc uo:c :oc:l, cxtc:ccc to t|c ostcolo:il :c :t|:o
ologicl :c:o:itio:s oi cultu:c t|t sccu t|c :o|ccts
:cl i:uc :o:ct|clcss, t|is is t|c wo:| oi : i:tcllcct to
g:lc wit|cx:sivc i: its :cc|, sto:is|i:g i: its c:c
tivit,, :c u::ivlcc i: its :l,ticl :igo:
Bewitching Development: Witchcraft and the Reinvention
of Development in Neoliberal Kenya
James Howard Smith. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008. 269 pp.
Justus Ogembo
University of New Hampshire
..!c. i: t|c cco:ouic sc:sc ;:c t|c ciscou:scs o:
it, :csuucs :ct ciiic:c:cc |ctwcc: t|c cicic:c, oi
givc: colcs cccss to :c usc oi t|c :cccssitics :c cou
io:ts oi liic t tiuc A :c t tiuc l I|c :tu:c oi t|is
cicic:c,, t|c u::c: oi its gc:c:tio:, i:ititio:, :c iu
lcuc:ttio:, :c its iulictio:s io: t|c socict, :c |cst
cctc:ui:cc t|:oug| ct|:og:|ic stucics ucs low:c
uit|s c:g:ossi:g i...|. ..!c. P..|..o o1 |.
r....c c ..!c. . :.c!./..o! x.,o is t|c :ocuct oi
suc| stuc, lscc o: clcwo:| i: lc:, i: t|c 1--0s w|c:
t|c cou:t:, ws u:cc:goi:g t:uutic sociocco:ouic :c
oliticl s|iits, t|c |oo| :gucs io: t|c :ccc to cc:ivc t|c
uc:i:g oi ccvclouc:t i:ou colcs cvc:,c, ctivitics
:c ciscou:sc iucc t t::sio:ui:g t|ci: :csc:t cxistc:
til co:citio: i:to souc visio:cc o: iugi:cc :c ccsi:|lc
o:c lo: lc:,:s, uit| s,s, t|c uc:i:g oi 1..!c. is
|cst u:cc:stooc i: co:t:st to witc|c:it :c its :c:csc:t
tio:s l: so coi:g, t|c |oo| succcccs i: :ccsti:g witc|c:it
i: |:occ: |uu: si:tio:s w|ilc :cig:iti:g |iloso|icl
qucstio:s |out t|c :tu:c oi i:tc::cttio: :c oi ui:c :c
iu:t|c: quc:ics o: ccvclouc:t
|tc: 1 :cvicws t|co:ics :c litc:tu:c o: ccvclo
uc:t :c o: witc|c:it :c :cltcs |ot| co:ccts to t|c
1--0s :coli|c:l lc:, |tc: ! givcs |c|g:ou:c i:
io:utio: |out t|c Iit oi lc:,, t|ci: coui::t s,u
|ols, t|ci: u:cc:st:ci:g oi |isto:, :c ccvclouc:t, :c
t|ci: st:tcgics oi c|ustuc:t to c|:gi:g sociocco:ouic
:c oliticl co:citio:s i: t|c cou:t:, |tc: ! is |out
Iit witc|c:it :c its :c:csc:ttio:s :c t|c :cltio: oi
t|csc to ccvclouc:t, uo:c,, :c st:uctu:lc|ustuc:t
:og:us |tc: + loo|s t witc|c:it :c ccvclouc:t
wit|i: |ousc|olcs |tc: . cctils Iit ttcuts, t|:oug|
:itul c:io:u:cc, to ctu:c t|ci: st s :csou:cc io:
u:gi:g t|ci: :csc:t :c t|ci: iutu:c |tc: o :ccou:ts
t|c s|iit oi u:gcuc:t oi t|c ccvclouc:t gc:c i:ou
sttc :c t:i:c|l t:o:gc to :cw :cligious :c scc
ul: o:g:iztio:s :c wouc: |tc: tclls oi t|c :isc
i: t|c 1--0s oi :cw :c cxotic io:us oi |ot| witc|c:it
:c :tiwitc|c:it uovcuc:ts I|c co:clusio: iollows i:
l: c|tc: 1, uit| u|cs csc io: vicwi:g ccvcl
ouc:t :c witc|c:it s oositc otc:tils oi t|c suc
uouc:t ; !0, lc:,:s u:cc:st:c ccvclouc:t
:cci|l, i: co:t:st to :ct:og:cssivc witc|c:it uit| cc
:cs ..|..o :ot i: t|c t:citio:l :t|:oologicl sc:sc
oi |uu: co:cc:: wit| ulcvolc:cc t|t issucs i:ou u,sti
cl io:ccs |, t|c i:tc:uccitio: oi cc:ti: sccilists |ut,
:t|c:, i: t|c cog:itivc utilit, oi, :st, t|c tt:i|utio:
oi its o:igi: i: t|c ccst:uctivc owc: oi scls| ccsi:c
; 1o, :c, scco:c, t|c :isc oi oul: :tiwitc|c:it uovc
uc:ts to co:t:ol it Witc|c:it |clicis :c ccustio:s :c
witc|:ci:g uovcuc:ts sc:vc to illuui:tc io: socict, t|c
socill, u:ccctcc |c|vio: :c ctio:s t|t c: t|w:t
o: su|vc:t ccvclouc:t lo: t|is :cso:, witc|c:it iu:c
tio:s s co:cctul ucc|:isu t|:oug| w|ic| ccvclo
uc:t coucs to |c |:ow: io: t|c u|lic t|:oug| :cgtio:
; 1,
l: t|c scco:c c|tc:, uit| :gucs t|t t|c stil
loctio: oi Iitl:c :c t|c Iit ucuo:, oi t|ci: |is
to:icl st ;ic, colo:il 1-.0s, i:io:u t|cu oi t|c sc:sc
:c uc:i:g oi ccvclouc:t s wcll s oi :cw io:us oi
witc|c:it I|c t:ou|lcc ccologicl co:citio:s i: Iitl:c
io:cc u:, cult ulcs to scc| |cttc: uc:s oi livcli|ooc
i: u:|: cc:tc:s, lccs t|t t|cusclvcs :c:csc:t ccvclo
uc:t Yct, i:ou t|csc u:|: cc:tc:s couc :cw io:us oi
witc|c:it I|us, ot|c: lccs :c t|c st |vc |ccouc
co:ictcc :c co:t:cicto:, :csou:ccs io: t|c Iits t
tcuts to tc|lc t|ci: :csc:t |:c tiucs :c io:uultc
ccsi:|lc iutu:c l: c|tc: !, uit| cctils :cw io:us oi
witc|c:it t|t |vc cuc:gcc i: Iitl:c t|t |olc t t|ci:
co:c uo:c,, |uu: l|o:, o: couuocitics I|csc qulitics
lcc to t|c Iit c:ccivi:g t|cus |ci:g oi Ai:ic:, A:|ic,
o: D o:igi:
l: c|tc: +, uit| :cs i: t|c Iit |ousc|olc co:
t:cicto:, tc:cc:cics uoccl oi t:i:c|l ut|o:it,,
w|c:ci: socil :cltio:s|is :c ui:ti:cc, :c :cosi
to:, oi c:tu cuotio:s wit| otc:til to |u:st oc: i:
ccustio:s oi witc|c:it |tc: . cxlo:cs t|c Iits
:itul i:voctio: oi t|c owc:s oi t|ci: st to :otcct
Single Book Reviews 493
locl :csou:ccs gi:st cxogc:ous t|:cts :c i: :cso:sc
to cccli:i:g sttc :cgulto:, s,stcus |tc: o :ccou:ts
t|c s|iit oi t|c locus oi olitics i:ou t|c sttc to :Gs
:c to locl oultio:s |tc: ccuo:st:tcs t|c ci:
cul:it, oi :tiwitc|c:it uovcuc:ts |, ttcuti:g to :c
:c cliui:tc witc|c:it, t|csc uovcuc:ts :ci:sc:i|c :c
c:ctutc it |tc: :ccitultcs t|c ut|o:s :ci:gs
i: t|c :cccci:g c|tc:s
I|c ut|o:s :c:tl, liuitcc sou:ccs o: :itul u,
:isc |iloso|icl qucstio:s |out t|c :tu:c oi i:tc::ct
tio: :c |uu: ui:c :cvc:t|clcss, t|is is : iuo:t:t :c
c:g:ossi:g |oo|
Rights in Rebellion: Indigenous Struggle and Human Rights
in Chiapas
Shannon Speed. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2007. 244 pp.
Mark Goodale
George Mason University
lt ws g:ct lcsu:c to :cvicw |::o: cccs r.|
. r./.!!.c, wo:| l |vc c:w: cccl, i:ou i: u, ow:
sc|ol:s|i :c tcc|i:g si:cc its u|lictio: i: !00 lt
is ciicult i: .0 wo:cs to co |usticc to t|c uultilc lcv
cls t w|ic| l |clicvc t|is |oo| u|cs iuo:t:ti:cccc,
|isto:icco:t:i|utio:s to co:tcuo::, sociocultu:l :
t|:oolog,, lti: Auc:ic: stucics, gc:cc: stucics, :c,
c:|s uost co:scquc:till,, |uu: :ig|ts stucics I|is
lst :c oi cv:ccuc:t is li|cl, :ot to |c iull, u:cc:stooc
|, :t|:oologists w|o co :ot wo:| o: cu::c:t issucs oi
lw, t::s:tio:lisu, violc:cc, o: socil uovcuc:ts lut
it is ll t|c uo:c :ot|lc |ccusc i::ovtivc :t|:oologicl
voiccs li|c cccs |vc :ot |isto:icll, l,cc sig:ic:t
:olc i: t|c :ticultio: oi :cw t|co:ics oi |uu: :ig|ts t|t
:c cc:ivcc i:out|c closc ct|:og:|ic c:ggcuc:t wit|
:c, s |c:c, :ticitio: i:co:tcuo::, |uu: :ig|ts
I|c ct|:og:|ic :c |isto:icl co:tcxt t|t i:ucs
cccs stuc, ws t|c |cc, c:ioc itc: t|c Ztist u
:isi:g oi 1--+ tu::cc t|c wo:lcs ttc:tio: to t|c l:gcl,
:u:l :c ct|:icll, :c cco:ouicll, u:gi:lizcc :cgio:
oi |is, uou:ti:ous zo:c oi \cxicos io:gottc: sout|
t|t is |o:cc:cc to g:ct cxtc:t |, t|c lcic cc: to
t|c sout| :c wcst :c Gutcul to t|c cst li|c u:,
sc|ol:ctivists oi lti: Auc:ic, ccc ws c:w: to
|is |ccusc t|c :c|cllio: oi t|c Ztist :tio:l li|
c:tio: A:u, sccucc to :ouisc t|c :st lcgitiutc socil
:c i:cigc:ous c|llc:gc to t|c c:| siccs oi :coli|c:l
isu i: lti: Auc:ic, i: w|ic| |:ciul oi icto:st|c
co:solictio: oi ltccitlist uocc oi :ocuctio:, t|c
cvcutio: oi t|c sttc i:ou |c, sccto:s :c o|ligtio:s, :c
t|c i:c:csi:g su|sc:vic:cc oi lti: Auc:ic: sttcs to t|c
iuc:tivcs oi t|c Wo:lc l:|, t|c l\l, :c t|c D:itcc
ttcs|cig|tc:cc t|c ::gc oi st:uctu:l co:st:i:ts t|t
|vc ucc lti: Auc:ic sitc oi |ot| c:cu:i:g cxloittio:
:c occsio:l :csist:cc
lut s ccc cxli:s, t|c :coli|c:l c:ioc i: :ccc:t
\cxic: |isto:, ws lso t|c uouc:t i: w|ic| t::s:
tio:l :Gs cclivc:cc otc:t c|gc oi ccvclouc:tl
:cio:us ci:cctl, to:u:l oultio:st|c:c|, |,ssi:g t|c
i:tc:uccitio: oi t|c sttct|t |:oug|t togct|c: cuc:g
i:g iccs |out gooc govc:::cc, uto:ou,, :c, uost i:
:cc|i:gl,, |uu: :ig|ts I|c co:scquc:cc oi t|is :coli|c:l
|uu: :ig|ts ctivisuoi w|ic| ccc, s t|c ci:ccto: oi
locl |::c| oi D|scc t::s:tio:l :G, ws |c:scli
couuittcc :tici:tws t|t locl socil :c oliticl
lccc:s wc:c |lc to uo|ilizc t|c cu:cito:, otc:til
oi t|c uo:l ciuc:sio:s oi :coli|c:l iccolog, gi:st t|c
:c:cssivc iulictio:s oi :coli|c:l cco:ouic iuc:tivcs
A:c ,ct, s c|tc: !, Glo|l Discou:scs o: t|c lo
cl Ic::i:, ccuo:st:tcs so co:vi:ci:gl,, t|c :occss oi
|uu: :ig|ts uo|iliztio: i: |is t|t ccc |ot| o|
sc:vcc :c i: :t ci:cctcc ws u:|cc |, t|c suc |i:c oi
c:vsivc u|iguit, t|t :t|:oologists |vc tt:i|utcc to
|uu: :ig|ts vc::cul:iztio: i: ot|c: :ts oi t|c wo:lc
cu:i:g t|is suc c:ioc
W|t is ciiic:c:t |c:c:c w|t u|cs cccs |oo|
so iuo:t:t wcll |c,o:c cc|tcs ovc: :ticito:,ctio:
:csc:c| i: cu::c:t :t|:oolog,is t|c ict t|t ovc: tiuc
t|c locl ctivists wit| w|ou ccc livcc :c stucicc cc
vclocc :c :ticultcc t|ci: ow: |,|:ic t|co:, oi |uu:
:ig|ts, o:c t|t cou|i:cc i:cigc:ous scliu:cc:st:ci:gs
oi uo:l o|ligtio: wit| : i:c:csi:gl, uilit:t ccou:t
oi couuu:it, uto:ou, :c oliticl ctio: As ccc cx
li:s, :ig|tsw|ct|c: |uu: o: i:cigc:ouswc:c u:
cc:stooc locll, to |ot| cxist i: tc:us oi, :c cc:ivc i:ou,
t|c u|lic c:io:u:cc oi c,:uic uo:llcgl su||cctivit,
t|t ws cclo,cc s st:tcgic uc:s oi :cvcli:g, s s|c
uts it, ltc::tivc logics oi owc:
lc: |cutiiull, w:ittc: :c ct|:og:|icll, :ic| c
cou:t oi t|c w,s i: w|ic| t|csc ltc::tivc logics oi owc:
wc:c co:st:uctcc i: |is s|oulc |c :cqui:cc :cci:g io:
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utic cxulc oi t|c w, co:tcuo::, :t|:oolog, |s
|ccouc : cssc:til cistcuologicl :c ct|icl :csou:cc
494 American Anthropologist Vol. 112, No. 3 September 2010
What Color Is the Sacred?
Michael Taussig. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2009. 292 pp.
Raquel Romberg
Temple University
\ic|cl Iussig |s co:c it gi: As wit| |is :cvious |oo|s,
Iussig |s :ocuccc u:iquc ccou:t t|t t|cs :ccc:s o:
|ou::c,t|is tiuc i:to t|c colo: oi |isto:,t|t is clcc
t:ii,i:g, su::isi:g, t tiucs cisco:cc:ti:g :c u:scttli:g,
|ut ultiutcl, i:si:i:g I|c u,stc:ics oi colo:, |cwilcc:i:g
s t|c, :c, li|c t|osc oi lovc, :c cxoscc ,ct :ot cxli:cc
P|o cc!c. i |. :o...1 co:|u:cs t|c utc:ilit, :coctics oi
colo: s :tu:c, |ccoui:g cultu:c, |ccoui:g scco:c :tu:c,
t,i:g t|c colo:il cxt:ctio: :c couuc:cc oi vivic colo:s
;tt:i|utcc to colo:cc t|c:s,, t|c isci:tio: wit| :c cis
gust oi |:ig|t colo:s, t|c cislccuc:t oi colo:il colo: |,
s,:t|ctic colo:s :ocuccc i: o:g:icc|cuist:, l|o:to:ics
i: t|c Wcst o c:t:glcc :c t|csc t:|ccto:ics t|t cisscct
i:g t|cui: u, :cvicwsccus to ccict t|c si:it oi t|is |oo|
Vc:, uuc| li|c t|c c|:gcs oi colo: i: :tu:c o: t|c c|cu
icl t::suuttio:s oi c:|o:, t|c iugcs oi colo: :c t|ci:
wo:lcs i: t|is |oo| c: :c v:is| I|c iccs cxoscc, i:
ot|c: wo:cs, :c i:sc:|lc i:ou t|c cxc:ic:cc oi :cci:g
|out t|cu ouc uig|t :ct|is |i:coi :ccc:t|:lli:g, io:
ot|c:s, it u, sccu ccu:ci:g o: cvc: u:|c:|lc u:cl,,
t|c v:ious toics t|t couosc t|is wo:| oiic: u:iquc :
glcs t|t illuui:tc co:c issucs i: :t|:oologicl i:qui:,
Wit| |is :ovoctivc :ccctio:s, Iussig t|cs |is :ccc:s
o: oii|ct t|s, oiic:i:g :cw sou:ccs s wcll s :oosi:g
iugi:tivc sscssuc:ts oi cst|lis|cc o:cs l: ot|c: wo:cs,
:ccc:s c: cxc:ic:cc w|t t|c, |:cwwit|out |:owi:g it
; 1-0,
l: P|o cc!c. i |. :o...1 Iussig suggcsts t|t it is
t|c cou|usti|lc uix oi tt:ctio: :c :culsio: tow:cs
colo: t|t |:i:gs out its sc:cc qulitics ; -, lollow
i:g o: t|c cou|ustio: uct|o:, |c cxlo:cs colo: s it
livcs, |:ct|cs, uovcs, :c vi|:tcs s : :iulo:, i: |is
wo:cs, s c!,c.|co o..o! o/o.. ; +0, I|c s
sio:tc, cccsctcc |ocil, :cso:scs oi c:ouo|o|i :c
c:ouo|ili ttcst, cco:ci:g to Iussig, to t|c |li:c w,s
i: w|ic| t|csc :c iollowcc s scco:c :tu:c i: :cso:sc
to w|t |c clls t|c |ocil, u:co:scious ; 1+1o, lc
s|ows t|t t|is |ocil, u:co:scious |ot| :cqui:cs :c i: tu::
:oviccs oct:, t|t cxtc:cs i:to :tu:c, s i: t|c :tu:c
ucc u:iicst i: o:g:ic c|cuist:,, itscli :ocuct oi t|c
sc:c| io: |cutiiul c,cs ; 1.,
l|iloso|icl :c :tistic couuc:ts |, o|:: v:
Goct|c, \:ccl l:oust, Williulu::oug|s, osc| o::c,
l:iuo lcvi, Wltc: lc:|ui:, l:icc:ic| :ictzsc|c, Vi:cc:t
V: Gog|, :c o|::cs Vc:ucc:, |ust to :uc icw,
lccc o: t|c suc gc wit| cxcc:ts i:ou \li:ows|is
ci:, :c ct|:og:|, s wcll s :co:ts |, colo:il c
ui:ist:to:s, c|cuicl c:gi:cc:s, :c ovc:scc:s oi i:cust:il
l:ts c:ctc i:c:cci|lc i:ictio:s :|i:g u:iquc io:u
oi : u:cc:st:ci:g oi t|i:gs iclt |ut co:cclcc, Iussigs
:::tivc :co:ic:ts ou: ttc:tio: to w|t ou: scco:c :tu:c
|ccs u:co:scious W|t |i:cs oi |isto:ics :c :c:csscc i:
wo:cs suc| s clico, cus|, uusli:, c|i:tz, :c cc:iu
:ot to uc:tio: w|c: wc wc: |c:s I|c wo:lc oi su|
st:ccs :c t|i:gs :cc: i: t|c w,s oi sclli:g ou:sclvcs
to t|c ugicl wo:lc oi couuocitics, s,s Iussig, w|c:
wc |ccouc cxtc:sio:s oi t|t wo:lc, o: t o:c wit| it
; 1+,
As i: M, cc.o.. Mo.o ;!00+,, t|c |ou:c:ics |c
twcc: o:g:ic :c i:o:g:ic t|i:gs :c t|c:c|, |lu::cc
:tu:l :csou:ccs :c :ot o:l, iu|:ictcc i: wo:lc |isto:,,
colo:ilisu, tcc|:ologics oi cxt:ctio:, lc|cuics oi t::s
io:utio:, couuocictio:, :c violc:cc |ut lso i: ugic,
ic: oi iuotc:cc, is|io:, sc:suous ucuo:ics, ssio:s,
:c oi cou:sc t::sg:cssio:s I|csc, Iussig i:sists, |:i:g
out w|t lics |iccc: i: Wcstc:: ttituccs to colo: I|c, io:
i:st:cc, t|c uouc:t w|c: Goct|cs solcic: st:ollcc i: t|c
civilizcc wo:lc oi |lc| :c w|itc wit| |is icc i:tcc i:
t|c u::c: oi t|c l:ci:s ; 111, : w|c: 1t|cc:tu:,
clitc wouc: i: t|c Wcst c:vcc t|c colo:iul i|:ics iuo:tcc
i:ou t|c colo:ics, csccill, itc: t|c, wc:c io:|iccc: |,
locl :otcctio:ist olicics ;w|ic| :ccxo:tcc t|c i|:ic to
|u, slvcs i:ouAi:ic, scc 11, Agi: :c gi:, Iussig
s|ows t|t li|c t|c ccvil, colo: is i::csisti|lc ; !+,
l iou:c t|c ciscussio: o: t|c c|cuicl i:cust:,s |ilit,
to uiuic :tu:c :ticul:l, tclli:g |ccusc it :oviccs
gliusc i:to t|c i::csisti|lc wo:lc oi c:cus :c ccsi:cs :c
ut|c:ticit, :c ccccit s wcll s t|t oi :ig|tu:cs, oiso:,
:c violc:cc I|c |oo| tics togct|c: sccui:gl, u::cltcc
wo:lcs t|c wo:lc oi |isto:icl utc:ilisu wit| t|c c...
oi colo:, c:ugs, c:vi:o:uc:tl :c ot|c: io:us oi ollutio:,
:c t|c sc:scs Iussig u::vcls, io: i:st:cc, t|c lc|cu,
t|t co::ccts c,i:g :c c,ci:g ; !o,, cctili:g t|t c,cs
wc:c uscc cu:i:g t|c :st |li oi t|c !0t| cc:tu:, |ot| s
otc:t uccici:cs :c cxlosivcs scillti:g |ctwcc: suc|
cxt:cucs, Iussig o:cc uo:c tclls o:c oi t|c u:, tc::ii,i:g
sto:ics oi uocc::it,, i: t|is csc t|c colo: oi |isto:,, w|ic|
i: t::sio:ui:g :tu:l c,cs i:to s,:t|ctic o:cs :ot o:l,
t::suutcc t|c |uu: |oc, i:to t|c o:g:ic wo:lc oi l:ts
|ut lso i::cvc:si|l, cclctcc :tu:l c:vi:o:uc:ts i: t|c
:occss ocil :c cxt:socil wo:lcs |ccouc tc::ii,i:gl,
l:si:cc |, |:oc sc|ol:s|i :c uo:c t|: !0 ,c:s oi
:csc:c|, Iussigs :uui:tio:s cvo|c i:t:gi|lc, cv:cscc:t
w,s oi |c|vi:g :c iccli:g i: t|c wo:lc t|t l, wit|i: :c
|c,o:c l:gugc kcci:g P|o cc!c. i |. :o...1 |s |cc:
: cvc:tu:c io: uc kcci:g |ci:g t|c :t oi lctti:g go,
Single Book Reviews 495
oi |ci:g t::so:tcc i:to t|c wo:lcs wo:cs co:|u:c s ii
t|c wo:cs :c livc, t|i:g o:c i:to t|c iugcs t|c, io:u
; --,
Iussig, \ic|cl
!00+ \, oci:c \uscuu |icgo D:ivc:sit, oi |icgo l:css
Peripheral Visions: Publics, Power, and Performance
in Yemen
Lisa Wedeen. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008. 320 pp.
Steven Caton
Harvard University
lis Wcccc:, oliticl scic:tist, t|cs qucstio:s oi cul
tu:c sc:iousl, ; ::it, i: t|c D cccu,, :c is cccl,
i:io:ucc |, t|co:cticl cc|tcs :c clcwo:| uct|ocs
wit|i: :t|:oolog, I|csc icts lo:c woulc :ccouuc:c
|c: wo:| to :t|:oologists I|t s|c is \icclc lst
sccilist, : lso su::isi:gl, ::c |c:ouc:o: i: D
oliticl scic:cc, u|cs |c: co:t:i|utio:s uo:c :ccious
t...|..o! ..c is cctilcc :c clcg:tl, w:ittc: csc
stuc, ;|scc o: 1 uo:t|s oi clcwo:|, oi vc:, oo:
cou:t:,, Ycuc:, w|ic| is o: t|c c:i|c:, oi t|c :cgio:s
owc: cc:tc:s I|c |oo|s iocus is o: c:io:u:ccs t|t
uig|t cscc t|c c,c oi uo:c co:vc:tio:l oliticl scic:
tists ;|c:cc, t|c scco:c uc:i:g oi ...|..o! i: t|c titlc,,
its |sic :guuc:t |ci:g t|t cvc: t|oug| t|c, u, :ot
:cscu|lc w|t suc| scic:tists loo| io: i: t|ci: io:ulistic
ccou:ts, suc| c:io:u:ccs :c i:cisc:s|lc to :li
uc:t:, ccuoc:c,, :t, olitics, :c :tio:|uilci:g i:
c:i|c:l cou:t:ics li|c Ycuc:
sc i: oi:t, co:sicc:, i: c|tc: !, Wcccc:s wo:
cc:iul ct|:og:|ic stuc, oi t|c Ycuc:i o c|cw ;o |ci:g
l:t w|osc lcvcs :c c|cwcc io: t|ci: |uiccs :c t|c slig|t
|ig| t|c, stiuultc, I|csc c|cws :c ii:l, oc: ;co:vc:
tio:s oi |ositlit, u|c it ciicult to tu:: visito: w,,,
:c ciscussio: is i::|, :ticul:l, i: :cg:c to :tio:l
:c i:tc::tio:l issucs, w|ic| u, i:clucc c:iticisus oi t|c
:cgiuc i: owc: o: t|c cc:t:l sttc l: t|t sc:sc, t|c u|lic
ciscou:sc i: c|cws is i:cc to ccg:cc t|t uig|t sccuco:t:
cicto:, i: socict, w|c:c t|c :css c: |:cl, |c sic to |c so
:c |cwilcc:i:g to oliticl scic:tists w|o loo| to t|c lttc:
io: t|c :tio:l cc|tc oi iccs Qtc|cwi:g is ccuo:izcc
|, Wcstc:: cxc:ts :c :tio:l clitcs s t|c sou:cc oi u:,
oi Ycuc:s illsi:ou su|st:cc |usc to t|c squ:cc:i:g
oi wtc: :csou:ccs W|tcvc: t|c t:ut| oi suc| ccustio:s
u, |c, w|t t|c, ovc:loo| is t|c c:io:u:cc oi oliticl
sccc| t|t t|c c|cws llow :o|oc, is :ccouuc:ci:g t|t
qt |c c|cwcc i: :liuc:t to stiuultc cc|tc ;lt|oug|
:,o:c w|o |s iollowcc its tclcviscc |c:i:gs uig|t wis|
it wc:c so, I|c qucstio: is |ow to |uilc o: :ccxisti:g,
cilogicl :cticcs to co:st:uct uo:c vi|::t oliticl
I|c ot|c: c|tc:s i: t|c |oo| :c, i: t|ci: ciiic:c:t
w,s, :ccsti:gs oi Wcccc:s cc:t:l :guuc:t |tc: 1
cxli:s t|c lo:g :c coulictcc |isto:, oi co:ccts oi
u:it, |clc |, t|c Ycuc:i colc t|t u|c :, siulc iu
ositio:oi t|c co:cct oi :tio: t o:cc icsi|lc ;|ccusc oi
:tccccc:ts, ,ct lso ciicult ;|ccusc oi :cticcs oi iug
i:i:g couuu:it,, li|c oct:, :c its ci:cultio: |, wo:c
oi uout| o: |, csscttc tc, t|t co :ot t st:c:c ct
cgo:ics oi oliticl :cticc, |tc: ! :l,zcs |ow t|c
uocc:: Ycuc:i sttc :c its citizc:s ttcut to c:ctc :
icc:tictio: wit| t|c Ycuc:i :tio: t|:oug| t|ci: ctio:s i:
:c :cctio:s to t|:cc sig:l cvc:ts ; :csicc:til clcctio:,
t|c tc:t| ::ivc:s:, oi t|c 1--0 :tio:l u:ictio:, :c
t|c u|lic outc:, ovc: :tio:l sc:cl, sc:il |illc:, I|c
cu|sis o: cvc:ts s u:its oi :l,sis is :ot o:l, o:igi:l
|ut lso will |c wclcouc to :t|:oologists co:cc::cc wit|
cvc:ts, tiuc, :c ucuo:,
|tc: + is c:|s t|c uost tiucl,, i: t|t it ccls wit|
t|c lout|i kc|cllio: i: :o:t|c:: Ycuc: ;w|ic| |s :ow
s:cc to :ucc co:ict wit| uci A:|i, lc:c Wcccc:s
:l,sis c|llc:gcs t|c co:vc:tio:l wiscou :cg:ci:g t|c
:l,sis oi uilit:t lsluic uovcuc:ts i: t|c :cgio:io:
cxulc, t|c lut|i kc|cllio: is souctiucs uisu:cc:stooc,
usull, |, cxc:ts w|o |:ow littlc |out Ycuc:, i: tc:us
oi u::i vc:sus |i slit i: lsluusi:g w|t s|c clls
co:st:uctivist :oc| ;|isto:icl, s,u|olicll, :cltio:l,
:c oliticll, co:tcxtul, l: c|tc: ., s|c cxtc:cs t|is
:oc| to t|c stuc, oi ict, uovcuc:ts gc:c:ll, i: t|c
\icclc lst :c i: Ycuc: i: :ticul:, toic oi |u:gco:i:g
i:tc:cst to sc|ol:s oi lslutoc,, w|ic| s|oulc co:sicc:|l,
:u:cc its ccvclouc:t
Wcccc: is o:c oi t|c icw iugi:tivc :c i:tc:cst
i:g oliticl scic:tists w:iti:g |out t|c \icclc lst toc,,
:c uuc| c: |c glc:cc |out t|c :cgio: i:ou t|is |oo|
lt s|oulc lso |c oi g:ct i:tc:cst to :t|:oologists, :ot
lcst |ccusc oi t|c w, s|c loo|s t :o|lcus :c gocs
|out i:vcstigti:g t|cu |c is o:c oi t|c |cst i:tc:locuto:s
:t|:oolog, |s i: oliticl scic:cc A:c to gc:c:lists, t.
..|..o! ..c will oiic: o:igi:lit,, i:sig|t, :c cloquc:cc
|, sc|ol: :c ut|o: t t|c |cig|t oi |c: owc:s
496 American Anthropologist Vol. 112, No. 3 September 2010
Margaret Young-S anchez, ed. Denver: Denver Art Museum, 2009. 272 pp.
Andrew Roddick
University of Victoria
kcsc:c| i:to t|c \icclc lo:izo: ;l +001100, oi
A:cc: out| Auc:ic |s cxloccc i: :ccc:t ,c:s, t:c:c
:ticul:l, cvicc:t t t|c sitc oi Iiw:|u c|ol:s wo:|i:g
o: t|is u:|: cc:tc: |vc :ocuccc scvc:l :c|cologicll,
iocuscc uo:og:|s, ccitcc voluucs, :c s,:t|cscs \:
g:ct You:g :c|czs 1.oo|o, |cutiiul, gloss, voluuc
|scc o: !00. s,uosiuu t t|c Dc:vc: A:t \uscuu,
:csc:ts cxulcs oi t|c cxciti:g :c civc:sc wo:| o: t|c
sitc :c i:cluccs co:t:i|utio:s |, :c|cologists, :t |isto
:i:s, :c|itccts, :c ct|:o|isto:i:s
I|c :st :t oi t|c tcxt iocuscs o: t|c l,out oi t|c
cit, itscli, |cgi::i:g wit| Alcxci V::ic|s stuc, oi t|c :
c|itcctu:l ccvclouc:t t t|c co:c oi Iiw:|u V::ic|s
cctilcc wo:| o: t|c uo:uuc:tl co:c :cvcls t|c c,:uic
:tu:c oi Iiw:|u s c:io:utivc lcc :c s cit, co:
st:tl, i: t|c :occss oi |ccoui:g I|c suggcstio: t|t o:l,
t|c cst sicc oi t|c A|: uou:c ws :oc:l, :is|cc
sccus csccill, :clcv:t i: t|c icc oi :ccc:t co:t:ovc:
sil :cco:st:uctio: ciio:ts I|c :cxt c|tc: |, Gco:gi cc
lvc:o: o: t|c |isto:, oi stuc, oi t|c Gtcw, oi t|c u:
sccus soucw|t out oi lcc, |ut t|c:c is :o qucstio: s
to t|c iuo:t:cc oi t|is ico: to Iiw:|u stucics l: ict,
t|c sto:c o:tl is :csc:tcc i: illust:tio:s o: |otog:|s
!. tiucs t|:oug|out t|is voluuc lco lc:itczs c|tc: io
cuscs o: t|c st:o:ouicl :c clc:c:icl sig:ic:cc oi t|c
lig:uc:ts oi t|c llss, st:uctu:c :c t|ci: :cltio:
s|i to t|c ico:og:|, o: t|c Gtcw, oi t|c u: lc:itcz
:csc:ts : iuo:t:t c:scctivc o: t|c tcuo:lit, oi t|c
\icclc lo:izo: l:cscc, t|cuc lso i:vcstigtcc i: Iou
Zuiccus c|tc: li|c lc:itcz, Zuiccu c:ws o: l:c
:logics to cxui:c \icclc lo:izo: clc:c:s, iocusi:g i:
:ticul: o: t|c sig:ic:cc oi t|c Dcccu|c: solsticc
I|c :cxt scctio: oi t|c voluuc cxlo:cs :t :c ico:og
:|, sccicll,, t|c :::tivc co:tc:t oi Iiw:|u :t
;|:isti:c lcos,, ico:ic ciuc:sio:s :c t|c :cltio:
s|i |ctwcc: :c:csc:ttio:s i: two :c t|:cc ciuc:sio:s
t Iiw:|u ;Williu o:|li:,, :c t|c :olc oi t|c stii
goc i: Iiw:|u :cligious iccolog, ;l:,sztoi \|ows|i,
l:ticul:l, t|oug|t :ovo|i:g is Williu ls|cll :c lt:ici
l:o|loc|s ciscussio: oi t|c out|c:: A:cc: lco:og:|ic
c:ics ;Al,, tc:u :st cc:cc i: !00o u|lictio:
ls|cll :c l:o|loc| ssocitc t|c ico:og:|ic g:ou oi
:,cc |cc, stii gocs, :c :olc ttc:c:ts wit| :uu
|c: oi g:ous i:ou t|c sout|cc:t:l |ig|l:cs to t|c sout|
cost oi lc:u :c :o:t|wcstc:: A:gc:ti: I|ci: ui: oi:t
is gooc o:c Iiw:|u :c W:i :c|cologists uust co:
sicc: t|c :olc oi t|is ico:og:|, i: t|c ccvclouc:t oi
cx:sio:istic oliticl o:g:iztio: :c :cligious iccolog,
; !01,, :c to co so t|c c|:o:olog, :c :tu:c oi t|is
ico:og:|ic st,lc uust |c cc:cc Alt|oug| u:, Iiticc
lsi: :c|cologists cc:ti:l, will :guc ovc: t|ci: :t|c:
co:t:ovc:sil :ccti:g oi t|c Iiw:|u scquc:cc, t|is c|
tc: sc:vcs s gooc :ll,i:g cll io: uo:c cctilcc, s,stcutic
cc:uic :l,sis ;oi |ot| tcc|:olog, :c ico:og:|,, t t|c
sitc oi Iiw:|u
I|c :l :t oi t|c voluuc t|cs |:occ: :cgio:l :c
c|:o:ologicl c:scctivc k,: lt:ic| Willius iollows u
t|c co:sicc:tio: oi t|c ico:og:|ic :cltio:s|i |ctwcc:
W:i :c Iiw:|u wit| succi:ct :c co|c:c:t ovc:vicwoi
|is o:goi:g wo:| o: \icclc lo:izo: :cgio:l :c locl |o:
cc:l:cs A: :ticlc |, us: lc:g| o: i: oi W:i tcst:,
tu:ics is iollowcc |, o|: loocss ovc:vicw oi o|o i:
t|c A:ccs Alt|oug| :ot : A:cc:ist, loocss ovc:vicw
oi t|csc stccc ,:uics succcssiull, c:ccs uo:g l:c
iou:ctio: u,t|s, l:c :c|itcctu:c, :c \icclc lo:izo:
us|:us i: t|c Iiticc :cgio: wit|out co:ti:g t|c lo:g
|isto:icl ccvclouc:t t|t sc:tcs t|cu i: tiuc
I|c:c is :ot lw,s clc: sc:sc oi |ow t|c c|tc:s
oi t|is voluuc t togct|c:, :c w|ilc |:ici ovc:vicw is
:csc:tcc i: You:g :c|czs c|:owlccguc:ts, :oc:
i:t:ocuctio: woulc |vc |cc: usciul to |ot| ccliutc t|osc
:cw to Iiw:|u stucics :c uccitc t|c soucw|t u:
|l:ccc :tu:c oi t|c |oo| ;souc c|tc:s :c uo:c t|:
+. gcs w|ilc ot|c:s :c o:l, 1+ gcs, l: scvc:l cscs,
clc:c: sitc us :c c|:o:ologicl scquc:ccs woulc |vc
|cc: |cliul lt is lso u:io:tu:tc t|t t|c:c ws :ot uo:c
couuu:ictio: |ctwcc: t|c ut|o:s :c :cvisio: :io: to
u|lis|i:g, s o:c gcts t|c sc:sc oi littlc c|:owlccgcuc:t
oi ot|c:s i:tc::cttio:s ;:ticul:l, t|osc :cltcc to t|c
Gtcw, oi t|c u:, lowcvc:, t|csc :c ui:o: qui||lcs,
:c s w|olc t|is |oo| oiic:s uuc| i:sig|t i:to o:goi:g
\icclc lo:izo: :csc:c| I|is voluuc :oviccs u:, i:cs|
c:scctivcs o: Iiw:|u, i:ou sullsclc cctils oi :
c|itcctu:c :c ico:og:|, o: sitc to |:occ: :cgio:l :c
tcuo:l t|cucs i: t|c sout|cc:t:l A:ccs

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