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1. R.S.

RSS is a Hindu Nationalist movement in India. The RSS is the ideological
fountainhead of various Hindu groups including India's governing Bharatiya Janata Party.
The RSS came into eistence in !"#$ in the %ity called f Nagpur &ith a direct o'(ective
to ma)e India a Hindu nation. Today the organi*ation has around +.$ million active
mem'ers across India and over !,, affiliate 'odies. RSS founder -S Hegde&ar gave the
organi*ation an ideological frame&or) and developed it into a si*ea'le net&or)
throughout India &ith one aim Hindu Rashtra.
.any of the RSS mem'ers ta)e part in military drills and eercises 'ecause a
guiding principle of the organi*ation is that India should 'e Hinduised and militarised
and its hard/line ideology is 'ased on intolerance to&ards religious minorities.
The RSS gre& in si*e &hen .S 0ol&ar)ar &as nominated as successor to .r.
Hedge&ar in !"+,.Ho&ever1 during his !$/year ste&ardship he consciously )ept the
organi*ation from having a direct affiliation &ith any of the political organi*ations then
fighting British rule. He steered the organi*ation through a difficult time1 and remained in
charge for 22 years.
3 militant Hindu &ho had once 'een an RSS mem'er assassinated .ahatma 0andhi
in !"+4. This incident made 'an on the organi*ation imposed 'y the government. This
undou'tedly damages the image of RSS. Till the .ahatma 0andhi's murder1 the RSS
capitali*ed on the departure of millions of .uslims to the ne&ly created Pa)istan at the
time of partition. The organi*ation used this mass .uslim migration as an opportunity to
intensify its campaign for India to 'ecome a Hindu nation. The 'an on the RSS &as lifted
in !"$, &hen it gave an underta)ing that it &ould &or) under its o&n &ritten
Its drive to 'e at the centre of right/&ing Hindu thin)ing &as enhanced &hen its
mem'ers played a )ey role in the launch of a ne& right/&ing Hindu party1 Janasangh1 in
5cto'er !"$,. The ne& party mainly dre& its support from Hindu refugees &ho had
come from Pa)istan.
The ma(ority party in India's current governing coalition1 the BJP1 &as formed 'y
many that &ere in the Janasangh party 'efore it &as dis'anded. The BJP itself is
considered a political off/shoot of the RSS.
The RSS has 'een 'anned on t&o other occasions since !"+4. 5nce in !"6$1 &hen
Indira 0andhi &as Prime .inister1 and in !""2 'ecause of its perceived role in the
demolition of the +7+/year/old mos8ue in the northern to&n of 3yodhya. 3lthough the
RSS claims to 'e a Socio/cultural organi*ation &ithout a political agenda1 this has often
'een de'ated and challenged.
2. V.H.P.
9HP :sta'lished in .um'ai in #4;4;!"7+ and they had follo&ing &orld Hindu
conferences <irst =orld Hindu %onference at Prayag !"721 Second =orld Hindu
%onference at Prayag1 !"6+ 9iraat Hindu Sammelan .ilton -eynes !"461 Hindu Shi'irs
and Sammelans in Bharat and other countries
The 5'(ectives of the 9.H.P is>
To strengthen and invinci'le the glo'al Hinduism1 and share the faith of the Hindu
religion1 and ma)e Hinduism as great religion in &hole &orld.
To spread Hindu ?harma as a @Santana ?harmaA means there is no origin or end of
the Hindu ?harma1 and to encourage people to 'elieve on this ?harma1
To promote activities of education and some reha'ilitation to the poor people in India
They &anted 'ring no discrimination on the grounds of religion se1 cast1 race of
To share Hindu religion and strengthen the people.
To )eep Hindu ?harma as a BSanta ?harmaC and )eep the Indian Sans)riti
Their other activity is to oppose %hristianity .uslims and %ommunities. 9HP
'elieves in glo'al Hinduism1 and to ma)e Hindu mission and engages in preparing a
commitment missionaries in &hole over &orld. The parishad is significant movement in
this modern period1 since last #$ years it has 'een defending and supporting to the
Hinduism in national and in international level1 and they started their &or) in enthusiastic
mood. But at present days they have failed to do that )ind of &or).
9HP is &or)ing to 'ring together various Hind sects1 creeds1 and faith1 for the
common good of Hindu dharma1 they started this organi*ation to organi*e the Hindu
&orld1 since the %hristianity1 Islam and communism 'eing dogmatic and intolerant of
other religions.
3. Bajrang Dal
The Ba(rang ?al1 or vanar sena Darmy of apesE1 as it is infamously called 'ecause of
the un(ustifia'le activities done 'y its mem'ers1 &as 'orn !$ years ago1 (ust as the
Ram(anma'hoomi movement &as 'eginning to roll off the ground. The 9ish&a Hindu
Parishad D9HPE1 &hich &as spearheading the movement &ith the unepressed 'lessing of
the Sangh Parivar1 had planned the Sri Ram Jan)i Fatra1 from 3yodhya to Guc)no&1
&hich immediately ran into trou'le &ith the Httar Pradesh state authorities. Stung 'y the
state's determination to stop the procession1 the yatris made a clarion call to Hindu youths
in surrounding villages for protection. By the time the yatra reached the state capital1 a
name &as already found for the 'and of Hindu Isoldiers' // the Ba(rang ?al.
=hat 'egan as a temporary security arrangement1 soon s&elled to a menacing army
of misguided youths &ho &ere preyed upon and infused &ith a fatal potion> a sense
ofIIcolossal historical &rongdoing'' and II&ounded Hindu pride''. Heady &ith a ne& sense
of purpose and direction1 the Ba(rang ?al's Hindu Fuva Sha)ti Dyouth po&erE &as
successfully employed to carry out a campaign of terror and destruction in the Parivar's
eternal 8uest to cleanse and purify Hindu society. The Ba(rang ?alis 'ecame the foot
soldiers of the Parivar's army1 ready and alert for the call of 'attle. Training camps &ere
set up on the outs)irts of 3yodhya1 called -arsevapuram1 on the 'an)s of the 0omti
River1 &here youths lived in dormitories and learnt the art of &ar. The com'at &ear &as
e8ually fierce // 'la*ing saffron 'andanas and shirts1 glistening1 giant trishuls and s&ords
in their hands1 and provocative slogans in the air. Hindutva had truly arrived.
3s the militant1 ra''le/rousers muscled their &ay around and successfully set up
centers all over the co& 'elt1 to the satisfaction of the Parivar's patriarchs1 the Ba(rang
?al gave the )ic)/start to the Ram(anma'hoomi movement. They participated in the
shilanyas after the doors of the Ba'ri .as(id &ere unloc)ed 'y a court order1 organi*ed
'andhsand demonstrations in the name of Ram1 &hich most often ended violently1 'ut
their first foray outside HP1 ho&ever1 &as in !"4"1 &hen the organisation announced it
&ould chant the Hanuman chalisa in Jama .as(id1 Ne& ?elhi. In a fe& months1 ?al
activists (oined the 'ig league &hen they led G.-.3dvani's !""! rath yatra1 roaring
alongside 3dvani's Toyota chariot on motor'i)es in full com'at gear1 leaving 'ehind a
trail of violence and destruction.
It &as in this atmosphere of hatred and fear1 that the plan to demolish the Ba'ri .as(id
8uietly unfolded1 and on ?ecem'er 71 !""#1 the (o' &as ruthlessly accomplished. If there
&ere any hopes the Ba(rang ?al &ould dis'and and go 'ac) to their previous lives 'ut the
'an on the Ba(rang ?al &ith the RSS and 9HP1 after the demolition of the mos8ue1 gave
it a separate identity to Ba(rang ?al.
3s a great nuisance value1 the cra*y of the Hindutva movement1 soon gave &ay to a
group that &as spread out1 organised1 &ell/funded1 and &ith immense muscle po&er.
Though the ?al has steadfastly maintained it has no political am'itions 'ut eists purely
to IIli'erate and unshac)le Hindu sama('' and is not associated &ith any political party
including the BJP1 its mem'ers Dalso from its parent organisation1 the 9HP ho&ever1
soon filled Parliament and the HP Gegislative 3ssem'ly after the !""! elections.
3run -atiyar1 the ?al's first convenor1 &as elected an .P1 and he &as part of the
clutch of sadhus and sants that thundered into Parliament as elected mem'ers1
'randishing trishuls and )amandals. <or a year/and/a/half1 until the militant organisations
&ere 'anned D?ecem'er !,1 !""#E1 the BJP loo)ed on 'enignly as the sadhus and ?al
.Ps and .G3s vociferously agitated for their demands raging from changing the
%onstitution radically to the familiar one of a 'an on co& slaughter.
The violence and terror that has follo&ed &ith Ba(rang ?al and they murder of an
3ustralian missionary and his t&o sons1 has once again 'rought 'ac) nightmares. By
calling the violence against %hristian missionaries a IInatural reaction'' of the local people
to IIforced conversions''1 the ?al once again thrust itself in the forefront1 &illing as
al&ays to start another de'ate on the threat to Hinduism from minority communities
4. Ayodhya Movement
This .ovement started on controversy of an eistence of Ba'ri .os8ue and Rama
Temple in the same location. The history says that in eleventh century devotees of Rama
'uilt a Rama temple at 3yodhya. 3yodhya is considered to 'e the 'irthplace of the
mythological Rama. In !$#4 .ir Ba8i1 a no'leman from the court of Ba'ar destroyed the
temple and 'uilt a mos8ue at 3yodhya. <rom the time of invasions of .uslims and the
destruction of the temple caused the 3yodhya movement.
The agenda of the 3yodhya movement is to 'uild Rama temple at the dispute area of
Ram(anma'oomi. <or this pro(ect the movement collected enough money from a'road
and this money also diverted to political motivation. This movement has 'een )no&n to
create the communal violence 'y using the name of Rama. The ideology is that there
should 'e RamaCs temple in 3yodhya. Those are the &or)ers of 3yodhya .ovement
have used as a main ideology.
The ideologies of the 3yodhya .ovement end up in the destruction of the Ba'ri
.as(id. Hnion home minister G - 3dvani1 &ho developed Hindutva into a potent
political tool1 today forcefully defended the 3yodhya movement as one that strengthened
the cause of nationalism. 3s &e have seen that their ideologies are to 'uild a Rama
temple. No& their activities are also similar to their goals1 the activity of 3yodhya
movement is very &ide and strong. Rama is famous in north India1 and he doesnCt have
much influence in South of India. No& this group of people &ants to ma)e famous Rama
in the south India too1 so this people did that 'efore 'rea)ing do&n Ba'ri .as(id they
sho&n @RamayanaA Dthe serial 'ased on RamaCs lifeE on T91 so that every peoples of the
India &ill see that serial and come to )no& and have great faith on lord Rama. 5ver all
their main activities &ere to 'uild Rama temple at 3yodhya and in every parts of the
India1 to collect offerings from the peoples1 and to 'ring @Hindut&aA in India.
The BJP is the successor party of the BJS DBhartiya Janata SanghE1 Syama Prasad
.oo)her(ee had organi*ed this movement for dedicated young men to follo& the &or) at
the political level. @The party1 &hich (oint itself into the Janata Party in !"66. The BJP
&as formed as a separate party in !"4, after internal differences in the Janata Party
resulted in the collapse of its government in !"6".A Syama Prasad .oo)her(ee D!",!/
!"$2E &ho &as the founder of the Bharatiya Janta Sangh. 3fter consultation &ith
0ol&al)ar DRSSE .oo)er(ee founded Bharatiya Jana Sangh on #!st 5ct. !"$! at ?elhi1
and he 'ecame the first President of it. <rom !"$! J !"66 Bhartiya Janta Party &as
)no&n as Bharatiya Jana Sangh1 and from !"66 J !"6" it &as )no&n as Janta Party.
3fter !"4,s it &as )no&n as Bhartiya Janta Party.
3t the present the BJP is on po&er1 and the BJP leaders are ruling India. Since !""4
BJP form a 0overnment &ith N?31 BJP ruled in Pun(a'1 Himachal Pradesh1 Haryana1
Htter Pradesh1 ?elhi1 Ra(asthan1 0u(arat and .aharastra. 3nd li)e&ise they &ere ruling
almost most of the states of India1 in #,,# BJP are ruling in 0u(arat1 5rrisa1 Himachal
Pradesh1 and Jar)hand1. 3t present situation BJP is in only four States of India. Because
some of the leaders are failed to rule rightly to the states1 so no& a days religion &ise BJP
is ruling 'ut they have failed politically.
The BJP dra&s its Hindu nationalist creed from the Rashtriya S&ayamseva) Sangh 1a
group founded in !"#$ in opposition to .ohandas 0andhi and dedicated to the
propagation of orthodo Hindu religious practices.
The BJP's direct political antecedent is the Bharatiya Jana Sangh1 a party esta'lished
in !"$! that stood in staunch opposition to &hat it perceived as the evils of =estern
cultural imperialism. Its principles &ere retained &hen the party &as renamed the BJP in
!"4,. 5pposed to the secular democracy advocated 'y the long/ruling %ongress party.
The BJP has o'(ected to the separate code of civil la&s for India's .uslims1 supports
India's nuclear defense capa'ility1 and favors restrictions on foreign investment.
3t first largely a northern party popular in Hindi/spea)ing areas among ur'an middle/
class traders1 'y !"4" the BJP had &on 4$ seats in parliament. In the !"",s the party
'ecame part of the mainstream political life of India. It scored a ma(or success in the
!""7 general elections1 &inning the most parliamentary seats D!7! of $+$E 'ut falling
short of a ma(ority. Shortly thereafter1 the BJP formed a government1 &ith its leader1 3tal
Bihari 9a(payee1 as Prime .inister1 'ut it fell prior to a confidence vote. The BJP again
garnered the largest num'er of parliamentary seats in the !""4 and !""" elections and
successfully formed governments1 again &ith 9a(payee as Prime .inister and they are
still in po&er.
. S!va Sena
5n the !"th June !"77 the Shiv Sena as an organi*ation &as found. Striving for giving
(ustice to the youth &as 'orn. In a little time this organi*ation has developed so much. It
has 'uilt itself into a formida'le force of millions of young men and &omen1 the
In the early stage of the Indian history India &as under the rule of British. But some of
the revivalists came up for the reform of the India. 3nd at that time this Shiv Sena as an
organi*ation &as esta'lished. Shivsena &as founded for achieving social eternity.
Shivsena has molded the youth into a formida'le force for fighting evil. Shiv Sena also
&as esta'lished for help to the people in distress as a fire fighting engine rushes to calm
the flame. They 'elieve that Shivsaini) is li)e a 'urning torch. He shall 'urn the evil and
he shall also sho& the path of life to those &ho are struggling in dar)ness. In the early
stage of the Shiv Sena does not 'elieve in petty differences li)e caste1 creed1 religion or
Shivsena &anted to &or) for the oppressed people &ho had no hope and &ho have
'een loo)ing for some'ody. Shiv Sena shall raise their voice against the corruption.
Htmost love to&ards .otherland and constructive social &or) has 'een Shivsena's goals.
3lso they &or) as a religious group to oppose conversion. Shivsena taught the youth to
'e self reliant1 strong and dedicated to the cause. Instead of relying upon the government
to do something1 it preached the message KFour Hands are hands of 0od. =or) and you
shall succeed. These are the main teachings of the Shiv Sena. To develop a strong1
upright and cultured youth1 a&are of responsi'ilities and duties to&ards the motherland
and the society. So they may fight &ith the other faiths 'elief1 and oppose the conversion.
To develop a strong youth force &hich shall 'e al&ays &illing to do any sacrifice for the
motherland1 in order to save their religion. To remove depression from the mind of young
generation1 and to teach confidence that they can fight against the evils1 illiteracy and
poverty. To provide education and training in various fields of life.
Shivsena never came up to 'e a political party. In the initial period1 though Shivsena
participated in the election process and politics1 it never &or)ed in 8uest of po&er. But
no& as a group and team mostly they have left their first occupation as social &or)ers1
no& they are full s&ing political party. :very organi*ation undergoes changes in course
of time. In a last a'out 2! years1 Shivsena have developed into a national force. Passage
of years made it clear that it is necessary for Shivsena to emerge as a Political Party to
serve the people.
The attracted people is Shivsena's 'straight to the point ideology'1 capacity to identify
issues and a'ility to find immediate and effective solutions to the pro'lems. It is time that
everyone1 irrespective of his political affiliation1 religion1 caste or creed1 should come
under Shivsena's saffron flag in Hindustan for 'uilding a strong Hindustan.
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