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I am very thankful to all my respectable teachers and classmates for their help and
valuable suggestions, throughout the this internship report writing, that enabled me to
complete this report.
I am extremely thankful to all the staff of Habib Bank Limited Bazargay Branch
Buner who provided a congenial atmosphere that enabled me to observe the operations of
different departments of the bank and to accomplish all obectives of internship !rogram.
Ghulam Murtaza

". Habib Bank limited is a well#reputed organization and is leading bank of !akistan.
$ince its establishment, it has expended its network to great extent. HBL is performing
all the functions of the commercial banking and has based its management on the
functional basis.
%. &he main purpose of the study is to compile the internship report, and also to get some
practical exposure to the market. &o serve the main purpose of the study, to
compile the internship report in a shape, collected primary data as well as
secondary data.
'. (ain problems identified during the course of internship are as following
a) *bsence of proper information technology tools
b) Back of efficiency of employees.
c) !resentation styles of bank specially at retail level is not good.
d) (anagement style is centralized.
&he recommendations are as follow+
,. establishment of -ata bank at .onal office, so that information can be obtained in
/. !roper designing of the obs should be performed similarly clear#cut division of work
to increase efficiency.
0. $pecial attention should be given to exterior1interior layouts, cleanliness and office
-ecentralization of authority at different level to fasten the decision making process.
!.No To%i& 'a() No
Acknowledgement I
Executive Summary Ii
Table of Contents Iii
List of Acronyms Vii
"." Background of internship "
".% !urpose of $tudy "
".' $cope of $tudy "
"., 2esearch (ethodology %
"./ $cheme of study %
%." 3volution of banking ,
%.% 4rigin and development of banking ,
%.' (odern definition of bank /
%., Banking in developing countries 0
%./ -evelopment of banking in !akistan 0
%.0 History of habib bank limited 5
%.5 6ontribution to national development "7
%.8 2ole in private sector "%
%.9 :rowth stages "%
%."7 :rowth $tages "'
%."" (ission $tatement ",
%."% ;ision $tatement ",
'." 4bectives of Habib Bank ltd "/
'.% !olicies of habib bank ltd "/
'.' 4perational policies "0
'., marketing policies "5
'./ (*<*:3(3<& !4LI6I3$ "5
'.0 functions of habib bank limited "8
'.5 =inancing "8
'.8 discountirng bills of exchange "9
'.9 agency services to customers "9
'."7 general utility services %7
C*A'TE",. *$L AT A GLANCE %%
,." organization structure %%
,.% an overview of management %%
,.' retail banking group %,
,., organizational set up of Habib bank limited %/
,./ organizational structure of HBL %5
/." deposit department %8
/.% 6L*$$I=I6*I&4< 64<<36&3- >I&H -3B2I$ '7
/.' 6*$H -3!*2&(3<& '7
/., remittances department '%
/./ accounts department '/
/.0 *-;*<63$ -I;I$I4< '0
/.5 foreign exchange department '9
0." 2atio *nalysis ,'
0.% 2*&I4 *<*L?$I$ ,/
0.' ;32&I6*L *<*L?$I$ /%
0., H42I.4<&*L *<*L?$I$ /8
5." 6onclusion 0'
5.% 2ecommendations 0'

A7C A&&ount
*&( *utomated &eller (achine
-- -emand -raft
-=Is -evelopmental =inancial Institutes
=6? =oreign 6urrency
=&$ =unds &ransfer $ystem
HBL Habib Bank Limited
IB&$ Inter Branch &ransaction services
L6? Local 6urrency
(-I (anagement -evelopment Institutes
(& (ail &ransfer
2= 2unning =inance
$$6 $pecial $avings 6ertificate
$B! $tate Bank of !akistan
$;! $enior ;ice !resident
$(3 $mall @ (edium 3nterprise
&& &elephonic &ransfer
A$ B Anited $tates -ollar
C*A'TE" , +
&he prime purpose of this internship is to get practice of what we have learned in business
administration, this report is based on HBL which was established in "9," and now till this time
it is most large sector in commercial banking in !akistan, with different products and services.
&he main purpose of this study is to get the overview of the HBL and complete the report with
different data.
" &o analyze how to have a customer service and when to adopt which strategy.
% *nother purpose to get the practice what we have learned in the whole course.
' &o improve the communication and create innovative thinking about the management
, &o create the analytical skills and develop the $>4& analysis in order to improve the
working standards and tries to cover the :ap developed by the strategies.
&he HBL operates with general banking systems .*nd their operations include
"+ 2emittances
%+ -eposits
'+ =oreign exchange
,+ *dvances.
&his report is based on 8 weeks of internship. It defines the procedures to be followed during the
course of internship report. I have used different sources of data i.e. both primary and secondary
sources of data to develop the internship report. &he main source of data collection was my
personal observation and discussions with my other internee. >andering within different
sections of the bank helped me out to cover this report with the proper information.
1!1 "rimary #ata collection tec$ni%ue
!ersonal udgment
By asking the Cuestions from the management
practical experience with staff
By understanding from the staff
1!& Secondary #ata collection tec$ni%ue
*nnual reports
2eference books
&his report is composed of 8 chapters. 6hapter " is based on the introduction of study, which
includes Background of study, purpose of study, scope of study, methodology of study and
scheme of study.
chapter is based on the Introduction of Bank, which include evaluation of Banking 4rigin of
Banking, banking in developing countries, development of Banking in !akistan. History of
Habib Bank Ltd, contribution to <ational development, role in both !rivate and !ublic sector and
its growth up %777.
chapter consists of obectives, policies and functions of HBL, bank policies, Eoperational,
(arketing and management) and the description about function.
chapter is composed of FHBL at a :lanceG, which include the organizational structure, an
overview of (anagement, 2etail Banking :roup and organizational setup of Habib Bank Ltd.
6hapter#/ is composed of F-epartmentalizationG which includes the -eposit department, cash
department, remittances department, clearing accounts department, advances department and
foreign exchange department.
6hapter 0 is composed of Hfinancial analysisI which include ratio analysis.
6hapter 5 consists of critical analysis and $>4& analysis and in chapter 8 I have discussed
conclusion and recommendations.
C*A'TE"8 -
ItJs not too a lot been recently determined regarding the way the phrase HbankI started. $everal
experts say that this phrase is derived from the word what HbancusI or perhaps banCueI which
suggests some sort of bench. &he explanation of this source will be attributed to the fact the
particular ews inside lombardy transacted the business of dollars swap in benches out there
place. *s an aside the word HbankruptI will be asked are actually progressed because of this train.
&his oppositions of this thoughts and opinions state that in case it absolutely was so, after that
precisely how this that this italian language dollars changers were never is referred to as
HbanchiereiI in the centre a long timeK
*dditional researchers retain the thoughts and opinions that this phrase HbankI is derived from
the particular in german or perhaps genoa phrase HbackI, which suggests Hoint inventory fundI.
-own the road, once the germans busy key part of madeira, the word HbankI has been italicized
directly into HbankI. However no exact source will be is available, along with which in turn
implies that precisely how previous most of these procedures tend to be.
Banking as profession is very old in history, as early as %777 B.6L some sort of banking had been
developed by the Babylonians. &hey used their temples as their banks and the priests acted as the
financial agents. But the spread of disbelief in religion destroyed the public confidence in
depositing money and valuable in temples.
In the middle of "%the century banks were established at ;enice and :enoa. *gain in ",
century, their campus number of money lenders in =lorence. &hey receive money on deposits
and were lenders of money.
:enerally your message FBankG may be arose in (adeira. In the heart of twelfth one hundred
year there was clearly a terrific financial doom and gloom throughout (adeira as a result of war.
&o meet the war expenditures the us government from the period enforced a new reCuired bought
bank loan in citizens from the country for the curiosity associated with /M year. &his kind of
loans ended up appreciates while FcomparaG (intuo and so forth.
?our advancement associated with financial may be split directly into various periods. It is
additionally mentioned which the word Bank may be produced from the Italian word FBancoG
which means a new part. ?our Dews income loan companies throughout (adeira used to transact
their own enterprise settings in offices with various marketplace sites, whenever at least one used
to forget to meet up with his or her bills, his or her FBancoG or perhaps part can be broken with
the angry credit card companies. ?our message FbankruptG looks like itJs originated from broken
Banco. 6onsidering that the financial system may be originated from income loaning enterprise,
it can be deservingly fought which the word FbankG may be originated from word Banco.
&he "st stage throughout advancement associated with financial seemed to be acknowledging
associated with remains associated with cash via men and women. ?our :oldsmiths used to
difficulty standard bank notes your money can buy put into the account with these. &his is the
next stage inside the advancement associated with financial. :etting curiosity from the
depositors started to let them have curiosity. *nd inside the final stage, they helped the
depositors the overdraft features.
>ith the verse of time, the activities associated with commercial banking companies possess
drastically improved.
Banks are the companies Fwhich transact the business of bankingG. &he companies operate in
accordance with the provisions of the Banking companiesI ordinance, "90% section /Eb), which
states that Fbanking means the accepting, for the purpose of lending or investment, of deposits of
money from the public, repayable on demand or otherwise, and withdrawal by cheCues, drafts,
and order etc.
&he national financial system of which characterizes developing nations around the world has an
essential position inside finding out the type in the bank system. >ith capitalist nations around
the world a method of individual company inside bank prevails, in a number of socialist nations
around the world Efor illustration, 3gypt as well as $udan) most banks are nationalized. $ome
other nations around the world have patterned on their own following your liberal socialism of
3urope, inside !eru as well as Nenya, for instance, government#owned as well as independently
owned banks coexist. In lots of nations around the world the particular bank system developed
beneath colonialism together with banks owned by means of organizations inside the parent
nation. Asing some, for example .ambia as well as 6ameroon, this particular customs extended,
despite the fact that changed, after declination. >ith other nations, for example <igeria as well
as $audi *rabia, the particular rise of nationalism resulted in mandates intended for bulk
property from the native inhabitants.
Banking institutions inside developing nations around the world act like their counterparts inside
developed nations, business banks accept as well as shift debris and is effective financial
institutions, specifically short#term reCuirements. $ome other personal intermediaries, specially
government#owned development banks, organize long#term lending options. Banking institutions
are often used to financial federal costs. &he actual bank system can also play a serious position
inside funding exports.
In the less well off nations around the world a wide#ranging but simple non#monetary industry
commonly continues to occur. It does not take exclusive process in the bank community in order
to inspire the use of funds as well as produce bank behavior on the list of community.
In order to regulate the growth of banking on sound footings, the following measures were taken
to develop the banking system in !akistan.
&he state Bank of !akistan, which is the central bank of the country, was established on
, Duly "9,8.
&he <ational Bank of !akistan was established on <ov. %"
, "9,9. &his bank is to serve
as an agent to the $B!.
&he industrial -evelopment Bank of !akistan EI-B!) was set up on *ugust "
, "90" with
a paid up capital of 2s./crore. &he agricultural -evelopment Bank of !akistan E*-B!)
was set up in "90". It provides short. (edium and long#term loans to the farmers.
In Danuary "95, all the commercial banks were nationalized. &he weaker commercial
banks were merged with the stronger ones and in all / maor banking companies were
formed. (6B and HBL have again been privatized "99".
&he !akistan Banking 6ouncil was set up for coordinating the activities of the
nationalized commercial banks. &he banking council formulates policies and guidelines
for the banks.
Interest has been eliminated from the banking transactions from Duly "
, "98/. &he banks
are now accepting saving deposits on profit and loss sharing basis. (udarabah and
leasing companies are also operating in !akistan.
&he nationalized banks due to many weaknesses such as overstaffing, deterioration in
customerIs service, rising bad debts, loans on political basis etc, are being gradually
denationalized. (6B was privatized in *pril "99".
&he permission to open investment bank will go a long way in providing capital for the
industrial proects.
&he government of !akistan has also liberalized the exchange and payments procedure.
&he !akistanis, firms, companies can now maintain foreign currency accounts in !akistan
on the same basis as non#!akistani can.
HBL was established on %"
, *ugust "9,", a very important day in the economic history of the
(uslims of India.
=our Habib brothers, Hamad Habib, -awood Habib, (uhammad *li Habib and :hualm *hamd
Habib, formed it. Like all the great people and institutions it had a very humble beginning.
In "9,5, HBL shifted its registered office to Narachi. It was a time when the independence plan
of India had been already announced. 6onseCuently there was a serious risk on the banks for
transfer of funds of accounts. !akistanIs banking system at that time consisted principally of
about "9 non OIndian foreign banks, no higher in status they small branch offices, whose policies
were controlled by their Head 4ffice.
&hese banks were engaged solely in the movement of export crops and had only limited interest
in the fortunes of new born state. &he only !akistan institution was the Habib Bank, which had
transferred its head office from Bombay to Narachi and the *ustralia Bank, which had been
functioning in the !akistan territories prior to Dune "9,5. 4n *ugust %/, "99", Habib Bank
completed its /7 years of service. &he bank has now framed into one of the most dynamic
financial organization having ",%/ domestic branches and // international branches enabled
HBL to provide comprehensive services to meet customers need. &he history of HBL can be
divided into following "7 phases.
+. Th) Fir9t 'ha9)
&he "st step including eight a long time through "9,"#,5 had been the most crucial which has a
very humble commencing. &his labored inside a pre udicial society, doing work since (uslim
=inancial institution, experienced complications but proceed success..
-. Th) !)&on: 'ha9)
&he second phase is important because HBL shifted its Head 4ffice from Bombay to Narachi
according to the desire. ItIs of Puaid#e#*zam (.* Dinah to work for the namely independent
(uslim $tate.
/. Th) Thir: 'ha9)
&he idea observed an immediate expansion of it is branch circle from the state. * number of
typical of program had been established such as improving services, increasing bank time and
enhancing the overall look of the offices. (ost of these actions popularized bank between men
and women from most guides of lifestyle..
.. Th) Fourth 'ha9)
In "9/', marked the construction of the first Head 4ffice building at Habib $Cuare Narachi along
with continued solid business and profitability.
2. Th) Fi;th 'ha9)
HBL Eoverseas) merger with HBL in "9/5. In "9/8, witnessed the consolidation and beginning
of mechanization and modernization of branches.
5. Th) !i<th 'ha9)
>ith "900 was the season regarding $terling silver Dubilee get together. &his particular got a
significant influence on the regular man that the traditional bank emerged throughout !akistan
and when previously the divisions controlled abroad, that has a fresh graphic regarding FBest
illustration regarding greater services.G.
6. Th) !)=)nth 'ha9)
4n the occasion of its '7
*nniversary marked the shifting of the Head 4ffice from Habib
$Cuare to Habib Bank !laza, the tallest building in !akistan E%' floor)
4. Th) Ei(hth 'ha9)
>hile using the nationalization connected with !akistan bank on initial Dan "95, the full notion
of business oriented bank throughout !akistan was updated to provide all the important be an aid
to smaller industrialists, buy and sell and also maCui berry farmers. In "95/ normal bank was
combined along with HBL..
>. Th) Ninth 'ha9)
6ommences with all the /7th many years their everyday living entitled your 4lder Dubilee yr
E"99") Habib =inancial institution seemed to be the best !akistan lender operating around the
world wide having a good functionalistic out there appear along with organizing identified along
with acclaimed each nationally for the best amounts along with worldwide..
+?. Th) T)nth 'ha9)
?our tenth stage creatures using adustments within leading supervision within "995 intended for
task specific tasks ust like proper sizing, recovery regarding financial obligations, fixing
efficiency and so forth. completely new supervision provides completed the particular main part
of the given ob resultantly progress can be viewed within functions of the financial institution in
addition to ideally the financial institution shall demonstrate breathtaking changes within nights
into the future..
&he banks steady growth not only signified the implicit confidence and trust placed in the
integrity and dedication of the Habib family but also was a victory and confirmation of their
vision, foresight, acumen and ,exeriserr in field of banking.
&he role of Habib Bank EHBL) has played in making the (uslims familiar with banking
profession and practices, the method of large#scale commerce and industry and the intricacies of
financials for big business is too well known to need any first general manger recapitulation.
&he fact is that EHBL) has performed a great service to the (uslims of this sub continental in
more ways then one in ordinarily known and accepted.
&'1 (anking
&he !akistan banks associations were registered in "90' as a trade association with the ministry
of commerce. It remained fairly active until "95, but has been dormant since. In "99/ a new
3xecutive 6ommittee has been elected headed by (r. *bbasi as chairman. &he chief 3xecutive
of I6!, ABL, (6B and I-B! also serve on this panel !B* has "' financial institutions.
E=oreign and local) as members. $ince becoming president. &hese include establishment of a
bankers club, bankersI foundation. $tudy on pay and perCuisites of executiveIs Puarterly bulletin
and seminars1workshops. &he foundation will provide an effective platform for financial
institutions to discuss policy issues with government agencies and formulate action plans for the
development of the profession and banking industry.
&'& Environment
Habib bank Ltd. !akistan is in the forefront of efforts aimed at protecting the environment from
degradation. In collaboration with !akistan 3nvironmental protection council it is a part of an
overall plan for the forestation of more than "%7,777 acres. HBL has taken responsibility for
FgreeningG or designated areas in the districts of <awabshah and (ansehra through a campaign
of tree plantation.
&') *ealt$ Care
&he bank is conscious of the inadeCuate health coverage available in developing country like
!akistan. In order to play its due part in development of this vital sector, HBL has recently
contributed 2s." million to assists Lady 2eading Hospital, !eshawar with its work, in the same
spirit, 2s. 877,7771# have been made available to the =atima foundation Narachi to aid its blood
transfusion and other patient welfare activities.
&'! S+orts
Habib Bank Ltd. !akistan is undertaking the construction of 2s./7 million sports complex. * six
acres site has been produced at 6lifton, Narachi for this purpose. &he complex Qwill include
modern cricket ground with a seating capacity of 0,777. * gymnasium, s swimming pool,
sCuash1tennis courts and other infrastructure of international standard form an integral part of the
complex. &he work on the complex already afoot and the anticipated period of completion is two
HBL has reached an understanding with the :overnment of N!N to assist in the development of
a 57 acre site at Hayatabad E!eshawar) for a multipurpose community center1park for the youth
of the area.
HBL has also sponsored among others, such events as the !akistan masterIs 4pen "99/ as part
of the *sian circuit of the *sian !rofessional :olfers *ssociation. &he annual tours de !akistan
cycle race E"99/) and the first ever camel race in the country. In these activities the bank has
been involved in provision of prize money *wards1trophies and kits for participating sportsmen.
Habib bank seemed to be the particular leader, which often started out twigs all over !akistan as
a way to provide fund and other establishments towards the company local community.
HBL provides unveiled specific brand#new products and services after starting its operations
with !akistan. It turned out first commercial standard bank to be able to transfer the particular
automated eCuipment which can be utilized within the maor finance institutions associated with
enhance places. &hese types of eCuipment possess facilitated to the standard bank to handle its
growing company and also Cuickly expanding customers.
&he HBL provides unveiled brand#new establishments similar to night consumer banking gift
cheCues, rupee travelerIs cheCues, plastic card program, temporary and also extended techniCues
for marketers, center patti plan, sntd monthly cash flow plan. >ith regard to maor benefit of
buyers associated with itIs posts regular stock exchange prices averages. *dditionally, it
problems some sort of monthly publication through title associated with company brand#new
support. *dditionally, it reveals a residence vacation. Habib bank can be thoroughly geared to
monitor the united states financial system and also perform its credited purpose with delivering
prosperity towards the land.
HBL usually added towards the open industry in the country. Habib lender is playing a vital part
in the open industry. $oon after partition, the very first important connection regarding HBL with
all the federal government has been your sponsoring of the !akistan money firm ltd. 6ollectively
with all the main and also provisional federal government regarding financing regarding natural
cotton. &he lending company usually presented personal and also tech support team in order to
open industry financial institution likewise affiliated itself together with large#scale tasks for
instance >arsak dams undertaking, >apda. &hal progress 3xpert, N-*, by giving budget and
also other facilitiesI.
>hen Habib Bank Ltd. >as established in "9," it had only ' offices in undivided India at
Bombay, 6alcutta @ -elhi. *t the time of partition, the bank decided to transfer its Head 4ffice
EH4) from Bombay to Narachi. &he gigantic movement of men and money was in a state of
doubt and confusion. But, with clear sightedness and true signify, the bank gave immigrants the
boldest remittance facilities which save (uslims wealth in India from greater annihilation.
*nother important service that this timely influx performed was to fill the intensifying vacuums
that the exodus of Hindu >ealth from !akistan ruthlessly created.
>hile !akistan was getting on its economics feet, the bank played the most creditable role. Its
large subscription to :overnment loans, its generous support to institutions, like the !akistan
Industrial -evelopment corporation Enow the industrial development bank of !akistan) in it
nascent stage and its continuous and uninterrupted support to every form of industry and nation
building proects are the story of singular decimation. &he reward is the satisfying knowledge of
the good that has been achieved and the increased opportunity to serve.
<ew !akistan bank secured their early nucleus of officers and staff largely from trained
personnel of Habib Bank.
&his is itself was a service to banking in !akistan in general apart from the many first that it
secured on the banking horizon of the country such a school banking schemes. *gricultural
6redit, -eposit :rowth 6ertificate, 6redit 6ards not to mention the towering contribution of
introducing automation through computers on the banking scenario.
&he story of the bankIs growth fills every nationalIs heart pride. It has achieved fourth place
amongst the banks world, which have shown larger growth.
In its tradition of enlightening and total competence it is to climb greater highs and acceptance
the humility and devotion with which it serves.
Habib Bank has today 1708 branches, 48 zones, 9 regiona genera !anager head "#arters and
2 s#bsidiaries$ % &art 'or! these the bank(s overseas o&erations in 25 co#ntries inc#de 65
branches, 2 s#bsidiaries, 2 )oint vent#res and 2 re&resentative o''ices$
&o be the dominant, financial institution in !akistan and a leading international bank in the
emerging markets, providing a premier set of innovative products and services to our target
markets, and providing superior value to our stakeholders, shareholders, customers and
alu) D);inition
Humility *n institution, which encourages culture of mutual respect and treats
its employees and customers with humility and care.
Integrity *n unswerving commitment by the individual towards the shared
values of HBL
(eritocracy * consistent system of human resources practices from selection to
advancement based on obectives criteria throughout all the layers of
&eam work * cohesive unified force derived from participates and collective
endeavors guided by a common set of goals and having the spirit to
share the glory and failures
6ulture of
* culture of innovation to be proactively responsive to new ideas and
to respect1reward the agents1leaders and creators of change.
3nabling people to advance with confidence and success O inspiring all our products and service
C*A'TE" , /
4bectives are the ends towards which activity is aimed. &hese are the result to be achieved.
*s a commercial bank the primary obectives is to earn profit and maximize it as far as possible,
keeping in view the society.
4bectives can be expressed either in behavioral items or in end#result terms Eby end of the nest
fiscal year, five new retail stores should be open, and each should be stopped by a manger, an
assistant manager and three clerks) &o ensure the targets would be the stops in direction of which
the group and also person activities tend to be guided. &he goal of each director is usually to
build surplus and also obvious and also verifiable targets help the particular description
associated with success and also proficiency associated with managerial steps...
*s a commercial business the Habib Bank Ltd. has following main obectives.
&o take measure to promote business in the country.
&o procure beforehand self#employment schemes to the people.
&o supply or provide employment opportunities to the people.
&o earn profit for the bank itself and for its shareholders.
&o help in development and industrialization of the country.
!lans tend to be normal transactions or maybe the actual understanding that guidebook or maybe station
thinking inside determination making.
It offers route for action as well as regularizes. &he decision making in certain circumstances.
6overage defines area inside which a decision shall be manufactured, as well as make certain that the
decision will probably be constant as well as help with aim. !lans help decide difficulties ust before that
they become complications. &herefore, guidelines provide possibility to manger for you to use
outsourcing for specialist advertising nevertheless keep management above what exactly their particular
subordinates carry out. !lans everyday is present by any means degree of the actual agencies, as well as
amounts via office guidelines for you to modest or maybe type guidelines, pertinent for you to littlest area
of firm. 6onseCuently guidelines tend to be defined as guides for you to thinking inside determination
making. &hat they presume that whenever options are made that will tumble inside selected limitations.
!lans tend not to call for steps nevertheless tend to be designed to guidebook administrator in their
determination responsibilities when they carry out mistakes.
4perational policies deal with the running or operation of the bank. It is about introducing new
schemes in order to improve HBL operations and to take measure for better service. &hese
operations may be divided intoL
+. Int)rnational O%)ration9
&he lending company in another country limbs are generally regularly manifestation sufficient
program and therefore are additionally adding significantly toward channeling residence
remittances involving !akistani expatriates. &he HBL possesses 0/ limbs in other countries. It
offers two affiliate marketers and two representativeIs workplaces.
HBL has additionally two subsidiaries, with their very own, in Hong Nong and *ustralia of
which demonstrated increased detailed results. &he lending company possesses two mutual
proects in <igeria and <epal, Himalayas Bank Ltd. has shown great advance during several
years involving procedures.
-. Dom)9ti& O%)ration9
HBL making successful domestic operations, it has a regional head Cuarters comprising of ,8
zones and ",578, branches under these zones. HBL also established corporate centers in various
regions to caller industrial clients and serve them better. <umbers of corporate centers are "% and
sub#corporate centers are 0,.
&he bank has presently one wholly owned subsidiary Habib Bank =inancial $ervices. E!vt.) Ltd.
It has shown improved operational results during the year.
*dvertising will be the techniCue of playing in addition to carrying out the actual pregnancy,
costs, campaign in addition to submitting of concepts, beneficial in addition to solutions to
produce transactions in which fulfill personal in addition to organizational ambitions.
HBL additionally adopts a number of promoting processes to enhance the photograph in the
standard bank. *lmost all of the promoting occurs by means of various remains mobilization
schemes by means of promoting with announcement papers and also other media in addition to
there may be more focus on customer solutions to possess more content consumer who can
advise on their associates in addition to close friends.
(anagerial policies are those, which deals with the management issues and formulation of
HBL is headed by a president, and then there are / banking groups, each one headed by a group
executive. 3ach group executive has the client responsibilities for his group. $imilarly these
groups are also responsible for developments in their respective fields. &his new structure was
developed "995, prior to which bank was working on geographical basis. >hile afterwards, it is
working our functional basis.
=unctions of Habib Bank Limited are summarized as+
Acce+ting #e+osits
&he principle perform connected with any commercial traditional bank is always to be given
surplus amounts coming from folks in addition to businesses.
&he funds deposited with HBL are as follows+
),& Current #e+osits
Latest deposits usually are people deposits, and this can be taken anytime by means of
illustrating the check around the traditional bank..
),) "rofit and Loss S$aring Account -Saving.
&hese are savings accounts. &he bank undertakes to repay deposits on demand up to certain
limit. 4n such deposit they pay interest to the customers.
),! /ixed #e+osits
(ost of these remains are generally repayable simply as soon as the expiry in the interval which
is why there is deposited. &he financial institution makes it possible for substantial interest on
them with regards to the time frame..
&he other important function of HBL is to provide finances or advances to the individuals and
business houses against securities at a certain fixed rate of interest. =ollowing 5 types of
financing takes place a HBL.
a. -emand =inance.
b. 2unning =inance.
c. 6ash =inance.
d. =ixed *ssets =inance.
e. 3xport 2efinance.
f. Local (anufacturing (achinery.
g. &emporary 4verdraft.
&he bank employs their extra funds inside one more crucial techniCue. &hat they low cost the particular
costs associated with trade with their market worth, my spouse and i. age. they pay towards holders in the
costs a good bracket corresponding to their experience importance following deducting attention at the
niche rate for your period of time the particular costs should fully developed. &he actual costs associated
with deals are extremely liCuid property with regard to financial institution to carry. &hese types of costs
are usually utilized with regard to three months and therefore are for financing inner as well as outer
=ollowing *gency $ervice of HBL+
i. Coll)&tion o; Ch)@u)9
HBL acts as an agent to its customers in the collection and payment of cheCues, bills and
promissory notes.
ii. Coll)&tion o; Di=i:)n:
&he bank comes with a very useful support in bunch of payouts or even attention gained with
stocks and shares since shows presented by their buyers. *bsolutely free themes are simply ust
to share with the problems with the sec which the attention with the sec might be awarded for
you to their bill inside bank. $tandard bank fees '7M for this variety.
$$$. P%&'()*+ , S)-+* ./ S+'%&$0$+*
HBL also if authorized by its customers can purchase or sell securities for them.
i=. Tran9;)r o; Fun:9
HBL in addition does this function regarding switching funds of the customers in one bank to an
alternative bank, that many people impose payment, however a reduced rate.
=. A&t9 a9 an A()n&A
HBL also acts as an agent for his customers at home and abroad.
For)i(n E<&han() $u9in)99
HBL work forex trading small business simply by discounting overseas payments involving
change as a way to facilitate the loans involving overseas deal.
A&t9 a9 a ");)r))
HBL comes with a useful service to be able to his 1 her customer simply by operating like a
referee for his 1 her credit worthiness. &he information is supplied inside nearly secrecy and is
dependent impartially for the respectability of monetary standing up of customers.
A&&)%tin( $ill9 o; E<&han()
HBL furthermore handles approval associated with payments associated with swap and so
permits it is shoppers within having the sought after credit rating.
i. my spouse and i. !roblem associated with &ourists 6heCues
ii. HBL furthermore problem &ourists 6heCues to the comfort to the vacation goers the
HBLIs vacationer cheCue is referred to as (uhafiz 2upee &raveller 6heuCe.
Coll)&tion o; A&ti=itA $ill9
3lectricity, telephone and $ui :as other such bills can also be deposited with the HBL.
HBL also provide locker facilities to its clients where valuable of people can be kept.
C*A'TE"8 .
*rranging can be a purpose regarding administration. Business will be end result regarding
planning. $o planning will be an element of administration that concerns establishing intentional
construction regarding functions to the people to fill a good organization. ItJs a procedure for
deteriorating the complete tasks on the organization in person assignments1 actions and then
having these assemble inside products as well as office as well as groups with the delegation
regarding expert to some administrator of your unit1 department1 group.
4rganizational construction signifies the official colon construction regarding 2oles1 situation.
ItJs not the end inside the do it yourself rather suggest that really help obtain specific ambitions.
&he well#developed as well as effectively synchronized construction is definitely an extremely
important dependence on your effective operation regarding any group. *n excellent the
cornerstone composition together with by which capabilities as well as treatments tend to be
executed. &he provider construction regarding Habib =inancial institution will be defined below.
*t present the Habib Bank Ltd. 4peration through <ine E9) 2egional HeadCuarter, ,8 zones,
"578 branches, "% corporate centers and 0, corporate sub#centers.
&hroughout %nd one fourth "995, this BankIs <ationalization *ct seemed to be amended having
a see to help inculcate some sort of retail driven culture from the nationalized business =inancial
institutions. ?our important adustments as a result of this modification had been this advantages
of your impartial !anel regarding Home through government entities along with full
manifestation from your 3xclusive $egment in addition to regarding specialized elderly
administration. &his specific adust seemed to be a rest to inoculate business impression
throughout orthodox consumer banking system of the country, to help modernize the lender to
enhance this operations and to get ready your banker privatization from the shorts probable
stretch of time.
I $eptember "995, the bank was recognized throughout its domestic and overseas operations on
functional lives creating discreet business groups, to focus against the customer profile available
to the Bank. &hrough this process, the following business groups have been created+
2etail Banking :roup.
6orporate and Institutional Bank :roup.
*sset 2emedial (anagement :roup E*2().
International operations and *dministration :roup and
=inance and *udit :roup.
&he particular formation involving organization collection features permitted the lending
company to focus and produce solutions within ust these kinds of organization teams to its
shoppers. In addition to within the retail store checking collection, currently the lending
company have got efficiently presented 0 various solutions which include.+
(ahafiz 2upee &ravelers 6heCue.
6onverted 2upee $aving *ccount.
(onthly Income $cheme.
<ew =oreign 6urrency *ccounts.
&he organization and also institutional standard bank group, have got bee effective in creating
important romantic relationships together with some of the leading rate commercial communities
and also numerous multinationals, as well as 3ngro, $apphire, *l#Naram, :ul *hmed, $iddiCui
-aughterJs, I6I, Lever Inlaws and also <estle.
=or the reason that standard bank had been experiencing difficulties in handling the particular
recuperation of classified portfolio, a good !roperty 2emedial (anaging !arty was developed.
&he whole classified have been inaccurately rescheduled or maybe restructured in past times.
&hat unit has been staffed together with some of the best executive inside the standard bank as
well as maor target is the swift recuperation and also Cuality from the classified portfolio.
&he particular overseas procedures are combined underneath >orldwide !rocedures !arty.
&hroughout the calendar year, nearby markets inside greater procedures, by way of example
B2I&I$H, A*3 and also 4man have been examined and also nation particular company
methods are executed, so as to construct most of these important franchises. =urthermore,
emphasis has been put into strengthening the financial institution procedures in important cash
stores, by way of example $ingapore, Hong Nong, Bahrain, <ew york and also Birmingham.
&he particular (oney and also 3xamine !arty $tandard bank in addition to the company
communities and also takes care of the particular fiscal, regulating and also a managing reporting
from the standard bank. &he particular taxation procedure is being improved weighing the
character, complexity and also a higher level risk inside the company group.
&he groups are head by the :roup 3xecutives who are specialists in their relevant fields. &hese
groups have regional offices in all the 9 regions, from where they look after their respective
operations in each zone and branch under them. 2egions are headed by 2egional chief
executives, zones by zonal chiefs and branches by branch managers.
&he retail business compresses of the following+
*ll existing and potential relationships with an exposure up to 2 s. ,7, 77.
3xcluding 6ooperate and institutional relationship, advances against foreign currency
deposits irrespective of the amount of funded exposure.
3xcluding deposit of corporate and institutional relationships, solicitation of deposits
from all other existing and potential customers.
$olicitation and surviving of all deposits booked in !akistan from non resident
!akistanis based in overseas countries.
2ationalization of all branches country avoids including renovations upgrades (argeIs
and closures.
*ll institutional and product related marketing advertising, publicity media contact and
in O house newsletter related activities.
!lan, develop and implement strategies leading to the launch and development of retail
corporate business.
-evelop and implement comprehensive customerIs service strategy and culture.
(anage all current consumer business related activities like credit cared.
-evelop and launch all new mass O market consumer products like credit cards,
mortgage finance, auto financing and share finance.
$ervice 6ash (anagement products and services by leveraging the distribution network.
!!1 (oard of #irector
<uman N -ar !resident and 634
$ultan *li *llana 6hairman
(oez Damal -irector
$aid .ahid -irector
2. .akir (ahmood -irector
*hmad Dawad -irector
(ushtaC (alik -irector
$ikandar (ustafa khan -irector
<ausheen *hmed 6ompany $ecretary
$enior !osition !osition =unctional responsibilities
*bid $attar !resident International 4perations
(.$alahuddin (anzoor $enior 3xecutive ;ice
6orporate Bank @ &reasury
(ubashir (aCbool :roup 3xecutive 2etail Banking :roup
*yaz *hmad :roup 3xecutive 6orporate Banking :roup
*slam :adit :roup 3xecutive *ssets 2emedial (anager
$alim *mlani :roup 3xecutive *udit :en. *dministration
2izwan Haider :roup 3xecutive 6redit !olicy
S%-0)2 A-$ A--)2)
$oar: o; Dir)&tor9
M.+3 4)5)-
".3aBir Mahmoo:
A(ha !h)r !hah
N)%5)2 K. D)&
E<)&uti=) Committ))
M)mE)r M)mE)r M)mE)r M)mE)r M)mE)r M)mE)r
!ima Kamil 0amil I@Eal AEi: 9attar "izFan *ai:)r
!E' !E' !E' !E' !E' !E'
OGI OGII OGIII Cl)ri&al !ta;; N.C.!.
C*A'TE" , 2
Like every bank, HBL also has divided its functions into different departments in every branch to
carryout the activities on proper way.
=ollowing are the common departments.
". -eposit -epartment.
%. 6ash department.
'. 2emittances department.
,. 6ollection cell, clearing department.
/. *ccounts department.
0. =oreign exchange department
3very single financial institution functions two basic capabilities you are receiving tissue as well
as the various other usually are financial associated with money, put in department functions
your function associated with receiving tissue through the customers.
R *ccount 4pening &reatment
&he actual financial historical past is usually repeated using numerous incorrect launching
associated with billL for that reason, your department supervisor along with other office was
reCuired to be careful along with practiced reCuired safeguards in the time launching associated
with bill. *t the time of launching associated with bill officers along with supervisor really
should fact fully acCuire ust as much information as possible about the figure along with ethics
of the man or womenK His1her proper label, tackle along with ob. &his kind of infact could be
the ust option once they is able to finish in order to would#be buyer within the welcoming along
with frank atmosphere. &he client might be labeled as follows.
R Individuals.
R !artnership Businesses.
R Doint Inventory 6ompany.
R *gents.
R 6lubs.
G $ocieties *s >ell *s 2omantic 2elationships.
R 3xecutive *s >ell *s -irectors.
R &rust, 6ommunity $tatistics 3tc.
=or cracking open of bank account those must satisfy the using demands.
R He1$he (ust Be * $erious 4ne !articular.
R H31$H3 <33-$ *6HI3;3- *:3 "8 *<- *L$4 4B&*I<I<: :I;3< <I6 .324.
R He1$he must be a similar person my spouse and i. *ge. He1she must recognize the phrase
and also conditions in the contract.
R He1$he (ust <ot Be * Bankrupt *nd *lso His1Her Liabilities $hould <ot $urpass In
6omparison >ith &hat >ill In &he Belongings -eclared By $imply Him1Her.
2emains might be categorized from the next.
G 6urrent deposits.
R !L$ deposits.
R &erm deposits.
&he !resent remains
&heyJre people forms of deposits that happen to be not remunerative with character i. *ge. .ero
benefit can be provided about these deposits. &here is absolutely no control about disengagement
from the financial a long time client may found variety of cheCues. -ifferent types connected
with client conference the actual problems connected with amount beginning may available this
specific consideration. Asually business people as well as business opens these kinds of
B. !lease remains Eprofit as well as loss sharing)
&hese kinds of accounts tend to be unveiled like a move to be able to islamabad connected with
financial with present cards "98%. &hese kinds of accounts tend to be exposed on the basis of
benefit as well as decline discussing concerning a couple celebrations.
&he kinds of deposits were begun to inoculate the actual habit connected with preserving
involving persons. &heyJre called remunerative deposits i. *ge. Benefit paying out to be able to
these account holders benefit can be compensated. $uch a consideration can be exposed through
those that have decrease incomes to be able to safe their particular income and obtain benefit
about it also lender transmits phrases regarding these kinds of accounts soon after a few months.
-. !eriod remains
!eriod deposits or even preset deposits include the deposits that deposits can be held for any
certain interval, to match the character on the plan, plus the client becomes benefit about their
down payment.
>ith hbl there are numerous forms of term down payment systems including every week to be
able to / years as well as above. &he harder the period connected with down payment, the greater
may be the benefit regarding customers.
2. / CA!* DE'A"TMENT
-ollars section executes Cuite functions connected with acCuiring the amount of money as well
as transaction connected with income invoices to be able to customers from their deposits.
+. $ill9
&he money that involves your banker, itJs documented through income section. &he deposits
coming from all customers on the lender tend to be managed by way of ournal consideration.
3very single, client offers a uniCue ournal consideration and also have individual ournal cards.
* 6ouple of. !ayments
!ayments of income section described under the next intending.
-. Ch)@u)
F6heCue is really a costs connected with exchange utilized on a specific bank instead of
indicated to get payable or else next about reCuirementG
Form9 o; Ch)@u)
I. $)ar)r &h)@u)8
It 2eally Is 6ashable 4n the 6ountertop &his $pecific 6heCue 6an Be 4btained By (eans 4f
!aying 4ff
-. $uA &h)@u)8
It is usually cashable on the countertop nevertheless their loop must fulfill the bank how the
correct man to accumulate the actual transaction on the cheCue as well as they have to exhibit
their id with an consideration loop on the lender. It is obtained by means of paying off.
/. Mi< &h)@u)8
ItJs not at all cashable on the countertopL it could possibly merely be acknowledged towards
payeeIs consideration.
I99uin( th) Ch)@u) E,$ooB
&he second principal purpose connected with consideration beginning section should be to
concern the actual cheCue books. If a client does apply for any brand new cheCue books, he1she
needs to found the actual cheCue e#book giving reCuisition slip having his1her a couple signatures
towards specialist worried, the actual specialist will probably authenticate the actual signature as
well as following your confirmation connected with signature cheCue e#book will be released.
&he %nd main purpose involving account launching section would be to matter this check
textbooks. 3ach time a purchaser is applicable for the brand new check textbooks, he1she should
found this check e#book giving reCuisition ease using his a pair of signatures on the policeman
troubled, this policeman can authenticate this signature and after the proof involving signature
check e#book will be issued.
")mittan&)9 Di=i9ion
It is ust a manner involving moving dollars from one branch to a different branch from the
city1outside the city as well as away from land. It really is an order by a traditional bank to be
able to its branch realtor as well as correspondent inside a overseas centre. It really is an order to
pay a new chosen sum of cash on the man or women known as from the musical instrument. It
really is posts simply by floor snail mail as well as airmail.
If your purchaser is an account holder involving traditional bank, then this traditional bank can
debit his account. &his troubled policeman can load three types to make this snail mail exchange
comprehensive. &hree types applied for this specific purpose are usually the following+
-ebit ;oucher6redit ;oucher (ail $hift 2egister
If your purchaser is ust not this account holder of the traditional bank, firstly he has to be able to
first deposit dollars and previously mentioned said method will be adopted to be able to
exchange his dollars.
&elegraphic $hift as well as &&
>hile using changing reCuirement of currently, this HBL offers introduced this fastest exchange
involving dollars we. age. &elegraphic $hift. It might be issued to be able to community on their
prepared reCuest and resistant to the worth obtained.
2egarding telegraphic exchange insurrections concerning payment are usually shipped to this
drawee branch telegraphically we. age. this order to pay is usually sent simply by cable
television. &hese kinds of telegrams which authorize payment on the payee should be shipped to
this drawee branch inside a coded dialect and below confidential range known as Ftest numberG.
")mittan&)9 D)%artm)nt
It is ust a function regarding transferring funds derived from one of side branch completely to
another side branch within the city1outside metropolis or even beyond the land. It truly is a
purchase with a traditional bank for you to their side branch adviser or even reporter inside a
unusual heart. It truly is a purchase to cover the particular amount of money on the individual
known as inside the guitar. It truly is directs by surface mail or even airmail.
If the consumer is definitely an bank account holder regarding traditional bank, next the
traditional bank will debit his bank account. ?our troubled policeman will load several varieties
to make the particular mail exchange complete. *bout three varieties employed for this specific
purpose are further down+
If the consumer is not the particular bank account holder of the traditional bank, to start with heJs
for you to down payment funds and then over explained course of action will likely be
implemented for you to exchange his funds.
&elegraphic $hift or even &&
>ith the changing dependence on currently, the particular HBL provides introduced the
particular most effective exchange regarding funds my partner and i. at the. &elegraphic $hift, It
usually is granted for you to general public on the composed ask and also from the benefit been
In case of telegraphic exchange insurrections relating to repayment are deliver to the particular
drawee side branch telegraphically my partner and i. at the. the particular purchase to cover will
be routed by wire. &hese telegrams which often authorize repayment on the payee needs to be
deliver to the particular drawee side branch inside a coded words and also beneath private variety
called Ftest numberG.
It should also possibly be kept in mind that this check variety is ust indicates authentically
repayment instructions and also matches while using signatures regarding certified
representatives on the reCuirement draft. *s such the particular telegrams need to be prefixed
having a proper check variety or even the particular signal terms to the exact same.
?our assistance could possibly be enter into the particular drawee bank account. ?ou can find %
types of suggests, is the particular assistance and also credit score and also other is the assistance
and also shell out. Inside first event the particular bank account variety needs to be identified and
also throughout second item event there is no need for bank account variety. 6apital t. 6apital t.,
rate is obviously more than L. 6apital t. rate.
2eCuirement <fl draft or even <. <
2eCuirement <fl draft E-. -) will be one more strategy for exchange regarding funds derived
from one of back to one more traditional bank. It is ust a composed purchase, drawn by a single
business office Ebranch) of your traditional bank upon one more business office Ebranch) of the
exact same traditional bank, to cover a particular amount of money for you to as well as to the
particular purchase of your uniCue individual. Breezes are not granted, or even drawn with twigs
located within the exact same modern society.
*n individual, who wants to remit funds by drafts, pays the bucks and also commission rate on
the regional banker and also obtains the particular draft. &his is deliver to another party by
content which will income that by introducing that to this particular traditional bank. &herefore it
is ust like a check and is particularly granted in the event the consumer wishes to get the
particular drafts privately. &aking that approach at the rear of it can be of which for the reason
that income is not secure to get maintained coupled and a check inside the shape of the draft will
be less dangerous then one can easily receive income by introducing that inside the traditional
bank, a single as their prefer it is made.
HBL deals throughout % types of --$+
". *vailable --. It truly is the one which will be payable directly on the table and also you
shouldnJt have regarding crediting that on the bank account.
'. Bridging --. It truly is the one which repayment is done via bank account. &he number of
-- will be awarded on the favoring bank account and then heJll work throughout common
method via check.
$hell out 4rder
$hell out 4rder or even E!. 4) is the handiest, uncomplicated and also safeguarded strategy for
exchange regarding funds. It truly is used for regional exchange merely. *ny shell out purchase
can be a composed purchase granted with a traditional bank or even their side branch, drawn
upon and also payable by itself, to pay the particular amount of money for you to as well as to
the particular purchase of your individual.
&he operate associated with *ccounts &eam is usually to publish lifestyle of the section. Dust
about every office is sending your in depth record associated with every day advance towards the
*ccounts &eam with regard to publishing exactly the same in the income ebook, furthermore
allowed your clean cash register. &he exchange after that will probably be changed to their
correct brains. 2ecords office discounts inside % kinds of signs up+
a new. Income Dournal+
m. 3xpenses Dournal+
In earnings ledger your dealings in relation to your earnings in the lender have to be put up,
including fee coming from get#togethers remittances for example. all the advancement charges in
the lender including income charges in the personnel, lease charges for example. have to be put
up in the charges ledger. 2ecords office furthermore retains your deposits, so that as prepares
your regular and also every day record in the extramarital relationships in the department. &hat
can be like a new harmony bed sheet.
&his office discounts with all the current advancements, which often are made to the shoppers.
-evelopments are very important with regard to banking business, because it gives lender your
profit. HBL is additionally really effective inside progressing financial loans to help consumers,
so assisting your overall economy in the nation inside their advancement. It offers a superior
these finances.
A. D)man: Finan&in(
-emand finance is ust about the long#term financial loans and it is make it possible for up
against the set belongings. It is also temporary. :enerally businessmen take advantage this
ability for your obtain associated with eCuipment @ additional installations. &his finance is
additionally provided to speculator and also with regard to professional financing and itJs supply
through versus through operating money and also set belongings. &his ability is additionally take
advantage through employees getting work done in the government businesses and also
permitting all of them in accordance with his 1 her capability, his 1 her income. !ayment plan is
differing with regard to various intervals.
$. "unnin( Finan&)
HBL gives the facility of drawing more then the balance to the reliable and established customer
by over drafting we mean that drawing more than the balance held with HBL. *fter over drafting
the bank will show debt balance of the customer, and will charge interest on the amount over
(oney financial can be named functioning capital. It truly is short#term mortgage. &his
particular financial is usually solely with regard to production concerns. In this particular, lender
lends income to the individuals resistant to the real safety measures. &he total amount connected
with mortgage, which can be offered, seriously isnJt paid for in a single installing. &he
individuals must shell out awareness around the total borrowed. (oney credit ratings could be
the preferred mortgage with the big business and commercial concerns, ust one bank account
that the purchaser donJt need to acCuire simultaneously, the whole total he probably will call for,
however can pull like total while and reCuired. (oney financial is usually purchased either this
hypothecation or even promise.
')&uliariti)9 &onn)&t): Fith hA%oth)&ation8
R 6ustody with the stock options is still with all the purchaser. $tandard bank lien around
the stock options.
R $tock hypothecated must be released in opposition to fireplace and many others.
R 6ustomer1 party ought to send this stock options survey on month to month groundwork.
R =reCuent stock options confirmation might be built on the branch.
R Bank may send officers or even workers with regard to supervise confirmation.
!eculiarities connected with promise+
R $tock 1goods are usually promises together with lender under lender lock and key.
R :ood1stock must be appropriately guaranteed in opposition to fireplace and theft.
R 4n month to month groundwork stock options survey has to be prepared by
borrower1HBL, appropriately incorporated supply connected with things in case any kind
of throughout thirty days.
R -elivery connected with things is manufactured in opposition to cash installments.
D. A(ri&ultur) Finan&)
*griculture is the bank bone of our economyL HBL also provides credit facilities to this segment
of economy. HBL provides two types of loans to the agricultureIs.
i. 'ro:u&tion Loan ## which is short term loan and is for the purpose of purchasing of
seeds, fertilizers etc.
ii. D)=)lo%m)nt Loan ,, which is for the purpose of development of land or purchase of
machinery etc, related with the agriculture.
E. !ta;; Finan&)
HBL is also providing its staff members in conunction with providing absolutely free themes. It
presents loans to be able to its staff members with regards to cars, developing connected with
households, generator rounds, for the marriages in the sons1 daughters in the staff members.
! oker. 6ourse of action connected with 4btaining =unds
*ny client whom applies for funds needs to have an account Eusually present account) together
with HBL side branch involved, along with it will be throughout ogging location.
&o start with the company need to to be able to submit the actual feasibility survey which can be
delivered to the actual large expert for recommendation, the actual expert make a uniCue
feasibility survey in the corporation after which it pay for the sanction expert which make
approval in which whether or not the money is actually launched or not.
*s soon as approval will come, standard bank presents fine print for the celebration. Bank wonJt
progress "77/ money some sort of security. Puite S '7M border is actually specific from many
=acility Letter
*greement of =inance E"B0 *#6)
-emand !romissory <ote
Letter 4f Lien E" B %8)
Letter of Hypothecation E" B %/)
Letter of &2 E " B %5)
Letter of pledge E" B %0)
Letter of L16 opening E" B 8)
3Cuitable (ortgage E" b %,)
31(, legal mortgage E"B%,)
Letter of :uarantee E" B %9)
*greement -eed
6harge form is taken from party if it turns bankruptL bank can go to court of law then these
agreements helps.
=oreign exchange department takes on a vital part from the global industry of any kind of state.
Become knowing and so, HBL has additionally centered as well as improved upon effectively it
foreign currency functions as for the performance of the staff members as well as shoppersL
pleasure is anxious.
HBL foreign currency department performs following function.
R =oreign =oreign exchange Balances.
R 2emittances inside foreign currency.
R -eals inside buy of 4ugh. Ates. B bonds.
*ny. =oreign exchange Balances
=oreign exchange inside HBL may be popped inside % main currencies in the world. (y spouse
and i. at the. A$ B @ A<I&3- NI<:-4( Lb $terling. $imply sanctioned twigs of HBL can
easily cope inside fx bank account. !resently inside !akistan many twigs have that center.
=oreign exchange bank account may be popped both !akistan 2esident as well as foreigners
simply by launch as well as pursuing the procedure essential for normal records with one
particular exemption regarding foreigner that theyJll submit any copy with their passport. &he
actual bank account can be individual or shared.
*$L ;or)i(n &urr)n&A a&&ount9 9il)nt ;)atur)98
i. $aving
ii. 6urrent
a. A$ -ollar
b. !ound $terling
Who &an o%)n th)9) a&&ount9H
a. *ll resident !akistanis
b. *ll non#resident !akistanis
c. =oreign companies
d. 6haritable trusts
e. 2esident companies locally incorporated
Minimum Amount o; D)%o9it8
a) A$ -ollar "777
b) !ound $terling /77
$. ")mittan&)9 in For)i(n E<&han()
*s we realize that the money of a single nation seriously isnJt lawful soft throughout overseas
tables. &he particular monitory device containing already been progressed for those
intercontinental installments may be the forex trading from your exporter along with other who
may have that available for sale in addition to market the particular currency exchange towards
the importers along with other who reCuire it in their personal tables. &he particular
intercontinental payment can be impacted by the transport from the account inside the debtorIs
nation towards the creditorIs nation.
* couple divisions connected with same bank or perhaps connected with uniCue bank include
throughout overseas remittance. *n example may be named remitting part or perhaps bank
additional is called having part or perhaps bank. &hroughout currency exchange $B! features
granted common permission to be able to certified merchants throughout forex trading including
HBL, to be able to affect remittances intended for uniCue reCuirements without discussing that
E$B!) intended for uniCue, my partner and i. elizabeth. remittance because of schooling
registration, guides in addition to magazines connected with specialized nature.
=oreign &elegraphic &ransfer.
=oreign mail &ransfer
=oreign -emand -raft
C. U! !%)&ial Dollar $on:9
HBL foreign exchange department also performs the selling of A$ govt. special dollar bonds as
in accordance with the direction of $B!. &he bank gives profit in increase then the profit
increased by the bonds.
D. For)i(n Out War: ")mittan&)9
It is the mode of transfer funds to other branches of the bank outside the country. &he =.-.-.
resaved from our overseas branches i.e. only Anited Ningdom EA.N), $ingapore, Anited $tates
EA$*) etc, are collected and encasement is made at counter after proper identification form
national identify card or passport in this department.
E. For)i(n T)l)(ra%hi& Tran9;)r (F.T.T)8
In normal banking for this the work =.&.&. is used. In this case no physical instrument is used
and message is sent to the test department where coding and decoding of figure data is done
which is known as test number and under this specific number the massage conveyed to foreign
bank through telex1telegram.
C*A'TE" , 5
!ersonal Investigation is an analysis of your firmIs beyond efficiency and prospective customers
money. It is made of implementing analytical eCuipment as well as processes to monetary claims
and other relevant files to get helpful info. Its principal intent is usually to supply a apparent
photograph on the financial position of business.
2atio investigation is an crucial and age#old means of any economic investigation. It is
traditionally used device regarding economic investigation. &he idea is understood to be your
thorough using any relation to understand your economic claims so the advantages and some
weakness of your corporation together with it is fantastic performance and existing economic
circumstances, can be identified. &he idea simplifies economic claims, facilitates within
planning, and makes inter#firm comparison. ItIs allows and facilitates within investment decision
2ates help to make your connected data similar. Dust one amount by it personal has no this means
nevertheless as soon as depicted when it comes to any connected amount, it produces important
inference. * new economic expert utilizes your Cuotients to match up against it is previous and
envisioned foreseeable future Cuotients to find out if the companyIs economic problem will be
improving or deteriorating after some time. He 1 she utilizes your Cuotients to produce % sorts of
,11 Internal Com+arison0
* new firmIs provide proportion is actually weighed against it is beyond in addition to expected
foreseeable future percentages to find out if the companyIs monetary issue is actually increasing
or maybe deteriorating with time.
,1& External Com+arison
2ates of a firm are balanced with those associated with identical firms as well as with business
averages as well as norms to determine how a corporation is actually faring in accordance with
the rivals.
In this section we analyze the financial ratios of HBL Bank computed utilizing the information
given in its annual reports of the years %7""#%7"'. 4nly internal comparison of the ratios has
been made as the ratios for other banks are not available as well as time was also limited.
=inancial ratios of HBL Bank are given in table below showing the trend+
-?++ -?+- -?+/
Li@ui:itA "atio9
6urrent 2atio 7.5' 7.87 7.8,
6ash 2atio 7." 7."% 7."/
<et >orking 6apital 2atio 7./ 7.5 7."%
*sset &urnover 2atio 7.7, 7.78 7.79
-ebt to *sset 2atio 7.59 7.58 7.87
-ebt to 3Cuity 2atio '.8/ './7 '.'/
Investment to &otal *ssets 2atio 7.%' 7.%" 7.%9
2eturn on *ssets %./M %.5M %.8/M
2eturn on 3Cuity "/./7M "8.8M %%.%/M
3arning !er $hare 2atio "7.87 "".8' ",.57
Interest 6overage 2atio 7.%% 7."/ 7.""

,&1 Li%uidity 1atios
5.-.+.+ Curr)nt "atio
Curr)nt "atio I Curr)nt A99)t9
Curr)nt LiaEiliti)9
TaEl) , 5.-8 Curr)nt "atio
#)ar9 -?++ -?+- -?+/
6urrent 2atio 7.5' 7.87 7.8,
Gra%h , 5.+8 Curr)nt "atio
!resent percentage demonstrates the particular firmIs power to cover itJs current financial
obligations having its current resources. &he higher the present percentage the greater the
particular firmIs power to shell out itJs expenses.. &he HBL BankIs current ratio has an
increasing trend from year %7"% to year %7"' i.e. it rises from 7.5' to 7.87 and from 7.87 to 7.8,.
&his shows that its ability to cover the current liabilities has increased in the year %7"% as
compared to previous years.
5.-.+.- Ca9h "atio
Ca9h "atio I Ca9h an: Ca9h E@ui=al)nt
Curr)nt LiaEiliti)9
TA$LE , 5./8 CA!* "ATIO
#)ar9 -?++ -?+- -?+/
6ash 2atio 7." 7."% 7."/
Gra%h , 5.-8 Ca9h "atio
6ash 2atio (easure the ability of the firm to pay its current liabilities from its available cash and
cash eCuivalents. &he overall cash position of the bank shows improvement from the year %7"%
to %7"' i.e. from 7." to 7."% in %7"% and from 7."% to 7."/ in the year %7"'.
5.-.+./ N)t WorBin( Ca%ital "atio
<>6 T <et >orking 6apital
&otal *sset
#)ar9 -?++ -?+- -?+/
*ctivity 2atio 7./ 7.5 7."%
Gra%h , 5./8 N)t WorBin( Ca%ital "atio
N)t WorBin( Ca%ital I Curr)nt A99)t9 J Curr)nt LiaEiliti)9
&his <>6 shows the capability of an organization to pay all its current liabilities from its current
assets. >hereas the <>6 ratio shows the proportion of <>6 from the total assets. &he net
working capital ratio of HBL shows upward trend from the year %7"" to the year %7"% and shows
decline from %7"% to %7"'

,&& Activity 1atio
5.-.-.+ A!!ET TU"NOE" "ATIO
A99)t Turno=)r "atio I !al)9
Total A99)t
TaEl) , 5.28 A99)t Turno=)r "atio
#)ar9 -?++ -?+- -?+/
*ctivity 2atio 7.7, 7.78 7.79
Gra%h , 5..8 A99)t Turno=)r "atio
&he asset turnover ratio tells us the relative efficiency with which a firm utilizes its total assets to
earn (arkup1return earned. &he asset turnover ratio of HBL Bank increased in year %7"" E7.78)
as compared to year %7"% E7.7,) and increase in %7"' E7.79) compare to previous years as well.
&he reason behind this increase is an increase in both sales and total assets.
,&) Ca+ital Structure Analysis 1atios
5.-./.+ D)Et to A99)t "atio
D)Et to A99)t "atio I Total D)Et
Total A99)t
TA$LE , 5.58 DE$T TO A!!ET "ATIO
-?++ -?+- -?+/
6apital $tructure *nalysis 2atios 7.59 7.58 7.87
Gra%h , 5.28 D)Et to A99)t "atio
-ebt to *sset 2atio shows the extent to which the companyIs assets are financed by debt. HBL
Bank debt ratio decrease a little in the year %7"% E7.58) as compared to the year %7"" E7.59) and
on the other hand increase E7.87) which is because of the increase in total debt of the bank in
%7"' as compared to the year %7"%.
5.-./.- D)Et to E@uitA "atio
D)Et to E@uitA "atio I Total D)Et
Total E@uitA
#)ar9 -?++ -?+- -?+/
-ebt to 3Cuity 2atio '.8/ './7 '.'/
Gra%h , 5.58 D)Et to E@uitA "atio
6reditors normally similar to this ratio to be minimal. &he low the particular ratio the higher the
degree of firmIs funding by means of shareholders. &hat ratio indicates the particular scope for
you to that the company can be backed up by means of debts. &he low the particular ratio the
higher the degree of the particular firms funding that is certainly being provided by the particular
shareholders. &he debt for you to eCuity ratio offers reducing trend, which often is due to the
particular enhance in total debts of the traditional bank though enhance inside eCuity can be
under proportionately..
5.-././ In=)9tm)nt to Total A99)t9 "atio
In=)9tm)nt to Total A99)t "atio I Total In=)9tm)nt
Total A99)t9
#)ar9 -?++ -?+- -?+/
Investment to &otal *ssets 2atio 7.%' 7.%" 7.%9
Gra%h , 5.68 In=)9tm)nt to Total A99)t9 "atio
&his ratio shows the proportion of total investment the bank has made out of its total assets. &he
investment#to#total#asset ratio is decreasing from the year %7"" E7.%') to the year %7"% E7.%")
while increasing from the year %7"% E7.%") to the year %7"', which shows that the bank has
increased the proportion of its total investment in the year %7"'.
,&! "rofitability 1atios
5.-...+ ")turn on A99)t "atio
"OA I N)t In&om) (lo99)
A=)ra() Total A99)t
TA$LE , 5.>8 "ETU"N ON A!!ET "ATIO
#)ar9 -?++ -?+- -?+/
2eturn on *sset 2atio %./M %.5M %.8/M
Gra%h J 5.48 ")turn on a99)t ratio
&his ratio measures the profitability per rupee of investment in assets. 24* is also called return
on investment E24I). &he 24* ratio of the HBL Bank is showing increasing trend in gain from
the year %7"" E%./M) to the year %7"% E%.5M) and there is also an increasing due to gain from the
year %7"% E%.5M) to the year %7"' E%.8/M). >hich shows that the bank gets positive return on its
5.-.../ ")turn on E@uitA "atio
"OE I N)t In&om)
Total E@uitA
#)ar9 -?++ -?+- -?+/
2eturn on 3Cuity 2atio "/./7M "8.8M %%.%/M
Gra%h , 5.>8 ")turn on )@uitA ratio
*nother measure of overall performance of a company is 2eturn on 3Cuity E243). It shows the
profit as a proportion of the book value of common stock shareholderIs eCuity. &he 243 ratio
increased due to gain in the year %7"% E"8.8M) and in the year %7"' E%%.%/M) as compared to the
year %7" E"/./7M) which is because of the <et gain of the bank in the year %7"% and %7"'.
5.-.... Earnin( ')r !har)
E'! I 'ro;it (lo99) a;t)r Ta<ation
W)i(ht): A=)ra() NumE)r o; Common !har)9 Out9tan:in(
TA$LE , 5.++8 EA"NING 'E" !*A"E
#)ar9 -?++ -?+- -?+/
3arning !er $hare "7.87 "".8' ",.57
Gra%h J 5.+?8 Earnin( %)r 9har)
&here is upward trend in 3arnings per share of HBL in the year %7"% E"".8') and %7"' E",.57)
respectively as compared to %7"" E"7.87) because they have <et gains.
,&2 Coverage 1atio
5.-.2.+ Int)r)9t Co=)ra() "atio
Int)r)9t Co=)ra() "atio I O%)ratin( In&om)
Annual Int)r)9t E<%)n9)
#)ar9 -?++ -?+- -?+/
Interest 6overage 2atio 7.%% 7."/ 7.""
Gra%h J 5.++8 Int)r)9t &o=)ra() ratio
Interest 6overage 2atio is an indicator of a companyIs ability to meet its interest payment
obligations. &he interest coverage ratio of the HBL Bank is showing a decreasing trend. &he
ratio is decreased in the year %7"% E7."/) as compared to the year %7"" E7.%%), while also
decreasing in the year %7"' E7."") as compared to %7"" E7."/). 4r simply we can say that the
bank is unable to cover their interest expense.
=or analyzing an organization, it is useful to express balance sheet and income statement items as
percentage, in addition to financial ratio analysis over time. &he percentage can be related to
some totals, such as total assets or total net sales or to some base year. 4ne of the techniCues
used for such an approach is called as Common !iz) *pproach.
F*n analysis of percentage financial statement where all balance sheet items are divided by total
assets and all income statement items are divided by net sales or revenue is called as common
size analysis.G
4ne particular widespread disadvantage inside the evaluation can be that this incapacity
involving evaluation to be able to comprehend as well as create in your mind, the B adust in
particular person things that have taken position through season to be able to season in relation to
the complete possessions, overall liabilities in addition to ownerIs collateral, as well as overall
world wide web sales. &hat complaint is particularly genuine each time a evaluation has been
made from % or more businesses, as well as of a single corporation with all the transactions with
an total marketplace. &hus there is no widespread base intended for evaluation whenever
managing overall results. 3ven so in the event the $ense of balance published in addition to
profits assertion info are usually revealed in analytical percentage when i. electronic. proportions
involving overall possessions, liabilities in addition to operator collateral, in addition to overall
world wide web sales a common base comes. &his evaluation is named because up and down
evaluation involving financial transactions. Inside examination involving financial affirmation it
is often helpful to learn the particular ratio of a total collection or even subgroup, which one
particular product inside these signifies. >ithin a Harmony published the particular Belongings
as well as the Liabilities and (oney are generally portrayed because "77 M and every product
within these types of classes can be portrayed as being a fraction on the own totals. *lso inside
income affirmation Internet $ales are generally arranged on "77 M, this kind of group involving
sizing possesses generated these types of assertions being termed as F6ommon $izeG.
&hese types of analysis is extremely helpful in comparing firms whose data differs significantly
in size because every item on the financial statement get placed on a relative or standardized
&he comparative common#size balance sheet analyses of HBL Bank from %7"7 to %7"" of
Balance $heet @ Income $tatement are given below in a tabular form as+
A9 at D)&)mE)r /+1 -?+-7-?+/
D)& /+
1 -?+- D)& /+
1 -?+/
"u%))9L ???
6ash and balances with treasury banks /0,/'',"', 59,8'9,8'0
Balances with other banks '9,'0,,%95 ,7,'00,085
LendingIs to =inancial Institutions 0,"9',585 /,'/%,85'
Investments "%9,8'',,,0 %"0,,05,/'%
*dvances ,/0,'//,/75 ,/,,00%,,99
4ther assets ',,/88,,,, ,",""0,/8%
4perating fixed assets ",,5/",%/% "0,500,008
-eferred tax assets "%,"80,8,8 9,%7/,9,,
6.>14?516+2 45/166415-+
Bills payable 9,8%8,78% "7,7,",/,%
Borrowing from financial institutions ,0,90","0/ /%,/,%,958
-eposits and other accounts /95,797,/,/ 08%,5/7,759
$ub#coordinated loans ',9/,,9%/ ,,%"%,787
Liabilities against assets subect to finance
# #
4ther liabilities %/,00',,"" %9,80%,",,
-eferred tax liability # #
08',,98,"%8 559,,78,8%'
NET A!!ET! 551/?41246 4.1/5>16>4
$hare 6apital 5,/97,777 9,"78,777
2eserves %',0/0,7,, %5,/%5,'87
Inappropriate profit '",9'',"58 '8,,98,''/
&otal eCuity attributed to the eCuity holders 0',"59,%%% 5/,"'',5"/
(inority interest 897,799 ",",',%,"
$urplus on revaluation of assets # net of
deferred tax
%,%'9,%00 8,79%,8,%
*ota 551/?41246 4.1/5>.6>4
A9 at D)&)mE)r /+1 -?+-7-?+/
D)& /+
1 -?+- D)& /+
1 -?+/
Common !iz) AnalA9i9 (M)
6ash and balances with treasury banks 5./, 9.%,
Balances with other banks /.%/ ,.05
LendingIs to =inancial Institutions 7.8' 7.0%
Investments "5.'% %/.70
*dvances 07.80 /%.0,
4ther assets ,.0" ,.50
4perating fixed assets ".95 ".9,
-eferred tax assets ".0' ".75
+?? +??
Bills payable ".'" "
Borrowing from financial institutions 0.%0 "'
-eposits and other accounts 59.0' /9
$ub#coordinated loans 7./' %
Liabilities against assets subect to finance
# #
4ther liabilities '.,% '
-eferred tax liability # #
$hare 6apital ".7" ".7/
2eserves '."/ '."9
Inappropriate profit ,.%0 ,.,0
&otal eCuity attributed to the eCuity holders 7."% 7."'
(inority interest
$urplus on revaluation of assets # net of
deferred tax
7.'7 7.9,
*ota +?? +??
D)& /+
1 -?+- D)& /+
1 -?+/
2upeesI 777
(arkup1 2eturn1 Interest earned 0','50,7,5 50,750,',5
(arkup1 2eturn1 Interest expensed %0,/%/,//0 '',,7/,8"'
<et (arkup1 Interest Income '0,8/7,,9" ,%,057,/',
!rovision against non#performing loans and
advances # net
0,97,,9"9 8,59,,/07
!rovision against off#balance sheet obligations '5%,/98 E/",'90)
!rovision against diminution in the value of
",979,885 ',0,,9/
Bad debts written off directly # #
<et (arkup1 Interest income after provisions %5,00',785 '',/87,85/
=ee, commission and brokerage income ,,/"8,,78 /,'"0,,59
Income 1 gain on investments ",'77,95/ /95,7"8
Income from dealing in foreign currencies %,'5,,'"8 ",9"',""/
4ther income ',788,99, ',''',777
&otal non#markup1 interest income "",%8%,09/ "","/9,0"%
/41>.2164- ..16.?1.46
*dministrative expenses %",,%/,'0" %%,5,/,9//
4ther provisions1 write off # net %77,"0' %"7,"97
4ther charges 0,,5/" ',/,7
>orkers welfare fund '%',/5/ '99,"00
&otal non mark# up1 interest expenses %%,7"',8/7 %','/8,8/"
'"OFIT $EFO"E TAXATION +51>/+1>/- -+1/4+15/5
#6urrent 8,'78,0"" 8,79/,0,%
# !rior years %'',"77 E",79/,'//)
# -eferred E%,,5',89") 987,077
&otal taxation amount 0,705,8%7 5,987,885
%ro;it A;t)r ta<ation +?145.1++- +/1.??16.>
D)& /+
1 -?+- D)& /+
1 -?+/
Common !iz) AnalA9i9 (M)
(arkup1 2eturn1 Interest earned "77 "77
(arkup1 2eturn1 Interest expensed ,".8/ ,,
<et (arkup1 Interest Income /8."/ /0
!rovision against non#performing loans and
advances # net
"7.97 "%
!rovision against off#balance sheet obligations 7./9 E7.75)
!rovision against diminution in the value of
'.7" 7.,0
Bad debts written off directly
<et (arkup1 Interest income after provisions '.7" ,,
=ee, commission and brokerage income 5."' 0.99
Income 1 gain on investments %.7/ 7.58
Income from dealing in foreign currencies '.5/ %./"
4ther income ,.85 ,.'8
&otal non#markup1 interest income "5.87 ",.05
*dministrative expenses ''.8" %9.97
4ther provisions1 write off # net 7.'% 7.%8
4ther charges 7."7% 7.77/
>orkers welfare fund 7./" 7./%
&otal non mark# up1 interest expenses ',.5, '7.57
'"OFIT $EFO"E TAXATION -5.6- -4.++
#6urrent "'."" "7.0,
# !rior years 7.'5 E".,,)
# -eferred 7.97 ".%9
&otal taxation amount
%ro;it A;t)r ta<ation +6.+. +6.5+
Horizontal analysis is also called as Indexed *nalysis. &he actual contrast associated with fiscal
transactions is usually attained through establishing balance sheets in addition to profits
transactions, side by side in addition to researching your alterations who have happened
throughout particular person classes at this time there throughout through yr for you to yr in
addition to in recent times. &his specific contrast associated with fiscal transactions above many
years also unveils your way, pace, degree along with the aptitude on the development as well as
your utter alterations. &he obective of your horizontally investigation is always to build
connection in between a single merchandise on the fiscal declaration using the exact same
merchandise associated with an additional yearIs fiscal declaration, financial institution as well
as using the industry..
=or the personal research regarding HBL Lender we have now picked the particular personal
files for % several years through %7"% O%7"'. >ith regard to horizontally research there needs to
be any fixed1base yr for your yr regarding research or perhaps using the record eCuipment ust
about every former yr is usually picked any starting yr for your returning yr we. age. the year
regarding research. Dust about all personal statement components of the camp yr are usually used
while eCual to "77 Epercent). >e have picked %7"7 for the reason that starting yr along with the
goods with regard to pursuing yr are usually portrayed for list to that year E%7"')..
&he horizontal analysis of financial statements of HBL Bank is given below showing indexed
balance sheets and income statements along with regular statements+

A9 at D)&)mE)r /+1 -?+-7-?+/
D)& /+
1 -?+- D)& /+
1 -?+/
"u%))N9 ???
6ash and balances with treasury banks /0,/'',"', 59,8'9,8'0
Balances with other banks '9,'0,,%95 ,7,'00,085
LendingIs to =inancial Institutions 0,"9',585 /,'/%,85'
Investments "%9,8'',,,0 %"0,,05,/'%
*dvances ,/0,'//,/75 ,/,,00%,,99
4ther assets ',,/88,,,, ,",""0,/8%
4perating fixed assets ",,5/",%/% "0,500,008
-eferred tax assets "%,"80,8,8 9,%7/,9,,
*ota 6.>14?516+2 45/166415-+
Bills payable 9,8%8,78% "7,7,",/,%
Borrowing from financial institutions ,0,90","0/ /%,/,%,958
-eposits and other accounts /95,797,/,/ 08%,5/7,759
$ub#coordinated loans ',9/,,9%/ ,,%"%,787
Liabilities against assets subect to finance
# #
4ther liabilities %/,00',,"" %9,80%,",,
-eferred tax liability # #
*ota 08',,98,"%8 559,,78,8%'
NET A!!ET! 551/?41246 4.1/5>16>4
$hare 6apital 5,/97,777 9,"78,777
2eserves %',0/0,7,, %5,/%5,'87
Inappropriate profit '",9'',"58 '8,,98,''/
&otal eCuity attributed to the eCuity holders 0',"59,%%% 5/,"'',5"/
(inority interest 897,799 ",",',%,"
$urplus on revaluation of assets # net of
deferred tax
%,%'9,%00 8,79%,8,%
*ota 551/?41246 4.1/5>.6>4
A9 at D)&)mE)r /+1 -?+-7-?+/
D)& /+
1 -?+- D)& /+
1 -?+/
In:)< AnalA9i9 (M)
6ash and balances with treasury banks "77 ","
Balances with other banks "77 "7'
LendingIs to =inancial Institutions "77 80
Investments "77 "05
*dvances "77 "77
4ther assets "77 ""9
4perating fixed assets "77 "",
-eferred tax assets "77 50
*ota +?? ++2
Bills payable "77 "7%
Borrowing from financial institutions "77 ""%
-eposits and other accounts "77 "",
$ub#coordinated loans "77 "75
Liabilities against assets subect to finance
"77 #
4ther liabilities "77 ""0
-eferred tax liability "77 #
*ota "77 "",
NET A!!ET! +?? +-6
$hare 6apital "77 "%7
2eserves "77 ""0
Inappropriate profit "77 "%"
&otal eCuity attributed to the eCuity holders # ""9
(inority interest "77 "%8
$urplus on revaluation of assets # net of
deferred tax
# '0"
*ota +?? +-6
D)& /+
1 -?+- D)& /+
1 -?+/
2upeesI 777
(arkup1 2eturn1 Interest earned 0','50,7,5 50,750,',5
(arkup1 2eturn1 Interest expensed %0,/%/,//0 '',,7/,8"'
<et (arkup1 Interest Income '0,8/7,,9" ,%,057,/',
!rovision against non#performing loans and
advances O net
0,97,,9"9 8,59,,/07
!rovision against off#balance sheet obligations '5%,/98 E/",'90)
!rovision against diminution in the value of
",979,885 ',0,,9/
Bad debts written off directly # #
<et (arkup1 Interest income after provisions %5,00',785 '',/87,85/
=ee, commission and brokerage income ,/,"8,,78 /,'"0,,59
Income 1 gain on investments ",'77,95/ /95,7"8
Income from dealing in foreign currencies %,'5,,'"8 ",9"',""/
4ther income ',788,99, ',''',777
&otal non#markup1 interest income "",%8%,09/ "","/9,0"%
/41>.2164- ..16.?1.46
*dministrative expenses %",,%/,'0" %%,5,/,9//
4ther provisions1 write off O net %77,"0' %"7,"97
4ther charges 0,,5/" ',/,7
>orkers welfare fund '%',/5/ '99,"00
&otal non mark# up1 interest expenses %%,7"',8/7 %','/8,8/"
'"OFIT $EFO"E TAXATION +51>/+1>/- -+1/4+15/5
#6urrent 8,'78,0"" 8,79/,0,%
# !rior years %'',"77 E",79/,'//)
# -eferred E%,,5',89") 987,077
&otal taxation amount 0,705,8%7 5,987,885
%ro;it A;t)r ta<ation +?145.1++- +/1.??16.>
D)& /+
1 -?+- D)& /+
1 -?+/
In:)< AnalA9i9 (M)
(arkup1 2eturn1 Interest earned "77 "%7
(arkup1 2eturn1 Interest expensed "77 "%0
<et (arkup1 Interest Income "77 ""0
!rovision against non#performing loans and
advances O net
"77 "%5
!rovision against off#balance sheet obligations "77 E",)
!rovision against diminution in the value of
"77 "8
Bad debts written off directly # #
"77 99
<et (arkup1 Interest income after provisions "77 "%"
=ee, commission and brokerage income "77 ""8
Income 1 gain on investments "77 ,0
Income from dealing in foreign currencies "77 8"
4ther income "77 "78
&otal non#markup1 interest income "77 99
+?? ++2
*dministrative expenses "77 "70
4ther provisions1 write off O net "77 "7/
4ther charges "77 /
>orkers welfare fund "77 "%'
&otal non mark# up1 interest expenses "77 "70
#6urrent "77 95
# !rior years "77 E,57)
# -eferred E"77) ,7
&otal taxation amount
%ro;it A;t)r ta<ation +?? +-/
HBL was established in "9," as a commercial Bank. &he main obective of the Bank was to
attract customers of making deposits and the same is advanced to industrialist for improving the
&he bank offers variety of services to its customers. &he most important to them are agency and
general utility services. &he bank is now having branches in all cities of !akistan offering
services to its accounts holders and also even to non#accounts holders.
HBL is offering innovative schemes these days. &he important among these are crore !ati
deposit certificate Ewhich has now discontinued), (uhafiz 2upee travel cheCues etc.
In conclusion one can say that Habib Bank has played a big role in the creation and the
development of the country. 4ne thing significant about this institution is that it has always
sacrificed monetary consideration over national interest. &his fact raises the Habib Bank above
all in the services of !akistan. In my opinion HBL is improving its performances at present for
the hope to succeed in future.
". (ost policies of the bank are not found in written form, it create problems for the bank as
employees as not aware of the bankIs policies, so here the recommendation is that the
policies should be in written form and should be present at different levels.
%. HBL need to take up once again intense tactic due to the fact the volume of it is
opponents is raising day#to#day..
'. $pecial attention should be exterior1interior layout, cleanliness and design of
furniture1fixture item of the branch. &he staff must be to wear decent and clean dress to
give smart out look to the visitors. &his will help to improve the corporate image
,. * bank is always profit conscious thus profitability of all branches as well as department
must be monitored closely and corrective measures should be taken to this end such loss
making branches which cannot be termed into income generating units may be closed if
/. -ata bank can be established at .onal offices12 H Ps and Head office to retain the data
once called for from the branches and the same can be had from the data banks instead of
calling for the same from the branches again and again. 6omputer can help a lot in this
regard which supply the reCuisite data immediately as and when desired by the
0. *lthough at present performance targets are allotted to the bank staff. However the
system of allotting targets and evaluating performances these against need revamping.
$uch target should be decided on data basis and only realistic achievable targets should
be allotted. =urther the target must pertain to the areas of operation of the concerned staff.
5. HBL have to play a vital role in mobilizing foreign remittances. &he bankIs foreign
branches have to become more competitive and service oriented. Likewise, improving in
he local remittances business and utility bills with help to improve the inter mediation in
the bank.
8. HBL should take care while conducting marketing research and adopting new policies
and procedure for getting its marketing share regarding advances.
9. &he exiting policies should be reviewed and there should be permanent revision of these
policies from time to time.
"7. HBL need to take up once again intense tactic due to the fact the volume of it is
opponents is raising day#to#day..
"". &here should be clear cut delegation of authority and responsibility.
"%. *ll the department head should be given full authority regarding decision making.
"'. :iven that with HBL there is overlapping associated with functions, conseCuently ust
about every section needs to be functionally described, and the many business units needs
to be blend whose functions act like minimize charge..
",. &he communication system of the bank should be improved by installing new
"/. 6o#ordination can be improved among different department by adopting proper channels
of communications.
"0. $uitable customer survey in addition to study need to be conducted prior to intro of
virtually any brand#new systems we. elizabeth. price tag in addition to help research need
to be viewed..
"5. *ny risk#free method pertaining to shift regarding funds need to be founded and with out
and about the actual delivery regarding legitimate papers zero transaction need to be
made. &he actual test out critical reCuirements need to be changed from time to time and
really should always be maintained solution..
"8. >hile credit extension prudential regulations should be kept under consideration.
"9. Loan procedure should not be cumbersome and should be made easy, so as to ease the
%7. !rolonged documentation should be avoided.
%". 2ight market sensible loan must be disbursed so that each and every market need to get
correct portion and every one of these significant need to concurrently create..
%%. &o be able to offset inefficiency, the actual supervision really should undertake many
supervision concepts we, In order to mitigate inefficiency, the management should adopt
some management principles i.e. proper ob, clear cut division of work should be
introduced chronic. $uitable work, distinct minimize department involving work must be
%'. HBL nevertheless features biggest multilevel connected with offices inside state,
however features reduced *&(s when compared having its large multilevel. &he
particular *&(s need to be enhanced, as a result of availability of dollars for the
customer %,#hours per day capability. &herefore it will eventually then add additional
customers for you to their customerIs foundation..
In cash department, refresher courses about detecting fake currencies and training to use
scanners and counting machines.
=or advances department, the staff should be given training in the proper evaluation of a
borrowerIs financial position and the security he offers for the loans.
In bills department, the staff should be trained in the careful preparation of the
documents plus carefully sending of the documents.
In foreign exchange department training on the identification of foreign currency, use of
fax machines, $>I=& message identification and confirmation etc.
=or (I$ of the bank, the bank should provide latest knowledge of the system designing
and information management.
". HBL should increase marketing activities, though reminder advertisements, increase
customer relations, promotional campaigns with products, and other tools of marketing,
this will increase the credibility and image of the band.
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