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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

International maritime news for seafarers
Experts forecast seaborne LNG trade to expand
Analysts predict that growth for the seaborne liquefied natural gas !"#$ trade will remain on
trac% o&er the coming years on the bac% of impro&ing global e'changes(
According to e'perts, demand for !"# carriers has been on the uptic% o&er the past couple of
months, indicating shipping in&estors) confidence on gaining profit from the segment despite
high participation costs(
Also ser&ing a boon for the seaborne !"# trade, which commercially started *0 years ago, is
the presence of floating !"# installations, which pro&ides an offshore alternati&e to land+based
facilities processing gas into liquid form(
The de&elopment of floating storage regasification units, which recon&erts liquid gas into its
original form for direct consumption, also plays a %ey role in enhancing !"# trade, e'perts said(
The first large+scale liquefaction plant was established in Algeria in 1,-4, with two &essels
leading the operations in transporting !"# to the .nited /ingdom(
0ince then, more ships were assembled to cater to rising global demand for !"#, further
e'panding the sector(
1ut !"# trade suffered a downturn in the 1,20s due to an energy crisis(
The situation eased about a decade later and !"# trade gradually became an important part of
the maritime business in the early 2000( 3urrently, some 400 highly specialised tan%ers are
in&ol&ed in transporting !"# across the globe(
Ballast water management systems approved
The M453 granted 1asic Appro&al to four and final appro&al to two ballast water management
systems that ma%e use of Acti&e 0ubstances( The M453 also appro&ed 16M+related guidance,
including guidance on entry or re+entry of ships into e'clusi&e operation within water under the
7urisdiction of a single 5arty and a re&ision of the #40AM5+166# Methodology for information
gathering and conduct of wor%( In addition, the 3ommittee requested the 0ecretariat to e'plore
the possibility of conducting a study on the implementation of the ballast water performance
standard described in regulation 8+2 of the 16M 3on&ention( The M453 mo&e was aimed at
addressing a number of industry concerns, including proposals to amend the #uidelines for
appro&al of ballast water management systems #9$(
:n the status of the of the International 3on&ention for the 3ontrol and Management of 0hips)
1allast 6ater and 0ediments, 2004, the M453 noted that the number of contracting
go&ernments was currently ;9, representing ;0(;9< of the world)s merchant fleet tonnage, while
;*< is needed to meet entry into force requirements( It further urged those states which ha&e
not yet ratified the 3on&ention to do so at the earliest possible opportunity(
0ource= IM:
Two injured Australian mariners transferred to
>MA0 6ollongong plunged into action recently by deli&ering two in7ured Australians to 8arwin
for more medical treatment(
The two mariners were initially rescued from their sin%ing craft in the Arafura 0ea by an
Indonesian+registered ci&ilian ship(
The ?oyal Australian "a&y patrol boat >MA0 6ollongong was then dispatched to ta%e the
Australians to 8arwin(
The two in7ured men were gi&en initial treatment at the ship(
The 3ommanding :fficer of >MA0 6ollongong, !ieutenant 3ommander 1en ?eilly, noted the
co+operation of those in&ol&ed in the sea transfer(
@The tas% was made easier with the e'cellent co+operation of the Indonesian ship)s crew,@ he
!orld"s last wooden whaling ship sets sail anew
3harles 6 Morgan, the world)s oldest merchant &essel, began a new 7ourney on 0aturday
following fi&e years of restoration wor%s(
Aor the first time in 22 years, the &essel, the .0) last wooden whaling ship, left the Mystic
0eaport for a three+month 7ourney to historic ports in "ew !ondon( A ceremony led by local
officials to mar% the &essel)s new &oyage was also held( 3onsidered as a national historic
landmar% &essel, the Morgan had made a total of ;2 &oyages during its whaling history(
@I remember I wasn)t so impressed with the Morgan then because she was in such shabby
condition,@ said >ermine 8udda, one of the passengers aboard the Morgan(
@1ut to see this ship 22 years later and be on board today is an honour and pri&ilege, and I feel
li%e I am li&ing a part of history(@
Boining the wooden ship)s 7ourney are pro7ect supporters, restoration &olunteers and se&eral
Museum and 0hipyard staff members(
8uring its stay at "ew !ondon, the historic &essel will be sub7ected to a .0 3oast #uard incline
test to determine whether it is still safe to tra&el at sea(
The Morgan will be open to the public in "ew !ondon o&er the coming two wee%ends before
resuming the ne't leg of its new &oyage to "ewport, ?hode Island on Bune 14(
#outh $orea to continue search for missing ferry
The 0outh /orean 3oast #uard said it will continue to search for the missing passengers of a
sun%en ferry, e&en after 5resident 5ar% #eun+hye &owed to disband the maritime police o&er its
failure to sa&e passengers(
/oh Myung+seo%, director of the coast guard)s technology and equipment bureau, told a press
briefing that the 7oint rescue team composed of coast guard, military and pri&ate di&ers will
search those missing to allay fears among families of the missing about slower search
operations, 5"A and Cinhua reported(
:n the ;*th day into search, 292 people ha&e been confirmed dead, with 12 other still missing(
"o sur&i&ors ha&e been reported since 122 people were sa&ed from the sea and ship on April 1-
when the ferry 0ewol capsiDed and san% off the southwestern island of Bindo(
Two thirds of the 42- passengers on board the &essel were 8anwon >igh 0chool students and
teachers on a class trip(
5ar% said in her nationally tele&ised speech Monday that she decided to dismantle the coast
guard for its failure to sa&e passengers, denouncing that the coast guard)s rescue operations
actually failed(
The duties of the coast guard will be absorbed into the national police force or the @"ational
0afety :ffice,@ which will be launched and ser&e as a control tower of rescue operations for all
disasters( The duties of marine transport control from the Ministry of :ceans and Aisheries,
which has been also under public criticism, will be transferred to the new organisation(
Aollowing 5ar%)s decision to disband the coast guard, families of the missing said they were
worried that the disbandment may result in chaos among coast guard officers and hamper
search operations(
Bimini resort dredging project to push through
A court in the 1ahamas re7ected an effort Monday to halt a dredging pro7ect off 1imini that is part
of a ma7or new resort de&elopment in the small cluster of islands near Alorida, The Associated
5ress reported(
In a 2+1 decision, the 3ourt of Appeal declined a petition by the 1imini 1lue 3oalition to stop a
pro7ect that it claims lac%s the proper permits and is damaging sensiti&e underwater habitat(
?esorts 6orld 1imini, a unit of Malaysia+based #enting #roup, is dredging off "orth 1imini to
build a terminal for its Miami+based cruise ship as part of a larger de&elopment that includes a
;*0+room hotel scheduled to open later this year(
The cruise ship terminal is scheduled to be completed in Buly( A company spo%eswoman,
>eather /rasnow, said ?esorts 6orld has the required permits and is attempting to minimiDe
en&ironmental damage by, among other things, relocating coral from the dredging area to an
artificial reef nearby(
3ritics ha&e said the pro7ect will o&erwhelm 1imini, a small group of islands about *0 miles east
of Alorida that has long been a rustic fishing and di&ing destination(
%elindo && suggests port fee hi'e
Indonesia)s Transportation Ministry is mulling a letter from port operator 5elindo II requesting an
increase in port fees, which could potentially hurt the competiti&eness of e'ports( The Ba%arta
5ost reported(
The ministry)s dredging pro7ect and port operation director Adolf Tambunan said on Monday that
5elindo II had proposed a 10 percent increase in the loading+unloading tariff for international
container handling charges 3>3$ at the country)s main port Tan7ung 5rio% in Ba%arta(
The last port tariff increase was in 2009(
@5elindo II submitted a letter to the ministry in April regarding their plan to increase the tariff,@
Adolf told reporters on Monday(
@The minister replied to the letter on May -, saying that it was not the right time to increase the
tariff( 6e were gi&en ;0 days to determine whether the tariff should be increased,@ he continued(
The ministry is currently e&aluating the performance of port operator 5elindo II to determine
whether or not the company was eligible to increase tariffs(
The e&aluation, which is e'pected to be completed by Bune, is based on whether or not 5elindo
II had been operating under the ministry)s minimum standard of operation, according to Adolf(
Tests for (hina"s first archaeological exploration
3hina)s first underwater archaeological e'ploration &essel has begun testing in southwest
3hina)s 3hongqing Municipality, Cinhua reported(
The ship, owned by 3hina)s cultural heritage team, is berthed at the pri&ate port of 3hanghang
8ongfeng 0hipbuilding 3orporation(
The hull of the ship is white, emblaDoned with @3hinese Archeology@ both in 3hinese and
The *00+tonne, *-+metre &essel has a ma'imum displacement of ,-0 tonnes, and is capable of
carrying a crew of ;0, according to an official with the 3hongqing culture and heritage
.nderwater archaeology in 3hina has made great strides since the 1,90s and a number of
professional institutions and teams wor% in the field(
The lac% of properly equipped &essels ships has long been a problem(
This ship, designed by the 201 ?esearch Institute of the 3hina 0hipbuilding Industry
3orporation, will continue testing in 0hanghai before sailing out to the Cisha Islands in the 0outh
3hina 0ea to begin archaeology wor%(
)niversidad *aritima &nternacional de %anama
The International Maritime .ni&ersity of 5anama .MI5$ is a maritime college in 5anama 3ity,
5anama( It trains cadets to become merchant marine ships) officers( It is located in the Albroo%
area of 5anama 3ity, on the site of the former Albroo% Air Aorce 1ase(
The International Maritime .ni&ersity of 5anama is the official uni&ersity of the ?epublic of
5anama, established by Act "o40 of 1 8ecember 200*(
.MI5 was established by a law passed in 200*, when it absorbed the former 4scuela "autica
de 5anama, which was founded in 1,*9(
5I3. bac% to the year 1,2*, immediately after the 5anamanian ?egistry of Eessels( At that time,
a group of professionals in the industry and willing to employment opportunities that the creation
of the 5anamanian ?egistry bring, decided to open the first school of seamanship of 5anama(
In 1,22, ta%ing into account the demand of International Merchant Marine :fficers and
employment opportunities in the 5anama 3anal, the academic offerings at the uni&ersity le&el
was e'panded to include courses leading to careers in the Merchant Marine(
5I3., through its Aaculty of Marine 0ciences specialising in the training of 8ec% :fficers
specialisation in na&igation and shipping and Marine 4ngineering with specialisation in marine
engineering and ship propulsion systems(
The uni&ersity focuses on educating seafarers in the areas of maritime+port, marine and coastal
national and regional cluster and the global merchant fleet(
The 5I3. is a unique college of its %ind, focusing on life s%ills and wor% through %nowledge
management and emphasis on leadership, discipline, responsibility, s%ills and &alues(
The main campus building was se&erely damaged by a fire in Banuary 2009, although there
were no in7uries or fatalities( The fire is belie&ed to ha&e started in a storage area on the
building)s top floor(
Market snapshot: (May 19)
Dry Index BDI 1022 -5
Capesize Index BCI 1494 -!
"ana#ax Index B"I 1054 $1
%&pra#ax Index B%I '9! -
(e) *ork (Mon C+s)
,-n C&rren.y /%D in ,-n
in /%D C&rren.y
Britain ("o&nd) 10!'19 00594!
Canada (Do++ar) 009200 100'10
China (*&an) 001!0 !0211
2&ro 1011 001292
India (3&pee) 000111 5'05000
Indonesia (3&piah) 000000'1 114!5000
4apan (*en) 00009'!' 1010400
(or)ay (5rone) 001!'5 5094
"hi+ippines ("eso) 000229 40!500
"o+and (6+oty) 00214 00500
3&ssia (3&7+e) 0002'9 4054'
%in-apore (Do++ar) 00'002 10249!
/kraine (8ry9nia) 000'51 1101510