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2 Kislev 5770, Thursday, November 19, 2009 2:31 IST |

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'Afghan quagmire
negates US-Iran
Comments: 58 Middle East & Israel Breaking News » Iranian - Iran News » Article
Iran rejects UN
nuclear fuel proposal Nov 18, 2009 0:51 | Updated Nov 18, 2009 9:59 
Comments: 16
'Afghan quagmire negates US-Iran war'
By Y A A K O V L A P P I N

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Talkbacks for this article: 58

Does report on Article's topics: United States,  Iran,  Afghanistan  
"religious freedom" in
Israel deserve
criticism? The US is too bogged down in Afghanistan to engage Iran militarily over its nuclear
program, an ex-CIA South Asia expert and current adviser to US President Barack
Obama did some good
(when he followed
Obama said in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

Bruce Riedel, a senior Brookings

COLUMNISTS Institute and Saban Center fellow for
Jeff Barak political transitions in the Middle East
discrimination in
and South Asia, addressed scholars
the courts and journalists at Tel Aviv University's
Institute for National Security Studies.
Sarah Honig
Is Abbas worth
saving? He warned that the US was fighting a
losing battle against Taliban insurgents
in Afghanistan, and that Washington
Guest Blog would soon have to make difficult
World opinion:
who cares? choices on beefing up troop levels
Warped Mirror
"Israelis need to understand that Obama adviser Bruce Riedel: Afghanistan
there's going to be a huge drain on victory crucial
Window Israel
Bureaucrats on resources, attention and capital, and
religious that will have implications," Riedel told The Jerusalem Post before his talk.
freedom Breaking News: See
How a Mom Makes
He acknowledged that those implications would primarily affect the Iran question. 77/hr (Online)
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During his address, Riedel referred to the US's commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan, $8,673/Month Part-
and said, "We've got two wars. You've got to be bold to say, let's start a war against a Time! Read her story to
third party, particularly when the third party can hit you in the first two fronts." find out...

The US has learned that it "can't fight

two medium-sized wars
simultaneously," he said.
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(Online) Teeth Trick
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Riedel retired from the CIA in November to know about THIS
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he was asked by then-senator Barack Dentists don't want you to know HealthReportsWeekly....
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adviser on counterterrorism.
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Brain Games Riedel said. Obama asked him to Gentle Arthroscopic
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  Buy a link here  
policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Spine. Get Your Life
Map of Israel
Israel Resources www.LaserSpineInstitu...
"The president has inherited a disastrous war that is being lost," Riedel said. "Pakistan,
next-door to Afghanistan, is being destabilized. Pakistan is the fastest growing nuclear
Weather arms state in the world, and has more terrorists per square kilometer than any other   Buy a link here  
Shabbat Times country," he continued.

Financial Tables
Riedel said the scenario that kept him up at night was the potential for a jihadi sweep to
power in Pakistan via a violent coup.

"That is the nightmare outcome," he warned. Such a development would certainly

destabilize the entire world, Riedel said, and would have severe implications for Israel, GOT A QUESTION?
Have a question about something in this story? Ask
Specials "Pakistan would be a patron state sponsor of terrorism. Hamas would find a lucrative it here and get answers from other users like you.
Eldan Rent a Car Sunni sponsor," he added, noting that a jihadi Pakistan would be a more attractive
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online reservations
"We're losing... It's getting worse in Afghanistan," Riedel said.
Israeli Basketball
Watch Live Israeli The US could either remain in its current position, which would, in effect, mean that the
Premier Basketball Taliban would control the Afghan countryside and NATO forces would control the cities,
or a decision can be made to withdraw, Riedel added.
Jerusalem Post Lite
Light Edition of the
Jerusalem Post for "President Obama has ruled that [a withdrawal] out. I think correctly," Riedel said. But the
English improvement
option of a troop surge was not simple either, he noted.
Desert lodging &
Tents, camping & "Every soldier sent to Afghanistan costs the US a million dollars a year. Thirty thousand
cabins, various
activities and meals in soldiers cost $30 billion. Extremely large resources are involved," he said. "America is
the Negev broke."
The Best Jewish
Learn how Efrat saved Riedel's Afghanistan review ended with the conclusion that recent recommendations by
30,000 lives of Jewish US Gen. Stanley McCrystal, to send tens of thousands of more troops to Afghanistan,
should be tried.
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special prices "Within 18 to 24 months, we will know whether Obama inherited a dead patient on an
operating table," Riedel said. "The question of sending more troops will define Obama's
first term in office."
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58. very poor- self eventual damaging- excuse

Fishel Katz - usa (11/18/2009 22:00)

57. #54 No. Gagmire would be joking. Quakmire is a bunch of stranded ducks.
Oscarmire, too much acting - (11/18/2009 21:42)

56. This is not 1945

bannister - USA (11/18/2009 21:31)

55. The terrorist attack against the US was because "we are decant, infidels".
B H - USA (11/18/2009 20:36)

54. Guagmire?? You're joking right

Bob - (11/18/2009 19:57)

53. No, Obama's weak spine negates US-Iran war.

Art Vandeley - united socialist states of america (11/18/2009 19:54)

52. BS
V e s ` - Europe (11/18/2009 19:25)
51. #42
R o s s - Canada (11/18/2009 19:00)

50. Troops aren't needed in Afghanistan or Iraq, create a no fly zone, concentrate on Iran!
C.J.M. - U.S.A. (11/18/2009 19:00)

49. #45
R o s s - Canada (11/18/2009 18:58)

48. Bannister, you are either an agent provocateur,

Raul Rojas - USA (11/18/2009 18:46)

47. 8 Bannister - Al Qaeda in America

D A V I D K A P L A N - United States (11/18/2009 17:54)

46. India can handle Pakistan

Jason - Atlanta, GA - (11/18/2009 17:50)

45. 19 What this has to do with Israel

bannister - USA (11/18/2009 17:22)

44. I agree #42

Chantel Cyr - (11/18/2009 16:54)


JKF - Canada (11/18/2009 16:19)

42. Time for Israel to fight its own wars and time for Israel to be independent of US
financial aid and charity
insan mukmin - Malaysia (11/18/2009 15:37)

41. So America is too broke to defeat A Q, and to bogged down not defeating them to help
prevent another holocaust
benyitzchak - usa (11/18/2009 15:25)

40. Obama Is A Drain On America's Resources

Alan - USA (11/18/2009 14:47)

39. Doom and Gloom, CIA what did this guy do write the NIE report on how Iran stopped its
nuke program?
r - (11/18/2009 14:40)

38. Israel, can you

John Profit - (11/18/2009 14:31)

37. US tied up? No problem!

Michael A. Shoemaker - USA (11/18/2009 14:31)

36. No we can't. How the mighty have fallen.

j - (11/18/2009 14:23)

35. Run Away, Bruce.

Fred - Israel (11/18/2009 14:22)

34. If
R o s s - Canada (11/18/2009 14:19)

33. With
R o s s - Canada (11/18/2009 14:14)

32. #25
R o s s - Canada (11/18/2009 14:10)

31. The question of sending more troops will define Obama's first term in office
Albrecht Klein - Germany (11/18/2009 13:27)

30. Well, a community organizer isn't expert at war or strategy

Petra - USA (11/18/2009 13:08)

29. Get the population on side!

Jon_Boy - (11/18/2009 13:05)



Iran rejects UN nuclear fuel proposal

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