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Our Company

Valves we use Original Lancer valves from USA

Lancer Value Price - Rs.4,400 - 4,600
Syrup Tanks - We use A Grade used syrup tanks
imported from USA
Pump - we use original Procon pump form USA
Procon pump price - Rs.3,300
Service centres in india. Most reputed in usa. this pump can be repaired as there are
service centers in India.
Pump motor GE(Marathon) 1/3hp. Very heavy motor It works even at pressures of 150-
200PSI.No one in India uses this expensive and heavy motor. Price of motor-Rs3500
Mango tap krome, This company exports beer taps across world.Rs 950
Compressor Kirloskar Emerson, we have 35 years experience in refigeration.which
makes cooling systems very perfect
Condenser Maxwell, Good Reputed manufacturer in India
Refrigeration copper coil Total line (carrier)
We use 100 ft for 10+2 .This pipe is very soft,dry,
leak proof. Price-Rs650 per kg
Fan blade Aravind, Refrigeration industry known
brand from 58 years. Perfect air cutting ,highest blow.
Regulator Misatu, Good brand. Rs2800
Main cord wire Edison cable and million
are No.1 Brands in India.
Electric plug points Cona heavy Best brand in India.
Body- Looks Just like imported.Total Machine cut.
No hand cut.very heavy body.First of its kind in India.
Soda, water, syrup, mango coils-we use max length coils for higher cooling performance.
You can practically see our coils weight and length, which are more than other companies
in market.
we use perfect 0.5 mm thickness coils
19. Water level circuit board- Our circuit board is
designed for high boilers where safety is most imp,
we use the most expensive water level controller than any other company in India. The
water level controller used in our machine is exported across the world and this company
is reliable from 50 years with most of its products CE marked.
Price Rs 950
Digital thermostat Sub Zero, The model we use
has power On/OFF switch inbuilt.
Nipples-All hand tight removable nipples,
which makes connections and repair easy.
no one uses this kind of easy connections
Non return valve- For procon pump which stops non return of co2 gas into the pump no
one uses it in India.
Switches-Inverter switch, Motor on/off switch,
compressor direct,Light switch
Puff insulation density - we density of insulation is
very high which prevents cooling loss.
Clamps-We use OETIKER SS clamps of USA.
These clamps are used by original lancer company.
Double clamps-We use double clips for internal parts. Which makes it very perfect.
Transformer-SNE Brand with low heat heavy
transformer. Max performance.
Internal plug points- All internal plug points are having plug and socket which makes easy
Carbonator-our carbonator and sensor are coolex
brand this makes our machine so special in to make highest power soda. Different design
carbonator for high power soda.
Plastic pipes-Duplon pipes are used. Duplon is no.1 brand in India. Per meter-Rs15
Tagging- All wiring are perfectly tagged
Multi junction connectors-We use very heavy multi
junction connectors.Practically you can feel the weight of the multi junction connectors
QCD-we use SFM brand quick connectors.