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Enuma Elish Tablet VI

1. As [Mar]duk hears the words of the gods,

2. His heart prompts (him) to create ingenious things.
3. He cone!s his idea to "a,
#. $mparting the p%an [which] he had conceied in his heart&
'. ()%ood wi%% $ form and cause *one to *e+
,. -hen wi%% $ set up %u%%u, .Man. sha%% *e his name/
0. 1es, $ wi%% create %u%%u& Man/
2. (3pon him)4 sha%% the serices of the gods *e imposed that the! ma! *e at rest.
5. Moreoer, $ wi%% ingenious%! arrange the wa!s of the gods.
16. -he! sha%% *e honored a%ike, *ut the! sha%% *e diided into two (groups).(
11. "a answered him, speaking a word to him,
12. -o make him change his mind concerning the re%ief of the gods&
13. (7et a *rother of theirs *e de%iered up+
1#. 7et him *e destro!ed and men *e fashioned.
1'. 7et the great gods assem*%e hither,
1,. 7et the gui%t! one *e de%iered up, and %et them *e esta*%ished.(
10. Marduk assem*%ed the great gods,
12. 8rdering (them) kind%! (and) giing instructions.
15. -he gods pa! attention to his word,
26. As the king addresses a word to the Anunnaki, (sa!ing)
21. (9eri%!, the former thing which we dec%ared unto !ou had come true/
22. (A%so now) $ speak the truth under an oath(:) *! m!se%f.
23. ;ho was it that created the strife,
2#. And caused -iamat to reo%t and prepare for *att%e:
2'. 7et him who created the strife *e de%iered up+
2,. $ wi%% make him *ear his punishment, *e !e at rest.(
20. -he $gigi, the great gods, answered him,
22. -he (king of the gods of heaen and earth,( the counse%or of the gods, their %ord&
25. (<ingu it was who created the strife,
36. And caused -iamat to reo%t and prepare for *att%e.(
31. -he! *ound him and he%d him *efore "a+
32. =unishment the! inf%icted upon him *! cutting (the arteries of) his *%ood.
33. ;ith his *%ood the! created mankind+
3#. He imposed the serices of the gods (upon them) and set the gods free.
3'. After "a, the wise, had created mankind,
3,. (And) the! had imposed the serice of the gods upon them>
30. -hat work was not suited to (human) understanding+
32. $n accordance with the ingenious p%ans of Marduk did ?udimmud create (it) >
35. Marduk, the king, diided
#6. -he tota%it! of the Anunnaki a*oe and *e%ow+
#1. He assigned (them) to Anu, to guard his decrees.
#2. -hree hundred he set in the heaens as a guard.
#3. Moreoer, the wa!s of (the gods of) the earth he defined.
##. $n heaen and in earth si@ hundred he caused to dwe%%.
#'. After he had issued a%% the decrees,
#,. (And) to the Anunnaki of heaen and earth had a%%otted their portions,
#0. -he Anunnaki opened their mouth(s)
#2. And said to Marduk, their %ord&
#5. (?ow, 8 %ord, who had esta*%ished our freedom from compu%sor! serice,
'6. ;hat sha%% *e the sign of our gratitude *efore thee:
'1. Aome, %et us make (something) whose name sha%% *e ca%%ed .Banctuar!..
'2. $t sha%% *e a dwe%%ing for our rest at night+ come, %et us repose therein/
'3. -here %et us erect a throne dais, a seat with a *ack support/
'#. 8n the da! that we arrie, we wi%% repose in it.(
''. ;hen Marduk heard this,
',. His countenance shone e@ceeding%!, [%ik]e the da!, (and he said&)
'0. (Bo(:) sha%% )a*!%on *e, whose construction !e hae desired+
'2. 7et its *rickwork *e fashioned, and ca%% (it) a sanctuar!.(
'5. -he Anunnaki wie%ded the hoe.
,6. 8ne !ear the! made *ricks for it+
,1. ;hen the second !ear arried,
,2. -he! raised the head of "sagi%a on high, %ee% with the Apsu.
,3. After the! had *ui%t the %oft! stagetower af the Apsu,
,#. -he! esta*%ished an a*ode therein(:) for Marduk, "n%i%, (and) "a.
,'. He sat down *efore them in ma4est!,
,,. As from the *ase of "sharra the! %ook(ed) up to its horns.
,0. After the! had comp%eted the construction of "sagi%a,
,2. -he Anunnaki2 *ui%t themse%es shrines.
,5. [C.a%%] of them were gathered.
06. [-he! sat] in the e%eated shrine which the! had *ui%t as his dwe%%ing.
01. He had the gods his fathers sit down to a *anDuet.
02. (Here is )a*!%on, !our faorite dwe%%ing p%ace.
03. Make music in [its] p%ace (and) *e seated on its sDuare(:).(
0#. ;hen the great gods had sat down,
0'. -he *eer 4ug the! set on, whi%e the! were seated at the *anDuet.
0,. After the! had made music in it,
00. -he! he%d a serice of supp%ication in awe>inspiring(:) "sagi%a.
02. -he (%aws pertaining to) portents were fi@ed, a%% the omens.
05. -he stations in heaen and earth the gods a%%otted, a%% of them.
26. -he fi[ft!] great gods took their seats+
21. And then the seen gods (determining) the destinies set three hundred (gods) [in the
22. "n%i% %ifted up the *[ow, his] we[apon(:)], (and) %aid (it) *efore them.
23. -he net which he had made the gods his fathers *ehe%d.
2#. ;hen the! saw the *ow, how ski%%fu%%! its construction was made,
2'. His fathers praised the work which he had done.
2,. Anu %ifted (it) up and spoke in the assem*%! of the gods.
20. He kissed the *ow, (sa!ing&) (-his [C.]
22. He named the names of the *ow as fo%%ows&
25. (7ongwood is the first (name)+ the seco[nd is C]+
56. $ts third name is )ow>Btar+ in heaen [C.].(
51. He esta*%ished its p%ace [C.].
52. After [he had determined] the destinies of [the )ow>Btar],
53. He set up a throne [C.].
5#. A second one(:) in heaen [C.].
5'. [-he great gods ga]thered [C.].
5,. [C.] Marduk [C.].
50. (A%most comp%ete%! destro!ed)
52. (A%most comp%ete%! destro!ed)
55. He gae him [C.].
166. Eor the dominion oer the go[ds(:)C.].
161. He made surpassing [C.].
162. Eor his names [C.].
163. He opened [his] mouth [and C.]+
16#. (At his command [C.] sha%% *e supreme [C.].
16'. 7et him *e high%! e@a%ted [C.].
16,. 7et his high>priesthood *e supreme [C.].
160. 7et him e@ercise shepherdship oer mankind, [his] crea[tures(:)].
162. -hroughout the da!s to come %et them, without forgetting, make mention of [his
165. 7et him esta*%ish great offerings for his fathers+
116. 7et them proide for their maintenance (and) %et them take care of their sanctuaries.
111. Ma! he proide (the gods) with *urnt offerings to sme%%+ their incantations ma! *e
112. A %ikeness of what he made(:) in heaen [%et him make(:)] on earth.
113. 7et him teach mankind to [fear him(:)].
11#. 7et the su*4ects *e eer mindfu% of their god (and) their goddess.
11'. At the opening of his mouth, %et them pa! attention to (their) goddess.
11,. 7et offerings *e *rought for their god (and) their goddess.
110. 7et their god *e not forgotten, (*ut) %et them support (him).
112. 7et them make their %and shine *! *ui%ding shrines for themse%es.
115. 7et mankind stand (in awe) *efore our god.
126. As for us, *! as man! a name as we hae ca%%ed (him), he sha%% *e our god.
121. Aome, %et us proc%aim his fift! names/
122. 7et his wa!s shine forth in g%or!, %et his deeds *e corresponding.
123. Marduk (is the name) which Anu, his (grand)father, ca%%ed him from his *irth+
12#. -he proider of pasture %and and drinking p%aces, who fi%%s their sta%%s with p%ent!+
12'. ;ho with his weapon, the rain f%ood, oercame the enemies+
12,. ;ho saed the gods his fathers in distress.
120. 9eri%!, the sun>chi%d of the gods, the radiant one, is he/
122. $n the *rightness of his *right %ight %et them wa%k a*out constant%!.
125. (3pon) the peop%e, whom he created C.,
136. he imposed the serices of the gods, and the! were set at ease.
131. At his command %et there *e creation, destruction, a%%eiation, merc!+
132. 7et them %ook upon him.
133. Marukka eri%! is the god, the crea[tor of eer!]thing+
13#. ;ho g%addened the hearts of the Anunnaki, who put their [minds] at ease.
13'. Marutukku eri%! is the refuge of the %and, the pro[tection of] his [peop%e]+
13,. Him the peop%e sha%% praise [C.].
130. )arashakushu stood up and seiFed the reins (of the %and)+
132. ;ide is his heart, (a%%>)em*racing(:) [his] mind.
135. 7uga%dimmerankia is his name which we named in our assem*%!+
1#6. -he commands of his mouth we hae e@a%ted a*oe (those of) the gods his fathers.
1#1. 9eri%!, hi is the %ord of a%% the gods of heaen and earth+
1#2. -he king at whose instruction the gods a*oe and *e%ow sha%% *e afraid.
1#3. ?ari%uga%dimmerankia is his name which we named+ who takes care of a%% the gods+
1##. ;ho in heaen and earth esta*%ished our dwe%%ing p%ace in (the time of) trou*%e+
1#'. ;ho a%%otted stations to the $gigi and the Anunnaki.
1#,. At (the mention of) his name the gods sha%% Duake (and) trem*%e in (their)
1#0. Asar%uhi is his name *! which Anu, his (grand)father ca%%ed (him)+
1#2. 9eri%!, hi is the %ight of the gods, the might! prince+
1#5. ;ho, as a shedu and %amassu of the gods and of the %and,
1'6. $n might! com*at saed our dwe%%ing in (the time of) trou*%e.(
1'1. Asar%uhi the! second%! ca%%ed ?amti%%aku, the god who restores to %ife+
1'2. ;ho restored a%% the ruined gods, as though the! were his own creation+
1'3. -he %ord who *! his ho%! incantation restored the dead gods to %ife+
1'#. -he destro!er of the insidious(:) enemies+ come, %et us e@to% [his] a%or/
1''. Asar%uhi, whose name was third%! ca%%ed ?amshu*+
1',. -he *right god who *rightens our wa!.
1'0. Anshar, 7ahmu, and 7ahamu each proc%aimed three of his names.
1'2. -o the gods their sons the! said&
1'5. (;e hae each proc%aimed !e (a%so) his names.(
1,6. 7ike unto us, proc%aim !e (a%so) his names.(
1,1. -he gods re4oiced and %istened to their command.
1,2. -he! took counse% together in the Aourt of Assem*%!, (sa!ing&)
1,3. (8f the a%iant son, our aenger
1,#. (And) our proider, %et us e@a%t his name/(
1,'. Bo the! sat down in their assem*%! to proc%aim his destinies,
1,,. A%% of them mentioning his name(s) in the ho%! p%ace(:).
Catch Line
Asaru, the *estower of ara*%e %and, who has esta*%ished [the gran]aries.