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Beginning Music Theory-01 (SP14)

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MUSIC 1 - Beginning Music Theory (SPRING 2014) - SYLLABUS
Beginning Music Theory - (Music 1 - MUS 001)
Instructor: Fred Haas, Senior Lecturer in Music
Office: Room 30 (Hopkins Center)
Teaching Studio: Room 32 (Hopkins Center)
Teaching Assistant: Zev Kane - (

Class times: 11 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11:15 AM - 12:20 AM) in Lower Buck (Hopkins Center Music Department) - X-Hour (Tuesday 12:00 PM 12:50
PM) - We will be using most, if not all of our X-hours. Attendance is an essential component of learning this material and significant percentage of your grade.
FINAL EXAM - May 30 (Friday) from 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Office hours: By appointment Please email ( ( ) or stop by my office (Room 30 Hopkins Center)
or my teaching studio (Room 32 Hopkins Center) to make an appointment. I am almost always available before and after class as well.

Course Description:
This course is intended for students with little or no knowledge of music theory. Students will be introduced to the practical aspects of musical performance, and the
fundamentals of musical thought. The course will focus on the basic elements of music: melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, and form. Among topics covered are
musical notation, intervals, scales, rhythm and meter, and general musical terminology. The fundamental skills learned in this class are essential to the
understanding of classical, popular, jazz, and the music of other cultures. The composition and performance of music is an activity common to all humankind. This
particular Music 1 class will focus on jazz.

Some of the topics that will be covered in class:
The relationship of notation to sound
Scales and Modes
Pulse and meter
Chords and harmonic analysis
Emotion and intellect in music
Basic piano keyboard skills
Sight singing and score reading
Ear training
There is no textbook for this class. Your attendance and participation in class are critical to mastery of the material. I will regularly distribute handouts in class and
will do daily drills. There will also be homework assignments, some of which will be handed in during class and some of which you will email to me. Please bring a
notebook, music paper and pencils with erasers to all classes.

Canvas - We'll be using Canvas this term. It is new to me and maybe to you as well. Please watch the following videos to help familiarize yourself with how Canvas
Beginning Music Theory-01 (SP14)
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Date Day Details
Mar 26 Wed Circle of Fifths/Fourths ( due by 11:15am
works. I think that together we can make this a powerful learning tool for this class. (
93 -100 = A
90 - 92.99 = A-
87 - 89.99 = B+
83 - 86.99 = B
80 - 82.99 = B-
77 - 79.99 = C+
73 - 76.99 = C
70 - 72.99 = C-
60 - 69.99 = D
Beginning Music Theory-01 (SP14)
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