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Listen as the teacher reads the story.

Choose the letter of the correct answer to

the questions that follow.

Gazing with envy at a carabao in a meadow, a frog said to itself, What a big animal this
is! I wish I, too could be as big as that carabao! Saying this, the frog breathed deep to swell its
body to the size of the carabao. It breathed deeper, stopping time and again to see if it had
reached the same size. Getting annoyed at the slow progress, it breathed deeper and faster, till it
puffed itself up so much, that it finally burst.

1. Who were the animas in the story?
a. carabao and cow b. carabao and frog c. ant and frog
2. Where did the story happen?
a. in a farm b. in a meadow c. in a forest
3. The frog is envious of the carabao because the carabao is ______.
a. big b. strong c. tall
4. What did the frog do to make itself as big as the carabao?
a. it ate more food
b. it drank much water
c. it breathed deeper
5. How did the story end?
a. the frog and the carabao became friends
b. the frog became stronger and bigger
c. the frog burst

30. Why do people wear thick clothes?
a) the climate is cool b) they are avoiding the sun c) to show their new jackets
31. Why do many people go to Baguio?
a) to see the beautiful places b) to eat fruits and vegetables c) to feel the cool air
32. How can you go to Baguio?
a) by walking b) by riding a bus c) by riding a boat
33. Why do fruits and vegetables grow in abundance in Baguio?
a) because of the cool climate b) because of the fertilizer c) because of the soil
Baguio has a cool climate. The people wear thick clothes even at daytime. Many people go to
Baguio especially during summer months. Fruits and vegetables grow in abundance because of the cool
climate. There are colourful flowers growing along the streets and on the hilltop. There are many
beautiful places to go. That is why many tourist go to Baguio. We can go there too by riding a bus or an
34. Which of these words best describe the climate in Baguio?
a) fresh b) cool c) hot
35. What kind of flowers could be seen along the streets?
a) colourful flowers b) artificial flowers c) wilted flowers

1. Who were living happily in the pond?
a. Boys b. stones c. frogs
2. How many boys came to play?
a. Four b. five c. six
3. What did the little frog jump?
a. Flying leaf b. falling leaf c. floating leaf
4. What did the boys pick up?
a. Leaves b. stones c. frogs
5. Why did the little frog shout?
a. To call the boys b. to talk to the boys c. to stop the boys

26. Where did the story took place?
a. in a mall b. in a street c. on a bus
27. When did the story happened?
a. on a summer vacation b. on a street c. early in the morning
28. Who were the main characters in the story?
a.children b. men and women c. Anna and Andy
29. After about half an hour of continuous walking, they finally reached their
a. the mall b. the house c. school
30. Which of these events happened in the story?
a. Anna and Andy walked to the mall.

The frogs in the pond were living happily and at peace until four boys came to play. When the
boys saw the frogs, the boys picked up some stories and started throwing out at the frogs.

A little frog then jumped into a floating leaf in front of the boys. The little frog shouted, Stop!
How would you feel if you were frogs like us. You dont want to be stoned, so dont do it to us.

Anna and Andy were among the many men, women and children who walked down the
crowded avenue that hot summer afternoon. They could not take a ride because all the taxi cabs
were already hired and buses were fully packed with passengers. People had been on the street
since early morning. And there would still be people until the late evening.
After about half an hour of continuous walking, Ana and Andy finally reached their
destination, the mall.

b. Anna and Andy rode a fully packed bus.
c. Anna and Andy walked on a busy street.