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Manufactured and Modular Homes
Often the terms mobile, manufactured, and modular homes are used interchangeably. In
reality they are different homes. It is important for you to understand the difference because
each home has different regulatory and funding requirements. Though the mobile home is not
built anymore, the term is still incorrectly used for all factory built homes. This is unfortunate
because manufactured/modular homes are far superior and receive better lending rates. The
only similarity is that they were built in a factory and transported out to the building site. Be an
enlightened customerdont use the term mobile home, if they dont understand the
differencethey dont know anymore than you!
The mobile home is a true classic in affordable housing. Essentially using the travel trailer as
a model, mobile homes took off in popularity just as the need for housing grew after WWII. In
1976 the federal government standardized this form of housing under what is known as the
HUD code. The mobile home is not built anymore.
The HUD code manufactured home is built to a federal standard to provide an affordable
quality home that can meet the minimum building standard in every state. Regulated by the
federal government the HUD code supersedes local building regulations thus cannot
discriminate against a manufactured home. Though often considered the house for land-lease
communities (i.e. mobilehome parks), manufactured homes are legal for private property.
Floor plans are quite flexible and for a very nice home you cannot match the savings! This
truly is quality affordable housing.
Modular homes though built in the same factories as manufactured homes, are different
houses! Modular homes meet the state building standard commonly called UBC. This is the
same building standard used for site built homes. The idea of the modular home was to be
able to create a customized floor plan using the same efficient factory built process as the
manufactured home. Once the modular home is placed on a permanent foundation the home
meets the same requirements of a site built home. All the advantages of a site built home, just
built in a factory at huge savings to you.
By the late 1970s, the mobile home had been discontinued, and replaced by manufactured
homes. Many old mobile homes exist today and to be honest, most are past their intended
life time. The building code that mobile homes were built under are inferior to manufactured
homes which follow a federal building code (HUD), or modular homes which are built to a
state standard code (UBC). Improved design, energy efficiency and quality, todays
manufactured/modular homes are a great example of the future of housing, homes built to
last a lifetime!
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