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The Current position of humankind as we know it is facing a very distinct and abrupt
end. Life as we have come to know it over the thousands of years of our existence is
coming to a fork in the road. The facts of the matter is we have done more to upset the
natural order of things on our planet that sustain life then any time in our history. Every
species, has a place in the great cog wheel that is earth. Every species and subspecies
on it has a job to do from the smallest of micro organisms to the largest of mammals.
The earth is a large recycling facility which has a species or process for every input and
output, for everything is food for another life, and every life forms waste is a food source
for yet another organism. but what all this really is is chemistry, chemical building blocks
are made through processes and released through others to become a wholly different
chemical which then interacts differently with others.
The Globes species are dying at an ever increasing rate, making other species in that
area work harder to maintain the load. However they too also must deal with the same
affliction which killed off the predecessor. The Organisms, plant and animal as well as
human life is threatened with a very real adversary, ourselves. We are the cause of
many of these problems.
We are responsible for the dumping of toxic chemicals into water streams, rivers,
oceans and underground water tables. We are responsible for the deforestation of
thousands of jungles, rain forests and woodlands ranging from large to small. We are
responsible for over fishing our oceans creating dead spots in the different oceans
around the globe. Through these different actions we cause water shortages, climate
shifts and a general degradation of the planet for producing food, obtaining clean water
and having the materials for construction.
By these means we need to figure out how this happened so we can fix it.
How did we get here?:
Our ideas of value were shifted from a trading materials economic base to trading
promissary notes from banks and governments. This introduction of paper money
quickly spread like wild fire for its convenience. Instead of going to market with a wagon
or a sack of heavy metal coins you could simply exchange and trade goods needed for
the paper notes. With this as our base we quickly forget what was needed for things to
turn, they eventually turned around money itself. As a species we have a focus on an
idea of wealth and value which is based around the currencies around the world, we
have forgotten the wealth that we come from and the wealth and value that still lies
by forgetting we devalue the things around us for there is only one thing in our minds
especially in the metro areas which has value and that is money. We have devalued
what the planet does for us on many levels and we continue to devalue it allowing us to
desecrate it with trash, chemical waste, taking all that we can from every area of the
earth. It's metals, it's waters its life by these ends we strip the very essence of what the
earth has to offer. This was the case in the industrial revolution as well as the green
revolution in the 1960's. The green revolution changed the way we looked at life by
breeding it and bending it to our will. By these ends we have allowed a great many
genetically altered foods to enter our markets. Genetically manipulated also to not die
with chemical pesticides and who's seeds will not germinate.
This way of farming of pesticides and chemical fertilizers is not possible. The organisms
residing in the soil is being killed by the pesticides and the soil is loosing the minerals in
which plants needs to survive as well as service our needs of them. By these ends our
way of doing things will be bound for collapse in under a few years. Between the crops
we use for food, clothes and animal feed as well as our pharmaceutical plants will be
devastated within 25 years. Our shortage of water and arable lands will also catch up
due to the laws of diminishing returns and our oceans will be so polluted and devoid of
life they will cease to function the way that it does for the world.
With these problems looming at our children what is there we can do?
Prospective Employee will be in Yellow
Investor Documentary will be in Red
Public Documentary will be in White
Industrial Partners will be in Blue
Educational Partners will be Black
(Yellow) (Red) Rengineer the way we grow foods to be more supportive of the apparent
climate collapse. By moving our food, clean water and fuel to be grown in our fashion
our way we remove the nature out of it and can produce as much as we need in terms
of fuel food and water. We can even do this on non arable land and create it in just such
a way