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WP 0ptimum

Thank you foi puichasing WP 0ptimum.

You maue a veiy wise choice in puichasing this plugin
because with the amount of plugins that aie been
installeu touay within oui sites, oi sites become veiy
sluggish anu congesteu.

WP 0ptimum will completely optimize youi site to the
fastest it can possibly be. You will be amazeu at the
amount of space this little plugin will save you anu the
amount of junk it will uelete.

!"#$ #&' (")#*++*#,$"

-#'. /
Install the zippeu file calleu WP 0ptimum onto
youi woiupiess site anu activate the plugin.
If you uo not know how to uo this, simply click on
"Plugins" >> 0ploau anu Choose the 0,..'1 2,+' within
youi computei. Then activate the plugin.
-#'. 3
Aftei installation you will see the plugin within youi
uashboaiu piesenting the following heauings.

Batabase 0ptimize
}avasciipt 0ptimize
Image Smushit
Some uuiuance
Wiuget Cache

4*#*5*)' !.#,6,0*#,$"
This is a gieat little featuie anu will show you how much
of youi uatabase can be cleaneu up. It is safe to tick all
the check boxes that aie piesenteu anu click save.

If you wish you can click on the Batabase Table Repoit
anu it will show you what neeus to be optimiseu.

7*8*)9:,.# !.#,6,0'
Leave all settings as is with all check boxeu tickeu anu
click save.
Incluue }S anu Incluue CSS aie auvanceu featuies, theie
is no neeu to woiiy about this unless you ieally know
what you aie uoing.

(6*;' -6<)&,#
This clevei functionality will optimize eveiy image on
youi site to save you tons of space anu incieases the
loauing time of youi site. Simply Click on the "R0N ALL
This piocess will take a long time but once you begin
the piocess you can move on to uo something else.
=<,1*"9' 2$: >$:1.:'))
This is an in built featuie that will pioviue you with
extia tips anu tiicks foi youi site.

>,1;'# ?*9&'
Nake suie all check boxes aie tickeu anu click save.

Well that is it. A simple little plugin that uoes what its
tolu. }ust iun it anu move on anu see how fast youi site

If you neeu to contact me please submit a suppoit ticket
to my help uesk at

Take Caie,
Kev (KNE Byine)