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Symbion is an American Independent Power Producer with power plant assets in

Africa. Through our ofces across the African continent, Symbion builds, owns and
operates electrical power infrastructure. Our power plants supply electricity to some
of the worlds most critically underserved regions.
Symbion also undertakes Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) work in
the electricity supply sector and has worked on large-scale generation, transmission,
and distribution projects in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
Biomass Power Plants (gas engines)
Reciprocating Engines (diesel)
Industrial Gas Turbines
Biomass Power Plants (gas engines)
Reciprocating Engines (diesel)
Industrial Gas Turbines
Aero Derivative Gas Turbine Generators
120MW Ubungo Power Plant
Dar es Salaam - Tanzania
Symbion owns and operates a 120MW gas
fred power plant in the East African city
of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The plant con-
sists of one GE 40MW net output LM6000
gas turbine and four GE 20 MW net output
TM2500 gas turbines. Symbions 2011 ac-
quisition of the plant leverages our experi-
ence in power generation and underscores
Symbions commitment to developing pow-
er infrastructure in Africa.
105MW Emergency Power Plants in
Dodoma and Arusha - Tanzania
In 2011, widespread power shortages caused the government
of Tanzania to implement a program for emergency pow-
er. Symbion was selected to provide 105MW of diesel-fred
generation plant at two strategic locations - Dodoma and
Arusha - in Tanzania.
Symbion is the largest Independent Power Producer (IPP) in
Tanzania, providing a total of 217 MW of electricity with an
availability of 95%.
972MW Ughelli Power Plant
Warri Nigeria
Symbion is a technical partner and investor in
a Nigerian company Transcorp Ughelli Power
Limited (TUPL) that acquired the 972MW gas-
fred Ughelli power plant at Warri in Nigerias
Delta State. Symbions staf undertook the
initial technical evaluation of the asset to de-
termine the value, acquisition cost, refurbish-
ment and operation costs. Symbion prepared
the successful bid for the plant in collaboration
with other consortium members. At the time
of acquisition in 2013 the plant was producing
300MW on Open Cycle Gas Turbines. TUPL
will increase the power plant output to 1050
MW by 2018.
Symbion Power LLC
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