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The southern region of Tanzania is rich in oil and gas deposits. Natural gas discoveries
have catalyzed a variety of new investments and spurred signifcant population growth
in the region. And yet, in spite of these developments, access to electricity in southern
Tanzania remains extremely low at less than 4%.
The U.S. Governments Power Africa initiative addresses chronic power shortages in
countries like Tanzania. As part of this initiative, Symbion Powers southern electrifcation
project will expand power access in one of Tanzanias most critically underserved regions.

Symbion aims to be at the forefront

of President Obamas Power Africa
initiative which will double access to
power across sub-Saharan Africa.

Paul Hinks, CEO Symbion Power
Project Description
Symbions southern electrifcation project will
develop a power generation and transmission solu-
tion for southern Tanzania in a Public and Private
Partnership (PPP) with the Tanzania Electric
Supply Company. This project will support the gov-
ernments development plans to help alleviate pov-
erty, expand access to reliable power and increase
employment in the region. Additionally, the project
will support government priorities and objectives
to develop key economic sectors and increase the
countrys generation and transmission capacity
using alternative and inexpensive energy resources.
The Symbion Power southern electrifcation
project will utilize fuel-efective and emission-
reduced gas turbine technology and supercon-
ductors on transmission lines making it both an
innovative and unique project. Using these latest
technologies will ensure efcient production of
electricity and efective movement of power
across the system in the country.
Goals, Benefits, Compliance
Cost-efective method of service delivery will
provide power access to a large number of
unconnected citizens
Electricity access will stimulate social and
regional economic growth
Ensure constant supply of electricity to
hospitals and reliable infrastructure for small
scale industries
Compliance with PPP Act 2010 and PPP
Regulation 2011
Financing of the project will require many
elements to ensure cost efective generation and
transmission of power. The debt/equity structure,
grants and soft loans will all be considered during
the fnance period of the Project.
About Symbion Power
Symbion is an American company in the elec-
tricity generation, transmission, and distribution
industry with an established presence in Tanzania
and operations throughout Africa. Through our
ofces in Tanzania, Nigeria, and South Africa,
Symbion builds, owns and operates electrical
power infrastructure. Our power plants supply
electricity to some of the worlds most critically
underserved regions.
For more information on the Symbion Power
southern electrifcation project contact Matthew
Kavanagh, Vice President of Business Develop-
Phase One Phase Two
A new 100 MW open cycle aero derivative gas
fred power plant generating at 11 kV, stepping
up to 33 kV for the Mtwara feeder.
A new 300 MW open cycle aero derivative gas
fred power plant generating at 11 kV, stepping
up to 33 kV for the Mtwara feeder.
A 400 kV transmission line from the power
plant to the Lindi substation and to the Masasi
A 400 kV transmission line from Masasi to
Songea with potential links to Somanga Funga in
Tanzania and Nacala in Northern Mozambique.
Rapid rural electrifcation can be undertaken in parallel with the transmission line construction phase
and connected to the system once the substations have been built.
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