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Get More Prospects,

Make Bigger Sales &

Brand Yourself as The
Expert in Your Niche
So, Who Am I & Why Should You
Listen to Me?
10-Year Serial Entrepreneur,
Mentor & International Speaker
Helping Consultants, Coaches &
Experts in:
Fitness / Health
Property Management
Personal Development
Online Businesses
Martial Arts
Life Coaching
and more
Our Story
We travel the world helping other consultants, coaches, experts and anyone
with valuable knowledge or skills share it to the world
We do it because were so passionate about helping people enjoy the same
freedom lifestyle as us working less hours, earning more money, and
loving what you do, knowing that you make a difference to peoples lives
We created Born2Succeed to empower you to empower others to see your
true value, to overcome your limiting beliefs & to learn the roadmap to
Your Golden Opportunity
1. The Most-Laser Targeted Direct Response
2. Huge Reach of Thousands of Local Prospects
& Millions Globally (be the go-to expert)
3. The Lowest Advertising Investment Ever (Free
or super-low cost)
But the Biggest Opportunity?
Facebooks Plans for
World Domination
and how they need experts
(YOU) to achieve it
Video Creates Expert Authority Instantly
Facebook are now in talks to buy Vevo
considered crucial to supporting Facebook's growing
market valuation and poses a potential long-term threat to
traditional TV networks
Video = Instant Expert Authority Status
More trust, credibility & they see the
You in your business
People buy from experts they trust
Real-Life Case Studies.
<<< Day 1, Day 3 (Below) - 0 Investment
26 Prospects for $7 (5)
0.27 per prospect (600
Average Customer Spend)
17 applications within 24 hours
UK client
25 leads for
Martial Arts Academy
Doubled His Business Within
30 Days
Live Webinar for Consultants
Total Investment = 90
ROI = 1994 in sales (within 90
But At One Time I Couldnt Get
Facebook To Work For Me
Wasted HUNDREDS On Adverts With NO
Spent HOURS On Facebook Every Day Chasing
I Thought Facebook Was The Problem.
I met a coach in California who showed me the
Invested 1000 to learn FB ads 2 years ago
Invested 3000 to learn advanced FB
Invested 20, 000 to join high-end business
masterminds in USA & London. Get 1-1
mentoring from multi-millionaires using these
Invested time & money into studying over 400
business & marketing psychology books
Invested over $10, 000 in Facebook
What Did I Learn?
Facebook WORKS. It was MY fault my marketing wasnt making a
Most business owners dont understand the PSYCHOLOGY of
Facebook users
Facebook is by far one of the most powerful tools available to you
today. There is NO REASON why you cannot grow and scale any
business FAST
Facebook Marketing Mistakes &
Mistake #1 Being Friends doesnt
permit you to SPAM my page
Mistake #2 Likes Dont Mean Profits
Mistake #3 Not Engaging Your
a sale
The Rapid Client-Getting Funnel
FB Marketing Secret #1: Fan
Page Expert Authority
Shows lifetime
care / customer
Specific Niche
Engagement With Target Customer
Relevant &Timely
Giveaway (very effective now)
Encourages interaction & social media
FB Marketing Secrets #2: Little-
Known Ways to Use Groups &
Events to Get 100s of Leads
Within Days
Groups Build a Database of
Future Prospects & Establish
Yourself as The Local Expert for
Who Wants to Know How I
Made 1995 in 2 Weeks With a
Facebook Group Without
Spending a Cent?
Step 1: Create The Group
Step 2: Add Relevant People (And
encourage referrals)
Step 3: Promote a Seminar or Other
Step 4:
Get Prospects From
FB to Email
Step 5:
Create a
Step 6: At the event, make an
awesome offer that helps people
15 Minute Break
When we come back
How to create FB Ads that make you loads of cash
The SECRET to make 80% more sales on every
advertising campaign (that your competitors are likely
NOT doing)
FB Marketing Secrets #3: The
Most Powerful Force in Marketing
Facebook Ads (done right)
No Desirable Call to
Always think Why should
someone click this?
Again, no reason for
me to act.
No engagement.
No value offered,
only price.
Dont let people
decide on price
first, or they miss
out on what value
you have to offer
How to Position Yourself
As the Expert Authority
With Facebook Ads
Specific Title
Instant Benefit (Question More
Great Headline
Gives Value Before Asking for Return
Specific Title
Engaging Question
Targeted With Ads Manager
Call to Action Link Within Top 6 Lines
Sales Copy With Frustrations & Relation
But I Cant Afford to Spend Money on Advertising
Cost Mindset = Failure
Investment Mindset = Success
Strange Fact: We invest hundreds or thousands into learning, books,
courses and education.
Yet we get scared about investing $10 into an advert?
Fear of Advertising is Either:
a) A lack of knowledge on HOW to use advertising
And / or
b) A lack of belief in your own product or service
How to Remove The Fear of Investing in Your
The Formula >>> ALCV = AES X AFS
Average Lifetime Customer Value
Average Earning per Sale
Average Frequency of Sale
Do This Exercise RIGHT NOW It Will Transform Your
What is ONE Average New Client Worth to You?
Client pays avg. 300/month
Client stays avg. 12 months
Lifetime Average Client Value = 3600
That Means.
I can easily invest up to 3600 to acquire a new average
client and still break even.
Now, how much more are you able to invest in your
When you understand and apply this. Your growth will
Campaign Results:
100+ email subscribers
65 applications completed
20 people signed up (couldnt fit in any more)
Front End Profits: 1980 (-300)
= 1680
Campaign Results:
16 / 20 remained as clients to this day.
So far, 9504 in membership revenue since December
6 of the email subscribers converted into full-paying paying clients since
then (with email marketing) = 1782 - NO advertising budget
Another 20 subscribers recently converted to a 57 product (1140 front
end NO advertising budget)
Campaign Results:
Overall Campaign Results (So far)
Investment = 300 over 7 days
ROI (so far) = 14, 106
>>>>>> 47 X ROI <<<<<<
With 2178 recurring revenue each month
Not including referral value, or viral reach value (branding & familiarity from advert)
FB Marketing Secrets #4: How to
Dominate Your Local Market With
Expert Positioning for 80% More
Back-End Profits
Why Back-End Marketing?
Takes 7 touches to get most people to
80% of sales made on the back-end
Expert positioning & TOMA
Who Wants to Know
How Our Client Curt
Earned +$10, 000
From ONE Email?
Curt runs a $500/ month coaching business for athletes
in Seattle USA
We ran a promotion to get new clients where he signed
up 25 new clients (no space left after that)
But we also collected the email addresses of over 400
local prospects
After the closing date of the promo, we sent out ONE email where
we opened up 5 more spots
Using sales copy writing secrets & unique expert positioning, he
signed up another 4 prospects who were on the fence from that
one email.
Curts ALCV = $3000 ($500 x 6 months average)
Sales income received from this email campaign = $12, 000 in
contract sales
This is the process weve used to build
several consulting businesses in Europe,
the UK, USA and Australia
As a professional expert you should be
rewarded well for what you offer, and grow a
stress-free, lucrative business
If youd like us to give you our
complete blueprint and help you
create your dream business, wed
be delighted to help you
Myself & Irina will personally lead you
through an 8-week interactive coaching
class where we work with you to create
Expert Authority in your niche
- This is the SECRET to attracting top-
paying clients, earning a higher income
& being seen with celebrity status quickly
Our mission is for you to get paying
clients and build a prospect list as soon
as possible
Heres what youre getting
You Get New Course Material
Every Monday
Well Talk LIVE Every
Week 1: Deciding on Income
Goals & Simplifying Your Business
Your Big Vision Blueprint
The Rapid Client-Getting Funnel Model Overview
Week 2: Identify & Find Your Ideal
Emotional Buying Triggers
Week 3: Creating Your Signature Service
That Positions You as The Go-To Expert
Week 4: Creating Confidence
& Expert Authority
NEW: Creating Your Lead Magnets
NEW: Be Seen Everywhere
NEW: Expert Publishing, Branding & PR
Week 5: Getting Prospects
The 3-Step Magnetic Marketing System
Week 6: Selling Your Services
Our Sell Without Selling Technique
Week 7: Keeping Your
Clients Happy
The 4 Rs
Week 8: Additional Expert Streams
Get your message to the masses
Speak & present with impact
The Living Legend Formula
Investment: 799 Or 2 payments of 499
Bonus #1: Kick-Start Results Workshop
Personal Coaching in Small Group THIS WEEK
Well start setting up your client-getting Facebook funnel THIS WEEK with our personal help every step of the way.
Bonus #2: Done-For-You Facebook Expert Generator Package (500-Value)
Professionally Designed Cover Graphic, Image, & Expert Optimization of your page
Professional Sales / Marketing Video
Bonus #3: Personal Coaching for LIFE (PRICELESS Value)
Class Starts Monday 2nd
Enrol at
Increase by 1000.
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If Youre Thinking Is It Worth It?, Then
Ask Yourself
What is Just ONE Average Customer
Worth to My Income?
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