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Notes for students of Jyotisha Bharati, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, India by Anthony Writer

Yogas are formed due to the combination of planets, signs or houses related
to another of the same kind or different kind by way of placement, aspect or
conjunction. In Vedic astrology planetary yogas are considered in relation to
the planetary dashas.
- Good yogas are called the Shubha-yogas.
- Bad or evil; yogas are called the Ashubha-yogas or simply avayogas or
- Raja yogas are auspicious and indicate a high degree of power and
- Dhana yogas, a greater degree of material possessions.
- Arishta yogas indicate difficulties in life,
- Daridra yogas indicate poverty.
- Parvarajya yogas or Sanyasa yogas that give religious merits compel a
person to give up all wealth and material possessions to become a
mendicant and beg for alms, these are not avayogas.
A powerful Rajyoga is formed if a planet is aspecting the janma lagna, Hora
lagna and Ghatika lagna whereby the native gets power and wealth, and he
is respected like a King. In the same way, Rajoyoga is formed if a planet is
aspecting the same spot in Rashi Kundali, Navmas Kundali, Drekkana
Kundali, Lagna Kundali and Saptamash Kundali. The presence of
these karak elements is necessary for auspicious results. If a Karak element is
absent, maximum results cannot be obtained.
Rajyoga is also formed when lagna, Hora lagna and Ghatika lagna in a
Navmansh Kundali are being aspected by a planet or in association with a
planet. All these karak elements should be present otherwise there are no
auspicious results.
Vaithanika Yoga is formed in a Kundali when Mars, Venus and Ketu are in
the third house from each other and aspecting each other. This yoga brings
success and fame.
It is very auspicious from a business point of view if the second, fourth
and fifth house from the Amatyakarak are strong with auspicious planets. If a
planet is as strong as Amatyakarak and resides in third or sixth house and in

Notes for students of Jyotisha Bharati, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, India by Anthony Writer

association with Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, one achieves in success in
his profession.
If Venus, Mars and Ketu are in the second and fourth house from
Amatyakarak one is prosperous.
If ascendant, seventh and ninth house are strong, a person has leadership
qualities and may become a politician.
If these are two planets in ascendant and both are equally strong, Rajyoga is
formed. Such a person receives happiness in old age.
If there are an equal number of planets in ascendant and fourth house,
Rajyoga is formed. This provides success and fame in life.
If Jupiter and Moon ascendant are in eleventh house or ascendant and
seventh house are aspected by an auspicious planet, a person lives his life like
a King. According to Jaimini astrology, Rajyoga is formed if Mercury and
Jupiter ascendant are in eleventh house. Such a person has the best time of his
life during childhood.
If Venus and Moon transit the tenth house from Amatyakarak and they are
aspecting it, a person receives auspicious results.
Rajyoga is formed when Moon is in the fourth or eleventh house from Jupiter
in a Navmansh Kundali. Such a person does well in his business and acquires
If auspicious planets are in the tenth and eleventh house of a Navmansh
kundali, a usual Rajyoga is formed providing success.
If an auspicious planet conjoins the ascendant or Amatyakarak sign and is
also aspected by an auspicious planet, a person lives a splendid and affluent
An auspicious Rajyoga is formed if the ascendant sign, birth sign and
Jupiters sign is same in a Navmansh kundali. If an auspicious planet is in the
ninth house of Navmansh kundali and Arudha ascendant, a person may be
successful in politics. If there is an auspicious planet from the third or sixth
house from Atmakarak or Arudha ascendant, a person lives a prosperous life.


Notes for students of Jyotisha Bharati, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, India by Anthony Writer

Following are a few yogas an rajayogas according to the research done by Dr.
K.N. Rao.
Yogas formed when the following conjoin or aspect each other:
- Atmakarak and Amatyakarak
- Atmakarak and Putrakarak
- Atmakarak and fifth lord
- Amatyakarak nad Putrakarak
- Amatyakarak and fifth lord
- Amatyakarak and Darakarak
- Putrakarak and fifth lord
- Putrakarak and Darakarak
- Fifth lord and Darakarak

Raja yogas

- Moon conjoined Venus or Moon aspecting Venus
- Moon aspected by many planets is very excellent.
- Amatyakarak in a Kendra or trine or in 11
from Atmakarak this
brings a good position in life, without much struggle.
- If karakas are aspected by benefics then the promise increases.

Struggle in life to attain position : If Atmakarak or Amatyakarak are placed
in 6, 8 or 12 from each other.

If karakas are afflicted then they create problems.

Jaimini Sutram - Pt. P.S. Sastri
Jaimini Upadesa Sustra -Pt. Sanjay Rath
Jaiminis Sthira Dasha Akhila Kumar (under the guidance of Dr. K.N. Rao)