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Integral remote
Control of raIl
SenSor SyStemS
The versatility of the product offers The detector remote control systems provide traffic and
it does not limit the variables that can the user a vision from start to end and information to
operators in relation to the alarms sent by the sensors, which affect sensor throughout a railway
line due to not be measured or detected by the the regulation of the line. technological reasons.
its anD toll systems
The detector remote control systems with
dynamic and adaptable characteristics can
integrate the track sensors of the client
into installed equipment or equipment
that is about to be installed.
Each type of sensor has a specific screen
that integrates the signals coming from
said sensor. This information will vary,
depending on the manufacturer and track
sensor models.
Track sensors
Indra supplies different types of track
sensors adapted to the needs of each
client and their environment.
Currently, various Spanish High-Speed
Lines have installed Indras detection
systems on their tracks, such as dragged
object, track impact, tunnel fire, tunnel air
flow, pantograph dynamic behaviour, wind
prediction and snow layer detectors.
The Sensor remote control system receives
the field information through the
concentrator equipment. These security
units are connected to the ENCE to send
LTVs, depending on the type of detector
and their alarm parameters.
The information obtained from the
security detectors can be sent by the
Detector remote control system to civil
protection security systems, such as the
case of the fire detector in the tunnel that
provides helpful information to emergency
The information provided by these units:
Can forecast railway accidents,
such as impacts or derailments.
Warns about the physical
conditions of trains, providing information
about the state of brakes, wheels or wear
in the contact wire.

The Sensor Remote Control system
integrates a range of elements, from track
sensors to operator equipment.
This remote control system developed by
Indra can operate autonomously, so that
it can be integrated in any existing
installation or new site, assuming the
installation of the track detectors.
One of the main achievements of sensor
remote control systems must lie in their
capacity to gather the information
obtained from all detection equipment
deployed throughout the line, regardless
of their heterogeneity. The equipment
created and developed by Indra
specialises in security and sensorization
and the remote control of sensors. TISEF
has evolved and adapted to the new
railway security and protection measures.
TISEF is a protocol that has been in
operation for more than 8 years and
has evolved during its use in Spanish
highspeed lines.
Integration Objective achieved:
Integration of a single remote
control system for all sensors installed
throughout the track.
Connection and integration
capacity with countless manufacturers
and sensor models.
Provides additional security
information to operators.
Connection capacity with other
remote control systems to provide
information about top-security detection
systems. Based on standard software
technologies that provide a high flexibility
and allow the implementation of future
The detector remote control systems
are sectorised by ENCEs that are
connected to the different detection
systems included in each ENCE. The
alarms can be managed through the
geowindow or the single management
screen of each detector.
One of the main functions of these
windows is the monitoring of the
main signals of each device deployed
throughout the track.
The system is composed of track sensors,
control and communications equipment of
the sensors, detector concentrators,
servers and operator control positions,
maintenance positions or civil protection
positions, depending on the scope of the
Indra and Adif reserve
the right to modify
these specifications
without prior notice.
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