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Combat Proven Hybrid Add-On Armor

Defeats shaped-charge anti-tank
STANAG level 5 protection
Insensitive Low Burning Rate
(LBR) energetic materials
Easy to install or remove
Maintainance free
Widely used by military forces
around the world
Meets environmental and safety
Deect advanced shaped-charge weapons and kinetic energy projectiles
Combined Reactive and Passive
The ASPRO-H system has been
adapted for light armored wheeled
and tracked vehicles. The design
of the add-on armor is based
on Rafaels modules for the US
Bradley, using the same concept
and technologies to defeat an
incoming threat.
ASPRO-H combines reactive and
passive elements to defend against
a wide range of threats such as anti-
tank rockets at 360
, small arms
14.5 mm AP projectiles or more,
high speed fragments of artillery,
mortar, and high explosive roadside
mines. Upgraded multi-threat
hybrid armor has recently been
developed for diversied protection
requirements. The systems have
been tested and approved for use
by the Israel Defense Forces, the
U.S. Army, and other customers
worldwide. Installation and removal
of the add-on armor modules can
be performed by the crew without
hoisting equipment or special tools.
Robust Protection in Accordance
with Safety Standards
The advanced new energetic
material featuring Low Burning Rate
(LBR) was developed especially for
reactive armor systems and was
classied by US DOT as a very
insensitive detonating substance
in accordance with UN safety
standards. This explosive does
not detonate or burn when hit by
bullets, projectiles, or fragments,
but provides full energy when
hit by the jet of a shaped-charge
warhead. During a reactive
encounter, this explosive causes
much lower environmental and
collateral damage.
UNC.24624-0608/2R/13 Graphic Design Dep/410
Technical Specifcations
Ballistic protection
Kinetic energy projectile threats: 0.3
AP, 12.7 AP, 14.5 AP at 90
High speed fragments of 155 mm
artillery, mortar, roadside bombs, IEDs
and EFPs
Environment and safety
Meets environmental and safety
conditions IAW MIL-PRF-70773
Ordnance and Protection Division
Tel: (972)4-879-5085 Fax: (972)4-879-5064
HQ Tel: (972)4-879-4714 Fax: (972)4-879-4657
ASPRO-HMT (M-TAP): Upgraded,
Proven Multi-Threat Protection
The recently developed ASPRO-
HMT (MTAP) is Rafaels most
advanced type of hybrid (reactive/
passive) armor protection. ASPRO-
HMT absorbs much of the energy
of an incoming threat, preventing
penetration and possible internal
damage. This new generation multi-
threat armor protection technology
is an upgrade of Rafaels combat
proven, insensitive reactive armor
system, successfully applied to the
U.S. Bradley, IDF vehicles, and a
variety of NATO armored personnel
carriers. The system has been
intensively tested and demonstrated
its ability to defeat powerful threats.
Concurrently, ASPRO-HMT meets
international environmental and
safety standards.
Threats Defeated
Rocket-propelled grenades
Improvised explosive devices
Explosively formed projectiles
High speed fragments
Armor piercing (AP) projectiles
from heavy machine guns