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Call of Duty 2 Update 1.

3 (c) Activision
RELEASE.DATE .......... : 06/2006 :: SUPPLIER .................. : N/A
RELEASE.SIZE .............. : N/A :: PACKER ........... : Liz/DEViANCE
PROTECTION ...... : SafeDisc 4.60 :: CRACKER .......... : Liz/DEViANCE
The Call of Duty 2 1.3 patch is an all-inclusive installation,
containing all of the previous updates from the 1.2 patch and the 1.01
- It is recommended that any user modifications that have been
installed to the Call of Duty 2 directory be removed before
installing this patch. These modifications are not supported by
Activision and may not be compatible with some of the new features
that are included.
- Call of Duty 2 does not support mods that have spaces in the mod's
folder name. Be sure that the folder that contains your mod does not
have spaces; otherwise users will not be able to download the files.
For example, a mod in a folder called "My Mod" would be invalid,
whereas "MyMod" or "My_Mod" would work.
- Raised the gamestate from 16k to 128k
- Added loading bars to maps mp_harbor and mp_rhine
- Addressed the PB GUID issue where players were not being assigned PB
GUID's of exactly 32 characters.
mp_rhine map changes:
- Fixed player getting on top of broken wall and seeing through second
story of bombed out building.
mp_harbor map changes:
- Reduced overall fog density
- Fixed missing water texture
- Fixed player not being able to shoot through lower portion of the
first gap in a railing found on east side of map.
- Fixed player not being able to shoot through lower portion of
railing found on east edge of map.
- Fixed a partially floating crate and a couple holes in sandbags.
1 . Unrar
2 . Install the update
3 . Copy the crack from the DEViANCE dir
4 . Play and enjoy, you might die tomorrow
We do this for FUN. We are against any profit or commercialisation of
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