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MARK 3321

Exam I will be administered on BlackBoard Thursday, January 2
, will be comprised of
45 multiplechoice !uestions o"er #hapters $, 2, % and the &uper Bowl' (hile all
assi)ned readin)s and topics we discuss in class are *fair )ame+ for the exam, you
should be especially familiar with the topics described here'
,ow is marketing defined- ,ow does the ./. definition differ from other
(hat is exchange- (hat are the fi"e conditions for exchan)e to occur-
(hat is the retail supply chain- (hich or)ani0ations make up the retail supply
chain- (hat is the function of each of these or)ani0ations-
(hat are the ma1or mana)ement orientations that ha"e been used in
or)ani0ations since the colonial days in the 2'&'- (hat did each orientation
entail- ,ow does the sales orientation differ from the market orientation-
(hat is customer satisfaction-
(hy is it important to study marketin)-
(hat is a strategic business unit (&B23- (hat are an &B24s responsibilities-
(hat is strategic planning-
(hat are the ma1or components of strate)y-
,ow is .nsoffs &trate)ic 5pportunity /atrix used to analy0e a firm4s &B2s- (hat
two dimensions makeup this matrix- (hat are the four strate)ies that are
identified in this framework-
,ow is the Boston #onsultin) 6roup 7ortfolio /atrix used to analy0e a firm4s
&B2s- (hat two dimensions makeup this matrix- (hat are the four ways that a
firm4s products may be classified in this matrix- (hat are the four resource
allocation strate)ies that mi)ht be recommended, based on an analysis usin) the
B#6 matrix-
(hat is marketing planning- The marketing plan- (hy do or)ani0ations en)a)e in
marketin) plannin)- (hat are the elements of a marketin) plan-
(hat does a situation analysis in"ol"e- (hat factors should be considered when
assessin) internal stren)ths and weaknesses- (hat factors should be considered
when assessin) external opportunities and threats-
(hat is a competitive advantage- (hat are the different types of competiti"e
ad"anta)es- (hat is a sustainable competitive advantage- (hat are sources of
sustainable competiti"e ad"anta)es-
(hat is a marketing objective- (hat are the characteristics of a useful marketin)
(hat is marketing strategy-
(hat does a target market strategy in"ol"e-
(hat is the marketing mix- (hat are the 4 7s of marketin)-
(hat does implementation in"ol"e- Evaluation and control- . marketing audit-
(hat does ethics in"ol"e- Laws- Morals-
(hat are the three le"els of ethical de"elopment- (hat does each entail-
(hat factors must be considered in the ethical decisionmakin) process-
(hat is a code of ethics- ,ow does de"elopin) a code of ethics benefit
(hat is corporate social responsibility 8#&93- (hat are the ar)uments in fa"or of
#&9- .r)uments a)ainst #&9-
(hat are the four le"els of #&9- (hat does each entail-
(hat is sustainability- (hat does focusin) on sustainability entail-
(hat is green marketing-
(hat is cause-marketing-
(hy is &uper Bowl such a bi) deal-
(hat types of products are purchased and consumed the week of &uper Bowl-
(hy do some 8most3 ad"ertisers decide not to ad"ertise their products durin) the
&uper Bowl-
,ow are &uper Bowl ads researched-
(hat recurrin) themes do &uper Bowl ads usually feature- (hat are *nonos+ that
should not be featured in a &uper Bowl ad-
(hat does consumer generated content 8#6#3 mean- ,ow ha"e #6# ads
performed in past &uper Bowls- This year4s &uper Bowl-
(hat was similar about this year4s &uper Bowl ads- (hat was different- (hat
new trends seem to be de"elopin) in &uper Bowl ad"ertisin)-
(hat were the best &uper Bowl ads of all time, accordin) to the Super owl!s
"reatest #ommercials pro)ram that aired on #B&-