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December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 1

Volume 28, No. 12 Publication of the UNITED CIVIC ORGANIZATION of CENTURY VILLAGE (WPB) December 2009
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The Ongoing Story

of the Year? A Wonderful Experience
By Antoinette Salometo
From the Desk It’s the Golf For those of us lucky enough to attend the Centenarians’ des-
of President Course, sert buffet, we were treated to a very special occasion. Honored
were eight residents, five women and three men, who have
George of Course! reached this milestone with humor and a zest for living and
By Syd Kronish
Loewenstein The most important subject
enjoying the simple pleasures. How lucky we all are to have
them with us, to remind us of the important things in life —
imbedded in the minds, hearts, taking care of our neighbors, friendship, and laughter.
and pocket books of many Guests attending were State Rep. Mark Pafford, County Ap-
Some of you may recall seeing little slips of paper posted Century Village residents at praiser Gary Nikolits, and representatives from Congressman
on your bulletin boards, complaining about an employee of this time is the proposed de- Robert Wexler, State Senator David Aronberg, and Mike Ed-
WPRF not working. Apparently these did not have the desired velopment of the golf course monson representing State Attorney Michael McAuliffe. Also
result, and so the complainer graduated to putting the message by its owners. attending was Harry Freedman, Community Relations Officer
on men’s room walls at several of the swimming pools. The The matter was brought to for Walgreens. UCO was represented by UCO President George
sheriff’s office was notified, and I’m happy to report that the the fore at a special Town HallLoewenstein; Vice Presidents Frank Cornish, Jerry Karpf and
individual, a village resident, was apprehended and arrested. meeting held Thursday, Octo- Bob Marshall; UCO Treasurer Dorothy Tetro; Recording Sec-
Hopefully, this puts an end to such mischief. ber 15 at the Clubhouse The- retary Betty Lapidus; and Corresponding Secretary Avis Blank.
The recent water main break, which affected about 40% of ater. More than 1,000 residents In commemoration of the occasion, each Centenarian re-
the village, made us aware that we lack the ability to transmit attended to hear the plans pre-ceived a key from Commissioner Koons’ office. Susan Bucher,
immediate information to our residents in a sudden emergency. sented by the owner Andrew the Supervisor of Elections, was also there to honor the Cen-
I am in the process of forming an emergency committee to Waldman and his assistants. tenarians, as was a representative of Sheriff Bradshaw. Anita
formulate a standard operating procedure in case of a sudden A group of residents identi- Cruz, W.P.R.F. VP, offered a few words of congratulation and
emergency. fied as the “Pro Active Com- best wishes.
On Wednesday, November 4, 2009, Vice President David mittee To Save The Golf After a break for some delicious desserts, entertainment
Israel and I attended a Palm Beach County code enforcement Course” to take the opposite was provided by the Village Songbirds. All dressed up in their
violation hearing against the Waldmans (owners of the Golf view were present, supported red tops and white slacks, they presented a striking on stage
Course). Many years ago, a prior owner of the Golf Course ap- by the Villagers that made up picture and the music and harmony was wonderful. Direc-
plied for permission to open an entrance from Haverhill Road. the audience. tor Martin Ruderman, with piano by Merv Knecht, led the
The condition set by Palm Beach County was that a fence be On the stage at the left weregroup in a variety of musical numbers, which were enjoyed
erected between that entrance and the entrance from Century Mr. Andrew C.Waldman, Ana by everyone. To paraphrase a few lines from Martin’s parody
Village. That fence was removed by Mr. Waldman, claiming M. Waldman, Rebel Cook, of Thanks for the Memories, “Your caring way, through all
that since it was no longer operated as a golf course, the fence Robert Rennenbaum and Greg your days — to you we raise a toast.” Congratulations to the
was not needed. DuBois. In the center was Centenarians — see you next year. o
The hearing officer disagreed and gave Mr. Waldman 30 days retired Judge Robert Parker,
to replace the fence or pay a fine of $150 per day. who served as the moderator.
We have changed our bylaws to make it easier for individu- On the right were the members
als to run for office in UCO. More precisely, the nominating of the Proactive Committee:
committee is now also a search committee. Anyone wishing to Jeanette Veglia (Chairperson),
run can contact the UCO office for a form. Alternately, one can Honey Sager, Sandy Cohen,
be nominated from the floor at the February delegate meeting Phil and Barbara Shapkin.
(by a delegate) and only one delegate is required to second this The Waldman group speak-
nomination, not ten as in the past. ing individually, presented
In March we will be electing a new president (I am term their views (thirty minutes
limited), two vice presidents, treasurer, and both a recording each). A large movie screen
and corresponding secretary, as well as 20 members of the ex- was lowered to show a col- Centenarians Sylvia Roth (102) and husband Louis (101).
ecutive board. I hope that you will seriously consider running Continued on Page 3 Photo by John Saponaro
for one of these offices.
I would like all our residents to remember to use the call in
system for their guests, delivery persons, and contractors. In
October over 400 entrances were denied because they were not
called in. The situation causes anger toward our guards, who
are only doing their duty. The guards work hard to keep us all
safe in the village.
On behalf of myself and my fellow officers, I’d like to wish
all our residents and their families a very happy and enjoyable
Thanksgiving. Please remember that the UCO office will be
closed on Thanksgiving as well as the next day (Friday) so that
our volunteers and employees can enjoy a long weekend. o

Delegate Meeting
Fri, Dec 4, 9:30 am Clubhouse Theater Back row: Lillian Rubin, Al Weiskopf, Louis and Sylvia Roth. Front row: Sylvia Haskell, Ceil
Imberman, Abraham Moskowitz, Miriam Maddux. Photo by Ken Davis
Page 2 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

remedies against the Golf son asked residents to come to valves, call Jerry to get on the
Course. Discussion followed. UCO if they have any ques- schedule. The cost is $175 per
Vote — motion defeated. tions. Read her article in the unit including the permit. The
At the Delegate New Business: none Reporter. valve will have a tag with the
Committee Reports: Beautification: Sandy Co- apartment number. Locking
Assembly Reporter: Dot Loewenstein hen announced that her com- valves could be installed at an
Betty Lapidus announced that the deadline is mittee hopes to enhance the additional charge.
Monday, November 9 for any CV sign at the Okeechobee CERT: Jackie Karlan an-
items for the next issue. entrance in 2010. nounced that this Community
Insurance: Dan Gladstone Cable: Dave Israel reported Emergency Response Team
reported that 240 units in 50 that there will be cable box has two new licensed Ham
November 6, 2009 dents are encouraged to attend buildings have been damaged sign ups by Association begin- operators. The committee is
These minutes were taken the next session scheduled for by water and we might have ning January 4. The schedule available to demonstrate how
by Mary Patrick Benton. November 11 at 2 p.m. in the renewal problems. He sug- was distributed this morning to use building fire extinguish-
The meeting was called to Medical Center. gested that shut-off valves are and is also available at the ers. Call her for an appoint-
order by President George On November 18, the Palm very important. Q&A re water UCO office. The new CV web- ment.
Loewenstein at 9:30 a.m. 196 Beach County Tax Assessor damage followed. site is century-village-wpb. Community Relations:
delegates were in attendance. will answer questions and Nominations-Search: Ro- Ted Silverman announced the
The Pledge of Allegiance discuss the Homestead Act in berta Fromkin reported that Maintenance: Jerry Karpf party for Centenarians was
was led by George Franklin. Room C at 2 p.m. This meet- every UCO officer (except two announced there will be a supported by 27 different area
The minutes of the previous ing will be advantageous for Vice Presidents) and the Exec- meeting in Room C on No- businesses. The Village Song-
meeting were accepted as written. new Century Village residents. utive Board are to be elected. vember 18 at 2 p.m. pertaining birds entertained.
The treasurer’s report was Roberta Fromkin will chair Those interested can get forms to the Homestead Act. The Signs: Haskell Morin
attached to the minutes. As- the Nomination-Search Com- from the UCO office. We need next Town Meeting will be showed a sample of building
sociations received their mittee. If you wish to be nomi- bios and pictures by January December 3 at 10:30 a.m. in signs that are available for
Statement of Charges for nated for either a UCO office 4. The slate will be presented the Theater. Speakers will be sale. Order forms are in the
2010. Treasurer Dorothy Tetro or Executive Board, you can at the February Delegates’ representatives from the State UCO office. The cost is $150
thanked Al McLaughlin for get an application at the UCO Assembly and candidates can of Florida Ombudsman office. per sign.
preparing these bills. office. If nominated from the be nominated from the floor If your Association is interest- The meeting was adjourned
Lt. Kronsperger, of the Palm floor, only one second is nec- with one second at this meet- ed in installing cut-off water at 11:05 a.m. o
Beach County Sheriff’s De- essary — must be nominated ing. The election will be held
March 5. If you are having a problem, call the
partment, reminded everyone and seconded by a Delegate.
Transportation: Claudette UCO Office at 683‑9189 and ask for the
to drive carefully as a speed- The UCO office will be
Vice President that is covering your
ing ticket fine starts at $250 closed Friday, November 27th LaBonte announced there is a
and failure to stop at a Stop — Thanksgiving recess. new bus stop on Palm Beach Frank Cornish Jerry Karpf
Sign is a $140 ticket. Deputies Due to heavy winds, the Lakes Blvd at the new Target. Cambridge Coventry
have been notified to check for exterminator was unable to When the Clubhouse is closed Canterbury Easthampton
squatters at the Golf Course. tent the Clubhouse last week. for extermination, buses will Chatham Norwich
He also stressed that residents They will try again the week pick up in front of the medical Dorchester Plymouth
should always lock their cars. of November 9. If successful, building. Kent Salisbury
President’s Report: the Clubhouse will be closed Security: Al McLaughlin Northampton Sheffield
President Loewenstein pre- November 9-10-11-12. stated that we had three bro- Sussex Waltham
sented a Certificate of Com- According to Robert’s Rules ken gate arms this past month.
mendation to Detective Jamie of Order, to switch order of the He reminded residents not to David Israel Bob Marshall
Roussel for his expeditious meeting we need a two-thirds abuse our security guards. Andover Berkshire
apprehension of a vandal who vote (131). Ushers are stationed Safety: George Franklin Bedford Camden
was defacing property in Cen- at each door to collect Delegate asked drivers to slow down Golf’s Edge Dover
voting papers in order to deter- when in the Village. The next Greenbrier Hastings
tury Village.
mine if we still have a quorum Safety Town Hall meeting has Kingswood Somerset
UCO held a Town Hall
been rescheduled to December Oxford Wellington
meeting with the owners of when a vote is taken.
17 at 9:30 a.m. in Room C. Southampton Windsor
the Golf Course and members Motion: Made and sec-
of the Pro-Active Commit- onded — All future agendas Investigations: Louise Ger-
tee. UCO is concerned with for Delegate meetings be
the safety issue and lack of revised to allow any motions December/January Meetings
fence. At a recent Palm Beach presented to be scheduled at As of 11/03/09
County Code Enforcement the beginning of a meeting be- Date Day Time Group Location
meeting, the owners of the fore any Committee Reports. Maintenance (Fl Ombudsman
This to include motions for 12/03/09 Thursday 10:30 am Theater
Golf Course must put the speaks on election procedures)
fence back up within 30 days Old Business, New Business 12/04/09 Friday 9:30 am Delegates Assembly Theater
or be fined $150 per day. Both and any other matters brought 12/04/09 Friday 2:00 pm Security 2102
UCO and the Pro-Active Com- to the Delegates as motions. 12/07/07 Monday 9:30 am Infrastructure 2102
mittee were in attendance at Discussion followed. Vote —
12/09/09 Wednesday 11:00 am Beautification 2102
this hearing. 3 opposed — motion carried.
President Loewenstein had 12/09/09 Wednesday 1:00 pm Editorial 2102
There was a water main break
at which 40% of the Village was to leave the meeting and Vice 12/10/09 Thursday 10:00 am Community Relations Card Room B
affected. Since we didn’t have President Bob Marshall took 12/15/09 Tuesday 10:00 am Operations (tentative) 2102
an emergency plan in place to over conducting the meeting. 12/16/09 Wednesday 2:00 pm PBC Tax Accessor CH Room C
notify residents, George insti- Old Business: 12/17/09 Thursday 9:30 am Safety (Town Hall) CH Room C
tuted an Emergency Committee The Pro-Active Commit-
12/18/08 Friday 10:00 am Candidates Forum CH Room C
for future situations.  This com- tee complained to the P.B.Co.
Landscaping Department 12/21/09 Monday 1:30 pm Transportation CH Room B
mittee will meet November 19
to make plans. about the upkeep of the Golf 12/21/09 Monday 3:00 pm CERT Art Room
There will be a Candidates Course. They also learned that 12/25/09 Friday Closed Christmas UCO
Forum for Congressman Wex- Mr. Waldman did not apply for 12/29/09 Tuesday 10:00 am Operations 2102
ler’s seat December 18 at 9:30 a permit to erect a fence. 12/31/09 Thursday 10:00 am Officers 2102
a.m. here in the Theater. Motion: A motion was
1/01/10 Friday Closed New Year's Day UCO
The Century Village health made and seconded to au-
1/04/10 Monday 1:00 pm Executive Board CH Room B
facility is conducting seminars thorize UCO to spend up to
for Century Village. All resi- $20,000 in legal fees to find 1/08/10 Friday 9:30 am Delegates Assembly Theater
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 3

The Golf Course

Continued from Page 1
ored sketch portraying what
they envisioned as the new
Frankly Speaking: property. The speakers pointed Security
Vice President out the addition of small lakes
Al McLaughlin
and canals to enhance the
Frank J. Cornish beauty of the area including
a variety of trees and other
foliage. New roads would be
built to provide easy access to
Welcome “Home” to our place and underutilized. Why the development. We have good news this know her name. She did not
seasonal residents; you have not gather there for your picnic One speaker informed the month with only three tran- expect them so they were
been missed... or BBQ? Benches, tables and assemblage that they intended sponder gates being broken. turned away saving us from
While you were gone, your chairs, as well as BBQ pits, are to build approximately 500 Thanks to a suggestion from unauthorized visitors and
representatives in your indi- waiting to be used. homes for families ranging a delegate, we placed a full whatever they were planning.
vidual Associations at UCO The Season’s Entertainment in price from $120,000 to stop sign at the point where If your building has voted to
have been actively seeking Schedule is filled with exciting $300,000, some of which the transponder reads best. It allow pets, please contact UCO
various ways in which we can shows, appealing to all tastes would be reserved for rentals. seems to be working because with the proper information
enrich your daily lives. — classical, pop & doo-wop The Waldman group con- we had more cars entering for our files. UCO is starting
Countless hours have been music, favorite comedians and cluded its presentation and the Village this month and to check the buildings on file.
devoted to developing and personalities. said it would answer any ques- far fewer broken gate arms. Please, please, stop the
executing a variety of projects Please make every effort to sup- tions concerning the matter. Our roads are getting more rudeness toward the guards.
by all Officers, and Commit- port as many events as you can. The Proactive Committee crowded so please be extra The guards follow the rules
tees. Some quite visible, such The various clubs are in found fault with most of the careful. of W.P.R.F. and UCO and the
as Lake Shore restoration, progress, and many classes presentation. One CV speaker Next good news is that a only changes come from the
still in progress, completion have resumed (check with asked a rhetorical question: person suspected of writing them. The rules are called post
of Camden Pool area repairs, Courtney at the WPRF office). “In the light of a downtrend on the walls at the pools has orders and they require IDs
striping of all major roads Movies five times a week on the real estate market, been caught by a Palm Beach to use the pools, or to enter
(N,E,W,S) drives as well as the (check schedule), Sunday particularly in South Florida, Sheriff’s Officer and will have the Village without a “call in”
Clubhouse parking lot, which night sing-a-long, and Tues- would the Waldmans reduce “his day in court.” (resident), and other rules that
was black topped. day and Friday night’s Kara- their prices? And would such a A thank you is being given we have had for many years. If
The overhaul of Duck Is- oke are offered throughout the reduction attract smaller fami- to a lady that called to tell me you do not have an ID, get one
land, which has been a per- year. lies with many children — not something special a guard at W.P.R.F. or leave the area.
sonal project of mine, as well My term of office will ex- the neighbors retirees are look- had done for “us.” At 6:30 Yelling at the guards will not
as former VP Howie Silver, pire March 2010; however, ing for in a more peaceful life a.m., she received a call change the rule. Please show
who was sidelined for quite I will once more become a style? No reply was given. from the gate asking if she consideration for those people
some time (missed by many… Candidate for Vice President. Many residents in atten- was expecting a truck with trying to make life comfort-
welcome back, Howie) has As always, I can be reached dance complained by saying two men in it. They only able for us here in Century
been completed. at the UCO office during busi- that they specifically pur- gave her address but did not Village. o
Duck Island is a wonderful ness hours. o chased their apartment not
only as a retirement home but
to play golf as they were told
when they bought their units.
Another committee mem-
ber wanted to know why the
entrance gates and fences
separating the golf course
from the Village were not re-
placed or repaired as originally
promised. Waldman said they
were delayed in doing this, but
working on it right away.
The CV buildings directly Are You On the List?
adjacent to the golf course are The following Associations were not represented at
Greenbrier (all three build- the November Delegate Assembly:
ings), Golf’s Edge, Southamp- Andover A-B-D-G-H-I-J-K-L-M
ton and part of Kingswood. Bedford B-F-I-J
After the presentations by Berkshire A-B-C-E-G-H-K
both sides, questions were Cambridge A-B-C-E-H
taken from the audience con- Camden B-C-F-G-H-I-J-L-M
cerning all of the plans and Canterbury B-H-I-K
grievances. Chatham A-I-P-R-S-U
Tempers flared as both the Coventry B-G-I-J-K
audience and presenters on Dorchester A-C-F-H-J
stage tried to loudly exclaim Easthampton B-C-F-G-I
their ideas. Hastings B-D-F-H
The UCO Reporter takes a Kent B-E-F-G-I-J-L-M
Kingswood A-C-E
neutral position on all sides of
Northampton A-B-C-E-F-G-H-J-L-N-P-Q-S
the controversy.
Norwich C-D-H-I-J-K-M
It was announced that more Oxford 200
meetings, some large and Salisbury C-H
some small, would be forth- Sheffield A-B-C-D-E-H-I-O
coming. Somerset C-L
It is obvious that the results Stratford L-M-O
will be the same — par for the Sussex B-D-E-G-H-I-K-L
course! o Waltham A-B-E-F-G-I
Wellington D
Windsor A-C-F-G-I
Page 4 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

Your Theater
Cable Claudette
David Israel LaBonte

Comcast Rollout: non-driver picture ID and

Ed Note: condensed due to space restrictions
Phase Two your CV ID. On the same
The first month of the season has been a success. The best part is you have taken that step
The time for the Snowbird sheet of paper as the copies,
into new entertainment and December is offering you ten shows never before seen in our Vil-
Cable Box roll-out is fast ap- write the following short au-
lage (designated by *). We have seen some of the clips and believe you will be excited with
proaching. In January, 2010; thorization note:
these new presentations. We have never had a Christmas type show, but I would put it more in
with a vast majority of our “I, John Doe 1 (your name),
the category of an uplifting/prepare-to-be-merry type of performance, so try the following:
seasonal residents here, on do hereby authorize John Doe
* Tue., Dec. 1, 8 pm: Jingle Bell Rock. They are an energetic cast of singers and dancers that
the CV Campus, Comcast will 2 (your neighbor’s name) to
will keep the house hopping as they guide you thru the best of the season.
once again set up shop in the register for my Cable Box.”
* Sat., Dec. 5, 8 pm: a Broadway tribute to Hairspray, an energetic revue combining music,
Main Clubhouse to register Be sure to sign the authoriza-
choreography, and of course the Sixties hairstyles.
our unit owners and make ap- tion note.
* Thu., Dec. 10, 8 pm: That’s Amore. Mark Adams with the style, the looks, the charm, the voice, plus
pointments to install the new It is very important to regis-
his magnetic appeal, accompanied by his dynamite band and the sexy/glamorous Gold Diggers.
Cable Box. ter for your Cable Box at this
* Sat., Dec. 12, 8 pm: Mostly Mercer — Equinox Jazz is a unique ensemble of eight musicians
Below you will see the roll-out event, because this
bringing to life such Mercer classics as That Old Black Magic, Autumn Leaves, Moon River.
planned schedule; please note is the most convenient way
* Sun., Dec. 13th, 7 pm: Ballet Fedotov, featuring one of the talented former Soviet choreog-
your Association, and mark to obtain the box without a
raphers in an original and unique presentation of West Side Story.
your calendar with the dates charge for the Technician to
* Tue., Dec. 15, 8 pm: Broadway Boys, a group of the hottest male voices currently on the New
and times when you should visit your unit to install the
York stage. They will feature pop, funk, jazz and folk.
come to the Clubhouse to box. In due course of time,
* Sat., Dec. 19, 8 pm: Sarge, a childhood prodigy who can sing, not only in his spectacular
register. If you cannot come training sessions will be pro-
voice but also in a dozen others. Oh, and don’t forget the piano. Sarge is the phenomenal star
at your scheduled time, please vided by Comcast for those
of I May be Black, but God Knows I’m Jewish.
send a neighbor with a copy needing assistance with the
* Tue., Dec. 22, 8 pm: Neil Diamond Tribute with Jay White, direct from Las Vegas, who is
of your license, or your State remote control. o
a personal acquaintance of Neil Diamond, who personally has stated “Jay kept singing so I
CV CERT Community Service can stay home and relax.”
* Sun., Dec. 27, 8 pm: Terry Johnson’s Flamingos. Terry has been a songwriter for the past 50
Join us: Walk “For the Cure” at the Susan Komen Cancer
years. Come down memory lane of the big band era.
Walk on Saturday, January 31, 2010. A $25 donation is In addition, don’t forget our exciting New Year’s Eve Dance, which will begin at 9 pm to the music of
required. Call Jackie Karlan at 478-8679. Pete Terri. If you want a group table saved, remember to bring all IDs with you at the time of purchase. o
Association Half Classroom Day Date Time
Easthampton 108
Monday Jan. 4, 2010 9:00 am-12:00 am
Plymouth 85
Hastings 76
Monday Jan. 4, 2010 12:30 pm-3:00 pm
Salisbury 108
Stratford 105 Tuesday Jan. 5, 2010 9:00 am-11:30 am
Greenbrier 84 A
Tuesday Jan. 5, 2010 12:00 pm-3:00 pm
Golf’s Edge 85.5
Waltham 108 Wednesday Jan. 6, 2010 9:00 am-12:00 pm
Wellington A/B 50 A
Wednesday Jan. 6, 2010 12:30 pm-7:00 pm
Windsor 224
Coventry 144 Monday Jan. 11, 2010 9:00 am-12:30 pm
Cambridge 110
Oxford 100, Monday Jan. 11, 2010 1:00 pm-4:00 pm
200, 300 A
Oxford 400,
500, 600, 700 Monday Jan. 11, 2010 4:00 pm-7:00 pm
Somerset 116
Dover 120 Tuesday Jan. 12, 2010 9:00 am-12:00 pm
Berkshire 116 Tuesday Jan. 12, 2010 12:30 pm-3:00 pm
Kent 119 Monday Jan. 18, 2010 9:00 am-11:30 am
Southampton 120 Monday Jan. 18, 2010 12:00 pm-3:00 pm
Canterbury 128 Tuesday Jan. 19, 2010 9:00 am-12:00 pm
Kingswood 63 A
Tuesday Jan. 19, 2010 12:30 pm-7:00 pm
Sheffield 211
Dorchester 130 Wednesday Jan. 20, 2010 9:00 am-11:30 am
Northampton 197 Wednesday Jan. 20, 2010 12:00 pm-3:00 pm
Bedford 139 Monday Jan. 25, 2010 9:00 am-12:00 pm
Chatham 220 Monday Jan. 25, 2010 1:00 pm-7:00 pm
Andover 165 Tuesday Jan. 26, 2010 9:30 am-11:30 am
Camden 176 Tuesday Jan. 26, 2010 12:00 pm-3:00 pm
Sussex 132 Wednesday Jan. 27, 2010 9:00 am-11:30 am
Norwich 180 A Wednesday Jan. 27, 2010 12:00 pm-3:00 pm
Wellington C-M 180 Wednesday Jan. 27, 2010 3:30 pm-7:00 pm
Total 3768.5
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 5

Survey Response
By Dot Loewenstein
From the Desk of For the past two months, we Investigations
Vice President have run a survey, trying to de-
Louise Gerson
termine a day of the week that
Jerry Karpf would be most convenient for
our residents to meet with con-
cerns about relatives, friends,
or neighbors who seem to be
With the start of a new sea- Century Village should attend. exhibiting symptoms of de- Welcome back, Snowbirds! When you get a bad credit
son, when all the snowbirds This will be the first step in mentia. Give big thanks to all who report on a prospective buyer,
come down to Century Vil- several lectures for everyone Results: Half of our replies were working hard tending it is up to the Association to
lage, my thoughts turn to what to understand condo living indicate Monday is the best to your Association business. meet and decide whether to
is the best way to continue in the State of Florida. Mr. day, and the other half want They took care of the sales, reject or accept them!
everyone’s education and Raphan will also give an up- Wednesday. Don’t get excited rentals and occupancies. Same thing if the report
knowledge in learning what date of what new changes are yet — each group was divided In October, we had 27 sales, shows a criminal problem.
condo living is all about. being considered in 718, the also! Half want mornings, and 35 rentals, 2 deed transfers Again, the Association Board
Many people who live in Condominium Act. the other half — you guessed and 8 requests for occupancy. is the only one to make the
Century Village don’t have I will also be having classes it — want afternoons. All want A total of 72 investigations decision, not UCO Investiga-
the faintest idea that they have on basic condominium financ- weekly sessions. brought in. tions!
responsibilities to their Asso- es and responsibilities that There are a few who will Everyone that wants to live Please come into our office
ciation, and this goes as well Board members have to their accept any day, any time, and here should be investigated. with your questions on pending
as what responsibilities the Association. These classes prefer monthly meetings. They should be 55 or older. investigations. Everything is
board has to the unit owners. will be held on February 4, Therefore, we cannot, as You want to be sure that peo- confidential, so we cannot give
To help unit owners better un- 2010, and other dates to be yet, make a firm commitment ple buying apartments have you any information over the
derstand this concept, we have announced. Because of limits and we are now requesting enough finances to live here. phone. Bring your ID with you.
arranged a Town Hall meeting on the number of people that additional survey respondents. Criminal checks are done on Calling all those who can
that is open to everyone in CV can be instructed on the vari- If you have not filled out our everyone to make sure respon- dedicate days to put informa-
on December 3, 2009 at 10:30 ous topics, there will be a limit survey form, we will provide sible people live here when tion into our computer: Come
a.m. in the Clubhouse Theater. of 100 people per lecture. This it again at the end of this col- they buy or rent. into our office for more details.
I will be having as guest only applies to the classes, not umn. It would be most helpful These are trying times for all Have a great Thanksgiving.
speaker Mr. Bill Raphan, the the Town Hall meeting. if you could narrow down your of us. Associations are getting We are closed that Thursday
Ombudsman for the State of So remember: Come to the reply to Monday or Wednes- stuck paying for apartments and Friday, so please plan
Florida, who will lecture on Town Hall meeting on Decem- day and morning or afternoon. that irresponsible people have ahead with bringing in your
how Condominium Elections ber 3rd and learn something Please be patient with me. walked away from. contracts with checks. o
must be conducted. Everyone in new and have some fun. o We will get this project off
the ground, and already have
facilitators on the shelf. The
Century Medical Care Center
(new name) has offered space
for us as soon as it is available
in their building, still under
construction. Anita Cruz will
give us space in the Clubhouse
prior to that time, so space is
not a problem.
Be assured that your names
and phone numbers remain in
my custody and will not find
their way into a trash can.
To All Candidates for President/Vice President Thank you for your replies If you find mistakes in this publication,
In the interest of equalizing the playing to date, and please tell your please consider that they are there for a
friends it is not too late to re-
field, the Reporter is offering one free ad to spond. o purpose. We publish something for every-
each announced candidate. Contact Toni one, and some people are always looking
at 683-9336 before December 7 for details. for mistakes!
Page 6 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

It is up to you to say no to the a courtroom. He did not set

Waldmans and anyone else guidelines for the Q&A part
who might want to develop of the meeting. He did not
this property other than what stop any of the rudeness that
The official newspaper of Century Village it was intended for — a recre- happened.
24 Camden A, West Palm Beach, FL 33417 ation area set in perpetuity. At this point, JV took it upon
Adele Ruderman herself and decided to control
Tel: 561-683-9336 • Fax: 561-683-2830
the meeting herself. She would
Email: Olga’s Wish List not allow Mr. Waldman, who
Office hours: 9:30 am-12:00 noon, Mon-Fri I wish the delegates did not had been introduced as part of
approve the cable contract. the team but was sitting down
Co-Editors.....................................Irv Lazar, Dot Loewenstein
I wish the officers of UCO in the front row, to answer a
Senior Editor.........................................................Syd Kronish would not spend the residents’
Regarding the question that had been asked.
Associate Editor.............................................. June Saponaro money so freely. This is when the pro-active
Layout............................................................ Myron Silverman
Waldmans’ I wish WPRF would not committee members started
Editorial Board.......................All Editors, Pres and Vice Pres Open Letter treat us like children and bom- yelling and making derogatory
I read Mr. and Mrs. Wald- bard us with stupid little rules. remarks about or to anyone
Production....................................................... John Saponaro
man’s open letter in the UCO I wish we could have kara- they thought did not agree
Bookkeeper............................................. Antoinette Salometo
paper, September issue, with oke at the Kent Pool. with them. People were lined
Advertising....................... Don McDonough, Mindy Weingart much interest, and I quote: I wish we could have a UCO up at the microphones sup-
Consultant................................................................. Ken Graff “We don’t anticipate this proj- office inside the Clubhouse posedly to ask questions but
Artist.................................................................... Helen Siegler ect to add more traffic, but to and sell the UCO building for it seemed that most of them
Circulation......................... Len Cohen, Jack Eisen, Bill Karp, enhance your (our) access and a profit. came with a printed agenda
Dave Rabinowitz, Mindy Weingart
create a fluid movement of I wish the next time a mil- which they read. At this point
To Be Accepted......items must display name, address, phone #. vehicles,” end quote. Are they lennium contract is signed, the people seemed to lose patience
Classified Ads for CV Residents Only: kidding??? residents can read it before the and most started leaving.
Personal items for sale or wanted may be listed The Waldmans also suggest, delegates sign off on it. The meeting became a dis-
on a “space available” basis, FREE of charge. and I quote, “There will be a I wish UCO would not pay grace to the Village. There is
(Submit on 8.5” by 11” paper.) greater tax revenue for Palm exorbitant fees to hire experts no excuse for the rudeness and
Submissions & Articles....... Please type in caps and lower case Beach County.” But historical- who give us bad advice. yelling that went on. This was
letters, double spaced, any item. On a “space available” basis. ly, our taxes will be increased I wish we could find a cure not a voting meeting; it was
Deadlines........... 7th of each month (call about special problems). for all the additional services for stupidity. supposed to be an informa-
Visit your Web site: that will have to be provided I wish the operations com- tion meeting so people could
to support the development, mittee did not vote to give pay clarify questions that they had.

such as opening the street for raises and bonuses to WPRF The main question that I
water, sewer and other utility and UCO employees when the wanted to ask was: What does
connections, etc, etc. economy is in the pits. the pro-active committee want
2102 West Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33417 The open letter continues to I wish we did not have to to do with that land? It is pretty
UCO Office: Tel 561-683-9189 • Fax 561-683-9904 hint that we in Century Village pay WPRF personal bank fees clear that it will never be a golf
Office Hours: Mon-Thu 9am-1pm • Fri 12 noon-4pm will have more privacy and out of the residents’ money. course again. The Village did
President: George Loewenstein security. Are the Waldmans I wish the cable gurus con- not buy that property when the
Vice Presidents: Frank Cornish, David Israel, implying that a housing de- sidered the fact that we may price was reasonable and they
Jerry Karpf, Bob Marshall velopment will provide less have to pay three quarters of a had the chance. They them-
Treasurer: Dorothy Tetro noise and security than a golf
Corresponding Secretary: Avis Blank million dollars in taxes before selves talked about a two mil-
course?? they signed a ten year contract. lion dollar course restoration
Recording Secretary: Betty Lapidus
Community Assn. Mgr.: Rodger Carver I might add that during the A side note: somewhere in the area. I do
Administrative Assistant: Mary Patrick Benton tenure of the Waldmans purchase If any of my wishes make not believe that the people in
Co-Office Managers: Mary Patrick Benton of the golf course, the golf club- you angry, don’t get mad, get our Village are willing or able
Edie Levine house was vandalized several even. At election time, think to spend that kind of money,
Office Assistants: Sandy Levine, Maria Levy, times, suffering broken glass seriously about who you want let alone buy the property that
Florence Pires, Isabelle Scherel, Irv Small, and pilfering. Is this the type of to spend your money. is not for sale and then put
Joyce Weberman, Marcia Ziccardy security we are to expect?
Receptionists: Sidele Bushaikin,
And please, give some re- several million dollars into it
If they could not protect spect to the UCO volunteers to turn it into a money losing
Rhea Cohen, Sonia Goldberg, Natalie Hauptman,
Claudette LaBonte, Beverly Lyne, Marie Oliver, what they own, how much who do all the grunt work and business.
Ron Massa protection will they give us? do not participate in any deci- I hope when the snowbirds
Expect zilch, nada, nothing — sion making.
Executive Board especially after he builds and Olga Wolkenstein
come back, they can come to
a Town Meeting that would be
Dave Bernstein Dot Loewenstein walks away from the project, a help to them and not a free-
Randall Borchardt Al McLaughlin which is so common with de- Golf Course Town for-all like yesterdays.
Sal Bummolo Haskell Morin velopers. Meeting October 15, Taken from century-
Sandy Cohen Marie Oliver For security, the Waldmans,,
Ken Davis Michael Rayber at one time, said they would
Re: Town Meeting for the Village’s new Web site
George Franklin Joe Saponaro fence their property from ours;
Information About Golf
Louise Gerson Phil Shapkin are we to expect fencing like
Course Property
Dan Gladstone Myron Silverman the separation from the park-
Jackie Karlan
Syd Kronish
Ted Silverman
Lori Torres
ing field at the medical build-
ing? At Southampton, they
Yesterday I went to the Town
Meeting to hear all the informa- Call the
tion that I could about what is to
Claudette LaBonte
Irv Lazar
Jeanette Veglia
Olga Wolkenstein
used razor sharp barbed wire;
is that the look we want —
happen to the now closed golf
course. Both sides did credible
from paradise to a maximum
The United Civic Organization Reporter is published presentations and I had some
monthly without charge to the residents of Century Village, prison look???
West Palm Beach, FL. questions for each side.
Folks, if you want to live
The United Civic Organization, aka UCO, is a not-for-profit This is when the meeting Remember, call 911
organization. Its officers, directors, editors, staff, and any with all the promises the Wald-
turned into bedlam (a crazy
committee people are not responsible for typographical errors mans make, you will be in for first for any emergen-
or misrepresentations in any advertisements or articles. They place) and all control, man-
a big disappointment. They are cy, then call the above
are not responsible and assume no liability for the content of, ners and tolerance ceased.
painting a rosy picture to mask
or any opinions expressed in, any contributed articles which The Judge that was brought in number to summon
represent the author’s own opinions are not necessarily the all the negatives.
to moderate the meeting was our security car.
opinion of UCO. Acceptance of advertising for products or Don’t be fooled. There are
services in no way constitutes an official endorsement of totally useless. I find it hard
no positives in their proposal.
the product or service. to believe he ever controlled Continued on Page 7
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 7

The Mail Bag Recollections of the • What if the developers have

Continued from Page 6 October 15th Town Hall problems selling…will they

Personals Meeting revert to a low income de-

The original intent of the velopment or rentals with-
Pro-Active Committee to hold out regard to background
We Miss You, Irv a Town Hall Meeting was to checks?
Irv Lazar, the long-time edi- advise the residents of the work • We have had several in-
tor of the UCO Reporter, is on the committee had been doing stances of unsavory char-
medical leave. We wish him a from its inception in 2005. acters climbing over our
speedy recovery and can’t wait The date was set and the current fences, we have
for him to resume control of statements were prepared. made several calls to the
the paper. In the meanwhile, However, at a Delegates meet- sheriff’s office regarding
we’d like him to know that it’s ing, a motion was made and this problem.
in good hands. passed to have the owners of • The power point presenta-
The Reporter Staff the golf course present their tion made at this meeting
plans at the same meeting. At was vastly different from
Farewell, My Friend… that point, the UCO Adminis- what was presented over
M a r y A m i t r a n o , from tration took over the details for the years to the Pro-Active
Salisbury G across the street, procedures of the meeting. Committee. Let us remind
passed away this morning, at It was decided by the you that any promises made
78, exactly five weeks to the Officers of UCO to have a by any developer can be
day of being diagnosed with Moderator preside over the changed at their desire be-
pancreatic cancer. Early in presentations. It was then de- cause they are covered by
September, her three children termined between the modera- a disclaimer placed on any
drove down from northern tor, Judge Parker, and George offering to potential buyers.
New Jersey to take her back Loewenstein to allow each • As their presentation shows
home with them. side to have only six present- now…anyone from their
Mary was a wonderful ers on stage and each side to development could en-
friend and neighbor, firm in have only 25 minutes to speak, ter our village freely…
her political convictions, a then allow questions from the since there is no significant
generous volunteer at a local floor with a limit of two min- boundary, except for small
geriatric center where she utes as some residents were to lakes between the prop-
pushed wheelchairs three days be allowed to read prepared erties; all that would be
a week. statements. Contrary to some protecting us is a security
Her favorite hobby was comments since the meeting, person in a Rover to cover
scouring rummage stores to let us be perfectly clear… both properties.
hunt for yarn for a crafty The procedures were totally • Also covered at the meeting
friend, or used clean towels for determined by the UCO Ad- was the negative impact of
another who made bed pads ministration and the Moderator. additional traffic on our lo-
for cancer patients. Unfortunately, the Waldman cal roads. Our streets will
Live each day as if it were group violated these rules. become like parking lots
your last. When we reminded them of the at rush hour like streets in
Mariel Lauzon rules, they were very unprofes- other parts of the County.
sional. They left the stage. See- • Just because you do not
ing the tremendous opposition live near the golf course
Notice from the audience to any of
their plans, they “picked up
property, please don’t think
this situation does not affect
Due to many opinions you. The safety and security
their marbles and went home”
on the same topic, we like little children do when they of all residents of Century
Village are affected. Don’t
must limit letters to the are losing the game.
think that a development on
editor to 250 words Let us re-emphasize some
of the statements made by the that property will increase
and will accept both
sides of opinions in or-
Pro-Active committee at the
the value of Century Vil-
lage; in all probability, it
will have a negative effect.
See Bus Schedule
der to provide a fair • The population of this new

and balanced news-

development…who are the
buyers? Are they investigat-
Those that can, will move
away; and those that can’t,
will suffer.
on Page 51
paper. ed for criminal backgrounds
Submitted by Officers of the
The Editors as we do?
Pro-Active Committee
Is It Swine Flu or Regular Flu?
Cold H1N1
Temperatures of 100°F or higher for
Fever Fever is rare
three to four days
A hacking (mucus producing)
Coughing A dry is usually present
cough is often present
Aches Slight body aches and pains Severe aches and pains
Stuffy nose is commonly
Stuffy Nose present and typically resolves Stuffy nose is not commonly present
spontaneously within a week
Chills Chills are uncommon Chills occur in 60% of cases
Tiredness Tiredness is fairly mild Tiredness is moderate to severe
Sneezing Sneezing is common Sneezing is not common
Rapid onset within three to six hours L-R: Catherine Silver, Alyssa Marie Wray, Charles A. Smugko III and
Sudden Symptoms tend to develop over with sudden symptoms of high fever, Howie Silver.
Symptoms a few days muscle aches, shortness of breath, Thank You
tight chest
Catherine and I would like to take this opportunity to thank
Headache Headaches are fairly mild Headaches occur in 80% of cases
all for their prayers and good wishes for my recovery.
Sore Throat Sore throat is commonly present Sore throat is not commonly present
Howie Silver
Chest Chest discomfort is mild to
Chest discomfort is often severe
Discomfort moderate The Mail Bag Continues on Page 40
Page 8 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

Open Clubhouse
By Courtney Olsen
Warm welcome to the snow-
birds that flew in this month. Transportation
Safety You will be excited to know
most of your favorite classes
George Franklin and clubs have returned for LaBonte
this winter season.
In addition to regular clubs
and classes, there are special
meetings this month: The first
Ok, folks, it finally hap- a Traffic Signal; the Third is meeting of the Irish Ameri- Thank you so much for the at this writing and we are look-
pened — “Signal 4” — that is being struck while Properly can Club will be held in the calls and messages regarding ing forward to the return of our
the police dispatch signal for a and Legally Parked. Anything Party Room at 2 pm, Decem- last month’s Transportation winter residents.
motor vehicle crash. else and your insurance com- ber 1. On Thursday, December article. Note to all bus riders:
Today (not mentioning real pany will hammer you with 3 at 10 am will be a Lecture More information was pro- “Please do not ask drivers to
date), while I was heading premium increases or drop you on Election Procedures in the vided by Marcia Ziccardy, a stop in front of your building’s
north in the rain on South all together. Theatre. There will be a Town CV resident. Her father, Saul sidewalk, or other location
Military Trail at 1:30 P.M. near Now, if you are involved in Hall Meeting on Medicare in Leffak, AKA Charlie, arrived closer to your front door.”
the intersection of Forest Hill a crash and before you leave Meeting Room C on Decem- in the Village in 1979 from “This is not an appointed bus
Blvd., I was stopped in the the scene, check the paper- ber 8 at 2 pm. The Deborah New York City Transit Author- stop, and your driver may lose
right lane for a red traffic sig- work given to you. Notify the Hospital Foundation will be ity and became friends with his or her job for trying to
nal. All of a sudden, wham!! I officer if anything he wrote is meeting on December 11 at the drivers. He tells us that at keep you happy.” “It is a very
was struck from behind. I was wrong, have it corrected at the 11 am in the Party Room. The that time the group was known short walk from the assigned
hit so hard that the ash tray in scene. Ballroom Dance Practice as the “Sixty Niners.” bus stop, and you have been
my car popped out! I have been on the “Cell group is canceled for Sunday, We have returned to the noticed as having no physical
I got out in time to see the Phone” kick, and here is some December 13. The two Health winter bus schedule and have limitations, nor have you been
driver of the vehicle that hit news directly off the press for Chat meetings this month are added Target on the Mall Bus carrying any bundles when we
me lowering their hand with you regarding the use of these December 1 at 10 am, and De- route. have seen you taking advan-
a cell phone in it. This driver items. cember 15 at 2:30 pm. Topics I dare to say that all is quiet tage of a very nice driver.” o
never braked and just drove This month, Arkansas has for these meetings are yet to be
right into the back of my car joined more than twenty (20) assigned; call the Ticket Office
that I had for four weeks and other states banning “Text
four days exactly. Messaging” while driving.
for more information. Every
third Wednesday, a Property
Excursion Bus Trips
As of this date, I do have a They also have made it illegal Appraiser will be coming to Excursion Buses run Mondays & Wednesdays, every month.
small pain in my neck above to use a cell phone or to email the Clubhouse for residents
the right shoulder — no lie. or access information on line The Monday bus normally goes to Wellington Green at 9:30 a.m.
interested in Homestead Ex- and returns at 1:15 p.m. This same bus makes a second trip at 10:30
Now what I can tell you is this: while driving. Maryland on emption. These meetings will a.m. to Wal-Mart, returning at 2:10 p.m.
I was very lucky to be driving October 1, 2009 has a ban now be monthly at 2 pm in Meet-
a very large vehicle while the on Texting while driving, and ing Room C. The next Metro EXCEPTION: The 2nd Monday trip is to Lake Worth Beach,
other driver had a compact car. in Maine last month, doing leaving at 9:30 a.m. and returning by 2:30 p.m. This is a big bus
Traffic School is scheduled holding 48 passengers. The December trip is on December 14th.
The damage to that vehicle anything distracting while for December 18 at 9 am;
was extensive. Mine, again driving became illegal. Now registration is required. The Wednesday bus normally goes to CityPlace at 10 a.m. and
from what I can see, seems to what is anything distracting? Comcast will be at the continues on to Gardens Mall, arriving about 10:30 a.m. This bus
be superficial. Not yet sure, as I don’t know and I don’t want Clubhouse next month ev- leaves the Gardens Mall at 1:30 p.m. and picks up at CityPlace
the car has to be put onto a lift to find out. Seems that leaves about 2 p.m.
ery Monday, Tuesday, and
and checked for undercarriage a lot to the Police Officer’s Wednesday to conclude the EXCEPTION: The 4th Wednesday trip is to Delray on December
damage. The rest is that the discretion. So be careful driv- cable box distribution and in- 23rd, leaving at 9:30 a.m. and returning by 2:30 p.m. The destination
Service Aide who prepared ing through Maine. stallation. For more informa- is the Carnival Flea Market, and Beall’s Outlet is within walking
the crash report messed it up Now to our Northern Snow tion, please watch Channel 63, distance.
so badly that I had to go to the Birds from Canada — you are or come in to the Ticket Office.
Sheriff Headquarters on Gun not left out of these rules. In This 48 passenger bus is usually full, so it makes sense to arrive
The New Year’s Eve Dance between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. to be sure of getting a seat.
Club Road to report the errors Ontario, Canada, a ban against is Thursday, December 31 at 9
and he was called in and had Cell Phone use and text mes- pm in the Party Room; the dress
to redo the entire report. Ok, saging while driving takes code will be strictly enforced,
what’s the point in telling you effect October 26, 2009. Also and tickets are required for entry.
this tale? Put the phone down under the Ontario measure, The last Thursday of every
and drive!!! hand held Citizen Band or month, at 7 pm, Sonja Suarez
Now, because someone was other two (2) way radios are and the “Three Friends” put on
not paying attention and talk- being phased out within three a free concert in Meeting Room
ing on a phone (allegedly) an (3) years. It appears that only C; all are welcome to come.
entire half a day was wasted hand free models will be al- A new class will begin
by this writer, not to mention lowed to be used. called Zumba; it is the latest
vehicle damage to both cars, Folks, I know a lot of you dance and exercise craze. It is
a Sheriff’s employee could do not agree with these laws. a mix of aerobics and dancer-
have been doing other more However, they are made for cise to the rhythms of Latin
important business, and so, your safety and the safety music. The first class is free!
three persons had their entire of other motorists. Remem- And if you are interested, you
afternoon wrecked. ber, driving is not a right; it may register for more. This
As of 4:30 p.m., the other is a privilege and too many class is held at Hastings at 5
person had not reported that people have been killed and pm. For more details, please
crash to their insurance com- injured because of not paying call the Ticket Office.
pany. You may also be inter- attention to what’s going on The December and January
ested to know that there are around you while talking on a class schedules are available in
three (3) types of crashes that cell phone or texting. Please: the Ticket Office and posted
are classified as non-prevent- Drive safely out there. on Channel 63. You may now
able. The First is stopped at Stop with the cell phones register for December classes
the direction of a Police Of- already; pay attention and as well as January classes. o
ficer; the Second is stopped at drive safely! o
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 9
Page 10 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

At the Library
Holiday Season at the
MANAGEMENT (R • 94 min)
Okeechobee Branch
Insurance Library
Jennifer Aniston, Woody Harrelson
A touching comedy. A traveling art saleswoman tries to shake
Borrow books at the library
Dan Gladstone to help plan your festivities.
off a flaky motel manager.
Tue, 12/01, 1:45 pm; Sun, 12/06, 1:45 pm; Mon, 11/07, 6:45 pm;
The library has cookbooks, Tue, 12/08, 1:45 pm; Sun, 12/13, 1:45 pm
decorating books, party plan-
ning, gift-giving ideas, song WHATEVER WORKS (PG-13 • 92 min)
books, books on the origins of Larry David, Adam Brooks
It happened to my building rences and  the most devastat- Written and directed by Woody Allen, an eccentric New
the many faith-based holidays
again. My next door neighbor ing ones have been caused by Yorker abandons his upper class life to lead a more bohemian
of the season, and books on
left her beautiful, exquisite broken and failing ball-cock existence ranting to anyone who will listen.
other areas of seasonal inter-
apartment on Friday 11/6 at 5 systems in the toilet  tank. It is Mon, 12/14, 6:45 pm; Tue, 12/15, 1:45 pm; Thu, 12/17, 6:45 pm;
est. And for after the holidays,
p.m. for a party. At 7:30 p.m., due to aging. So we are now Sun, 12/20, 1:45 pm; Mon, 12/21, 6:45 pm
you might want to check out
another neighbor that was strongly recommending that
books on dieting and credit TAKING OF PELHAM 1-2-3 (R • 106 min)
walking by her door noticed each unit will change its ball-
repair! Denzel Washington, John Travolta
that water was coming out cock system to a new one that
The Okeechobee Boulevard Armed men hijack a New York City subway train, holding the
in bulks. He called me and is less likely to fail in the near
Branch Library is located next passengers hostage in return for a ransom, and turning an
we both went in with the future. The cost is minimal
to Dunkin’ Donuts. The hours ordinary day’s work for dispatcher Walter Garber into a face-
Association key only to find and comparing the damage
are: Monday, Tuesday, and off with the mastermind behind the crime.
out that the ball-cock system that it helps to avoid, this is an
Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. Tue, 12/22, 1:45 pm; Thu, 12/27, 6:45 pm; Sun, 12/28, 1:45 pm;
broke and a huge amount of important investment. Mon, 12/29, 6:45 pm
to 8:00 p.m. and Thursday, Fri-
water was overflowing. In Some other issues: UCO
day and Saturday from 10:00
the two hours that the water received a notice that one of (TO BE CONTINUED NEXT MONTH)
a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All Village
was running, two apartments our Associations was being
residents, including seasonal
were totally soaked. The first sued for discrimination be- NO ADMISSION TO BE CHARGED
residents, are eligible for a
and foremost victim in such cause the board had rejected
free library card with proper
cases is the apartment below. an application to buy an apart-
ID. Visit the library today!
In many cases the apartment ment. Although the rejection
December Programs
upstairs does not suffer any was based on bad credit (in
• Tue., Dec. 1, 8:30 a.m. —
damage or does not even know fact, it was awful), his lawyer
Browser Basics
that it has a leak. was trying to connect it to
• Tue., Dec. 1, 2:30 p.m. —
The instrument measures the “tone” of his skin. Noth-
Beginning Computers
show that in these two hours, ing could be further from the
• Thu., Dec. 3, 10:30 a.m. —
all the drywalls absorbed huge truth because members of the
Morning Cinema 
amounts of water and are al- president’s family have the
• Fri., Dec. 4, 10:30 a.m.
ready soaked. same “tone.” But nevertheless,
— Adult Book Discussion
My Association is now our insurance company has to
obliged for another deductible defend the case regardless of
• Mon., Dec. 7, 2:00 p.m. —
of $5,000. Since June of this it being a nuisance suit.
E-mail Basics (Hands-on)
year, we are in for $10,000. It came to UCO’s attention
• Mon., Dec. 7, 6:00 p.m.
Our previous event happened that a new treasurer of an As-
— Ki Sa Yon Odinate Ye?
on June 23 on the other side of sociation found out, when he
our 24 unit building. received the books, that his
• Tue., Dec. 8, 8:30 a.m.
Our board has learned how previous president was pay-
— Mousing Around
important it was to have access ing by checks monies without
to all the keys of the apart- receipts that could not be ac-
• Tue., Dec. 8, 10:30 a.m. —
ments in our building. We counted for. So please be sure
Introductory Internet
were able to enter the apart- that your accountant system
• Thu., Dec. 10, 10:30 a.m.
ment, locate and stop the leak runs without opening windows
— Morning Cinema (2008)
in minutes. for embezzlements.
(Rated G, 108 min.)
The experience that we have This article is for informa-
• Thu., Dec. 10, 2:00 p.m.
learned in the past year has tion only, not to be used in any
— The Humor of Sam
shown that most of the occur- legal matter. o
• Mon., Dec. 14, 2:00 p.m. —
Evidence of water damage by Mr. Gladstone. MS Word (hands on)
• Mon., Dec. 14, 6:00 p.m.
— Ki Sa Yon Odinate Ye?
• Tue., Dec. 15, 8:30 a.m. —
Browser Basics
• Tue., Dec. 15, 2:30 p.m. —
Internet Tips & Tricks 
• Wed, Dec. 16, 2:00 p.m. —
Meditation for Everyday
• Thu, Dec. 17, 10:30 a.m.
— Morning Cinema (2004)
(Not Rated, 75 min.)
• Wed, Dec. 23, 10:30 a.m.
— Morning Cinema (1942)
(Not Rated, 101 min.) o

& &
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 11

shut down water heaters when are almost 40 years old, and dealing with unpleasant out-
not in use (to save electricity) our wires are aluminum, this comes. Call 681-3923 to re-
because the circuit breaker is a formula for major prob- port any situation you think
was not designed to be turned lems, such as blowing out might result in damage and/or
Maintenance on and off constantly. If you your circuit boards or burning danger to others. All present at
burnout the breaker, a replace- out some of your appliances, this meeting were extremely
Jerry Karpf ment part may no longer be as well as a fire. A fire is only grateful to these gentlemen for
available. It is possible that a matter of time, when using sharing their knowledge. o
the entire box would have to more amps than the wires
be replaced, for an estimated in the walls are designed to

Before I start my article, work. You would not know if

cost of $600. handle. Notice to All
A solution would be to have Please report (anonymous-
I must state our policy with
regard to manufacturers and
the work was done properly
until something happens that
a timer installed; that will ly) to Mr. Karrh at 681-3923 Candidates for
automatically shut down the anyone that you know who
anyone who lectures at any would cause damage. Always water heater when not in use. has a tankless water heater. President and
maintenance meeting: ask to see a license and proof Mr. Karrh advised us that They are placing their neigh-
UCO and the maintenance of insurance — without these, tankless water heaters are bors in possible danger from Vice President
committee do not endorse or do not hire them. illegal because the wires in the above problems that cre- In the interest of
approve of any manufactur- Mr. Guthright reminded our village were not made to ate fires. There are contrac-
ers, product, or contractor. All us that everyone must have handle the amp load required tors who may tell you that
equalizing the playing
opinions of any lecturer are permits for any type of water by such heaters. Our electrical you do not need a permit, that field, the Reporter is
strictly their own and not those heater. Failure to obtain a per-
of UCO. This article cannot be mit can result in a stiff fine. It
system is supposed to deliver these units pass all codes, offering one free ad to
100 amps per apartment, and and they are safe — all of
used in any legal matter. is the responsibility of the unit the average unit uses about 75 which is untrue. Again, a re- each announced can‑
As previously mentioned, owner to get the permit — not amps. A tankless water heater minder: You are responsible didate. Contact Toni at
there have been many in- the plumber or electrician. uses 44 amp, bringing your for permits, which normally
stances of water damage re- Mr. Kajak warned us not demand 19 amps over the take about six days.
683‑9336 before De‑
cently. In fact, as of this date to use the circuit breaker to limit. Since our circuit boards Prevention is better than cember 7 for details.
we have had more than 240
claims submitted to the insur-
ance company. This indicates
a possibility of a large increase
in insurance premiums, as
well as cancellation on our
water damage policy. It is up
to us to act proactively and do
something to prevent water
damage, especially when unit
owners are absent.
The most effective action
we can take is to start the in-
stallation of the water cutoff
valves mentioned last issue.
There is a new, lower price
of $150 estimated for each
installation, plus a $25 permit
fee per unit. It is strongly rec-
ommended that associations
contact me in the UCO office
at 683-9189 to arrange for
this work to be done as soon
as possible. While we cannot
recommend any particular
plumber, we do have a pool
of five licensed plumbers that
we can provide. It is vital for
each association to install
these valves; remember that
the insurance deductible is
$5,000 for each occurrence.
If you missed our October
meeting, you missed a great
opportunity to hear our guest
speakers, three of whom were
from the Building Depart-
ment of Palm Beach County:
Richard Guthright, Deputy
Building Official; Joe Kajak,
head plumbing inspector; and
Robert Karrh, Head Electri-
cal Inspector. County Com-
missioner Jeff Koons spoke
about road improvements and
development effects.
Mr. Guthright gave us an
overview about protection
from unsavory and unlicensed
contractors that will offer you a
great deal, but do substandard
Page 12 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 13
Page 14 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

Community Emergency
Response Team
Jackie Karlan

The CERT general meeting standardized disaster training

held on October 28 resulted in a course.
lively, interactive discussion of Community outreach: On
fire safety. A demonstration of October 31, four CERT mem-
proper use of a fire extinguisher bers manned the medical tent
led to questions: Does every at the Lantana Bootacular, a
building have working fire ex- children’s health fair, spon-
tinguishers? Are they checked sored by EOC District 4. In
periodically? How many people full uniform, Dorothy Breier,
in each building know how to Phyllis Frishberg, Lori Tor-
use a fire extinguisher? res and I interacted with the
CERT members are willing children and parents, treating
to hold short training sessions simple cuts and bruises when
in each building on the proper necessary.
use of portable fire extinguish- The next CERT meeting
ers. Call me at 478-8679. will be Monday, November
I’m proud to announce that 16, at 3 p.m. in the Clubhouse.
two CERT members, Lori The topic will be Search and
Torres and Ed Black, are now Rescue. Please attend and L-R at Lantana Health Fair: Jackie Karlan, Phyllis Frishberg, Dorothy Breier, Lori Torres.
licensed Ham radio operators. learn how you can help your Photo by David Torres
Four CERT members, John neighbor in an emergency.
Hess, Ed Black, Lori Torres Remember: No experience How Reporter Delivery Works
and I, have passed the FEMA is necessary — we will train Umbrella Association Presidents (they cover every apartment in the building) take
national incident command you. Welcome back, seasonal responsibility and volunteer to receive bundles of the UCO Reporter each month for
course. This is a nationwide residents! o
distribution to each sub-association. If you’re not getting your papers, call your Quad-
rant Vice President at the UCO Office; see the CV site at century-village-wpb.blogspot.
f f f f f com for details.
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 15
Page 16 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

Recreation News Gun Club

Cue Club Franklin
Weiskopf Hi folks; well, we are going
into our fourth year with this
The competition has started, club and we invite anyone
the fun and excitement has with an interest in weapons to
started for a new season of come out and visit us at our
enjoyment. meetings. You do not have to
The Hastings Cue Club own a weapon.
welcomes new members. The We have been sponsored by
club meets the last Thursday Humana Insurance Co. for
every month at the Hastings once a month to shoot at the
Clubhouse. Gator Gun & Archery Center
The meeting for November here in West Palm. Humana
will be on November 24, 2009. pays the range fee. All you
All succeeding meetings will have to do is pay for your
be on the last Thursday of ammo and targets. Instruction
every month. is available also. If you like,
For information, call Ted at you may also rent a weapon
682-3130 or Ken at 684-9677. from Gator. The December
meeting will be held Tuesday
evening, 7:00 p.m., Decem-
Petanque ber 8, with the Club Shoot
Wednesday, December 9, 9:00
a.m. to 12:00 Noon.
We will be starting the sea- All members may be inter-
son in a few months, sooner ested to know we now have
if the weather cools down. In club shirts available. If inter-
the meantime, we have been ested go to EmbroidMe on
working with Dan Cruz of Military Trail and Cherry Rd.
WPRF to try to get the courts and just say you are with the
resurfaced using the monies club; they will know what to
that were put in the 2009 bud- get you.
get for that purpose. For further information,
So come down to play on call George at 471-9929.
every Wednesday and Thurs-
day at 8:45 a.m. Call Jerry
Karpf for additional informa-
tion at 684-1487.
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 17

Ted Silverman

Our second annual Dessert A list of sponsors follows,

Buffet honoring our centenar- and our own Ken Davis man-
ians was held on Thursday, aged a great photo of one of
October 29. It is time to not the sheet cakes. Thanks to
only thank our volunteers and everyone!
sponsors, but to give you a bit Bagels and More, Bel-
of detail as to how much effort lante’s, Butterfield’s Café,
was spent. Chick-fil-A, Ci-Ceil’s Florist,
What you enjoyed on the Community Transit, Cookies
29th was not the work of any in Bloom, Duffy’s, Edible
one individual, but the collec- Arrangements, Flowers to
tive result of our committee: Go, Golden Corral, Home De-
Leslie Darrigan keeps track pot, Hong Kong Wok, Island
of honorees and sends birthday Jack, Johnny’s Dream, Mr. T’s
cards. Phyllis Frishberg and Barber Shop, Publix, River-
Eileen Pearlman maintain side Bank, Robert’s Painting,
One of the cakes that the birthday honorees were treated to.
contact with the media and Seacrest, Starz Bakery, Winn-
Photo by Ken Davis
politicians. Jackie Karlan Dixie, Walgreens. o
and Myrna Schechter are our
fabulous co-chairs, who also
purchased all the drinks and
paper goods, among other
items. Lori Torres and Kath-
leen Guanagia picked up all
food, including three sheet
cakes and tons of flowers. Ma-
ria Levy and Dorothy Breier
manned the phone squad, con-
tacted sponsors, and handled
all the table settings.
Many sponsors provided
gift cards for each honor-
ee, and some provided cash,
which was used to purchase
paper goods and related items.
Food donations were over-
flowing, as were floral cen-
terpieces. Since most readers
were not there, we can only
describe for you what ap-
peared on our buffet table.
A large birthday cake, three
sheet cakes, cookies, and fruit

Emergency........................ 911
Senior Helpline................. 211
Security.................... 502-8103
Guest Call-In............ 689-1759
Reporter................... 683-9336
UCO Office.............. 683-9189
Hastings CH............. 687-4875
WPRF (Anita Cruz)... 640-3111
Seacrest.................... 697-4990
Florida Power........... 697-8000
Palm Beach Water.... 740-4600
Comcast................... 847-4792
Palm Beach Post....... 820-4663
Homesteaders.......... 355-2650
Sheriff’s Office.......... 766-2000
Police (non-emerg)... 822-1900
Page 18 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 19
Page 20 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

Round walnut tile top pub set

Classified Ads
with 4 upholstered pub tools
table 41” wide, 6” high, stools
25” nigh 2 yrs old in new con-
dition orig $600 asking $300
Classified ads are printed call (561) 697 2471
on a space available basis. For Rent
Ads should be submitted by Three wheel Roll Easy walker
the seventh of the month in Wellington J renovated 2/2 w/ traveling pouch (blue),
which they are to appear. deluxe high rise, absolute used 3 times new $165 will
Articles must be resubmitted beauty on lake. Desirable loca- sacrifice $85 Call 471 6760
every month if they are to be tion 3rd flr elevator building,  
repeated. near parking space and bus Large brass mounted cam-
All Classified ads must be stop. Building has its own paign jewelry chest 35” high
on a full sheet of paper (8½ x pool $850 annual. Call (561) x 20-½” wide x 14-½” deep. 5
11). Scraps of paper will not 346 2077 drawers lined with red velvet,
be accepted.   bottom storage compartment
All items submitted must Miscellaneous with 2 doors, must be seen $35
include name and address of new condition “Haier” ex-
contributor. Name and ad- cellent condition small area
dress will not be printed; this dorm refrigerator has freezer
is for our information. The compartment sells new $159 Do not give your
Classified ads are a service asking $75 resident pass to a rela-
for UCO members only. tive or friend. It will be
Small oak upright piano Ham- confiscated and there Volunteers Needed — UCO Reporter
ilton by Baldwin $250 OBO will be a charge for We have a need for Layout/Copy Placers (will train); phone calls
For Sale Call (561) 536 8488 to follow up on ads, paper pick-up, etc. Jobs are part time. We
are in from 9:30 am-12:00 pm, Mon-Fri. Hours vary by need. Call
Dover “A” ground floor, tile 683-9336 or email
throughout. Move-in condi-
tion. bedroom, 1-½ bath - mir-
rored closets - all tiled - stall
shower - large patio, lagoon
for sailing - large TV - many
additional amenities, furniture.
By appointment call (561) 686
5441 or (917) 755 9583

Greenbrier C 2/2 reduced

from $155,000 to $98,000.
Luxury furniture, renovated,
tile floors, ceiling fans, cen-
tral A/C and heater, hurricane
shutters, new appliances. Call
(561) 478 6564 or (786) 473

Short sale Oxford 500, 2nd

flr 2/2 new kitchen, baths and
tile floors. Large enclosed pa-
tio with access to patio from
bedroom and living room.
Building is next to pool, large
laundry room and card room.
$50,000 Call (561) 615 9909
For Sale or Rent

Walk to main clubhouse, 1st

floor, 1 bedroom 1-½ bath,
enclosed patio, rent with op-
tion to buy furnished $550
month. yearly unfurnished
$530 month. yearly Season
$850 month. Call (561) 536

Sussex 1/1 upper with scenic

screened balcony, furnished or
unfurnished. Make offer Call
(561) 697 2390

Cambridge F 2 bedroom 1-1/2

bath, ground floor, redone
kitchen, all tiled, unfurnished
for rent or sale Rent $750
month. Call (561) 729 0705
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 21

Happy 98th Birthday

to Helen Siegler
from the Reporter Staff
Page 22 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 23

contact the Temple office any of Morse Geriatric. FMI, Dr. Steve, 242-0481; Rose, 683-
Organization News weekday morning 684-3212. Levy @ 478-6865. 1564.
Please note!!! DO NOT
leader of the congregation, B’nai B’rith Century: We Brooklyn U.S.A.: Will meet Canadian Club: Meets 4 th
resubmit dates for events
is an experienced education meet every 4th Sun, 9:30 am, on Wed, Oct 14, 1:30 in the Wed, Party Room of CH, 1:00
already appearing in Orga-
administrator and college pro- at Anshei Sholom. Admis- Party Room. Coming events: pm. Membership open to all.
nization News unless there
fessor. sion is free to members ($3 Italian lunch & entertain- Lots of great activities. Betty,
is a correction.
Both courses will run from for guests). Activities: Jan ment; Dec 17, BBQ and boat 684-0766; Franne, 478-9526;
Amit Rishona Chapter: November to March on Mon- 24: Festive year-end meet- trip on the Jungle Queen; Jan Madelaine, 684-5595.
Come to our monthly meet- day mornings at the Temple. ing/party w/food/entertain- 17, mystery bus trip; Feb 21,
ing on Tue, Dec 12, at 1:00 They are free to members only ment, reserv necessary ($7 annual luncheon/dance; Mar Century Village Computer
pm (collation at 12 noon). (nonmembers pay). for guests); Feb 24: A look at 16-18, 3 day/2 nite trip to Club: Meets 1st and 3rd Thu,
Other coming events: Dec 12, For further information, the projected new facilities Key West. Elayne, 688-8151;
Continued on Page 24
luncheon and games at CV CH
(Bess, 478-0735); Jan 13, 2-5
pm, Israeli film at the CH (El-
lie, 471-4935); Mar 7, ann din-
ner at Aitz Chaim (call Bess).

Congregation Anshei
Sholom Adult Education
Congregation Anshei Sho-
lom began two adult education
courses in November.
Sara Farkas, an Israeli na-
tive and member of the con-
gregation, will lead a course in
conversational Hebrew. Sara is
an accomplished teacher.
Those members of the con-
gregation who took the course
last year were very impressed
by the caliber of the teaching.
No prior knowledge of He-
brew is required.
Rabbi Michael Korman will
lead a course entitled “Great
Jewish Thinkers: Their Impact
on Judaism.”
Rabbi Korman, the spiritual
Page 24 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

Organization News We practice every Mon, 1:15-

Continued from Page 23 3:45, in the CH, Room C (Oct
Nov-Apr (1st Thu only rest 26-Mar 20). We play 3 con-
of year), 1:00 pm in Class certs each year. We welcome
Room 103, and incl 30 min all pros and amateurs who en-
Q&A, biz portion, presenta- joy playing with a group. We
tion, 50/50 and door prizes. would like to add a conductor,
Arrive by 12:15 if you wish to more violins, violas, cellos,
join, renew your membership, bass, bassoons and percus-
or register for free hands-on sion players to our orchestra.
classes. Rickie, 683-0869.

Century Village Gun Club: Century Village Symphony

Meets 2nd Tue, 7:00 pm, Class- Orchestra Annual Concert:
room B. You don’t have to We will perform The Poet
own a weapon. Everything is and Peasant Overture, Con-
free. This fall, we have a great certino for Piano in A Minor,
lineup of speakers. We were The Russian Sailors’ Dance,
sponsored by Humana Insur- El Relicario, And the Angels
ance for free range time at the Sing, New World Symphony
Gator Gun Center on Sep 9. (4th Movement) and selections
Ladies are invited. George, from The Phantom of the Op-
471-9929. era and My Fair Lady on Thu,
Mar 13, 8:00 pm at the CH
Century Village Orchestra: Continued on Page 26
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 25

Hastings Fitness Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Dance Aerobics Advanced Aerobics Low Impact Aerobics Advanced Aerobics Dance Aerobics
8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am

Weight Training Aerobics With Weights Weight Training Aerobics With Weights Weight Training
9:25-10:00 am 9:20-9:45 am 9:25-10:00 am 9:20-9:45 am 9:25-10:00 am

Water Aerobics (Pool) Pilates Water Aerobics (Pool) Pilates Water Aerobics (Pool)
10:00-11:00 am 9:45-10:30 am 10:00-11:00 am 9:45-10:00 am 10:00-11:00 am

Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga Tai-Chi (Paid Class) Hatha Yoga

10:00-11:30 am 10:00-11:30 am 10-11 am (int) 11-12 noon (beg) 10:00-11:30 am

Resistance Pool Exercise Resistance Pool Exercise

10:45-11:30 am 10:45-11:30 am

Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch

12:00-1:00 pm 12:00-1:00 pm 12:00-1:00 pm 12:00-1:00 pm 12:00-1:00 pm

Consultation Self Defense (Paid Class) Consultation

1:30-2:00 pm 1:25-2:00 pm 1:30-2:00 pm

Sit & Fit Healthy Breathing Yoga Touch Sit & Fit Healthy Breathing Yoga Touch Administrative/
2:00-3:00 pm 2:00-3:00 pm 2:00-3:00 pm 2:00-3:00 pm Office Duties

Free Exercise Classes Provided at Hastings Fitness Center by Zhanetta Babayeva

Class Registration at the Main Clubhouse Class Office

All Classes Are Subject to Change and/or Modification
Page 26 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

Organization News Duplicate Bridge at Hast-

Cotninued from Page 24 ings Clubhouse: Every Mon
Theatre. Tickets are on sale at 7:00 pm and Wed at 1:00
now at the ticket office. pm. If you need a partner,
call Mimi, 697-2710, leave
Christian Club: We meet 1st message.
Wed, 1:00 pm, Party Room of
CH. Bowling every Mon, 9:30 Evangelical Christian stNet-
am, Verdes Tropicana, starting working Club: Meets 1 Fri,
Nov 9. Other events: Dec 4, 6:30 pm, Classroom B of CH.
Christmas dinner dance, bring We share relevant info among
an unwrapped toy; Feb 14, ourselves and with our com-
Valentine dinner dance (both munity. Dee, 827-8748; Steve,
at Mary Immaculate Hall). 389-5300.
Rose, 641-0014; Grace, 640-
5279. GiGi’s Group: Monthly trip
to the Mardi Gras Casino. Jan
Deborah Hospital Founda- cruise to the Caribbean. Con-
tion: Meets 2nd Fri every other tact GiGi at 689-6092.
mo in CH Party Room, 11:00
am. Next meet Dec 11. Call Greater Philadelphia Club:
Bea 688-9478, Claire 684- Elaine, 615-6697.
5659, Marge 687-3991 for
info on our special Holland Hadassah, Judith Epstein
America Westerdam Southern Chapter at CVWPB: Meets
Caribbean Cruise Jan 24-31; 3rd Wed at 11:45 am for mini-
call Michele 561-914-8659 lunch, 12:30 meeting at Cong
or 800-741-9429 to reserve
Continued on Page 28
a cabin.
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 27
Page 28 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

Organization News others is so rewarding. in private homes. Troim, 684-


Continued from Page 26 8686.
Anshei Sholom. Suzanne, Na’Amat USA (Pioneer
686-4241. Women): Meets 4th Tue, 1:00 WOW: All welcome to the
pm, at Cypress Lakes Audi-
Holocaust Survivors of the torium for mini-lunch and
following: Dec 4, card party,
links at Madison Green, lunch PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT:
Palm Beaches: Meet 2nd Wed, interesting programs, guests and cash prizes; Dec 10, trip
9:30 am, in Anshei Sholom. are always welcome. For info, to Flagler Museum, high tea
On Sun, Dec 20, we are hav- call Rhoda, 478-8559. Com-
ing our Chanukah Party, a ing events: Dec 4-13, special
lunch and docent tour. Le-
nore, 683-4166; Marjorie, In the interest of
kosher meal and dancing. We 9 nite Caribbean cruise on the 687-3991.
return to regular meets on Jan NCL Dawn incl round-trip
14 and Feb 11. In Mar, it’s a bus trans to Miami and 6 ex- Yiddish Culture Chorus: 50
equalizing the playing
Purim Party. In Apr, it’s Yom- otic ports of call (Sylvia, 686-
Hashoa. Kathy, 689-0393. 5350; Marlene, 684-8357).
members, men and women.
Leader is Shelley K. Tenzer.
field, the Reporter is
Irish-American Cultural
Knowledge of Yiddish not
OWLS (Older-Wiser-Loyal- necessary. Edy, 687-4255. offering one free ad to
Club of CV: Meets 1st Tue in Seniors): Come to our meets
CH, 2:00 pm, Room C. For info,
call Robert, 917-704-0223.
every 2nd Mon, 3:00 pm, Party Yiddish Vinkl: An informal
Room; see what we have group of Yiddish lovers who
each announced can‑
Italian-American Culture
planned. gather to speak, hear and sing
the language, this group is
didate. Contact Toni
Club: Bowling at Verdes Lanes
started Sat, Oct 31, 9:00. Join
Yiddish Advanced Reading under the guidance of Edy
Group: Menke Katz Reading Sharon. Meetings are held 1st at 683‑9336 before De‑
your friends for a morning of Circle invites readers to join and 3rd Sun from 1:30 to 3:00
fun. Fran, 616-3314. group headed by Troim Han- pm year-round. For info, call
dler. Currently reading Night Edy, 687-4255. o
cember 7 for details.
Jewish War Veterans Post by Elie Wiesel in Yiddish.
#501: Meets 1 st Sun, An- Meetings are twice a month
shei Sholom. Breakfast at
9:00; meeting at 9:30; meets
from Sep to May with guest
speakers. Activities include
servicing VA patients. Ralph,
689-1271; Howard, 478-2780.

Jewish War Veterans Post

#520: Meets 4th Sun at Elks
Lodge, Belvedere Rd. Con-
tinental breakfast at 9:00,
followed by general meeting.
Come as our guest and see
what we’re all about! Walt,
478-6521; Phil, 686-2086.

Jewish War Veterans Ladies

Auxiliary Post #520: Meets
3 rd Mon at The Classic. A
continental breakfast is served
at 9:00 am, followed by our
meeting. Our efforts go to
creating welcome kits for the
veterans at the VA Center at
Military Trail and various po-
sitions at the Center. We find
our volunteer work helpful and
rewarding and welcome new
members. Dorothy, 478-6521.

Knights of Pythias: You are

invited to join Palm Beach
Rainbow Lodge #203, meet
2nd and 4th Mon at North Coun-
ty Senior Center, Northlake
Blvd. We welcome new mem-
bers, duals, reinstatements and
transferees from out of state.
We are a fraternal brotherhood
fostering the credo of friend-
ship, charity, benevolence.
Mike, 615-0218.

Merry Minstrels: Meet Thu,

10:00-11:00 am, Music Room
B. We are a group who enjoy
singing at various nursing
homes. We’re looking for new
members, so if you enjoy mu-
sic, contact GiGi at 689-6092;
the feeling of giving joy to
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 29
Beach) (ticket information and
reservations: 514-4042 or www. Nov. 8-Dec. 13: The Vosey Nov. 10-22: Fanny Brice: Inheritance. Written over a The Real Funny Girl. World
Arts & Through Nov. 29: Henrik hundred years ago by Harley Premiere Musical telling the
Entertainment Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. It’s Granville-Barker and adapted comedienne’s true story while
by David Mamet, this is the using the songs that helped to
still the definitive work on
Irv Rikon women’s liberation. story of a Bernie Madoff-type make her a star.
Caldwell Theatre Company Ponzi scheme. All-star cast! Dec. 1-13: Neil Simon’s Lost
(Boca Raton) (561-241-7432 Maltz Jupiter Theatre (Ju- in Yonkers. Multiple-award
or 877-245-7432 or www. piter) (575-2223 or www. Continued on page 34

Welcome! The autumn- stand-up comedian.

winter holiday season is al- Dec. 22: “The Neil Dia-
most upon us. The local Arts mond Tribute” with Jay White.
and Entertainment season Dec. 26: Mal Z. Lawrence —
2009-2010 has already begun. Catskills on Broadway and more.
Here’s a sampling begin- Dec. 27: Terry Johnson’s
ning with the Century Village Flamingos — The Flamingos,
schedule. of course, are songsters. Terry
CV Johnson was the lead singer and
Nov. 14: Anna Maria Al- main songwriter for the group.
berghetti — Music and charm Dec. 31: Dino De Luca —
from a veteran performer. Music and comedy for New
Nov. 17: The Tony Pace Year’s Eve.
Show — He sings; he makes Selected A&E Happenings
you laugh; he has you think- Outside the Gates:
ing he’s a whole lot of other Theater
guys. Dramaworks (West Palm
Nov. 21: “Let’s Hang On”
— Singers and dancers pay
tribute to Frankie Valli and
the Four Seasons.
Nov. 24: “Cavendish Clas-
sics” — Great moments in
opera and musical theater
with tenor Eduardo Calcano,
baritone Graham Fandrei
and two sopranos new to our
Nov. 28: Mark and Clark —
Twins with twin baby grand
pianos, playing music and
making us laugh as well.
Dec. 1: “Jingle Bell Rock”
— Young singers and dancers
rockin’ to live music for the
holiday season.
Dec. 3: “Cavendish Clas-
sics” — “Hooray For Hol-
Dec. 6: “Tony Mara’s
Dream” — The Doo Wop
team, back again by popular
Dec. 10: “That’s Amore”
— And that’s Mark Adams as
Dean Martin with sexy girls
ala the Gold Diggers.
Dec. 12: “Mostly Mercer”
— A tribute to Songwriter
Johnny Mercer and to the
singers who sang his songs
played and sung by Equinox
Jazz, an ensemble of eight
Dec. 13: “Ballet Fedotov”
— West Side Story: A ballet
danced to the music of Leon-
ard Bernstein and choreo-
graphed by Vadim Fedotov, a
former Soviet choreographer.
Dec. 15: “The Broadway
Boys” — Show tunes and
classic pop songs with funk,
jazz and folk.
Dec. 19: “Sarge” — “I may
be black, but God knows I’m
Jewish.” A singer who sings
with many voices, pianist, and
Page 30 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 31
Page 32 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

Search/Nominations Committee
By Roberta Boehm Fromkin
Here is a reproduction of the form for candidates for UCO
office. To obtain a full-size version, visit the UCO building at
West Drive. If you have questions, call me (before 5:00 p.m.)
at 712-0259.
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 33
Page 34 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

Arts & Entertainment Dec. 10: A Tribute to Ger- Quinn Lemley. (8pm) Salva- Dec. 21-23: Chicago — The
Continued from Page 29 shwin, Bernstein and All That
Jazz Starring David Amram.
tore Licitra, Tenor and Warren
Jones, Piano.
great Kander and Ebb musical.
Dec. 24-26: Moscow Clas-
You didn’t get
winning autobiographical
comedy by one of America’s
Dec. 11 & 13: Palm Beach Dec. 16: Ronan Tynan: The sical Ballet: The Nutcracker.
Dec. 26-31: Forbidden
a copy of our
Opera: Beethoven’s Sym- Gift of Christmas Sung.
greatest playwrights.
Music and Dance
phony No. 9 (Choral). Dec. 17: Israel Philharmonic Broadway (Rinker Playhouse). paper? Check the
Dec. 12: The Christmas Orchestra, Pinchas Zucker- Dec. 29: Tommy Tune and
Nov.-Dec. at the Kravis
Center (West Palm Beach)
Music of Mannheim Steam- man, Conductor and Solo Vio- the Manhattan Rhythm Kings. Fitness Center,
roller By Chip Davis. lin, Amanda Forsyth, Cello. Dec. 30: Woody Allen and
(832-7469 or
Dec. 15: (11am & 2pm) Dec. 18: Barbara Cook. His New Orleans Jazz Band. Laundry or
Nov. 20-22: Miami City Dec. 31: Bonfire: Musical
Ballet — Dances by Bal-
Gotta Get a Gimmick: Bur-
lesque to Broadway Starring
Dec. 19: The Polar Express
(Gosman Amphitheatre). Strings (as seen on PBS). o Pharmacy!
anchine and Paul Taylor.
Nov. 23: Garrison Keil-
lor: Tales from Lake Wobe-
gon. Mr. Keillor has been
recognized for years as one
of America’s greatest vocal
Nov. 28: Smothers Brothers
with Norm Crosby.
Nov. 29: Dave Koz and
Friends: A Smooth Jazz
Christmas 2009.
Nov. 30-Dec. 1: Bob Lappin
and the Palm Beach Pops: A
Tribute to the Song-Writing
Genius of Johnny Mercer.
Dec. 3-6: Billy Crystal “700
Sundays” — An entertainer
who needs no introduction,
this show was a smash hit on
Broadway. The Sunday perfor-
mance here will be followed
by a black-tie dinner-dance
(extra charge, of course!).
Dec. 9: Jim Brickman —
Beautiful World Christmas.
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 35

If you find mis-

takes in this pub-
lication, please
consider that they
are there for a
purpose. We pub-
lish something
for everyone, and
people are always
looking for mis-
Who You Gonna
Listen To?
Ever since I was a child,
I’ve always had a fear of
someone under my bed at
night. So I went to a shrink and
told him I’ve got problems.
“Every time I go to bed, I
think there’s somebody under
it. I’m scared. I think I’m go-
ing crazy.”
“Just put yourself in my
hands for one year,” said the
shrink. “Come talk to me three
times a week and we should be
able to get rid of those fears.”
“How much do you charge?”
“Eighty dollars per visit,”
replied the doctor.
“I’ll sleep on it,” I said.
Six months later, the doctor
met me on the street.
“Why didn’t you come to
see me about those fears you
were having?” he asked.
“Well, eighty bucks a visit
three times a week for a year
is an awful lot of money! A
bartender cured me for $10.
I was so happy to have saved
all that money that I went and
bought me a new pickup!”
“Is that so?” with a bit of
an attitude he said. “And how,
may I ask, did a bartender cure
“He told me to cut the legs
off the bed! Ain’t nobody un-
der there now!!!”
From the Internet

Page 36 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 37

Did You Know ********** day of five Latin American

…Quikoin is the brand countries?
That… name of those rubber change **********
…the wife of President purses given away at corporate …restaurants that freely
Rutherford B. Hayes was the affairs, and was patented by an
Recipes first First Lady to be so-called? Akron company in 1951?
served peanuts in the past no
longer do so because peanut
Avis Blank ********** ********** shells are flammable and pea-
…it was Elizabeth Taylor …Hispanic Heritage Month nuts themselves are an allergen?
who gave Michael Jackson the begins on September 15 be- **********
nickname “King of Pop”? cause it’s the independence

During the holiday season, pare this very simple treat for
mailboxes are stuffed with the birds.
envelopes containing pleas Banana Bait
for donations from many Hang a banana peel some-
charities. Please remember where near your feeders. Fruit
that being charitable does flies will flock to the skin,
not only mean the giving of and all species of birds will
monetary gifts, but the giving gladly feast on the protein-rich
of oneself by volunteering, visitors. The giving of oneself
helping a friend, relative or gives one a warm, fuzzy glow
family in need. inside.
Persons of all ages can pre- Happy Holidays! o

Page 38 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 39

pregnant and unwed could ex- Notice:

pect to be faced with in those Due to many opinions on the same topic, we must limit
years. I loved this book, though letters to the editor to 250 words and will accept both sides
The Reader’s it moved me to tears. o of opinions in order to provide a fair and balanced paper.
The Editors
Lenore Velcoff

Without a Map, a memoir writes unflinchingly about

by Meredith Hall, is the story sensitive subjects and a life
of a sixteen year old girl who, scarred by rigid expectations.
in 1965, became pregnant She coexisted with simultane-
without benefit of marriage. ously loving and hating her
She is expelled from school, family. Lest you think this
kicked out of her mother’s book is just one big hole of
house, shunned by neighbors self-pity and sorrow, there are
and banished from her father’s also great uplifting moments.
home after she gives up her The book weaves together mo-
child for adoption. rality, relationships, loneliness,
The sexual mores of the first nature and love without ro-
half of the 1960s were very manticizing the people, places
different from those of the and feelings that Hall uses to
years that followed, especially explore her life. For anyone
in a small New Hampshire who has ever wondered how
town. Hall explains what it someone could give up their
was like to be cut off from all baby, this is a must read.
emotional support at the time The author got money from
it was most needed. Yet she A Room of Her Own Foun-
survived. Even as she wan- dation, which enabled her
dered on foot, penniless, from to write her story. She is a
one Middle Eastern country talented author and is now a
to another, she endured. She professor at the University of
overcame great challenges. New Hampshire.
Eventually, she returned This book is a reminder of
to New England, where she the living hell that many young
reconciled with her past. She girls who found themselves
Page 40 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

The Mail Bag to cut the grass and care for the Recap of County Members of the Pro-Active Cambridge B: Fore!
Continued from Page 7 shrubbery.” Hearing, Nov. 4 Committee and other residents In my last article I spoke
A question raised by the Many of you are aware that attended the hearing. Testimo- of a meeting with Mr. Wald-
And a Fence Shall Run special master was “did you, nies were made by Pro-Active man. I heard that many people
the Waldman Group, owners
Through It in fact, have the fence taken of the golf course, removed the members stating the concerns thought that I was in accord
On November 4, a case down?” The reply was “Sir, of the Century Village resi- with him. Nothing could be
fence last July that had been
was brought to an official there was never a fence in dents as to their security and further from the truth.
installed in 1993 to separate
body of Palm Beach County. place there,” while pointing safety since the fence was The fact is, I am in complete
the public area from the Cen-
Complaints were placed on the to recent pictures taken by removed which allows anyone disagreement with him. There
tury Village area of the golf
desk of Senior Code Enforce- Inspector Meyers. “as you see, to enter from Haverhill Road is nothing he said that changed
course. Several complaints
ment Officer John Meyers, there is no fence.” UCO VP and continue through the golf my mind about his construc-
were made by residents to the
who has been monitoring the and member of our pro active course into Century Village. tion on our golf course. I am
County Code Enforcement
actions and inactions of Mr. board took the stand and stated The Special Magistrate made a angered that he ruined the
Division. Code Enforcement
Andrew Waldman, and now that “all one had to do was go ruling to Mr. Waldman that he golf course, and took away an
found the owners to be in
it was time for him to face on Google Earth” and see for has 30 days to install a fence. important part of our village.
violation of code and notified
a judge and plead his case. yourself that there was a fence If he does not in that time, he I believe the only proper thing
them of that fact.
Elsewhere in this paper you’ll there, since the Haverhill en- will be fined $150 per day for for him to do is repair the course,
On November 4, 2009 a
find a list of those who were trance was created. every day until the fence is or relinquish it to a golf course
hearing was held at the County
present beside Mr. Waldman. At this point, we heard the installed. operator. We must do everything
Building Department. Mr. An-
We were addressed by the judge’s findings: “Mr Wald- Submitted by Honey Sager, in our power to see that he never
drew Waldman gave testimony
appointed magistrate, Gary man, I am giving you 30 days, VP, Pro-Active Committee builds on the golf course.
to the Special Magistrate.
Brandenburg. The magistrate during that time you will take Al Thomas
pointed out that, even though out a permit to re-erect the
Mr. Waldman stopped doing fence that you removed, and
business, he did still have a re- cut the grass…giving you
sponsibility to the County and sufficient time to comply. If
the adjacent citizens’ property. you do not, I will fine you
The parallel he referred to was $150 per day until the job is
“if you were the owner of a completed.”
restaurant and you went out of Phil Shapkin, President,
business, you would still have Pro-Active Committee

When driving, slow down

at school zones, especially
when the lights are blinking
on the warning sign!
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 41

Do Not Dial 90#

On Your Phone
I dialed “0” to check this
out. I asked the operator
who confirmed that this was
correct. (I also checked out; this is true, and
also applies to cell phones!)
I received a telephone call
recently from an individ-
ual identifying himself as
an AT&T service technician
(could also be Telus) who
was conducting a test on the
telephone lines. He stated that
to complete the test, I should
touch nine (9), zero (0), the
pound sign (#), and then hang
up. Luckily, I was suspicious
and refused.
Upon contacting the tele-
phone company, I was in-
formed that by pushing 90#,
you give the requesting in-
dividual full access to your
telephone line, which enables
them to place long distance
calls billed to your home
phone number. I was further
informed that this scam has
been originating from many
local jails/prisons.
The GTE Security De-
partment requested that this
information be shared with
everyone. After I checked with
Verizon, they also said it was
true, so do not dial 90# for
From the Internet
Page 42 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 43
Page 44 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

Clubhouse This & That

By Dr. Marilyn Ducati
Library I first heard of Lydia Davis
By Dot Loewenstein
from someone in one of the
Compliments! Kudos!
three book clubs to which I
Praise! Applause! Accolades!
currently belong.
OK, my computer thesaurus has
Davis’ reputation may be
run out of synonyms. Basically,
forbidding, but I find her
what I’m trying to say is that no
philosophical, enchanting and
matter where we go, or who we
insanely funny.
meet, everyone in our Village
Books! What would I do
stops me and tells me how much
without them? As life gets
they admire our library.
more difficult doing many of
You know, and I know, that
the things we found so easy
the praise should go to our vol-
to accomplish in our younger
unteers, not to me. They do a
years, books are my greatest
fantastic job of keeping the place
treasures now.
neat. Books are always trim at
My treasure trove is the li-
the forward end of the shelves,
brary nearest Century Village,
and magazines are on lower chemistry, awarded to Ada a very important factor in heal-
located at 5689 Okeechobee Gate Pass: $3.25 for
shelves, easier to pick up than Yonath, the first woman to win ing from loss and loneliness
Blvd. If they don’t have a book 90 days. New Transpon-
heavy books. Upon arriving, that prize in 45 years. is having the support of other
you want, they will in a short der: $26.75. Replace-
when tables are filled to over- In closing, I’d like to share people, which we all shared
period of time (if possible) get it. ment Transponder: $16.
flowing with new donations, our with you how the first meeting gracefully.
Cheers to our President
volunteers just dig in and make of my “This and That” group P.S.: I wish everyone a Please, try to have the
Obama for winning this year’s
sure all are shelved properly.
Nobel Laureate in Peace. worked out — “Perfectly.” “Happy Thanksgiving.” I will exact change. We can-
We are also fortunate to have The topics were loneliness and be sharing it with my family in not take anything higher
Another prize this year that
residents who observe the “two relationships and it proved that California. See you soon. o than a $20 bill.
I find exciting — a prize in
tables” rule for jigsaw puzzles,
leaving other tables available
for those who would just like
to sit quietly and read. Where
else can anyone find a place
to do a jigsaw puzzle, leave it
unfinished, and return the next
day to note some pieces were
inserted, making the job much
easier? We like to borrow the
500 piece puzzles for home. A
corkboard (24” x 36”) fits on
the dining table and can easily
be moved and hidden under
the bed when guests come.
But the 1,000 piece puzzles
are best suited for our library
with wonderful lighting. Visi-
tors are always amazed to see
completed puzzles on display
for a week.
They add beauty, as does the
painting of a Paris street scene
by resident Helen Seigler, who
also creates cartoons for the
UCO Reporter.
Our Village welcomes back
our seasonal visitors, and,
as always, we accept dona-
tions of books with covers
that reflect the light, foreign
language books, and most
needed are Large Print books.
Paperbacks seem to come in
by the dozen, and leave the
same way, so feel free to do-
nate some in good condition.
Magazines multiply, espe-
cially if they are weeklies, and
will be transported to the big
yellow bins outside once they
are out of date.
Criticism and complaints
are heard elsewhere, at the
pools, on the buses, in the
clubhouse, but happily not at
our library. Let’s have a posi-
tive attitude everywhere!
Our wishes for Peace and
Goodwill go to all during this
approaching holiday season. o
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 45

List of UCO Committees & Chairs Do You See the

As of October 10, 2009 Motorcycle?
Committee........................................................Chair The Honda crotch rocket
Advisory........................................ Randall Borchardt rider was traveling at ap-
Beautification........................................ Sandy Cohen proximately 85 mph. The VW
Benches & Signs..................................Haskell Morin driver was talking on a cell
phone when she pulled out
Cable....................................................... David Israel
from a side street, apparently
CERT..................................................... Jackie Karlan not seeing the motorcycle.
Channel 63.................................................Ken Davis The riders reaction time was
Community Relations......................... Ted Silverman not sufficient enough to avoid
Elections..........................................Hershel Sarasohn this accident. The car had
Finance................................................. Dorothy Tetro two passengers and the bike
rider was found inside the car
Infrastructure...................................... George Dupley
with them. The Volkswagen
Insurance............................................. Dan Gladstone actually flipped over from the
Investigations...................................... Louise Gerson force of impact and landed 20
Irrigation...............................................Sal Bummolo feet from where the collision
Lifts..............................................................Irv Small took place.
Maintenance............................................. Jerry Karpf All three involved (two
in the car and the bike rider)
Ombudsman........................................... Phil Shapkin
were killed instantly. This
Operations..................................George Loewenstein graphic demonstration was
Programs & Services............................Frank Cornish placed at the Motorcycle Fair
Reporter........................... Irv Lazar/Dot Loewenstein by the Police and Road Safety
(Co-Chairs) Department.
Safety.....................George Franklin/Michael Rayber Pass this on to car drivers
or soon to be new drivers,
or new motorcycle owners,
Search/Nominating......................... Roberta Fromkin and especially everyone you
Security.............................................. Al McLaughlin know who has a cell phone!
Transportation...............................Claudette LaBonte A picture is worth a thou-
Welcome................ Haskell Morin/Myron Silverman sand words.
(Co-Chairs) From the Internet

Page 46 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

Creative Halloween Costumes Seen Channel 63 Memo

at Saturday Night Dance in the Save the Date The Channel 63 lineup is as
Clubhouse The UCO Installation Luncheon is sched-
uled for Sunday, March 14, 2010 at the
All UCO, Special and Town
The Witches and the Werewolves joined the dancers in Hall Meetings appear at 56 min-
Marriott Hotel in West Palm Beach. This is utes past the hour until 6 min-
the Clubhouse Party Room on Saturday night. Many were in a good time to notify your Association so
utes after the next hour.
creative costumes as all had fun at the Saturday night dance, that they may put the price of your tickets
in their 2010 budget. Odd Hours show Announce-
swinging to various musical tunes.
We will be installing a new UCO President, ments and Classes.
Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Corresponding Even Hours show Clubs and
Secretary, and Recording Secretary. The Organizations.
Executive Board will be installed too. The recorded Delegate As-
A delicious brunch will be served as well sembly will be shown for five
as music for dancing. days at 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.
The good news is that we have been able All requests for your infor-
to keep the cost per person to $35. More mation to be shown must use
information will follow as we get closer to
the provided form at the UCO
Mary Patrick Benton, Chair
office. Instructions are on the

The laughing “witch” and her masked partner hit the dance
floor with other revelers.

Sylvia was not afraid to dance with werewolf Frank Cornish

on this festive occasion.
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 47
Page 48 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 49

From the
Listening Post
Syd Kronish

Can’t we get along?!? lane to lane on highways and

This is the problem we all even local roads. We also see
face today and in the future. people driving while using cell
It is “civility.” phones and texting, not using
Civility has eluded a diverse a seat belt, running a red light
population around the world and not using a signal.
for ages. But it has deterio- Only each individual,
rated noticeably everywhere whether he or she is a CV
in recent years. resident or living elsewhere,
The dictionary describes the can change civility to respect.
word “civility” as meaning: re- The famed comedian
spect, courtesy, politeness, com- George Burns, when he
passion and graciousness. The reached the age of 100, at his
one summing it up is respect. birthday party, said, “When I
Hatred and violence are was a young boy I was told by
the direct opposite of civility. my mother to respect my el-
Wars are being fought all over ders, I took her advice and did,
the world. Violence begets now that I am 100 and there is
violence. Civility obviously nobody here older than me, I
is gone with the wind. How- don’t have to respect anyone.”
ever, respect or civility, comes Let’s follow the advice of
down to an internal personal Mr. Burns, until we reach 100.
level. Okay?!? o
It starts in the political arena
with the shouting of insults
and name calling. It reaches
the depth of reason when
members of our Congress
attack one another and, as a
recent incident showed, when
President Obama was accused
of being a liar — rancor pre-
vailed. We all remember when
a foreign journalist threw his
shoes at the then-President
George W. Bush, in anger.
History records the prelude
to World War II, with shouting
and screaming against minori-
ties by Adolf Hitler.
We see town meetings with
shouts and screams in an at-
tempt to disrupt the occasion.
We also are aware of the same
situation at meetings of Cen-
tury Village committees, yell-
ing, insulting, and interrupting
at every note.
What happened to Mr. Nice
Guy? Major league baseball
manager Leo Durocher once
exclaimed “Nice Guys Finish
I must comment on our
daily lives where civility trans-
posed into road rage. We
see speeders hurrying from

Due to many opinions
on the same topic, we must
limit letters to the editor to
250 words and will accept
both sides of opinions in
order to provide a fair and
balanced paper.
The Editors
Page 50 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

Safety Town Hall Meeting

By George Franklin
As you all know, the November Safety Town Hall
Meeting had to be canceled because of the termite
problem at the Clubhouse. We have been able to
reschedule this seminar to Thursday, December 17,
9:30 a.m. with the same dynamic speakers that were
scheduled for November.
Folks, just another reminder: Do not miss this
one!! This promises to be the best seminar we have
ever been able to hold. These speakers are from the
Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, The Palm Beach
County State Attorney’s Office and the Florida At-
torney General’s Office. All of these speakers are the
most professional in their fields and will be giving
you the finest most updated personal safety informa-
tion available to date! Trust me, you won’t fall asleep
listening to these speakers! The information is as
• Date: December 17, 2009
• Day: Thursday
• Time: 9:30 a.m.
• Place: Room “C,” Clubhouse
• Further Information: Call George, 471-9929
Do not become a victim!!! Come early, meet the
speakers, bring a friend!!!

Main Clubhouse: December Classes

All Classes Are NOT Final, and Are Subject to Change
Monday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Mah Jongg 12/7 $20/6w 10-12 noon Card Marshall
Calligraphy 12/7 $20/6w 10-11 am Art Bernstein
Stained Glass 12/28 $18/6w 1-3pm Craft Getz
Zumba 12/7 $32/4w 5-6pm Hastings Laura
Latin Ballroom 12/7 $18/6w 6-7 pm Party Sylvia
Tuesday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Ceramics 12/8 $36/6w 9:30 am Ceramics Gert
Pan Card 12/15 $15/4w 9:30 am Card Ziccardy
Line Dancing 12/1 $15/6w 10:00 am Party Charlotte
Conv Spanish 12/15 $20/4w 1:30 pm Card B Celina
Crochet Handbags 12/15 $14/4w 1:00 pm Sewing Shakeer
Real/Abstract 12/1 $25/4w 3:00 pm Art Schwartz
Wednesday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Bridge (Int) 12/2 $30/5w 9:30 am Card Mimi
All Medium Art 12/2 $18/4w 9:30 am Art Schwartz
Dancercise 12/2 $12/4w 9:30 am Party Bloom
Folk Dance 12/2 $24/6w 11:00 am Party Mazor
Lapidary 12/2 $28/8cl 1:00 pm Lapidary Bummolo
Self-Defense 12/2 $16/4w 1:25-2 pm Hastings Tepper
Thursday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Paint Workshop 12/3 $18/4w 9:30 am Art Adler
Tai-Chi (Adv) 12/10 $16/4w 10:00 am Hastings Ziffer
Tai-Chi (Beg) 12/10 $16/4w 11:00 am Hastings Ziffer
Canasta 12/3 $17/4w 10:00 am Card Passman
Line/Country (Adv) 12/31 $15/6w 10:00 am Party Sylvia
Line/Country (Beg) 12/31 $15/6w 11:00 am Party Sylvia
French 12/3 $36/6w 1:00 pm Class A Natasha
Ceramics/Clay 12/3 $36/6w 1:00 pm Ceramics Gert
Knit/Crochet 12/3 $36/6w 3:00 pm Sewing Natasha
Ballroom 12/3 $18/6w 7:00 pm Party Sylvia
Friday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Ceramics 12/11 $36/6w 9:30 am Ceramics Gert
Dancercise 12/25 $12/4w 9:30 am Party Bloom
Learn Music 12/4 Free 9:00 am Music B Sonja
Weekly News 12/4 $10/5w 10:30 am Class A Dr. Rikon
Square Dance 12/4 $16/4w 1:00 pm Party Summers
Saturday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Bridge (Beg) 12/5 $30/5w 9:30 am Card Mimi
December 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 51

Internal Bus Route #1 CV BUS SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE: December 1, 2009

Clubhouse 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
Dover 8:02 9:02 10:02 11:02 1:02 2:02 3:02 4:02 5:02 6:02 7:02 8:02 9:02 10:02
Somerset 8:04 9:04 10:04 11:04 D 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04 6:04 7:04 8:04 9:04 10:04
Berkshire 8:06 9:06 10:06 11:06 r 1:06 2:06 3:06 4:06 5:06 6:06 7:06 8:06 9:06 10:06
Camden 8:09 9:09 10:09 11:09 1:09 2:09 3:09 4:09 5:09 6:09 7:09 8:09 9:09 10:09
Windsor 8:12 9:12 10:12 11:12 e 1:12 2:12 3:12 4:12 5:12 6:12 7:12 8:12 9:12 10:12
UCO Office (When Open) 8:13 9:13 10:13 11:13 r 1:13 2:13 3:13 4:13 5:13 Except Saturday and Sunday
Wellington L & M 8:15 9:15 10:15 11:15 s 1:15 2:15 3:15 4:15 5:15 6:15 7:15 8:15 9:15 10:15
Wellington Circle 8:17 9:17 10:17 11:17 ' 1:17 2:17 3:17 4:17 5:17 6:17 7:17 8:17 9:17 10:17
Andover 8:19 9:19 10:19 11:19 1:19 2:19 3:19 4:19 5:19 6:19 7:19 8:19 9:19 10:19
Kingswood 8:25 9:25 10:25 11:25
1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25 5:25 6:25 7:25 8:25 9:25 10:25
Medical Plaza 8:29 9:29 10:29 11:29 n 1:29 2:29 3:29 4:29 5:29
Clubhouse 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 c 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30
Publix 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35 h 1:35 2:35 3:35 4:35 Drivers' 6:35 7:35 8:35
Clubhouse 8:45 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45 Dinner 6:45 7:45 8:45
Internal Bus Route #2
Clubhouse 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
Plymouth 8:02 9:02 10:02 11:02 1:02 2:02 3:02 4:02 5:02 6:02 7:02 8:02 9:02 10:02
Sheffield E 8:04 9:04 10:04 11:04 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04 6:04 7:04 8:04 9:04 10:04
Chatham 8:06 9:06 10:06 11:06 1:06 2:06 3:06 4:06 5:06 6:06 7:06 8:06 9:06 10:06
Kent 8:08 9:08 10:08 11:08 D 1:08 2:08 3:08 4:08 5:08 6:08 7:08 8:08 9:08 10:08
Northampton 8:11 9:11 10:11 11:11 r 1:11 2:11 3:11 4:11 5:11 6:11 7:11 8:11 9:11 10:11
Sussex 8:13 9:13 10:13 11:13 1:13 2:13 3:13 4:13 5:13 6:13 7:13 8:13 9:13 10:13
Canterbury 8:15 9:15 10:15 11:15 e 1:15 2:15 3:15 4:15 5:15 6:15 7:15 8:15 9:15 10:15
Cambridge 8:16 9:16 10:16 11:16 r 1:16 2:16 3:16 4:16 5:16 6:16 7:16 8:16 9:16 10:16
Dorchester 8:18 9:18 10:18 11:18 s 1:18 2:18 3:18 4:18 5:18 6:18 7:18 8:18 9:18 10:18
Oxford 8:21 9:21 10:21 11:21 ' 1:21 2:21 3:21 4:21 5:21 6:21 7:21 8:21 9:21 10:21
Stratford 8:22 9:22 10:22 11:22 1:22 2:22 3:22 4:22 5:22 6:22 7:22 8:22 9:22 10:22
Sheffield 8:23 9:23 10:23 11:23 u
1:23 2:23 3:23 4:23 5:23 6:23 7:23 8:23 9:23 10:23
Hastings Fitness Center 8:25 9:25 10:25 11:25 n 1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25 5:25 6:25 7:25 8:25 9:25 10:25
Coventry 8:27 9:27 10:27 11:27 c 1:27 2:27 3:27 4:27 5:27 6:27 7:27 8:27 9:27 10:27
Medical Plaza 8:29 9:29 10:29 11:29 h 1:29 2:29 3:29 4:29 5:29
Clubhouse 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30
Publix 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35 1:35 2:35 3:35 4:35 Drivers'
Clubhouse 8:45 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45 Dinner
Please Note: On Sundays Only the #2 Bus will do a loop around the perimeter drive after going through Coventry.
Internal Bus Route #3
Clubhouse 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
Bedford B 8:02 9:02 10:02 11:02 1:02 2:02 3:02 4:02 5:02 6:02 7:02 8:02 9:02 10:02
Greenbrier 8:04 9:04 10:04 11:04 D 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04 6:04 7:04 8:04 9:04 10:04
Southampton 8:06 9:06 10:06 11:06 r 1:06 2:06 3:06 4:06 5:06 6:06 7:06 8:06 9:06 10:06
Bedford C 8:09 9:09 10:09 11:09
1:09 2:09 3:09 4:09 5:09 6:09 7:09 8:09 9:09 10:09
Golf's Edge 8:12 9:12 10:12 11:12 e 1:12 2:12 3:12 4:12 5:12 6:12 7:12 8:12 9:12 10:12
Coventry 8:14 9:14 10:14 11:14 r 1:14 2:14 3:14 4:14 5:14 6:14 7:14 8:14 9:14 10:14
Norwich 8:16 9:16 10:16 11:16 s 1:16 2:16 3:16 4:16 5:16 6:16 7:16 8:16 9:16 10:16
Salisbury 8:19 9:19 10:19 11:19 ' 1:19 2:19 3:19 4:19 5:19 6:19 7:19 8:19 9:19 10:19
Waltham 8:22 9:22 10:22 11:22 1:22 2:22 3:22 4:22 5:22 6:22 7:22 8:22 9:22 10:22
Easthampton 8:25 9:25 10:25 11:25 u
1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25 5:25 6:25 7:25 8:25 9:25 10:25
Medical Plaza 8:28 9:28 10:28 11:28 n 1:28 2:28 3:28 4:28 5:28
Clubhouse 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 c 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30
Publix 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35 h 1:35 2:35 3:35 4:35 Drivers'
Clubhouse 8:45 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45 Dinner

Please Note: BY REQUEST ONLY - All Buses will go around the perimeter drive at 11:45 am prior to the bus drivers taking their lunch breaks.
Please Note: On Saturdays Only the Internal Bus Routes #1 and #3 will drop off at Anshei Sholom on the 9 AM run.
Please Note: Monday thru Friday Only the Internal Bus Routes #1 and #3 will drop off at the Hastings Fitness Center on the 8 AM and 1 PM runs.

Shuttle Bus Route

Perimeter Drive
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00
1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00
Please be at your bus stop 10
Salon 27 9:04 10:04 11:04 D
1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 minutes before your pickup time.
Library 9:07 10:07 11:07 r 1:07 2:07 3:07 4:07
Humana 9:10 10:10 11:10
1:10 2:10 3:10 4:10
Walmart Supermarket
Century Plaza
Please be Prepared to Show
Emporium Shoppes 9:26 10:26 11:26
1:26 2:26 3:26 4:26 the Bus Driver Your Century
Lowes 9:27 10:27 11:27 L 1:27 2:27 3:27 4:27
Baby Supermarket 9:29 10:29 11:29
1:29 2:29 3:29 4:29
Village ID When Boarding ALL
Perimeter Drive On Request c
On Request Buses
Clubhouse 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45
Mall Bus Route
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00
D 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00
Morse Home Drop off 9:05 r
K-Mart 9:13 10:10 11:10 i 1:10 2:10 3:10 4:10 5:10 ** The Holiday bus will
Church 9:20 10:17 11:14
1:14 2:14 3:14 4:14 5:14 5 PM MALL BUS run on New Year's
Palm Beach Mall 9:24 10:21 11:21 r 1:21 2:21 3:21 4:21 5:21 RUNS ON Day, July 4th,
Village Commons 9:29 10:26 11:26 s 1:26 2:26 3:26 4:26 5:26 SATURDAY Thanksgiving Day
Publix 9:34 10:31 11:31 1:31 2:31 3:31 4:31 5:31 ONLY
L ** and Christmas Day.
Post Office Drop off / Pick Up Tuesday & Thursday Only 2:35 3:35
Morse Home Pickup n 1:40
Clubhouse 9:45 10:45 11:45 c 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45 5:45
Express Bus Route Excursion Bus *Monday* (Excludes the 2nd Monday)
Perimeter Drive 8:45 Leaves Clubhouse 9:35 AM 10:35 AM Pick Up Times
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00
D 1:00 2:00 3:00 Chase Bank On Request
Walgreens 9:04 10:04 11:04 r 1:04 2:04 3:04 Wellington Mall 10:05 AM 1:15 PM
Pine Trail Square 9:08 10:08 11:08 1:08 2:08 3:08 Home Depot On Request
Goodwill Store 9:09 10:09 11:09 e 1:09 2:09 3:09 Target 11:05 AM 2:05 PM
Winn Dixie 9:18 10:18 11:18 r 1:18 2:18 3:18 Excursion Bus *Wednesday* (Excludes the 4th Wednesday)
Publix 9:28 10:28 11:28 1:28 2:28 3:28 Leaves Clubhouse 9:35 AM Pick Up Times
Chase Bank On Request L On Request City Place 10:05 AM 2:00 PM
Perimeter Drive 9:38 10:38 11:38 n 1:38 2:38 3:38 Gardens Mall 10:35 AM 1:30 PM
Clubhouse 9:48 10:48 11:48 c 1:48 2:48 3:48 Return Clubhouse 2:30 PM
Sundays & Holidays Bus Route (Combo)
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00
Walgreen's 9:04 10:04 11:04 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04 The Excursion Bus will go to
Pine Trail 9:07 10:07 11:07 r 1:07 2:07 3:07 4:07 5:07 Lake Worth Beach on the 2nd
Goodwill Store 9:09 10:09 11:09
1:09 2:09 3:09 4:09 5:09 Monday(Leaves 9:30 am - Picks Up 2:05
Cross County 9:14 10:14 11:14 e 1:14 2:14 3:14 4:14 5:14
r pm) and to the Carnival Flea
Church 9:20 10:20 11:17 1:17 2:17 3:17 4:17 5:17
Palm Beach Mall 11:28
1:28 2:28 3:28 4:28 5:28 Market in DelRay on the 4th
Village Commons 9:34 10:34 11:34 L 1:34 2:34 3:34 4:34 5:34 Wednesday(Leaves 9:35 am - Picks Up
Emporium Shoppes 9:40 10:40 11:40 n 1:40 2:40 3:40 4:40 5:40 1:45 pm) of the Month.
Lowes 9:41 10:41 11:41 c 1:41 2:41 3:41 4:41 5:41
Clubhouse 9:48 10:48 11:48 1:48 2:48 3:48 4:48 5:48
Page 52 THE UCO REPORTER December 2009

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