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24 Indian Economy : A Few Facts : At A Glance

34 Important Facts Related to Indian
Some Aspects of Indian Economy
80 Underdeveloped Country
80 Salient Features of Indian Economy
81 Important Infrastructural Components in
82 Largest Economies of the World
82 Nature of Unemployment in India
84 Human Development Report2013
85 Gender Equality in India Among Worst in
World : UN
86 Unemployment Among Educated Youth is
86 New Poverty Line Definition Brings Poor Pro-
portion Down to 21.9% in 2011-12
86 Inequality in India
87 India Human Development Report-2011
89 Tendulkar Committees New Formula for Iden-
tifying BPL Families
89 Guidelines Changed for New BPL Census
89 Urban Indians Spend 84% More than
Villagers : NSSO
90 India Placed at 63rd Rank in Global Hunger
Index 2013
91 Planning Commission to Announce Block-
level Poverty Estimates
91 8.8 Million Households Live in Urban Slums :
91 Multidimensional Poverty Index
Mineral Resources of India
94 9.2 mt Uranium Ore Found in Meghalaya
96 Mineral Policy 1993
96 The Mines and Minerals (Development and
Regulations) Bill, 2011
97 National Mineral Policy 2008
97 Commercial Sources of Energy
97 ITER Project
98 Non-conventional Sources of Energy
98 JawaharLal Nehru National Solar Mission
99 Power Generation in India
100 CEA Targets 88,537 MW Addition in 12th Plan
100 Planwise Power Generation Achievements Fall
Short of Target
100 Ultra Mega Power Projects (UMPPs)
101 REC Seeks German Loan for Green Power
101 MoU Signed Between NTPC and Ministry of
Power for 2013-14
Forest Resources of India
101 State Forest Report, 2011
National Income of India
103 Concepts of National Income
103 Indias GDP Growth Estimated at 4.9% in
104 CSO Releases First Revised GDP Estimates
for 2012-13
105 IMF Cuts Indias Growth Forecast to 5.6% for
FY 14
105 ADB, B of A-ML Cut Indias Growth Projections
for 2013-14
106 World Bank Cuts Indias Growth Forecast to
6.2% in 2014-15
106 Methods of Measuring National Income
107 Estimates of National Income in India
107 PMEACs Economic Outlook 2013-14
108 Population Touches 121 billion Level but
Growth Rate Declines in Census 2011
109 Census 2011 : Some Facts
109 Cabinet Approves Caste Census Process
112 Final Population Data 2011 Released
113 National Commission on Population
114 India Registers Second Highest Growth in HNI
Populaton in 2012
114 Population Policy 2000
115 Occupational Classification
115 UN Project 9.6 billion World Population by 2050
116 Gender Disparities Declined in India
116 India Registers Decline in Infant Mortality Rate
Econ. / 4
116 The World will have More Indians than Chi-
nese by 2028
117 Family Welfare
117 Projected Indian Population Scenario After 20
117 National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)
118 National Urban Health Mission Launched
119 Performance of Agriculture Sector During 11th
Plan 200712
120 Second Advanced Foodgrains Estimates
120 Minimum Support Price of Agriculture Pro-
121 More Agencies Allowed to Procure Pulses and
121 Macro Management of Agriculture
121 Pulses MSP Raised but Below CACPs
121 Rabi Crops MSP (Marketing Year 2014-15)
122 Sugarcane FRP Raised for 2013-14
122 Food Management in India
123 Organic Farming
123 Major Crops and their Seasons
123 Horticulture
124 Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY)
124 National Horticulture Mission (NHM)
124 Agriculture Mechanisation
124 Land Use
125 Plantation Sector
125 Commercial Crops
125 23 Agricultural Commodity Exempted from
Transaction Tax
126 Kisan Call Centres
126 Backwardness and Low Productivity of Agri-
126 Land Reform Programmes
126 Computerisation of Land Records
127 Agriculture Marketing
128 Agriculture Holdings
128 National Agricultural Insurance Scheme
(NAIS) 1999-2000
128 New National Agricultural Policy
129 National Bamboo Mission
129 Modified National Agricultural Insurance
Scheme (MNAIS)
129 National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture
129 Krishi Shramik Suraksha Yojana
129 Pilot Weather-based Crop Insurance Scheme
129 Farm Income Insurance Scheme
130 Rehabilitation Package for Distressed
130 Green Revolution in India
131 Field Trials of GM Crops Allowed
131 Coconut Palm Insurance Scheme (CPIS)
131 Seed Sector
132 Seed Crop Insurance
132 Seed Bank
132 White Revolution and Operation Flood in
133 First Robotic Dairy Plant Opened by Amul
133 Yellow Revolution
134 Use of Fertilizers
134 Fertilizer Consumption
134 Rainfed Agro-Ecologies
134 Irrigation
135 Command Area Development & Water Man-
agement Programme (CADWMP)
136 Agricultural Credit
136 Agricultural Exports Fall 19% in Q1 of 2013-
137 Agriculture Trade : WTO Agreements
137 Flow of Agricultural Credit
137 Interest Subvention Scheme
137 Kisan Credit Card Scheme
137 National Policy for Farmers 2007
138 New Industrial Policy
139 New Policy for Small Industries
139 Investment in Industrial Sector
139 Wide Range Covered in New IIP with Base
141 Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (Present
142 24% Investment Cap on SSIs Removed
142 Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and
Small Enterprises
143 Technology Upgradation in MSME Sector
143 Rajiv Gandhi Udyami Mitra Yojana (RGUMY)
143 India Enclusive Innovation Fund
143 SIDBI Projects 17% Growth in MSME Credit
During 2012-13
144 Annual Survey of Industries for 2010-11
144 Agro and Rural Industries
144 National Manufacturing Policy
144 National Manufacturing Competitiveness
145 Economic Census 2005
145 Cotton and Textiles Industry
147 National Textile Policy 2000
148 TUFS Extended to 12th Plan with Double
148 Iron and Steel Industry
149 Sugar Industry
150 Cabinet Approves De-control of Sugar
150 Fertilizer Industry
150 Cement Industry
151 Jute Industry
152 Paper Industry
152 Coal Industry
Econ. / 6
152 Tourism Industry
153 Sericulture and Silk Industry
153 Gems and Jewellery Industry
153 Leather Industry
154 Automobile Industry
154 Chemical Industry
154 Petroleum Industry
155 Refining Capacity in India
156 Marketing and Distribution of Petroleum
156 Coal Bed Methane
157 India Hydrocarbon Vision 2025
157 Green Fuels
157 More Power to Maharatna and Navratna
PSUs for Overseas Buyouts
158 BHEL and GAIL Granted Maharatna Status
158 Industrial Sickness
158 Mini Ratna Scheme
159 Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs)
159 Public Enterprises Surveys 2011-12
160 Committee on Public Undertakings
160 Competition Act, 2002
160 New Competition Act, 2013
161 Competition Commission of India Becomes
161 CCIs Approval Required for Companies
Mergers and Acquisitions
161 Disinvestment in CPSEs
161 Parliament Passes Company Bill
162 Multinational Corporations
162 Industrial Finance
162 National Labour Commission
163 National Renewal Fund Abolished
Money and Banking
164 Meaning and Organs of Money Market
164 Different Stages of the Development of
Indian Banking
164 Reserve Bank of India
166 RBI Decides to Circulate Plastic Notes
166 RBI to Buy upto 12000 crore of Govt. Bonds
167 RBI to Withdraw Bank Notes Issued Prior to
167 Composition of Banking System in India
167 Quantitative and Qualitative Credit Control
168 Selective Credit Control
168 RBI takes Steps to Tighten Liquidity
168 Priority Sector Lending
169 Report on Trend and Progress of Banking in
India : 2012-13
169 RBIs Fresh Norms to Support Banks
170 Differential Rate of Interest Scheme
170 New Strategy for Rural Lending : Service
Area Approach
170 RBI Releases Report on Profile of Banks
171 RBIs Policy Intervention
171 Banks to Cover 35 Lakh Villages by 2013 :
171 Another Banks ATM Use becomes Restricted
172 RBI Keeps Key Policy Rates Unchanged
172 RBI Puts SLR on 23 Per cent
172 RBI Directs Banks to Cap Cash Deposit
Charges Maximum at 5
172 Commercial Banks
173 Govt. Directs Banks to Serve Rural Areas with
Ultra Small Branches
173 Associate Banks in SBI Group
173 RBI Relaxes Branch Opening Norms in Tier-
II Cities
174 26 Applicants for New Bank Licences
174 BASEL-III became Effective w.e.f. January
174 RBI Makes Banks Free to Fix Base Rates
from July 1, 2010
175 Cheques/Drafts Valid for 3 Months Only
175 PMs Council Recommends to Cut Stake in
Banks to 51%
175 RBI Provides Bank Relief on Bad Debt Provi-
176 RBI Issues Guidelines for New Banks
176 Government Buys RBIs Entire Stake in SBI
176 Micro Finance Bill 2012
177 Classification of Commercial Banks
177 First Bharatiya Mahila Bank Inaugurated
177 Parliament Approves Banking Amendment Bill
178 Salient Features of Banking Laws (Amend-
ment) Bill, 2012
178 Foreign Banks Operation in India
178 Indian Banks Abroad
179 RBI Paves Way for Corporate India to Enter
Banking Sector
179 Establishing Local Area Banks in Private
Sector Allowed
179 Co-operative Banks
180 District Central Co-operative Bank (DCCB)
180 Government Asks Public Sector Banks to
Open Minority-Favouring Branches
181 Regional Rural Banks
181 Bi l l Introduced i n Parl i ament to Rai se
Authorised Capital of RRBs
182 Financial Inclusion Agenda of RRBs
182 Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFIs)
182 Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)
182 Debt Recovery Tribunals
183 Capital Adequacy Ratio Standards for Banks
and Non-banking Financial Institutions
183 Ordinance Issued for Recovering Debts of
Banks and Financial Institution
Econ. / 8
183 Technological Developments in Banks
183 Agriculture and Rural Debt Relief Scheme
183 Damodaran Committee Submits Report on
Reforms in Banking Services
184 Report of Financial Sector Legislative Reforms
184 Proposed Functions of Regulatory Bod-
ies Envisaged by FSLRC
185 Banking in India
185 Major Recommendations of the High Level
Committee on Agricultural Credit through
Commercial Banks
185 Capital Market
186 Joint Parliamentary Committee
186 MIBOR and MIBID : Two New Reference
Rates of National Stock Exchange
186 Chandrashekhar Committees Recommenda-
tions on Transfer of Shares
186 Two New Share Price Indices for Mumbai
Share Market
186 Commodity Futures Market
187 Commodity Exchanges of India
188 BSE Launches Shariah Index
188 Universal Commodity Exchange Becomes
Indias 6th Commodity
188 Securities and Exchange Board of India
188 Approved Stock Exchanges in India
189 Decisions taken by SEBI for Ensuring a
Healthy Capital Market
190 BSE Launches Index-based Circuit Breaker
190 SEBI Raises Retail Investors Investment Limit
190 RBI Favours to Implement Mistry Report in
191 Depository System in India
191 Computerised Online Trading in Share
191 New Share Market MCX-SX Becomes
192 Rajeev Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme
192 Working Groups Report on Development
Finance Institutions
192 Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI)
192 Small Industries Development Bank of India
192 SIDBI (Amendment) Bill 2012 Tabled in Par-
193 Industrial Finance Corporation of India Ltd.
193 Industrial Credit and Investment Corpora-
tion of India Bank (ICICI Bank)
193 National Equity Fund Scheme
193 Industrial Investment Bank of India Ltd. (IIBIL)
194 State Industrial Development Corporations
194 State Finance Corporations
194 Unit Trust of India (UTI)
194 Export-Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank)
195 RBI Provides 5000 crore Refinance Win-
dow for EXIM Bank
195 National Housing Bank (NHB)
196 National Bank for Agriculture and Rural
Development (NABARD)
196 Cabinet Approval for Raising NABARDs
Authorised Capital
196 India Infrastructure Finance Company (IIFCL)
196 Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
197 Establishment Years of Major Financial
Institutions in India
197 Infrastructure Development Finance Com-
pany (IDFC)
197 Agriculture and Rural Development Banks
198 Insurance Industry in India
198 Important Insurance Policies : At a Glance
200 General Insurers Public Sector Association
of India (GIPSA)
200 Entry of State Bank in Insurance Sector
200 Agriculture Insurance Company of India
Limited (AICIL)
201 Recommendations of Malhotra Committee for
Improving Insurance Sector
202 Inflation
202 Introduction of New Series of CPI (R + U)
203 Deflation
203 WPI-based Inflation Falls to 8-Month Low
203 Money Stock Measures in India
204 Cheap Money Policy and Dear Money Policy
204 Retail Prices Based Three Consumer Price
Index Launched
204 Inflation Indexed Bonds No Special Tax Sops
for Investors
Development, Poverty Alleviation and
Employment Generation Programmes in
205 Skill Development
205 Rural Unemployment and Poverty Elimina-
tion Programme
205 Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana
205 National Rural Livelihood MissionAajeevika
207 National Food for Work Programme
207 Bharat Nirman Yojana Launched
208 Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana (SGRY)
208 Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employ-
ment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS)
209 Free LPG Connections to BPL Rural House-
209 Wage Rates under MGNREGA Raised
209 Indira Awas Yojana (IAY)
209 Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana
210 Drought-Prone Area Programme (DPAP)
210 Desert Development Programme (DDP)
Econ. / 10
Econ. / 12
210 Universal Health Insurance Scheme
210 Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana
210 National Urban Livelihood Mission
211 Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY)
211 Valmiki Ambedkar Awas Yojana (VAMBAY)
211 Integrated Rural Development Programme
212 Development of Women and Children in
Rural Areas (DWCRA)
212 Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (National Women
212 Supply of Improved Tool Kits to Rural Artisans
213 Training to Rural Youth for Self-Employment
213 Krishi Vigyan Kendra
213 Jawahar Rozgar Yojana (JRY)
213 Janani Suraksha Yojana
213 Jawahar Gram Samridhi Yojana (JGSY)
214 Million Wells Scheme (MWS)
214 Agro-Service Centres
214 National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)
214 Marginal Farmers Development Agencies
214 Intensified Jawahar Rozgar Yojana
214 Innovative and Special Employment Scheme
215 Employment Assurance Scheme (EAS)
215 The Sangam Yojana for the Handicapped
215 Rural Landless Employment Guarantee
Programme (RLEGP)
215 Prime Ministers Rozgar Yojana (PMRY)
215 Government Launches New Health Pro-
gramme for Adolescents
216 Prime Ministers Employment Generation
Programme (PMEGP)
216 Rural Electrification in India
217 Rajeev Gandhi Gramin Vidyutikaran Yojana
217 Rajiv Gandhi Gramin LPG Vitran Yojana
217 Rural Drinking Water
218 Kutir-Jyoti Programme
218 Rural Sanitation : Total Sanitation Campaign
(TSC)Nirmal Gram Yojana
218 National Social Assistance Programme
218 Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV)
219 Rajeev Awas Yojana
219 Aam Admi Bima Yojana (AABY)
219 National Health Insurance Scheme
219 Urban Unemployment and Poverty Eradica-
tion Programme
219 Scheme for Integrated Development of Small
and Medium Towns (IDSMT)
220 Scheme of Infrastructural Development in
Mega Cities
220 Self-Employment to the Educated Unemp-
loyed Youth (SEEUY)
220 Self-Employment Programme for the Urban
Poor (SEPUP)
220 Nehru Rozgar Yojana
221 Swabhiman Scheme to Open Bank Accounts
in Villages
221 Indira Gandhi Matritya Sahyog Yojana
221 Pratibha Kiran Yojana
221 Prime Ministers Integrated Urban Poverty
Eradication Programme (PMIUPEP)
222 Rajeev Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of
Adolescent GirlsSABLA
222 Mahila Samridhi Yojana
222 Urban Basic Services for the Poor (UBSP)
222 Members of Parliament Local Area Develop-
ment Scheme (MPLADS)
223 Twenty Point Programme (TPP)
223 Jan Arogya Bima Policy
223 UTI Launches Micro Pension Scheme for
Unorganised Poor Indian Workers
223 Raj Rajeshwari Mahila Kalyan Yojana
223 Bhagyashree Child Welfare Bima Yojana
223 Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY)
223 Indira Mahila Yojana
224 National Mission for Empowerment of Women
224 Balwadi Nutrition Programme
224 Vande Matram Scheme
224 Scheme of Providing Loan for House Cons-
truction in the Rural Areas
224 Primary Education : Two Flagship Pro-
224 Shiksha Sahayog Yojana
224 Sarva Siksha Abhiyan
225 Mid-Day Meal Scheme for School Children
225 Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan
225 Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA)
226 Krishi Sramik Samajik Suraksha Yojana
226 Social Security Pilot Scheme for Labours of
Unorganised Sector
227 Jan Shree Bima Yojana
227 UP Launches BPL Families Financial Aid
227 LIC Launches Jeevan Arogya Health Policy
227 Khadi and Village Industries Development
227 National Programme for Education of Girls at
Elementary Level (NPEGEL)
228 Various Development and Employment
Programmes in IndiaAt a Glance
Foreign Trade and Balance of Payments
231 Volume of Indias Foreign Trade
231 Indias Foreign Trade : 2013-14
Econ. / 14
232 Trade Deficit Decreased to $ 138.6 billion in
232 Composition of Indias Foreign Trade
232 Export Composition
233 Import Composition
234 Indias Service Trade
235 Agricultural Export Zones
235 Foreign Trade Policy 200914
236 Interest Subsidy Increased to Boost Exports
236 Annual Supplementary Foreign Trade Policy
237 Govt. Announces Incentive Packages to Sup-
port Export Growth
237 RBI Tightens Gold Import Norms
238 Recent Developments in Bilateral and Re-
gional Co-operation
238 Balance of Payments Position in India
239 Capital Account in BoP
239 Measures Taken by the Government for
Improving Balance of Payments
240 Tarapores Report on Full Convertibility of
240 Import Liberalisation
241 Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme
241 Improvements in Advance Licensing
241 Export Oriented Units, Export Processing Zone
and Special Economic Zone Schemes
242 Special Economic Zone Act, 2005
242 SEZ Norms Liberalised (2013-14)
242 Risk Management System Introduced in Ex-
port Sector
243 New Duty Drawback Scheme for Exports
243 Export Development Centres
243 Liberalisation of Foreign Investment Policy
244 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
245 DIPP Released 6th Issue of Consolidated FDI
245 FDI in the Service Sector
245 Govt. Notifies 100% FDI in Single-brand Re-
246 100% FDI Policy in Pharmaceutical Sector
246 Mayaram Panel Recommends 9 Sectors for
49% FDI
246 FDI Norms Eased for Small Scale Sector
247 Govt. Releases Consolidated FDI Policy
247 Plan Panel Favours More FDI Liberalisation
in 12th Plan
247 Govt. Liberalises FDI Limits in 12 Sectors,
Including Telecom
248 FDI Inflows into India in 2013 Rose 17% to $
28 billion
248 Foreign Exchange Reserves in India
248 Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)
248 RBI Relaxes FEMA Norms for Individuals
249 Money Laundering Prevention Act
249 Money Laundering Bill Introduced in Par-
250 External Assistance to India
250 Indias External Debt Rose to US $ 246 bil-
lion (at end December 2013)
251 $ 10 billion Assistance to India from ADB by
252 Focus Africa Programme
252 NEER and REER
252 India Development Forum
Transport and Communications
253 Railways
254 Upgradation of Passenger Amenities
255 Indian Transport Sector : An Overview
255 Introduction of LHB Coaches
255 Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Cor-
poration (IRCTC)
255 Konkan Railway Plan
256 Salient Features of the National Rail Vikas
256 The Bauddha Luxury Train in U.P.
256 Maharajas Express Wins World Travel
Awards for 2nd Time
256 Vivek Express Now Longest Distance Cover-
ing Train
257 India to Join Trans-Asian Rail Network
257 New Rail Coach Manufacturing Unit at Kolar
in Karnataka
257 Bio-toilets in All Trains in 6 Years
258 Road Transport
258 National Highway Development Project
259 Public Private Partnership in Road Projects
259 Rural Roads
259 Pradhan Mantri Bharat Jodo Pariyojana
260 Govt. Seeks $ 500 million from World Bank
for Rural Roads
260 Water Transport
262 Major Ports to Follow Monopoly Policy
262 Sagar Mala Project
262 Adani to Develop Terminal at Hazira
262 Gopal pur set to be an All-weather Port
263 Odisha to Develop a Port in Puri
263 Air Transport
263 Postal Network
264 51 low-Cost Small Airports to come up
264 Airport Infrastructure
264 T2 of Mumbai Airport Inaugurated
265 New Aviation Regulator with More Teeth
265 International Airport Status to Five More Do-
mestic Airports
265 Tata SIA Airlines Limited Constituted by Tata
Group and SIngapore Airlines
266 GAGAN Project
266 New Telecom Policy 2012 Provides Nation-
wide Free Roaming
Econ. / 16
267 Nation-wide Mobile Number Portability
267 Tele-density in India Increases to 73.69 at end-
November 2013
267 Fixed-line Phones to have 10-digit Number
268 Gramin Sanchar Sewak Scheme (GSSS)
268 Broadband and Internet Users in India
268 Government Approves to Digitise TV Broad-cast
by 2014
269 Voice Mail
269 Video Tax Service
269 Audio Tax
269 What is Paging Service ?
Public Finance
270 Financial Relations between Centre and States
270 Service Tax
271 Consolidated Funds of India and of the States
271 Public Accounts of India and of the States
271 Contingency Fund
271 Finance Commission
272 Twelfth Finance Commission
272 Thirteenth Finance Commission Report
Tabled in Parliament
274 14th Finance Commission Constituted
275 Recommendations of Chelliah Committee on
Tax Reforms
275 115th Amendment Bill on GST Introduced in
276 Govt. Set-up Two Panels on CST Compensa-
tion and GST Design
276 Kelkar Report
277 Value Added Tax (VAT)
278 Rangarajan Panel Proposed to Abolish Distinc-
tion between Plan and Non-Plan Expenditures
278 Finances of State Governments
278 Rangachary-led Panel to Review Taxation of
IT Sector
278 13th Finance Commission Recommends for
Single 12% GST
279 State Level Reforms
280 Interim Union Budget, 2014-15
283 Interim Railway Budget, 2014-15
Economic Planning in India
285 History of Planning in India
285 Planning Commission of India
286 Method of Plan Formulation
286 National Development CouncilNDC
286 First Five Year Plan
287 Second Five Year Plan
287 Third Five Year Plan
288 Three Annual Plans
288 Fourth Five Year Plan
289 Fifth Five Year Plan
289 Sixth Five Year Plan
290 Seventh Five Year Plan
290 Eighth Five Year Plan
292 Ninth Five Year Plan
294 Tenth Five Year Plan
296 Eleventh Plan (200712)
296 India Vision-2020
301 Vision of 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17)
International Organisations
303 International Monetary Fund (IMF)
304 International Bank for Reconstruction and
Development (IBRD)
306 International Fund for Agricultural Development
307 International Development Association (IDA)
307 Rounds of GATT Negotiations
307 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
308 International Finance Corporation (IFC)
308 Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
308 International Centre for Settlement of Invest-
ment Disputes
308 Uruguay Round and Dunkel Proposals
309 World Trade Organisation (WTO)
310 Important International Organisations : A View
310 First Ministerial Conference of WTO
311 Second Ministerial Conference of WTO
311 Third Ministerial Conference of WTO
311 Fourth Ministerial Conference of WTO
311 Fifth Ministerial Conference of WTO
312 Sixth Ministerial Conference of WTO
312 Seventh Ministerial Conference of WTO
312 Eighth WTO Ministerial Conference
312 United Nations Conference on Trade and
Development (UNCTAD)
313 Asian Development Bank (ADB)
314 ADBs Aid to India for Infra Development
314 South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA)
314 South Asian Association for Regional Co-
operation (SAARC)
315 Association of South-East Asian Nations
316 Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Coun-
tries (OPEC)
316 G-8 (Formerly G-7)
317 G-20
318 G-15
318 G-24
319 G-77
319 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and
Development (OECD)
319 BRICS Nations Agree to Trade in Own
320 The European Coal and Steel Community
320 European Economic Community (EEC) or
European Common Market (ECM)
320 European Free Trade Association (EFTA)
320 European Unification and Maastricht Treaty
320 North American Free Trade Agreement
Econ. / 18
321 Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC)
321 Asian Clearing Union (ACU)
321 Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM)
322 Mercosur
322 Pan American Trade Agreement
322 Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Co-
operation (IORARC)
322 Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)
323 Glossary
Important Events
334 Mor Panel Recommendations on Financial In-
334 Rajan Panel Classified States on Backward-
ness Index
335 National Food Security Scheme 2013
336 RBI-Inflation Indexed National Savings Secu-
rities (IINSS)
337 Land Acquisition Act, 2013
338 Cabinet Clears Real Estate Regulation and De-
velopment Bill
338 Shome Panels Recommendations to end Am-
biguity on Portfolio Investments
338 Sodhi Committees Report on Insider Trading
339 India stands 101st in Gender Gap Index 2013 :
339 Certification Marks
340 Third Billion Index
340 Asian Development Outlook 2013
340 World Economic Situation and Prospects
2014 : Global Economic Outlook
341 UNCTADs Trade and Development Report
341 India and UAE Sign BIPPA
342 Government Approves Mining Bill
342 UNIDO Report Includes India in Top 10
Industrial Nations
342 India Stands Second in Innovation Efficiency
342 Global Competitiveness Index 2012-13
343 Government Notifies New Gas Price Mecha-
343 Report of Financial Sector Legislative Reforms
343 SBI Allows Withdrawal upto 1,000 from PoS
at Trader/Shop
344 World Banks International Debt Statistics 2013
345 India to Become Worlds Largest Economy by
2050 : Wealth Report
345 National Electronics Policy 2012
345 New National Youth Policy 2014
346 World Development Report 2013
346 Parikh Panel Recommends Hike in Diesel,
Kerosene & LPG Prices
347 South Sudan Becomes IMFs 188th Member
347 Govt. Tables White Paper on Black Money in
347 Global Risks 2014 Report
348 Microsoft Names Satya Nedella its New CEO
348 EPFO to Provide Passbook to Employees of
Organised Sector
348 Govt. Eases Norms for Foreign Investors to Ac-
celerate Capital Inflows
348 Indian Economy on Upward MomentumOECD
349 Tax Administration Reform Commission 2013 to
Review Tax Laws, Implementation
349 India Declines to 40th Rank in Financial Devel-
opment Index 2012
349 New Rehabilitation Policy for Farmers
350 FII, NRI Investment Allowed in Insurance, Allied
350 Iraq Becomes Second Biggest Crude Supplier
to India
351 2/3rd of Farm Suicides take place in 4 Cotton-
growing States
351 Composition of New WPI Series
351 India Likely to be 3rd Largest Economy by 2030
351 Parliamentary Standing Committee Recom-
mends Entry of Banks and FIs in Commodity
352 Govt. Notifies 100% FDI in SingleBrand Retail
352 Hallmarking of Gold Becomes Compulsory
352 Environmental Damage Costs India 3.75 lakh
crore per year
353 IRDA Issued Guidelines for Investment in ETFs
353 Countrys Urban Areas have Wider Gap in
Consumption Spending : NSSO
353 India Signed Double Taxation Avoidance Agree-
ment with Lithuania
354 Essar Steel Commissions Indias Largest Pellet
354 India First Milk ATM
354 India-ASEAN FTA Becomes Operative w.e.f.
January 1, 2010
354 India-Nepal Sign Revised Taxation Agreements
355 Indian Dairy Cooperatives : A Story of Success
355 National Dairy Plan Phase-I Launched
355 LPG Cap Hiked to 12; No Cash Transfers
355 India Stands Ahead to US & UK in Enforcing IP
356 5 Kg Cylinder and Inter-company LPG Portabil-
ity Schemes Launched
356 ADB to Extend $ 500 million to Indian Railway
356 EPFOs Plan to Fix Minimum Pension for Mem-
bers at 1,000 per month
356 Marginal Decline in Countrys Total Fertility Rate
357 India Becomes Largest Borrower of IDA
357 Tariff Concessions Under SAFTA Become
357 Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kochhar in Fortune List of
50 Powerful Business Women
357 Indias Bilateral Economic Relation Agreements
with Malaysia and Japan Become Effective
358 Education Becomes a Fundamental Right
358 India Enlarges Currency Swap Deal with Japan
358 Over 80% of Rural Homes have Power, but 60%
have No Toilets
359 India Ranks 120th in Economic Freedom Index
for 2014
359 India is E & Ys Most Attractive Investment Des-
tination, China 3rd, US 5th
359 UP to Add 33,000 MW During 12th Plan
359 30000 MW Additional Power by 2020 Under
360 Centre Approves Public Procurement Bill
360 India Slips to Second in Nirlsens Global Con-
sumer Confidence Index
360 Corruption Perception Index 2013
361 KVIC to Get 55,000 crore During 12th Plan
361 Interest Rate on Small Savings, PPF Lowered
362 Jobs Grew by a mere 2.2% per year between
2000 and 2012
362 India Ranked at 115 on Women Empowerment
362 Eligibility for Home Loan Subsidy Raised
363 India Achieves UN Millennium Goal for Drink-
ing Water
363 PAN to Become Mandatory for All Bank Trans-
363 E-tax Payment became Compulsory w.e.f. April
1, 2008
363 Chanda Kochar Most-powerful Indian Business
363 World Economic Situation and Prospectus 2014
364 New Land Acquisition Act 2013 Comes into
364 India and South Africa Set $ 15 billion Trade
Target by 2014
364 Patent (Amendment) Ordinance 2004
365 Bank Frauds Rising : Double to 6,212 crore
in 2012-13
365 India Improves Tourism Competitiveness Rank
: 2013 WEF Report
365 World Bank to Lend for Micro-finance and Sta-
tistical Projects
366 Freeze on SEZ Approvals Lifted
366 SEZ Norms for Social Infrastructure Finalised
367 Indians Among Most Satisfied with their Jobs
Globally : Survey
367 India Ranks 134th in World Banks Doing
Businesss List
367 PURA
367 Education Development Index (FDI) 2012-13
368 Orange Card
368 Fruit Product Ordinance (F.P.O.)
368 Ganga Action Plan
368 Loan Quality of Banks Deteriorated
369 Planning Commissions India Vision-2020
370 Agriculture Gene Bank in India
370 Black Money Outflow from India at 21 lakh crore
in during 2002-11
370 Draft Seed Act, 2001
371 National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture
371 Two Central Universities in Rae Bareli
371 Electricity Act, 2003
372 Zero Coupon Bond
372 Targeted Public Distribution System
372 Golden Handshake Scheme
372 Revamped Public Distribution System (RPDS)
373 Difference between Prices of RPDS and PDS
373 India Brand Equity Fund
373 Deccan Odyssey
373 Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)
373 Jago Grahak Jago Scheme
373 Indian Hydrocarbon Vision 2025
373 Concept of Subsidy
373 Gold Deposit Scheme, 1999
374 Credit Cards
374 Credit Rating Agencies
375 Consumer Protection Act, 1986
375 Essential Commodities Act
375 Mega City Scheme
375 Gold Bonds Scheme
376 CONCORD Scheme of Confederation of
Indian Industries (CII)
376 Commission on Labour Standards
376 Second Labour Commission
377 Voluntary Disclosure of Income Scheme VDIS,
377 National Safety Council
377 Schemes for the Disclosure of Black Money
378 Relief Bonds93
378 Counter Trade Policy
378 Harkin Bill
378 Floriculture Centres
378 Open Sky Policy
378 Food Corporation of India
378 Sui Generis
379 The First Rail Bus Service in the Country
379 Consolidated Funds of India and the States
379 Contingency Fund of India
379 Contingency Fund of the State
379 Latest Services of Postal Departments
379 Abolition of Bonded Labour System
379 Special 301 and Super 301 Trade Protection
Policies of USA
380 India in Priority Watch List of Special 301
380 Technology Vision-2020
380 Globalisation
380 Street Children Scheme
381 Nobel Prize Winners in Economics
382 Workmens Compensation Act Amended
382 Tobin Tax
382 Fiscal Drag
382 Footloose Industry
382 Exit Policy
382 Securities Trading Corporation of India (STCI)
382 Gini Multiplier
382 Gini Index
382 Reliance : The First Asian Company to Issue
100 Year Bonds
382 Independent World Commission on Oceans
383 Multiple Choice Questions
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