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This Rental Agreement is made and executed on this the 2ndth day of July, 2013 at
Hyderabad, A.. by and bet!een"
#r. $A%& #'HR(TRA aged about 3) years, (!ner of lot.*o.+,,-+,., /lat.*o.303,
0hasan1 Rose #ount A2artment, $a3ya A3enue &ayout, 4achu2ally, Hyderabad, Ranga
Reddy 5istrict-+000.0, and Andhra radesh.
6Hereinafter called the House 7(8*'R9 !hich term shall mean and include all his:her heirs,
re2resentati3es, successors, administrators, etc., of the /irst arty;
#r.4.$ishore , 0:o. #r. 4. am2aiah , aged about 31 years, R:o House no <,-10= A, <,-2,,,
*undy <,-3,+ , 4udh!ar2et <,-2,3, $urnool ,Andhra radesh > lot no 22 , House no +0 :
=,0 A ? 23 @ayathri encla3e , 5e3anagar , $urnool, A.
6Hereinafter called the 7T'*A*T9 !hich term shall mean and include all his:her heirs, ,
successors, etc., of the 0econd arty;
8hereas the (!ner let out the house 2remises lot.*o.+,,-+,., /lat.*o.303, 0hashan1 Rose
#ount A2artment, $a3ya A3enue &ayout, 4achu2ally, Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy 5istrict-
+000.0, Andhra the tenant for Residential 2ur2ose on a monthly rent of Rs.
1+,000.00 6Ru2ees /ifteen Thousand (nly;.
0ubAect to the Terms and Bonditions laid do!n hereunder"
As discussed o3er the 2hone the tenant shall 2ay an ad3ance eCui3alent to 11 monthsD rent
amounting to ru2ees 1,+000.00 6one la1h sixty fi3e thousand Ru2ees (nly; to the (8*'R
by <th of July 2013.
The tenant !ill reside there as a family and !ill not create any disturbance to the neighborsD
and society.
The #arital status of tenant should not remain as bachelor after 31st July 2013 or else the
tenant !ill ha3e to 3acate the 2remises by 10th of August 2013 !ithout claiming any refund
of the ad3ance rent 2aid to the o!ner.
The term of rental agreement is for a 2eriod of 11 months !ith effect from =st July, 2013 to
,th June, 201< !ith an o2tion for rene!al of the same by mutual consent !ith an increase in
rent by 10E.
That the tenant has de2osited an interest free amount of Rs.<+, 000-00 6Ru2ees /orty fi3e
Thousand (nly; as 0ecurity 5e2osit and interest free amount of Rs.1,+, 000:-6one la1h sixty
fi3e thousand Ru2ees (nly; as ele3en monthDs ad3ance rent to the (!ner by !ay of cash :
BheCue: online ban1 transfer. The security de2osit is refundable at the time of ex2iry of the
abo3e said 2eriod of Tenancy and deducting of adAustments if any.
The Tenant shall bear the electricity charges, !ater charges, a2artment maintenance charges,
minor re2airs and other charges if any.
The Tenant shall 1ee2 the 2remises in neat and tidy condition.
The Tenant shall not ma1e material alterations in the /lat during the term of lease !ithout the
!ritten consent of the (8*'R.
The Tenant shall not sub-let the leased 2remises.
The (8*'R or his agents can ins2ect the 2remises during reasonable times for !hich the
Tenant shall not ha3e any obAection.
Ad3ance rent !ill not be refundable if the tenant decided to lea3e the flat and terminate the
lease agreement before ,th June 201< i.e. com2letion of ele3en months.
The tenant !ill ha3e to 3acate the flat !ith one months notice if found causing damage
intentionally : deliberately to the 2ro2erty or the furnitureDs and fixtures listed in 2oint 1,
!ithout refund of any de2osit or ad3ance rent.
The tenant !ill ha3e to 3acate the flat immediately if found indulging in any criminal offence
or summoned by the court: 2olice for any criminal acti3ity.
This rental agreement may be rene!ed and the rent !ill be increased by 10E by mutual
consent of both the 2arties.
The tenant !ill use all the electronic eCui2ment and furniture as mentioned in 2oint 1, and
2ro3ided to him carefully and !ill get them ser3iced timely at his o!n ex2ense.
/urniture, /ittings > /ixtures" The tenant to use and after ex2iry of the lease to hand o3er the
amenities mentioned belo!, !hich are handed to the tenant in good A*5 8(R$%*@
Beiling /ans? +
Tube &ights ? 3
B/& - <
'xhaust fans- 3
AB 0amsung 1.+ tonne !ith remote- 1
AB Foltas 1.+ tonne !ith remote-1
8ater Ta2s ? +
0ofa set - 61big G2 small;
0ofa set in another room 6 set of 2;
2 Bentre table !ith glass to2
, seater dining table !ith glass to2.
%n3erter !ith 1 battery and trolley
8ooden !ardrobes !ith mirrors
5ressing table !ith #irror-1
&arge double bed cot !ith box storage s2ace and #attress !ith 2 0ide dra!er
2 &arge single bed !ith 2 mattress and 0ide dra!er
0ho!er anel-1
'lectric @eyser-1
@lass !ash basin ? 2
Regular !ash basin 1
#odular 1itchen cabinets
8ashing machine 0amsung
%*5A*' go3ernment @as cylinder 2 !ith regulator and gas 2i2e
Boo1ing sto3e 1
5ish TF set to2 box !ith 2arabola, cable and remote 1
#otoriHed Tread mill
Refrigerator 1,+ liters &.@
&B5 TF 0amsung
The abo3e accessories !ill be handed o3er to the o!ner by the tenant after the ex2iry of the
lease, if any damages occur due to negligence of the tenantI the same shall be deducted from
the security de2osit.
%* 8%T*'00 8H'R'(/, both the 2arties ha3e subscribed their signatures to this %ndenture
on the day, month and year mentioned abo3e.