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Gulayan & Malunggay Gardening

Income Generating Project (Long Plan)

Malalinta Elementary School
San Manuel District
SY 2!"#2!$
&eacher III
Republic of the Philippines
Region 02
'I() Schools Di*ision Su+erintendent
Ilagan) Isa,ela
(&hru (hannels)
I ha*e the honor to re.uest +ermission /rom your good o//ice to allo0 the undersigned to
conduct a long +lan Income Generating Project entitled 1Gulayan & Malunggay Gardening2 at
Malalinta Elementary School) Malalinta) San Manuel) Isa,ela3
&he said +roject +rimarily aims to-
a3 De*elo+ a++reciation o/ the +u+ils the im+ortance o/ agriculture in their li/e as a
source o/ /ood and income3
,3 Pro*ide an o++ortunity /or inculcating among the +u+ils the *alue o/ 0or4) industry
and caring /or the en*ironment3
c3 &o ha*e an alternati*e source o/ /ood /or the school5s /eeding +rogram3
d3 E6+erience earning money /or the conduct o/ a +roject3
7ntici+ating your /a*ora,le action anent this re.uest3
8ery truly yours)
&eacher III
7++ro*al 9ecommended-
ESP#II %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
Schools District Su+er*isor
'I() Schools Di*ision Su+erintendent
I:('ME GE:E97&I:G P9';E(&
(Long Plan)
1Gulayan and Malunggay Gardening2
73 Program -Long Plan Income Generating Project
<3 Project &itle - Gulayan & Malunggay Gardening
(3 Project Director and Im+lementer -
Malalinta Elementary School
Malalinta) San Manuel) Isa,ela
D3 =uman 9esources In*ol*ed - &eacher ad*iser) Grade 8I +u+ils) sta4eholders
E3 <ene/iciary - Grade 8I +u+ils) >inder to Grade 8
?3 Duration - ;une) 2!" to March) 2!$
G3 9ationale -
8egeta,le gardening is a *ery re0arding endea*our3 Ideally) this acti*ity is
underta4en in school to su++ort school +rogram needs and use *acant site and a*aila,le
resources to the /ullest3
In 2@) De+Ed released Memo A 2BC 1Gulayan sa Paaralan2 encouraging
increase +u,lic a0areness in health and nutrition es+ecially among +u+ils) teachers and
+arents3 &he /ollo0ing year) De+ Ed Memo A 2C") s 2D) 0hich encouraged the +lanting
o/ malunggay (moringa) trees in school 0as issued ,y then Secretary o/ Education ;eslie
La+uE 0hich com+lemented 1Gulayan sa Paaralan23 Malalinta Elementary School
sustains these initiati*es as it ado+ts containeriEed gardening and de*elo+ed malunggay
+ar43 7s a result) the said school garnered second and third +lace in the com+etition on
the ,est im+lementer o/ Gulayan sa Paaralan and classroom gardening res+ecti*ely3 &his
is a search launched ,y the district in +artnershi+ 0ith the De+artment o/ 7griculture
(munici+al le*el)3 ?or this school year 2!") Malalinta Elementary School aims to
sur+ass the said a0ards3
In this light) the im+lementer thought o/ em,ar4ing on a long +lan income
generating +roject as a means o/ maintaining and sustaining the +rogram3 Most
im+ortantly to raise /unds /or the im+ro*ement o/ the her,al garden noo4 o/ the school3
=3 Pur+oses and ',jecti*es
!3 &o ,uild an understanding o/ and res+ect /or nature and our en*ironment3
23 &o moti*ate +u+ils to eat *egeta,les3
C3 &o +ro*ide o++ortunities /or hands#on learning) in.uiry) o,ser*ation and
"3 &o +romote +hysical acti*ity and .uality outdoor e6+eriences3
$3 &o teach +u+ils to nurture and care /or other li*ing things 0hile de*elo+ing +atience3
F3 &o de*elo+ a++reciation o/ the +u+ils the im+ortance o/ agriculture in their li/e as a
source o/ /ood and income3
@3 &o +ro*ide an o++ortunity /or inculcating among the +u+ils the *alue o/ 0or4)
industry and caring /or the en*ironment3
D3 &o ha*e an alternati*e source o/ /ood /or the school5s /eeding +rogram3
B3 &o e6+erience earning money /or the im+ro*ement o/ the her,al garden shade3
G7:&& (=79& '? 7(&I8I&IES
Gulayan& Malunggay Gardening
1L':G PL7: I:('ME GE:E97&I:G P9';E(&2
SY3 2!"#2!$
&IME ?97ME
;une ;uly 7ug Se+t 'ct :o* Dec ;an ?e, Mar
'rientation o/ the +u+ils and
+arents regarding the IGP
Securing o/ +ermit /rom the
di*ision o//ice /or its a++ro*al
& im+lementation
Design the garden3 Plan ,ig
,ut start small
Digging#in (In*ol*e the
Heeding & Grass remo*al G G
Soil +re+aration (,ringing soil
or amending e6isting soil)
Planting o/ seeds or +lant
Hatering G G G G G G G G G G
Heeding G G G G G G G G G G
Mulching G G G G
=ar*esting G G G
Selling o/ Produce G G G G
(onstructionGIm+ro*ement o/
the Project
Documentation and
su,mission o/ results to the
di*ision o//ice
Sustaina,ility o/ the IGP G G G G G G
I3 Procedure
!3 (onduct an orientation meeting 0ith the +u+ils regarding the income generating
+roject (see enclosed attendance sheet & +ictures)
23 7 +ermit /or its a++ro*al and im+lementation is to ,e re.uested /rom the di*ision
C3 (hoose a site 0ith sun) good soil and drainage and +ro,a,ly most im+ortant o/ all
close to 0ater3
"3 In*ol*e the +u+ils to choose 0hat *egeta,les to +lant and 0here they 0ill ,e +lanted3
$3 Start 0ith cro+s that mature .uic4ly3
F3 E*ery +u+il or in grou+ should ha*e their o0n +lot in the garden3
@3 Plan e6tra *egeta,les /or the un0elcome *egeta,les3
D3 Identi/y the tools needed in the garden +re+aration) +lanting and maintenance3
B3 Start the digging o/ the *acant lot3 In*ol*e the +arents3
!3 Garden 0ill ,e di*ided into +lots & +lanted assorted *egeta,les3
!!3 Inderta4e succeeding acti*ities li4e 0eeding & mulching3
!23 =ar*esting & mar4eting o/ the +roduce3
!C3 Proceed to the construction im+ro*ement o/ the +roject3
!"3 &he result o/ this IGP 0ill ,e documented & su,mitted to the di*ision o//ice /or
;3 Schedule o/ 7cti*ities
H'9>PL7: '? &=E IGP
7cti*ities &ime/rame E6+ected
=uman 9esources
'rientation o/ the +u+ils &
+arents regarding the IGP
;une )2!"
(!-#C- +3m)
'riented the
+u+ils & +arents
regarding the IGP
Pu+ils) Parents
Secure +ermit /or its
a++ro*al &
im+lementation in the
di*ision o//ice
;une )2!" 7d*iser
Design o/ the garden ;une
@-#@-!$ 73M
School head)
7d*iser) Pu+ils)
Digging#in ;une
@-#!2- 73M
School head)
7d*iser) Pu+ils)
Heeding & grass remo*al C-#$- P3M School head)
7d*iser) Pu+ils)
Soil +re+aration C-#$- P3M 7d*iser) Pu+ils)
Planting o/ seeds or +lant
@-#@-C 73M
7d*iser) Pu+ils)
Hatering o/ +lants E*eryday
@-#@-C 73M
"-C#$- P3M
7d*iser) Pu+ils)
Heeding (care &
E*ery other day
@-#@-C 73M
7d*iser) Pu+ils)
Mulching 'nce e*ery month
@-#@-C 73M
7d*iser) Pu+ils)
=ar*esting 7ug3#Se+t3 2!")
@-#@-C 73M
7d*iser) Pu+ils)
Selling o/ Produce 7d*iser) Pu+ils)
o/ the +roject
March 2!" (ar+enter) School
=ead) 7d*iser)
Documentation &
su,mission o/ results to
the di*ision o//ice
March 2!") 7+ril
2!$ 7d*iser
Sustaina,ility o/ the IGP Year 9ound
>3 Project '+erational Descri+tion
73 Mar4et
8egeta,les +ro*ide the nutrients and *itamins the ,ody needs 0hen these
*egeta,les are digested3 Similarly) malunggay are claimed to ,e a +o0erhouse o/
nutritional *alues3 =ence) this long +lan Income Generating Project 0ill a0a4en the
consciousness o/ the +u+ils in the e//ect o/ ha*ing a healthy dietary inta4e3
In the mar4eting o/ the +roduce) the +u+ils 0ill maintain their grou+ing in the
school garden3 Each grou+ 0ill har*est their o0n /ruitsG*egeta,le at @-#@-C in the
morning and selling o/ the same /ollo0s in the same +lace) school garden3 9ecord and
sales ,y each grou+ is necessary3 &he amount o/ sales 0ill ,e determined ,y using the
/ormat as in &a,le 7 ,elo0-
&a,le 7- 9ecord o/ Sales (Grou+ I)
>inds o/
:o3 o/
7mount o/ Sales Date Gross 7mount
&a,le <- <udgetary 9e.uirement /or the Im+ro*ement o/ the Project
(=er,al Garden :oo4)
Juantity Descri+tion Init Price
&otal Price
In the e*ent that there is an e6cess in their +roduce) the said amount 0ill ,e used
to ,uy math dictionary /or the +u+ils3 7lso) the grou+ 0ith the highest +roceeds 0ill
recei*e a certi/icate and school su++lies as incenti*e3
<3 &echnical Descri+tion
&he +roject is located at Malalinta Elementary School) Malalinta San Manuel
Isa,ela3 &he seeds 0ill ,e ta4en /rom the har*est o/ the last +lanting season and
the rest 0ill ,e ,ought outside3
(3 'rganiEational Management
&he +roject is headed ,y the ad*iser 0ith the su++ort o/ the +u+ils and =9P&7
mem,ers3 &he ,udgetary re.uirement /or the +ro+osed +roject is re/lected in &a,le <3
L3 Summary
M3 (onclusions
:3 9ecommendations