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Here's the complete story of my recovery from RSI.

Hi there! Im Brett, and I have a secret. Ive worked as a computer prorammer since !""#. $or
most of my career Ive %een %lihted %y Repetitive Strain In&ury 'RSI(. It ruined my career, and
then nearly ruined my entire life. I was weeks away from ivin up a career I loved. $inally, in
)**# I made my %reakthrouh. I cured my RSI. Its one. I no loner fear usin a computer. Ive
otten my life %ack!
I am oin to let you into a secret. +ust like me, there are many thousands of people who have
successfully cured lon term pain conditions followin the methods I descri%e here. ,he techni-ues
I descri%e were first used to cure %ack pain, %ut they are e-ually applica%le to RSI. I spent less t!n
"#$$ on curin% my RSI. I didnt have to %uy a new chair or desk or eronomic mouse. I didnt
have to chane my diet, take up e.ercise or swallow loads of pills. I didnt have to visit a doctor,
physiotherapist or other health professional.
,he secret of how I cured my RSI will surprise you. /y story will make uncomforta%le readin.
But I hope that my story will demonstrate that RSI doesnt have to ruin your life!
,his forum is mainly concerned with RSI symptoms associated with usin a computer key%oard and
mouse. But the techni-ues descri%ed here have also %een successfully used %y people to ease the
RSI symptoms that arise from playin musical instruments or other activities. In fact, the techni-ues
will also help with other pain issues such as linerin %ack, le or neck pain.
Success Stories
I am one of the many people who have manaed to cure their RSI condition %y usin a
revolutionary approach to healin pain. I will tell you my story. It will surprise you. But don't take
my word for it 0 the techni-ues I used have also worked for many other people. ,his is what other
people have said a%out the techni-ues I have used1
...i was 23/456,657 $R66 of any pain. I really couldnt %elieve it!!..
...has helped me address some de%ilitatin RSI related pains which I'd %een carryin for more than 8
/ost helpful, most hopeful
I am now pro%a%ly %ack to 9*: of my pre0RSI capa%ilities ... and fully e.pect to continue to
improve over the ne.t few weeks and months.
a winner after spendin years and countless ;;; tryin to treat my symptoms
<uite simply0It cured my 'RSI'
RSI sufferers 0 it could %e over
2losest thin to a miracle cure
=hen I first read these success stories, I was intially very sceptical. But now I accept that they are
true. It re!lly is possi&le to reco'er (rom RSI.
Gettin% St!rted
$irst of all, let me conratulate you on havin the courae to seek help a%out this. $or years I was in
denial a%out the state of my condition. I didnt seek medical advice. I didnt tell my employers. >ll
the time I was aware my condition was worsenin. Readin a%out RSI made me panic. 6ven seein
those terri%le three letters made me sweat. I therefore know e.actly how difficult it is for you to
read this.
By the way, let me say that %efore you follow any of the methods descri%ed here, you should seek
professional medical advice. Im not your physician. I dont know your medical history. It is
important to rule out other illnesses. 4lease also %ear in mind that I am not a trained medical
physician. I make no uarantees a%out anythin. But I am a fellow RSI sufferer. 3r rather I was. I
am now cured. I now live a normal life aain.
,he methods descri%ed here ?%@do?Ai@ work. How do I know? I have used them myself. So have
many others. 7ou are pro%a%ly askin yourself why you have not heard of these techni-ues %efore.
,here are several reasons. $irstly, the techni-ues are related to the area of mind%ody medicine. ,his
%ranch of medicine was in voue in the late !"th and early )*th centuries. ,he connection %etween
mind and %ody fascinated some of the reatest minds of that period. Sadly this area of medicine
larely ot nelected for the remainder of the )*th century.
,he other reason is that we are conditioned to %elieve that pills or surery are the only answers to
health pro%lems. +ust think of the vast num%ers of people on anti0depressants. ,hey usually have a
%ad incident that makes them feel down. ,hey o to the doctor. ,he doctor descri%es anti0
depressants. ,he patient hasnt really %een cured of their depression, %ut the pills make them feel
$inally, the medical industry is a huely powerful multi %illion dollar %usiness. Boctors, nurses,
physiotherapists, chiropractors 0 they all have &o%s %ecause people et sick. 4harmaceutical
companies in particular are very powerful. ,hey make their money %y persuadin doctors to
prescri%e their pills. I have a relative who once worked in a hospital as a medical secretary. I could
not %elieve the amount of free%ies the pharmaceutical company ives to doctors.
I am happy to report that the techni-ues I descri%e are finally ainin reconition in the medical
community. But it is a slow process. ,here have even %een occasions when the information a%out
the techni-ues has %een removed from =ikipedia. 3%viously those of us who know a%out these
techni-ues find this sort of thin incredi%ly frustratin.
Tis Isn)t *or E'eryone
I have used the techni-ues I will descri%e. I cured my RSI. I %elieve that anyone can successfully
use these techni-ues. Cnfortunately many people have dismissed these techni-ues. /any people
refuse to %elieve that they will work. ,hey are of the opinion that they are different to every%ody
else. 3f course the reality is that we are all physioloically pretty much identical. So there is no
reason why anyone should not %e a%le to use these techni-ues.
,o use them fully you have to %e open to learnin a%out new thins. 7ou must put yourself %ack in
control of your own life. 7ou also need to accept that you may have to throw away everythin you
thouht that you knew a%out your condition.
,hese techni-ues touch upon mental health issues. ,here is a terrific stima attached to mental
health. /any people will refuse to even consider they have a mental health issue.
$inally, its worth remem%erin that some instances of RSI are caused %y underlyin medical
conditions. 2arpal tunnel syndrome is one such e.ample. However, I am assured that carpal tunnel
syndrome is an e.tremely rare condition, so there is only a small chance that a persons RSI could
%e caused %y this. 2onditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome also have their own particular
symptoms, which are usually different from what the typical RSI sufferer e.periences.
If youre havin trou%le %elievin what youre readin, theres a !* point action plan at the end of
this thread.
+!t is RSI,
/any people say that they et pain when usin a computer key%oard or mouse. ,hankfully most of
them seem to shake off the pain after a week or two. Cnfortunately the pain can sometimes liner
for weeks, months, or even years. Dery often the pain ets steadily worse, until the sufferer can no
loner do the activity that ives them pain. ,his is particularly worryin for someone who has to
use a computer as part of their &o%.
>nyone who thinks they have RSI should visit a doctor in order that a proper dianosis is made. >
doctor will also ensure that there are no serious underlyin health conditions.
Eenerally, e.periencin some or all of the followin are indications that RSI may %e the cause of
,he pain is not present when wakin, %ut ets steadily worse durin the day.
,he pain comes and oes.
,he amount of pain seems to %e unrelated to weather, diet, medication or other factors.
,he amount of pain does not seem related to amount of work undertaken.
,he pain oes away while other illnesses are present 'e.. coldsAfluA%ack ache Atoothache
,he pain ets worse in hot weather.
4ain is worse for some activities than others 'e.. it is painful to type, %ut not to play the
piano or play computer ames(.
,he pain suffer spends a lot of time worryin a%out their health.
,he pain suffer has pro%lematic relationships with other people such as family, partner or
line manaer at work.
,he pain oes away while the sufferer is on vacation.
> doctor cannot find anythin specifically wron.
,he pain has %een present for more than three months.
,he condition makes the sufferer stop doin certain activities.
,he pain sufferer is otherwise in ood health, with no other ma&or health pro%lems.
A&out Me
/y name is Brett. I am one of lifes hih achievers. /ay%e you are as wellF RSI tends to affect
successful people. In hih school my careers advisor told me Id never o to Cniversity. I ended up
ettin a Bachelor of Science deree. /y chemistry teacher told me that it was difficult to study
chemistry at deree level. Bespite this, I ended up with a doctorate in Biochemistry. ,hrouhout my
life I have constantly achieved more than people ever e.pected of me.
Bespite all that hard work studyin science, when I raduated I actually ended up as a computer
prorammer. I first encountered the Internet at Cniversity and I manaed to %luff my way into my
first I, &o%. I told my line manaer I could proram computers. In reality the only prorammin I
had done was on my home computer when I was a child. 5et me tell you that those first few months
were pretty touh oin. But I am a -uick learner. By the time the dot com %oom happened in )***
I had not only tauht myself prorammin, I had pretty much dou%led my salary in three years. I
was youn, de%t free and makin ood money. I had stock options. 5ife was ood. >nd yet it
>ll throuh these heady years I had a terri%le secret. >fter usin a mouse and key%oard all day, my
riht arm 'the one I use a mouse with( used to ache a lot. Some days were %etter than others. I used
to %e pleased when there was a lon meetin or somethin, so I wouldn't have to use a computer for
a few hours. Cnfortunately when youre a computer prorammer, that kind of thin doesnt happen
fre-uently. 7oure pretty much stuck in front of your computer all day lon.
Te +orsenin%
>t first my arm used to ache on the &ourney home from work. Slowly it ot worse. >fter three years
it %ean to ache all throuh the evenin, and into the niht. 6ventually it %ean to ache a little the
ne.t mornin. I tried to cut down my computer usae. I stopped playin computer ames or doin
anythin else non0income eneratin. I pretty much ave up usin my home computer. $or a couple
of years followin the dot com crash the economy was %ad, so I was a%le to cut my workin hours.
,his improved my symptoms a little, and I felt that it miht help me prolon my career for as lon
as possi%le.
I used to hate hearin anythin a%out RSI. I was truly in denial. 3ne day I learned that one of my
colleaues was %adly affected %y it, and had to cut his workin hours to a couple of hours a day.
=hen you think you have the same pro%lem, that is not somethin you want to hear.
Burin this time I considered switchin careers. =hile I had the financial means to do this, its not
an easy thin to do. 3n top of this, so many &o%s these days re-uire you to use a computer. /ost
&o%s re-uire you to do somethin with your hands. Besides, %ein a computer prorammer is pretty
lucrative, and it would %e difficult to find somethin else with a decent salary and ood workin
Te Rec-onin%
>fter a couple of years of workin part0time, I felt that I should return to full time employment. I
thouht there miht %e a risk of my makin my condition worse. But I had to %alance the fact that
the &o% market was improvin after the dot com crash, and I was ettin left %ehind in terms of
salary and career.
,hins did not et off to a ood start. ,he &o% interview had a technical test that involved desinin
a data%ase. It was difficult. /y RSI symptoms ot really %ad after doin the test. Hot a ood sin I
thouht. 3n the way home I ot pretty depressed. ,he &o% was with a very well known oranisation
and it would mark the resurrection of my career from the ashes of the dot com crash. But I was not
sure if I could take the risk.
/uch to my surprise, a few days later I was actually offered the &o%.
3%viously startin a new &o% is usually ood for the morale, especially if it pays )*: more than the
old one and there is a decent pension plan, healthcare and other %enefits! >t first thins went very
well. ,he &o% was full time, %ut the workin day was actually shorter than my old one. /y new co0
workers were friendly. /y RSI symptoms su%sided. But I was lulled into a false sense of security.
Health advisors will tell you that if you inore the symptoms they will et worse. 6ventually you
may have to ive up work altoether. $or years I lived with this possi%ility. In late )**I it %ecame a
reality for me. =hat scared the hell out of me was that it wasnt a radual decline like I had
e.perienced %efore. It happened literally overniht. 3ne /onday mornin I went to work. It was a
particularly stressful day in the office. ,he companys we%site was %ein re%randed that day. I was
in chare of makin the chanes. I ended up havin to do a couple of hours of overtime. /y line
manaer was constantly checkin up on my proress. By the end of the day %oth hands and arms
were achin like mad.
I was startin to panic. /ostly my RSI pro%lems had affected the arm I used the mouse with. ,his
time it was %oth arms! =hat had I doneF
,he pain continued throuh the week, then into ne.t week. I thouht my career was finished.
>ctually, I thouht my life miht %e finished. I was oin paranoid wonderin how on earth I could
retire in my mid0J*s. I had some cash in the %ank, %ut not enouh to last until I could draw my
5ike so many sufferers, I desperately tried to think of what had triered the deterioration in my
condition. I wondered if it was caused %y a loner than usual workin day, or whether it was caused
%y such a stressful day. ,he days leadin up to the day my condition suddenly worsened had %een
very %usy. I had recently moved house and the Internet service had %een activated, so I did a lot
more computer work at home than I had for weeks. ,he weather had turned a lot colder. I had to do
a lot of tirin liftin and unpackin in my new house. I %uilt some flat pack furniture 0 had the
screwdriver usae %roken my handsF >s if that wasnt enouh, my mothers partner ot rushed to
hospital after havin a suspected heart attack.
I tried to carry on workin. But it was ettin harder to disuise what was oin on. /y line
manaer had certainly noticed that my productivity was down. In fact, this was startin to feed%ack
and I wondered if stress was makin thins worse.
I did have a few months when thins ot a little %etter. But I had to face up to reality. =henever I
touched a computer key%oard or used a mouse I would start e.periencin pain.
,his was now startin to have a serious affect upon my productivity at work. $urthermore, I turned
down offers of doin overtime. I could have used the e.tra money, %ut I chose not to do it.
6ventually I confessed to my line manaer that I had a pro%lem. $or me, it took reat courae to tell
some%ody else a%out my pro%lem. I dont know if it helped to do this. In some ways it was very
li%eratin to tell some%ody a%out my pro%lem. ,he downside to this was that my line manaer had
to alert the occupational health advisors at my workplace. ,his lead to my workstation, posture and
typin techni-ue havin to %e e.amined. It was all horri%ly stressful, and I have to say it made my
condition even worse.
I also %ean to notice that my hands and arms were startin to ache from doin other tasks.
2hoppin veeta%les hurt. 2leanin the %athroom hurt. Csin my mo%ile phone hurt. 6ven
chanin channels on the ,D remote was %ad. $or me this was really alarmin. I did not want to
live my life like this, so I really %ean to put a lot of effort into (indin% ! solution to my pro&lem.
Te Se!rc (or ! Cure
3nce thins had otten as %ad as they had, I %ean my search for some relief. I had no idea what to
do, other than find somethin that would prolon my career for &ust a few more years.
5ike my fellow sufferers, I tried many thins, includin1
I started with standard anti0inflammatory pills. I%uprofen is a popular over the counter pain reliever.
It didnt seem to make much difference. /y doctor prescri%ed me some stroner anti0inflammatory
pills. >ain I couldnt %e certain that these were havin any effect. Besides, I was wary of usin
medication to cure my condition. =ho wants to take pills for the rest of their lives if they can avoid
.iet !nd diet!ry supplements
Ive always had a pretty healthy diet, so I didnt think there was much room for improvement here. I
heard that certain foods were helpful for reducin RSI symptoms due to their anti0inflammatory
actions. I tried addin turmeric to as many meals as I could. I ate loads of fresh pineapple. I am not
certain that either of these helped much.
I also read somewhere that manesium supplements are useful in treatin RSI. ,here is some
evidence manesium supplements improve well0%ein, and it is also ood at preventin muscle
cramps. But like with the anti0inflammatory pills, I wasnt convinced that this was the answer to my
pro%lems. 6atin lots of manesium also has unpleasant side effects 0 like havin to o to the
%athroom more often!
I also tried homeopathic remedies. I heard somewhere that >rnica was useful for treatin in&uries.
However, this didnt seem to make much difference, other than reducin the amount of money in
my wallet!
Er%onomic Mice
> lot of people have tried different shapes and siKes of mice. ,here are also track%alls and pen0like
mice. Cnfortunately since %oth of my arms were affected I didnt think that chanin to a different
mouse would help much. I also find track%alls -uite awkward to use.
I tried to make sure my typin posture was as ood as possi%le. I made sure my mouse was riht
ne.t to my key%oard, as the occupational health advisors tell you. I even ot a footrest. I am not
sure any of this was any use to me, althouh it was nice to %e a%le to put my feet up sometimes!
Impro'in% my Typin% Tecni/ue
Ill admit that my typin techni-ue is a little odd. Hot that many computer prorammers are ever
tauht how to touch type. I did wonder if I should learn a %etter typin techni-ue. But havin read
a%out other peoples pro%lems with RSI, I came to the conclusion that my typin techni-ue was
pro%a%ly not to %lame for my condition.
Er%onomic Clotin% !nd 0!nd!%es
In my desperation, I tried so many thins. >t one point I %ecame convinced the pro%lems were
actually in my shoulders, and not in my hands or arms. Somewhere I read a review of a %ack %race
worn %y &ockeys to protect their %acks durin horse ridin. >pparently %ack pain sufferers had
discovered that these supports helped reduce %ack pain. =ell Im sorry to say that it didn't really
help my symptoms.
I also tried el%ow supports and wrist supports. >ain they didnt make appear to make a reat deal
of difference to my condition.
1e!t !nd Cold Tre!tment
Its well known that pain related in&uries respond well to hot and cold treatments. $or a while I
resorted to plunin my hands in a %owl of cold water as soon as I ot home from work. I think this
helped the pain a little, %ut it wasnt e.actly a cure.
/ost occupational health advisors will tell you to e.ercise your hands and arms. ,here are special
warm up e.ercises. Cnfortunately I didnt feel that these made any difference at all. If anythin,
they made my symptoms worse.
In desperation I even tried watchin a 7oa BDB. /ay%e I needed to improve my eneral fitness
levelsF Cnfortunately 7oa really made my hands ache, and tryin yoa in front of my ,D in a
desperate attempt to cure myself was a new low point in my life.
I also tried cyclin and other e.ercises. I am not convinced any of this helped my condition at all.
.ou&ts 0e%in to Sur(!ce
/any people with RSI report that their symptoms come and o. I certainly noticed this. It made
tryin to find out what made my symptoms et worse a very difficult task. >t the same time, it also
encouraed me, %ecause I %ean to think that there may %e the possi%ility of somethin that could
lessen, or even cure my condition. I &ust could not fiure out what was helpin me.
I did notice that my condition tended to et worse in warm weather. >fter speakin to my doctor
a%out this I %ean to have dou%ts as to the cause of my condition. /y doctor told me that most
enuine lon term pain conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism tend to et worse in cold
weather. I uess this is why numerous >merican old folk like to move to $lorida, and 6nlish old
folk move to sunny Spain.
If you work in a lare office, there are usually a few people who have occupational health issues. I
was always struck %y the fact that those with the healthiest diets seemed to have more pro%lems
than those who had %urers and cola for lunch. I %ean to think that diet may not %e at all relevant
in my condition. ,hats not to say that havin a healthy diet doesnt have other %enefits thouh.
3ccupational health professionals will tell you that maintainin posture is very important when
usin a computer. /any larer oranisations will make their staff sit throuh a presentation a%out
workplace health and safety. I have had to do a few of these in my time. >s far as I could tell, there
wasnt much wron with my posture or mouseAkey%oard usin techni-ue. =hat I do know is that all
those presentations and dire warnins a%out the lon term effects of %ad posture certainly scared the
hell out of me. I %ean to wonder if workin in an office was more danerous than &oinin the army,
or ettin a &o% as a stuntman.
3ther incidents in my life also made me -uestion the whole posture issue. > few years ao, I was
friends with a uy who was a chiropractor. He made a livin other peoples %acks. Back pain
is a hue pro%lem in modern society. /any peoples lives are ruined %y %ack pain, &ust as they are
with RSI. ,he strane thin with me is that my chiropractor friend said that the alinment of my
%ack looked terri%le. By his reckonin I should have a lot of pro%lems with %ack pain. But heres
the thin 0 I have rarely had any pro%lems with %ack pain. So I started to wonder if there really was
any connection with posture and pain after all.
3ne thin I noticed is that my pain appeared to o away while I was doin en&oya%le work. ,here
didnt seem to %e much connection %etween the severity of my symptoms and how much work I
was doin.
3ne evenin I went to a work colleaues leavin party. /y arms really ached after a lon days
work. But that evenin I drank some %eer, had a nice meal and en&oyed the company of some ood
people. ,hat evenin the pain su%sided. $or me that was an intriuin development. 3n the flipside
of this I also noticed that when I went out socialisin with people I didnt like that much my pain
seemed to et worse.
>s I mentioned previously, as my condition deteriorated, I %ean to make fre-uent visits to my
doctor. I was finally referred to a physiotherapist at the local hospital. ,he afternoon of my
consultation I was pretty nervous. ,he physiotherapist had a ood e.amination of my hands and
arms. He measured the strenth in my hands and arms, and performed a few other tests. He couldnt
find anythin physically wron with me.
For me I was cheered by this, and I went home reasonably happy.
>fter the physiotherapist could find nothin wron with me, I %ean to suspect that my condition
was psycholoical in oriin. /ay%e my doctor had suspected the same, %ut did not tell me as much.
I started to suspect that stress was playin an important role. But not knowin much a%out
psycholoy, I &ust could not make the connection. I had no proof that this was the cause of my
Te 0re!-trou%
/y %reakthrouh came when I heard of a %ook called ,he /ind%ody 4rescription. I came across it
%y sheer chance. It supposedly offered a revolutionary method of curin lon term pain conditions
throuh the application of mind&ody medicine. It is not a very well known %ook, %ut it is availa%le
throuh >maKon and other ma&or %ook retailers. I was very sceptical that a %ook could cure my
condition. But the reviews on >maKon were pretty ood. /any reviewers claimed that the %ook had
cured their condition. ,he %ook is mostly focussed on %ack pain, %ut there were a few RSI sufferers
who had reported that the %ook had overcome their pro%lems as well.
,he last decade has seen an e.plosion in the num%er of self help %ooks. I dont know why, may%e
were sufferin a post0"A!! out%reak of mass anst or somethin. 7es I was sceptical. But the
%ooks author, Br. +ohn 6. Sarno is a enuine medical doctor with a lon history of treatin pain.
,he author's medical credentials appeared e.cellent.
So I %ouht the %ook. I was terrified a%out readin it. It was pretty much my only chance of doin
somethin a%out my condition. I was scared it wouldnt work. It sat, unread, on my %ookshelf for a
couple of months.
3ne day I picked up the %ook and %ean readin. =ow. It is an interestin %ook. >fter readin a
few paes I was convinced that my suspicions were riht L my RSI was a larely psycholoical
condition. I had mi.ed feelins a%out this. 3n the one hand the suestion that there miht %e
somethin wron with my mental health was a little alarmin. 3n the other hand, a psycholoical
condition can %e treated. >nd this meant that my RSI may not have %een a permanent, incura%le
illness. 4erhaps my hands and arms werent permanently damaed after allF
I would recommend that anyone who thinks they have RSI should read ,he /ind%ody 4rescription.
I cannot descri%e the %ook in too much detail here. Suffice to say that Br. Sarnos theory is that
most physical pain syndromes are caused as a result of repressed emotional pain. ,his emotional
pain manifests itself as real, physical pain. ,he physical pain may appear in different places. Back
pain is very common. But conditions such as RSI are e-ually as common. Sometimes the pain
moves to different locations in the %ody. Br. Sarno has termed the condition as Tension Myositis
Syndrome, or TMS for short.
=hat misleads many pain sufferers L includin myself, is that pain syndromes such as RSI often
have a specific trier. > tennis player miht attri%ute their RSI to a particularly hard match one
day, or a olf player miht have first e.perienced pain durin a %ad swin.
Br. Sarno is convinced that the physical pain associated with conditions such as RSI is caused %y
the %rain reducin the %lood supply to certain parts of the %ody. ,his causes a %uild0up of waste
materials and a shortae of o.yen at the affected areas. Should this happen, then real, physical pain
is the result. ,he key thin to remem%er here is that the restriction of %lood flow to a certain part of
the %ody is a temporary and reversi%le condition. $urthermore, it does not cause lon term damae
to the %ody. It is also a revolutionary idea L te p!in !ssoci!ted 3it RSI is re!l4 1o3e'er5 te
p!in is tempor!ry !nd no lon% term d!m!%e to te &ody results (rom it4
$or me this was an encourain thin to read. 4reviously I had %een told %y occupational health
advisors and other Me.pertsN that RSI was a chronic and usually permanent condition. But Br. Sarno
disputes that this is the case at all. He has helped many thousands of his own patients recover from
lon term pain conditions. /any of his patients have had lon term %ack pain pro%lems, which have
often resulted in them havin to ive up work. He has also cured people with various le and foot
pain conditions. In some cases wheelchair %ound people have even %een a%le to walk aain. ,his is
an impressive track record, and you can only imaine the enhancement of -uality of life that
someone could o%tain from such a cure.
Br. Sarno has had a very lon career and has e.amined many thousands of patients. /any of these
patients have underone e.tensive surery to correct pain conditions. Dery often the results of the
surery are of limited or no %enefit in resolvin the pain issue. Br. Sarno makes the interestin
o%servation that very often patients with o%vious physical imperfections or wear and tear in their
%one and muscle structure will e.hi%it no pain symptoms at all. 3ther patients will have no o%vious
sins of physical in&ury, and yet may %e in constant pain. $or me this was another interestin
o%servation. It certainly fitted with the fact that a chiropractor thouht my %ack looked horri%ly out
of alinment, and yet I vary rarely suffer from %ack pain.
,he ma&or criticism of the %ook I have is that the chapter on how to use the knowlede to cure pain
conditions is very %rief. ,he knowlede in the %ook is useful, %ut it did not appear to offer an
instantaneous cure.
,here is also only a %rief mention of the specific condition of RSI. >t first I found this a little
disappointin. But it is important to realise that althouh pain syndromes may arise in different
parts of the %ody, they are all essentially the same condition.
Con'incin% my Mind
>fter readin ,he /ind%ody 4rescription, I had to radically re0think my condition. I instantly
reconised my personality type in his %ook, and some of his case studies stronly resem%led my
own life.
$urthermore, I now had a term for what I was sufferin from 0 Tension Myositis Syndrome,
'TMS(. ,his was a %reakthrouh, as I could %ein to see that RSI was not the ma&or condition I
needed to %e concerned a%out. Instead, my RSI was simply a manifestation of ,/S. I could &ust
have easily had developed lon term %ack ache, or toothache or any other pain syndrome. But I
uess that %ecause I used a computer all day and had %een told many horror stories a%out RSI that
this is what pain syndrome I ended up with.
>ctually, Br Sarnos theories also made me suspect that the persistent toothache I had earlier in my
life was likely to %e a similar manifestation of the pain syndrome.
5ike most people who have encountered Br Sarnos theories, they didnt have an instantaneous
effect on my symptoms. ,his is apparently entirely normal. It takes some time for the conscious part
of the %rain to diest the information in the %ooks. ,he information that the mind is responsi%le for
lon term pain syndromes is very profound, and it does take time to think a%out it thorouhly.
,he theories also re-uired me to overcome pretty much everythin I had ever heard or read a%out
RSI. ,his was an e.ceedinly difficult thin to do. =e are tauht to respect e.perts. =e are told to
listen to e.perts. So when occupational health advisors warn us that RSI can %e permanent, that is
what we %elieve. ,hrouhout our lives this kind of thinkin is also reinforced %y the facts we see. I
personally have known people who have %een forced to ive up their careers due to an in&ury. I
know people who walk everywhere with a stick, or have to use a wheelchair, or spend most of their
lives in their armchairs, too afraid to et a &o% and en&oy their lives. 3%viously in some cases these
people have serious underlyin illnesses. But I suspect that not all of them are as ill as they think
they are.
Re!lly Con'incin% my Mind
Some people have reported that they were a%le to cure their pain conditions %y simply readin ,he
/ind%ody 4rescription. If I am honest I found the %ook a little disappointin. ,he chapter on how
to apply the knowlede of what ,/S is to actually cure the condition was fairly %rief. I wasnt
really sure a%out what I had to do to et %etter.
I needed more convincin a%out the e.istence of ,/S as a enuine medical condition. I also needed
to know what to do in order to improve or even cure my RSI.
/any pain sufferers who have come across the concept of ,/S have reported that readin a%out
the su%&ect more widely has %een very useful in curin their pain. So I found another %ook written
%y Br .Sarno called ,he Bivided /ind. >ctually Br. Sarno is &ust one of the co0authors of the %ook.
,he %ook contains a num%er of essays %y renowned physicians. I found this reassurin, as it is
useful to et other peoples opinions of Br. Sarnos work. ,he other authors also %rin their own
ideas in what is still a relatively new area of understandin.
$or me, Te .i'ided Mind 3!s te &re!-trou% I needed. ,he chapter %y Br. >ndrea 5eonard0
Seal really struck home with me. In this chapter she descri%es how she has %een a%le to offer a
cure to many patients who had symptoms similar to mine. In fact her patients medical histories
were almost e.actly like my own. /any of her patients were convinced that there was a specific
trier for their pain. ,hey were terrified of usin the lim%s with the pain symptoms, in case they
made thins worse. She reported that, like me, many of her patients were hih achievin
individuals. ,hey drive themselves very hard. ,hey have hih e.pectations of themselves, and, if
they don't meet these e.pectations, then they are very hard on themselves.
I realised that I was drivin myself too hard. I had unrealistic e.pectations of myself. I needed to
work less, and have more fun.
Tis is te essence o( tis !ppro!c to tre!tin% p!in symptoms li-e RSI4
6very%ody has lead different lives. ,hey will all have different reasons for how they ended up with
their pain condition. In my case, I have driven myself too hard. I needed to slow down a %it, and
foret a%out %ein Ho. ! in everythin I do.
So drivin myself too hard was causin my pain pro%lems. 3nce I realised this, my pain went away
-uite -uickly.
,his is of course not the only reason why people develop ,/S symptoms. 3ther people who have
achieved freedom from pain have reported that it re-uires a lot of soul searchin in order to
determine e.actly what is the root cause of their pain. Some people will find it easier to understand
what their pro%lems are caused %y compared to others. $or me the soul searchin re-uired for
understandin why I ot my pro%lems was difficult. 3n the face of it, I had a very ood childhood. I
had no money or relationship worries. I was leadin a very ood life.
It is important to remem%er that pro%lems arise in the su%conscious. >ccordin to current
understandin of the mind, the su%conscious has no concept of time. It is also immature and
childlike. ,his is an important consideration. ,he timelessness of the su%conscious means that
incidents that happened a lon time ao can have a disproportionate affect on our present lives.
I am %einnin to suspect that my su%conscious has different priorities for what my conscious is
concerned a%out. I am not particularly close to my family. I dont call them every day, I only
usually see them a couple of times a year. >nd yet when one of them ets sick, I sometimes et
reoccurrences of my symptoms. /ay%e my su%conscious cares more deeply a%out my family than I
realise. ,his may also e.plain how so many people are more deeply affected %y family issues than
they realise.
I !m Cured6
5ike most people who have %ecome aware of Br Sarnos theories, it did take a while to convince
myself that this would really work.
I first read ,he /ind%ody 4rescription in /ay )**#. ,hat month I was una%le to type for more than
!* minutes a day %efore the pain started. I read ,he Bivided /ind in +uly )**#. By >uust )**# I
was a%le to work all day without e.periencin the usual RSI symptoms. I was even a%le to work in
front of my office computer for "0!* hours a day without much of a lunch %reak. ,he less
preoccupied with my RSI I %ecame, the less pain I felt.
Sometimes my hands and arms would ache a little, especially if I had to type a lot that day. But the
pain would su%side as I walked home, and it certainly didnt liner throuh the evenin and onto the
ne.t mornin like it used to do. I found I was completely pain free at weekends. $urthermore, I
found that other activities no loner made my hands and arms ache. I no loner ot pain from usin
my hands in other activities like cookin or cleanin the house.
I also started to develop a much %etter understandin of my %ody. I could %ein to feel when my
hands and arms were rela.ed. I uess this meant that %lood was flowin well.
I do have occasional relapses. ,his is entirely normal, so it is ood to prepare for them 'see a later
section in this %ook(. ,he arm I use my mouse with does et tired sometimes. ,his is to %e
e.pected, as I use it a lot. But the other arm I only use for typin is completely cured.
But on the whole, my life is much %etter than it was a couple of years ao. I was a%le to resume my
&o%, and my performance improved enormously. I no loner worry if I have to do overtime.
Te Trut is E'ery3ere
How that I had read Br Sarnos %ooks and thouht a%out his theories of ,/S, I %ean to realise that
other people have touched upon the theories, %ut they &ust havent realised the sinificance of them.
>t one time I was havin relationship trou%les, and I %ouht a copy of that well known %ook /en
are from /ars, =omen are from Denus. Its a reat %ook. But what struck me was that in the
chapter entitled MHow to 2ommunicate Bifficult $eelinsN, there is this throwaway line1
Most physical diseases are now widely accepted as being directly related to our unresolved
emotional pain.
I uess that the author of that %ook is a love doctor, and not a medical doctor. But I was struck %y
the thouht of how many people had read that %ook, and not realised the sinificance of that
statement. Its almost hidden in plain siht.
I also suspect that a lot of medical doctors are comforta%le with the idea of many ailments %ein
caused %y psycholoical issues. I am sure my own doctor felt this way a%out my condition, %ut she
did not want to suest it to me. In my e.perience, eneral practitioners will %e careful a%out
suestin that your illness is psycholoical in oriin. I suppose this is reasona%le. But from readin
a%out other pain sufferers and their meetins with their doctors, it does appear that the doctor will
%e interested a%out this area.
>nyone who has small children will %e familiar with phantom illnesses. /y niece is incredi%ly
ood at ettin headaches whenever she doesn't want to o to school! I uess RSI isnt necessarily a
phantom illness. But the end result is the same. In my case, when my niece ets a headache she ets
sent home from school. In my case my RSI pretty much forced me to ive up my career.
Resumin% Acti'ities
I can tell you that I was happy to %e a%le to do my &o% aain without %ein in constant pain. ,hat
was all I really wanted to do. But I wanted to test the techni-ues I have descri%ed. I wanted to see if
I could resume other activities that I once en&oyed.
I used to love playin computer ames. But I had to ive them up as my condition worsened. /y
thouht was that I had to reserve my hands for revenue earnin activities only!
So in )**" I %ouht a 4layStation J ames console. >t first I was tentative at usin it. 4layin
computer ames is enerally much harder on the hands and arms than is typin with a key%oard and
usin a mouse.
>t first thins didnt o that well. /y hands really ached after playin ames. I uess I was startin
to use muscles that hadnt %een used that much for years. It was natural for them to ache a %it on
takin up a new activity. But after a month or so I had convinced my %rain that I wouldnt
permanently damae my hands from playin ames for an hour or two each niht.
/any other RSI sufferers have reported similar results when tryin to resume activities they once
loved. ,he key is to take thins slowly, and not to push thins too far. But the crucial thin to
address is the fear of causin in&ury. =hen I had my pain condition, I was really fearful of makin
thins worse. ,o overcome this fear is at the very heart of the techni-ues descri%ed here.
You Are NOT Cr!7y6
,here is a lot of stima of mental health issues. /odern society tends to shun those suspected of
havin mental health issues.
$or some people, the suestion that there miht %e somethin wron with their mind is offensive.
,his is entirely natural, and it is one of the ma&or stum%lin %locks to usin the techni-ues I have
descri%ed. Br. Sarno himself has descri%ed a num%er of patients who refused to %elieve there was
anythin wron with their minds. $or this reason, they did not et cured of their pain pro%lems.
,he important consideration is that havin RSI does not mean you have a serious mental health
pro%lem. RSI is not a mental health illness such as schiKophrenia. ,he pain is not in our heads L the
pain is real. =e are not hypochondriacs. =e RSI sufferers are not mad! 7es there are psycholoical
issues that we need to address, %ut this is a normal part of %ein human. Cnfortunately modern
medicine has nelected the area of ood mental health, althouh there are encourain sins that
thins are startin to chane.
Si(tin% te P!in
I was one of the lucky ones. I was a%le to overcome my RSI pro%lems %y simply readin a%out the
ideas of ,/S. I am fairly open0minded and I am open to learnin a%out new thins. I also have a
%ackround in %iochemistry so I am familiar with many of the medical concepts involved. Hot
every%ody is like me. ,his is not a pro%lem, as there are various alternative strateies to applyin
the knowlede in these %ooks.
Some people do need a %it more assistance. /any RSI sufferers have %een a%le to overcome the
condition with the assistance of psychotherapists. ,alkin to someone who is trained in resolvin
pro%lems in the mind can %e very useful. >nd you can of course &oin the forum here, and talk a%out
your pro%lems. I and many other sufferers have found that talkin is reat.
Br. Sarno himself has a pain clinic in Hew 7ork 2ity. 4eople who have had a consultation with
him, or attend one of his seminars have a very ood chance of %ein cured. I uess oin to see the
=orld's O! e.pert in this field of medicine has a hue psycholoical %oost. He is a very likea%le
man, and a very impressive speaker. 7our %rain would have to %e e.traordinarily stu%%orn for it not
to %e moved %y what Br. Sarno has to say. Cnfortunately it can %e difficult to et a consultation
with Br. Sarno if you do not live in the vicinity of Hew 7ork 2ity. Br. Sarno is also -uite old now,
so I would imaine he is very close to retirement.
$ortunately there are a num%er of other healthcare practitioners who have learned Br Sarnos
theories of ,/S and its treatment.
> lot of former RSI suffers are impressed with the techni-ue of +ournalin. ,his involves keepin a
daily diary of thouhts and feelins a%out the days events. Peepin a &ournal is therapeutic and can
help the mind make sense of where stressful events are arisin. +ournalin is descri%ed in ,he /ind
Body Bi%le 'see the Readin 5ist for further details(.
Some RSI sufferers have found that it is necessary to take time off work while they read a%out
,/S. 3thers have found it is useful to read Br. Sarnos %ooks while they are on vacation, or
%etween &o%s. It does appear that if your life schedule allows it, then it is worth takin time out to
read the %ooks when you won't have the distraction of worryin a%out your condition due to havin
to work or do some other activity.
+o36 T!t)s Some Cr!7y Science
,he theories I have written a%out here are very difficult to come to terms with. It does take for them
to sink in. I realise now that %y focussin on my arms and hands instead of my mind I was lookin
in entirely the wron place for a cure.
It did take a while to read the %ooks listed here. I had to keep stoppin after a few paes in order to
have a ood think a%out what I had read. ,here is no instantaneous cure here. But it B36S work.
Csin the techni-ues descri%ed here, tens of thousands of people have cured their RSI as well as
%ack pain and other chronic pain ailments.
Reli!nce on 8crutces9
/any people have found thins that appear to lessen their symptoms. =rist rests, eronomic mice,
anti0inflammatory pills, there is a lon list of them. I tried many of them myself, with mi.ed results.
,he key to the theories surroundin ,/S as a cause of RSI is that I really had to et away from the
idea that these thins were helpin my condition. ,hey were not. I now find that if I %elieve L I
mean QreallyQ %elieve in the theory of ,/S, I find that I no loner need any of these thins. It did
take time to come around to this way of thinkin. /any RSI sufferers do often continue usin them
while they convince themselves that they really miht %e a%le to totally cure their condition.
Te Void
How much time does an RSI sufferer spend worryin a%out their conditionF I know I spent a lot of
time thinkin a%out it. In fact, it was pretty much my only pro%lem. 3nce a condition like RSI is
cured, there %ecomes the pro%lem of what to do with what I will call te 'oid. It is a ood pro%lem
to have, %ut it does need to %e addressed.
>t its peak, my RSI pro%lems pretty much consumed my entire life. I remem%er lyin in the %ath
one niht and thinkin that Mthis is my only pro%lem. If only I could solve this, then my life would
%e perfectN.
In fact, a reader who had read this uide remarked to me that RSI consumed his life, and he wasnt
sure what to do with his life, since RSI made him so scared to do the ho%%ies and interests that he
So once my RSI was no loner an issue affectin my life, I found it useful to start plannin a%out
what improvements I could make to my life. I resumed some ho%%ies I had previously iven up due
to fear a%out my condition. I put more effort into my &o%, and in fact I actually ot a much %etter
paid &o%. I also e.panded my small software %usiness %y releasin several new products.
Since RSI is usually e.perienced %y those who use computers as part of their &o%s, it can have a
devastatin impact on careers. +ust think of what sufferers could do if they didn't have to worry
a%out their condition any more. I know that I actually turned down potentially lucrative &o% offers
%ecause I thouht the &o% miht %e too much for me iven how %ad my condition was. I also didnt
put as much effort into the &o%s I had throuhout my career. I have no idea how many promotions I
missed out on %ecause I had %een too scared to work overtime, or put e.tra effort in when re-uired.
:ettin% Go
,he key to usin this techni-ue is to let %o. I found that I really needed to foret a%out ever havin
had RSI. In fact while writin my story I have really had to think a%out how hard life was while I
had the condition. $or many people this is the hardest part of this techni-ue. ,here is somethin in
our human nature that sometimes makes us want to %e ill. /ay%e it is so we can take notice of
ourselves, try to slow ourselves down. /ay%e we want to %e pitied %y other people. But I found it
was a%solutely crucial that I %elieved in the techni-ues descri%ed %y Br. Sarno and others.
5ettin o can %e difficult. It means not oin to the doctors. It means haltin medication. It means
not consultin with occupational therapists. ,his is a %i call to make. But I know from e.perience
that the only way to %e completely symptom free is to completely focus away from all of this.
It also means not even thinkin a%out RSI anymore. I know this is pretty hard to do, and it took me
a while to accomplish. But eventually, I started thinkin a%out other thins, and stopped thinkin
a%out RSI altoether. It does take a while to et to this stae. But once I knew that I hadnt
permanently ruined my arms, it ot a lot easier.
It does help to introduce some new thins into your life. /ay%e you can take up a new ho%%y, or
plan a dream vacation or somethin. Peepin your mind %usy is really important.
;eepin% <uiet
Pnowlede of mind%ody medicine techni-ues has had a profound effect on my life. Pnowin that
physical conditions can %e cured usin the power of the mind has chaned my life. I no loner
worry a%out RSI L I no loner et terri%le pain when I use a computer and I have %een a%le to
resume my career. I have also %eun to notice that there are a lot more people sufferin from these
kinds of illnesses. I work in a lare oranisation and there are -uite a num%er of people with
eronomic mice, special key%oards, chairs, footrests and other paraphernalia.
I would really love to share what I know with other people. I wonder if they are sufferin in silence.
But I have found out that it is a danerous thin to do. ,here is a hue stima associated with
mental health issues. If you suest to someone that their illness miht %e of psycholoical oriins
then you run the risk of ettin a very hostile response! ,read carefully is the key phrase here.
Some people take their illnesses very seriously. I've worked people who have had ma&or work0
related occupational health issues. 2ould I help themF I possi%ly could. But if I mis&uded thins I
could et in trou%le with my co0worker, my %oss, our occupational health staff, our human resource
department 0 heck I could even lose my own &o%! So I keep -uiet.
Hot that many health professionals know a reat deal a%out mind%ody medicine. Sadly it is not
tauht much durin medical trainin. I suspect that eneral practitioners are aware of the link
%etween the mind and physical illnesses. /y e.perience is that the further down the medical tree
you et, the less likely a person is to have heard a%out mind%ody medicine. I am especially wary of
mentionin what I know to the occupational health advisers where I work, so for now I have kept
Te Need to +orry
I am startin to think that humans need somethin to worry a%out. ,his is not &ust on a personal
level. It can also inflict whole countries, indeed the whole planet. /y entire life has %een lived
under a shadow of worry. In the !"#*s I had to worry a%out nuclear holocaust. In the !"9*s I had to
worry a%out Irish terrorists. In the !""*s it was the hole in the oKone layer. Since "A!! Ive had to
worry a%out lo%al terrorism, althouh I now wonder if I should worry more a%out lo%al warmin.
3n a more personal level, I am %einnin to think that we also need smaller thins to worry a%out.
/en worry a%out their &o%s, whether their irlfriend loves them, whether their hair is fallin out and
if people can notice their %eer ut. =omen worry a%out their looks, their relationships, and pretty
much everythin.
/any people worry a%out their health. 4ain syndromes like RSI, %ack pain or fi%romyalia are
increasinly common. But other issues like food intolerances are also on the rise. /any of these
could %e psycholoical in oriin.
=orryin a%out RSI is entirely natural. =eve all heard the stories, like if you inore it the pain will
et worse. =e are told that repeatedly inorin the symptoms may lead to permanent damae and
disa%lement. /ay%e like me you know people who have had to work part0time, or even ive up
their careers altoether %ecause of this pro%lem. If you think a%out it, the nature of RSI makes it a
perfect thin to worry a%out. ,hankfully, as I have found out, it doesnt have to %e this way.
Copin% 3it Set&!c-s
/any people have %een completely cured usin the techni-ues descri%ed here. Some of us do,
however, et relapses of the same or similar pain condition. It is entirely natural to have set%acks
with these techni-ues. 3ur %odies will constantly %e lookin for ways to distract us from stressful
incidents in our lives.
$or me, these set%acks usually o like this....
Hmmm, my armAleAneckA%ack hurts.
Hmmm, my armAleAneckA%ack has %een hurtin for several days now. I wonder if I have %een
doin too much typinAwalkinAdrivinAliftinF
,his pain won't o! I wonder if I've permanently damaed somethinF
,his is the critical point at which I always try to remem%er what I have read a%out mind%ody
medicine. I convince myself that this is nothin other than a minor relapse and that the pain should
o in a few days.
I am acutely aware that these set%acks will often coincide with a stressful periods in my life.
Readin a%out stress has made me realise that MoodN events 'findin a new &o%, startin a
relationship, ettin married, and oin on vacation( can %e &ust as stressful as the M%adN events in
=hen dealin with set%acks it is important to remem%er that a new pain condition may arise
elsewhere in the %ody. Br. Sarno terms this su%stitution of location the system imperative. >
set%ack will sometimes %e a relapse of the old symptoms of RSI. >lternatively the pain may arise in
an entirely different part of the %ody. Because I dont have a motor vehicle I have to walk
everywhere. I walk much more than the averae person. ,his makes me suscepti%le to the
occasional %ouht of le or foot pain. 3ther times I et toothache. Sometimes I am acutely aware
that these minor pain sites are on the way to %ecomin loner term pain centres, so I have to tell
myself that the area will soon heal, and that I should not worry a%out the pain. >fter I have done
that, the pain does eventually disappear.
If youve %een an RSI sufferer then many relapses you miht have are often computer related
Back pain. =ell this is the most o%vious sins of ,/S related issues, and its the pain
condition that Br. Sarno first wrote a%out. If you do a lot of computer work then you miht
et %ack pain from time to time. I know I do, %ut I have to say I dont think its anythin to
do with my posture or the chair I use to sit at my workstation.
6ye strain. 3h, this is another symptom you miht see if you use a computer a lot. 6ye strain
seems very much to %e stress related, and it usually oes after a few days.
Shoulder pain. >ain, shoulders do seem to et -uite stiff sometimes, and this really seems
to %e stress related.
3f course, if you think somethin is seriously wron with you, then always et it checked out %y a
doctor. But once aain I find that most of these conditions o after a week or two.
I always make sure that I have tools availa%le to help cope with relapses. I have found it useful to
keep my copies of ,he /ind%ody 4rescription and ,he Bivided /ind. If I tell people a%out them,
sometimes they ask to %orrow them. I tell them to %uy their own copies. ,hen, if I e.perience a
relapse, I have found that re0readin a few chapters of one of the %ooks reassures my mind that any
relapse is &ust temporary, and should not last more than a few days.
A Re!lity Cec-=O'ercon(idence
How I understand these mind%ody techni-ues, I now realise that many of the MillnessesN I routinely
et are &ust manifestations of the same types of pain syndrome that caused my RSI. I am now a lot
less worried a%out any aches and pains I et. I am, however, cautious a%out ettin overconfident
and complacent. $or that reason if I suspect that I have a potentially more serious medical condition
I do still visit my doctor. In a way this is part of the healin process of ,/S. If a trained medical
practitioner cannot find anythin wron, then the illness is more likely to %e psycholoical in oriin.
Summ!ry !nd Conclusions
RSI is a %ad thin to %e afflicted %y. It nearly ruined my entire life. But it doesnt have to %e this
/ost RSI sufferers %elieve that they have used their hands and arms too much, and they are now
permanently worn out. ,hey %elieve the enerally held view that if left untreated that RSI results in
permanent disa%lement.
Br. Sarnos lon career as a pain specialist disputes the widely held theories that pain syndromes
such as %ack pain and RSI are permanently disa%lin. His patients have in many cases %een a%le to
completely overcome their lon term pain syndromes, and have %een a%le to resume normal lives
free of the pain that was the cause of so much anuish.
/any RSI sufferers could %e sufferin from a condition termed ,ension /yositis Syndrome, or
,/S. ,his condition is caused %y repressed emotions in the %rain, and results in restricted %lood
supply to certain parts of the %ody. ,he restricted %lood supply causes enuine pain, %ut the pain
does not result in permanent lon term damae to the %ody.
3nce the theory of ,/S is understood and the underlyin emotional distress is acknowleded, the
pain will radually su%side.
RSI nearly ruined my life. Since I discovered the techni-ues I have descri%ed, my RSI has pretty
much one for ood. Sometimes I et relapses, %ut I know powerful techni-ues for overcomin
these set%acks.
,he notion that readin a %ook can cure a condition is pretty incredi%le. I was sceptical. So are most
people. ,he techni-ues I have descri%ed have %een used %y many other people in order to cure their
lon term pain conditions. It will work, %ut you have to %elieve that it will work. Some people find
this too hard to accept, in which case the %ooks will not help them.
I started my fiht %ack aainst RSI in )**#. I have the occasional relapse, %ut I am pretty much
cured. Since then Ive one on to et a much %etter &o%. Ive also %een a%le to spend more time on
my small %usiness, and have released several more products. =hats more, Ive fallen in love with a
%eautiful lady! /y hope is that instead of worryin a%out my health, my life can only et %etter and
%etter. I hope that my story has inspired you.
$ind more success stories here, and a !* point action plan to cure your RSI once and for all.
#$ Point Action Pl!n > Get Rid o( RSI Once And *or All
I realise that the information in this site is pretty incredi%le. /any people dont %elieve that it will
work, and that their RSI is somehow different from any%ody elses. So heres a useful plan of action
to et you started1
!. Slow down! RSI sufferers tend to %e overachievers. ,hey are always in a hurry. I realise
now that was part of my pro%lem. 7ou need to read and re0read this document when you are
least stressed. Bont read it at work. Bont read it on a %usy train or %us. Read it when you
are rela.ed and in a contemplative mood.
). 4rint out my uide to curin RSI and put it on your %ook shelf. 7our mind may not yet %e
ready to accept what you have read here. =hen you feel ready to read it aain, have a ood
lon read.
J. Eo to >maKon and order ,he /ind%ody 4rescription. It is a %ook that will radically
chane your understandin of your %ody.
R. Reister for this forum and read the stories of people like you who have cured their RSI
usin mind%ody techni-ues. Here's my recovery story, and another person's story.
I. Disit L a site run %y Br /arc Sopher. Br. Sopher is a CS
%ased family physician who has successfully treated many lon term pain pro%lems usin
mind%ody techni-ues.
8. /any people have found it much easier to cure their RSI if they take some time off work
and read a%out mind%ody techni-ues. $or this reason, its much %etter to read this forum or
,he /ind%ody 4rescription while on vacation, or you are %etween &o%s or have some other
time when you dont need to use whatever you think is causin your RSI.
#. ,hink a%out somethin you find very em%arrassin. Bid you %lushF If you did,
conratulations! 7ou have demonstrated to yourself that the mind can control %lood supply
to parts of your %ody!
9. Read ,he Secret or ,he >nswer. Both are %ooks that teach you how you can use your
%rains su%conscious to improve your relationships and your professional life. =e are only
&ust %einnin to find out a%out how powerful the %rain is. "*: of what we know a%out the
human %rain was discovered in the last !* years!
". >ain, &oin the forum here and introduce yourself. >sk -uestions, et answers.
!*. Bont let RSI ruin your life. If you %elieve you can recover, you will.
'per il mal di schiena, ma non solo(
Il dolore S dovuto al ,/S, non a una -ualche anomalia strutturale.
5a raione immediata del dolore S una leera e momentanea deprivaKione di ossieno.
Il ,/S S una condiKione innocua, 2>CS>,> B>556 6/3TI3HI R64R6SS6.
5a principale causa S la mia R>BBI> R64R6SS>.
Il ,/S esiste solo per distrarre la mia attenKione dalle emoKioni 'dai pro%lemi reali che sono
dentro di me(.
Bato che la mia schiena 'cervicale, dorso, fondoschiena( S assolutamente normale, non cS
nulla di cui terroriKKarsi!
Bun-ue, lattivitU fisica non S pericolosa!
4erciV, da ora in poi, ioG
0 RicomincerV oni forma di normale attivitU fisica.
0 Hon sarV piW ina%%iato o intimidito dal dolore 'dalla paura del dolore(.
0 DolerV la mia attenKione dal dolore alle situaKioni emoKionali che sto vivendo.
0 $arV in modo di essere io ad avere il controllo su di me, e non la mia mente
0 $arV in modo di concentrarmi sul sinificato psicoloico, e non sul fatto fisico.