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Bahism : Its origin and its role.

Publisher's Note:
According to the colonization idea of 'divide and rule' colonialism has always
tried to use 'religion' as the best weapon for creating disunity and dispute
among the nations. Bahism! the so"called religion! was created in this way
by #ussian and $nglish %mperialism in &'((. )enceforth! the followers of this
faith have tried their best to fulfill the very idea. *oday they are perfectly
rooted in +ionism and %mperialism of America and are wor,ing in collaboration
with them. *o ,now their real position and activities is one of the foremost
duties of the -uslims and non"-uslims who want to be discerned with this
important issue.
*hough very short! this boo, can help the readers to uncover the realities
and facts about this sect.
*his boo, was first published by Nashr"e .arhang"e %n/ilab"e %slami! *he
)ague! )olland! and now its second edition is in your hand.
0e wish -uslims all over the world united against all plots and conspiracies of
the enemies of %slam.
International Relations Department Islamic Propagation Organization.
%n the Name of 1od! the 2ompassionate! the -erciful.
Introduction: Motive of Pulication
3ince the early days of establishment of %slamic #epublic system in the 3tate of
%ran! conspiracies have been under way by the superpowers! especially the
1reat 3atan 4America4! to brea, up the people's resistance and to overthrow
the system. 3o far! over 700 instances of domestic and foreign plots have been
uncovered and neutralized by the alert people and the responsible organs.
$5tensive propaganda by the enemy through imperialistic media and +ionist
news agencies! which have spread their sinister domination over more than
'67 of the world's propaganda activities! has been a basic pillar of such
conspiracies. Aggrandizing the Bahi issue in %ran! falsifying facts and
utilizing such methods as tools to overwhelm public opinion and to scar the holy
countenance of the %slamic #evolution hold a special place in the chain lin, of
the consecutive conspiracies by the enemies of this divine movement. %n
particular! in the wa,e of the enemies' past scandalous defeats in their plots to
overthrow the government and to inflict destruction! the above issue has been
valued more than ever before! and the affiliated press in different countries!
especially $uropean countries and the affiliated international associations! such
as those for defense of )uman #ights as well as those for defense of minorities
and .... are busy day and night publishing articles and raising untruthful issues
in connection with 4the %ranian Bahis4.
Although the policy adopted by the authorities of the %slamic #epublic in the
face of the propaganda wave is not to involve themselves in a propaganda war
or neglect their noble ob8ectives of stabilizing the system and to renovate the
ruins! and on the other hand! the affiliation of this sect to imperialism is so
clear and apparent and the Bahi issue is so negligible and unimportant that it
does not call for much force! nevertheless! since the false rumors spread by
the imperialist mouth"piece! together with the crocodile tears shed by
pretentious western individuals and organizations for groups such as the
Bahis and the terrorists and ... might cause some unaware people to be
affected by them! we decided to state the facts and uncover the baseless ness
of the enemies' unfair propaganda by preparing this boo,let including the
history and records of this stray faith and their destructive activities together
with the relevant documents thereof.
%t should be noted that in this 4summary4 we have not meant to attempt an
overall historical and social analysis of the development of this faith! to find
the roots of the causes thereof or to document the whole activities of this
treacherous political party because a sufficient number of boo,s have been
written on this sub8ect! and the e5istence of assemblies of the followers of this
sect in various $uropean countries and their connection with international
+ionism is so clear and vivid that it obviates the need for any further
e5planation. #ather! our effort has been directed at mentioning their affiliation
since the beginning! with due observance of the principle of 4sampling4! as well
as proving the rightfulness of the %slamic #epublic authorities' manner of
confronting this imperialistic development and divulging the hostile
propaganda by the Bahis +ionist allies! by citing and referring to ample
documents in this respect.
!istor" and #ature of Bahism
0ith the advent of neocolonialism and the introduction of imperialists to
remote countries! a flood of researchers from imperialistic governments!
particularly Britain and the 2zarist #ussia! began pouring into %slamic
countries and! under various prete5ts! primarily set to learning the different
dimensions of the culture of the %slamic nations and peoples. -r. )emfer
9founder of 0ahabism and the instigator of -ohammad Ben Abdul"0ahab:! in
his memoirs! says: 4*he British .oreign -inister told me that about 6;;;
spies and e5perts on cultural issues had been deployed in the remotest parts
of the world to obtain sufficient intelligence on nations and their customs and
traditions4 9from the -emoirs of -r. )emfer:. <n the other hand! the
<ttoman $mpire which was gradually being wea,ened! had turned into a field
of rivalries between the British and the #ussians! each trying to pave the way
for its own future domination by penetrating intellectual! political and social
<ne of the best ,nown conspiracies by the imperialists in this connection was
this same issue of 4religion ma,ing! sectarianism and creating gaps in the
-uslim ran,s4! 8ust as the history of coming into e5istence of many of the
present beliefs! concepts and parties in the %slamic countries go bac, to those
days 9such as +ionism in the -iddle $ast! Babism! Bahism and =asravism in
%ran! etc.:.
Bahism was a rather successful e5perience by imperialism and the enemies
of %slam! although it did not prove much benefit to its original promoter!
#ussia. 3ince its genesis! however! it has acted as a political party! opposed to
%slam! disuniting people and paving the way for the superpowers' penetration
into %slamic countries! especially %ran. )ere! we shall endeavour to describe
the bac,ground which caused the #ussian government to e5ploit it to create a
new faith called Bahism.
.ollowing the death in &'>6 of 3hai,h Ahmad Ahsai who had managed to
launch a new school of thought! called 3hai,hiya! in %ra/'s 3hia teaching
centres during the tumultuous atmosphere of the time between the <soolis
9those believing in rational principles to understand the rules of scripture: and
the A,hbaris 9those who believed in traditional narratives without applying
intellect or rational principles:! the ground"wor, had been laid by 3hai,h
Ahmad Ahsai for misuse by imposters by virtue of omitting two precepts!
namely 4resurrection4 and 48ustice4! from the religious precepts and their
replacement by a fourth precept called 4the fourth pillar4 9belief in the
e5istence of a deputy and direct lin, between the %mam and the people during
the %mam's absence:. .ollowing his death! his disciple! 3ayyid =azim #ashti!
attempted to propagate his ideas! thereby gradually increasing the gap
between the mullahs of the new sect and those of 3hi'ism. 3ayyid =azim
#ashti! who! according to many historians and history boo,s! was not from
#asht but from ?ladivosto, in #ussia and was a political agent of the #ussian
government! had in his class a young man from 3hiraz! named 4-irza Ali
After 3eyed =azem's death! @AlA -uammad 3hArzA claimed deputyship and
attracted some people around himself in %ra/. Among his disciples! there was a
man by the name of 3hei,h %ssa Ban,arani whose real name! according to his
own confessions and the documents published by 2zarist #ussia! was =iniaz
Colgorou,i who! in the beginning! during the rule of .at'h Ali 3hah! had been
an employee and a translator of the #ussian $mbassy in *ehran. )e had then
gone to #ussia and! upon his return to 1uilan! had introduced himself as a
-uslim by the name of %ssa Ban,arani. 0earing the clergy attire! he went to
%ra/ on an intelligence mission for his government to gather intelligence about
the above"mentioned circumstances in the %ra/i religious teaching centres.
*here he attended the classes taught by @AlA -uammad 3hArzA who claimed
to be the deputy of the absent %mam -ahdi. *his same person 9by the fictitious
name of 3hei,h %ssa: was later sent to *ehran as the #ussian ambassador! at
which time he supported the Bahi movement in %ran and! according to
admissions by Bahis! was the cause of Bah's release from prison.
@AlA -uammad 3hArzAs psychological disorder! his strong ambitions for
leadership! continual instigations by 3hei,h %ssa 9Colgorou,i:! and the
susceptible circumstances created by 3ayyid =azim #ashti all united to induce
Ali -ohammad to proclaim himself the 8ustice"administering world saviour by
pretending to be the 4Promised -ahdi of %slam4! and thereby attract the
wretched and oppressed people to his beguiling mirage! which caused three
civil wars in three sensitive regions of our country and shed much blood.
%n his confessions in this respect! -r. Colgorou,i has written: 4... % gradually
approached him and became one of his closest friends. % invited him to my
house several times! where % mi5ed his water"pipe tobacco with %ndian hemp
8uice and hashish. Curing his ecstatic moods % encouraged him to stand up
against the 3hia mullahs and to claim superiority.4
3uch circumstances gave rise to Ali -ohammad's claim of -ahdism and even
prophecy and divinity and so a new sect called 4Babism4 9which later
changed to Bahism by -Arz usayn"@AlA's claim: was created by @AlA
-uammad 3hArzA and! in fact! under the leadership of the #ussian spy. Ali
-ohammad Bb's propagation of superstitious and sacreligious ideas sent him
to prison. )owever he was released from prison by -anouchehr =han
-otamedodoleh! the governor of %sfahan who was born an Armenian and was
from 1eorgia in #ussia and! with the #ussian 1overnment's help! had
penetrated the Da8ar establishment as an enemy and had a deep disli,e for
%sfahan's 3hia mullahs. -anouchehr =han brought Bb to %sfahan and provided
him with propaganda facilities. As stated in 43ummarized )istory4 by Nabil
+arandi! 4-anouchehr =han himself endeavoured hard to spread the faith4.
Colgorou,i has written in his boo,: 4As soon as % received information that Bb
had arrived in %sfahan! % wrote a friendly letter to %sfahan 1overnor
-otamedodoleh! as,ing him to protect him as my good! respected friend.4
As is evident! the agents of 2zarist #ussian government spared no effort to
protect him and to spread the new faith. $ven when! under pressure from
%ranian mullahs and the people of %sfahan! the then Prime -inister! -irza
Aghasi! in a letter to the governor of %sfahan! ordered him to arrest and e5ile
Bb to -a,u! -anouchehr =han refused to enforce the order. 43ayyah's
Personal -emoirs4! a boo, written by Abbas $ffendi 9the third Bahi leader:!
states on page &E: 4... F-anouchehr =hanG sent him out of %sfahan with a
group of his riders. 0hen they reached -ourcheh,hort! they were secretly
ordered to return to %sfahan! where he securely sheltered him in his own
*his fact was divulged after -anouchehr =han's death! when Bb was e5iled to
-a,u. After some time he was imprisoned in the 2hehrig 2astle! and finally in
&'6;! he was hanged in *abriz after trial. Although Bb e5pressly repented
twice! his real instigators! the #ussian agents! did not allow the disturbance to
die down and! even to his death! encouraged him to ma,e baseless claims of
disuniting effect.
Curing @AlA -uammad 3hArzA's imprisonment! unpleasant events too, place
at the hands of Babis in +an8an. 1hazvin and -azandaran at foreign instigation
and by the ma,ings of people such as -irza )ossein Ali 9a pleasure"see,ing
%ranian who too, over the leadership of this new religion! claimed Babism and
later claimed to be Bahullh and even 1od: as well as a prostitute by the
name of Daralein. )istory is ashamed to relate such events. *he blood of
hundreds of innocent men! women and children was spilled. *he political
disorder at the time! the 3hah's chronic illness! repercussions of the instability
of his reign! the Da8ar family's /uarrels over the throne! the e5istence of
ignorant and oppressive governors and incompetent clergy! prevalence of
religious gains! the uprising by the Afghan people! British support for
separation of the Afghani region! dispersion of %ran's E; thousand man army
as a result of British threats! e5pansion of the influence e5ercised by the
#ussian. British and .rench embassies in %ran! and riots by the people of
=horassan against the ruling prince created such an atmosphere that enabled
the Babis to strengthen themselves and thereby give rise to the bloody events
at 3hei,h *abassi 2astle as well as the tragic events in *abriz and +an8an. Amir
=abir who sensed British and #ussian imperialism to be behind such events!
decided to crush them. )owever! in the wa,e of his death! foreign embassies
proceeded with their schemes until ' 3hawal &>E' 9August &'6>: when the
Babis tried in vain to assissinate Nassereddin 3hah. .ollowing this attempt.
-Arz usayn"@AlA was arrested! convicted and senteced to death. )owever! he
was released from prison at the #ussian ambassador's support and mediation
and was saved from certain death at the recommendation of $mperor
Nicoleevitch Ale5ander ll4
whereupon he was e5iled to %ra/ with the
remnants of the Babis. Curing their ten years in Baghdad! they continued with
their sedition! causing disunity and diversity among the -uslim community as
well as committing crimes! most of which are recorded in history boo,s. *hey
were finally summoned to 2onstantinople by the <ttoman 1overnment. *he
fact is that the <ttoman government initially sought to use them as a means to
wea,en the %ranian 1overnment. But! as soon as it found out about their secret
connections with the #ussian and British embassies in *ur,ey! it put a stop to
their activities! and finally! under pressure from the people who had grown
impatient with their atrocities! it divided them into two groups! one of which!
called Babia. headed by 43obhe Azal4! was e5iled to 2yprus! and the other
group! headed by -irza )ossein Ali! was e5iled to A,,a in Palestine. *he Babia
group in 2yprus abandoned its activities and is now almost e5tinct. But -irza
)ossein Ali in Palestine! with the help of the British government! who were at
war with the <ttoman g3vernment! as well as Abbas $ffendi's activities and his
trips to $urope and America and the support he received from the +ionists who
contemplated to set up a government and to occupy Palestine! was able to set
up an organization in Palestine! modelled on $uropean political parties! at a
site called 4Beitol Adl4 9)ouse of Hustice: in )aifa. *his same establishment
gradually became an authority for ta,ing decisions on Bahi activities in all
countries! and was turned into a fundamental pillar for establishment and
entrenchment of the regime occupying Duds 9Herusalem:. .ollowing -irza
)ossein Ali's death! Abbas $ffendi and 3hoghi $ffendi respectively too, over
the leadership of the affiliated party.
Bahism $as incepted "% and has al$a"s een a tool of%
As was stated above! this sect was originally created to serve the ob8ectives of
the 2zarist #ussian government. According to Colgorou,i's admission! the
original impetus behind @AlA -uammad 3hArzA's fabricated claims! was his
9Colgorou,i's: very person who! in the clerical attire and with the fictitious
name of 43hei,h %ssa4! carried out his mission to ma,e religion. 3ayyid =azim
#ashti! who was Ali -ohammad's teacher! was also a #ussian agent. All through
the course of events which have ta,en place since the creation of this sect!
footmar,s of the imperialist governments and the #ussian and British
embassies in %ran! %ra/ *ur,ey and Palestine are clearly in evidence. By relying
on credible history boo,s and particularly those of the Bahis themselves!
some instances of such facts are mentioned hereunder:
A. 3pread of Bahism in %ran by the #ussian agent penetrating the Da8ar
establishment! -r. -anouchehr =han! governor of %sfahan! which was
mentioned in the previous section.
B. %mperialist support tor Bahi rioters in %ran:
(a) Abbot! the British government envoy who passed through +an8an
at the time of the Bahi riots! has written in his memoirsI
"...Mullah Mohammad Ali, leader of the fanatic group of the
Zanjan Babis, told his followers !o not be afraid to fight," and he
assured them that the #ussian government would come to their
(b) Not only the British envoy but also the Bahi officials have
spo,en of the relationship with pride. *he author of 4<ld )istory4
9Nu/tatul Daf:! a Bahi history boo, printed in Bondon! on page
>J! mentioning Abbot's statement! writes:
"...$is %&cellenc' $ojat (Mullah Mohammad Ali Zanjani) was
disappointed with Amir *+abir,.... $e therefore wrote some
letters to ministers of foreign governments, telling them about
himself. -o the' interceded for him with Amir who did not accept
the intercession. .... heard that one of the faults that the #ussian
monarch had ta/en with Amir, which had caused his dismissal,
was the murder of the oppressed d'nast'. An'wa', after that the
#ussian and #oman envo's came to see $is %&cellenc' $ojat..."
(c) %n this connection 9the +an8an incidence: the British Ambassador
has written:
"Mullah Mohammad A$ (leader of the Zanjan Bah01is), the
outstanding clerg'man from Zanjan, sent me a letter begging me
to put in a good word for him with the government."
(!ocuments published b' the British 2oreign Ministr', -hill to
3almerstone, 4ul' 55, 6780, Britain 90:685)
(d) 3hill 9the British ambassador:! responding to -ullah -ohammad
Ali's plea! in a letter to Amir =abir to prevent e5ecution of the
Bahi leaders involved in the +an8an disturbance! wrote:
"...Babia"s riots have caused man' deaths including that of man'
rioters. ;ith the intellectualit' . /now 'ou possess, it would not
be justifiable to e&ecute these few or to e&ercise an' prejudice
against the belief of an' sect."
(Britain 90:68< = -hill to 3almerstone, March 6>, 6786).
As is evident! not only do imperialist Britain and its allies show to,en support for
terrorists and cry crocodile tears for their e5ecution today! but in the past! they
used to show off such sympathies and! by mediation and writing letters! tried to
protect their fostered clients when they became captive to the people's wrath! and
that for such persons! the mention of an e5ample of whose countless atrocities
represents their characters.
4... ?he' e&pelled one third of the people of the town (Zanjan)
who continued to adhere to the -hia religion (believing in the 65
.mams) and disagreed with the Babis in that respect. After their
departure, the Babis plundered their homes and shops and too/
awa' all their utensils, provisions, food and drin/s and pillaged
the Zanjan ba@aar, then burned it and destro'ed the houses
and..." (#o@alsafa, #e@a Aholi +han $eda'at, vol. 60, p.>><)
Page EE of 4*he Babi 2alamity4 by $tezad"o"3altaneh! second edition reads as
"...Mulla Mohammad Ali ordered a fire made, in which the' put a
few metal pieces until the' were red hot and then placed them on
his (one of the arm' leaders) bod' and tore up his flesh b'
scissors. $e then had his bod' burned."
C. *he 2zarist government not only supported the Bahis within the %ranian
territory! but also provided them with full facilities! within its own territory!
to print and publish their false! baseless news. *he Bahi centre in
K%sh/bd! #ussian *ur,menistan! was called -ashri/ul"Adh,r! and was
visited by )usain @Ali Bah. )owever! after the Bolshevi,s and 2ommunists
came to power in #ussia! and the Bahis rolled into the British trap! they
became sub8ected to the #ussians' anger! and their centre in K%sh/bd
was closed.
*he 2zarist #ussian ambassador's views on the Bahis was reported to
-oscow as under:
".t is indeed good that the Babi sect has started a hard campaign in
opposition to the Muslim leaders and has accused them of deviation
D. Bah&s release " Russian agents
A. Part of "A Brief $istor' of Babil Zarandi" 9by 3hoghi $ffendi: reads:4... *he
#ussian ambassador refused to surrender )is )oliness Bahollah to the
3hah's agent! told )is )oliness to go to the Prime -inister's home! and
wrote a letter to the Prime -inister saying: 'Lou should receive )is )oliness
on my behalf and you must ma,e every effort to protect this to,en of trust.
3hould any harm come to )is )oliness Bahullh! you will be personally
responsible to the #ussian $mbassy'.4
B. -irza )usain @Ali Bah's daughter wrote to Blanfid about the role played
by the #ussian embassy to release her father! as verified by Abbas $ffendi
and the Bahi community in Bondon: 4... *he #ussian 2onsul rose without
the slightest fear and! addressing the members of Bah's court of trial!
said:'... % have decided to bring this innocent nobleman 9Bah: under the
#ussian 1overnment's protection. 3o! bewareM %f any harm should befall
him! streams of blood will run in this city in your punishment... =now that
my sovereign government supports me in this issue.' 4I Blanfid! p.>(;.
C. %n this connection! 3hoghi $ffendi writes in "Aod 3asses B'", p. (&: 4...
)aving learned of the royal order 9to e5ecute Bah: and the purport
thereof! the #ussian ambassador re/uested )is )oliness to give permission
to his sovereign government to facilitate )is )oliness' travel to #ussia...
3ome years later! in a writing by )is )oliness to honour $mperor
Nic,oleevitch Ale5ander %% of #ussia! )is )oliness appreciated the gesture
by the ambassador! saying: '... 0hen % was in prison in chains! one of Lour
-a8esty's ambassadors came to my aid. %n recognition of this service! 1od
has given you a high office'.4
D. Bahi historian Abdul")ossein Avareh writes on page &EN of "+ava/eb=al=
!orieh 2i Ma"asser=ol=Bah01ieh" 40hen he 9Bah: was in Car8az! a village in
-azandaran! the #ussian servants and guards! who had found a befitting
devotion towards )is )oliness! decided to seize )is )oliness from the
%ranian agents or to facilitate his escape to #ussia! but )is )oliness
refused and... and then news of -ohammad 3hah's death was received!
and the #ussian admiral re8oiced and brought about Bahullh's release.
<n this trip he was accompanied by 3eyed Basir )indi.4
E. Cescribing Ali"-ohammad 3hirazi's e5ecution! Abbas $ffendi writes on page
(N of "Maghaleh -ha/hsi -a''ah"4... <n the second day the #ussian
2onsul came and photographed the two bodies as they lay ne5t to the
0e can see that the #ussian 1overnment even used Bb's body and
photographed it for its ob8ective of instigating the Bahis.
1. 'oreign (overnments continued to support Bahis in
Ira) and *ur+e"
A. <n page &>6! volume %% of Aod 3asses B', 3hoghi $ffendi writes 42olonel
3ir Arnold Burroughs 2ambell! the then British 2onsul"1eneral in Baghdad!
having felt the magnanimity of )is )oliness Bahullh! wrote a friendly
letter to )is )oliness and... proposed to him his sovereign government's
acceptance to support )is )oliness. %n audience in )is )oliness' presence!
he committed himself to transmit any message that )is )oliness might
want to send to Dueen ?ictoria. )e even went as far as to say that he was
prepared to arrange to settle him in %ndia 9British colony: or any other
place )is )oliness might wish...4
B.Page >O! vol. %% of Aod 3asses B' reads: 43uch issues as well as the
respect e5tended towards )is )oliness 9Bah: by the foreign consuls
residing in *ur,ey! made the <ttoman 1overnment determined to adopt a
suppressive policy.4'
C.4... *he .rench Ceputy 2onsul! who had been ac/uainted with )is )oliness
Bahaullah! secretly went to see him and held a private meeting for half an
hour or less so that the agents would not find out about his intentions...4 "
+ava/eb=al=!orieh, p. J'&.
,. -incere .o/operation et$een the Bahis in
Palestine $ith Britain
.ollowing his arrival in Palestine! owing to the strict control e5ercised by the
<ttoman rulers and the absence of communications with the #ussian and
British embassies! )usain KAli Bah wrote Nassereddin 3hah a letter full of
flattery e5pressing repentance at his past belief and confessing to criminal
At the outset of 0orld 0ar %! the leadership of Bahism was in the hands of
Abbas $ffendi! the elder son of Bah. *his man pretended to be a -uslim and
attended congregational prayers of the -uslims in spite of the apparent
prohibition by the Bahi faith
)owever! as soon as the British imperialists scored victories in the war with
the <ttomans which drew Palestine into the conflict! the Bahis acted as a
powerful espionage group in support of the British government and against the
-uslims and the <ttoman government.
$ffendi went so far that Hamal Pasha! commander of the <ttoman forces!
decided to hang him on the slopes of -ount 2armel
3oghi $ffendi clearly states on page >N&! vol. %ll of Aod 3asses B' 4Hamal
Pasha! commander of the <ttoman forces! decided to e5ecute Abbas $ffendi
on charges of espionage.4
As soon as the British cabinet received news of this through the British Army
%ntelligence! Bord 2urzon and Bord Bamington began ta,ing measures! and
Bord Balfore! the British .oreign -inister 9promotor of the +ionist 1overnment:
immediately cabled 1eneral Allenby! commander of the British forces in
Palestine! ordering him to use all his powers to protect Abbas $ffendi! his
family and his friends. 1eneral Allenby accordingly ordered the commander of
the )aifa front to ta,e the necessary measures to protect the leader of the
Bahis. After con/uering )aifa and saving Abbas $ffendi from Hamal Pasha!
1eneral Allenby transmitted a cable to Bondon and reported the safety and
health of )is )oliness $ffendi to the officials.
0hen the aggressive British forces triumphantly marched into Palestine! they
encountered some problems in respect of provisions in Palestine. But their
Bahi friends had already prepared for such an event. Abbas $ffendi hurried to
their welcome! and placed at the disposal of the alien army large stores of
provisions which he had prepared and hidden away.
%t is clear that at that time! the entire Palestine as well as the entire <ttoman
territories were stric,en with famine resulting from the war! and masses of
people died of hunger and poverty everyday! but this unpatriotic spy had
stealthily hoarded the wheat produce of these wretched people's land and
water to feed the foreign aggressors.
.ollowing the British victory in Palestine! they e5teneded their appreciations to
their Bahi spies for their outstanding services. Abdul")ossein Avareh writes in
+ava/eb=al=!orieh, vol. %%! p. J;6: 4... *he British commander who con/uered
)aifa on >>nd Huly &N&'... was assigned by the $mperor of Britain to
especially go to meet )is )oliness @Abdul"Bah upon his arrival! at which time
he was given an -.B.$. from the British $mperor.4 )e was also rewarded with
large amounts of money and gold as well as a ,nighthood bearing the title of
43ir4 which was bestowed upon this sincere servant of the British 1overnment
by 1en. Allenby during an official ceremony.
%n this connection! Blomfield writes on page >&(: 4... *he British 1overnment
honoured @Abdul"Bah with a ,nighthood! which he accepted as a gesture of
honouring formality from a 8ust ,ing.4
3hoghi $ffendi writes on page >NN of Aod 3asses B' 4After the end of the war
and... officials of the British 1overnment! gratified by the valuable services
rendered by )is )oliness @Abdul"Bah during those days! e5tended their
appreciation and respect by bestowing upon him the title of ',nighthood' and
presenting him with the special insignia from the 1overnment.4 )is $5cellency
$ffendi! in response! wrote a letter of gratitude! the te5t of which rightly
attests to the foregoing:
"C Aod, the tabernacle of justice has trul' been erected on this
hol' land, and we than/ and praise ?hee. C Aod, ma' %mperor
Aeorge D, #uler of Britain, be assisted in his divine achievements,
and ma' his shadow over this realm be everlasting."
Note how this impostrous religious hypocrite had interpreted the
aggression of the British forces and the defeat of the -uslims in
terms of 4erection of the tabernacle of 8ustice4! how he than,ed
and praised 1od! how he esteemed the British $mperor and how
he prayed to 1od for continuation of the British rule over the
%slamic territory of Palestine.
%n a speech to the British! Abbas $ffendi said: 4% am pleased with the British
people and government... -y coming here has been the cause of friendship
between %ran and Britain which will produce a relationship that will reach such
a degree that the %ranian people will soon give their lives for Britain.4 "
2ollection of @Abdul"Bah's 3peeches! vol. %! p. >J.
.ollowing a number of trips to America and $urope where he was warmly
received by his principals! Abbas $ffendi died in &N>&. )ere again there is
evidence of the gratitude e5pressed by the British 1overnment towards the
Bahis and their leader:
*he following cable was sent to )aifa by the British 2olonial 3ecretary
0inston 2hurchill:
"Eonve' to the Bah01i communit' $is Majest' the British +ing"s
e&pression of s'mpath' and condolences."
1eneral 2ongreve! 1eneral 3ir Arthur -onye and other officials of the British
1overnment! too! communicated similar cables
! and finally! 3ir )erbert
3amuel and 3ir #onald 3torrs attended his funeral on behalf of the British
Page 6;' of +ava/eb=ol=!orieh reads 4... At this time! the crowd approached
the body of the high clergy 9@Abdul"Bah:! led by 3ir )ebert 3amuel! the
British )igh 2ommissioner in Palestine! who was called -andoob 3ami!
accompanied by his entourage who had come especially to attend the
3uch were some scenes of the remote past. Now! after the lapse of long years!
there are clear evidences! which indicate Bahism! its leaders and its followers
are totally at the service of international +ionism and western imperialism.
3ome such evidences are cited below:
0. *he Bahi Role in -etting up the 1uds/Occup"ing
Regime 2Israel3
At about the same time as implementation of the +ionists' sinister plans for
Hewish migration to Herusalem! the Bahis co"operated in every way to e5ert
pressure on the Arabs. 3hoghi $ffendi! the fourth Bahi leader! wrote a cable
reading: 4*he relative number of people in that community 9British Bahis:!
who have migrated! has been unprecedented in any other community. *he
British Bahi community has performed its historic mission very well.4
9A,hbar"i Amri"yi magazine! news letter of the %ranian Bahi community!
dated Huly >E! &N6;:.
At a time when the +ionists were pressuring the Pnited Nations to give official
status to their usurpant government! -r. 3hoghi $ffendi! in a letter to the
Pnited Nations on behalf of the Palestinians! which was published in the
A,hbar"i Amri"yi magazine No. O! has not in any way defended the rights of the
people of that occupied territory! but has emphasized his sincere relationships
with the Hews and the necessity thereof and has supported their plans for
*he Bahi establishment is today centered in %srael! in the city of )aifa! near
the grave of Abbas $ffendi. %ts leadership is entrusted to nine persons! mostly
American and $uropean! of whom one American woman! #QhAyyih -a5well! is
the spiritual leader. *here are! in %srael! branches of every Bahi organization
and interest anywhere in the world! which are controlled by the nine"member
body or so"called 4)ouse of Hustice4.
4. 'ollo$ing the formation of the 5ionist government%
Bahism has een the e6ecutor of the 5ionist aims
throughout the $orld:
$ver since the Pnited Nations granted official status to the %sraeli government!
Bahism and +ionism! which are both offsprings of colonialism! came to each
other's aid li,e two dear brothers. 3ince then! Bahism has been a centre at
the disposal of the +ionists! and their assemblies throughout the world have
carried out the orders received from occupied Palestine:
A,hbar"i Amri"yi magazine 9the Bahi organ: dated April &!
&N6( reads: "?he .sraeli president and his wife Mrs. Ben Zo' paid
a scheduled visit to the hol' sites of Mount Earmel, following the
reception given in their honour at the home of $is $oliness
*he edition dated Hune >(! &N6( of the same magazine reads:
"?he *.sraeli, Aovernment"s relations with $is $oliness Dali
Amrullah and the .nternational Bah01i !elegation is friendl' and
sincere. .t is a pleasure that successes have been achieved in
recognition of the faith in the hol' land."
-any years ago! the following statement appeared in the official Bahi
publication in %ran: ";e are ver' proud and pleased to announce to the
Bah01is the e&pansion and development of relations between Bah01ism and
the officials of the .sraeli Aovernment.4
At about the same time! the Bahi representatives had meetings with %sraeli
Prime -inister Ben 1urion! at which they e5pressed their gratitude and
appreciation towards the %sraeli 1overnment! as well as the Bahis' sincere
feelings and emotions towards him! wishing for the primacy and progress of the
%sraeli 1overnment.
Ben 1urion had said: ". hope the Bah01i ;orld Eentre
in the -tate of .srael will alwa's prove to be increasingl' effective in the
countr'"s progress and eminence and in the people"s prosperit'. -ince the
inception of the -tate of .srael, the Bah01is have alwa's had sincere relations
with the .sraeli Aovernment".
Cr. Batifullah )a,im! a member of the %nternational Bahi Celegation in
%srael! in a letter to the %ranian Bahi community! wrote: "?hese da's the
.sraeli papers, whether in $ebrew, Arabic or %nglish, publish detailed articles
on the Bah01i religion and $is $oliness."
<ther recurrent contacts between %sraeli and Bahi officials! such as the former
%sraeli President +alman 3hazar's visit to the Bahi centres on April O! &NE(
and the e5change of e5tremely sincere compliments between them! are
themselves indications of strong relations and intense cooperation between
the Bahis and the regime occupying Herusalem.
2ooperation between these two anti"%slamic groups is also witnessed in
practice. Bahism is legal and officially recognized in %srael. All its landed
properties and endowments are e5empt from government ta5ation and
duties. $ven the imports re/uired by Bahis en8oy e5emption from customs
duties. Publication of Bahi news in the %sraeli newspapers and their broadcast
on #adio %srael are authorized. #adio %srael sometimes even congratulates the
Bahis on the occasion of their festivities. *he %sraeli -inistry of $ducation
relieves the Bahi students from attending school on their holidays
thousands of clandestine and un,nown relationships that remain secret to us.
*he Bahis' co"operation with the newly"arrived +ionists was so apparent that
1amal Abdul"Nasser ordered the removal of all Bahi communities in $gypt.
*he 4Bureau for Boycott of %srael4! organized by the %slamic countries!
sub8ected the Bahis to the boycott for co"operating with %srael.
As the final e5ample and document! mention is made of -rs. #QhAyyih -a5well's
press conference! in which she said: 4% prefer to have the youngest religion!
Bahism! germinate in the newest country of the world! %srael. 0e belong to!
and depend on! this country! %srael. %ndeed! % should say that ours and %srael's
future are interlin,ed li,e a chain.4
%t can be said with certainty that: *he fabricated! moc, Bahi faith! that has
been instrumental in sowing discord and disunion among the -uslim people
during its hundred"and"thirty year history! is afforded the same function
today. Hust as the British 1overnment once wanted Bah! the Bahi leader! to
go to %ndia
or the .rench 1overnment re/uested to have Bahi
missionaries dispatched to North African countries! such as *unisia! -orocco
and Algeria! which were then under its colonial rule
! the western imperialist
governments today are endeavouring to use Bahism as a prete5t to forge a
propaganda weapon against the %slamic #epublic of %ran. )owever! 8ust as
factual realities do not remain concealed for ever! and manipulation of facts
cannot be permanently effective! their conspiracies shall be frustrated and
shall prove futile! 1od willing.
As evidenced by the documents presented in the ne5t section! Bahism played
a part in all the terrible crimes by the sinister Pahlavi -onarchy throughout its
reign! and it has strengthened the usurpant regime of %srael with its material
and moral support.
.ollowing the triumph of the %slamic #evolution! too! the Bahis acted as
agents of %srael and P.3.A. in %ran and too, part in conspiracies! the
documents of which have been provided by 8udicial authorities on various
Bahism is a political part" $ith imperialist affiliations%
not a religious or cultural faith
*he Bahis have tried from the beginning to present their faith as
independent of politics! to afford it a merely religious and ideological aspect! to
consider themselves as advocate of the principle of non"intervention in political
affairs and have always placed the above motto at the top of all their plans and
writings. Nevertheless! as evidenced by the following arguments and the
events throughout the past and present history of this sect! not only have they
intervened in politics! but they are also essentially an imperialist"inspired
political party.
1. *he coming into e5istence of Bahism! as detailed in the last two
chapters! was a result of the 2zarist #ussian 1overnment's political and
imperialistic ob8ectives! and was founded by #ussian spies under the
supervision of the #ussian $mperor Ni,olayevich Ale5ander %%.
2. #ussian! British and +ionist imperialism has always been involved in all
the affairs of continuation of the activities of the sect. %n %ran! at first! it
was a medium for the 2zarist government's penetration in the Da8ar
establishment! thence to oppose constitution! and later to deviate the
movement. %n Baghdad and *ur,ey! it was a British"affiliated political
affair employed to wea,en and bring about the downfall of the <ttoman
$mpire. .ollowing the establishment of the +ionist government! too!
Bahism has been a tool in the hands of this anti"humane movement!
defending their ob8ectives and acting as a ma8or agent in strengthening
the +ionists and undermining the -uslims' unity.
*he political dimensions of the Bahis' ma8or activities since its inception
9which are recorded in history boo,s and documents and on which the
e5istence of this affiliated sect depends: are listed hereunder to clarify
its imperialist nature:
I. 0ea,ening of the clergy! who had always been li,e a steel obstacle
against imperialism! by spreading disuniting allegations by the Bahi
leaders at the start of its coming into e5istence.
II. #ioting and creation of numerous conflicts and battles in different
regions! which were perpetrated by the Bahis! brought about the
wea,ening of the central government and the furthering of the
influence of the #ussians and the British.
III. *he Bahi conspiracies to assassinate Amir =abir! the *ehran %mam
Hum'a 9the .riday Prayers Beader of *ehran: as well as Nassereddin
3hah in the circumstances of the time were e5actly consistent with the
political ob8ectives of the #ussian government.
IV. *he Bahis' seditious acts and blood"shedding! committed over the
ten"year period of Bah's residence in Baghdad had no other ob8ective
but to undermine the <ttoman $mpire! to provide the grounds for
British e5ploitation and to confront %ran with the <ttomans.
V. *he totality of the Bahi activities in *ur,ey comprised:
a) *he continuous relationship of their leaders with the British!
.rench and #ussian embassies.
b) Agitating the internal and central affairs of the <ttoman
$mpire which was to the direct benefit of Britain! such that
the <ttoman government! citing these same facts! e5iled
them to 2yprus and A,,a.
VI. %n Palestine! before establishment of the usurping government! the
Bahis acted as British spies against the <ttoman $mpire. *hey went
so far ahead in their venture that their leader was sentenced to death
by the <ttoman Pasha on charges of espionage. )owever! the British
cabinet assigned Bord 2urzon and Bord Bamington to save him! and
Bord Balfore immediately cabled 1en. Allenby to save him and to
protect his life.
VII. After the occupation of Palestine! too! the Bahis have concentrated
their activities on supporting %srael and strengthening the pillars of
this bloodthirsty regime.
VIII. %n %ran! prior to the %slamic #evolution! they always supported! and
participated in! the regime's crimes in all political affairsI and after the
#evolution! they have always ta,en active part in all political
conspiracies against the %slamic #evolution.
%n view of the foregoing arguments! only those who consider +ionism to be an
innocent infant free of any political brand and a propagator of heavenly
teachings! may contend that Bahism is an ideological platform and a
*he Bahi .ulture and Ideological Platform
Although Bahism had always been an affiliated political affair! the #ussian
1overnment ,new very well that under the conditions of the Da8ar era and in
communities such as %ran and %ra/! where religion had deep roots in the
peoples' lives! no imperialist plan would succeed unless with religious
appearances. *hus! by ta,ing advantage of the ground"wor, set by the
3hai,hiya sect! the #ussian agent first claimed to be %mam +aman's deputy!
then called himself Bb and later claimed prophesy and divinity. .or this
reason! the Bahis' ideological boo,s are filled with contradictions and
conflicting contentions. -ost interesting of all is that they have sought to put
out religious orders which form the most amusing part of the Bahi boo,s.
$ven more interesting is that! today! the western world! claiming civilization!
campaigning against e5travagant tal,! and accusing the %slamic #epublic of
fundamentalism! regression ... has come to the defense of these people.
7*a+e counsel "e people of insight.7
86amples of Beliefs% .laims and Orders " the *$entieth
.entur" (od
Bah's claim to godliness and divine revelation to a friend. <n page &ON of
-obin! -irza )ossein Ali tells Alinaghi: 4<! AN before Naghi 9Alinaghi:! hear my
voice from the shores of e5istence in the red mausoleum which is the highest
place! that there is no god but %.4 And in his 2atehat=ol=+etab, he says: 4% am
a god the li,e of which is not but %! compassionate and merciful. % am a god
the li,e of which is not but %! the great ,ing. % am a god who created the
Man&s dignit" as seen " Bahism:
4Aghnamollah4! meaning 41ods's sheep4! is one of the commonest words in
Bahi boo,s! signifying that the Bahis consider all human beings!
particularly Bahis! as -irza )usein Ali's sheep! that is their god's sheep.
*his fact is evidenced by the name of the Bahis' community! where they hold
their prayers and meetings! which is 4)azira4 meaning 4stable4.
*he -anctit" of numer 9:
3ince Bb and his companions numbered &N! the Bahis sanctify this number!
so much so that each Bahi year has &N months of &N days each. *hey fast &N
days of the year. *heir essential inheritance is &N sheets of paper and &N
rings. *he women's marriage portion! too! is &N mes/als
of gold or silver.
;ran and rural $omen&s marriage portion
According to the verses descended by the Bahi god! -irza )ossein Ali! the
urban women's marriage portion shall be &N mes/als of gold and that of the
rural women &N mes/als of silver " Bahullh's holy boo,.
Burn him alive
Bahullh's )oly Boo,! p. &'! line 6: 4Burn alive whomever burns a house
#othing to $omen
*he pertinent section on page &&' of the )oly Boo, reads: 40e ordained that
the residential house and clothes 9be/ueathed by the dead: shall be for male
offsprings 9men:! and nothing 9of this property: shall go to women.
-trange pronouncement on a point of religious <urisprudence
*he Bahi holy boo, entitled 4Bayan4! chapter &E! item E reads:
4.f someone is forced to travel, or his house is entered into without his
permission, or he is evicted from his house without his consent, his wife will be
forbidden to him for a period of 6< months."
According to chapter N of the (th boo, of the .arsi version! it shall be incumbent
upon all the women to stay all night with the omnipresent 9the &' special
companions of Bb: in order to save 1od's companions from loneliness and
Political pronouncements:
1. 4As of the sunset on the (th and the beginning of the eve of the 6th day of
Hamadi"ul"Pla of the lunar year &>E; A.). 9>E.E.&'((: being the beginning
of rallying of Babism! anyone who disobeys him 9Bb: shall be considered a
rebellious pagan! and his blood may be spilled.4
2. According to 2hapter ( of the Eth boo, of "Ahsan=ul=Gisas", in the five
regions of -azandarn! =horasan! .ars! Azarbai8an and %ra/! no one but the
Bahis has the right to reside.
8conomic Pronouncement:
41od 9Bb: has ordained that men and women adulterers should pay a fine to
the )ouse of Hustice! the fine comprising N mes/als of gold in the first instance
9being progressively raised in the subse/uent instances:4 " p.&6! Bayan.
Particulars of the Bahi ideology
*he follo$ing issues generall" ma+e up the asic principles of
the Bahi ideolog":
1. Bac, of belief in the home"land and the country where they live. *his
issue has provided the premise for any treachery! espionage and
betrayal of the home"land by the Bahis.
2. Non"participation in political parties.
*his provides a cover for operations of sabotage.
3. 2ollaboration with oppressive! instrumental rulers. According to the
holy boo, "AHdas", page >;&! no one has the right to ob8ect to! or
protest against! those who rule the people.
9*his very belief e5plains their collaboration in the crimes committed by
the +ionist regime as well as the sinister Pahlavi regime:.
4. <bstinate enmity with -uslims and belief in annihilation of all -uslims
throughout the world.
5. .ormation of an anti"%slam government of parallel faith in occupied
Palestine 9)oly Band:.
*he Bahi Role in the =>/?ear .rimes of the @nnihilated
Pahlavi Regime
*his section demonstrates part of the documents and reports ac/uired from
3A?A= concerning the Bahis' collaboration with the regime. *he original
documents are respectively provided at the end of this section.
@. *he connection et$een Bahis and Reza Ahan
Curing the rule of #eza 3hah! there did not e5ist a strong intelligence
organization! such that a document on the Bahi connection with the regime
might be divulged. )owever! confessions by a Bahi leader in this respect
cleared everything up: According to a 3A?A= report! at a meeting of the
Nafhatollah Publishing 2ommission in 3hiraz on J&.J.&J6; 9Hune >&!&NO&:!
-r. -assihollah #ohani said: 4At the time of #eza 3hah and 3eyed Noureddin!
we were plundered! but #eza 3hah! very dismayed about this affair! secretly
,illed off some -uslims without the Plema's ,nowledge. 3ince he was a real
Bahi and always supported the Bahis! the unveiling of women was done in
conformity with Bahullh's rule and logic.4 9$5hibit No. &O:
B. *he connection et$een Bahis and the deceased -hah
*he ma8or part of the organizations of the 3hah's damned rule! particularly
3A?A=! was managed by Bahis. As an e5ample! suffice it to loo, at the
following list of names! all of whom were Bahis:
)oveyda! the 3hah's &J"year Prime -inister as well as -inister of the
%mperial 2ourt and -inister of .inanceI
-ehri #ase,h! .arah's boon companionI
1en. Abdol"=arim Ayadi! the 3hah's special physician! who held >J
high"ran,ing government 8obsI
1en. Ali -ohammad =hademiI
1en. 3ani'ee! -inister of 0arI
)abib 3abet and )o8abr Lazdani! two ma8or economic supports and two
financial arms of the +ionists in %ranI
-ansoor #ohani! the 3hah's minister for &J yearsI
-rs .aro,hrou Parsa! -inister of $ducation and holder of tens of other
3hapour #ase,h! the 3hah's sincere advisorI
)ossein Amanat! the famous capitalist! designer and e5ecutor of the
3hahyad -onumentI
Parviz 3abeti! Cirector of %nternal 3ecurity of the 3hah's security
Bili Amir"Ar8omand! trainer of the 3hah's children.
%t is obvious that the 3hah's crimes were mostly committed by such
influential persons. *his fact! which is not a secret to anyone! is well"supported
by the Bahis' own admissions as well as by the documents of 3A?A= which
tried very hard to cover up the Bahis' role in the government. 3A?A='s
document #ef. J)R>;>NN dated >N.'.&J6O 9Nov. >;! &NO': reads4: ... -r.
#a'oofian 9a Bahi leader in 3hiraz: has said: -r. Amir Abbas )oveyda!
supported by the Pniversal )ouse of Hustice 9in %srael: and by =ambala in Africa!
governed %ran for &J years! during which period the Bahi community achieved
considerable progress! and influential Bahi persons occupied important
positions in %ran and transferred the country's funds abroad.4 9$5hibit No.
3A?A='sdocument #ef. )ROE6dated >;.>.&J6; 9-ay &;!&NO&: reads:4... %n a
speech at the Bahi meeting in Cehbid! -r. Azizollah Bampoosian! referring to
the Prime -inister's attendance at the Bahi community on the occasion of the
#idvn festivities! spo,e of the 1overnment's co"operation with Bahis in
provincial towns.4 9$5hibit No. &N:.
3A?A='s document dated O.J.&J(O 9-ay >'!&NE': concerning a speech by -r.
Abbas A/das at the Bahi 2ommission reports as follows:4... ).$. Assadollah
Alam! -inister of the #oyal 2ourt! has been very ,ind to us! particularly ).$.
Amir Abbas )oveyda 9a Bahi and of Bahi parentage:I may they both be
8unior headmen of the Bahis.4 9$5hibit No. >;:.
3A?A='s report #ef. )'R&;'O& dated >;.6.&J6; 9Aug. &&! &NO&:: 4... Beit"ol"
Adl! the )ouse of Hustice! has given instructions to the National Assembly in
%ran that the Bahis resident in %ran should fully participate in the ceremonies
of the >6;; years monarchy and see to it that the Bahis celebrate the
occasion with more splendour than the other religious minorities.4 9$5hibit No.
3A?A='s document #ef. )R&N(NE dated O.&&.&J6& 9Han. >O! &NOJ: concerning
the Bahis' meeting in 2ol. 3habab's home and the speech by -r. Ardeshir
-aster: 4*he late 2ol. 3habab was an officer of the security organization
93A?A=:. 0hile he served with 3A?A= in 3hiraz! he helped the Bahis of
3hiraz very much 9)e was the former 3A?A= chief in =horramabad:. *hen 2ol.
3habab's father said: A few years ago 3hahanshah Aryamehr decided to issue
instructions for formal recognition of Bahism. )owever! Damal Abdul"Nasser!
the $gyptian President! found an e5cuse and said that the 3hah of %ran had
become a Bahi... *he 3hah of %ran follows the same path as did )is )oliness
Bahullh'.4 9$5hibit No. >>:.
3A?A='s document #ef. )R&6>O> dated >N.N.&J6; 9Cec. >;!&NO&: reports -r.
)ac,"a,i's speech at the 3hiraz Assembly as follows: 4... 3ome people from
the #oyal 2ourt secretly come to 3hiraz to visit the )oly )ouse 9the Bahi
shrine:4 9$5hibit No. >J:.
According to a 3A?A= document! %ran's Bahi Assembly's notice dated
November &J! &NEO reads as follows:4... As it has been already notified to ).$.
3abet! the representative of your Assembly! this Board agrees to present the
proposed gift to )is %mperial -a8esty. Needless to add that you will be advised
of the outcome in due course.4 9$5hibit No. >(:.
By the order of the 3hah! Alam! the -inister of the #oyal 2ourt! presented -r.
)abib 3abet 9an %ranian Bahi leader: a 2ommemoration -edal on the
occasion of the celebrations mar,ing the >6th centenary of the founding of
the %ranian ,ingdom.
Relations of Bahis and usurping Israel under the protection of
the -hah&s regime.
3A?A='s Oth <ffice 1eneral has made the following comments on the relations
between %ranian Bahis and %srael: 4%n view of %srael's recognition in &NO> of
the Bahi sect as a religion! it appears that the %sraeli government! by
demonstrating friendly signs towards the sect! is endeavouring to e5ploit the
Bahi minorities in other countries! especially in %ran! for political! intelligence
and economic purposes.4 9$5hibit No. >6:.
Cocument #ef. >;R&(E6 dated &;.6.&J(E 9Aug. &! &NEO:: 4According to
information received! over the past month! about #%s. &!>;; million has been
collected by the %ranian Bahis who intend to remit this sum ostensibly to
the )ouse of Hustice in )aifa! but their real intention in remitting this sum is to
aid the %sraeli army...4 9$5hibit No. >E:.
#eferring to the %ranian Bahis' aid to %srael! 3A?A='s document #ef.
?RJ;;R>;NN6 dated &.&&.&J(' 9Han. >&!&NO;: reads:4... and the Bahi
manufacturers now use %sraeli parts.4 9$5hibit No. >O:.
*he document #ef. )RE;EJ dated N.&.&J6; 9-arch >N!&NO&: reports as follows
on -r. 3hadmani's speech at the meeting of the Bahi Cistrict &E in 3hiraz:4...
America! %srael and our capitalists have penetrated %ran! and their profits are
transferred to the charity fund.4 9$5hibit No. >':.
*he speech by -r. )ossein financial member of the -inistry of .inance and
former deputy director of the 1endarmerie Accounting Cept.! was reported by
3A?A= as under:
4<wing to the secret deal to sell %ranian oil to %srael! which was accomplished
by the will of Amir"Abbas )oveyda! %srael has given him &(; thousand s/uare
metres of land in occupied Palestine.4 9$5hibit No. >N:.
%n another commentary on the relations between %srael and the Bahis! 3A?A=
has said:4... 3ince only %srael has recognized the Bahi faith and... therefore!
Fthe BahisG try to e5tend huge financial assistances to that country in order to
aid the %sraeli economy.4 9$5hibit No. J;:.
A message by the %nternational Bahi 2ouncil concerning good relations with
%srael reads: 4%t is of the utmost pleasure and pride that our godly friends learn
of the progress in the construction of the building called 4Ala4 in -ount
2armel! as well as ... development of relations with the officials of the %sraeli
government 9$5hibit No. J&:.
%n a cable! -oshe Cayan than,ed -r. Ali =hademi for the gift he gave him
during his visit to %srael.
According to a 3A?A= report! at a meeting of the Bahis on O.J.&J(O 9-ay >'!
&NE':! -r. Abbas A/das said: 4... *he %sraeli 1overnment was recognized as
the world champion in the &NEO war. *he activities and progress of us Bahis is
that we have a spy in every office and ministry in %ran. <nce every wee, when
the pro8ects prepared by the government Fof -r. )oveydaG are reported to
3hahanshah Aryamehr! reports on the pro8ects reach the Bahi Assemblies.
.or instance in the contractor group! the %ranian Bahi cadre submit their
reports every day to the Bahi holy assembly on the %ranian army! how
weapons are imported into %ran and how the parachutists are trained.4
9$5hibit No. >;:.
According to the 3A?A= report #ef. )RN'E( dated >O.O.&J(O 9<ct. &N! &NE': on
the meeting of the 3hiraz Bahi Assembly! -r. Ahad! one of the attendants at
the meeting! instructed the invitees: 4Con't deposit your monies in %ranian
ban,s. *ransfer them to %sraeli and British ban,s.4
86amples of the Bahis& saotage activities:
3A?A='s document #ef. )ROOON dated >J.(.&J(O 9Huly &(! &NE': reads: 4...
2ol. A/dassieh 9the Bahi: said ... 0hen % was in the army! % used to respect
the Bahi soldiers! noncommissioned officers and officers. But if a -uslim
person made a complaint against another! % had him whipped. 0e are
informed that 3hahanshah Aryamehr is a Bahi and...4 9$5hibit No. J>:.
3A?A='s document #ef. )RO6NE dated &'.>.&J6; 9-ay '!&NO&: reports as
follows the statements made by -r. Boghmani! the Bahi: 4... 0e now have
e5plicit instructions from America and Bondon to promote dressing and
building fashions as well as the women's being unveiled! so that -uslims shall
ta,e off the veil from their faces. ... %n %ran and other -uslim countries!
offend the %slamic nations as far as possible by applying fashion and
propagation.... 0eapons and ammunitions are manufactured by our youths in
%srael. *hese -uslims will finally be annihilated by the Bahis! and the world
of )is )oliness Bahullh will be promoted.4 9$5hibit No. JJ:
Duoting a Bahi employee of the National %ranian <il 2ompany! 3A?A= has
reported: 4... 0e Bahis avenged the destruction by -uslims a few years ago of
the )aziral"Duds in *ehran on the .eizieh 3chool in Dom... 0e not only
avenged the past! but continued the Bahi issue as far as land reforms.4
9$5hibit No. J(:.
*he document #ef. )R&((;N dated J&.>.&J6O 9-ay >&!&NO': reports -r.
-assihollah #ohani's statements as follows: 4... 0e Bahis are originally
%ranians! but our intelligence and intellect are attached to the authorities in
Bondon and the Pniversal )ouse of Hustice 9in %srael:. By ta,ing advantage of
the situation and through propagation! we ma,e the clergy apprehensive
towards the government. 0ith these riots in the country! the nature of the
clergy is revealed and is not acceptable to the modern community! as they
have proved to the people that the clergy is synonymous with saboteurs and
communists.4 9$5hibit No. J6:
According to 3A?A='s document #ef. )REOJE dated J;.>.&J(O 9-ay >;! &NE':!
-r. Adab! Ceputy"1overnor of Ban, -elli! spea,ing at the Bahi Assembly!
said:4... As long as % am in Ban, -elli! % shall endeavour to recruit our
re/uired personnel from our bretheren. Also! as far as possible! % shall torment
and cause the inconvenience for the -uslim employees in respect of salaries!
fringe benefits and allowances.4 9$5hibit No.JE:.
*he Bahi Role in the 8nemies& .onspiracies efore the
*riumph of the Islamic Revolution
*he Bahis directly participated in all the 3hah's crimes. *he 3hah's 3A?A=!
too! was directed by Bahis such as Parviz 3abeti. *he Bahis did not give up
their conspiracies after the triumph of the #evolution. -any of their treacherous
leaders! together with the other criminals of the 3hah's! went to %srael and
$urope! ta,ing with them the wealth of this oppressed nation. *hey are now
actively conspiring abroad against the %slamic #evolution and have made large
investments in this effort. *he remaining few in the country have gone to the
aid of affiliated political groups! and have! in particular! ta,en part in
conspiracies such as coup d'etat! creating insecurity! bombings and especially
espionage in favour of %srael and America. -ost of them have been arrested
by the #evolutionary courts and have been punished. Cocuments evidencing
their connections with such groups as well as with the Palestine"occupying
regime have been divulged and announced to the public through the mass
media at various intervals.
Islamic Repulic of Iran&s position vis/a/vis Bahism and
the Bahis
All the %ranian people and the officials of the %slamic #epublic of %ran! based on
their having sensed at close hand the uncountable crimes committed by the
followers of this sect throughout their country's undulating history! as well as on
the evidence provided by history and the documents! of which a handful was
referred to hereinabove! consider Bahism as a politico"imperialist platform.
*hey neither have recognized the Bahi followers as a religious minority nor
will ever permit the propagation of their nonsense and false reports which! due
to the treacherous nature of this political party! would be a prelude to the
premise of renewed penetration by American and %sraeli spies into %ran.
Lears of treason! duplicity! crime! corruption and bloodshed by the leaders of
this treacherous party have been enough for our nation. *herefore! any effort
by western governments and the enemies of the %slamic #evolution to e5ert
pressure to allow these traitors to resume activity will be in vain. Hust as it has
removed one by one all the imperialists' espionage bases in %ran! the %slamic
#epublic is firmly determined with all its power to crush the +ionist espionage
dens acting under cover of .reemasonry! Bahism! etc. Hust as the
conspiracies by the 1reat 3atan during the heroic action by the -uslim
students following the %mam's Bine and the pressures by its western allies failed
to have the least effect on our people's steel will! the ridiculous spectacles by
+ionists and escaped Bahis and the outcry by the western press will not be
able to aid the Bahis reared by them or to prevent the complete elimination of
the negligible! crumbling organization of the leaders of this treacherous party.
)owever! such a firm position does not mean that the rights of the few
uninformed and deceived followers of this faith who! under the influence of the
many intrigues and economic pressures by its leaders! have 8oined Bahism!
will be neglected. .ortunately! as a result of the atmosphere of freedom
prevailing in the %slamic community! the fair approach by the -uslim people of
%ran! the revelations and guidance by the promoters of %slam! many of them!
having recognized the imperialist nature of this moc, faith! have returned to the
bosom of the people and %slam. %t is hoped that the very few remaining
deceived persons will gradually realize the truth and will free themselves from
the claws of this treacherous party reared by +ionism.
86ecution of Bahis
%t is essential that we clarify our position vis"a"vis the rumour concerning
4e5ecution of Bahis in %ran for believing in Bahism4 which is spread by the
world's imperialist newsmongers.
0e do not e5pect anything else from the imperialist propaganda octopus. %t was
these same news media which e5plained away P.3. crimes in ?ietnam!
Nicaragua! $l 3alvador and all over the *hird 0orld! the murders and open
aggressions by Britain and .rance against the people of %ndia! Algeria!
-orocco! %reland and hundreds of other spots! as well as the savage
bombardments by the Duds"occupying regime in Bebanon and their seizure of
the homes of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. *hese very news media
glorified 6; years of crime! thievery and plunder by the 3hah's regime in the
name of struggle to achieve great civilization. %t is these same media that are
now conducting a full"fledged campaign against the %slamic #epublic of %ran!
8ustifying 3addam's aggression against our %slamic home"land. And it is these
same blatant imperialist media which have presented -assoud #a8avi! the
terrorist! and Bani 3adr! the traitor! as progressive liberals! shed tears of pity
for the death of terrorists! and instigate the world public opinion against us. %t
is therefore only natural that they should ta,e advantage of the e5ecution of a
few spies and conspirators as a prete5t for further attac,s against the %slamic
)owever! we address here the communities which unfortunately receive their
news through this same imperialist news networ,! and based on this entirely
false and spiteful propaganda! ma,e protestations against the %slamic #epublic
as to why Bahis are e5ecuted merely for believing in something. 0e hereby
clearly declare to all the free thin,ers of the world that all these reports are
utterly false! and there has not been a single instance in %ran where a person
has been e5ecuted or even imprisoned or indicted on charges of harbouring
certain beliefs. *his practice is based on an e5plicit principle of the
2onstitutional Baw which provides:
".nHuisition into people"s opinions shall be forbidden, and no one shall
be offended or brought to account merel' for having a certain opinion." "
Article 5I of the Eonstitutional Jaw of the .slamic #epublic of .ran.
But it is natural that in %ran! li,e any country in the world! no one will be
allowed to commit espionage! treason or conspiracy! regardless of his religious
or political beliefs. All the Bahis! who have been condemned to imprisonment
or death by the #evolutionary 2ourts! and who number but a handful! have
been persons! who had ,ey roles in public slaughters and were the ma8or
elements in holding the regime during the 3hah's time! such as )oveyda
and...! or who were involved in plots to overthrow the %slamic #epublic system
after the triumph of the %slamic #evolution! or persons who mostly spied for
%srael! the usurper! and strengthened the Duds"usurping regime with their
material and moral assistance! transferring millions in foreign currency to the
%sraeli ban,s at the present sensitive circumstances.
Bast $ord and final stand
*he last word is that:
1. *he %slamic #epublic of %ran considers SBahismT as an %mperialist
affiliated political party.
2. *he %slamic #epublic of %ran has never recognized this faith and its followers
as a religion! religious minority or an official! legal party! nor will it ever do
so for the following reasons:
a. *he faith's being originally forged by #ussian spiesI
b. 3abotage activities! creating civil clashes in %ran and disunion
between -uslims in %slamic countriesI
c. All"out assistance to Britain in defeating an %slamic empire! creating
colonial rule in %slamic countries and their separationI
d. Propagation of corruption! prostitution and sin in the %ranian
e. Cirect participation in most of the 3hah's crimes! slaughter and
torture of -uslims! and management of the dead 3hah's hellish
f. $conomic e5ploitation of %ran during the 3hah's regimeI
g. 2ollaboration with the counter"revolutionaries through:
(i) participation in conspiracies and overthrowing plots!
(ii) wea,ening the economy!
(iii) transferring foreign currency abroad!
(iv) economic and moral assistance to international +ionism
after the triumph of the #evolution.
3. Pnder the 2onstitutional Baw! as long as the followers of the Bahi faith do
not perpetrate espionage! offend the people's properties! propagate
corruption! interfere in the fundamentals of the %slamic #epublic! or have
relationship with the Palestine"occupying regime! all their rights will be
protected li,e an %ranian citizen! no one will be allowed to offend them! and
they may be guided only by admonishment and words of wisdom. But those
leaders and members of this"imperialist party who try to apply the old
imperialist ob8ectives and continue their relationship with %srael and the
domestic and foreign enemies of the #evolution! will be dealt with severely
in accordance with the 2onstitutional Baw.
4. Bet the imperialist communities and the western world's news media!
which endeavour to pressure %ran in this connection! ,now that: Hust as
none of their active and propaganda conspiracies has been effective! this
time! too! they will not be the least successful in all the clamour! especially
that the supporters of this treacherous party in %ran are /uite negligible and
unmentionable! and Bahism is the most hated imperialist faith in the eyes
of the %ranian people! and the %slamic #epublic will continue to the end its
course of independence and freedom! 1od willing.
*here is no victor" ut $ith (od.
86hiit #o. 9
41<C PA33$3 BL4! volume >! page (&
2)AP*$# 3$?$N
!is !oliness Bahullh&s 86ile to Ira)
As mentioned in the previous chapter! the assassination attempt against the
3hah's life too, place on >'.&;.&>E' A.). lunar 9August &6! &'6> A.C.:! and
)is )oliness was immediately arrested in Niavaran! ta,en to the capital city
prison with the utmost contempt and disgrace and imprisoned in the *ehran
pages CD/CC
... By divine fate and divine wisdom! )is )oliness was released from prison!
which was caused! on the one hand! by the mediation of Prince Colgorou,i! the
#ussian Ambassador in %ran! who made every effort to have Bahullh
released from imprisonment and to prove his innocence! and on the other hand!
by confession of -ulla 3hei,h Ali *arshizi who! in the presence of the prison
warden! the #ussian $mbassy interpreter and the 1overnment representative!
attested to )is )oliness Bahullh's innocence! and e5pressly stated his own
involvement in the incident against the 3hah. *he increasing efforts by
Bahullh's brothers! sisters and relatives towards his release! as well as the
investigating authorities' confirmation of )is )oliness's innocence helped
facilitate his release and saving from the hands of his hard enemies.
pages C0/C:
)is )oliness Bahullh's relative peace and serenity! following the painful
imprisonment! was short"lived by the will of 1od! because shortly after )is
)oliness's arrival amongst his family and relatives! he was served an order
from the 3hah to leave %ran! within one month! to whichever destination he
)aving learned of the 3hah's order! the #ussian Ambassador re/uested )is
)oliness to permit his transportation to #ussian territory. )is )oliness refused
this re/uest and preferred to ta,e up residence in Baghdad! %ra/.
%n later years! in writings by )is )oliness in honour of #ussian $mperor
Ni,olayevich Ale5ander %%! he e5pressed his gratitude of the Ambassador's
action! as /uoted herein below:
"?rul' did one of 'our emissaries assist me while . was in prison with
heav' chains on m' hands and feet. -uch was the will of Aod, for no
one but $e has an' /nowledge or control and an' change is made at
$is will."
$lsewhere he wrote:
";hile ., the innocent, was in prison tied with chains, the Ambassador
made his utmost effort to have me released, and repeated permits for
m' release from the prison were issued, but some authorities prevented
e&ecution thereof. 2inall', as a result of attempts b' the Ambassador,
m' release was affected. $is Majest' the %mperor of #ussia offered
much assistance in the wa' of Aod.
86hiit #o. D
page E94
... on the last .riday of his life in this world! he attended midday congregational
prayers! in spite of intense fatigue and wea,ness.
86hiit #o. E
pages D:,/D:4
%n this section concerning the general world war and the incidents ta,ing place
in the world! it would not be inappropriate to mention some of the actions and
attempts made! during the siege of )aifa! to protect Bah.
)aving learned of the severe dangers threatening )is )oliness's life! the
British friends too, immediate action to secure his health. Bord 2urzon and
other members of the British cabinet were directly informed of the dangerous
situation in )aifa. -oreover! Bord Bamington immediately sent a special report
to the .oreign -inistry of the country and drew the attention of the officials to
4)is )oliness Abdul Bah's personality and importance4.
Ppon receiving this report! Bord Balfour! the then .oreign -inister! on the same
day sent a cable instruction to 1en. Allenby! commander of the British forces
in Palestine! emphasizing to 4protect )is )oliness @Abdul"Bah! his family and
his friends with all your power.4
3ubse/uent to that cable! and following the con/uest of )aifa! 1en. Allenby
sent a cable to Bondon and re/uested the officials to 4announce )is )oliness's
health and well"being to the world.4 )e also assigned the commander of the
)aifa front to ta,e appropriate measures to protect )is )oliness's life! thus
preventing the plans of Hamal Pasha! who! according to information received by
British %ntelligence! was determined to crucify )is )oliness @Abdul"Bah and
his family on -ount 2armel! in the event of the *ur,ish forces' set"bac, from
the city.
86hiit #o. C
*!8 .!O-8# !I(!F@?
Curing the war the Arabs were less fre/uent in their raids. *hey were afraid! if
they ventured too near! that they might be seized and carried off into an
un,nown lifeUthat of the soldier! the idea of which was a terror to themselves!
and indirectly a cause of tran/uility to the villagers.
Preparation for war conditions had been made by 'Abdu'l"Bah even before )is
return to Palestine! after )is world tour. *he people of the villages Nughayb!
3amrih! and 'Adasiyyih were instructed by the -aster how to grow corn! so as
to produce prolific harvests! in the period before and during the lean years of
the war.
A vast /uantity of this corn was stored in pits! some of which had been made
by the #omans! and were now utilized for this purpose. 3o it came about that
'Abdu'l"Bah was able to feed numberless poor of the people of )aifa! 'A,,aa!
and the neighborhood! in the famine years of &N&("&N&'.
;e learned that when the British marched into $aifa there was some
difficult' about the commissariat. ?he officer in command went to consult
the Master.
". have corn," was the repl'.
"But for the arm'K" said the astonished soldier.
". have corn for the British Arm'," said "Abdu"l=Baha.
$e trul' wal/ed the M'stic wa' with practical feet.
86hiit #o. =
pages D::/E>>
... After the end of the war! officials of the British government e5tended their
appreciation for the valuable services rendered by )is )oliness @Abdul"Bah
towards the residents of the holy land in reducing the pains of the people of
the land. *his appreciation and gratitude was e5pressed in the form of
presenting him with the title of 4=nighthood4 and the special <rder! which was
done in ceremonies which too, place at the residence of the British ruler in
)aifa! attended by dignitaries from different nations and sects! including 1en.
Allenby! the British commander! accompanied by his counterpart in Bah8i! =ing
.aisal! who later ascended to the %ra/i throne! and 3ir )erbert 3amuel! later
entitled ?iscount 3amuel of 2armel....
86hiit #o. 0
pages ED9/EDD
... As soon as this news was published! British 2olonial 3ecretary -r. 0inston
2hurchill sent a cable message to the Palestine special envoy! 3ir )erbert
3amuel! as,ing him to 4convey )is -a8esty's sympathies to the Bahi
community4. ?iscount Allenby! the special envoy in $gypt! e5tended his
condolences! as follows! through the Palestine special envoy:
"Eonve' m' sincere condolences to the survivors of the late -ir FAbdu1l=
Bah0, Abbas %ffendi, and the Bah01i communit' on the occasion of his
86hiit #o. 4
page ED=
... 3ir )erbert 3amuel! the Palestine special envoy! upon hearing of )is
)oliness's demise! sent a message to his surviving family! e5pressing his
re/uest to attend the funeral personally in order to e5tend his respects....
86hiit #o. 9>
@+har/i @mri/"i magazine% #o. =% page 9D
... *he head of the Bahi %nternational Assembly began to spea, and stated
that the 3tate of %srael is considered by the Bahis as well as Hews! 2hristians
and -uslims to be a holy land. <ver fifty years ago! )is )oliness Bahullh
wrote that Palestine would eventually become the homeland of the Hewish
people. *his statement was put in print and publication at that time. *he
meeting and the interview too, place in a very sincere atmosphere! and the
-inister and his colleagues! who were present! e5pressed their pleasure.
A colour photograph of the facade of the holy building was presented to the
-inister! and he and his wife were invited to visit the holy site and the
surrounding gardens whenever they traveled to )aifa.
*he head and deputy of the Bahi %nternational Assembly also met with the
mayors of )aifa and A,,a and the military ruler of 1alilee. *hese meetings!
which too, place for familiarization purposes! resulted in friendly relations
between the above"mentioned officials and the representatives of the Bahi
*he Assembly head also had a very friendly meeting with -r. Cwight Cavis!
P.3. Ambassador in %srael. <n April &>! the Bahi %nternational Assembly held a
tea reception in the Bahi palace. *his was the first official reception by the
Assembly which was attended by government officials! foreign government
consuls! representatives of the -inistry of #eligion in Herusalem as well as a
group of friends and ac/uaintances.
News of the reception was desirably published in the social column of an
%sraeli $nglish language newspaper! which commented on its importance and
standing. %t is noteworthy that formation of the Bahi %nternational Assembly
was publicized in different languages by various newspapers of this country!
and #adio %srael! in its broadcasts! included news about the Bahis and
greeted them on the occasions of Navrooz and #idvn festivities.
Bahis' boo,s have long been available at the Hews' Bibrary in Herusalem! and
some Bahi literary wor,s and publications have recently been included in the
library of the -inistry of #eligions at their re/uest. 3ome boo,s have also been
presented to #abbi -eiman for his personal library. #abbi -eiman has been
conducting a research on past religions! and the said boo,s were given at his
<ur relationship with the %sraeli government may be described in two ways:
sometimes we succeed in obtaining government assistance after much effortI
and sometimes the government officials themselves e5tend their ,indness
towards us in a most pleasant and une5pected manner. <ne of the most
important matters is the transfer of the room in A,,a where )is )oliness
Bahullh stayed for two years after his arrival in that town. #egarding this
historical place which! because of the memorabilia therein! is considered a
sacred place by the Bahis! without any re/uest by us! the government doctor!
in charge of the hospital established there! informed us that he would give us
the ,eys to )is )oliness Bahullh's room which has been allocated to the
Bahis. *his action was highly appreciated! and the room is now ready for
Bahi visitors and local friends. *he -ayor of )aifa! too! is /uite ready to
e5tend his assistance and had stated that he was ready to give all possible
assistance to complete the sacred place as it would add to the popularity and
importance of )aifa. *his ,ind attitude was later e5ploited and! due to his
efforts! the government provided facilities for fifty tons of cement. <ne cannot
appreciate the value of such assistance unless one is a resident of this
*he farm is one of the endowments which! according to e5isting laws! cannot be
sold. Nevertheless! as friends are aware! the -inistry of #eligions! owing to
mediation by the -inister! #abbi -eiman! agreed to turn the farm over to the
Bahis to become a holy visiting site for the Bahi pilgrims. %n fact we have
rented this sacred place from the %sraeli -inistry of #eligions.
*his department is headed by a rabbi called Cr. )irshberg who! following a
tea reception of him! his wife and his entourage at the western hotel! visited
all the Bahi sites in )aifa and A,,a. )aving completely visited the farm! the
above"named doctor and his entourage went to the Bah8i Palace and loo,ed at
the collection of Amri relics! including photographs! maps! etc. complied there
in a most interesting manner by )is )oliness ?ali Amrullah. .riends will be
surprised by the news that! during the $ide .etre holiday wee,! over one
thousand people visited the Bah8i Palace. *hese people! including many
foreign visitors! all the students of a school as well as youths from ,ibbutzes!
arrived by car! by bus and on foot. Cr. )irshberg! accompanied by the head and
deputy of the Bahi %nternational Assembly! then travelled to A,,a in a car
and visited the residence of )is )oliness Bahullh! where he resided a number
of years and wrote the holy boo, and other important wor,s! as well as the
A,,a -os/ue! where a great congregation had gathered because it was a
As soon as the crowd of believers left the mos/ue! the imam of the mos/ue
came down from the altar! welcomed the visiting party and insisted that we
have coffee with him! the 8udge and other -uslim officials in A,,a in the
As can be appreciated! the holy order! which had always been favourably
regarded by the officials of the new 3tate of %srael! has now! more than ever
before! found credibility and importance with them who recognize it as a
public belief and religion which! although separate from other past religions!
is /uite li,e the Hewish! 2hristian and -uslim religions at the time of the advent
of 2hrist and other Prophets! in respect of purity and chastity.
*he Bahi marriage licenses are now recognized by the officials of this new
country! and! without any re/uest from us! the %sraeli -inistry of $ducation
has relieved Bahi students all over the country from attending class on the
Bahi holy days. *his matter has been advised in a circular to all the schools.
All the under"mentioned Bahi institutions are e5empt from government and
city ta5es! and items necessary for these places are imported free of customs
duties: *he 3uperior <fficeI the Blessed 1ardenI two collections of relics! one
affiliated to the 3uperior <ffice! and the other ne5t to )is )oliness' sepulchreI
two historic buildings! one in Bah8i where )is )oliness Bahullh's ascension
too, place! and the other the farm palace where he stayed after departing
from A,,aI two houses where *heir )olinesses Bahullh and @Abdul"Bah
resided! one in A,,a where the holy boo, was descended! and the other in
)aifa where )is )oliness @Abdul"Bah's ascension too, place. Also over forty
acres of land surrounding the 3upreme <ffice in -ount 2armel were
e5empted from ta5ation.
*hese are reasons supporting the spirit of real understanding and cooperation
e5isting between the Bahi community and the %sraeli officials. 0e want to
convey this fact to the interested Hews that an interestingly pleasant process is
ta,ing place! that is to say the newest religion in the world is growing in the
youngest country of the world.
21uoted from @+har/i @mri/"i of ;.-.@.3
*he Bahis National )oly Assembly of P.3.A. is very pleased to inform the
holy friends that three members of the Assembly! accompanied by -rs.
$milia 2ollins! Ceputy 2hairman of the Bahi %nternational Assembly met with
).$. Cavid Ben 1urion! the %sraeli Prime -inister! and his entourage at the
Ambassador )otel in 2hicago on 3aturday -ay &N.
*he meeting had been arranged by -r. 2avlin who had met the Prime
-inister's secretary in New Lor,. At the meeting! the Bahi representatives
e5pressed the community's appreciation for the ,ind attitude and respect
adopted by the leaders of the newly"established 3tate of %srael. )is )oliness ?ali
Amrullah assigned the National )oly Assembly to meet the Prime -inister to
e5press the feelings of P.3. Bahis towards %srael.
).$. Cavid Ben 1urion most ,indly received the Bahi representatives!
consisting of -rs. $milia 2ollins! -iss $dna Nero! -r. Beroy $vas and -r. )uras
)adley! and e5pressed special appreciation for -rs. 2ollins's holy functions
carried out at the Bahi international centre in %srael! and invited her to visit
him in )aifa upon their return. )e also put some /uestions to her! such as:
4)ow did the proclamation of Bahism reach P.3.A.V 0hat was the effect of
)is )oliness @Abdul"Bah's.&N&> trip to P.3.A. then and thereafterV *o what
e5tent has Bahism advanced in other countriesV4 )e also e5pressed his
pleasure at the high thoughts and teachings of Bahism! adding that the %sraeli
1overnment supported and reinforced the principle of freedom of religions.
*hese discussions too, place in an atmosphere filled with freedom and sincerity
and free of any formalities.
*he Bahi delegation presented the Prime -inister with selections of A,hbar"i
Amri"yi! colour design of the 3upreme <ffice! a framed picture of -ashri/ al"
Adh,ar of P.3.A.! and a letter from the P.3. National )oly Assembly addressed
to the Prime -inister. *he Bahi delegation considers )is $5cellency to en8oy
an open mind and a far"sighted thought which well feels the need for religious
brotherhood! forbearance and patience.
<n the same day! the Prime -inister's press secretary! for the first time!
released the following statement to the press and radio! describing )is
$5cellency's meeting with the Bahi delegation as under:
4-r. Cavid Ben 1urion! the Prime -inister of %srael! this morning received
four members of the Bahi )oly Assembly of the Pnited 3tates of America. *he
delegation e5pressed its gratitude for the %sraeli 1overnment's admirable
treatment of the Bahi #eligious 2entre and its religious leader! )is )oliness
3hoghi $ffendi #abbani.
4*he delegation comprised -rs. $milia 2ollins! Ceputy 2hairman of the Bahi
%nternational Assembly! which is domiciled in )aifa! -iss $dna Nero! the
Assembly's stenographer! -r. )uras )adley and -r. Beroy $vas! the treasurer.
4*he Prime -inister and his guests tal,ed for nearly one hour about issues of
the Bahi faith and its e5pansion throughout the world. -r. Ben 1urion
showed special interest in propagation and penetration of Bahism in
America. %t was very interesting and surprising for him to learn that there are
now Bahi centres in over &O6 cities and towns of the Pnited 3tates of
America! and >6;; Bahi centres all over the world. )e was also informed that
the Bahi faith had been recognized by the Pnited Nations as a non"
governmental international organization.
4Before their departure! the Bahi representatives presented the Prime -inister
with a photograph of the Bahi temple in 0ilmette! which is the national prayer
site of American Bahis! as well as a letter indicating their appreciation and
gratitude for the attention paid by the %sraeli 1overnment in understanding the
affairs of the Bahis.4
*he last point to be added is that ).$. the Prime -inister was sincerely invited
to visit the Bahi -ashri/ al"Adh,ar. )owever he declined the invitation! with
gratitude! due to his time having been fully ta,en up.
86hiit #o. 99
@+har/i @mri/"i magazine% pulication of the Bahi #ational
@sseml" of Iran% #os. 9 and D% 9EEE @.!. 29:=C @.D.3.
*e5t of letter dated April >O!&N6( from Cr. Botfollah )a,im to Bahullh"al"
4...Cays of #idvn festivities are here. % e5tend my sincere greetings to the
respected members of the National )oly Assembly and the Bocal )oly
Assembly and all the dear friends in %ran. <n April >E! the honourable President
of the 3tate of %srael! accompanied by his wife! visited )is )oliness the
#egligious Beader's house at N.J; a.m. and was received at a reception to tea
and ca,es attended by )is )oliness Amatul"Bah. *he President as,ed )is
)oliness several /uestions! to which sufficient replies were given. *hence!
accompanied by their )olinesses! he visited the )oly 3upreme <ffice and the
residence of )is )oliness @Abdul"Bah.
4<n April >O! the %sraeli newspapers reported this visit. *he news item appearing
in the Herusalem Post is attached herewith.
4*ranslation of the article in the Herusalem Post dated April >O! &N6(:
*he %sraeli President's meeting with the Bahi religious leader:
)aifa " -onday " *he President of %srael! accompanied by his wife! this
morning paid a visit to 3hoghi $ffendi #abbani! the Bahi religious leader! as
well as to the Bahi holy sites on -ount 2armel.
4%nitially! -r. 2harles -ason #emey! 2hairman of the %nternational Bahi
Board! and -r. Beroy $vas! 3ecretary"1eneral of the Board! met the President
and his wife at the -a,ido )otel! from where they too, him to )is )oliness
3hoghi #abbani. *here they had tea and %ranian ca,es! and the President was
presented with a silver"bound album! containing colour pictures of the Bahi
holy places in %srael! as a remembrance.
4At this meeting! the President and the Bahi religious leader tal,ed about the
effect of faith in the human community. )is )oliness 3hoghi #abbani said that
he hoped the world Bahi centre in %srael could be continuously and
increasingly effective in the country's progress and the welfare of its people.
)e also mentioned the fact that the Bahis had always had sincere relations
with the )aifa government since the establishment of the 3tate of %srael.4
86hiit #o. 9D
@+har/i @mri/"i magazine. #o. 4% 9ECE @!. 29:,C @.D.3
*he Israeli President&s visit to the Bahi .entre
)$. +alman 3hazar! President of %srael! accompanied by his wife! the -ayor of
)aifa and his wife and a number of other officials of the 3tate of %srael! on April
O!&NE( paid an official visit to the Bahi 2entre. )$. the President and his
entourage were welcomed by members of the 2entre! and visited the gardens
of the 3upreme <ffice. <n this occasion. ).$. the President greeted friends all
over the world. 3ome time later! as a remembrance of the visit! an album
containing pictures of the visit by the President to the Bahi 2entre! was
presented to him. *he beautiful album was guilded"bound! in the middle of
which was an enamelled Persian miniature.
)aving received the album! in a letter. )$. the President e5pressed his hearty
than,s and renewed his message of friendship and goodwill to the Bahi
world community.
#e$ .eremonies at @lert !all
%n memory of the late %ndian Prime -inister Hawaharlal Nehru! a memorial
service was held at Albert )all attended by the British Prime -inister and
members of the cabinet as well as a number of diplomats and representatives
from all over the world. Bahi prayers were read by a member of the Bahi
community in Britain.
86hiit #o. 9C
41od Passes by4! vol. >! pages &>6"&>E
...2olonel 3ir Arnold Burrows =emball! the then British 2onsul 1eneral in
Baghdad! having sensed the eminence of )is )oliness Bahullh! wrote him
a friendly letter! proposing his sovereign government's acceptance of
protection. Ppon meeting )is )oliness! he committed himself to send any
message from )is )oliness to Dueen ?ictoria. )e even suggested to arrange
to relocate )is )oliness to %ndia or anywhere else he wished. )is )oliness
declined this offer and preferred to reside in <ttoman territory rather than
move in another direction. .inally! during the last year of )is )oliness's stay
in Baghdad! the city governor! Name/ Pasha! affected by )is )oliness's
magnanimity! went to meet him to convey his respects.
86hiit #o. 9=
7Maidi"/i @smani7 2!eavenl" 'east3% pages CE/CC
.hapter =:
3everal letters were received from *ehran! stating that the .rench $mbassy
officials insisted that some missionaries pay attention to African countries!
such as *unisia and Algeria! and that officials of the .rench 1overnment would
e5tend their utmost assistance to convert the people of the region. .rom my
contemplations on this sub8ect % concluded that the individual able to achieve
this mission is not available! unless Lour )oliness pay a visit to the region! if
possible! to realize and achieve such an ob8ective.
86hiit #o. 9,
7@+har/i @mri/"i7 magazine% #o. 9>%9EC> 29:,93% page ,>9
$ven though! presumably! establishment of the 0orld Bahi 2entre in the
Hewish 3tate of %srael may! in itself! be regarded as apparently nonsensical! the
holy lady most emphatically states without any doubt that we belong here. )is
)oliness Bb! who was martyred in %ran! gave us the good news that this will
be our home. <n the other hand! we believe as much in the Hewish faith as we
do in other religions. $ven if we are to weigh the advantages! % prefer to have
the world's newest religion grow in the world's newest country. %ndeed it should
be said that our futures are interlin,ed li,e a chain.
86hiit #o. 90
?$#L 2<N.%C$N*%AB 3ecurity 2lassification News #eport
Page one of one 2opy one of four
1. *o: J>&
2. .rom: )O
3. #eport No.: )RN6O'
4. Cate of report: J&.J.&J6; 9Hune >&! &NO&:
5. Appendi5:
6. 2opy receivers:
7. 3ource: &ENN
8. <rigin:
N. Cate of incidence: >6.J.&J6; 9Hune &6! &NO&:
10. Cate News received by source: >6.J.&J6; 9Hune &6! &NO&:
11.Cate news received by local operations leader: &O.J.&J6; 9Hune O! &NO&:
12. 3ecurity remar,s:
3ub8ect: Bahis' activities
A meeting of &> Bahis in 3hiraz was held at the home of -assihollah #ohani
under the title of Nafhatollah Publishing 2ommission. After reading hymns and
some pages from the boo, 4Bowh Ahmad4! -r. -assihollah #ohani spo,e about
Bahism and then said: 4<ne or two of you have been seen contacting the
%slamic propaganda personnel. *his must not be repeated. Lou do not
remember that! at the time of #eza 3hah and 3eyed Noureddin! we were
plundered! but #e@a -hah, ver' disma'ed about this affair, secretl' /illed off
some Muslims without the Llema"s /nowledge. -ince he was a real Bah01i and
alwa's supported the Bah01is, the unveiling of women was done in conformit'
with Bah01u1ll0h"s rule and logic."
3unday's comment: 3aturday's statements are confirmed
0ednesday's comment: 3unday's comments are confirmed
)RO's comment: 0ednesday's comments are confirmed
86hiit #o. 94
1. *o: J(&
2. .rom: J)RO
3. #eport No.: J)R>;>NN
4. Cate of report: >N.'.&J6O 9Nov. >;! &N6':
5. Appendi5:
6. 2opy receivers:
7. 3ource: ''>6
8. <rigin: )eard by the source
N. Cate of incidence: >&.'.&J6O 9Nov. &>!&NO':
10. Cate news received by source: >&.'.&J6O
11. Cate news received by local operations leader: >(.'.&J6O 9Nov.
13. 3ecurity remar,s
3ub8ect: 3hiraz Bahis
-r. #a'oofian! a well",nown Bahi in 3hiraz! has said:
"Mr. Amir Abbas $ove'da, supported b' the Lniversal $ouse of 4ustice
and b' +ambala in Africa, governed .ran for 6I 'ears, during which
period the Bah01i communit' achieved considerable progress, and
influential Bah01i persons occupied important positions in .ran and
transferred the countr'"s funds abroad."
3aturday's comment: *he above statements were made due to the recent
incidents and the stagnation in the Bahi activities
3unday's comment: 0ith regard to 3aturday's sincerity! the above statements
are true.
0ednesday's comment: 3unday's comment is confirmed.
.riday's comment: 0ednesday's comment is confirmed
)RO's comment: .riday's comment is confirmed
86hiit #o. 9:
?$#L 2<N.%C$N*%AB
3ecurity 2lassification News #eport
Page one of one 2opy one of four
Page one of <ne
2opy one of four
*o: J>&
1. .rom: )O
2. #eport No.: )ROE6&
3. Cate of report: >;.>.&J6; 9-ay &;! &NO&:
4. Appendi5:
5. 2opy receivers:
6. 3ource: 3ee news report
7. <rigin:
N. Cate of incidence: >.>.&J6; 9April >>! &NO&:
10. Cate news received by source: >.>.&J6;
11. Cate news received by local operations leader: &(.>.&J6; 9-ay (!&NO&:
12. 3ecurity remar,s:
3ub8ect: Bahi activities in Cehbid
<n the evening of >.>.&J6; 9April >>!&NO&: the meeting of Bahis in Cehbid
was held in the home of Amrollah #efahi. -r. Azizollah Bampoosian!
missionary and liaison between the 3hiraz and Cehbid centres! spo,e about
the freedom! independence and recognition of Bahism. )e then mentioned
the teachers' salary! the oil income and the shooting at Bt.1en. .arsio. )e then
tal,ed about $.%. the 3rime Minister"s attendance at the Bah01i centre on the
occasion of the #idv0n festivities and the government"s cooperation e&tended
towards the Bah01i faith in provincial towns.
3unday's comment: 3aturday's comment is confirmed
0ednesday's comment: 3unday's comment is confirmed
)RO's comment: 0ednesday's comment is confirmed
86hiit #o. D>
?$#L 2<N.%C$N*%AB
3ecurity 2lassification News #eport
Page one of one 2opy one of four
1. *o: J>&
2. .rom: )O
3. #eport No.: )REN(E
4. Cate of report: &&.J.&J(O 9Hune &! &NE':
5. Appendi5:
6. 2opy receivers:
7. 3ource: A colleague
8. <rigin: Bahis' meeting
N. Cate of incidence: O.J.&J(O 9-ay >'! &NE':
10. Cate news received by source: O.J.&J(O
11.Cate news received by local operations leader: &;.J.&J(O 9-ay J&! &NE':
12. 3ecurity remar,s:
3ub8ect: Activities of 3hiraz Bahis
At E.J; p.m. on O.J.&J(O 9-ay >'!&NE': the Nafhatollah Publication
2ommission was held at Assembly No. ( located in Assadollah Dudsianzad's
home on *e,yeh Navab. Abbas A/dasi! who was the spea,er of the
2ommission! said:
"$. %. Assadollah Alam, Minister of the #o'al Eourt, has been ver' /ind to us,
particularl' $.%. Amir Abbas $ove'da (a Bah01i and of Bah01i parentage)M ma'
the' both be junior headmen of the Bah01is, and report to the Lniversal $ouse
of 4ustice on their activities. )is )oliness Bahullh has said 'Possession is
nine"tenth of ownership'. ?he .sraeli Aovernment was recogni@ed as the world
champion in the 6<97 war. ;e Bah01is worship the activities of this dear 4ewish
force. ;e are ver' glad that the' will la' down a law for their friends in .ran.
?he activities and progress of us Bah01is is that we have a sp' in ever' office
and ministry in %ran. <nce every wee, when the pro8ects prepared by the
government Fof -r. )oveydaG are reported to 3hahanshah Aryamehr! reports
on the pro8ects reach the Bahi Assemblies. .or instance in the contractor
group! the %ranian Bahi cadre submit their reports every day to the Bahi
holy assembly on the %ranian army! how weapons are imported into %ran and
how the parachutists are trained.4
86hiit #o. D9
News #eport
Page one of one
2opy one of five
1. *o: >&
2. .rom: H'
3. #eport No.: )'R&;'O&
4. Cate of report: >;.6.&J6; 9Aug. &&! &NO&:
5. Appendi5:
6. 2opy receivers:
7. 3ource:
8. <rigin: A member of the National Assembly
N. Cate of incidence: #ecently
10. Cate news received by 3ource: #ecently
11. Cate news received by local operations leader: &N.6.&J6; 9Aug. &;!
12. 3ecurity remar,s:
3ource: Participation in the >6;; years monarchy celebrations
?he Lniversal $ouse of 4ustice has given instructions to the Bational Assembl'
in .ran that the Bah01i residents in .ran should full' participate in the
celebrations to mar/ 5800 'ears of monarch' and see to it that the Bah01is
celebrate the occasion with more splendour than the other religious
3aturday's comment:
;ith regard to the above order, the Bational Assembl' has bought 80
commemorative schools at #.s. 68 million with funds collected from Bah01is
through local assemblies. 2urthermore 80 more schools have been paid for b'
Bonahalan Eompan' and other wealth' Bah01is, including $abib -abet. .n view
of public opinion, however, the names of Bah01is and members of the local
assemblies have not been published in the newspapers.
*uesday's comment: 0ith regard to your letter #ef. J&&RN'; dated N.6.&J6;
9Huly J&! &NO&:! it is understood that the order of the Pniversal )ouse of
Hustice and its implementation by the national assembly will be in compliance
with the above"mentioned letter.
86hiit #o. DD
?ery 2onfidential
3ecurity 2lassification
News #eport
Page one of <ne
2opy one of four
1. *o: J(&
2. .rom: )RO
3. #eport No.: )R&N(NE
4. Cate of report: O.&&.&J6& 9Han. >O! &NOJ:
5. Appendi5
6. 2opy receivers:
7. 3ource: &OEE
8. <rigin:
N. Cate of incidence: >J.&;.&J6& 9Han. &J! &NOJ:
10. Cate news received by source: >J.&;.&J6&
11. Cate news received by local operations leader: >'.&;.&J6; 9Han. &'!
12. 3ecurity remar,s:
3ub8ect: Activities of 3hiraz Bahis
&O 3hiraz Bahis attended a meeting service held in the home of late 2ol.
3habab. At this gathering! after reading hymns! condolences were e5pressed
to the dead man's son. %n reply to a /uestion from one of the attendants at the
meeting! -r. Ardeshir -aster said: "?he late Eol. -habab was an officer of the
-ecurit' Crgani@ation (-ADA+). ;hile he served with -ADA+ in -hira@, he
helped the -hira@ Bah01is ver' much." Bater! in discussions concerning the
Bahi retired people! it was said that the retired persons should attend the
classes teaching missionaries! and instead of sitting idle! they should migrate
and serve the Bahi faith. Army officer #ashidpour said: 4%f the Bahi faith
were official we would no longer be dismayed against other religions! because
when they cannot bring any argument to dismiss Bahism! they say '*hen why
are you not officialV' *hen a few days are needed for us to spea, to them and
convince them.4 ?hen Eol. -habab"s father said "A few 'ears ago,
-hahanshah Ar'amehr decided to give orders concerning official recognition of
Bah01ism. )owever! 1amal Abdul"Nasser! the $gyptian President! found an
e5cuse and said that the 3hah of %ran had become a Bahi and had violated the
%slamic ordinances.4 )e added:4 ?he -hah of .ran follows the same path as laid
down b' $is $oliness Bah01u1ll0h. 3ince it is 1od's decree! it will be carried
out automatically.4
3unday's comment: &. 3aturday's statements are confirmed &. 3aturday's
intention: ?he late Eol. -habab was the former Ehief of the .ntelligence N
-ecurit' Crgani@ation in +horramabad, Jorestan.
0ednesday's comment: 3unday's comment is confirmed.
)RO's comment: 0ednesday's comment is confirmed.
86hiit #o. DE
?$#L 2<N.%C$N*%AB
3ecurity 2lassification News #eport
Page one of one
2opy one of four
1. *o: J>&
2. .rom: )O
3. #eport No.: )R&6>O>
4. Cate of report: >N.N.&J6; 9Cec. >;! &NO&:
5. Appendi5:
6. 2opy receivers:
7. 3ource: &ENN
8. <rigin:
N. Cate of incidence: >(.N.&J6; 9Cec. &6! &NO&:
10. Cate news received by source: >E.N.&J6;
11. Cate news received by local operations leader: >O.N.&J6; 9Cec. &'!
12. 3ecurity remar,s:
3ub8ect: Activities of 3hiraz Bahis
A meeting of &> 3hiraz Bahis was held at -r. 3adi/ )aghiri's home on
3hamshirgarha 3treet! under -r. Ali A,bar %ravani's supervision. After reading
hymns! a person by the name of Ne'matollah )ac,a,i! a O;"year"old man! who
has come to 3hiraz from $sfahan! gave a few letters to -r. 2hehrenegar. Curing
his speech! he said: "?here will be one da' when all the world"s /ings will
come to -hira@ and will bow in the $ol' $ouse. .n 3articular, some people
from the #o'al Eourt secretl' come to -hira@ to visit the -hira@ $ol' house."
)e added: 4% have converted (6; people to Bahism during my life time. Co
not fear any one and continue with your campaign.4 *hen -r. %ravani spo,e for
(6 minutes about Bahism.
-r. 2hehrenegar said: 4.ive of the best Bahis in Abadan and Ahvaz will soon
come to 3hiraz. 1entlemen! loo, carefully at the cards and the seal thereon.4
*he attendants at this meeting were Ali A,bar %ravani! Nassrollah 2hehrenegar!
Ne'matollah )ooshmand! $zatollah )ooshmand! $hsanollah and =a,a,han
-ehdizadeh! Dasem =arimian! Aligoli #ezaee! -ohammad )assan Afghani!
Bi8an =enshan.
3unday's comment: 3aturday's statements are confirmed
0ednesday's comment. 3unday's comment is confirmed
)RO's comment: 0ednesday's comment is confirmed.
86hiit #o. DC
*)$ PN%?$#3AB )<P3$ <. HP3*%2$
Bahi 0orld 2entre
)aifa! %srael
&Jth November &NEO
)oly National Assembly of %ranian Bahis -r. 3heidollah Ar,aneh
%n reply to your letter dated &>th November &NEO! as it has been already notified
to ). $. 3abet! the respected representative of your assembly! this Board
agrees to present the proposed gift to )is %mperial -a8esty. Needless to add
that you will be advised of the outcome in due course.
0ith regards
Pniversal )ouse of Hustice
86hiit #o. D=
?$#L 2<N.%C$N*%AB
Prime -inistry
3tate %ntelligence W 3ecurity <rganization
#e. %lections of the ;orld Bah01i Jeadership Eouncil in .srael
Purpose: .or information of the 1eneral! 2hief of 3A?A=
<n N.>.&J6> 9April >N!&NOJ: elections of nine members of the leadership council
of the 0orld Bahi 2entral Assembly are going to be held in %srael. *he
council will assume leadership of the 0orld Bahi 2entral Assembly for a
period of five years.
.or this purpose! nine members from each Bahi assembly in &&J countries will
travel to %srael to participate in the elections.
.n view of .srael"s recognition in 6<75 of the Bah01i sect as a religion, it
appears that the .sraeli government, b' demonstrating friendl' signs towards
the sect, is endeavouring to e&ploit the Bah01i minorities in other countries,
especiall' in .ran, for political, intelligence and economic purposes.
3eventh <ffice 1eneral
86hiit #o. D,
?$#L 2<N.%C$N*%AB
3ecurity 2lassification
News #eport
Page one of one
2opy of five
1. *o: J>&
2. .rom: 9)>;: &(6>;
3. #eport No.: ()>;R&(E6&
4. Cate of report: &;.6.&J(E 9Aug. &! &NEO:
5. Appendi5:
6. 2opy receivers:
7. 3ource: 2olleagues
1. <rigin:
2. Cate of incidence: #ecently
1. Cate news received by source: 6.6.&J(E 9Huly >O! &NEO:
2. Cate news received by local operations leader: 6.6.&J(E
3. 3ecurity remar,s:
3ub8ect: %ranian Bahis' assistance to the state of %srael
According to information received, over the past month, about #.s. 6,500
million has been collected b' the .ranian Bah01is who intend to remit this sum
ostensibl' to the $ouse of 4ustice in $aifa, but their real intention in remitting
this sum is to aid the .sraeli arm'. A considerable sum of this mone' has been
paid b' $abib -abet. A number of 4ews, too, have assisted the Bah01is in
collecting the mone'. *he owner of a haberdashery shop on North
Hamshidabad Avenue! who is Hewish! has reliable information about the
manner of collection and remittance of the sum to %srael.
<perations leader's comment: %ranian Bahis' activities in %srael's interest is
confirmed. 3ince the Bahis wish for the triumph and strengthening of the 3tate
of %srael! it is not unli,ely that they have collected the funds in %srael's
86hiit #o. D0
?$#L 2<N.%C$N*%AB 3ecurity 2lassification
News #eport
Page one of one
2opy one of four
1. *o: #'>6
2. .rom: ?RJ;;
3. #eport No: ?RJ;;R>;NN6
4. Cate of report: &.&&.&J(' 9Han. >&! &NO;:
5. Appendi5:
6. 2opy receivers:
2opies &!>!J 9'>6:I copy ( filing
7. 3ource: $ast Azerbai8an Police Cept.
8. <rigin:
9. Cate of incidence:
7. Cate news received by source:
8. Cate news received by local operations leader: >'.&;.&J(' 9Han. &'! &NO;:
9. 3ecurity remar,s:
-ome Bah01is are residents of the -tate of .srael, and some persons,
including a person b' the name of #uhollah Moshtagh from -isan village
around ?abri@, travel to that countr', ta/ing with them the aids contributed to
.srael b' this sect. .urthermore! the Bahis! who have installations and
factories in A@erbaijan and other towns, utili@e eHuipment and devices made in
.srael, and b' bu'ing them, the' indirectl' help the econom' of that countr'.
86hiit #o. D4
?$#L 2<N.%C$N*%AB 3ecurity 2lassification
News #eport
Page one of one
2opy one of four
1. *o: J>&
2. .rom: )O
3. #eport No.: )RE;EJ
4. Cate of report: N.&.&J6; 9-arch >N! &NO&:
5. Appendi5:
6. 2opy receivers:
7. 3ource: &ENN
8. <rigin:
N. Cate of incidence: >6.&>.&J(N 9-arch &E!&NO&:
10. Cate news received by source: >6.&>.&J(N
11. Cate news received by local operations leader: O.&.&J6; 9-arch >O!
12. 3ecurity remar,s:
3ub8ect: 3hiraz Bahis
Nine Bahis from Cistrict N attended a meeting at -r. 3hadman's home. *o
begin with! Dasem =arimian read hymns. *hen -r. 2hehrenegar read some
pages from %/an boo,. *hen -r. 3hadman spo,e about the Bahi history. )e
then added that the Bahis have been famed for their chain"li,e bondage
together and for holding the best positions in the country. %n the past! many
Bahis have been martyred. Nearly two thousand were ,illed. At that time!
there was much anarchy! but .ran has now become stable and has become
ver' good for Bah01is. American, .sraeli and our capitalists have penetrated .ran,
and their profits are transferred to the charit' fund. *hose who attended the
meeting included Cr. 3hadman! Ahmad 3amian! $nayatollah -ehdizadeh!
=eramat and Nasser -ehdizadeh! 3edigh =amaee! -assihollah #ohani!
+abihollah Lazdani! +abihollah 2hehrenegar and .arhad Namvari.
3unday's comment: 3aturday's statements are confirmed
0ednesday's comment: he is on leave
)RO's comment: No comment.
86hiit #o. D:
?$#L 2<N.%C$N*%AB
Prime -inistry
3tate %ntelligence W 3ecurity <rganization
C<-$3*%2 %N*$BB%1$N2$ #$P<#*
3ub8ect: 3tatements by )ossein... No.: A &;;R>&>E
Bocation: *ehran Cate of incidence:
3ource of News: && Cate news received: &E.&&.&J((
9.eb. 6! &NEE:
2lassification: B> Cate of report: &E.&&.&J((
) member of the -inistry of .inance and former deputy director
of the 1endarmerie Accounting Cept.! who has close connections with Plema
and the clergy! said:
4<wing to the secret deal to sell %ranian oil to %srael! which was accomplished
by the will of Amir"Abbas )oveyda! %srael has given him &(; thousand s/uare
metres of land in occupied Palestine.4
86hiit #o. E>
?$#L 2<N.%C$N*%AB
3ecurity 2lassification
News #eport
Page of
2opy of
1. *o: O>(
2. .rom: >>(
3. #eport No.. >>(R>&>;
4. Cate of report: >N.&>.&J6J 9-arch >;! &NO6:
5. Appendi5:
6. 2opy receivers:
1. 3ource: >>(R&
2. <rigin: $gyptian 1azette
3. Cate of incidence:
1. Cate news received by source: E.&>.&J6J
2. Cate news received by local operations
3. 3ecurity remar,s:
*he 1eneral 2ommittee for the Boycott of %srael decided to dissolve all Bahi
assemblies in Arab countries and to prohibit their reorganization due to the
large aids given to %srael by the Bahis all over the world.
@genc"&s comment:
3ince only %srael has recognized the Bahi faith! and the Bahis have a shrine
in that country! they try to e5tend huge financial assistances to that country in
order to aid the %sraeli economy.
86hiit #o. E9
@+har/i @mri/"i Magzine% official ne$sletter of the Bahi #ational
@sseml" of Iran. #o. =% 9EE> 29:=9G=D3
>. -essage from the %nternational Assembly
Cear Bahi .riends!
After )is )oliness ?ali Amr decided to strengthen his thirty"year activities by
organizing the first %nternational Bahi 2ouncil! it is of the utmost pleasure
and pride that our godl' friends learn of the progress in the construction of the
building called "A"la" in Mount Earmel, as well as ... development of relations
with the officials of the .sraeli governmentX...
86hiit #o. ED
?$#L 2<N.%C$N*%AB
3ecurity 2lassification
News #eport
2opy one of four
1. *o: J>&
2. .rom: )O
3. #eport No.: )RO6NE
4. Cate of report: &'.>.&J6; 9-ay '! &NO&:
5. Appendi5:
6. 2opy receivers:
7. 3ource: &ENN
8. <rigin:
N. Cate of incidence: &'.(.&J(O 9Huly N! &NE':
10. Cate news received by source: &'.(.&J(O
11. Cate news received by local operations leader: >>.(.&J(O 9Huly &J!
12. 3ecurity remar,s:
3ub8ect: Activities of 3hiraz Bahis
<n &'.(.&J(O 9Huly N!&NE': a Bahi meeting was held at +iaollah
)ooshmand's home. 2ol. A/dassieh said:
";e pride ourselves on our Bah01i religion. ;hen . was in the arm', . used to
respect the Bah01i soldiers, non=commissioned officers and officers. But if a Muslim
person made a complaint against another, . had him whipped. ;e are informed
that -hahanshah Ar'amehr is a Bah01i. ;e Bah01is are all wealth' and will
advance even further."
86hiit #o. EE
?$#L 2<N.%C$N*%AB
3ecurity 2lassification
News #eport
Page one of one
2opy one of four
1. *o: J>&
2. .rom: )O
3. #eport No.: )ROOON
4. Cate of report: >J.(.&J(O 9Huly &(! &NE':
5. Appendi5:
6. 2opy receivers:
7. 3ource: &ENN
8. <rigin:
N. Cate of incidence: &&.>.&J6; 9-ay &! &NO&:
10. Cate news received by source: &&.>.&J6;
11. Cate news received by local operations leader: &>.>.&J6; 9-ay >! &NO&:
12. 3ecurity remar,s:
3ub8ect: Bahis
A meeting of N Bahis from 3hiraz Cistrict &6 was held at -r. .arhang
Azadegan's home! chaired by -r. Boghmani. After reading the letter! -r.
?aliollah Boghmani spo,e about the world's religions! their statistics and the
martyrs of Bahism. )e went on to say: 4*he Bahi gentlemen had better
study more and 8udge by the truth! in order to understand the meaning of
Bahism which en8oys more freedom today. .n the old da's, our Mends could
not sa' the' were Bah01is and could not propagate. ?hose who campaigned
were immediatel' /illed. But, now that such fanaticism has been abandoned,
we now have e&plicit instructions from America and Jondon to promote
dressing and building fashions as well as the women1s being unveiled, so that
Muslims shall ta/e off the veil from their faces.
% made some statements Fto this effectG at -r. -otamed's home! and all the
Bahi girls and boys re8oiced. .n .ran and other Muslim countries, offend the
.slamic nations as far as possible b' appl'ing and promoting fashion, such that
the' should no longer sa' that .mam $usain conHuered the world and Ali rules
the world. Bah01is agree that nationalism has no place in the Atomic Age, the
atom which is made b' Bah01i hands. ;eapons and ammunitions are
manufactured b' our 'ouths in .srael. ?hese Muslims will finall' be annihilated
b' the Bah01is, and the world of $is $oliness Bah01u1ll0h will be promoted.4
3unday's comment: 3aturday's statements are confirmed
0ednesday's comment: 3aturday's statements are confirmed
)RO's comment: 0ednesday's comment is confirmed.
86hiit #o. EC
3ub8ect: Bahism
Bocation: 3hiraz
3ource of News: 1oudarzi
2lassification: B"J
Cate news received: 6.&&.&J(& 9Han. >6! &NEJ:
... )e happened to come across a Bahi who wor,s with the National %ranian
<il 2ompany. *he latter said: "-abet 3asal the well=/nown capitalist was the real
man behind ?e'eb"s e&ecution." )e e5plained that: "-abet 3asal was received
b' $is .mperial Majest' and told him that ?e'eb had been the cause of destruction
of the Bah01i cemetr' and Aolestan 4avid."
*o supplement this information! % refer to my memories from last summer when
=amal 3arvestani! an employee of the -inistry of $ducation! said: ";e Bah01is
avenged the destruction b' Muslims a few 'ears ago of $a@iratul=Guds in ?ehran
on the 2ei@ieh -chool in Gom." A few months before that % heard a 3hiraz Bahi
who said: ";e not onl' avenged the past, but continued the Bah01i issue as far
as land reforms." By that! he meant to infer that the 4land reforms4 issue was
one which had been foreseen and that the idea thereof was from the Bahis.
Cn the whole, the Bah01is believe that the Bah01is" assemblage in Jondon was the
cause of the crises over the past few months as well as the disputes between the
Aovernment and the clerg'.
3unday's comment: As you had been advised before! it is this sect's method
of operation to attribute any positive action anywhere and at any time to
86hiit #o. E=
?$#L 2<N.%C$N*%AB
3ecurity 2lassification
News #eport
Page one of 2opy one of four
1. *o: >(&
2. .rom:>)O
3. #eport No.: J)R&((;N
4. Cate of report: J&.>.&J6O 9-ay >&! &NO':
5. Appendi5:
6. 2opy receivers:
7. 3ource: ''>6
8. <rigin:
N. Cate of incidence: >(.>.&J6O 9-ay &(! &NO':
10. Cate news received by source:
11.Cate news received by local operations leader: >O.>.&J6O 9-ay &O! &NO':
12. 3ecurity remar,s:
3ub8ect: 3hiraz Bahis
At &'.J; on >(.>.&J6O 9-ay &(!&NO': a meeting was held in -r. -assihollah
Lazdani's home! attended by Cavoud #ohani! -assihollah #ohani! -assihollah
Lazdani! -ohammad Ali )ooshmand! Dasem =arimianfard! )adi )ooshmand!
.atollah )ooshmand Dadimi and Hahan )ooshmand.
*o begin with! -assihollah #ohani said: 4*here are strong differences between
the religious fanatics and the Aovernment. *his has given rise to internal
riots. Nobody would have believed that the people's securit' and welfare would
be disrupted so Huic/l'. ?he fact that Bah01is serve with the Ministr' of .mperial
Eourt and the .mperial Eommission has caused the clerical community to
regard the $stablishment with even more suspicion.4 )e added: "Eommunists
will one da' ta/e over .ran. ;e have alread' anticipated this development. ;e
Bah01is are originall' .ranians, but our intelligence and intellect are attached to the
authorities in Jondon and the Lniversal $ouse of 4ustice (in .srael). B' ta/ing
advantage of the situation and through propagation, we ma/e the clerg'
apprehensive towards the government. ;ith these riots in the countr', the nature
of the clerg' is revealed and is not acceptable to the modem communit', as the'
have proved to the people that the clerg' is s'non'mous with saboteurs and
86hiit #o. E,
?$#L 2<N.%C$N*%AB
3ecurity 2lassification
News #eport
Page one of one
2opy one of four
1. *o: J>&
2. .rom: )O
3. #eport No.: )REOJE
4. Cate of report: J;.>.&J(O 9-ay >;! &NE':
5. Appendi5:
6. 2opy receivers:
7. 3ource: 2olleague
1. <rigin: Bahis' meeting
2. Cate of incidence: >'.>.&J(O
1. Cate news received by source: >'.>.&J(O
2. Cate news received by local operations leader: >N.>.&J(O 9-ay &N! &NE':
3. 3ecurity remar,s:
3ub8ect: Activities of 3hiraz Bahis
At 8.00 p.m. on 57.5.6I>7 (Ma' 67, 6<97) a meeting of the Bah01is was held in
$a@iratul=Guds. Mr. Assadollah +hatibi said in a speech 4< 1od! save us from this
country and ,eep us safe. 0e hope that the progress of the Pniversal )ouse of
Hustice will be such that it will one day end all these miseries! because the
connections between the Pniversal )ouse of Hustice and the leaders of the
world is such that L.-. 3resident 4ohnson regularl' congratulates the friends in
.ran. A letter has been received from !r. Brand -cott sa'ing that sufficient mone'
and wealth has been left to us b' the friends in .ran. ?herefore, if we are officiall'
recogni@ed, we will be wealth'. .n this societ', there is not a single Bah01i beggar,
because all the Bahis are educated and are emplo'ed in various capacities.
2ortunatel', Muslims are toda' below the Bah01is, because Muslims are alwa's
bac/ward, just as all Muslim governments are behind other governments."
Mr. Adab, !eput'=Aovernor of Ban/ Melli, spea/ing at the Bah01i Assembl', said
"As long as . am in Ban/ Melli, . shall endeavour to recruit our reHuired personnel
from our brethren. Also, as far as possible, . shall torment and cause the
inconvenience for the Muslim emplo'ees in respect of salaries, fringe benefits and
*he above news is confirmed.
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