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03 2014
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SECTION I: READING COMPREHENSION . Read the text and answer the
questions that Iollow in as much your own words as possible. Avoid yes/no
answers. ( 8 points ).
Born to Albanian parents in Skopje on August 27
1910, Agnes Gonxha
Bejaxhiu, spent her liIe with the poor in India. As a child, she was extremely kind
and gentle and helped whoever she saw in need. At a very young age she made a
promise to her Iather that she would always help others in need.
At the age oI twelve, she made a decision to become a nun. Her
ambition was to help all those in need. Her Iather agreed that it was a marvelous
idea, but explained to her that her liIe as a nun might mean a lonely liIe in a
monastery. She told him that she didnt mind this and so, some years later, when
she was eighteen, she went to Ireland and became a nun.
AIter a Iew months oI training in Dublin, the Church sent her to
Calcutta in 1931. When she Iirst went to India, she wanted to work with poor
people but the Church didnt let her. So, she taught at St. Marys High School
until 1946.
A1. Why did Agnes decide to become a nun? ( 2 points )
A2. How did her Iather react to her decision? ( 2 points )
A3. When she arrived in India, what did she ask the Church to let her do?(2 points)
A4. What did she work as in India until 1946? ( 2 points )
SECTION II: GRAMMAR EXERCISES. Do the Iollowing exercises. ( 8 points ).
A. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or Present Continuous (2
1. They......( watch) a Iilm on tv at the moment.
2. He......( work ) in a bank. Hes a bank clerk.
3. She usually ......( get up ) at 7:30 a.m.
4. John is outside. He.....( wash ) the car.
B .Fill in the correct Iorm oI the adjectives in brackets ( comparative or
superlative ). ( 2 points ).
1. My car is....( big ) than yours.
2. My salary this year is....( bad ) than last year.
3. He was the ...( Iast ) runner oI all.
4. The....( near ) Post OIIice is two kilometers away.
C. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple or Past Continuous.( 2 points)
It all started well when my mum and I went shopping yesterday aIternoon.
It was a bright and sunny day. But while we.....(1)( shop ) around the
supermarket the weather...(2).( change ). And when we....(3)( get ) out
it...(4) ( rain ) heavily.
D. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present PerIect Simple or the Past
simple.( 2 points ).
1.Nick ....( lose) his keys. He.... ( leave ) them on the bus yesterday. .....( not/ sell ) your car yet?
-B: Yes, my cousin.....( give ) me 1500 euros Ior it last week.
Grade, Students Book,
Beginners, Level, p.9,3
par., beginning 'Because I dont... and ending
' every day? ( 4 points )

And May We Wish You All a Long, Cool, PeaceIul Summer.
See You All in September.