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Jonathan DiCamillo

Honors English
Block E
Hamlet Analysis
Hamlet, a character in the play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare, is one of the
most fascinating characters. Every time the reader approaches his lines in the book he is
interpreted differently and becomes a new person. Hamlet is depressed, heroic, afraid, enraged,
immature, and intelligent and he is the most human character in the play. Just like a human, his
emotions change constantly depending on the situation; with everything that he has gone through
would be enough to drive a anyone into pure madness.
When we first approach Hamlet, the queen has just been remarried to her brother in law;
which during the time was incest. The Queen's original husband who was also called Hamlet has
only been dead for a few months. Hamlet is in terrible grief for his father who has just passed
away and cannot even understand how his own mother could have remarried so soon; especially
to her brother in law. Why, she would hang on him as if increase of appetite had grown by what
it fed on; and yet within a month (Act One Scene ii). The new King and the Queen have been
trying to get Hamlet to cheer up despite the fact that he is grieving and depressed for his dead
father; which is normal for a human. Hamlet holds much remorse to the new King who is his
Uncle and now his father. By the time the reader gets to his next lines he is now an angry
Not too much later, Hamlet's friend and guard came to tell him about something that
terrified them while on guard at the castle. Now when the reader approaches Hamlet, his
personality has changed again and he is no longer depressed and filled with grief, but is happy to
see his friends. His friend Horatio and the guards inform Hamlet that they have seen some sort of
phantom that resembles the exact look of Hamlet's father the old King, but he will not talk to
them. Hamlet then went from feeling happy to shock and his grief again and needs to see the
ghost for himself. If it assumes my noble fathers person, Ill speak to it though hell itself gape
and bid my peace (Act One Scene 2). Upon seeing the ghost Hamlet is afraid but insist on
following the ghost to talk to it and see what the possible daemon has to say. The ghost tells
Hamlet that the new King, Claudius which Hamlet already hates has poisoned his father. Hamlet
is now enraged with the King even more and plots his revenge but needs to pretend to be mad to
not draw attention to his plot to kill the King. O villain, villain, smiling damned villain! ... That
one may smile, and smile, and be villain.(Act one scene five).
A little later in the play, we learn more about Hamlet's romantic side through his
infatuation with Polonius's daughter, Ophelia. He has been writing romantic letters to Ophelia,
but Ophelia was told by her father Polonius to stay away from Hamlet and to reject him. The
reader now can see Hamlet as a teenager in love rather than a mad depressed murderer. Since
Hamlet has been pretending to be mad that goes with his false pretext, Polonius suggests to the
King that Hamlets madness is from a broken heart. As he repelled - a short tale to make - fell
into a sadness, then into a fast, thence to a watch, thence into a weakness, thence into a lightness,
and, by this declension, Into the madness wherein now he raves and all we mourn for(Act Two
scene 2).So as a test Polonius had his daughter approach Hamlet in an attempt to find out if she
was truly the source of Hamlets madness, but Hamlet being smart figured it out and reject her
leaving Ophelia feeling terrible.
Later on, Hamlet develops a crafty plan with Horatio to confirm whether what the ghost
said about the King was true. The plays the thing wherein Ill catch the conscience of the
King(Act Two Scene 2 pg 136). He was going to have some actor put on a play that would
reenact his fathers death and if he saw any reaction from Claudius, the rumors would be
confirmed. Claudius after seeing the play understands that he has been found out and shuts down
the play confirming the suspicions. The Queen who was under the impression that Hamlet put on
the play because he was mad asks to speak with him. Claudius sends Polonius to eavesdrop on
their conversation which ends with a tragic outcome. Hamlet her Polonius and kills thinking it
was the King. However his reaction is relatively desensitized. He just tells his mother to get
some sleep while he moves the body into another room. This leaves us changing our view of
Hamlet and thinking maybe he really is going insane or a cold blooded murder who is driven for
revenge and not caring that he just Ophelias father leaving her fatherless just like him.
Overall Hamlet is a very enigmatic character in Hamlet. At one moment he is person who
is kind and friendly and another moment, he is a cold hearted killer. He has no set personality
and after every line in the play, it leads us with a different view of him. After analyzing the
events of the play, there is a question of whether he acted as any normal being would or has he
truly gone mad.