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Ageo Technologies P.

E-582, Palam Extension, Sector 7, Dwarka
New Delhi 110075, India.
Phone : +91 11 25074893
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Installation, Testing with Nitrogen, Vacummizing & Commissioning with
Vaccum pump of Unit for Hi Wall
Nos 1 1100 1100
Drain Piping: Supply,installation,testing and commisioning of rigid PVC
piping complete with fittings, supports as per specifications and duly
insulated with 6 mm thick closed cell nitrile rubber. (assumed 5 FEET
per Unit)
FEET 5 34 170
Outdoor Stand: Wall mounted Stainless Steel (Corrosion resistant stand)
Or Poly - floor mounted stand (Corrosion resistant) for Outdoor unit for Hi
Wall Split AC (MS Stand - Optional @ 550/ unit)
Nos 1 900 900
Imported Copper Piping: Supply, Installation, commisioning of R 410
refrigerant based Interconnecting refrigerant pipe work with (9mm thick)
closed cell elastomeric nitrile rubber tubular insulation between each set
of indoor & outdoor units as per Daikin laid specifications of Copper
makes - MetTube Malaysia & Insulation makes - Totaline/ Superlon/
Armaflex/ Aeroflex (pair of return & supply) for Hi Wall Units (assumed
10 FEET per Unit)
FEET 10 183 1833
Communication Cable: Supply,installation,testing and commisioning of
control cum transmission wiring of suitable capacity of copper between
indoor and out door unit and their remote controllers. (Specified makes
Havells/ Finolex/ Polycab/ Bonton) (communication cable between indoor
and outdoor unit only) (assumed 12 FEET per Unit)
FEET 12 33 400
6 Brick Wall Chassing RMT rate 50 rate
7 RCC Wall/ Floor Chassing RMT rate 100 rate
8 Wall Opening RMT rate 500 rate
Power Cable: Electrical Cable 2.5 Sq mm x 3 core (Havells Make) for main
power supply cable
FEET rate 83 optional
Sales Tax DELHI VAT on 85% of Total Value 85% 12.50% 468
Service Tax VAT on 40% of Total Value 40% 12.36% 218
B 5089
Total of Equipment Price (A) 48107
Approximate Total of Installation/ Low Side Price Per AC (B) 5089
1 Note:
Total Installation
Any variation in the quantities mentioned above shall be adjusted as per unit rate mentioned and actual measurement
Any type of Civil works = Any kind of wall chassing/ floor chasing related masonary, carpentary & falseceiling works, Special M.S.
frame for outdoor units, if required, Wooden frame work and wall opening/ removal of glass in window of for installation of
Airconditioner, insulation works for boxing, if required extra.
2 5/3/2014
Ageo Technologies P. Ltd
E-582, Palam Extension, Sector 7, Dwarka
New Delhi 110075, India.
Phone : +91 11 25074893
Mobile : +91 9810292092
E mail :
Website :
100% advance alongwith order 48107
Advance after instal
For Low Side works 3817 1272
1 Ageo Account Details for RTGS
2 Completion
3 Warranty
4 Validity
5 Limitation to Liability
6 Excise Duty Included
7 VAT Extra
8 Service Tax Extra
Yours Faithfuly
Ageo Technologies Pvt Ltd.
As per manufacturer's standard
valid till 15th May, 2014 and there after subject reconfirmation by us
In no event shall we be liable for liablity any consequential damages/
liquidated damages and/ or losses arising out and connected with this
work in any manner whatsoever
Thanking you and assuring you of our best attention at all times
Roof Insulation and Insulation of Boxing/ Falseceiling, if required
Scaffolding required for Installation works
Terms & Condition
For Equipment = Order and Cheque on 'Ageo Technologies Pvt Ltd'
To be discussed and agreed upon
Ageo Technologies Pvt Ltd
Syndicate Bank, Account No: 91091250000196,
75% advance along with order, 25% on completion of installation against measurements
Consequential Damages & Losses
Any kind of Heating arrangement
Customer to provide - Main Electric Power Supply through a suitable capacity Single Phase/ Three Phase MCB to each Outdoor Unit,
as suitable per specificaton provided
3 5/3/2014