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HP Integrity Superdome

HP Integrity rx8620
HP Integrity rx7620
Management Processor
Lab Exercises Version
lab page ii notice
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Version 2&0 77777777777777& /ote;*aution added to Exercise 2
Version :&0 77777777777& mo.e #rom Virtua' *'ass to Virtua' Lab <HPVL=
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lab page i. notice
Management Processor <MP= *on#iguration&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&6
Asing t"e HP Virtua' Labs&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 2
1"at is HPVLB&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 2
Ho% to 5eser.e Mac"ine<s=&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 2
Steps to Cet t"e 5eser.ation Login In#o&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
Lab E,uipment -ccess Met"ods&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
5esetting Dour Lab E,uipment&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&3
Cetting He'p&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 3
Exercise Summary&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 8
Exercise Summary&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 62
Exercise Summary&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 6
Exercise Summary&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 66
Exercise Summary&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 68
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
Using the HP Virtual Labs lab page 6
Management Processor <MP= *on#iguration
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
lab page 2 Using the HP Virtual Labs
Asing t"e HP Virtua' Labs
What is HPVL?
HPVL pro.ides poo's o# computers contro''ed by a reser.ation system& It a''o%s you to reser.e a
mac"ine or group o# mac"ines in order to comp'ete course 'abs+ or #or setting up sa'es demos to
support t"e HP Sa'es #orce& HPVL %i'' insta'' t"e appropriate operating system and app'ication
so#t%are on your mac"ine& It a'so pro.ides you %it" 'ogin in#ormation and a set o# buttons t"at
connect to your system& !"e set o# buttons is dependent on t"e type o# system p'at#orm&
Mac"ines can be reser.ed up to se.era' days maximum at a time& 9uring t"e reser.ation time+
you %i'' "a.e so'e access to t"e mac"ine+ and a'' c"anges you ma)e %i'' remain untouc"ed&
How to Reserve Machine(s)
6& Asing an internet bro%ser+ go to t"e HPVL %eb siteE
2& Interna' HP users c'ic) Interna' -ccess in t"e 'e#t menu.
:& Se'ect #rom t"e 'e#t pane' t"e appropriate 'in) <HP Emp'oyee Login+ HP *ontractor
Login+ HP *ustomer Login or Sa'es Login= to 'og into HPVL&
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
Using the HP Virtual Labs lab page :
& @or 5egistered users+ enter your Emp'oyee or I9 number and Pass%ord+ t"en
c'ic) t"e SAFMI! button& 8r c'ic) /e% Aser i# t"is is t"e #irst time you "a.e used
t"e HPVL system& Enter your Emp'oyee number and a Persona' Pass%ord or
Sa'es -ccount I9G t"en c'ic) t"e SAFMI! button&
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
lab page Using the HP Virtual Labs
3& Veri#y or enter your user in#ormation& Dour time Hone %i'' be set automatica''y #rom
t"e pc i# t"is is your #irst time using HPVL& I# you are a'ready registered t"e time
Hone %i'' be auto c"ec)ed against your pc& Ma)e corrections and c'ic) t"e Apdate
button+ or c'ic) t"e /o *"ange button&
6& Dou can #ind 'ab exercises under t"e !raining List by P'at#orm+ at t"e 'e#t& Se'ect
t"e p'at#orm&
7& In t"e tab'e o# courses+ c'ic) t"e name o# t"e exercise&
8& *"oose a start date and c'ic) t"e 5eser.e button& !"is s"o%s a ca'endar o#'ab'e time s'ots& 5E9 indicates no systems are'ab'e on t"at day& 1"en
you c'ic) on *HE*I next to a day+ t"e screen %i'' disp'ay a 2("our sc"edu'e
based on your time Hone setting& Se'ect 5ESE5VE next to t"e "our you %is" to
start& Veri#y t"e in#ormation on t"e *on#irm 5eser.ation screen and c'ic) 5eser.e&
2& Dou s"ou'd do%n'oad and any course materia' be#ore running your 'ab&
Steps to Get the Reservation Login n!o
6& *onnect to t"e HPVL 5eser.ation System as described in steps 6(3 in JHo% to
5eser.e Mac"ine<s=K&
2& *'ic) t"e My 5eser.ations 'in) in t"e 'e#t menu&
:& Ma)e sure t"e status 'isted is LSystem 5eadyM+ and t"e reser.ation co'or is green&
& *'ic) LoginN5eady to get 'ogin in#ormation #or reser.ed system<s=& Dou may %ant
to print a copy o# t"e Login In#o Screen #or re#erence&
Dou s"ou'd a'so t"e @-O;He'p+ as t"is may inc'ude additiona' system
in#ormation or suggestions to so'.e common prob'ems&
Lab "#uip$ent %ccess Metho&s
Fe'o% are t"e buttons you may #ind on your 'abMs 5eser.ation *onnection Inter#ace screen&
@or eac" one+ a mouse( pop(up te''s you %"ic" 'ogin and pass%ord to use&
I# you c"oose to connect to a 'ab system on your o%n+ ensure t"at you use t"e correct IP
address <and port number+ i# app'icab'e=& !"is in#ormation is'ab'e on t"is screen&
*'ic) to open a te'net connection to t"e L-/ CSP;MP port
o# a P-5IS* or Integrity
*'ic) to open a Crap"ica' Aser Inter#ace session inside a
%eb bro%ser %indo%& !"is is main'y used #or HP(A4 and Linux ser.ers&
*'ic) to connect to t"e integrated Lig"ts 8ut %eb inter#ace
o# a ProLiant It a''o%s access to t"e conso'e+ as %e'' as remote po%er
*'ic) to open a te'net connection to t"e system conso'e o#
a P-(5IS* or Integrity !"ere are t%o stepsE @irst+ you must 'ogin %it" your
system name and root pass%ord to t"e net%or) HPVL uses to inter#ace t"e
L-/ %it" seria' ports o# 'ab systems& 8nce 'ogged in+ "it Enter to get t"e system
conso'e prompt&
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
Using the HP Virtual Labs lab page 3
*'ic) to open a te'net connection to a 'ab or net%or) !"is %i'' use your P*Ms de#au't te'net c'ient so#t%are&
Resetting 'our Lab "#uip$ent
I#+ during t"e course o# your %or)+ your 'ab e,uipment cras"es+ "angs+ or becomes unstab'e+ you
"a.e t"e option o# re,uesting an automated rebui'd o# t"at system to its origina' state <as initia''y
de'i.ered %it" your reser.ation=&
?ust c'ic) on t"e button on t"e extreme rig"t side o# t"e system ro% in t"e
P5eser.ation *onnection Inter#aceP screen+ and c'ic) J8IK to con#irm& P'ease be a%are t"at t"is
operation may ta)e #rom :0 minutes to a #e% "ours depending on t"e con#iguration& Dou %i''
recei.e emai' noti#ication %"en t"e rebui'd is comp'ete&
Getting Help
Frequently asked questions
@or most 'abs+ t"e P5eser.ation *onnection Inter#aceP screen s"o%s <top 'e#t= a button pointing
to a 'ab(speci#ic @&-&O& P'ease be sure to read it be#ore ca''ing t"e He'p 9es)&
HPVL Help Desk
!o get assistance+ p'ease use t"is #orm
a'so'ab'e #rom HPVL %eb pages #ooter or 'e#t menu&
MP !"e Management Processor
<MP= is an independent support processor #or
t"e rx8620 or rx7620 and Integrity Superdome t"at pro.ides ma$or system
manageabi'ity capabi'ities& 1it" c"assis po%er on+ t"e MP is a'%ays on+ enab'ing
mu'tip'e users %it" mirrored simu'taneous conso'e access .ia 'oca' and remote
5S2:2 connections+ or net%or) access .ia te'net or t"e 1eb& Aser access is
contro''ed .ia user Ids and pass%ords+ %it" : di##erent 'e.e's o# access&
8n a mu'ti(partition system suc" as t"e rx8620 or rx7620+ eac" partition can be
managed separate'y+ pro.iding contro' and access to in#ormation associated %it"
a particu'ar partition+ inc'uding Virtua' @ront Pane' and system e.ent 'ogs& Eac"
partition may be reset indi.idua''y&
Initia' partition con#iguration+ ca''ed t"e comp'ex pro#i'e+ is done t"roug" t"e MP&
In ear'y .ersions+ t"e MP %as ca''ed t"e JCuardian ProcessorK or CSP&
Fe a%are t"at some documentation <as %e'' as some customers= may sti''
inad.ertent'y use t"e CSP name& Simp'y trans'ate t"is to mean MP&
!"e prompt t"at %i'' appear on t"e termina' %i'' be JMPQK #or t"e JManagement
Processor&K @or t"e remainder o# t"e exercises in t"is 'ab and in subse,uent 'abs+
t"is management too' %i'' be re#erred to as JMPK #or t"e Management Processor
#irm%are uti'ities+ and #or t"e inter#ace on t"e *ore I;8 board #or t"e Master *e''&
In ear'y .ersions+ t"e MP %as ca''ed t"e JCuardian ProcessorK or CSP& !"e term MP %i'' be used
t"roug"out t"is document&
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
lab page 6 Using the HP Virtual Labs
( !"e menu and prompt disp'ay #or Integrity Superdome s"ou'd 'oo) 'i)eE
CO: Consoles
VFP: Virtual Front Panel
CM: Command Menu
CL: Console Logs
SL: Show Event Logs
F: Firmware U!date
"E: "el!
#: E$it Conne%tion
( !"e menu and prompt disp'ay #or HP2000 Superdome+ rp800;rx8620 and
rp760;rx7620 s"ou'd 'oo) 'i)eE
CO: Consoles
VFP: Virtual Front Panel
CM: Command Menu
CL: Console Logs
SL: Show Event Logs
"E: "el!
#: E$it Conne%tion
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
Using the HP Virtual Labs lab page 7
Exercise ~ : 1Introduction to MP Coands
*'ic) to open a te'net connection to t"e L-/ CSP;MP port o# a P-5IS*
or Integrity
-t t"e JMP 'oginEK prompt + enter user JMP-dminK
-t t"e JMP pass%ordEK prompt+ enter t"e pass%ord t"at is s"o%n on t"e 5eser.ation Inter#ace
screen& !"is %i'' ta)e you to t"e JMPQK prompt&
!"#E: -t t"is point bot" partitions may be or may not be booted to an 8S&
C$%#I"!: P'ease S"utdo%n t"e 8S o# a'' partitions be#ore proceeding&
-t t"e JMP(K prompt+ enter t"e command co and se'ect t"e #o''o%ing one partition a#ter
t"e ot"erE
In case you are at t"e E@I 'e.e'+ t"ere is not"ing to do
I# you are in 1indo%sE "it t"e JEnter;5eturnK )ey and i# t"e JS-*K prompt is returned+
type t"e command s&utdo'n& !"e partition %i'' "a't at FIF& I# t"e JS-*K prompt is not
returned+ c"ec) t"e partition state by .ie%ing t"e V@P menu& 5e#er to Exercise : i#
HP(A4E 'og in as user JrootK and at t"e root prompt issue t"e #o''o%ing commandE
s&utdo'n (& ) 1ait unti' t"e message Jit is 8I to po%er o##K be#ore continuing&
*tep 1+1 -t t"e JMP(K prompt+ i# t"e JMain MenuK is not sti'' disp'ayed on your screen+ press
!"is s"ou'd re(disp'ay t"e Main Menu <you can ignore t"e Jp'ease try
againK disp'ayed by t"e MP=&
!"e Main Menu 'oo)s 'i)eE
CO: Consoles
VFP: Virtual Front Panel
CM: Command Menu
CL: Console Logs
SL: Show Event Logs
"E: "el!
#: E$it Conne%tion
*tep 1+, -t t"e JMP(K prompt+ enter t"e command &e and press Enter to see J"e'p&K
NOTE: t"e JMPE HELPQK prompt "as options& !"ese %i'' be used as t"e 'ab
*tep 1+- Enter t"e command li to J'istK t"e commands& /ote t"e #irst c"aracter is 'o%er
case JLK&
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
lab page 8 Using the HP Virtual Labs
( !a)e a #e% minutes to examine t"e purpose o# t"e commands& Many o# t"ese %i''
be used in t"e #o''o%ing steps&
( /ote t"at t"e commands are grouped into categories&
( -t t"e end o# eac" ma$or command category+ you %i'' be prompted t"at t"ere is
JM85E He'pK& Press Enter to disp'ay t"e additiona' in#ormation unti' you #ina''y
are returned to t"e JMP)H"LP(K prompt&
*tep 1+. -t t"e JMP) H"LP(K prompt+ enter date to recei.e in#ormation on setting t"e MP
date and time&
( 1"i'e at t"e JMP)H"LP(K prompt+ you can re,uest detai'ed "e'p %it" any MP
*tep 1+/ !ype t"e 'etter q and press Enter to J,uitK #rom t"e JHELPK option&
( Dou s"ou'd no% be bac) at t"e JMP(K prompt& I# not+ enter a to return to t"e
main menu&
*tep 1+0 -t t"e JMP(K prompt+ enter date&
( Dou s"ou'd recei.e a Jp'ease try againK message+ a'ong %it" t"e Main Menu&
( !"is occurred because you must #irst enter t"e *ommand Menu to enter
*tep 1+1 Enter c to reac" t"e *ommand Menu&
( !"e term J*ommand MenuK is a 'itt'e mis'eading+ since no menu is disp'ayed+
simp'y a ne% promptE JMP)*M(K&
( !"is is t"e MP *ommand Menu prompt&
( 1" you are at t"e MP *ommand Menu prompt+ you can disp'ay a 'ist o#'ab'e commands by entering &e&
( !o get detai'ed "e'p on a speci#ic command+ you must return to t"e Main Menu
*tep 1+2 -t t"e JMPE*MQK prompt+ enter date&
- -#ter entering a command+ t"e #irst 'ine <or #irst #e% 'ines= disp'ays a brie#
description o# t"e command+ #o''o%ed by t"e command output&
- In t"is case+ #o''o%ing t"e command description t"e current date is disp'ayed
#o''o%ed by a prompt t"at as)s %"et"er you %ant to c"ange t"is setting&
- !"is type o# interaction is common %it" t"e .arious MP commands t"at a''o% you
to c"ange con#iguration settings&
*tep 1+3 Enter n at t"e date c"ange prompt and a'so t"e time c"ange prompt&
*tep 1+1) -t t"e JMP)*M(K prompt+ enter ma to return t"e Main Menu&
"+ercise Su$$ar,
In t"is exercise+ you %ere introduced to MP commands and t"e on'ine
He'p system&
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
Using the HP Virtual Labs lab page 2
!"e "e'p system pro.ides descriptions o# a'' MP commands'ab'e on
t"e system&
!o enter most MP commands+ you must be in t"e *ommand Menu&
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
lab page 60 Using the HP Virtual Labs
Exercise ~ : 1Virtual Front Panel and E4ent Lo5s
"4er4ie': !"e MP is an in.a'uab'e resource #or troub'es"ooting and diagnostics& It pro.ides a
remote .ie% o# t"e system @ront Pane' <ca''ed a Virtua' @ront Pane'= to disp'ay t"e
current state o# t"e system or indi.idua' partitions %it"in t"e system& It is a'so
possib'e to access e.ent 'ogs+ %"ic" pro.ide direct in#ormation on past and
current "appenings on t"e system&
!"e V@P and E.ent 'ogs are accessed #rom t"e MP Main MenuE
CO: Consoles
VFP: Virtual Front Panel
CM: Command Menu
CL: Console Logs
SL: Show Event Logs
"E: "el!
#: E$it Conne%tion
*tep ,+1+ -t t"e JMPQK prompt+ enter 46p
( !"e Virtua' @ront Pane' <V@P= simu'ates t"e disp'ay pane' #ound on t"e #ront o#
many sing'e partition ser.ers& !"e V@P pro.ides a 'i.e disp'ay o# t"e ma$or state
o# partitions and t"eir ce''s+ rea'(time #eedbac) on t"e resu'ts o# system
e.ents and user actions& It a'so s"o%s #or%ard progress during boot by indicating
"o% many c"assis 'ogs "a.e been recei.ed #rom ce''s and partitions since t"e
boot started&
( Dou s"ou'd see a menu o# partitions and an JsK <system= option&
*tep ,+,+ Enter partition number 0&
( Dou are presented %it" a disp'ay s"o%ing t"e partition state <and number o#
associated 'ogs= and ce'' state #or a'' ce''s %it"in t"e partition <and associated
*tep ,+-+ *"ange #rom Partition .ie% to System .ie% by typing Js
*tep ,+.+ !ype t"e 'etter JpK and se'ect anot"er partition&
( 1"en you "a.e #inis"ed .ie%ing t"e Virtua' @ront Pane'+ enter J78K <contro'(F= to
return to t"e MP Main Menu&
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
Using the HP Virtual Labs lab page 66
*tep ,+/+ -t t"e JMP(K prompt+ enter cl to access t"e conso'e 'og&
( Dou s"ou'd see a menu o# partitions+ *'ear 'og J*K option+ and JOK Ouit option&
( Se'ect a partition <e&g )9 to .ie% t"e paritionMs conso'e 'og&
( !"e conso'e 'og is a bu##er o# in#ormation t"at "as been disp'ayed to t"e conso'e
during recent acti.ity&
( 1"i'e disp'aying t"e conso'e 'og+ pressing ! <or Enter= %i'' disp'ay t"e next screen
o# in#ormation+ P disp'ays t"e pre.ious screen+ and 78 returns you to t"e MP Main
( !"e conso'e 'og is .ery "e'p#u' in troub'es"ooting and diagnostics& -n error
message t"at "as scro''ed o## t"e disp'ay can be "ere more t"oroug"'y&
!"is can pro.ide in#ormation #or a ,uic) response to a prob'em&
*tep ,+0+ 1"en you "a.e #inis"ed bro%sing t"e conso'e 'og+ enter J78K <contro'(F= to
return to t"e MP Main Menu&
*tep ,+1+ -t t"e JMPQK prompt+ enter sl to S"o% E.ent Logs&
( !"e E.ent Log Menu is disp'ayed& !"ree 'ogs are'ab'eE
@or%ard Progress Log R t"is 'og %i'' be t"e 'argest 'og& !"is
'og inc'udes e.eryt"ing in t"e System E.ent Log p'us e.ents generated
by so#t%are& !"is 'og %i'' "a.e t"e most detai' o# a'' 'ogs& E.ents o#
J'esser importanceK can be #ound in t"is 'og
System E.ent R t"is 'og contains errors+ #ai'ures+ and e.ents
t"at are considered JimportantK to t"e "ea't" o# t"e
Li.e E.ents R E.ents are disp'ayed as t"ey occur&
( -#ter se'ecting a 'og to disp'ay+ you %i'' enter t"e J'og .ie%erK %"ic" enab'es you to
contro' %"at is disp'ayed and "o% t"e in#ormation is disp'ayed&
( In t"e 'og .ie%er+ mo.ement t"roug" t"e 'og is contro''ed by pressing one o# t"e
#o''o%ing )eysE
F R disp'ay #irst <o'dest b'oc)=
L R 9isp'ay 'ast <ne%est b'oc)=
: R ?ump to and disp'ay speci#ied b'oc)&
; (( disp'ay next b'oc)&
< (( disp'ay pre.ious b'oc)&
Enter R repeat pre.ious S;( command
78 R Exit .ie%er&
( @ormat is contro''ed by pressing one o# t"e #o''o%ing )eysE
= R Iey%ord #ormat& S"o%s se.era' entries per screen&
# R !ext #ormat& More readab'e t"an Iey%ord #ormat+ but
disp'ays #e%er entries per screen&
( @i'tering is contro''ed by pressing one o# t"e #o''o%ing )eysE
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
lab page 62 Using the HP Virtual Labs
$ R @i'ters based on -'ert Le.e'
C R @i'ters based on *e''
% R !urns o## #i'tering
*tep ,+2+ Ase t"e #o''o%ing commands to reboot t"e %"i'e %atc"ing c"assis
codes+ using t"e V@P and 'i.e 'og #unctions o# t"e MP&
( 1"en bringing a partition up+ it is use#u' to open t"ree %indo%s&
*tep -+2+1 Start : !e'net connections to t"e MP&
*tep -+2+1 In one o# t"e %indo%s+ start t"e P'i.e 'ogP #unction o# t"e c"assis code .ie%er&
Exaple: @rom t"e MPMs main menuE PslK
*tep -+2+1
*tep -+2+1 l+ u +k+ P& ( un!iltere&- .e,wor&)&
*tep 2+1
( In t"e second %indo%+ start t"e V@P in System mode&
( C$%#I"!E 8e6ore 6ollo'in5 t&e next procedure> ake sure t&e
"peratin5 *yste 6or t&e partition t&at 'ill ?e reset is s&ut do'n+
( In t"e t"ird %indo% enter t"e command menu& !ype t"e #o''o%ing reset command
JrrK and se'ect t"e partition t"at "as "ad t"e 8S s"utdo%n& 8bser.e t"e c"assis
codes t"at are sent to t"e P'i.e 'ogP %indo%&
( -#ter t"e partition reac"es FIF+ use t"e JboK command to re'ease FIF&
*tep ,+11+ Enter sel to .ie% t"e System E.ent Log&
( Asing t"e mo.ement+ #ormat+ and #i'ter contro's described abo.e+ examine se.era'
entries in t"e 'og&
( 1"en you "a.e #inis"ed bro%sing t"e e.ent 'og+ enter TF to exit t"e .ie%er and
return to t"e MP Main Menu&
"+ercise Su$$ar,
!"e Virtua' @ront Pane' and System E.ent Logs are in.a'uab'e resources
#or troub'es"ooting and diagnostics&
!"e MP pro.ides access to t"ese resources&
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
Using the HP Virtual Labs lab page 6:
Exercise ~ : 1MP *tatus and In6orational Coands
"4er4ie': Fased upon #unctiona'ity+ t"e commands'ab'e at t"e JMPK prompt can be
organiHed into t"e #o''o%ing categoriesE
Status commands
System and -ccess *on#iguration commands commands
!"is and t"e next t"ree exercises %i'' exp'ore t"e MP commands based on t"ese
categories& /ote t"at t"e categories are simp'y 'ogica' groups and do not "a.e
any e##ect on "o% t"e command is executed&
Status commands are meant to s"o% t"e status o# t"e and components&
!"ese commands %i'' not c"ange t"e con#iguration&
*tep -+1 -t t"e JMP(K prompt+ enter cm to enter t"e *ommand Menu&
*tep -+, -t t"e JMP)*M(K prompt+ enter t"e command ls <'o%er(case JLK= to see t"e
JL-/ statusK in#ormation&
( 1"at is t"e current IP addressB NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
( Is t"e L-/ Jup and runningBK NNNNNNNNNN
*tep -+- Enter t"e command ps at t"e JMP)*M(K prompt&
( !"is command is t"e main source o# po%er and "ard%are con#iguration and status
( !"e command initia''y disp'ays ma$or components #ound on t"e system+ #o''o%ed
by a menu o# items& Se'ecting an item #rom t"is menu disp'ays detai'ed
in#ormation about t"at particu'ar item&
*tep -+. Se'ect an item #rom t"e menu and respond to prompts to .ie% t"e associated
*tep -+/ 5epeat t"e ps command unti' you "a.e .ie%ed in#ormation about a'' ma$or
*tep -+0 1"en #inis"ed+ enter J78K <contro'(F= to return to t"e MP Main Menu& !ype *M
to return to JMPE*MQK prompt&
*tep -+1 Enter t"e cp command&
( !"is command disp'ays t"e system J*omp'ex Pro#i'eK+ s"o%ing t"e current
assignment o# ce''s to partitions&
( 8t"er Status *ommands inc'udeE
de R 9isp'ays entity status in#ormation&
du R 9isp'ays status in#ormation o# de.ices on t"e bus&
*tep -+2 Exp'ore t"e ot"er status commands 'isted abo.e&
( In addition to t"e Status commands+ t"ere are a'so se.era' commands t"at are
pro.ide in#ormation but do not c"ange con#iguration& E.en t"oug" t"e on'ine "e'p
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
lab page 6 Using the HP Virtual Labs
groups t"ese commands into anot"er category+ t"ey %i'' be co.ered under t"is
*tep -+3 Enter t"e sysre4 command&
( !"is command disp'ays re.ision in#ormation about programmab'e de.ices and
*tep -+1) Enter t"e i6 command&
( !"is command disp'ays in#ormation about t"e MP net%or) inter#ace and "as t%o
#orms o# outputE brie# and .erbose& !ry bot" to see t"e di##erence&
*tep -+11 Enter t"e '&o command&
( !"is command disp'ays a 'ist o# users t"at are current'y 'ogged in to t"e MP& !"is
is use#u' i# a reset o# t"e MP is re,uired+ since an MP reset %i'' #orce users o## t"e
*tep -+1, Enter t"e d6 command&
( !"is command disp'ays @5A in#ormation #or a se'ected entity on t"e system&
"+ercise Su$$ar,
MP Status commands pro.ide in#ormation about system components or
t"e o.era''
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
Using the HP Virtual Labs lab page 63
Exercise ~ : 1MP *yste and $ccess Con6i5uration Coands
"4er4ie': !"ese commands are used to bot" disp'ay con#iguration in#ormation as %e'' as
c"ange t"at con#iguration& In genera'+ t"e ma$ority o# t"ese commands are used
#or initia' setup&
*tep .+1 Enter t"e command it&
( !"is command is used to c"ange t"e amount o# time t"e MP %i'' %ait #or input
%"i'e executing a command& !"is is ca''ed t"e Inacti.ity !imeout& 1"en
command execution begins and t"e con#igured time "as e'apsed %it" no input+
t"e MP aborts t"e command&
( !"is is necessary to pre.ent users #rom being inad.ertent'y J'oc)ed outK #rom
executing commands&
( MP conso'es are mirrored and input is not a''o%ed #rom mirrors during t"e
execution o# a command& I# a user enters a command but does not comp'ete t"e
command+ ot"er users are b'oc)ed& !"e timeout pre.ents t"is #rom "appening
'onger t"an t"e con#igured duration&
*tep .+, Enter a ne% timeout .a'ue one minute 'onger t"an t"e current setting&
*tep .+- Ase t"e pd command to set or c"ange t"e Jde#au't partition&K
( Many commands per#orm t"eir action on a sing'e partition& @or t"ese
commands+ t"e user is prompted to enter a partition number& Asua''y+ no de#au't
.a'ue is indicated <or accepted= #or t"e partition #or t"ese commands& 1"en a
de#au't partition is set+ t"ese commands prompt #or a partition+ but indicate a .a'ue
t"at %i'' be used simp'y by pressing Enter&
( !"e pd command on'y a##ects t"e session #or %"ic" it is set& 1"en t"at session
terminates+ so does t"e de#au't setting&
( !"is command can sa.e time #or users interacting repeated'y %it" a sing'e
*tep .+. Ase t"e sa command to c"ange t"e remote access setting #or t"e modem <i&e&+ i# it
is on+ turn it o## or i# o##+ turn it on=&
( !"e sa command contro's remote access to t"e MP #or a'' de.ices& !"is inc'udes
te'net t"e L-/+ direct connect to t"e 'oca' conso'e port+ remote connect .ia
modem+ or t"e L-/ using a 1eb Fro%ser& !"e 1eb bro%ser can be
con#igured to be open or to use SSL&
NOTE: While at the /sa/ $enu 0 /DO NOT DISABLE TELNET'"
*tep .+/ Enter t"e so command&
( !"is command is used to con#igure user security options&
( 1"en t"e system is s"ipped #rom t"e #actory+ on'y de#au't users <and pass%ords=
are set #or accessing t"e MP&
( !"is command enab'es users to be con#igured& Eac" user "as its o%n pass%ord&
Eac" user can be 'imited to JuserK 'e.e' <not a''o%ed to c"ange most con#iguration
settings= or to JadministratorK 'e.e' <%it" #u'' access=&
( Asers can a'so be 'imited to per#orming operations on speci#ied partitions&
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
lab page 66 Using the HP Virtual Labs
( In addition to con#iguring users+ MP %ide settings can a'so be c"anged+ inc'uding
'ogin timeout+ number o# pass%ord #au'ts a''o%ed be#ore t"e associated user is
*tep .+0 @so@ Coand ( *"ange Juser parametersK+ adding yourse'# as a Jsing'e partition
userK %it" access to your assigned partition&
( Asing anot"er connection to t"e MP <eit"er anot"er te'net session or 1eb
Fro%ser= 'og in to t"e MP using your ne% user t"at %as $ust con#igured&
( Log o## t"e MP #or t"is ne% user&
*tep .+1 Enter a to return to t"e MP Main Menu&
*tep .+2 -t t"e JMP(K prompt+ re,uest "e'p #or t"e xd command R &e AD&
( !"e xd command accesses MP diagnostics and MP resets&
*tep .+3 5eturn to t"e *ommand Menu J*MK&
*tep .+1) Ase t"e L-/ Status command <ls= to get t"e IP address #or t"e MP L-/ Cate%ay&
*tep .+11 Enter t"e xd command
( JPingK t"e Cate%ay&
*tep .+1, Ase xd to reset t"e MP&
( !"is %i'' reset t"e MP+ re,uiring you to 'og bac) in #or t"e #o''o%ing exercises&
"+ercise Su$$ar,
*ommands not co.ered in t"e exercise inc'udeE
cc R Initiates a *omp'ex *on#iguration& !"is command is used to
initia'iHe partition settings& I# executed a#ter partitioning "as been
per#ormed+ t"is can J%ipe outK partition in#ormation& I# a partition
comp'ex is reset+ t"e pre.ious comp'ex pro#i'e is retained a''o%ing #or
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
Using the HP Virtual Labs lab page 67
Exercise ~ : 1 MP *er4ice Coands
"4er4ie': t"ese commands per#orm Jser.iceK operations+ suc" as resetting a partition&
Dou "a.e actua''y a'ready seen se.era' commands in t"is category+ suc" as date&
!"is exercise %i'' #ocus on commands t"at initiate a system boot&
6& -t t"e JMPQK prompt+ enter t"e r command to reset t"e modem&
2& -t t"e prompt to Jreset the re$ote support $o&e$?K enter t"e 'etter y
( !"e message o# J*o$$an& e+ecution $a, ta.e 12 secon&sK %i'' appear& t"e command %i'' #ai' because t"ere is no modem connected to t"e
:& Enter t"e rs command and se'ect speci#ic partition to send a JresetK
signa' to t"e se'ected partition&
( /ote t"e message t"at t"is command Jirrecoverabl, halts all s,ste$ processing
3K Ase t"is command %it" caution on a production system&
& -t t"e prompt to Jcon!ir$ intention to restart7K enter t"e 'etter y
( Permit t"e to reboot to t"e E@I JS"e''QK prompt be#ore comp'eting t"e next
steps& Enter 78 to return to t"e MP&
3& -t t"e JMPQK prompt+ enter t"e command tc Jreset t"e system .ia
!rans#er o# *ontro'&K
/ote t"e message on t"e disp'ay is simi'ar to t"e message #or JrsK
command abo.e
6& Parper command& @rom t"e *MQ prompt+ execute t"e @parper@
command and restrict access JnK&
- !"is command %i'' unrestrict access o# a partition %it"in t"e
*omp'ex to modi#y critica' partition parameters&
- /ote %"at t"ese restrictions are #rom t"e #o''o%ing screen grabE
Enter ' to confirm? the reset.
The results of this command will be the same as the rs command above
[ror-m! "#:$"% parperm
This command confi&ures n#artition $onfi&uration #rivile&e.
'()*+*,: 'hen n#artition $onfi&uration #rivile&e is unrestricted-
confi&uration commands issued by one partition can affect
the confi&uration of another partition. 'hen this privile&e
is restricted- confi&uration commands issued by a partition
cannot affect power or partition assi&nment of hardware not
already assi&ned to the partition
n#artition $onfi&uration #rivile&e is currently unrestricted.
( &

200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
lab page 68 Using the HP Virtual Labs
"+ercise Su$$ar,
MP *ommands are used to contro' t"e system a#ter
con#iguration is comp'ete&
In t"is exercise+ you uti'iHed .arious commands to reset a'' or a portion o#
t"e system&
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
Using the HP Virtual Labs lab page 62
Exercise ~ : 1IPMI and BE8 Console **L $ccess
"4er4ie': !o enab'e IPMI access into t"e MP #rom an externa' source and to enab'e t"e SSL
<Secure Soc)et Layer= mode o# t"e 1EF *onso'e <8'ympia;Eiger 8n'y=&
1"ereas IPMI access to t"e MP is supported on a'' t"ree p'at#orms <8'ympia+
Eiger+ and Integrity Superdome=+ at t"is time t"e Integrity Superdome &oes not
support t"e 1EF *onso'e&
*tep 0+1 @rom t"e PcmQP prompt on t"e MP execute t"e @sa@ command&
*tep 0+, Enab'e @IPMI@ access
*tep 0+- Asing t"e @so@ command se'ect t"e @IPMI@ pass%d option+ and set it to t"e
pass%d t"at %as gi.en to you by your instructor&
*tep 0+. 8n t"e 8'ympia;Eigers on'yE enab'e t"e secure mode o# t"e 1EF *onso'eE
$"% sa
This command displays and allows modification of access
T - Telnet access : Enabled.
" - "odem access : .isabled.
( e) Console : Ena)led *SSL a%tive+,
* - *etwork .ia&nostics : .isabled.
+ - +#"+ /an access : Enabled.
0elect access mode to chan&e : w
The followin& options are available for 'eb access:
- 'eb access disabled
1 - 'eb access enabled
2 - 0ecure web access enabled
- Ma)e sure t"at t"e 'ine describing 1eb *onso'e access is not on'y
enab'ed+ but a'so set to SSL <option :=&
*tep 0+/ @CC@ command ( generate certi#icate #or SSL <8'ympia;Eiger on'y=&
( I# t"is is t"e #irst time t"at SSL 1eb *onso'e access "as been enab'ed+ t"e c5
command must be run&
( @or t"e purpose o# t"is 'ab+ use any desired in#ormation to ans%er a'' t"e
,uestions <$ust ma)e it up as you go=& E'se+ at t"e customer site you may need to
ac,uire t"e in#ormation necassary to ans%er a'' o# t"e ,uestions in.o'.ed in
generating t"e SSL certi!icate4.e,pair para$eters5
*tep 0+0 Asing an Internet Exp'orer 1eb bro%ser (6l,$pia4"iger 6nl, =+ 'og into t"e
MP using t"e #o''o%ing A5L #ormatE https://#.#.#.# (ip a&&ress o! the MP
that can be obtaine& !ro$ the 7MPE*MQ 'c8 co$$an&)
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
lab page 20 Using the HP Virtual Labs
( Set t"e emu'ation type to PV!600 PLAS emu'ationP&
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
Using the HP Virtual Labs lab page 26
Exercise ~ : ,$dditional Mac&ine *peci6ic Coan
"4er4ie': !"e MP command en.ironment is a'most identica' bet%een t"e t"ree
Integrity ser.ers <8rca+ 8'ympia and t"e Eiger= %it" t"e exception o# a #e%
commands& In t"is exercise you %i'' see %"at t"ese di##erences are+ and %i'' a'so
"a.e an opportunity to run t"e commands t"at are uni,ue to t"e 'ab system you
are assigned&
!"ese are t"e commands t"at uni,ue to t"e system t"ey are 'isted byE
"lypiaDEi5er ( 9@1+ 8SP+ 1eb *onso'e con#iguration+
p%rgrd+ ru+ cg&
"lypiaDEi5er *peci6ic Coands
*tep 1+1 DFB coand+ update t"e #irm%are on ce'' board one+ #rom ce'' board 0+ user
t"e #o''o%ing examp'e as a guideE
Fot" t"e P9H* and S1@ "a.e 2 copies o# #irm%are+ a primary and secondary& !"e
current copy being used %i'' be mar)ed as suc"&
$"% d-w
33333 3333
33333 .uplicate 4irmware 5tility 3333
33333 3333
33333 6$7 $opyri&ht 188 9ewlett-#ackard $ompany 3333
33333 (ll )i&hts )eserved 3333
33333 3333
33333 T9+0 #):,)(" +0 *:T /+$E*0E. T: $50T:"E)0 3333
33333 3333
33333 This pro&ram is intended for use by trained 9# support 3333
33333 personnel only. 9# shall not be liable for any dama&es 3333
33333 resultin& from unauthori;ed use of this pro&ram. This 3333
33333 pro&ram is the property of 9#. 3333
33333 3333
33333 <ersion .8= 3333
33333 3333
4lash $urrent
*umber $abinet *ame #artition 9andle 4irmware <ersion $omment
------ --------- -------- --------- -------- ------------------ -------
8 "# 8 8 8 8.8> "aster
1 8 "# 8.8> 0lave
2 8 #.9$ 8( 8 1?@ 8.8? $urrent
= 8 #.9$ 8A 8 1@= 8.8? :ld
? 8 04' 8( 8 218 .881 #ri +(
@ 8 04' 8A 8 21B .881 0ec +(
C 8 #.9$ ( 1?C 8.8? $urrent
B 8 #.9$ A 1@? 8.8? :ld
> 8 04' ( 21 .881 #ri +(
8 8 04' A 21> .881 0ec +(
*ote: Dou can only duplicate one firmware type at a time.
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany
lab page 22 Using the HP Virtual Labs
Enter the Entities to be updated 6EE: C-B7 : 2+60
Enter the source entity for the 04' ima&e: 3
(re you sure that you want to continue6D/*7: / 9o /8! Load any #irm%are
3333 5pdatin& device 04' ( 3333
Erasin& 4lash6es7. This may take several minutes.
4lash6es7 erased successfully.
Alock number 8 : 18@B=B bytes pro&rammed..........
*tep 1+, @1;8SP *ommand& Execute bot" t"e @1 and 8SP commands and note %"ic"
#irm%are modu'es are'ab'e #or 'oading #rom eac" uti'ities
( 9o /8! 'oad any #irm%are+ at t"e #irst prompt type PnP&
*tep 1+- E!ot $4aila?le 'it& t&is 6ir'are9 PCI"L$D Coand+ execute t"is command 0
be ver, care!ul&
( !ype P,P at t"e #irst prompt&
( ?ust simp'y .ie% t"e command notes and exit t"e command+ as seen be'o%E
"#:$"% !%iolad
This command initiates the activation or deactivation of a #$+ card.
*ote : (ctivate is eFuivalent to (dd/+nsert- and
.eactivate is eFuivalent to )emove/EGect
( 9o you %ant to -cti.ate or 9eacti.ate a P*I card <-+9= E q
200( He%'ett(Pac)ard *ompany