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1. Complete each of the sentences with an a!ecti"e f#om the list a$o"e: mist#%stf%l& o"e#whelmin'&
inaccessi$le& ishonest& o"e#confient& %n#%l(& %ne#one& %np#inta$le.
1. The meat is..; I cannot eat it as it is. You should cook it longer.
2. If you get the highest mark, youll have had an..success.
3. cro!d may "e descri"es as!hen it #ays no attention to la! and order.
$. There are #laces in %atto &rosso that are still
'. If something is too rude or indecent to "e #rinted it is.
(. You shouldnt have taken it for granted, you have "een..
). *e is that., he never takes anything for granted.
+. #erson !ho cheats, lies or misleads is a ..#erson.
). Complete the sentences with a!ecti"es f#om the list a$o"e: $#ic*+$%ilt& 'oo+loo*in'& li'ht+foote&
,%ic*+fin'e#e& w#on'l(+a#esse& ca#ef%ll(+wo#e& home+mae& hea#t+$#ea*in'& well+*nown&
$ac*+$#ea*in'& fai#+hai#e& $al(+$eha"e& ton'%e+tie.
1. .#erson is someone !ho cannot s#eak easily.
2. #u#il !ho "ehaves "adly is said to "e
3. girl is one !ho has fair hair.
$. ,o" is one that merely "reaks your "ack.
'. !riter is kno!n "y very many #eo#le.
(. -e call this ahouse "ecause it is "uilt of "ricks.
). .ane is.."ecause her clothes fit !ell and look nice.
+. "urglar has to " !ell as..
/. letter is one that has "een !ritten !ith care.
10. letters cannot "e delivered at the right house.
11. cakes are cakes that have "een made at home.
12. You feel very sad !hen you!s.
-. .ill in the $lan*s with one of the followin' p#epositions: of& in& fo#& to& with& at& on:
1. I am interested. learning another language.
2. 1lease dont get I !as only trying to hel#.
3. *e is ca#a"le.."eing an e2cellent student.
$. I am accustomed!atching T3 every evening.
'. This floor #lan is similar..the one in the other house.
(. I am tired..!atching T3. 4ets go out.
). I ho#e you are not angryme.
+. .ohn is still de#endent ..his #arents.
/. *e !as afraidthe dog.
10. %rs. 5arrol is very fond .children.
11. %ary !as #leased..her ne! dress.
12. -as he found guilty ..the accident6
/. 0se the positi"e& compa#ati"e an s%pe#lati"e e'#ees of the a!ecti"es in $#ac*ets to fill in the
$lan* spaces:
1. 1eter is a."oy. *is elder "rother, !ho is a "asket"all #layer, is.., "ut, sure enough, his
younger "rother is the.of them. 7tall8
2. The 5ar#athians are. The l#s are., yet the *imalayas are the..mountains in
the !orld. 7high8
3. utumn days are.., rainy autumn days are, "ut !e have the.!eather of all on
clear, !indy days in !inter. 7cold8
$. .ane !as very, "ut she !as not thein her class. nn !as.7young8
'. The armchair in my room is., the desk is., "ut the "ookcase is the.of them.
1. .ill in the $lan*s with less o# fewe# acco#in' to the t(pe of no%n that the( moif(:
1. 5hildren drink.milk than tea.
2. .ane has.fine shoes than %ary.
3. There are..dogs than cats in our to!n.
$. 9he has al!ays had..dresses than the other little girls.
'. 1eter reads.#oetry than #rose.
(. There !ill "e.rain this s#ring.
). That factory than !omen.
+. There may "e..!ork in the li"rary "efore the e2ams.
/.graduates !ill get "etter ,o"s this year.
10. There !assno! last !inter.
2. Choose the co##ect fo#m of the a!ecti"es in $#ac*ets:
1. 9hakes#eares .#lay is The Tempest. 7last, latest8
2. They livedoor. 7nearest, ne2t8
3. -ho is thein the team6 7oldest, eldest8
$. 5an you tell me the !ay to the.#ost:office6 7nearest, ne2t8
'. Take a seat in the the fire. 7nearest, ne2t8
(. Ive read the t!o #oems and co#ied the..7latter, later8.
). They need no .advice on our #art. 7farther, further8.
+. t #resent my friend ;o" has .money than I have. 7less, fe!er8
/. .she admitted she must #ay "ack the money. 7farther, further8