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How Can We Make Your Valentines Day Even More Special? (2014-02-11 07:23) . . . . . . 6
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Actions that could Wreck Your Limousine Travel and can lead to the Cancellation
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Chapter 1
1.1 February
About (2014-02-11 06:50)
On-time. Focused. Dependable. Those are spot on attributes that are truly Any Time Limo, Inc. Our
standards of excellence and dedication are unsurpassed. Just as our unwavering commitment to satisfying
your needs remain unmatched.
Welcome to Any Time Limo, Inc.! Your personal ground transfer provider. We serve the areas of Washington
DC, Maryland, and Virginia. If you are looking for an ecient way to invest on a memorable occasion with
family, friends, or just yourself, youve come to the right people. We are an independently-owned private
Luxury Transportation company with oces in Springeld, VA.
Our Team
Luxury transportation is more than just the ride. Its about capturing every moment, the elegance, the
control, and the peerless amount of dedication poured out into every service to make the experience most
gratifying. Every move is measured. Every cut examined. Because its not just about the wheels. Its about
Any Time Limo, Inc. takes this very important principle in the hiring of its professionals, down to the choice
and maintenance of vehicles. Booking is awlessly made to avoid schedule conicts. Requests are responded
to just as they are placed, and everyone coordinates through a systematized organization that is consistent of
a world-class luxury transport provider. All of our employees are extensively background checked, referenced,
and examined for criminal records. Auto technicians and drivers are licensed and our dispatchers are nothing
short of being victors in their craft.
Dont let misguided calculations fall into the wrong hands. Choose the best today. Head over to our [1]Fleet
page to view a vehicle of your choice. For inquiries, you may [2]contact us at 703-973-1239/202-674-8093.
Actions that could Wreck Your Limousine Travel and can lead to the Cancellation | Any Time Limo, Inc (2014-05-26
[&] About [&]
How Can We Make Your Valentines Day Even More Special? (2014-02-11 07:23)
From time to time, all of us try to nd unique ways to treat our loved one with something special and
exquisite that can truly and beautifully express our feelings for them. There are various ways and occasions
to spoil and pamper your partner but [1]Valentines Day stands out of them, when you celebrate love. If on
this [2]Valentines, you really want to spoil your partner, take her/him on a luxurious limo ride.
[3]Any Time Limo extends special oers to sugar-coat your [4]Valentines Day even more like; Reserve
with us for 5 hours and grab the 6th hour for free and dont forget our Valentines Sunday Special, avail 15
% o on the minimum 4 hours booking. Whether you are going for a night out or dining out in an exquisite
restaurant; our chaueurdriven elite limo will add further charm to your special evening. During your limo
ride, you can enjoy our onboard amenities like; surround sound systems, plasma screens, champagne and
sweet and soft melodies of your choice.
Our [5]aordable prices and personalized service has made Any Time Limo All Time Favorite[6] Limo
Services of Northern Virginia, MD and Washington DC. We provide immaculately maintained and high-end
limo models including; [7]Sedans, [8]Hummers and [9]Escalades. Our elite vehicles and courteous chaueurs
will cruise you and your partner to your desired spot in glamour and luxury.
Our expert planners are available 24*7 and help you to choose a [10]luxurious limo that best suits your style
and personality and guarantee you a night full of fun and excitement.
Hummer Limo Rentals (2014-02-27 11:09)
How much would it cost to hire a Hummer Stretch Limousine?
Stepping out of a dazzling and magnicent [1]limousine on the momentous occasion of your life is a breath-
taking experience. And this thrill and elation magnies when you make an appearance with the dashing
[2]Hummer Stretch Limousine. Hummer [3]Stretch Limousine has always been an insignia of power and
elegance alike. It is the real beast among the [4]luxury vehicles. The only concern that you have while
reserving a Hummer is about its pricing. But once you research thoroughly, you will be on the way of getting
a Hummer reserved for yourself. Consider the below listed factors and whisk yourself away in the luxury and
comfort of [5]Stretch Hummer Limousine:
The prices of [6]Hummers get elated during the summer, spring and holiday seasons. As during these
seasons, there are greater chances of trac tie-ups and busy parking spaces due to upcoming proms,
weddings and holidays and a [7]Hummer Limo, along with its cargo space oers manifold benets
including; safety, secure and timely arrival, luxury and comfort. So to avoid the price hypes, reserve a
[8]Hummer Stretch Limo well before time.
If you would like your Hummer with a well stocked bar, it would automatically increase the price. You
have to pay for any of your special on-board amenities.
It will always be a wise and a safe-side option to rent a [9]Hummer Stretch Limo for a whole day than
on the hourly basis. As most of the rental companies oer discount packages for the whole day hires. It
will also be cost-ecient as hourly rates always exceed the whole day hire.
Your geographical location and as well as the location of the chosen company also decides the price.
Prices for [10]hiring Hummers vary from place to place.
The price you pay for [11]Hummer Stretch Limousines also includes the price of hours you are not
inside the cars; in other words, waiting hours prices are also included in the rentals. These prices are
charged because companies can not use their appointed vehicles for the other occasions.
Pricing also depends upon when your actual hourly charges start operating. Some companies start
pricing you when the [12]Hummer picks you up, while the other companies start charging, as soon as
their vehicle leaves to pick you up.
[13]Prices of Hummers are usually high for the holiday travelers during the weekends as compared to
the weekdays.
The occasion for which you are hiring the Hummer also aects its price. E.g. If you are hiring it for
special occasions like weddings, valentines, birthdays, it is formal and involves owers, decorations,
formal [14]chaueurs and much more. So it can be a bit more expensive.
If you are hiring [15]Hummers for corporate travel like; conferences, business negotiations and deals,
then Monday morning and Friday afternoons would be the peak hours and charged higher.
If your planned routes have bridges or toll roads, their prices would be included in your rentals. Similarly,
lot fees or meter fees for waiting in the parking will also be charged.
Most importantly, never go for the companies that do not provide you with the exact price estimates,
as there is every possibility that may have some hidden charges or fees and you have to pay much more
higher than you have expected and estimated. The worlds leading and good limousines companies have
the technologies that can give you the correct estimate of your cost after considering all the factors of
your journey.
Contact Any Time Limo
Contact[16] Any Time Limo for any of your [17]luxury transportation related needs. We are
committed for your hassle-free transportation while cradling you in the luxury and comfort of
our elegant and elite vehicles.
1.2 March
Wedding Limos (2014-03-31 07:23)
Tips for Hiring Wedding Limos
Along with the warmer, brighter and oral days, Spring also brings with itself the bells and whistles of
[1]wedding season. Couples with their [2]weddings arranged and planned in the Spring, would already be
busy in selecting and choosing their wedding venues, [3]vehicles and wardrobes. So once you are sure about
where and when, get busy with [4]limousine booking to get the vehicle of your choice and requirement. But
reserving a limo for wedding should not be done in a rush; as you are making reservation for the most
awaited and momentous occasion of your life. So before choosing a[5] limousine company as your ground
transportation service provider, look out for the following points:
" Determine the kind of[6] limousine you want to reserve. This depends upon the number of peo-
ple in your [7]wedding party and as well the style of limousine you like. You may choose from the traditional
[8]Stretch Limousines to Hummers and SUVs.
" Before choosing a limo, it is always advisable to get appropriate information about its available
leg space, i.e. about the sitting plan. It is always good to hire a vehicle that is spacious and can accommodate
one or two more members.
" Thereafter, determine the amount of money you want to spend on this part of your wedding.
Ask for the hourly packages; as most of the companies shoot o special wedding packages which they can
customize according to your needs and requirements.
" Instead of waiting up to the last minute, reserve your [9]limousine early. This will save you from
the last hour rush and there is a possibility that you do not get the vehicle of your choice.
" Arrange and schedule your prick and drop destination before hand, to avoid any hassles or tri-
" Ask for referrals from your family and friends who have hired the[10] limousine services in the
" Ensure that the vehicle you hire is in good and desirable condition and up to your set standards
and norms.
" Make sure that [11]chaueurs you are designated are certied, insured, acknowledged, courteous
and polite.
" If it is possible try to establish contact with past customers of the company and look for their
" Try to go for written contract in order to avoid any disputes in the future.
Contact [12]Any Time Limo to make the most awaited day of your life the most momentous one.
Our well- adorned and fully restored cars will transform your wedding into an ultimate classic wedding.
1.3 April
Chaueured Transportation Services (2014-04-21 09:52)
Why should you hire Chaueured Transportation Services Abroad?
Whether you are visiting abroad for [1]business or pleasure; [2]hiring chaueured transportation is always
benecial for you in the terms of aordability, convenience, comfort and safety. When going abroad it is
always commendable to choose chaueured services over public transportation or travelling around on your
own. There are various things that can fall apart during a foreign trip but hiring a reliable [3]chaueured
service can save you from various bumps on the roads.
Every country has its own specic driving and road safety rules like; driving on the left or right side,
driving permits for certain highways or maximum age of the driver. [4]Hiring chaueured services save
you from all these stress and hazards and unnecessary nes and punishment as well that you may have
to face out of your ignorance.
A foreign land is an unfamiliar territory for you. [5]Chaueured services make you reach your destination
on time without worrying about and searching the directions and locations you need to go. Your
designated chaueurs are well aware and acknowledged about the road systems and trac patterns and
make you arrive at your desired spot without any trac snarls.
These [6]services are highly aordable and are not meant for rich and famous only. They are much
cheaper than car rentals, where you have to pay for the vehicle insurance, high prices of gas, mileage
fee and many more.
[7]Chaueured services save you from the tiresome and annoying proceedings at car rental counters and
make you by pass these long lines easily and conveniently.
Convenience oered by the chaueured service providers is one of the foremost reasons for hiring them.
Your designated chaueur is always present at the curb, gets you wherever you want to go, helps you
with your luggage and other necessities. Various on and o-board amenities are made available to you
that also help you to be more productive during your trip.
These are always the safe and reliable options than the public transportation. You do not have to worry
about them of being overcrowded, uncomfortable, uninsured, uncertied unsafe and neglected.
They oer you the benets of door to door delivery even abroad and also operate according to your set
schedule and timings.
If you are visiting abroad for business purpose; then a chaueured car helps you to project your
professional and iconic image.
With chaueured services, you do not have to worry about the safety of your condential documents,
expensive gadgets and money. In other words, they provide you 100 % security and safety.
Next time whenever you are planning your trip abroad,[8] Contact Any Time Limo to make your ground
transportation stress-free, convenient, comfortable and aordable as well. Let [9]Any Time Limo make your
next trip abroad as productive and enjoyable as planned and scheduled by you.
Actions that could Wreck Your Limousine Travel and can lead to the Cancellation | Any Time Limo, Inc (2014-05-26
[&] maximum capacity. If you try to transport more people than the assigned and set capacity, your chaueur has the
every right to cancel your reservation. So it is advisable to inform about the changes to [&]
1.4 May
Actions that could Wreck Your Limousine Travel and can lead to the Cancellation
(2014-05-26 09:43)
Approaching is the season of [1]weddings, [2]proms and [3]holiday parties and reaching your holiday destination
or parties in one of the elite and exquisite [4]limousines would be wonderful start. So if you are planning to
hire a limo for a forthcoming event; along with being excited also be cautious of your actions, as your one
irresponsible action can mess up your experience and lead to the cancellation of your reservation. By keeping
the below mentioned trivial points in mind, you can enjoy a classy and hassle-free [5]limo ride:
Thoroughly go through the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract provided by the [6]limousine
companies. As, if you act against; your reservation can be terminated. Moreover, always ask for a
written contract to avoid any dispute afterwards.
Pay your deposit on time and as asked by or mentioned in the contract. Limousine companies can put
your reservation on hold, if you do not pay damage deposit. Damage deposit is a kind of security money
or insurance against damage. This sum is refundable i.e. if you do not cause any harm to [7]limousine
during your travel, this money is refunded back o you.
There are set standards of vehicles maximum capacity. If you try to transport more people than the
assigned and set capacity, your [8]chaueur has the every right to cancel your reservation. So it is
advisable to inform about the changes to Limo Rental Company before hand to avoid such hassles.
[9]Limo companies practice strict drinking policy. No alcoholic drinks are made available to the travellers
under the legal drinking age. If you are an underage and found drunk; your reservation can be terminated
Limos are commonly smoke-free zones. If you are found smoking even on being prohibited; your
reservation can be cancelled.
Limo companies do not allow the use of illegal narcotic drugs in the vehicle. If any such drugs are found
to be consumed or transported in the[10] limousines, your chaueurs are obliged to take action against
If you intentionally destroy or damage property inside the limousine, your services can be terminated.
If under any circumstances, the chaueur feels or is threatened or any disrespectful behavior is shown
towards him; he has the every right to terminate your reservation.
By keeping yourself away from above said actions, you and your group can enjoy the blissful comfort and
[11]luxury of the limousines and make it an experience to cherish.
[12]Contact Any Time Limo, for any of your luxurious and comforting ground transportation needs and
services. We are ever-ready to provide you with the most cherished moments of your life.
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