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Expand VoIP Operations: Upgrade Class 4 Services

with a Class 5 Softswitch

Deliver full VoIP subscriber
telephony services
As VoIP regulations are liberalized around the world, thousands of providers now have the opportunity
to offer full VoIP services to subscribers over IP networks. For VoIP providers with limited licenses,
deregulation is an opportunity to expand revenue-generating services and business operations. To
make the jump from IP telephony services, such as international call access and call termination, to full
VoIP telephony and data access services, operators need to offer Class 5 services to their end
customers. To carry out this transition they must add a Class 5 softswitch to their existing Class 4
softswitch network. VoIP providers with a full Class 5 VoIP telephony service can offer subscribers
alternative fixed telephony with added value services, such as call forwarding, voice mail and more.
RADs Class 5 SIP Softswitch, the IPVsuite-200, is the core of the RAD VoIP System, a platform for
launching and delivering full subscriber telephony services. The IPVsuite-200 is a high-performance
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Class 5 softswitch for deploying next-generation IP telephony and data
services over a packet-switched network.
Typical Users
Alternative telephony providers
Regional/local operators
Full VoIP operator solution for
minutes resellers
Cable TV providers
Wholesale VoIP providers

Application Note
Typical Applications
VoIP over ADSL
VoIP over WiMAX
VoIP over fiber
VoIP over cable

VoIP Provider Central Office

Media Gateway
Class 5 Softswitch,
Management and
Provisioning System
Tel lines
SIP CPE / SoftPhone / IP Phone
Class 4 Softswitch
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Advanced services
With a capacity starting at 400,000 Busy Hour Call Attempts (BHCA) and enhanced call routing
and fallback management capabilities, the IPVsuite-200 Class 5 softswitch and provisioning
system enables providers to roll out high-quality, carrier-grade VoIP services in minimal time with
a low initial investment and expand easily with the addition of new subscribers.
The IPVsuite-200 Class 5 softswitch has a built-in provisioning and management system, providing
a comprehensive central office solution for service providers. The system enables providers to
view, manage, monitor, and configure various CPEs and applications installed in the network. The
RAD VoIP System's smart management program keeps Opex down and enables VoIP providers to
reach ROI quickly. The RVS also features an optional fully integrated pre-paid and post-paid billing
system, creating a comprehensive service provider solution.
RADs IPVgate product series intelligent customer premises VoIP gateway routers are fully
integrated with IPVsuite-200, creating a comprehensive VoIP system.
VoIP providers that deploy RAD's Class 5 softswitch can easily manage resellers and local partners
via the multi-tiered architecture of the management and monitoring system.
With RAD's Class 5 softswitch, VoIP providers can reach out to customers over any type of
broadband infrastructure, including ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, cable broadband, fiber or WiMAX.
Using the RAD VoIP System, VoIP providers can offer services over third-party broadband
infrastructure. Independent VoIP providers can also establish their own broadband networks for
delivering VoIP telephony and data services to customers.
The advanced value-added services offered by the IPVsuite-200 SIP softswitch include enhanced
voice mail, auto-attendant, call forwarding, DND (do not disturb), ACR (anonymous call rejection),
and incoming/outgoing call screening.
Smart management
VoIP over any infrastructure
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Application Note
Expand VoIP Operations: Upgrade Class 4 Services
with a Class 5 Softswitch
Fully integrated CPE management,
provisioning and monitoring system

Low installation and maintenance costs

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Telco grade Class 5 softswitch

Capability to provide all required telephony services

Optional post-paid and pre-paid billing
Creates a comprehensive billing solution for rolling
out and managing VoIP services
Compatibility with leading VoIP media
gateways and SIP end units
Softswitch fully integrated with customer
premises end-units with built-in ADSL

Fast time to service

Low maintenance costs
Remote troubleshooting
IPVgate CDR (Call Detail Record) export
Compatible with external post-paid billing systems