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Loma Linda, CA 92354

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Date: March 31, 2014

To: Charles Schoepflin and J oshua Yap

From: Liza Olmos Ext 88324
Pre-Doctoral Education Coordinator Dept of Pediatrics 4 wk Inpt: April 7 May 2 14


During your 4-weeks of in-patient pediatrics you have been scheduled as follow:
You will need to attend LLU orientation on Monday, April 7, 2014 at 8:00am, at Coleman Pavilion
Conference Room 11121Y.
4-weeks at White Memorial Medical Center (WMMC) beginning Monday, April 7 14 at 1:15pm. You
are required to read the WMMC general information packet that was previously mailed to you. Pattie in
the Deans Office at WMMC (323-881-8840) will provide you with the information regarding where and
what time to meet your resident/attending and where to attend Morning Report. She will also arrange
your room accommodations.
You will be required to do a Mid-rotation Evaluation form and two final evaluation forms while at the
WMMC see Pattie.
WMMC (4) Overnight Calls: 2weekdays (Mon-Thurs) & 2weekend (Fri-Sun). Saturday call ONLY: Sat
call to end at 11pm with no post call on Sunday.

Pattie will arrange the required 4 overnight call to be taken at the WMMC.
WMMC Grand Rounds please see Pattie for schedule
LLU/WMMC Morning Report Video Conference Centennial Complex Bldg Rm 2214 at LLU (See Pattie for
WMMC location)
Monday 7:45am - 8:45am April 14, 21, 28
Thursday - 7:45am -8:45am April 10, 17, 24, May 1
LLU Ethics Session CP 11121Y
Thursday 1:30- 4:30pm, April 10
Dept Quizzes at WMMC See Pattie for location at WMMC and to verify time.
Thursday - 1:00pm (20 minutes) Quiz #1 April 10; Quiz #2 April 17; Quiz #4 May 1
Wednesday - 1:00pm (20 minutes) Quiz #3 April 23
Dept Quizzes at LLU CP 11121Y
Friday - 1:00pm (20 minutes) Quiz #5 May 9
Dept Final Exam & Answer review session CP 11121Y
Friday - 1:00pm (1 hr & 15 mins) May 16
Friday - 2hrs+Final Exam Answer Review session following final exam May 16
LLU/WMMC Radiology Review Session Video Conference Centennial Complex Bldg Rm 2208
Thursday 7:45-8:45am, May 22
Pediatric Mock Board Review CP A1115
Friday - 1:00pm, May 23
Peds OSCE Part 1 at PTO Clinic - This OSCE will be scheduled during out-patient rotation
Peds OSCEs Parts 2 at PDX Dept at Centennial Complex Bldg Rm 2106
Thursday - afternoon, May 29 (Schedule will follow)
Computerized Pediatric Mock Board
Friday - 8:15am, May 30 Mortensen Hall (Testing Area Basement)
NOTE: When you arrive at WMMC, please report directly to Pattie in the Deans Office located in the Medical
Education Office (make sure you come back and check-in with her to pick up your keys, etc). You need to arrive
in professional attire because you will be reporting to the ward as soon as you meet with Pattie.

cc: Pattie (e-mail)
Pediatric Clerkship Office