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Community of Practices: - Cut To Length Line

1. Comparative analysis of all cut to length line in tata ryerson

Limited. Parameters may be:-
(a)Idle time of all machines causes (lac! of supply
"aterials should also be considered)
(b)Processing time vs. production
(c)#o of manpo$er involvement
(d)Production vs. re%ection &ty ratio
'' (eparately for high lo$ end lines
)."achine configuration related issue:-
(a)Positional advantage (for e*ample:-shear before
(b)Interfacing issues (not manufacture base)
(c) (crap+re%ected sheet handling
,.-uality control:-
(a)"ar!ing of particular machine +material as a
(cratch source (for e*ample:- nylon roll.hylum sheet
on shear )
(b) /iagonal difference and its sources remedy.
(c) Leveller gap ad%ustment flatness control
(d) (hear blade gap ad%ustment and bar control
(e) Length variation issues and control (If any -IP $e
had done so far)
0."aintenance approach:-
(a)/etails of recurrent non recurrent fault. it s
sources. e*ecution time analysis consistent
(b)Preferred ma!es of all spare parts
(c)PLC configuration issue:-
If there any need of spare i+p 1+p then
#os+percentage. If ne$ items have to include li!e
uncoiler bac! tension control etc etc.
(d) (ervice support rating of all manufacturers.
(e) "achine capacity+production 2s Po$er
consumption details
(f) Chec! list driven maintenance for recurrent faults
in hydraulics. pneumatic electrical drive.

Prepared By:-
Saraswata Palit
3.(egregation pac!aging :-
(a) Comparison in pac!aging time
(b) Comparison in pac!aging cost
(c) Comparison in re%ected pac!aging materials and its
(d) 4mount of manpo$er involved vs. amount of
material pac!aged.
5.Customer focusing:-
(a) 1rder vs. delivery time
(b) -uality complains against each machine in 6ata
8.2ariable cost estimation and control
9.Comparative study on material handling time
:.Inclusion of ne$ technology in 6ata ryerson practices:-
"agnetic stac!er. flying die shear

Prepared By:-
Saraswata Palit