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The purpose of the Integratron is to recharge energy into living cell

structure, to
bring about longer life with youthful energy. This has been the goal of many
people, since Ponce De Leon started looking for the fountain of youth. Our
here, in this giant machine, is not the first idea of its kind.
It is the first time that other research efforts have been brought together and
applied simultaneously. The work of Georges Lakhovsky, Dr. George Crile,
Barnothy, Oneil, Tesla, Smith, and many others, is being combined by us in a
research to make the principles work. The only new thing we have added to
research is to make the application of three principles occur instantly and
Lakhovsky's Multiple Wave Oscillator (U.S. Patent Number 1,962,565) was
used by
him, in association with many doctors, to correct cellular malfunctions and
accumulations, in many patients. His principle is opposite to control of
of radio and television transmission. He spread his radiations over a multiple
wave, while television and radio confine it to channels and kilocycles to
overlap. Lakhovsky used a field in which every tissue, organ, cell, and nerve
responded in resonance between 10 cms. and 400 meters. This corresponds
frequencies of 3 to 750,000 millards per second. The harmonics extended
from 1 to
300 trillion vibrations per second.
No harmful side effects or aftereffects were ever noted. In his book "The
Secret of
Life", first printed in 1939, Lakhovsky detailed the many cases, functions,
results. His Multiple Wave Oscillator took from one application to three
weeks of
daily applications to achieve its outstanding effects. Our frequency control
these periods instant in a one shot application. Our basic research is
side effect of rejuvenation.
Lakhovsky established that "every living cell is essentially dependent on its
nucleus which is the center of oscillations and gives off radiations." By the
token the sun is the center of our solar system, and life could not exist
without it
giving off radiations that set up oscillations in living matter. Everything on
earth has been proven to react to sun spots and solar prominences.
In his book "The Phenomena of Life", printed in 1936, he states, "Electricity is
energy that drives the organism." He further states, "It is clear that in the
half of life the electrical potential of the elderly patient as a whole or of this
that organ, has been very much reduced and that by so much, the margin of
has been dangerously diminished."Nikola Tesla, and others, showed that
high voltage static electricity caused
ionization. This causes disassociation of structure and charging of particles
positive and negative polarity effects. Dr. George Crile, in a fabulous research
he devoted his life to, established that every living cell was a battery, a
transducer, and a condenser.
Hugo Fricke, working with Dr. Crile in his laboratory, found that the film
surrounds red blood cells is on the order of 3/10,000,000 of a centimeter in
thickness and that this lipoid structure has an electric capacity of high order,
0.8 microfarad per square centimeter. Dr. Crile further stated, "The unit of
structure and of function of the living organism is the cell. Plants and
animals are
disperse systems of cell suspension. The nucleus of the cell is comparatively
The cytoplasm of the cell is comparatively alkaline. The nucleus and the
cytoplasm are separated by a semi-permeable membrane. Therefore the cell
is a
bipolar mechanism or an electric bat tery, the nucleus being the positive
the cytoplasm the negative element." These cell batteries of the body are
what we
are planning to charge with the Integratron. Each cell has a capacity like the
battery in your car. The human body is composed of over 100 trillion of these
Our principle of operation is as simple as applying Lakhovsky's multiple
oscillation to Barnothy's magnetic fields saturated with Tesla's ionization to
charge Dr. George Crile's cell batteries. Our method of control is through a
function of frequency from zero time to infinity. This is our contribution.
Energy principles work on the same basic universal laws, be they atoms,
cells, or
solar systems. The wet battery in your car operates on an acid electrolite.
The dry
battery in your flashlight operates on an alkaline electrolite. The separators
your car battery are a semi-permeable matrix. The DNA structure is a
coiled in opposite directions. The filaments in the nucleus of a cell exhibit
coil and
plate configuration. These are microscopic electric circuits that work with
the cell
electric capacity as oscillators. Cilia in the lungs and respiratory tract are
antennae that extract radiations from the air and transmit this energy to
cells &
blood: conveyed throughout body. We are electrical creatures using a
body to exist in a electro-chemical environment.
We know that in highly diluted solutions certain chemical compounds are
disassociated with the result that electrical charges appear, equal, but of
polarities. Sodium chloride for an example is disassociated as sodium with a
positive charge and chlorine with a negative charge. The body fluids are a
electrolite with cells in suspension.
Every microscopic part of a cell emits radiations according to the atomic
of its makeup. Like batteries, cells run down, bodies run down, and the
energy loss
is manifested as aging. The Bible says Adam lived 930 years; Seth, 912; Enos,
Cainan, 910; Jared, 962; and Methuselah, 969 years. Then after these people
of the
race of Man mated with "the daughters of men" the life span fell off to 120
according to Genesis 5:5 to 6:3.
After years of Pyramid Generator energy research, there is no question in my
mind that VIPs were brought back from death in the sarcophagus of the
Chamber. The sarcophagus and the King's Chamber were constructed of
Granite, because of its matrix of feldspar, mica, and quartz crystals, exhibits
radiation caused by the pressure of the matrix on the quartz crystals known
as the
piezo-electric effect. Granite was called "spiritual rock" by the Egyptians
of the auric radiation. The energy generated by a pyramid in a vortex is
electrical nor magnetic as such. It is composed of "this other energy" which
radiates life property effects. The energy is everywhere in a static state, and
in this respect as an insulator and separator while it remains static. When it
activated by thought, as in a prayer, or by resonance in electromagnetic
fields, it
reverses its insulating qualities and becomes an infinite conductor.
It is this energy that will respond to our control in the Integratron and
energy into the cell structure of the body. This is no reason why people today
cannot live as long as Methuselah. I am convinced that he used the Great
to live so long without aging. The DNA configuration, the caduceus coils, the
Emerald Tablet principles, and the pyramid vortices, all exhibit a method of
energy activity. We have put in 18 years of endless effort to prolong life
further aging. We are anchored here on dedicated property. We are not going
to go
anywhere. It is our intention to be able to regenerate our world leaders, our
humanity and defeat "the last enemy to be overcome -- death." It is a
times simpler in research than the effort it took to put men on the moon, but
need an ingredient we cannot make and that depends on other