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Narrative Report on Brigada Eskwela 2014
We cannot afford to fail our youth, we cannot afford to fail our nation. These are the
words of Adopt-A- School Program executie director !ari Paul Soriano as he graced one of the
"rigada #s$wela awarding ceremonies sometimes in %&'&. "ut up to this time his words
continue to ring as implementers tirelessly and oluntarily pool their efforts and resources and
wor$ collectiely so that school pu(lic utilities are set in time for the school opening this %&')
for our school children.
!alalinta #lementary School is an aid supporter of this program since its inception in
%&&). *ts accomplishments as contained in "# +orm * include the following, repair of the
proposed li(rary, repainting of chairs, des$s - furniture, improement of the school fence,
structuring of the classroom - landscaping and weeding of the school ground.
A report has (een su(mitted to the diision office with the content em(odied in "# +orm
. shown (elow.
"# +orm &.
2014-2015 BRIGADA ES!E"A #$NI%$RING RE&$R%
S/0112, !A2A2*3TA #2#!#3TA45 S/0112
S/0112S 6*ST4*/T 7+or #lementary8, SA3 !A39#2
Please chec$ if the indicated items are o(taina(le:aaila(le and presented.
*T#!S:*36*/AT14S 1"TA*3A"2#
"rigada #s$wela Steering /ommittee :
"rigada #s$wela Wor$ing /ommittees :
1rientation on Specific 4oles and Tas$s :
Adocacy and !ar$eting /ommittee :
4esource !o(ili=ation /ommittee :
Program *mplementation /ommittee :
Administratie and +inance /ommittee :
6ocumentation /ommittee :
"# +orm ', Physical +acilities 4epair and
!aintenance 3eeds Assessment
"# +orm %, School "# Wor$ Plan :
"# +orm >, 4esource !o(ili=ation :
Simple 1pening Program:<ic$-1ff /eremony :
1rgani=ation and "riefing of Wor$ing Teams :
4ecording of 6aily Accomplishment :
6e(riefing of Wor$ing /ommittees :
/ulminating and /losing Program :
Presentation of Accomplishment :
Awarding of /ertificate of 4ecognition to partners :
Sym(olic Turn-1er and Acceptance of 6onations :
+orging of Pledges of /ommitment :
Pledge of /ommitment (y Partners :
Pledge of /ommitment (y the School :
"# +orm &?, School Accomplishment 4eport :
"# +orm &), 6aily Attendance of ;olunteers :
"# +orm &@, 4ecords of 6onations 4eceied :
"# +orm &A, 6aily Accomplishment 4eport :
"# +orm &., !onitoring 4eport :
"# +orm &B, School 6ata :
"# +orm '&, Pictorials :

The success of "rigada #s$wela is a proof of the commitment of our sta$eholders to
continuously improe the learning enironment of our school. There is a considera(ly increase
support from the (arangay officials, 4*/, religious group, (usiness sector and other education
sta$eholders. #en pupils manifest a new ision as they come to school early and attend to their
classes with igor and eagerness as of this school opening.
The school teaching staff iews this as a fresh start to wor$ dou(le time at improing the
$ey performance indicators of the said school.