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penny stocks

tim skyes reads the tape whether to buy or short, analysing shit stocks versus good
ones this is tim's platorm/
tim sypes,!"ape reading, while boring and time consuming, teaches you a "#$ about
the stock market and investor psychology%in trading, there are lessons everywhere.
& 'ee more at:*)/**/timothy&sykes&and&the&
inding /unk companies through promotions giving themselves away.
'uperman trader
gt on twitter or timothy alerts
scc filings . 0 can google companies to spot /unk irms.
'uperman and modern rock are true traders who win

dont put stops. 'ince u can get stopped out, but use mental stops. 1rom superman trader
more successul than timothy
superman trading rules
ind momentum beore it happens
keep lists o stocks 2yahoo inance3
know when stocks are due to report
many stocks will move up in earnings
know the prior years comp
review the last earnings report
know sympathy companies that reported strong earnings
()4 plus great
buy ipos beore release.
On his trading rules
* identiies testing areas that did not break through drawing resistance line
You must be aware of the number of shares traded and the dollar volume,
Sykes said. He also suggests that you trade penny stocks that are priced at
more than 50 cents a share. Stocks that are trading less than !00,000
shares a day and are under 50 cents a share are not li"uid.
enough to be in play, he added.

7. Use mental stops

#ecause the bid$ask spreads on many penny stocks can be high, as much as !0%,
hard stop$losses can actually cause you to lose money.
&lthough it takes more concentration, use mental stops. ' focus more on risk$
reward than stops, Sykes said. 'f ' want to make a dollar a share on a three$dollar
stock, ' will cut my losses at (0 cents so ' have a 5)! risk reward. ' aim for *)! or
+)!, but not !)! or ()!. 'f ' think a dollar stock has only 50$cents upside ,()!-, my
mental stop loss will be at !0 cents because the risk$reward is better.
Buy the best of the bunch
Sykes looks to buy penny stocks that have had an earnings breakout.
5' love buying penny stocks when they have good earnings, or when they are
breaking out to 5($week highs on volume that is at least a "uarter million shares a
day, he said. .hey are easy to find if you look.
.he challenge is to find stocks that make 5($week highs that aren/t due to a pump$
and$dump scheme. 01amples of penny stocks that have fit Syke/s criteria in the
past include .angoe TNGO +1.87% , 2agal Security Systems MAGS -1.66% ,
and Staar Surgical 3o.STAA -0.23% .
You really need to be careful with position si4ing, Sykes said. ' learned the hard
way not to trade big. 2y rule now is not to trade more than !0% of the stock/s daily
be meticulous
tim grittani's 2commenced trading in ()**3
* uses level (
( does not use technicals
6 know the ticker&&2smart money volume spike3
7 split with 6 brokers so he can have 8 day trading
9 preers interactive brokers
timothy recommended alexander elder and michael covel trend ollowing.
:ot both o them.
;ichael goode
investors underground
trade the ticker&& is tim's grittani blog
trades ticker and the chart. $ot technicals
watches modern rock twitter account
lx (* is another trader tim ollows
check out investors under ground shows all proitable traders<i am now within the grasp o the proitable
*)4 community

following below from modern rock

Question: "Why do you prefer trading OTC Stocks?"
.here are two main reasons why ' prefer trading 5.3 and 6inksheet stocks over
stocks that trade on the ma7or e1changes)
!..he 8evel ( &dvantage
2ost 5.3 market makers do not offer instant e1ecutions. .his creates the stacking
action from market makers in level ( that ' love to analy4e and makes it much
easier to time e1act tops9bottoms during volatile periods. You can see further
e1amples of what ':m talking about in my level ( posts. 8isted stocks have instant
e1ecutions, so you do not get the same advantage from level (.
(. 3hart 6atterns are 2ore ;eliable
' have found that 5.3 stocks trade based off chart technicals far more than any
kind of fundamentals. 6erhaps this is because most 5.3 stocks are garbage and
have no fundamentals at all. &lso, the overall market tends not to affect the
patterns. .he tweet below from 2odern ;ock sums it up best)
5f course there are challenges with 5.3 stocks as well, such as getting e1ecutions
or finding shares to short. .his is why it:s important for you to have the right
broker,s- if you:re going to trade them. ,<hich broker will best fit your style is up to
you, so please don:t ask me.-
' hope this clears up any confusion about why ' prefer 5.3 stocks. ;emember that
this is 7ust a personal preference $ do not interpret this as a statement saying 5.3
stocks are better to trade. <hat is best for you to trade depends on your personality
and the strategies that have been successful for you.
likes know thy pumper strategy and breakout
at least 8)4 o promotors out there not worth buying
box position does not work or him.
Know thy pumper
dierent promoters have dierent patterns.
"hey will alert stock with volume
usually tied to promoters historical success.
-mail or list o promoters
use promoter history to make inormed decisions.
save emails get ont oas many email lists as you can.
How does a market react to an alert.
know all promoters
brighton what we know
* they do boiler activity. initial phase
'low controlled climb during phone call phase

No big pullbacks in initial phase

talk biggest pullbck day 9&*.*8 to *.)928 cents on day3
:$@$ biggest pullback day ( &A8c to 98 cents3.Bcents /day3
phase 2 staggered emails
emails started ( weeks into promo or talk, 7 weeks in or g$@$.
.eleased ()6 sites pr day on :$@$ and talk, newest sites irst, oldest most
established lists next.
@nitial emails would result in big gaps ups
phase 3 massive collapse
talk (.*)C to =6 cents, choppy panic irst red day ater emails.
:$@$ 6.69 to *.(A, choppy panic, irst red day ater emails

how I find stocks

read my pump emails
( pumper accounts good and unknown /crappy
google hot stock picks or penny stock picks etc
eDuity eed
interactive brokers
looking or top #"> 4 gainers 2tradingE *))k in volume
most active #"> stocks
see what scanners ind
awesome penny stocks, victory mark oer best opportunities
massive early volume
usually announced right at opening bell Fpremarket volume tells story
buy conirmation, sell in ensuing spike.
Gter volume spike<unpredictable&2implied3
pre market spike morning volume.
Holding overnite can be a gamble
even on bad stocks Fthe initial volume spike is there when market makers getting in
looking or over extended daily charts
shorting into big spikes, don't start ull siHe
want to cover into pullback or ull blown collapse can't be stubborn i it wont crack
level ( key or timing
i you see collapsing cover up immediately ake tops .when he saw the bid catching (
bops up he covered and got out o the trade.
I list promotions
d listeners are promoters with low success rates
most promotions last minute
ideally short into big spikes
compensated vs uncompensated
compensated more likely to ail
uncompensated more likely to spike big irst
pay your sel into pullbacks
sometimes these can run (&6 days
play like over extended chaty
short spikes cover pullbacks
i in their disclaimer that they are compensated then someone hired them.
;ental stops mental stops
a perect buy alert with potential and reputable company.
5it moves like a promotional stock @ was glad @ got out o it
25. Its possible to start with just $2,000 in your account as my trading
challenge student Azimjon started with $2,200 and has grown it to $160,000
in just over a year as you can see all the trades HERE.
Sure.rader is a leading international online stocks = options trading firm offering >$
! leverage. 01perience the difference with our high speed stock, options, direct
access and day trading platform.
?nfortunately the volume in H6.@ has been so anemic so as not to even be worth
shorting the stock
@ surmise basic strategy . 'hit companies short and good companies that are not punped buy
and then sell
get into community o traders giving advice
portolios o *))'s o tickers
otcs are penny stocksJJ
t starts slowly. I might receive only five or six messages by mid-afternoon. By
midnight, I could easily have 50 forwards all pumping the same stock.
The messages are simple. They offer a stock ticker and an urgent plea: buy this
stock now, or risk missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime
But you dont have to sign up for these lists and deal with an endless stream of
spam. Even if you dont receive a single e-mail, I can help you identify these scams
by simply looking at a chart.
Below is an example of a stock that has recently been heavily promoted. I have
divided it into three sections. Each contains telltale signs you will find in almost
every penny stock pump
1. The Setup
Up first is the classic penny stock pump setup. This is the action that happens
before the promotional material is released to the public.
There are several key elements to a common promotional setup. The first is the
complete absence of trading volume a price action. Most penny stock pumps come
out of nowhere. If it wasnt for the promotional material, the stock would be
untradeable and worthless.
You can see the evidence on a candlestick chart. Notice how the setup section
looks completely different from the pump. There are virtually no full candles and
volume is nonexistent. A penny stock that mysteriously begins to attract attention
after sitting idle on the open market is your biggest hint that something fishy might
be going on
2. The Pump
After those who are in-the-know load up on shares, its time for the pump to begin.
The pump is a time of pure euphoria for unsuspecting investors. They buy the stock
and watch it rocket to new highs. Every dip is bought. Promoters send follow-up e-
mails promising that the incredible performance is only the beginning of a never-
ending run toward an obscene price target.
Almost every pump looks like the middle section of our chart. The promoted stock
doubles or triples in just a few days or weeks. Trading volume explodes. The stock
moves higher as newcomers fight for shares.
But the good times dont last for long
3. Hope? Or the End?
Once the buying slows down, everything begins to fall apart for a promoted stock.
The big pushes higher are replaced by shakeouts and flat trading days. There might
be one more push from the promoters to encourage the hopeful bag holders. But
unless an extended promotional campaign is in the works, this is the most
dangerous time to own shares.
If you bought a promoted stock for whatever reason this third stage is the time
you must sell. As for our example, the big selloff has yet to happen. But when it
does, anyone left holding shares will find themselves saddled with huge losses
Thinking About Buying Stocks?
Dont even think about buying a stock before I have a chance to rate it! Send all of
your tickers, charts and questions to
Greg Guenthner
for The Penny Sleuth
get online eed news in case there is a surprise in market prospects
O!" #$#%& !"O'K!
#n the let side o the page, you will see KO!" #$#%& !tocksK. "here you will see
which companies are being promoted or the current trading day. @ the company is listed
multiple times, each new entry represents a dierent promoter having issued a promotion
alert or the same company. Glso indicated is whether the promotion campaign is being paid
or or is ree.
"his snapshot o promoter activity is a valuable tool to use prior to investing your hard&
earned money &&notes panel of good traders
including tim
there may be *) sellers blocking you at 6.or one market maker at 6 dollars a share.
@ people keeping buying at 6 dollars a share and does not break out then this guy2market
maker may be selling might try to sell B),))) shares.
@ there is earnings or contract and would like to take out the seller himsel &&"im will try to
take out the seller out himsel.he can move this guy out and see i there is stop losses. He
takes over that seller.and creates a tidal wave breakout. 22seems like not all can do this3
on otc's when they start to thin useul gauge where like to put order. @ sneaks
parabolic, i he sees big shares on price levels. 9),))) share at 6.().;ay make order at 6.*=
up rom the previous big buyer levels3 always looks or reresh buyers lagging *)).2hidden
accumulation orders 3 0nder short seller restriction rule3 shows up they have *)) share. Lut
are really big market makers.&& Gnd you know the bid is not going anywhere then you know
there accumulating and there is a good chance it will sDueeHe up.
Mevel ( market makers control otc's.
#n the bid it appears there are big buyers , however i price is not moving anywhere, then
on promotions 9) million share bid is not always a good bbuy , and oer is not moving
because they are selling and they are trying to entice you to buy. Gnd they uptick one penny
and it is /ust *)) shares instead o 9) million.
He will double up i sees a pump and dump to short.
Luy dvd set
tim's max entry is not more than * point. ;aybe (9 cents average and still makes thousands.
.udy dekker videos on pump and dump. ,re promotion ront run a little uplit then
consolidation phase, predicts a big move.
>am(7trader and madaHtrader
Glso check out 5youtubing! how to proit rom pump and dump!.
nathan michaud
Rhen market makers sacking the bid more than level ( in the ask eDuals growing
adapt year every ear according to tom ecnc* on
opening gap up open range is not sustainable. ;orning emotion.2gap up parabolic3
parabolic relative to the prior price action. 8/*) times is not sustainble.
'harp spike made in *9 minutes2this is unsustainable3
Aathan 2. 2ichaud, a prominent penny stock trader, has settled with the
Securities and 01change 3ommission regarding a civil suit filed by the S03
in 2ay (00B regarding a pump = dump that occurred in the stock of &sia
@lobal from &ugust (00> until Cebruary (00D. 2ichaud is known online as
'nvestorslive, has B,000 .witter followers, and runs the
website '
'nterviews with .raders $ Steve #aldwin = Stock Hori4on*(/)*/)6/suretrader&=pm&D&and&a&session/
sure trader credentials from the underground source. .he successful place of
successful traders reason got onto penny stocks a face to the faceless street
of wall street.
Yes, I receive an affiliate commission for referrals but my point here is not to
get rich off sending members. My point here is to make sure each member
finds a good home depending on how or what they trade. If youre under
$25k this is the answer. If youre over my other favorites are
SpeedTrader and Interactive Brokers
note speed trader recommended rom ebook author on pe ny stocks, timothy sykes
and now investors underground.
Yes, I receive an affiliate commission for referrals but my point here is not to
get rich off sending members. My point here is to make sure each member
finds a good home depending on how or what they trade. If youre under
$25k this is the answer. If youre over my other favorites are SpeedTrader
and Interactive Brokers.
.hose under 6attern Eay .rade ;ule aka less than F(5,000 in your account.
&s you know you can only trade * round trips per 5 day rolling period. .here/s
many prop shops out there that allow you to get around this rule but none are
registered and the ones that are re"uire you to eventually get a Series 5>
license which in the end will leave you with 6rofessional Cees on all platforms
and you/ll start getting fees up the wa4ooG check out.
looks or technical brreakouts and break downs.
@st mailing resh stocks are the best. $ot ones previously traded. 1resh promotions
or the month,HTHy#mT
which stocks are too high rom market caps.
>ompanies with high market cap cannot raise capita
high marketcaps means supply will be tremendous
want to hire a promoter &&&,romoter/we&pick&
penny&stocks&**9=.aspx software promo. () minute
dont buy companies with market cap over *9 million hot stock penny
monitor only 9)C2disguised promoters*
only buy promoters with a winning streak.
,romoter history can allow you to gauge when to buy and sell.
Iont buy a promotion with a third party with a bad track record.
@ the pre market is raised then promoter is planning a dump
don't buy the stock when it immediately ramnmed up *))4.
low market caps better chance o making money.
1resh promotions only within month
so conditions of () minute trades buy it and then sell it () minutes latter
is company cheap
price to book
growth rate
price to book
price to sales tells you what the market cap is in relation to how much sales the
company is doing.
'an find which stock are making a sell off signal by itemising bollinger and
stochastics crtieria search and find.

companies growing 2uarterly consistently 33adheres to o neil*

find the fastest growing companies and the ones with cheapest price and make (4445
stocks which made huge moves already have at least 2)46444 in the bank
dont buy companies with long term debt.
0ou can type the symbol and see when the day it was promoted and it infers it
was promotional rather than inherent intrinsic lift.
'laims to id 785 of pump and dumps
buying )2 wee high.
#anic is made when bottom band of bollingers and slow stochastics below (4 at
the same time
i9ed %motions Given "heir &isclaimer
I would normally say this is a decent enough penny stock site -- which is a
tough thing to come by these days, but these guys have "free reports" in
order to build their mailing list so they can promote stocks because as their
disclaimer states, yes, they do take compensation from time to time. But if
you take everything they say with a grain of salt, every now and then they will
surprise you with some useful information about a promoted stock and since
they are promoters too, they know a bit more than the average blogger....just
be sure to verify everything as you can't trust promoters

AndCovestor : an investment mirroring service dispays the trades of its

mode managers! "ut you have to go through a rigorous process to "e a
manager and get your trades isted on the site# $rofit#y! ho%ever! gives any
trader the toos to sho% off his performance# The site offers a free service that
ao%s users to verify their trading record! track profits! comment on the
trades of other users and "e isted on the site&s eader"oards# $rofit#y aso
ses su"scription services! %hich range in price from '()#)* to '+,#)* per
month! that add rea-time aerts and e.tra anaytica toos! provide users %ith
more data on other peope&s trades and keep their profies private if they %ant
<orth a look when you are researching a 7unky stock.
"om mcarthy pre promotions stocks on

A Fortune for a Penny?

What makes penny stocks risky? Four major factors make these securities riskier
than blue chip stocks.
1. Lack of Information Available to the Public
The key to any successful investment strategy is acquiring enough tangible
information to make informed decisions. For microcap stocks! information is much
more difficult to find."ompanies listed on the pink sheets are not required to file
#ith the $ecurities and %&change "ommission '$%"( and are thus not as publicly
scrutini)ed or regulated as the stocks represented on the *e# +ork $tock %&change
and the *asdaq. Furthermore! much of the information available about microcap
stocks is not from credible sources.
2. No Minimum Standards
$tocks on the ,T"-- and pink sheets do not have to fulfill minimum standard
requirements to remain on the e&change. $ometimes! this is #hy the stock is on
one of these e&changes. ,nce a company can no longer maintain its position on one
of the major e&changes! the company moves to one of these smaller e&changes.
While the ,T"-- does require companies to file timely documents #ith the $%"! the
pink sheets have no such requirement. .inimum standards act as a safety cushion
for some investors and as a benchmark for some companies.
3. Lack of Histor
.any of the companies considered to be microcap stocks are either ne#ly formed
or approaching bankruptcy. These companies #ill generally have poor track records
or none at all. As you can imagine! this lack of historical information makes it
difficult to determine a stock/s potential.
!. Li"uidit
When stocks don/t have much liquidity! t#o problems arise0 first! there is the
possibility that you #on/t be able to sell the stock. 1f there is a lo# level of liquidity!
it may be hard to find a buyer for a particular stock! and you may be required to
lo#er your price until it is considered attractive to another buyer. $econd! lo#
liquidity levels provide opportunities for some traders to manipulate stock prices!
#hich is done in many different #ays the easiest is to buy large amounts of stock!
hype it up and then sell it after other investors find it attractive 'also kno#n
as pump and dump(.
"otally ree: learn a trading techniDue usable with most any stock you want to trade
Penny-aited Traps
Penny stocks have been a thorn in the side of the $%" for some time because lack of
available information and poor liquidity make microcap stocks an easy target for
fraudsters. There are many scams used to separate investors from their money. The
most common include0
#iased $ecommendations
$ome microcap companies pay individuals to recommend the company stock in
different media! such as ne#sletters! financial television and radio sho#s. +ou may
receive spam email trying to persuade you to purchase particular stock. All emails!
postings and recommendations of that kind should be taken #ith a grain of salt.
2ook to see if the issuers of the recommendations are being paid for their services
as this is a givea#ay of a bad investment. Also! make sure that any press releases
aren/t given falsely by people looking to influence the price of a stock.
Penny-aited Traps
Penny stocks have been a thorn in the side of the $%" for some time because lack of
available information and poor liquidity make microcap stocks an easy target for
fraudsters. There are many scams used to separate investors from their money. The
most common include0
#iased $ecommendations
$ome microcap companies pay individuals to recommend the company stock in
different media! such as ne#sletters! financial television and radio sho#s. +ou may
receive spam email trying to persuade you to purchase particular stock. All emails!
postings and recommendations of that kind should be taken #ith a grain of salt.
2ook to see if the issuers of the recommendations are being paid for their services
as this is a givea#ay of a bad investment. Also! make sure that any press releases
aren/t given falsely by people looking to influence the price of a stock.
%ffshore -rokers
3nder regulation $! the $%" permits companies selling stock outside the 3.$. to
foreign investors to be e&empt from registering stock. These companies #ill typically
sell the stock at a discount to offshore brokers #ho! in turn! sell them back to 3.$.
investors for a substantial profit. -y cold calling a list of potential investors
'investors #ith enough money to buy a particular stock( and providing attractive
information! these dishonest brokers #ill use highpressure 4boiler room4 sales
tactics to persuade investors to purchase stock.
1n an intervie# that is sure to shake the pillars of Wall $treet! billionaire investor
Warren -uffett revealed to our crack reporter 5ent -aleevit that he actually made
his #ealth from risky penny stocks and day trading. 4"/mon! 5ent ... long term value
investing? Who has time for that crap? 1/m an old man ... 1 need to make my money
quick and get to the casino before the lines at the earlybird buffet get too long.4
!ption "#$ Buy on the %.&. !ver-'he-(ounter )arket. .he over$the$counter market is also known as the
6ink Sheets market. .he 6ink Sheets are a daily publication compiled by the Aational Huotation #ureau with
bid and ask prices of over$the$counter stocks.
?nlike companies on a stock e1change, companies "uoted on the 6ink Sheets system do not need to meet
minimum re"uirements or file with the Securities and 01change 3ommission ,S03-. .he name 6ink Sheets
comes from the paper color that "uotes were historically printed on.
.he 6ink Sheets have a horrible reputation. <henever you hear about a stock getting de$listed from the AYS0
or Aasda", it ends up on 6ink Sheets, a marketplace primarily filled with penny stocks and borderline insolvent
However, there is a wide range in the "uality of issuers whose securities are traded on the 6ink Sheets I from
ma7or international conglomerates to very small, highly speculative, often worthless companies.
'he *ink &heets$ +ide and &eeking the ,orld-s Best .oreign &tocks
.here are roughly !5,000 stocks traded on the 6ink Sheets, and most of them are worthless.
#ut there is one sub$category of 6ink Sheet stocks that is worth your time and is the source of some of the very
best values.
&ny stock that trades on the 6ink Sheets falls into one of these two categories) ,!- companies that don/t meet
the listing re"uirements of the Aew York, &merican or Aasda" stock e1changes or ,(- companies I usually
foreign I that are unwilling to 7ump through the regulatory, legal, and accounting filings that accompany listing
on the ma7or e1changes.
.he second category is foreign companies. Cor e1ample, everybody has heard of Aintendo, and it is certainly
not some crappy penny stock.
.he only reason Aintendo is on the 6ink Sheets is that it I like many foreign companies such as Jolkswagen
and Aestle I sees no reason to create a duplicitous legal and accounting department 7ust to be traded on the
.hese huge international companies already meet the filing and regulatory re"uirements of their home
countries, but they would have to open and maintain an 0nglish$speaking version of those same offices.
& double legal team, double accounting team, as well as staff that are e1perts at ?.S. securities regulations
re"uires a huge financial and time obligation that a lot of foreign companies are unwilling to undertake.
6lus, these foreign companies have already met all those legal, regulatory, and accounting re"uirements in their
own country and feel that the burden is on Y5? to read9translate their home country filings.
3learly, companies such as Aintendo, Jolkswagen or Aestle are not borderline insolvent pieces of financial
7unk. .hey are thriving, profitable, household$name companies that are every bit as reputable as any ?.S. blue
chip company.
.he biggest problem for most of the !5,000 stocks that trade on the 6ink Sheets is that the ?.S. companies on
the 6ink Sheets are indeed borderline insolvent pieces of financial 7unk. .he foreign companies, however, can
be hidden gold mines.
Here are my two rules for investing in 6ink Sheet stocks.
/ule "0$ &tick to non-%.&. companies.
/ule "1$ 2lways use limit orders when buying3selling. 2any stocks, both foreign and domestic, suffer from
a lack of trading volume. 2any of the 6ink Sheet stocks don/t trade for days or even weeks at a time and suffer
from @rand 3anyon$si4ed bid9ask spreads. 't is pretty hard to make money on a stock when the market maker
is killing you for a !0% to (5% bid9ask spread on both sides of the trade.
)arket !rder$ & market order does not have a set price and is therefore e1ecuted immediately at the current
Kmarket/ price. 2arkets, especially 5.3 markets, can be highly volatile, and the price of e1ecution may differ
dramatically from the price at time of order entry. .hose who use market orders are more concerned about the
speed of the e1ecution as opposed to the price.
4imit !rder$ & limit order has a set price and may only be e1ecuted at the set priceL however, a limit order may
never get e1ecuted because the market may move away from the set price. .hose who use limit orders risk not
having an order e1ecuted.
&s long as you follow those two rules, the 6ink Sheets is an underappreciated market filled with some of the
best bargains you will ever find.
#est wishes,
Tony Sagami is the editor of Blue-Chip Option Alert, a trading service designed to help investors profit from the
seemingly unstoppable Asian consumption machine. He helps his subscribers tap into this potential through a variety of
easy-to-execute strategies on global companies that trade on the U.S. exchanges that also do big business in Asia.
Take /este (/S012)! for e.ampe! the %ord3s argest food and "everage company# Sure! you
coud "uy shares on /este3s home e.change! "ut then you3d "e su"4ect tocurrency risk
converting doars to S%iss francs# So that eaves you %ith /este American 5epositary 0eceipts
6or A50s! a vehice foreign companies use to trade in the 7#S#8# /este purposey esche%s isting
its A50 on a ma4or e.change such as the /asda9 "ecause it %oud have to prepare t%o sets of
financia statements -- one in accordance %ith internationa standards and another adhering to
7#S# standards#
How to get your company listed
There is a process called a reverse merger #here you take control of an e&isting
shell company that is already listed.

.here will be lawyer costs involved, but you may be the shell owner to shell out some of the costs if he likes
what he sees.

3aution) 2any a good company get screwed when taking a shell. .he previous owner ,or other large
shareholders- may have tons of stock to unload on you, leaving you with a worthless company.

' suggest you get in touch with a corporate lawyer and see if you can even "ualify, there are a lot of hurdles to
get over.

' dont know anything about SJ2', but if they did it via reverse merger, it went like this) .hey were probably
approached by some promoter who has a shell. He to the reverse merger done, pumped the stock, dumped all
his holdings and left them with a worthless company.
6ood 7ay! this is very easy . 1 have been in crossborder trading for 89 years.
' can get you public and traded on the ?S 6'AM SH00.S in a couple of months at a cost of around F(5,000.00