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Vinayaka vratha kadhaStory

(Hold akshathas throughout the vratha kadha, after completion, these akshathas areto be
put on your head)
In ancient days, Dharma Ra ! belonging to "handra dynasty, lost all his propertyand
kingdom due to his cousings foul games# $long %ith his %ife and brothers, hestayed in
forests# &ne day in the forest he reached '(aimisaranya) %here he metsage 'Sootha)
%ho %as preaching epical secrets to his co!hermits like 'sounak)#Dharma Ra saluted the
sage and told his difficulties including losing propertiesand kingdom# Dharma Ra prayed
Sootha to guide about any pooa or vratha that canenable him to regain all his property
and kingdom# *leased by his obedience,'sootha) told Darma Ra, that he can get back all
his properties, if he performsthe 'vinayaka vrath)# He e+plained the vratha kadha as
follo%s,&nce, kumaras%amy visited lord Siva and re-uested '&h father. *lease tell me
avratha, that can fulfill all the aspirations of mankind, flourish their families,and enoy
their lives peacefully)# /ord siva replied , '&h my son. 0here is apooa called vinayak
vrath and on performing this pooa, people %ill be blessed%ith prosperity, %ith increase
in their life span and they can achieve all theirgoals)# 0his pooa is to be perormed on
1chavithi2, the 3th day in the month of14haadrapadh2, as per 0elugu calendar , by getting
up early in the morning,finishing their regulars, and taking oil bath#
$n idol of 1vinayaka2 is to be made either %ith gold, silver or clay depending ontheir
capacity# 0his is to be placed in the north side of the house, on a preparedportico
(mandapa), this portico is to be prepared %ith rice upon %hich a rangoliof eight leaved
flo%er ($shta Dala *admam) is put # (o% pooa is to be performed%ith akshatha, fol%ers
and leaves, Dhoop and deep (yothi) #
Sugar cane,4lack!plum(neredu), %ood!apple(velaga)! 56 fruits of each of thesevarieties
is to be offered# 0he pooa is to be concluded %ith devotional songs,dances, and music
recitations# *andits and priests to be honoured# $fter %ards,feast to be had along %ith
relatives and %ell %ishers# (e+t day in the morningagain after finishing bath, pooa is to
be re!performed(punah!pua) and priestsare to be honoured# 7ho ever performs this
pooa, %ill be blessed by 8anapathi,all their aspirations %ill be accomplished# 0his vratha
is stated to be the bestof all others, and lauded by, gods, hermits and 8andharvas and
performed by all ofthem# 0his %as stated to 19umara s%amy2 by 'lord siva)# Dharma Ra
%as advised bySootha to do like%ise to defeat his rivals and to get back all his
lostproperty#*reviously Damayanthi the princess of 'Vidarbha) %as able to marry
king'(ala) by performing this pooa# /ord 9rishna performed this pooa and blessed%ith
Samanthaka :ani (a po%erful gem) along %ith t%o virgins ;aambavathi and
Satya4hama# Sootha proceeded to say the story as follo%ed,
In olden days, an elephant!faced demon named '8aaanana) performed
penance(meditation) about lord siva# *leased by his penance, lord siva appeared
before'8aaanana)# He praised siva and re-uested him to reside in his
(8aaanana2s)stomach# /ord siva accepted his re-uest and stayed in the stomach#
8oddessparvathi started searching lord siva and came to kno% that, he is in the
stomachof '8aanana)# She prayed lord Vishnu for the rescue of Siva# /ord
Vishnudiscussed %ith 4rahma and other gods and planned to kill '8aasura)#
0heydecorated (andees%ara# 4rahma and other gods have costumed as musicians#
Vishnuturned him self as main musician to the group# 0hey %ent to '8aasura pura)
andgave melodious music recitals along %ith beautiful feats of the
'(andees%ara)#8aasura came to kno% about the program and invited them to his place
to give arecital# 0he team presented a very good program, by %hich '8aasura) %as
pleasedvery much and asked them about their %ish if any# Sree Hari approached
8aasuraand re-uested him, this (andi , the carrier of Siva and came to find %here
aboutsof Siva# 0hey re-uested to hand over Siva# 8aaasura %as stunned by the %ords
ofSrihari and came to kno% that he is the killer of demon and death is inevitable tohim#
Decided not to deviate from his promise,8aaasura prayed Siva %ho is in hisstomach,
1&h lord Siva. *lease make my head respectable by the universe and please%ear my skin#
0hen he asked Srihari to take out Siva from his stomach# Srihariprovoked (andi and
(andi torn out 8aasura2s stomach %ith his horns and killedhim# Siva came out and
praised Vishnu# /ord Vishnu advised Siva that you shouldnot give boons to the evil doers
and demons# 0hat is like feeding a snake %ithmilk# Srihari left to vaikuntha after a fare
%ell to 4rahma and Siva left to hiskailas on his (andi
4irth of vinayaka
In kailas, *arvathi heard the arrival of her husband and felt very happy# Shethought of
completing her bath to %elcome him# 7hile doing so, unmindedly sheprepared a small
toy in the shape of a boy# She had given life to that toy %iththe help of 'mantra) %hich
she learnt from her father# She put that handsome boyfor %atching and %ent in side#
:ean %hile, lord Siva came# He %as halted by theboy, and not allo%ed to go in# /ord
Siva came in a rage, to%ards the restriction for him in his house itself# He cut off the
boy2s head and %ent inside# *arvathicame to kno% the event that took place and felt sad
of it# Siva also felt sorryfor the unto%ard incident and immediately he oined the head of
18aaanana2 that%as available %ith him# He also attributed the foreverness and
respectability fromall over the universe# 8anesh became the loved one of Siva and
*arvathi# $fter%ards kumara s%amy %as born to Siva <*arvathi#
Vignes%ara2s Domination
&nce upon a day gods, hermits and human praised Siva and prayed him to give aleader of
obstacles# 8aaanana (8anesh) appealed father to give leader ship tohim, since he is the
elder son# 9umara s%amy claimed it should be given to him onthe plea that, his brother is
not an able one, shorter and incapable# Siva had puta competition to both his sons that
'%ho ever take a bath in all sacred rivers andcomes to him first, %ill get the leader ship#
9umara s%amy rushed off immediatelyto complete the task# 4ut 8aaanana became mum
and dull, in a feeling that he isnot fast enough to %in the competition# He prayed his
father to suggest any %ayoutto %in the competition #*leased by Vinayaka2s obedience and
cleverness Siva taughthim 1(arayana mantra2# 1(aara2 means %ater ie= %ater %ill be
under control of1(arayana2, in turn in the control of naraayana mantra# "hanting the
mantra,Vinayaka started doing 1pradakshinas2 to his parents Siva and *arvathi# &%ing
tothe effect of mantra, vinayaka appeared of completing bath at every sacred river,prior to
the arrival of 9umara s%amy# /ike %ise it so happened in > crore ?@ lakhrivers#
Surprised by the fact, he arrived at kailas, %here in he found Vinayaka%as standing
beside Siva# :aking pranaam to Vinayaka he apologiAed his father andsaid '&h father.
(ot kno%ing the capacity of brother, I asked for the leadership#*lease forgive me and
entrust leadership to brother)#
"handra2s Disregard
Siva gave the leadership of hurdles to Vinayaka on 3th day (chavithi) of4hadrapada
month# &n this happy occasion all people prepared kudumulu, undrallu (atype of recipe
made %ith rice floor, aggery cooked over steam) and other s%eets,along %ith coconut,
4ananas, honey etc# &blated((aivedyam) to Vighnes%ara and%orshipped him#
Vighnes%ara %ith a pleasing and satisfied mood he ate ma+imum ofundrallu along %ith
other s%eets and some he gave to his carrier mooshika (rat)#Holding some %ith hands, he
%ent to kailas by evening, to pranaam his parents#7hile doing so, he tried to touch the
feet of the parents %ith his hands, but thebelly (on his over consumption of food) touched
the floor, prior to hands# He %asfacing problem to make pranaam, "handra (%ho is on the
head of Siva) laughed atVinaayaka sarcastically# Due to this teasing, Vinaayaka2s stomach
broken off andundrallu that %ere in his stomach had fallen on the ground and Vinaayaka
died# &nseeing this unpleasant incident, *arvathi felt very sad and impricated
(cursed)"handra that %ho ever see you, they become sinners and they %ill be allegated
%ithslanders# Slanders to %ives of hermits
7hile the seven hermits (saptha rishis) doing sacrifice (yaagam) and makingpradakshin
to $gni(god of fire), he tempted on seeing the %ives of rishis and dueto the fear of curse,
he started deteorating# &bserving this, the %ife of $gniappeared as the %ives, but for
Damayanthi and tried to cherish her husband $gni#Saptha rishis sa% this and thought that
their %ives are %ith $gni and left them#It happened so, due to the reason that, the rishi
patnis have seen "handra afterthe curse given to him by *arvathi #
8ods and hermits informed Siva the hardship, met by the %ives of the hermits andSiva
being the kno%ledgeable person, came to kno% and e+plained them, that %ife of$gni had
only taken the form (figure) of %ives# :ean %hile 4rahma came to kailashand gave life
to Vinayaka and *arvathiparames%aras felt happy for the re!birth of Vighnes%ara# 0hen
the gods and hermits %ho %ere there e+plained *arvathi, thatthese hardships are coming
and all the people in the universe are suffering due tothe curse given to "handra#$nd
re-uested *arvathi to %ithdra% her curse# 0hen*arvathi rela+ed the curse and said that on
%hich day "handra laughed atVighnes%ara i#e on 3th day (chavithi) of 4hadrapada this
curse %ill be effected#/ike %ise, 4rahma and others habituated not to see "handra on 3th
day of4hadrapada#
Samanthaka Story
In D%apara yug (aarada visited Srikrishna in D%araka and praised him# It
becameevening during their conversation and (aarada said to Srikrishna that dusk
hadtaken place and because of Vinayaka chaviti, one should not see "handra for to!
dayand e+plained the total story and left for heaven# Srikrishna publicised the factin the
city through announcements# Srikrishna, %ithout seeing over the sky, %ass-ueeAing the
milk to a bo%l# He happened to see "handra2s reflection in the milkbo%l and afraid of the
slanders he may has to face#
$fter somedays on the boon of Surya, Satraith gained 1Samanthaka gem2 and %ent
toD%araka to visit 9rishna# $fter pleasantries, 9rishna suggested Satraith to givethe
gem as gift to their king# 4ut Satraith denied and said that noone, %hateverthe close they
may be, loses such a gem %hich gives B maunds gold a day# $ftersome days, Satraith2s
brother '*rasena) %ent on a hunting in to a forest by%earing the Samanthaka gem in his
neck# &n a %rong notion that the gem has a pieceof meat, a lion killed 1*rasena2 and took
a%ay the gem# $ bear killed the lion andgifted the gem to her daughter 1;aambavathi2 as a
sporting toy# (e+t day,Satraith learnt the death ne%s of his brother and blamed
Srikrishna that 9rishnakilled his brother and snatched the gem# Sri 9rishna heard the
propaganda madeagainst him and understood that it is the effect of "handra2s replica in
milk bo%lthat he had seen on Vinayaka chavithi # 0o %ipe!off the slander, he %ent to
forest%ith his soldiers in search of *rasena# He found the body of *rasena and foot!prints
of lion and after %ards that of a bear#He follo%ed the foot prints of bear%hich lead them
to the entrance of a cave# 0here he found a baby playing in acradle, %here in the gem %as
tied to the cradle# Sri 9rishna plucked the gem andstarted coming back# 0he girl started
%eeping loudly# ;aambavantha(bear) came inrage and attacked 9rishna and started
fighting %ith him# Cierce fighting %ent onfor 5B days bet%een Sri 9rishna and
;aambavantha# ;aambavantha %as e+hausted# 0henbe came to kno% that the person
defeating him is none other than Rama %ho killedRavana# He surrendered to 9rishna and
made pranaam to him and said '&h. $lmightly,your are my Rama, and during thretha
yug, you had given me a chance to take anyboon from you and due to my foolishness I
asked you to give an opportunity tofight %ith you and you said that my desire %ill be
fulfilled in future# 0hen on%ards I spent yugs by praying you# (o% you had come to my
place and fulfilled my%ish# *lease pardon my mistakes and bless me# (o% I have no
fancy over the life)#Sri 9rishna %as pleased and embraced him# He said ;aambavantha
that he had beenblamed of snatching 1Samanthaka gem2# 0o %ipe off the blame he
re-uested to givethe gem to him# ;aambavantha readily handed over the Samanthaka gem
along %ith hisdaughter ;aambavathi# He came out of the cave along %ith gem and
;aambavathi# Hisassociates %ho %ere %aiting at cave felt very happy over the
happenings# 0hey all%ent to D%arakapuri# Sri9rishna invited Satraith and assembled all
at a place andnarrated the total story to them# He returned Samanthaka gem to
Satraith#Satraith realiAed and felt sorry for having blamed Sri 9rishna unnecessarily#
Heagain gave back 1Samanthaka2 along %ith Satyabhama# 4ut Sri 9rishna
acceptedSatyabhama and asked to keep the gem %ith satraith himself# Sri 9rishna
marriedboth 1;aambavathi and Satyabhama2 on an auspicious day# 8ods and hermits
praisedSri 9rishna and said, being capable, you could %ipe off the blames came up on
you,but %hat about the common people %ho are neither mighty nor capable# Sri
9rishnasaid to them, %ho ever perform pooa of vinayaka and listen to the Samanthaka
story, %ear 1akshathas2 over their head#If they did so even if they see "handra onthis day,
they do not get any slander, he blessed gods# Hermits and all othersfelt very happy and
thanked him# 0hey returned to their places and every year theycontinued %orshipping
vinayaka on 4hadrapada chavithi of and lead their lives veryhappily and prosperously#
'S$RVD ;$($$H SE9HI(& 4H$V$(0HE)