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Vol No.

Dec. 2013

From the Editor's Desk

Dr. Usha Zehr's Interview


The Unveiling of Mahycos 50th Anniversary Logo

50th Anniversary Inaugural Function, Dawalwadi

Cotton Territory Business Managers Meet, Goa


6th National Seed Congress, Lucknow


Bajra Crop Show, Bellary


Finance Department Meet, Hyderabad


8th Annual QA Planning Meet, Kumarakom


QA workshop at Dawalwadi


Bloom in Mahyco


Biotech Badminton Tournament, Dawalwadi


VIP Visit- Dr. N. K. Krishna Kumar






From The Editor's Desk

Dear MaHYcoites,
We would like to wish all Mahycoites and their families A Very Happy New Year .
The year 2014 marks our foray into the 50th year since our inception. It is important for us
to rededicate ourselves to the vision of our Honorable Chairman. This promises to be a
year to treasure and cherish for every one of us a year of more achievements and special
In this 8th issue of HY magazine, you will find the following highlights: the unveiling
ceremony for our 50th Year logo, the momentous visit of Shri Sharad Pawar, Hon. Union
Minister of Agriculture, to our R&D centre in Dawalwadi and the many initiatives that our
employees are driving to benefit both our businesses and our communities.
We have compiled articles and events from across all our departments to make this a
complete and engrossing read. These include thoughts on the Finance Department Meet,
the Cotton Bu Meet, and the 6th National Seed Congress, among others.
Also featured in this issue, is an inspiring interview of Dr. Usha Zehr, our Chief
Technology Officer. Her perspectives will help us understand Mahyco's focus and
strategies as we progress to the next decade of our journey in helping Indian farmers.
We hope that HY magazine will tell you more about all the Mahycoites who have
gone the extra mile to accomplish more. The results are now here for all of us to
Happy reading ...

Warm Regards,
Subbarao A. R.
Editor in Chief.


Dr. Usha Zehrs Interview


l is entering into the 50 year of its inception, what would you like to say to your employees on this
special moment?
What an amazing journey it has been so far for Mahyco. As Mahyco begins its 50th year we look at our
achievements and prepare for the future. Our commitment to agriculture is as relevant today as it was at
Mahycos inception. Mahyco renews its commitment to the farming community to provide the best products
which improve their livelihoods and make Indian agriculture prosper.
lare your plans to celebrate the Golden Jubilee year of Mahyco?
We are delighted to announce a year of celebration. As has been informed, we are planning numerous
activities, something every month, something for all our stakeholders, something which further strengthens
us. The Launch of our 50th year logo on 21st November, 2013 and the successful visit of honourable Union
Minister for Agriculture and Food Processing Industries Shri. Sharad Pawar ji on 15th December, 2013 at
Dawalwadi have already set the stage for great celebration. We will announce other activities shortly.
In these
l 50 years, what are the major trends you have observed in the Agriculture industry?
Indian agriculture has been transformed in the last 50 years. At every level, we see change. Farmers have
many options for planting materials, number of seed companies have increased, research products rule the
markets, overall food availability has improved dramatically to list a few things. India is the attraction for all
global industry players for expanding markets and services to Indian farmers. Introduction of hybrids in rice
and wheat is already showing the impact it will have on productivity. In many crops, India is now in a position
to export the surplus produce. With the introduction of Bt cotton, the cotton sector has made significant
impact on farm, farmer at national level. The agriculture industry as a whole sees great opportunities in years
to come and continues to invest in research.
Elucidate the key achievements in the course of the organization's development?
Our primary focus has always been to deliver the product with superior quality through advanced research.
We feel proud as we are Indias first privately owned organisation to produce and market hybrids in sorghum,
pearl millet, wheat and sunflower and these hybrids have so far been one of the most sought after products in
the Indian agricultural market. As rice and wheat are the major food grains in India, we have engaged


ourselves in the research and development of hybrids since 1980s as a long-term research perspective.
Subsequently, we came out with the first hybrid wheat in India, namely Pratham 7070. We have also made
significant progress in the realm of laboratory research. The introduction and development of Bt Cotton is a
momentous achievement in the evolution of Indian agriculture. In addition, we are also progressing in terms
of patent application, PVP application and portfolio building.
Opportunities come with lot of challenges. What is the Success Mantra of Mahyco?
Stay focused on our customer, invest in people and research.
lare the key milestones which shaped Mahyco?
Key decisions which shaped Mahyco begin with our focus on research to deliver products which are desired
by farmers. This has allowed us to create a brand which farmers look up to and expect a lot from. In addition
to developing hybrids in key crops, we also focused on new tools and technologies including GM technology.
With our partnership with Monsanto, Bt cotton was launched and has been adopted by farmers across the
country and changed the scenario. Other crops are also under development, including Bt brinjal. Research
has continued to work on a number of crops. However, with our strategy exercise, we have decided to select 7
crops which have brought greater focus and commitment to providing the best products.
How do
l you see the Mahyco in next decade?
It is good to recognize what we have achieved but more important to understand what our future challenges
are and prepare to tackle them. As we look to our current situation, we have significant challenges with
water availability for agriculture, land is under pressure and there is potential impact of climate change.
All of them are complex and require us to look at multiple approaches to develop products that will be able to
resist or mitigate the impacts from these and other challenges. How we look at new technologies - both GM
and non-GM - that will impact agriculture is another avenue for us to be constantly reviewing.
While we continue to focus on the opportunity India presents, we also see growth prospects in other
countries where our products can bring benefits to the farming communities. We have established activities
in Vietnam and will look at other countries as well.
Agriculture and food remain critical for India as we look ahead. Continuous improvement will be needed and
Mahyco sees itself as a key contributor in this journey.


MAHYCO 50th Anniversary (1964-2014)

The Unveiling of Mahycos 50th Year Logo

On 21st November, 2013, our honorable Chairman Dr. B. R. Barwale unveiled the Mahyco 50th Year Celebration
logo at Dawalwadi. The logo symbolizes the Farmer First purpose upon which the organization is based.
Improving business for farmers is a core part of the Mahyco mission.
The function began with a Ganesh Puja organized for the Mahyco family.
The entire premise of Dawalwadi was decorated in the colours of the new logo: green and yellow. The
strategic use of branding material such as glow sign boards, banners, standees, flanges and cut outs added to the
themed look. The decorations of balloons and rangolis added a festive touch that made people smile and
provided plenty of photo ops for employees. The centerpiece of all the decoration was the Logo Rangoli in the
reception area.
The function was attended by everyone at Dawalwadi, including our MD, Dr. Usha, Shirishji, Ashishji and
many other senior officials. The ceremony concluded with a cake cutting by our honourable Chairman and MD.


50th Year Inaugural Function

On 15th December, 2013, Shri. Sharadchandraji
Pawar, Union Minister for Agriculture and Food Processing
Industries, flagged off Mahyco's Golden Jubilee Year
Celebrations at Dawalwadi. Shri. Balasaheb Thorat,
Minister of Revenue & Khar Lands and Shri. Rajesh Tope,
Minister of Higher and Technical Education, Govt. of
Maharashtra, also graced the occasion along with other
noted agricultural scientists and national and state level
Shri. Pawar congratulated Mahyco team on
reaching this milestone and appreciated the remarkable
contribution made by the organization towards the
agricultural sector in India. In his speech, Mr. Pawar said:
"Our country's population is increasing and with that is
increasing our demand for food. With the limited
availability of land and water, only through scientific and
technology in agriculture will we be able to meet this
demand in a way that also benefits farmers. The seed will
be at the centre of the transformation we want to bring
about in Indian agriculture. Over the past 50 years, Mahyco
has been committed to providing Indian farmers with the
best seeds and I am sure Mahyco will continue to play an
important role in increasing the production of Indian
agriculture in the future.
Our honourable Chairman, Dr. B.R. Barwale,
recalled the early days when his company was the first in
India to introduce hybrid seeds for a variety of crops
including cotton, sorghum, jowar, bajra, maize and
sunflower. He said, Mahyco was born with a mission to
transform Indian agriculture and improve the livelihoods of
the farming community through science & technology. This
mission underscored everything we did and continue to do
at Mahyco.
He added: We have continued to push forward on
many fronts in the pursuit of our Farmer First vision.
Mahyco is currently engaged in research, development,
production and processing of 115 products in 35 crop
species. As Mahyco continues to grow, our bond with the
Indian farming community and the related ecosystem is
deep-rooted and strong.
Noted scientists such as Dr. Swapan K. Datta, Dr. C.D.
Mayee, Dr. S. R. Rao and Dr. P. K. Ghosh from the
Department of Biotechnology and various other National
and International Institutes, along with many dignitaries
from across the state graced the occasion.


Cotton Territory Business Managers Meet,


Cotton Business Galloping Towards Leadership

The Kharif 2013 cotton selling season activities ended with a new milestone with two of our brands
making it to the list of the best 5 brands of hybrid cotton seeds in the country. Despite being a highly competitive
market for cotton, our BU recorded a sales growth of 75% in comparison to last year. Therefore, with the aim of
recognizing the achievements of the Cotton Territory Business Managers, training cum review program was
organised in Goa from 24th to 25th August in the presence of our honorable Managing Director. The theme of the
program was Galloping Towards Leadership.
The program was also aimed at developing strategies to reach our next set of goals by supplementing team skills
with technical knowledge from R&D and through a motivational program by external faculties.
Cotton Business head, Mr. Subbarao Appemane, provided
descriptions of the Vision and Mission of Cotton Business
Unit of Mahyco. The Cotton BU's vision is to be the market
leader in the hybrid seeds cotton business in India by
providing value to all stakeholders. Its mission is to achieve
market leadership through technological intervention
designed to improve yield, reduce cost, advance quality, and
enable convenience for farms. Mr. Appemane discussed
focused strategic approaches to scale the mountain with
examples and video clips. He also reiterated the importance
of passion in the quest for greater heights.
Our Managing Director shared his thoughts and experience with young and enthusiastic mangers. His speech not
only inspired the team but ignited new ideas within the
group. He advised the team to constantly challenge itself to
reach higher goals. Outstanding performers/achievers
among the territory Business Managers from Jalna,
Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh regions were felicitated and
awarded Certificates of Excellence during the meet.
Regional Business Managers and Territory Business
Managers of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
gave presentations on how they achieved their targets, the
strategies they adopted, challenges faced, and upcoming
promotional plans. From each region, three territory
business managers presented their success stories. Product
Managers gave presentations on post-season promotion plans. Based on these results, the key to success
appears to be in village-wise focused strategies.
They also covered the specific challenges of low market and high market share regions. During an open
discussion session, mangers shared a concept note on ways to achieve the top brand position in each district.
Participants shared many new ideas for the development of a brand. Market development managers also gave a
presentation on how to make a brand number one in each district.
During the technical training programme, Senior Vice President, Dr. C.B. Chaporkar, shared his knowledge
of new technologies, pipeline products, the importance of mechanisation and how hybrids respond to
mechanisation (mechanical picking of cotton).


Dr. Srinivas Pirimi, Group leader-Department of
Entomology, delivered a presentation that covered Insect
& Pest management as well as Introduction &
Identification of Various Pests and their Management.
Mr. Vinod Raut discussed the topic of nutrient
management. Sub-topics covered included nutritional
requirements of plants, the importance of nutrients, soil
pH and precautionary measures to avoid problems in post
An activity-based program titled Winning Habit
was conducted. The interactive session included modules
such as Dare to Win, Dream Big, Team Building, and
Cooperation & Coordination.
Mr. Kiran Phadnis, a professional trainer conducted
this programme along with Mr. Sachin Kulkarni and Mr.
Sanjay Gahilot, NBM of Veg BU. Participants found the
session very enjoyable. The organising team included Mr.
Shivraj Devkar, Mr. Sachin Barbudhe and Mr. Laxmikant

Team Cotton BU-AP, MS & KTK


6th National Seed Congress,


The 6th National Seed Congress was jointly organized by the

National Seed Training Center in Varanasi, Beej Vikas Nigam and
Ministry of Agriculture (GOI). The theme of the event was
Advancement in Agriculture through Quality Seeds. It was
inaugurated by UP State Agriculture Minister, Shri. Anand Singh, who
was also accompanied by the Commissioner, Agriculture Director,
Joint Secretary (Govt. of India), Principal Secretary (Agriculture,
Govt. of UP), MD Seed Nigam, and others. Also in attendance were a
large number of public dignitaries (directors, scientists, Agriculture
officials and eminent private sector executives from Mahyco, Bayer,
Monsanto, US Agri, JK, DevGen and others.
Shri. Anand Singh visited our company's stall with great interest and commended Mahyco on its seed
quality and efforts in promoting superior quality in this area. We displayed live samples of our paddy products in
the stall. More than 200 Govt. officers and a large number of farmers visited our stall during the exhibition.
Our MD, Shri. Raju Barwale, delivered a presentation on the strategy
and policy requirements for enhancement of seed export under the
header of Seed Trade and Public-Private Partnership. He shared his
views and concerns regarding India's contribution to global seed
trade and policy initiatives to facilitate export of seeds in India. His
suggestions to improve the seed export policy were backed by all
speakers, including secretary, Govt. of India, Principal Scientist from
IARI and many others. During the technical session, many questions
pertaining to seed export and import and GM crops were raised
which were patiently and tactfully addressed by Shri Raju Barwale.
All dignitaries present in the meeting were positive about the future of GM crops in India.
Key highlights of presentation:
* World seed trade scenario.
* India's seed export and import current status and growth prospects
* Issues relating to policy and process

13th September 2013, Shri Raju Barwale on dais


During his stay, Shri Barwale visited our stall, interacted with Mahyco staff, took interest and enquired about
products and the business scenario in UP, our growth prospects and plans to expand market larger market in the

Shri Raju Barwale, MD, MAHYCO at Stall

The program was concluded by the Honorable Chief Minister,

Shri. Akhilesh Yadav, the Agriculture Minister, Minister of state, Joint
Secretary and representatives of the Govt. of India. All of them visited
Mahyco's stall and showed great interest in our range of products. It is
our hope that this representation, which has enabled us to make a
favourable impression among eminent visitors and farming fraternity in
the state, will go a long way in translating our vision into reality.
MD - Uttar Pradesh Beej Vikas Nigam
visited Mahyco Stall

Executives of private companies raised the issue of

lack of notification of subsidies on good seeds. The
Secretary, Govt. of India, Mr. Ashish Bahuguna, reassured
them on this count and advised them to submit product
performance data (label) to the authorities for
consideration under subsidy schemes.


Bajra Crop Show,


Bajra Crop Show At Hadagali Taluka Of Bellary Dist 2013

With a view to growing our market share, a Bajra Crop
Show of MRB-2232 was conducted on 3 September, 2013 at
Budanoor of Huvinahadagali Taluka in Bellary district.
Estimates show that Bellary district has average potential of
200qtl of Bajra sales while Mahyco sold around 20qtl of Bajra in
western Talukas of Bellary which fall in central Karnataka. So
far, Mahyco has focused on Northern districts like Bijapur,
Gulbarga, Raichur and Bagalkote.
The crop show was attended by more than hundred
farmers. While they expressed some reservations about
height, farmers largely had positive feedback on cob length
and compactness as well as the small and medium size of grain.

Finance Departmet Meet,

Farmar: Rajashakarappa Balaunashi

Post: Budanoor, Taluka: Hadagali, District: Bellary


The Mahyco-Finance Department Meet 2013 was held at Hotel Leonia in Hyderabad from August 22-24,
2013. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss upcoming business challenges and opportunities and the role of
the Finance Department in achieving targets. The meeting was attended by all location finance staff within
Mahyco as well as members of senior management. This included Shri. T S Sankaranarayanan, Shri. Ajay Vaidya,
Shri. Dinesh Agarwal, Shri. Kirthee Thakkar, Shri. Punjab Mokase and Shri. Narinder Singh (Sungro Seeds Ltd).
Employees were happy to be a part of this knowledge driven session.


8th Annual Quality Asuurance Planning Meet at Kumarakom,


The 8th Annual Quality Assurance (QA) Planning Meet was

held from 29th September to 1st October, 2013 at Lakesong
Resorts in Kumarakom, Kerala. The QA staff that included 62
people from across locations attended the meet. The agenda
included reviewing last years testing, planning for the coming
season, allocation of targets for GOT/Lab testing, budget
monitoring for effective utilization and new initiatives towards
process improvements.
The meeting was inaugurated by the Honorable Managing
Director with a lighting of the lamps, followed by a prayer to Lord
During his inaugural address, the MD expressed the
managements perspective on the Quality Assurance Department.
He indicated that Quality is a matter of attitude which should
not be controlled entirely by regulations or standards. He
personally interacted with each and every member of the QA
group. He emphasized the importance of Quality, QC, QA and
related aspects.
Dr. Harikrishna BL, Head-QA, inaugurated the session on
the first day. He summed up the teams achievements during
2012-13 and its preparedness for 2013-14 seasons. The session
covered discussions on GOT, EP, ELISA, germination and allied
tests, QA activities at cotton ginning plants and new process
All the test leads allocated targets and test in-charges
described their plans to achieve the targets. In addition, there
were presentations and discussions on ISTA Lab activities and the
effects of agronomic practices on crop growth in GOT.
The second days session on Leadership for Quality was
delivered by Shri. Ajay Vaidya, Chief Human Resource Officer, and
Dr. Chandrakumar SS. The training included group exercises,
presentations and discussions. The day yielded some energetic
and informative brain storming that everyone in the house
The training session ended with closing remarks by Dr.
Harikrishna BL. He thanked Shri. Ajay Vaidya and Dr.
Chandrakumar SS on behalf of entire QA team for the interactive
training program.
The groups enjoyed motor boating in the backwaters near
the resort. The day came to a close with a delicious dinner, music
and dancing. Sightseeing at Alleppey Beach was organized on the
last day of the meet. The team left the place, recharged and with
the confidence that they could achieve the huge testing target,
within the stipulated time, and in a cost effective manner.


Quality Assurance Workshop,


A workshop on Quality Assurance was organized on 22nd to 27th July at Dawalwadi. In total 82 people
attended the workshop from across all three sections - Germination Labs (27), EP & ELISA lab (11) and GOT (44).
All staff members delivered presentations on advanced seed testing and related topics.
Dr. Harikrishna B.L, Head-QA, inaugurated the workshop which was organized into three sessions,
Germination and allied tests, EP and ELISA tests and GOT tests. A general session on 24th July was held for both
lab and field teams. The session began with an interaction with Shri Ajay Vaidya, Chief HR with the QA team. This
was followed by training programs on ISO systems by Shri VR Dakshinamurti, a presentation on 'effectiveness
and efficiency in systems approach by Dr Chandrakumar SS and another presentation on product quality by Dr
Harikrishna BL.
In the afternoon session, Dr. Venugopal Mikkilineni delivered a presentation on application of molecular
markers in seed testing. This was followed by pest and disease management presentations by Dr Srinivas Parimi
and Dr Mohinder Parasar.
In the last session, presentations were given on grow out test of various crops and related activities.
Handling of customer complaints and root cause analysis was discussed followed by a presentation on safety
measures delivered by Mr. Prasad Kumar.
The lab and field teams left the session, with their technical knowledge as well as awareness of general
subjects like ISO, leadership, systems, processes and safety measures, enhanced.

Bloom in Mahyco
Mahyco, a name synonymous with quality seeds, is equally committed to environmental activities on
company premises. The company's main research and development facilities were established a decade ago, on
land covering more than 100acres. Even as construction on the R&D facilities was
underway in the late 1990s, landscaping and planting of trees on the premises
were initiated. In 2004, activities to further improve and maintain the
environment on campus commenced.
The vision was to increase greenery and tree cover on campus, to improve
sustainability and water efficiency. A team, supported by landscape consultants,
was formed for the mission. As a priority, land around buildings and structures
was covered with lawn. Royal palms and shade giving trees were planted along
internal roads in less than four months; efforts started showing results with a good spread of lawn and growth of
seedlings changing the aesthetics.
This buoyed the team for its next mission to make provision for water to irrigate the landscape. Almost
immediately, four open wells and six bore wells were opened at strategic locations on the campus. At the same
time two small water storage tanks were constructed to facilitate irrigation. Mahyco's commitment to the
environment is further evident through activities such as rainwater harvesting and storage, water recycling, solar
power, garbage and waste management, composting and vermiculture.
Rainwater harvest and storage was planned studying the flow of rain water through a natural water
course running through the campus. For channeling and usage of rainwater, the water course was de-silted and
stone walls erected on either side. Bunds were erected in the water course at specific intervals to check and
accumulate running water. This water is pumped to the small storage tanks for irrigation.
Subsequently, as the need arose, two big water storage tanks with polythene lining were constructed to store
about three crore liters of rain water pumped from the water-course. The water stored in these tanks is used for
the garden and fields during the summer. Filtering machinery is now being installed to render the water


potable and enable supply to the on-campus housing colony. Water used in the
colony and office is recycled through an effluent treatment plant established
on the campus. This water is used for landscaping and irrigating trees.
Strategies are being planned to further efficiently use rain water to percolate
and replenish the open and bore wells.
The campus premises receive ample sunlight for about eight months. This
is utilised by installing solar panels connected to water geysers in the newly
constructed clubhouse. There are plans for further harnessing solar energy for
various purposes.
An exercise to increase awareness among employees and residents on
garbage disposal was undertaken. Garbage on campus is segregated into biodegradable, non-biodegradable and toxic waste, which is collected in separate
bins and then disposed.
Cleanliness drives for employees have been organised. There is a cattle
shed to rear cattle on the premises. Cow dung and other bio-degradable waste
from the cattle shed are used for compost and vermiculture, which in turn are
used as organic manure on the premises.
Tree planting programs have been organised for employees to
commemorate World Environment Day and during the monsoon. The sacred
and ecologically important Neem tree is a boon for our campus as many
seedlings are seen naturally growing here, as are sandalwood tree seedlings.
These seedlings are nurtured and protected to grow into full-grown trees on
campus. The vision of the company and the participation of our employees in
these activities have yielded results in the form of better flora and fauna on
campus. The beautiful flora includes trees such as May flowers, Golden shower,
Tree jasmine, Copper pod, temple trees, Neem, Rosewood, Casuarina, Tree of gold, Rain trees, Black board trees,
Fish tail palms, Royal palms, Coconut palms, Sandalwood, Bamboos, Gulmohar, Mahogany, Oranges,
Pomegranate, Sweet lime, Guavas and Mango. Ornamental shrubs include oleander, Jasmine, Night queen,
Hibiscus, Roses, Geranium, Ixora, Pansy and Marigold. Flowers provide a feast for our eyes and butterflies of
various colours are often seen drinking nectar from flowers.
The potted Bougainvilleas of different shades that serve as road
dividers add a splash of colour to the surroundings. Varied flora within open
water storage tanks has attracted fauna to the campus. The morning scene is
refreshing with the wake-up calls of chirping birds that brighten the mood.
Birds usually sighted during the year are sparrows, parrots, crow pheasants,
babblers, drongos, kingfishers, egrets, cranes, owls, nightjars, weaver birds,
tailor birds, warblers, mynas, shikras, black-shouldered kites, partridges,
doves, ravens, shrikes, hornbills and bee eaters.
Morning walkers and joggers through the well maintained jogging track around the campus are usually
greeted by a flock of about 25 peacocks strolling in the
fields or some dancing with their magnificent spread of plumage in the monsoon.
In addition, the campus is blessed with mongoose, rabbits, wildcats, porcupines, gray langurs, various snakes,
squirrels, scorpions, crabs and other interesting wildlife.
The Mahyco website has a 'Green and Clean Campus' portal to document environmental activities for the
encouragement and information of employees.
At Mahyco, we are committed to nurturing the environment for a better tomorrow since we believe in the adage,
When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.


Biotech Badminton Tournament

Biotech Badminton Tournament 2013 held at Dawalwadi with great enthusiasm

The 3rd Biotech R&D Badminton Tournament 2013 was held on

24th & 25th August 2013 at the Badminton court in Dawalwadi. The
tournament was inaugurated by Dr. Chandrashekhar Chaporkar. The
tournament was a great success because of the large participation of
R&D staff members. Once again the Biotech Badminton Tournament
brought participants together in a spirit of enthusiasm and
sportsmanship. Prizes were distributed by Dr. Mohinder Prashar, Dr.
Rajendra Marathe and Dr. Venugopal Mikkilineni.

Organising team : Mr. Rahul Pathak, Mr. Chandrasen Lilhare & Mr. Mangesh Patil
Apex Team: Dr. Leela Alamalakala, Dr. Rajendra Marathe & Dr. Bharat Char

Men's Double: Vishal Deshmukh and Deepratan Kumar
Women's Doubles: Sonal Thakur and Leela Alamalakala
Mixed Doubles: Pankaj Bihani and Sonal Thakur

Runners Up
Men's Double: Srinivas Parimi and Neeraj Rai
Women's Doubles: Pardeep Kaur and Paramita Ghosh
Mixed Doubles: Ashok Jaybhaye and Anushree Dutta


VIP Visit
Dr. N. K. Krishna Kumar

Dr. N. K. Krishna Kumar, Deputy Director General (Horticulture)

from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in New Delhi visited the
Mahyco Research Center, at Jalna on 9th August 2013. He had meetings
with our Chairman, Dr. Usha Zehr, Crop Leads and PIs. He also addressed
the Mahyco R&D staff in the auditorium.


Fun Time

A Man found Rs. 100/He went to a 5 star hotel for dinner there
his Bill was Rs. 3000/When he said that he has only Rs. 100/- then,
Manager handed him to police
He gave Rs. 100/- to police and went free...
Its called Financial Management !!

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