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Thank you for choosing Powers Park for your upcoming summer event. We are committed to providing
the pool as a space open to the community, but we have a few new policies that must be adhered to. Please read
these rules and policies to ensure a safe and successful event. Please return this rental form with your deposit
to: Powers Park, POBOX 715, Lyndonville, VT 05851. We cannot guarantee your events date and time until we
receive the completed form and deposit.
Event pricing: Deposit is of rental fee
For 1 hour of park/pool $50 $25
For 2 hours of park/pool $75 $35
For 3 hours of park/pool $100 $50
For 4 hours of park/pool $125 $65
If you wish to reserve
the park/pool for an entire day $150 $75

Customer Appreciation Day $300 $150
(or a Business Rental)
Includes entire park/pool,
3 lifeguards, stocked snack bar (we will tally the bill for you at the end of the event)
for an entire day

If you are reserving the park BUT NOT THE POOL it is FREE, but we still need your paperwork. Please be
advised that if you are reserving the park, and not the pool, there are no bathrooms available.
A deposit is due prior to reserving an event date. Deposit if of total rental fee. The remaining balance
is to be paid the day of the event and can be left with the Lifeguards. Deposits are not refundable.
Lifeguards and Maintenance crew will have the pool area and pool cleaned before your event starts.
Lifeguards receive $10/hour per guard for a minimum of two hours. Payment is due at the end of the
Two lifeguards are required at all times for pool use, and can supervise up to 50 swimmers. An
additional guard is required for every additional 25 swimmers. Guards get a 15 minute break/hour.
VIS/Powers Park will contract the lifeguards for your event.
Due to safety, and Red Cross regulations, Powers Park lifeguards have the authority to limit and remove
swimmers from the pool at any time for any reason.
Glass and alcohol are PROHIBITED within the fenced-in area of the pool.
We must have proof of insurance for your rental. Either the Liability Insurance of the Business renting
the pool, or the Home Owners Coverage if you are a Family renting the pool. You do not need a separate
event insurance policy to rent the pool.
Checks for deposit and final payment should be made out to VIS/Powers Park
Guards will clean the bathrooms and lock up the pool area at the end of your event
The party renting the pool is responsible for:
Trash collection and general clean-up
Trash bag replacements
Returning all picnic tables to the fenced-in pool area

Thank you again for choosing us for your summer event!
Adrienne DOlimpio 802-626-1107
VIS Powers Park Event Rental Contract 2014

Contact person:__________________________________________________
Phone number ___________________________________
Cell phone______________________________________

Event Date:_______________________________

Estimated number of guests________________________
Event time:
From________________________ to _________________________________

Insurance Company_________________________________________
Policy Number_____________________________________________
(We only require your homeowner/rental policy number, you DO NOT need to buy a separate Event Insurance policy)

Pool will be in use from _____________ to _______________

I have read and understand all the rules and stipulations of renting the VIS Park and Pool area.



Deposit amount included $____________________

Please return this form to:
VIS/Powers Park
POBox 715
Lyndonville, VT