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Directions: Key the personal business letter below using block style with mixed punctuation. Follow the
spacing and page formatting directions shown. Save the letter as “MODEL LETTER” and print the
letter. Do not key the boxes or the directions printed in the boxes.

168 Dansey Drive

Single Space each line in the Return Address (sender’s address).
Raleigh, NC 27614 Quadruple Space after the Return Address.
Current Date


Furniture Warehouse Company Single Space each line in the Letter Address (receiver’s
address), which is also called the Inside Address. Double Space
1359 Mackie Lane after the Inside Address.
Asheville, NC 32324
Key the Salutation/Greeting using Mixed
Dear Sir: Punctuation, placing a colon at the end.
I (a person) am writing to you, Mountain Furniture Company (a business) to demonstrate
how to write a personal business letter. Every personal business letter is the same in this
regard because they are always from a person to a business.
This particular personal business letter is being typed as a sample of the correct formatting of
a personal business letter. Be sure not to type the vertical line spacing abbreviations such as
QS and DS. Body
SS within¶s
(DS) DS between¶s
This letter is keyed in block style, which means that every line starts at the left margin. I
think we all know that we will not use the TAB key to indent any paragraphs in a block style
I would also like to point out the special punctuation contained in this letter. Please notice
that there is a colon (:) after the salutation, and a comma (,) after the complimentary close.
This style of punctuation is called mixed punctuation.
I am including something with this letter to be placed in the envelope with the letter. In the
business world, it is appropriate to type the word “Enclosure” after the typist’s initials.
When the person receives this letter and sees the word “Enclosure” at the bottom, they will
know to look in the envelope
Key for something in Close
the Complimentary addition to the
a double letter.
space below the body using mixed
(DS) punctuation, placing a comma at the end. Quadruple space after the
Sincerely, Complimentary Close.

(QS) The Author’s Keyed Name is keyed a quadruple space below the
complimentary close. Double space after the author’s keyed name.
Your Name
(DS) Key the Typist Initials a double space below the author’s keyed name in lower
xx case with no spaces and no punctuation.
Key the Enclosure Notation a doubles space below typist initials.