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So sylfia met another nurse in the maternity ward.

Jasmine : Alright Mrs. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jasmine and Im registered
nurse in here. In charge of maternity ward.
Sylfia : O.
Jasmine : Let me guess. !ou are Mrs Sylfia right" My friend# $esi delegate me to do
some of nursing inter%ention to sol%e your &ro'lem. It will tae a'out () minutes. Is it
Sylfia : !es. *e%er mind.
Jasmine : Oay. Let me as you a'out your &ro'lem. +ould you tell me a'out your
Sylfia : I ha%e a sore ni&&les. Im a new mother. So i dont ha%e any nowledge a'out
'eing a good mother.
Jasmine : ,mmm. !es i see. So now i will do a health education to o&en u& your
nowledge a'out 'eing mother. !ou may 'e accom&anied 'y your sister if you want.
Sylfia : Oay. Im agree..
Jasmine : *ow the first health education is a'out 'reast &um&ing. Its an e-ercise to
'ring out your 'reast mil from your 'reast# so your 'a'y could still ha%e a 'reast mil e%en
when you ha%e a sore ni&&les.
Sylfia : .ell thats a good idea. I would lie to.
Jasmine : Oay# now i will start it. /irstly. .hat do you now a'out 'reast &um&ing"
Sylfia : .ell i dont really now the techni0ue. 1ut its a'out &ushing the area around
your 'reast right"
Jasmine : !es you are right. So now i will gi%e you some techni0ue to do it with this
&hantom. !ou may follow me. /irstly mae sure you wash your hand with the se%en ste&s
and using an antise&tic soa&. And you need to 'ring some clean 'ottle that has sterili2ed
'efore. !ou can do a sim&le way to sterili2e it. Lie &ut the 'ottle on the 'oiling water and
use it immediately.
Sylfia : I got it. 3hen"
Jasmine : *e-t# o&en your clothes and your 'ra. $ont forget to mae sure a'out your
Sylfia : Of course hahahaha
Jasmine : 3hen start &um& it. 3he techni0ue is to &ut your finger with four finger at the
u&&er &art of your 'reast and your thum' on your 'ottom &art of 'reast. And other hand to
&ut the 'ottle near your ni&&le.
Sylfia : Lie this"
Jasmine : 4-actly. *ow# &ush all of your finger to your ni&&le. $o some massage. $ont
'e to hard# you may see some mil come from your ni&&le. Just still do it until your 'reast
sto& &roducing mil. *ow change to another 'reast.
Sylfia : Alright i got it. So you 5ust &um& it until the 'ottle was full"
Jasmine : 3hats u& to you. If you ha%e enough time# its oay for you to s&end time to
&um&ing your mil# so you dont need to do that so often.
Sylfia : 1ut how with the mil"
Jasmine : !ou could store it in the refrigerator and it could last for more than a day.
Sylfia : .aw thats great6
Jasmine : !ou may &ractice at home right"
Sylfia : !eah i will.. .hats ne-t"
Jasmine : *ow i will hel& you to get a right &osition to 'reastfeed your 'a'y.
Sylfia : Oay thats so hard 'y the way..
Jasmine : Oay the first ste& to 'reast feed your 'a'y is 'ring your 'a'y close to you.
As close as you could. And mae sure your 'a'y7s 'ody still in a right &osition. And then
stic your areola to your 'a'y7s mouth. Mae sure all of your areola &art is on your 'a'y7s
mouth. So your 'a'y could &ush your gland to &roduce more mil.
Sylfia : 1ut is it oay for the 'a'y"
Jasmine : It is oay. It wouldnt close your 'a'y7s nose. Oh# you ha%e to loo that the
'ottom &art of your 'a'y7s li& is came out# not getting inside your 'a'y7s mouth.
Sylfia : Lie this"
Jasmine : 4-actly. *ow your &osition is right. Lastly if your 'a'y is full already# you
will find your 'a'y sto& sucing your ni&&le and slee&..
Sylfia : .ell thats right.
Jasmine : O thats all from me. !ou may come here again the ne-t four days for me to
now whether you get what i say now or not. If your sore ni&&les didnt get 'etter# i ha%e to
re&eat my information that i said here.
Sylfia : Oay i got it. I will come for sure. .ith my 'a'y.
Jasmine : 3hats great. I7ll wait for you.
Sylfia : *ow i will go. 3hans nurse.
Jasmine : !oure welcome..
3he nurse documenting her inter%ention on the nursing care &lan. So Sylfia go home and
&racticing her new sill. 3he ne-t four days..
Sylfia : *urse.. I come again.
Jasmine : ,eey sylfia.. .elcome6 ,ow7s your sore ni&&les"
Sylfia : I got it 'etter. *ow my 'a'y7s weight e%en getting increase so much.
Jasmine : Aaw loo at this cute girl.
Sylfia : Says thans 3itania.. Oh# i got some fruit for you. Its fresh from our garden.
Jasmine : .aw thats cool. 3han you. I really a&&reciate it.
Sylfia : I ha%e to go now. 1ye nurse. 3hans for all..
Jasmine : !oure welcome..