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Dates Project Activities Hours

1/5/2014 AMS-Admin Holiday_Leave 8

2/5/2014 AMS-Admin Free Time 7
AMS-Admin Meeting 1
5/5/2014 AMS-Admin Proactive 8
6/5/2014 AMS-Admin Proactive 3
AMS-Admin Free Time 5
7/5/2014 AMS-Admin Skill Mgmt 0.5
AMS-Admin Meeting 0.5
AMS-Admin Proactive 7
8/5/2014 AMS-Admin Meeting 1
AMS-Admin Skill Mgmt 1.5
AMS-Admin Proactive 6.5
9/5/2014 AMS-Admin Skill Mgmt 8
12/5/2014 AMS-Admin Skill Mgmt 8
13/5/2014 AMS-Admin Skill Mgmt 8
14/5/2014 AMS-Admin Skill Mgmt 8
15/5/2014 AMS-Admin Skill Mgmt 8
16/5/2014 AMS-Admin Proactive 8
17/5/2014 AMS-Admin Skill Mgmt 8
19/5/2014 Skill Mgmt 4
Proactive 4
20/5/2014 Proactive 7
Meeting 1
21/5/2014 AMS-Admin Proactive 8
22/5/2014 AMS-Admin Proactive 8
23/5/2014 AMS-Admin Proactive 8
26/5/2014 AMS-Admin Proactive 8
27/5/2014 AMS-Admin Proactive 6
AMS-Admin Skill Mgmt 2
28/5/2014 AMS-Admin Proactive 4.5
Admin 0.5
Meeting 2
Skill Mgmt 1
29/5/2014 AMS-Admin Proactive 8
30/5/2014 AMS-Admin Proactive 5
AMS-Admin Proactive 3
Labours day holiday
Making testing PPT for sales team
Ankit farewell party
Learn and Make SQL queries for DB2 Source -ETL test case
Read and understand PRS docs
See Order to cash vedios on net to get understanding
SyBase ASE Basics
Resource planning meeting with Arun
Learn testing docs for P2P cycle
R12 upgrade POC, Status of task assigned
CRIS-PRS walk through
Learn Order to Cash cycle in OEBS
ODI training day 1
ODI training day 3
ODI training day 4
Reading docs of ODI and install ODI and Oracle data base
Reading ODI docs and apply patch and make Repository
Learn P2P cycle with tables and columns
ODI training day 5
Review and update test cases for ETL testing mapping doc
Reading testing docs
Reading O2C docs and make flow of O2C
R12 upgrade status meeting
R12 O2C: understandPick slip report, Shipping exceptionn
report, Move order
R12 O2c: understand Interface trip stop, Commercial invoice,
Packing slip report
R12 O2C: Doing practical Create order, Book Order, Pick release.
Understand datbase tables linking and workflows
Reading testing docs
Understanding Ship confirm, Create invoice, Auto invoice
Reviewing table mapping
Reading R12 upgrade testing docs
Gaurav's farewell
R12 upgrade status meeting, CRIS test case meeting
Review CRIS test cases
Reading testing docs
Learning Selenium automation testing open source tool
Reading testing docs
AMS-Admin Holiday_Leave
Free Time
Skill Mgmt