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GCSE English Language Unit 3, Part (a) Extended Reading The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Writing an A* Essay
Explore the ways Miller succeeds in making the moment when Proctor
tears up his confession particularly dramatic.
Model Introduction:
One of the most dramatic moments in The Crucible is when Proctor tears up
his signed confession to witchcraft, and subseuently, his right to life. Proctor
is caught between the decision to li!e, a liar under a tainted name, or to die a
martyr, with his honour and a promise of "ea!en. The Crucible is centred on
issues of # morality, rebellion, an indi!idual$s right to freewill, social conformity
and redemption. %ohn is constantly pinpointed as a member of this society
who is unwilling to conform to the rigid way of life in &alem. "is ultimate
rebellion is when he tears up his confession, thus going against the will of the
high court, and ultimately, against his own will to li!e.
Model Main Body Paragraph
'n (ct ', (bigail is shown desperately trying to regain %ohn$s affection.
)*ou lo!ed me %ohn Proctor, and whate!er sin it is, you lo!e me yet+,
%ohn$s action, turning away from (bigail could be a metaphorical way of
describing his turning away from the affair, and the sin connected to it. This
turning away could also be a display of weakness of heart, almost showing
him shielding himself, his back to what he lusts for. 'ndeed, the affair itself
shows weakness, howe!er, ' feel that it highlights how -human$ %ohn is, in
contrast to the more rigid, righteous Puritan residents of &alem. Proctor
embodies human fallibility, a sinner, somebody who ha!e made mistakes and
who has regrets but is ne!ertheless, a good man.
Model Conclusion
To conclude, in my opinion it is the uest for the .e!il which brings &alem$s
residents closer to him. &atan is e!entually recognised as part of them rather
than a separate being. These people are the embodiment of the phantom they
were hunting. /ike &atan, who himself was once angelic, they fall from grace
C!yright " #$%% &ES English '''(tes()(u*
GCSE English Language Unit 3, Part (a) Extended Reading The Crucible by Arthur Miller
and fall from holiness to undoubted e!il, as &atan did from "ea!en to "ell.
This is ironic as in the course of the outward search and those that they
belie!ed to be in league with and corrupted by &atan they were actually
becoming the most corrupt people in the !illage. 'n destroying his confession,
Proctor destroys the myth which has been responsible for so many deaths.
C!yright " #$%% &ES English '''(tes()(u*