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Assaf Guterman, CFA

Tel: 408-931-3156
ynamic! results oriente" an" e#$erience" cor$orate "e%elo$ment an" financial $rofessional &ith o%er 1' years of
e#$erience in the healthcare sector. (e" an" e#ecute" a %ariety of strategic an" financial transactions in )oth
$u)lic an" $ri%ate multi-national $harmaceutical com$anies. E#ecute" an" a"%ise" on a %ariety of *+,!
licensing an" other strategic initiati%es in the $harma! me"-tech an" "iagnostics in"ustries at %arious ca$acities
-in-house cor$orate "e%elo$ment! in%estment ) a"%isory an" e/uity-research co%erage0.

Work Experience:
'01' - 1resent Oberon Securities! 2n%estment! (ife 4ciences5 *anaging irector
1ro%i"e *+, an" strategic a"%isory ser%ices. -6utlining o)7ecti%es an" esta)lishing criteria! e#$loring
an" i"entifying $ossi)le can"i"ates! a"%ising on %aluation an" structuring o$$ortunities! screening term
sheets! s$earhea"ing "ue "iligence! negotiation an" "efiniti%e agreements "rafting0.
*anage the fun" raising $rocess for )oth $ri%ate an" $u)lic com$anies. -8el$ the client "etermining the
a$$ro$riate amount! financing ty$e an" use of ca$ital! $re$aring mar.eting materials! inclu"ing the
)usiness $lan an" in%estor $resentation! i"entifying rele%ant in%estor )ase! mar.eting to a selecte"
net&or. of ca$ital sources! e%aluating in%estment $ro$osals! coor"inating "ue "iligence! negotiating final
terms of the financing0.
9onstruct com$rehensi%e an" granular financial mo"els! %aluation metrics an" $rofita)ility analysis! such
as :1;! 2<<! sensiti%ity analysis! etc.!
*aintain a &i"e net&or. of relationshi$s in the =.4. an" 2sraeli $harmaceutical an" me"-tech in"ustries.
En7oy a &i"e net&or. of institutional in%estors -,sset *anagers! 8e"ge >un"s! 1ri%ate E/uity! ;9s0!
high net &orth in"i%i"uals an" strategic $layers in the healthcare sector.
'010 - '01' Dexcel Parma! irector! 9or$orate e%elo$ment
3uilt an" manage" the com$any?s cor$orate@)usiness "e%elo$ment team.
(ea" a cross functional team! &hich "e%elo$e" the com$any?s strategic $lan.
Esta)lishe" the com$any?s mi" to long-term strategy! e%aluate" the strategy )ase" on $re-"etermine"
metrics an" trac.e" the $rogress ma"e to&ar" reaching the "esire" targets.
9o-chaire" the strategic committee! analyAing organic an" non-organic gro&th "ri%ers.
1resente" the recommen"e" action items to senior management.
4creene" an" negotiate" for $ro"uct in-licensing targets.
3uilt an" maintaine" an u$-to-"ate com$etiti%e lan"sca$e analysis of the generics $harmaceutical
1ro%i"e" in-house *+, a"%isory ser%ices! su$$orting the com$any?s non-organic gro&th initiati%es.
4u$$orte" the com$any?s cross-)or"er e#$ansion strategy through target i"entification an" managing the
ac/uisition $rocess.
4$earhea"e" the integration $rocess of ne& $ro"ucts an" )usiness units.
'00B - '009 !a"ar# Capital $arket! 4enior E/uity <esearch ,nalyst5 *e"ical e%ices
1u)lishe" re$orts an" a"%ise" sales force an" )uy-si"e clients on names un"er co%erage.
,rrange" non-"eal roa"sho&s an" management meetings for our )uy-si"e clients!
8oste" e%ents &ith com$anies? managements an" thought lea"ing $hysicians.
1u)lishe" $erio"ic in"ustry re$orts! follo&ing tren"s in %ariety of segments &ithin the healthcare
Cor.e" closely &ith 4ales an" Tra"ing in or"er to monetiAe our $ro"ucts an" ma#imiAe tra"ing %olumes.
9o%erage inclu"e" %ariety of com$anies from the 9ar"iology! :eurology! iagnostics! Deneral an"
minimal in%asi%e surgery! 6rtho$e"ics an" ,esthetics sectors.
;ette" an" analyAe" com$anies for *+, an" other strategic transactions.
'006 - '00B !a"ar# Capital $arket! E/uity <esearch ,nalyst5 *e"ical e%ices
,tten"e" me"ical meetings! in"ustry conferences! analysts "ays an" >, $anel meetings to o)tain
intelligence on ne& $ro"ucts an" tren"s! as &ell as to esta)lish in"ustry contacts.
9on"ucte" $ro$rietary channel chec.s! inclu"ing $hysician calls an" in"ustry sur%eys.
9onstructe" granular financial mo"els for all com$anies un"er co%erage an" $ros$ecti%e ) "eals.
'004-'006 %aro Parmaceuticals !%D, irector! >inance
e%elo$e" an" maintaine" the com$any?s strategic $lan an" financial $ro7ections.
4u$er%ise" a grou$ of financial analysts that $erforme" ongoing analysis of the com$any?s
financial an" o$erational $erformance.
4u$$orte" the com$any?s non-organic gro&th initiati%es from contri)uting to esta)lishing the strategy!
through transaction e#ecution! all the &ay to ne& $ro"uct@)usiness integration.
1re$are" an" maintaine" a com$arati%e analysis of the generic $harmaceuticals in"ustry.
:egotiate" sales terms &ith the &holesalers an" large chains.
<es$onsi)le for Taro?s inter-com$any transfer $ricing metho"ology an" im$lementation.
1re$are" the annual cor$orate )u"get! an" monitore" the actual $erformance against that )u"get
along the year.
*anage" the "e)t an" e/uity structure of the com$any! inclu"ing negotiation an" e#ecution
of %arious $u)lic an" $ri%ate offerings an" the ongoing interaction &ith the commercial an"
in%estment )an.s! institutional in%estors an" the rating agencies.
'00'-'003 %aro Parmaceuticals !%D, 4enior >inancial ,nalyst
9o-manage" the $re$aration of the /uarterly financial re$orts an" the annual 4E9 re$orting!
inclu"ing financial consoli"ation! su$$orting sche"ules an" footnotes to the com$any?s financial
statements! in accor"ance &ith =4 D,,1.
8el$e" maintaining the com$any?s relations &ith Call 4treet! an" $artici$ate" in Etelling the com$any?
storyF to the in%estment community.
*anage" the com$any?s cash $ortfolio -in e#cess of 100 *illion ollars0! as &ell as its currency an
interest rate he"ging strategy.
:egotiate" the com$any?s insurance $olicies an" o%ersa& the com$any?s o%erall ris. $ortfolio.
9o-manage" 4ar)anes-6#ley internal control com$liance &or..
'000 - '00' Go&ernment of 'srael $ission to (e) *ork, Economist
9oor"inate" financial strategies of the 2srael go%ernment in glo)al mar.ets.
Cor.e" "irectly &ith =.4. in%estment )an.s on "e)t issuances an" acti%ities monitoring in secon"ary
,nalyAe" the feasi)ility an" e#$enses of the 2srael 3on"s 6rganiAation! an" the go%ernment?s $ositions in
the financial mar.ets.
=$"ate" international rating agencies an" institutional in%estors! an" $resent 2srael?s economic an"
$olitical "e%elo$ments.
E"itor of the E4he.el!F a /uarterly ne&sletter an" a monthly u$"ate of macroeconomic an" financial
tren"s in 2srael. Crote commentary on 2srael?s economic an" financial mar.ets.
9haire" the Economic 9ommittee! res$onsi)le for <>1 issuances an" for the selection of fiscal agents for
the 2srael Do%ernment.
<es$onsi)le for "issemination of /uarterly re$orts on the =.4. economy! financial mar.ets an" the 2srael
3on"s 6rganiAation to 2srael?s *inistry of >inance.
1998 - 1999 'srael $inistr+ of Forei,n Affairs! 4ecurity >iel" 6fficer!
2n charge of $hysical an" informational security at 2sraeli em)assies an" consulates aroun" the
&orl"! inclu"ing *a"ri"! Duatemala 9ity! Toronto! 8ong Gong an" :e& Hor..
4u$er%ise" the im$lementation of emergency $roce"ures.
1996 - 199B 'srael $inistr+ of Defense, ,nalyst
*anage" an" "irecte" 1' agents.
e%elo$e" an" im$lemente" com$rehensi%e training $rograms for ne& agents.
*aster of 3usiness ,"ministration -*3,0 in >inance
Iic.lin 3usiness 4chool! 3aruch 9ollege. :e& Hor.! :H
3achelor of ,rts -3,0 in 1olitical 4cience
Tel ,%i% =ni%ersity! Tel ,%i%! 2srael.
9hartere" >inancial ,nalyst -9>,0
(icense" in :,4 series B! 63! 8B
A##itional 'nformation:
>luent in English an" 8e)re&.
Cell %erse" in *icrosoft 6ffice a$$lications! >act4et! 3loom)erg! <euters an" >irst 9all